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FEATURES: A Special Story. County Correspondence. World U^Cenoi of a veek in brief. PRINTING for Business and Social use done at reasonable rale by \Times\ Print. Tele­ phone !2-y-2. Sample Copies Will Be Sent Free lor Thrl NORTH WESTCHESTER E5TABL1 Combining the \Croton Falls News a any Address in the County, upon Application * Ine Katoiah Times mi fY'S LEADING NEWSPAPER IN I878. Ho\ and \The Croton Valley Times.\ If you wish to knon what your neighbors are doing ana saying in BEDFORD, LEWISBORO, &CEW CASTLE, WORTH SALEM SOMERS and YORKTOWN Walcb the Special Correspondence Columns of 'Che Katonah tjimes. VOL. XXXI No. 17 KATONAH, N. Y., FRaf&Y, SEPTEHBER 17, 1909. $1.50 A YEAR I 1 Representative North .County Men Sign Letter Urging that lie Act­ ing Sheriff Be Continued in Office A copy of the following letter, sign­ ed 'by well known residents of North Westchester County, has been addres­ sed to each member of the Republi­ can County Committee. Sir.— Enclosed you will find a memo­ randum of the work accomplished by Sheriff Henry Scherp. We believe this record -an unusal one and we think Mr. Scherp the logical candidate for nom.inart.ion. to the Sheriff's office, having .been Un­ der Sheriff during the time of the late Sheriff Lane, and Acting Sheriff since about May let. We desire to do what is possible \to Insure Mr. Scherp's nomination, and urge you to consider using your influence in that direction at once. Signed J. C. BALDWIN, JR. WINTHROP COWDtN. GEORGE NICHOLS MOSE8 TAYLOR FRANK HUNTER POTT£* HENRY WHITEHOU8E C. MORTON WHITMAN THEODORE L. VAN NORDEN fHE'NRY SCHERP AND THE FIGHT FOB THE SHRIEVALTY. All interest in the Republican Coun­ ty Convention is centered upon the fight for the nomination for Sheriff. Sdierp has been endorsed by his home .city. New Rochelle, and this represents thirty vote* If he geta Mount Vernon, i t will add thirty-three more Then he should ret Bedford, 8; Lewlsboro, 3; Mount Pleasant, 12, Newcastle, 5; North Salem, S; Pound- ridge, 2; Somers, 2; Yorktown, 4, Total, 102. There is a strong prob- *ib4lky that Scherp will also get '43rC#eB$pirgh's 24 which would give Afel^ IM:-votes out of 299 <n the <<on- There does not seem to be much <GC a -Chance for MerrRt for to date he has only the town of Rye dele­ gates amounting to 22 votes. This i# William\ L. Ward's own town, but It is unlikely that Mr. War d will in­ terfere. Ulrich Weisendanger and F. Gold- waithe are candidates from Yonkers As there are 67 votes In Yonkers it will be an Important factor although it is understood that Yonkers will MOUNT KISCO IS TO HAVE A $~>0,000 CHURCH ON MAIN STREEM Rev. Mr. Chauncey and the Vestry ojt\ St. Marks have Plans Drawn and! the Site Chosen. Mt. Kisco is to have a new $50,000 > church on its main street before very I OIIK . i* the plans of St Mark s con­ gregation are carried out The ar­ chitectural design* are already pre­ pared and the site is chosen The new edifice will stand where the Parish house is at present In a recent sermon the Rev E. F Chauncey outlines the purpose of the Vestry in the following words \To-day. we^pun face the splendid opportunity of building & new church The time are better, the country Is fast recovering from the financial de­ pression We feel that we have en­ tered upon a new era of prosperity. The sense of an awakening has touch­ ed us here In Mt Kisco and filled us with the determination to go for­ ward with our plans and to bring to completion our long-hoped-for new church. To begin building operations now, we need $30,000, which sum of money, coupled with what we already have on deposit In the bank, will be sufficient, not to build the church In its entirety, but to build by far the greater portion of it. \The most beautiful