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FEATURES: A Special Story. County Correspondence. World News of a Week in Brief. PRINTING for Business **and Social use done at reason­ able rate by \Times\ Print Telephone 12-y-2. Sample Copies Will Be Sent Free for Thre¥ The Kat<i NORTH WESTCHESTER COk ESTABLIJ Combining the \Croton Falls News an}? VOL. XXXI No. 22 KATONAH, N. Y., II OF Widow of the Late John Jay Buried • f in St. Matthews Church, ht at Bedford —Large Company of Distinguished People. .Mrs Eleanor Jay who dk-d on Mon day afternoon of this week at the <!ty rr»idenc<' of her daughter, Mrs. William H. Schieffelin, was yester­ day laid to p'St In the faiuilj plot at. M:athnw's, Bedford It v.'os fitting that she should he buried In the spot, where much of her life had been passed and with which the- name and traditions of the Jays, one of the oldest and best fam­ ilies of New York, is so closely iden­ tified. Her husband's grandfather, the Chief Justice familiar in Ameri­ can history, was one of those who built church The hymns, which Mrs Jaj herself had chosen, were \HUrs of I'neud- ing Life\ and \Before Jehovah's \w- ful Throne\ These were sung by Mr Frank Hunter Potter and choir boy? from Trinity Church, New York In the Jay pew were Col. William and Mrs Jay with Mr. and Mrs Ar­ thur Iselin and members of the Im­ mediate family. It was said that no fewer than 27 children and grand­ children were at the funeral. In the Potter family pew, besides Mrs Prank Hunter Potter were, Dr John Jay, Mr and Mrs. Pierre Jay and Mr Robert Van Cortlandt. Rev. Mr. Lea Luquer read the bu- nal senico The Rt. Rev. William MeYickar, Bishop of Pennsylvania, attended, as did Messrs. Schuyler Orqsby. Janies Gojrdon BejoneU-JRlch- arct 'Mortimer, Moucure Robluson Henry Grafton Chapman. Mr and •Mr*. -HfJiry Mariiuand, Col and Mr? Leonard, and representatives of the Lounsbery, Whitman, Taylor. Hani- man and other families in this loi ill- it) At Bedford House, near Katonah. Airs KU-anor Jay was for years a familiar figure dispensing hospitall ty to a host of friends and always deeply interested in charitable .ind church work Before her marriage to the late Continued on Fourth Page, 3rd col. HOW THE RED CROSS DOES ITS WORLD'S WORK EOR SVEEERERh American Branch which Has Speiat|3|j $5,000,000 in Errands of Mercy Needs .U& Furtlier Support When ,i disaster occurs, Mich us the San Franeis-eo Fire or the Messi­ na earthquake, there are few of us who do not feel that we would like to contribute something to help Many of us are deterred by the fact that we <lo not know what to do or because our contribution is small, or because we are afraid that It will not be employed to ath antg^f The Rod Cross answers all these objec­ tions. It was the outcome of a \;s;t to the battle field of Solpeino, in the Austro-French war of 1850, by Mr. Henri Dunaut, a Swiss. He was hor­ rified by the unnecessary suffering of the wounded because of the lack of nursing, medical attendance and even of such elementary needs as a drink of water He studied the subject and became convinced that the only way to avoid such evils in future v>as, First, to provide by international treaty for the protection of all organizations ss in the County, upon Application Times MDING NEWSPAPER The Croton Valley Times.\ 1 If you wish to know w+iat your neighbors are doing and saying in BEDFORD LEWISBORO NEW CASTLE NORTH SALEM YORKTOWN •\ and SOMERS. Watch the special Correspondence Columns of the Katonah Times. OBER 22, 1909. 