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FEATURES: A Special Story. County Correspondence. \ World 3 \£en w of a week m brief. PRINTING for Business and Social use, done at teasonable rate by \Times\ Print. Tele­ phone l2-y-2. Sample Copies Will Be Sent Free for THree weeks ||j |||ny Address in the County, upon Application The Katormh Times NORTH WESTCHESTER COUR ^gf LEADING NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHED^ \0ikj8. Combining the \Croton Falls News and Foli<o\ and \The Croton Valley Times.\ // you toish to £no&> what your neighbors are doing- ana saying in £ET>FORD, LEWISBORO, CASTLE, WORTH SALEM SOMERS and YORKTOWN Walcb the Special Correspondence Columns of 'Uhe Kalonah \Cimes. VOL. XXXI No. 17 KATONAH, N. Y., FRIDAVfSEPTErlBER 10, 1909. 51.50 A YEAR HI IHSSEHBLYHER Race Track and* Insurance Issues Were what Yotug and Mead Agreed to Support, Says T. L Van Nocden—Primaries not Thei in Question. BIG MAJORITY OF MT. KISCO TAX PA YEUH VOTE FOR GOOD HOA1S Citi5ce/aw Decide on $10,000 Bond Issue. Plata of Pres. Turner and Ex- Sen. Carpenter is Approved. The letter of Mr Theodore Lang don Van Norden publinlu- U thn< weeks ago in the Katonah Times cal­ led forth a chorus of ouuiiui'iu through out the county Mr Van Norden was asked if he had anything to say in reference to statements in the Independent since his letter appeared \They have been in the Independ­ ent's usual style.\ he said \A do^- cn injurious epithets and not one def­ inite fact \ In regard to the Independents ac­ cusation that Assemblyman Young had been false to his campaign pro­ mise to endorse Governor Hughes' measures when he failed to support the Hinman-Green bill. Mr Van N'or- den said \It must be remembered that dur ­ ing thl' campaign the direct primaries l.ssue was not to the fore Governor Hughes stood for insurance investiga tion and 0j the suppression of ran 1 track betting Direct Primaries or inc up later \It is surely stretching a point 10 assume that because a man indorses Governor Hughes' policies, he is ob liged to vote for any measure the Governor may in future bring forward no matter In what form it may be presented \Many of tlxe Assemblymen through out the state who thought the bill a bad one were actually advocates of the general theory of Direct Prim­ aries. They voted against the Hin- man ^rrften bill because they thought it an wwlfte application of a good idea.. \i &s, a matterof fact, it would be ^KfralniW^.aay-.Uat the Assembly has -rpallr had am opportunity of expres­ sing UaeU on the general proposition of Direct Primaries. It has merely voted on the Hlnman-Green bill. \Mr. R. D. Knapp states his opin­ ions, very positively but with moder­ ation and evident sincerity. I must say that I hold no brief to speak for Mr. Mead, cor do I consider myself Ilia- sponsor in any particular He A1 the M>I tial i-ie.'tiou on the bond issue of $lu U0O for the improvement o t Mt K'.ico .-i toa'lH, hel d Wedne.sd.iv IU.-M, ;lu' cixpavirs \ «t.-ti by a ma­ jority o f IIJJ out ol l\>( votes iat>i to authorize the bond is.iuc and follo w the plans made by th e Village Pres­ ident and the Trustees Good roads in the Village are now i n immediate sight The efforts of President Turner. Senator Carpenter vote anything save one of confidence \I promised the Village a sewer— the sewer Is being constructed, with as little cost, I thiuk, to the village .is could in any way be arranged 1 also promised good roads—we will now have good roads, at small cost, considering the difficulties of the situation 'One thing 1 would like to empha­ size—much of the credit for the sue iis met Reform Strikes a Snag when it is Found that Ashbel Green and His Clerk Are .not Entitled under the lm to Hold Office. and others have not been in vain, for I cess of our efforts in overcoming the \Old Guard of th e one-time op- I these difficulties i s du e to Senator position has shrunk woefully since I Francis M Carpenter, who was untir- the last election In fact, there can , :ng in his labors, and others who so hardly be said to b e any opposition- loyally helped int lie good work.