church Is re­ quired by the .nature of our local needs. ML Kisco is a village of ad­ mitted uglineM. Its Main Street pre­ sents every variety of architectural discord. Its roadways are uneven, thick with dust and poorly maintain­ ed At several points within its lim­ it*, there are places where dirt and ugliness vie with each other for su­ premacy This is the familiar sight which brings the blush of shame to our cheeks, and makes us feel how 18 E But Little District Four Has not yet - Seen the End of its Many Trou­ bles. A Meeting taat Had to Be Postponed. M •as the hand of man has disfigured God'«# creative work *• \Outside of our \lllage limits Q Uod's country, the land of beauty^ A rolling and infinitely lovely coun^ 1 try, whose charm inspires us witll| the sense of God's presence; whetnj; er we see it scorched by a hot autj^, or ruffled by the wind, or swept ifff the storm, or lying silent and black- under the unsleeping stars. What a bitter contrast' How that contrast arouses our indignation' And tta%, ugliness continues to be in spite of<j our discontent; in spite of our crit^ ' whlch 3s worse than being hit by a Icism; in spite of our formation MJi j'eyclone. village improvement societies jjf Just as everything seemed to have \What will redeem and sanctify tbJj*J ^ . . , , . , .. community In the name of cleanline«$ straightened out to the univer- and beauty? This is the answer-^ p«J. satisfaction it was discovered some monument of beauty. WnenK *hat the notice posted on the front these other movements have (alle^| lacked ^ proper wording . K it will succeed. By the force ot dSfj^^j^* .„ by the District and to be raised by tax during the coming year, is to be decided upon, it is to your interest to be present at this Meeting, if possible. AGNKS I.AYNG GREEN, Trustee. However, there was consolation in the fact that the meeting is only \postponed\ and next time the little school district will emerg e from its tangle triumphant. DEMOCRATS AND' REPUBLICANS UNITE FOR THEIR PRIMARIES School District No 4 was to have [\•been again is the limelight on Wed­ nesday evening last but something ; \Wei >t wrong. . That little old institution is always getting tangled up in legal red tape, pie it will clean our streets and be«L tlfy our village. It will level upward the aesthetic tastes of this comasr nity by increasing our sense of shame and by supplying us with standard of beauty. \We all know by experience beauty ennobles life It is the which nature teaches us. It is t&i truth which we learn in our Outside of ML Kisco there is a c. of ibeautdful houses which girds village. Every link in this chain a home which has been built w great expense and represent* thought and labor of men who skilled in the profession of archiji ture. Every home is crowned Vlj beauty, it is the keynote of them And you who dwell within ttoei know and feel its subtle influence 1 spiring and uplifting your lives. \Shall we, who know and feel working of this force within us, b for this community in the ni God, a church less beautiful our homes?\ '^s'^ . ' SOUTH SALEM PRIMABH^ not get the office on the ground* that | • ' , it has more than its share now ^ The fight baa aettled down to The Primaries held at Lewisboro Scherp and Frank Hardy, of Larch- ! on Tuesday wore largely attended. mont. Mr. Hardy was the first choice 1 The action taken was harmonious . . V. — I . I 1 J 1 • '---i 1 of the organization and no doubt would have been the man but for Scherp's sudden popularity. Granting that Scherp gets 102 votes, Merritt 22 and Weisendanger 67, it will leave Hardy with only 108 votes, or 42 short of the necessary number. —Mt. Pleasant News and only one change was made on the list Edward Green was elected from Goldens Bridge, David Mead. Cross River. Joseph Adams. South