51.50 A YEAR nc, the Chelsea fire, the ina) flood, the Fernie |;|jfores-t fires, the Georgia, iHna and Texas floods, the forest fires ami the Mes- quakes. •e the spectacular disasters, ievcr instant help is needed, sickness, or any other form r mine explosions, or out- •ophe, there the Hed Cross ,nd nurses are found, dlstrib- pplies and earing for the sick nded. work as tills Is carried on by d Cross of every other coun- the world. It is not primarily of war, but of peace liow our Red Cross compare with 1 POLITIGAL POT IS for caring for the ,<ick and woifndii lor respecting the pQrsons of tlios engaged in sucn work and eecUr! immunity from confistication for in pital supplies, and. Secondly, to Q; ganlze volutary reliaf associatio; under official recognition, wh,ic| t should render supplementary aid' iiL, time of war by furnishing surgepn »i|j! nurses and supplies. tr, ffL .-w . . , nn „, m i .r ,,-c In 1863 a preliminary eonfcrlWl%xJ »Pan It baa 1,400,000 m erabe is was held at Geneva to consider theMj posses hospitals, nurse t, tram- best method of bringing about thefes/schools and a large amount oi desired results, this conference be -|?W5 rlal - , _ , ,, , „ ,„n ing due to the continued agitation of I Tjh\ Russian Red Cross >» a * f Mr Dunaut A number of countries!^ members; owns and ^VVorxs were represented and at the conven-ftfYeral large hospitals and t.aln ng cion held at Geneva by Invitation ol *8 »«J«. ™* b . efore , 1 Vwm nno the Swiss Government in 1864, thef.«*L. amounting; to *»{)00 00u Treaty of Geneva, sometimes called! 'Germany the att ^ e d bodies the Red Cross Treaty, was drafted*' \2 n ™™ number a iwnion. a <l tnc and signed by eleven of the Europ¥*<?| Cross has great btoic houses then the treaty*^ with supplies of SETrTLOW Owawr D. BRILL 5upt Broad Brook Farm Bedford Station, N. Y. POTATOES of highest grade, direct from the farm. Get your winter supply now. MILK, CREAM AND BUTTER I*ure. fresh and wholesome products. Fr. sh dully- EBBS BROILERS lh eased on Order only. For any of the above, telephone us, or Doyle Brothers, at Katonah, or A. L. Banks & Son, at Mt. Kisco. CRUSHED STONE & SAND For Builders. ean powers. Since then the treaty which was revised in 1006, has bee accepted by practically every nation! in the world At the signing of the original treaty a distinctive emblem was adop t€d. This was the .flag of Switzer­ land with a reversal of its colors. In honor of the country which was in fact the originator of the organiza­ tion. From that day to this the red cross on the white background has been conspicuous on every battlefield in the civilized world But the work of the Red Cross does not end here All over the world, and in every country, disasters are of almost daily occurrence where no local relief is possible, either be­ cause of their magnitude or because of local unpreparedness. When such appalling catastrophies come, as the San Francisco Fire or the Messina earthquake, outside help is nt-eded and needed at once. J This is where the Red Cross show* itr 'jscfulncss It stands ready—like ^-^Y *e horse, as last week-! callgd^it—to carry JieiD- AMERICA AT THE BOT^TOI Since 190.> r the Ainericatf . , alone has expended close upon tlTe million in relief of suffering, yet not a dollar of it has been spent in war. Here are a few of the disasters that it has helped to alleviate —the Phil­ ippine Typhoon the Japanese famine, the Vesuvian eruption, the San Fran­ cisco fire and earthquake, the Gulf storm, the Chinese famine, the King­ ston (Jamaica) and Valpairaiso earthquakes, the Russian famine, the Monongah mine explosion, the Mis- every sort. At Messina earthquake, '12 hours aX- t,was decided to send a relief xpediibn, a train of eleven cars had start <I ,from Berlin loaded with sur- 'geon -JS; nurses, medicines, supplies, beds jand bedding—everything to make- Jhe expedition self-supporting and;, '^enable it to do tho greatest amquiBof