\ merely a dozen or so remaining who ] The actual work of construction, is are opposed tu everything including 'to begin with ;u little delay as pos- progress and improvements on gen- ; sible and the Village of Mt. Kisco eral principles- ' >'ill soon be in a position to be If, in the present election, there | proud of ith roads, instead of avoid- h.id been a- y shovviug at all by these i ing all mention of them 'chrome kUkers\ u might have been I . ~ said thai the vote cast was merely in j favor of sood roads and not in favor of President Turner an d tin Trustees, I But the o. e i w aelming majority of | wtes < i: i i n a<cordanci with Mr Turner's poll i i<-s, show (learly tha t i: was a wilt of confidence in the Present authorities o f the Village U hvti Pr 'sui t tit Turner w.u- asked > mw the fturns compared with his I < xp< (latio.i.-. IK 'id, • I trinity n -etl say tha t I am dcep- 1; g.-atiiiid by this evident e of con- lideme 1 have always worked to the bed of my ability in the inter­ ests of tin Village, but I have be­ come so .u i iitjtoincd, of late, to the violent and bitter opposition of a cer­ tain small clique, that perhaps 1 ex operated Iho number of votes to be maitiulK.d against us, in estimating the returns in the present election How over. I think no one, with the possible exception o f one or two who will take any pretext to assail my­ self and the Trustees, can call this did not talk with me before voting on Uie Hinmau-Green bill, nor later explain his vote. Indeed ne has not at any time discussed with me his dutleB at the Capitol CROSS RIVER CORRESPONDENT DESIRES AN OFFICE KITTEN, In an Open Letter to the Office Cat He Outlines his Position on the Rat Question. no doubt that Mr Mead voted against the Hinman-Green bill because he thought it a badly framed measure. What I have said about Mr Young applies also to Mr Mead. \In short, a vote on the Hinman- Green bill is no criterion of an As­ semblyman's attitude on the question of Direct Primaries \ Cross River, N Y OTfice Cat. Dear Madam — My wtfe v.ants one of your off­ spring. Must be a male, having the make­ up of a good \ratter\—ihls more es­ sential than It s literary tendencies. The Missis' only cat has lost his teeth and rats sport around both day and night One night we were awakened hy one of the Madam's Commanche yells and on inquiry found that a rat had jumped up on the bed and was run­ ning over her face. Finding that no harm had been done, we went to bed again The last heard from her, ut­ tered In a fierce tone of voice, was \You old-fool' Ain't you going to get up and catch it?\ Never having mastered the gentle art of t*K down .rats and capturing th did not \jespond to her «req; JJow ttte womarr-ls' despei StcHpol District 4 to the lime light Flre^.and cyclone suffice not and thia modest little unit in our schol­ astic system clamors for attention A* d .uly and exclusively chronicled in dM§ interesting columns, Mr Ash- bell. Qreen was chosen trustee of No 4 at the annual meeting in August andiat. the same time the honors of clerkship were thrust upon the re ­ luctant brow- of Mr Henry Jones *rtis> was a wave of reform For neartljfy'a dozen years Mr Oliver lie- Callffihad been trustee Maybe he wwj&^ed of the burden, maybe he ha ]tH -ciCrried it long enough, but as jjjjjjf Mr Green manifested inter- ^enougli to attend a -meeting and BJjJsrtineiit questions, the former tdWfS 1 was the first to ask .Mr Grejif^jto take the post The choice wai^jj'nanimous and fervid and was in $XPJy wa >' a suitable one B|oj| Jjrtlen the eagle eye o f Si 'i The hard-hearted Commissioner de ­ clared that both offices having been filled by the nomination of persons ineligible for the same, the old offi­ cers