Salem, Charles Williams. Cross River. Mr Theodore L Van Norden came up from New York to attend. u ;ht to have stated the fact that the jrtera were called for the explicit \ pose of deciding whether or no m children should be again received it^ the little building, or toted down 'atageloads to headquarters at Mt. village. iAnd as this fact was not announced \$the placard in Ju6t so many words, missioner Covey was forced to an ihce, sadly, to the assembled rep- intaitlves of the Van Cortlandt, 3n. Marquand, Molleson, Le Gen- and other households, that there Id be \nothing doing\ he School Law must be respect- n its every letter and the meet- waa therefor postponed. li.Ty.body in the district was on expectant and even eager to how Mrs Ashbel Green—newly •inted Trustee—would open her career, and to give her the •upport of their presence, had each rushed through an er to be on hand in answer flowing communication, duly iitaaJg&and .delivered: . . •\MtTKtaoo. NC Y., Sept. 11. >;-, •» Vpur attention is called to the W 'Meeting of School District No. which will be held in the School House on Wednesday eve­ ning next, September 15th, at 8 P. M. The undersigned has just been appointed Trustee for this District, and asks your co­ operation in the conduct of its affairs. As there are a number of important matters to be de- cidecl at this Meeting, and as the amount of money to be spent -That is, for a Short Time. After­ wards they Straighten them­ selves out and get to Business. —HUMILITY— Let others fight to win the prize And sail through bloody seas, I am content to reach the skies On flowery beds of ease, Resigning all that glory showers On hearts that bolder be. Happy that even beds of flowers Are made for worms like me —H. M. There was quite a mix-up and no little amusement at the Primaries— or rather, the primary—held at the Court House at Bedford Village last Tuesday evening It seems that both the Democrats and the Republicans called' 1 for 'their primaries at the Court House and at exactly the same hour. The leaders agreed to have them both in the main hall, but just before the polls open­ ed the -crowds got mixed up, like Mr.. Dill's famous 57 varieties, and it was impossible to tell who was vot­ ing on which ballot. Finally when a straight Prohibition­ ist delegation was on the point of be­ ing named by the united votes of both parties, they gave it up and the Dem­ ocrats adjourned to the hall on the second floor and then everything was quiet and the proper delegates were elected as planned. REPORT OF DISTRICT NUR8ING ASSOCIATION FOR AUGUST. NAARDEN FARM SOUTH SALEM N. Y. SHORTHORNS MILK AND BEEF SIZE AND CONSTITUTION THE FARMER'S COW THE FAMILY CO\« BULL CALVES *t 8 Week. OW 425 Write for Giculir HAY THE HORSE AND HOUND American Femcim Stands Like a Stone.Wall Tirni CtfOt, Horns, Hon—It Practtoalty IniottruoMUo m m m m m m m m m • m m m\ ca ES ca H o ran a ra n a n m \ WD BE B2 £2 C3 C3 CI CS 1091 m m BS ca two sn co no tso tun csa on or i AMERICAN FENCE Buy your new fence for years to come. Get the big, heary wires, the hinge joint, the good galvanizing, the exactly proportioned quality of steel that is not too hard nor too soft. We can show you this fence in our stock and explain its merits and superiority, not oflly is th* roll but in the field. Xome and see us and get our prices. Other Seasonable Goods that will be accep­ table In 0ie weeks to come are Potato Diggers Fruit Pickers Barrel Headers Corn Knives Baskets, Etc. AT THE Hardware Store KATONAH, New|York t Hoyt Brothers Company, X Funeral Directors and % Licensed Embalmers... <f General Department Store. In August 364 calls were made by the district nurses, as follows — Mt. Klsco. 109; Bedford Station. 6, Bedford Center. 17; Bedford Village. 8, Katonah, 17; Goldens Bridge. 