good. TJ) pYcnch Red Cross has funds plies on hand amounting to an 12,000,000; an income of an $70,000. and fifty thousand It has light schools for nurses, and a personnel of 0 surgeons. as three boxes of id < ampaign ci­ gars passing round at once aiul their incense riaes over a clamorous con­ vocation of all shades and degrees of opinion. One famous mei 'ting wa-s called to order not. long since at which there were two chairmen as well us two secretaries not to ftpoak of a mixed lot of t>'llen< According to Mr Theodore I,. Van Xorden, who is pushing the fight for Joseph Brown, the Republican tick'-t has a very good chance of siicces*- Air VanNorden said recently \You will remember that in tin last, vote for Roosevelt Sonn-rh w.'s the only town in the County that did not return a Republican majoritj The present outlook is. therefore, the more encouraging. \A Democratic vote in Westche*- ' tor County these days is really a vot\ for Tammany Hall Murphy is making every effort to capture th> County. Succeeding in that !u> will then attack Putnam and so on up tin river, in his progress toward control­ ling the State The Democrats in the lower towns and cities appreciate the situation keenly. The majority With only ten days to election, the j of them are openly supporters of Candidates in tlie Northern. Towns Making up for tlie Short Campaign by Hard Work. I LICENSE COMPLICATES MATTERS Sketches of the Men who Are Running for Office on the Republican Ticket candidates are \hustling\ for office in feverish haste. Motor cars rush from point to point in the local landscape bearing anx­ ious bidders for votes to the remotest homes of the faithful constituency. Hand bills and leaflets ale passed about with various startling asser­ tions as to the need for different kind of reform to benefit the ptople —and elect the particular candidate. The political situation in Somers j Center—which historic old burg is \ about to change its name and here- \ Tammany, as is the case of Walsh Whereas, not a few of the more re­ spectable Democrats are voting for IV publican supervisors. The Domo- .•ratie control of the Hoard of Super- • ihors would really be a disaster. 'Another immediate result of such niiitrol would be the usual Tamnxany nianagt m< nt of any large public works to be taken up in tho next de- uide—such cs the Bronx Parkway, and the Bronx Valley sewer extension northward \ (Continued on next page.) . i after be known as Lincolndale—Is E THE MONEY CAME FROM 'full of thrills and surprises. With I ' plenty of candidates in the field and | Tib Austro-llungarian Red Cross has 100,000 members and funds of $a,600,000 ^Tlie total number of Red Cross so­ cieties In the world is 44, with a to- tail of 5,000,000 members and funds and supplies amounting to over thirty anllllons of dollars. American Red Cross has less MXM members and property In •tVe>Wotf 0 « t Philanthropic Sirs the*American Red Cros? ik sbl« to spend nearly $3,000,000 in relief of the great disasters of the world? It is because tlie whole country knows that it is efficient and honest, so 'that the funds appropriated by the •states and cities or subscribed by in­ dividuals, are placed in its hands for distribution The society maintains a salaried expert, whose duty It is (Continued on fourth page ) Messrs. Flood, Turner, Brown and Barrett all actise, the voter is giv­ en a wide choice and discussion wax­ es warm at times as various loyal partisans argue the merits of their leaders around the stove in the grocery store. I There are said to be as many Trust Company 5th Avenae and 60th Street, . New York. NAARDEN FARM SOUTH SALEM N. Y. SHORTHORNS MILK AND BEEF SIZE AND CONSTITUTION THE FARMER'S COW THE FAMILY COW BULL CALVES »t 