voul d continue to exercise their duties. To relieve an embarrassing situation and to show there is no hard feeling in the palpitating bosom of No 4 Mr McCall promptly resign­ e d and it is up to the Commissioner to name any one he likes. Mr Green has set a good example in taking an interest in School af­ fairs and is entitled to the fullest tanks of the community There has been a great addition to the usual population of District 4 since the erection of the row of Ital­ ian Villas by Slgnor Sutton, S=OIIK forty children belonging to a district that recently had but half that num­ ber ~* -MR. GREN'S STATEMENT. Coi na: b Gre. call Dia Dar thei oo l 'iisloii' r Covey scan in d a ie vv e put on his spei .liu lc s aid ,to lliiiiK Yv ho v>as this the taxpayer\ , to upset the iethodieal way of business in 4 9 Was he any relation to aviator of immortal memory, should aspire to flight nmiU iyrean occupied by echool and justices of the peace r election worthies * This ar looking into and so Com- Covey got out the penal something and found that ee must be (1) a parent of attending child, or (2) the owner of property in his e or (3) renter of such prop- Editor Katonah Times — At the annual meeting of School District No 4, Town of Bedford, the undersigned was elected School Trus­ tee for the coming year, and was in- \ structed to reopen the school house, i which had been closed for upwards I of two yi ars. I It developed afterwards that—the I elect! in was illegal, and that I was no t qua)'fied to serve As soon as • I was Info.uied of this, 1 Immediately coiiirnuni i ated with the proper author­ ities, and I understand that the mat- i Ur i « now in their hands ' I have no authority whatever to do .tnyiiiing with respect to tin ;ii- fairs of School District Xo 1 1 a t tended the meeting merely in my cn pacity as a private citizen, and with 1 no desire whatever to obtain the of- ' fice to which I was elected I should have been entirely willing, however, to assume the responsibilities of the position, had I been legally able t;> do so. i believe that this explanation i.s due to the interested persons living in School District No 4, and I take this means of advising them of the situation. ASHBEL GREEN 68 Broad St.. N. Y C , Sept. 7, lOOf TAKE CARE, MR. TAYLOR! Justice Bradley proposed bringing suit against Moses Taylor and other members of the Bedford—Nevvi-astle Association for $1,500 to pay the police but the. Town Board tabled his resolution. Perhaps the polic- men may follow Bradley B lead am' sue. for their salaries. —Mt Pleasant Oompax< NAARDEN FARM SOUTH SALEM N. Y. SHORTHORNS MILK AND BEEF SIZE AND CONSTITUTION THE FARMER'S COW THE FAMILY COW BULL CALVES at 8 Week. Old. $25 Write for Ocular HAY THE HORSE AND HOUND \I can say, however, that I have f wa £<;S to obtain a cat. ifato^a She has tried in vain traps, rat> poison and fly paper. The poison does not seem to affect them; they will play around the traps and then spring them. The fly paper caused one to leave a lock of fur to show that he had been around again The situation is becoming desper­ ate and a cat must be had. ithe, youthful Greens entered . ? ..Not on your tin-type. • ' #lUx-r^,stailed td' S^-^*»»i^rp lit' no none. It is a common practic#* r in families to have the house in the wife's name, and this rule operates against Mr. Green's ac­ cepting -the office of School trustee. The same obstacle was apparent in Cleric Jones's case, so' that the great wave of reform receded, leav­ ing the principal reformers outside the breaat-works as it were. THE KATONAH TIME8 ;' rtaa tha LARGE$T CIRCULATION IN) THE CRQXON. VALLEY REGION. Van Trust Norden Company 5th Avenue and 60th Street, New York. Americae Feecan; I Stands Like a Stone Wall §1 Turns CatUt, H OTMS , Hogt—It PrtcttotHy Indtttructttl* |jj _ I AMERICAN FENCE Buy your new fence for years to come. Get the big, heavy wires, the hinge joint, the good