13; Somers, 3, West Somers, 18, Cross River. I; PleasantvUle. 81; Chappa- qua, 1; Millwood, 1, Sherman Park. 12, Hawthorne. 2. Briarcliff, 24. Val­ halla, 2; Yorktown Heights. 2S». Am - awalk. 6, Lake Mohegan, 14 During this month six patients were taken to St. buke's hospital, three to the Presbyterian .and i.nc to Seue? .hospital in Bfooklyn. SOUTH SALEM. N. Y. LUNCHEON, TEA AND DINNER HORSES STOOD IN GASOLENE k MOTOR REPAIRS LOOGINGS FOR FOUR OR FIVE. TiMii .iRi ^fcM .C—. Qntfryrnl^frrg OLD FURNITURE SHOP Van Norden Trust Company 5th Avenue and 60th Street, \ New York. { ^ . SOUTH SALEM. N Y Only Old Furniture Sold No ieprochichon> Only One Price Everything it marked at a reuonable pnee and sold lor that only Our Pure Food Grocery Department We have all the NOVELTIES IN FANCY GROCERIES, A everything comprising staples in our up-to-date Grocer/ De­ partment. We receive our berries, vegetables and so forth FRESH EVERY MORNING. ? CLOTHING Men's $15.00 and $20.00 suits at $10.00 and $12.00. Our ENTIRE LINE of thoroughly tailored and stylish suits re­ duced. These garments are made of fancy worsteds and fast colors. Also Blue Serges. All of these suits are in hand­ some, new styles. THIS TRUST COMPANY does a general Banking; bus­ iness. Accepts active ac­ counts, subject to cheque at sight. Issues interest bear­ ing- certificates of deposit for specified periods, or payable on demand. BLACKSMITH SHOP B. H TURNER SOUTH SALEM, N. Y. Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices Agricultural Implement! of all Itindt GENERAL REPAIRS « ! THIS TRUST COMPANY i carries the New York ac- I counts of m?^ny out-of-town | Banks, Trust Companies and j Savings Banks, allowing gen- [ erous rates of interest upon the same. ' SETH LOW Owwr O D BRILL 5upt SHIRT WAISTS It collects rents, and attends to all New York matters for its customers. Our sales of the celebrated ACORN BRAND Shirt Waists have been enormous. We are closing out the balance of them AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. DRY GOODS We have a number of SUMMER MATERIALS in our Dry Goods Department to be sacrificed at prices better than ever offered before. We do not mention valuations in this announcement, but you can take oiir word for it that these prices ARE LESS THAN THE WHOLESALE PRICES. GENTS' FURNISHINGS We have the most complete line of COLLARS, CUFFS & SHIRTS, and a variety of makes in UNDERWEAR, HOSE, NECKTIES & SCARFS ever shown in this vicinity for your inspection. Issues letters of credit. Maintains a BOND DEPART­ MENT, and makes a specialty of selling bonds to Westchester County people. Bonds that combine safety and attractive rates of interest. Broad Brook Farm Bedford SUtkn, N. Y, PEACHES We are now prepared to take or­ ders for peaches for either the table or canning. Our peaches are ripened on the trees and of excellent quality MILK, CREAM AND BUTTER Pure, fresh and wholesome products Fresh daily. E88S BROILERS Dressed on Order only. For any of the above, telephone us, or Doyle Brothers, at Katonah, or A. L. Banks &. Son, at Mt. Kisco. CRUSHED STONE & SAND For Builders SUMMER FURNITURE We have the largest line of Summer Furniture we have ever shown, and at very reasonable prices. We are closing out our odd lots and short pieces of MATTINGS and CHILD­ REN'S WAGONS. We are naming at BARGAIN PRICES the PORCH CHAIRS In both natural and a variety of colors. Also SWINGS, CAMP CHAIRS, LAWN SEATS • all latest designs. Hoyt Brother^ Company Katonah, Y. i! Fox River Print Butter f z T 35c. per lb. f li .The Best Table Butter < » I; Doyle Brothers Leading Family Groeers : - . 1 ,. • j Telephone 31-y-2 Cash Discount Tickets \ % M I I II M I » > M 11 •! • I »»»III \C It 1 1 I I % I I I I I i 11 1 1 1 11 t 1 1 1 H

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