8 Week. Old. . $25 Write for Gtculur .HAY m M m H §§ m f§ m If M Spejcal for October. THE HARDWARE STORE is ready to offer at REASONABLE prices ALL NECESSARY ARTICLES FOR USE IN YOUR FIRE PLACES AT THIS SEASON. We have just received a n.ce assortment of BLACK AND BRASS ANDIRONS * Prices * 2.75 to $15.00 BLACK AND BRASS FIRE SETS •> Prices $6.00 to $10.00 FIRE SCREENS AND SPARK GUARDS Prices $2.75-6.00 OPEN GRATES & FRANKLIN HEATERS for wood or coal IF WE DO NOT HAVE WHAT YOU WISH WE CAN GET IT FOR YOU AT SHORT NOTICE • ° » 3 » Oil Heaters The MILLER is acknowledged to be one of the best Oil Heaters made - Price5.00-5.50. Cheaper grade 3.00 - 3.50 CYLINDER STOVES $5.00 to $10.00 HEATERS $15.00 to $40.00 OAK STOVES $6.00 to $18.0C OUR STORE IS FULL Or STOVES AND RANGES AND WE ARE PLEASED TO SHOW YOU THEIR GOOD QUALITIES WHETHER YOU WISH TO BUY OR NOT * » v KELLOGG & MEAD KATONAH, New York Hoyt Brothers Company, Funeral Directors and Licensed Erabalmers... General Department Store. OUR PURE FOOD GROCERY DEPARTMENT The Watchword of our Up-to-Date Grocery Department is HIGHEST QUALITY, FULL WEIGHT «. HONEST PRICES. Money Savers for YOU. Our Stock always the best in Ka­ tonah, has been increased greatly to meet the demands of \f our discreet patronage. SWEATERS We have on sale a complete assortment of SWEATERS for Fall and Winter. They are the new styles and are SPECIAL VALUE8, as our order was placed at the factory before the new tariff went into effect and cannot be dupli­ cated for anything near the price they were bought for. BOYS' SCHOOL SUITS An entire new line of the leading Styles and Fabrics for FALL and WINTER at POPULAR PRICES. IN OUR HABERDASHERY DEPARTMENT we are showing BEST VALUES IN UNDERWEAR of all grades and sizes. OUR OUTFITTING SEA80N for Hats, Caps, Collars, Cuffs and Ties comprises the latest season's Styles. IN OUR SHOE DEPARTMENT we have the largest variety of FOOTWEAR EVER SEEN in this vicinity. Special line of School Shoes — AT RIGHT PRICES. RUGS! RUGS!! RUGS!!! All Wool Tapestry, Velvet, Axminsted and Wiltons. The cel­ ebrated make of Alexander than regular prices. Smith Su Sons at about less We are at your service. Hoyt Brothers Company 4* < f «*» 1 T THIS TRUST COMPANY doqs a general Banking: bus­ iness. Accepts active ac­ counts, subject to cheque at sight. Issues interest bear­ ing certificates of deposit for specified periods, or payable on demand. THE HORSE AND HOUND THIS TRUST COMPANY carries the New York ac­ counts of many out-of-town Banks, Trust Companies and ' Savings Banks, allowing gen­ erous rates of interest upon the same. SOUTH SALEM. N. Y. LUNCHEON, TEA AND DINNER HORSES STOOD IN GASOLENE & MOTOR REPAIRS LODGINGS FOR FOUR OR FIVE Telephone: RtdseSeld, Coa. OLD FURNITURE SHOP It collects rents, and attends to all New York matters for its customers. Issues letters of credit. SOUTH SALEM. N. Y. Only Old Furniture Sold • No reproductions Only One Price Everything is narked at a reasonable pnee and sold (or that only Maintains a BOND DEPART MENT, and makes a specialty 1 of selling bonds to Westchester j County people. Bonds that J combine safety and attractive ! rates of interest. i BLACKSMITH SHOP B H. TURNER SOUTH SALEM. N. Y. Best Shoeing at Lowest Prices Agricultural Implements of all IcinWs GENERAL REPAIRS <=• *H»»»1 IttHHH I 111 t IIH'WW*l'*W»*ttl*M't»*l>'l'»H W E are making a spec- ! ialty of strictly fresh | Clover Hill Eggs put up by Fox River Butter Co., one dozen in a cartoon, sealed and guaran­ teed. Doyle Brothers Leading Family Groeers Telephone 31-y-2 Cash Discount Tickets #^t ^^^ g H£^4 *f^^ ,J t 'Vfr K •MM 1H MH I Hit II-M-H-: »+**+++*+*»» H I >« Katonah, N. Y. t

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