galvaniiing, the exactly proportioned quality of steel that is not too hard nor tod soft. .... . We can show you this fence in our stock and explain its merits and superiority, not oaly in th* roll but in the field. Come and see us and get our prices. Other Seasonable Goods that will be accep­ table In the weeks to come are Potato Diggers Fruit Pickers Barrel Headers Corn Knives Baskets, Etc. I % Hoyt Brothers Company, Funeral Directors and * Licensed Embalmers... General Department Store. Monday being labor Day This Store Will Close at 10 a. m. THIS TRUST COMPANY does a general Banking bus­ iness. Accepts active ac­ counts, subject to cheque at sight. Issues interest bear­ ing certificates of deposit for specified periods, or payable on demand. SOUTH SALEM, N Y. LUNCHEON,^TEA AND DINNER HORSES STOOD IN GASOLENE & MOTOR REPAIRS LODGINGS FOR FOUR OR FIVE Telephone: Ridsefield, Conn OLD FURNITURE SHOP SOUTH SALEM. N. Y Only Old Furniture Sold r ^p ^oir - Only One Price Everything is marked at a reasonable price and sold (oi that only f BLACKSMIT H ] BLACKSMITH SHOP B. H. TURNER SOUTH SALEM, N. Y. Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices Agricultural Implements ol all kinds GENERAL REPAIRS SETH LOW Owner 0 D. BRILL 5upt Our Pure Food Grocery Department We have all the NOVELTIE8 IN FANCY GROCERIES, & everything comprising staples.in our up-to-date Grocery De­ partment. We receive our berries, vegetables and so forth FRE8H EVERY MORNING. CLOTHING ten's $15.00 and $20.00 suits at $10.00 and $12.00. Our 4TIRE LINE of thoroughly tailored and stylish suits re- [iced. These garments are made of fancy worsteds and fast blors. Also Blue Serges. All of these suits are in hand- ome, new styles. HIRT WAISTS Our sales of the celebrated ACORN BRAND Shirt Waists fhave been enormous. We are closing out the balance of them AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. DRY GOODS AT THE We have a number of SUMMER MATERIALS in our Dry Goods Department to be sacrificed at prices better than ever offered before. We do not mention valuations in this announcement, but you can take our word for it that these prices ARE LESS THAN THE WHOLESALE PRICES. GENTS' FURNISHINGS We have the most complete line of COLLARS, CUFFS & SHIRTS, and a variety of makes in UNDERWEAR, HOSE, NECKTIES & SCARFS ever shown In this vicinity for your Inspection. SUMMER FURNITURE We have the largest line of Summer Furniture we have ever shown, and at very reasonable prices. We are closing out our odd lots and short pieces of MATTINGS and CHILD. REN'S WAGONS. We are naming at BARGAIN PRICES the PORCH CHAIRS In both natural and a variety of colors. Also SWINGS, CAMP CHAIRS, LAWN SEATS - all latest designs. THIS TRUST COMPANY, carries the New York ac­ counts of many out-of-town Banks, Trust Companies and Savings Banks, allowing gen­ erous rates of interest upon the same. It collects rents, and attends to all New York matters for its customers. Issues letters of credit. Maintains a BOND DEPART­ MENT, and makes a specialty of selling bonds to Westchester County people. Bonds that combine safety and attractive rates of interest. Broad Brook Farm Bedford SUtkm, N. V. PEACHES We are' now prepared to take or­ ders for peaches for either the table or canning. Our peaches are ripened on the trees and of excellent quality. MILK, CREAM AND BUTTER Pure, fresh and wholesome products. Fresh daily. EGCS BROILERS Dressed on Order only. For any of the above, telephone us, or Doyle Brothers, at Katonah, or A. L. Banks & Son, at Mt. Kisco. CRUSHED STONE & SAND For Builders. tllHMMIIMMIM>MIIMMHHIM>MmillllllHII» •Hardware % Hoyt Brothers Company | Katonah, N. Y. i Fox River Print Butter ji 35c. per lb. ! The Best Table Butter j I Doyle Brothers—Leading Family GroeeFs f » Telephone 31-y-2 ^ Cash Discount Tickets imiMMHMIMMM»HI>mMtH<flHfHftMIH*»< KATONAH, . New York

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