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The Katonah Times I Republicah (RSTAIiLISHED IN 1878) W n. CHAMBKRLAIN, EDITOK AN 1) I'ltOI'ItlKTOI! 1 I'L'BLlSHb'D EVERY FRIDAY AFTERNOON Subscriptions: Ontfyear, I .1.50.; Six Months, 75c ; Three Months, 40c.; Single Copies. 5c. PAYABLE INVARIABLY IN ADVANCE Advertising Kates on Application. Kutered at the Kat«nah Post Office as Second Class Matter. A Republican Newspaper 'Deooled to the Interests of North Westchester County The political situation In ( Town of Bedford crystal); ply this: Shall the ToV*n „. or progress? Stagnation i«jfd During recent y_eai£\ ; tMii.^' division of our- county ^tKa'eS *lfitle ^.OMA8 O'BRIEN, THE CAN irn-f>lDATE FOR HIGHWAY SUP'T. Conimunicutioiis for publication mum bear name find address of -iiidi r reject or edit Is reserved hy the i'ul/lislier Die right to FRIDAY. OCTOBER, 22, 1909. Futility of Capital Punishment FRANCISCO FERRER, SOCIAL reformer and university professor, was shot to death in a ditch the other day by order of King Alfonso. He faced bravely the rifles of the Spanish soldiers: the only emotion he gave way t o was at news of his daughter's self-sacrificing efforts to ob­ tain mercy. The Court Martial, following the Barcelona riots, had condemned him because of his active protest against the war of aggression in Mor­ occo. The liberals among his fellow citizens were united against this ex­ penditure of money and blood. He had the misfortune to be more influ ential than others in his stand for peace. \The bullet that killed Ferrer,\ says one foreign sympathizer, \has penetrated the heart of Europe.\ Indignation, expressed in riot and tu­ mult, has disturbed the quiet of many cities, and found an echo here in the United States. That Ferrer was denied a civil trial is the first count against Spain's rulers. His military assasination has roused all who believe In the sacredness of human life. The second is the affront to the spirit of Liberty. And the issue has proved strikingly the truth of Christ's saying that they who take the sword shall perish by the sword. Legal vengence and capital punishment are not good ways by which to improve society. Their effect is to breed hatred and encourage vio­ lence. Spain has learned this and we must learn it, too. Ith the exception of our present pervisor, there is no one in the ibleifTown of Bedford who has orked harder or accomplished more signiea aaminisirauen or .jmpw iar the improvement o f the roads Percy Barrett, 'Town •MmfttghSjkpA bridges in the Town, than Road Commissioner Thos. O'Brien, the present candidate for Toivn Superin­ tendent of Highways on the Repub­ lican ticket. f Mr. O'Brien has held the office of fconimisaiomsr of Highways for sev- ^'jJrVt'ral years and i s \familiar with every tf , I I'oad and with -each needed linprove- iwi-. Mirsit nuns I.MII^* , gaent in the Town. I Promises made to the taxpayer! A few years ago when steel and pave been fulfilled and the infiresti .-oncrete began to supplant wood for of the township advanc*dK-ft*Ther ><tructural purposes, Mr. O'Brien star- has been nothing of the hJMHazan .ed in on the old wooden bridges of about him. In all things he^igUbeeKae Town, and, as each, needed replac- practlcal. He never goes JJM$*\ Sing, he supplanted it with a sub-— * c ~ 1 im >le» btlal stone arch, or one of steel olic .manner—nothing tMa0 >7 <jJK n r row.' Public Issues haveiikeort ,c* posed of in man-fashion att^wltf vigor that must commend/, weVV cies pursued to all those\ in a progressive and up-ton gram. Mr. Barrett has dons thir substan eon- the Reformer, who In his »iSt»t~:c $crete. until at the present time, near- rig ; Short* ily every bridge is constructed of last- tangent and he avoids the Telble S otlal veloped condition is nothing an amateur. But what are the exlstl ditions? ' ../^jjH The people are confronted&w|' form of fusion which threatens''ci fusion and disorder unless triey.y jlng material and, with the exception fifi'iiiP col of an occasional coat of paint, is of ./:>4| J no further expense to the Town. _ic?&r .Wl# P n mn>loDlnnai< A'Prlon 1*3 illftn Tint- A Well Qualified Supervisor OLDTIMERS \IN THE LOCAL political field are studying with inter­ est the campaign now on for Town offices. They look with surprise at an alliance between Democracy and Pro­ hibition. It makes them doubt whether, after all, there may not b e something new under the sun. What the actual result in the voting may be, remains for time to de­ cide, and we shall all be better informed on November 3. However theo­ rists may predict, we do not believe that our fellow townsmen can be so blinded by circumstances as to sacrifice the prospect of a sensi­ ble and business-like administration in reaching out after a side issue. Everyone knows that E. P. Barrett and his co-workers in the present Board have done their duty with wisdom, foresight and economy. There is no reason to doubt that they will continue to work for the public ben­ efit in the future as they have in the past. When a servant has been tried and found efficient, it would be folly to dismiss him in favor of another untried. MR. BARRETT HAS PLEDGED HIMSELF TO ENFORCE THE LAW, GOOD, BAD OR INDIFFERENT. HE NOW HAS A POLICE FORCE WITH WHICH TO ACT. HITHERTO THERE HAS BEEN NO SUCH IN­ STRUMENT IN THE HANDS OF A TOWN SUPERVISOR. HE IS AN HONEST MAN WHO WILL KEEP HIS WORD. CITIZENS OF ALL SHADES OF OPINION ON THE LICENSE QUESTION MAY RELY UP­ ON HIM TO SEE THAT WHATEVER THEY DECIDE, 'WET' OR 'DRY', HOTEL LICENSE' OR 'DRUG STORE LICENSE', THEIR DECISION WILL BE RE8PECTED BY THE OFFICER WHO WILL BE IN A,POSI­ TION TO SEE THAT THE LAW, IS OBEYED. ' \ Efficiency without «xtr «vas >j »^c«, ^/v-rraui -vrrtJaigarn/f *^«~— Government without Graft. In terms s*ch as these might be summed up the aims and the accomplishments of the present Town Board, under the able leadership of Edward P. Barrett. Mr. Barrett considers the office of Supervisor t o be, among other things, that of the chief business agent of the town; as such, he con­ ducts i t along strictly business lines. As a lawyer of unquestioned abili­ ty, he brings t o the solution of the many legal points, which must, of necessity arise in the performance of his duties, not only a knowledge of the Law, but a fine natural sense of justice, capable of weighing facts and applying the remedy; always ready to hear complaints and to listen t o suggestions a s t o the administration of his duties. A MAN OF UNDOUBTED ABILITY AND UNQUESTIONED INTEG­ RITY, MR. BARRETT HA8 PROVED HIMSELF WORTHY OF THE TRUST THAT HAS BEEN REPOSED IN HIM, AND RICHLY DE­ SERVES TO BE RETURNED TO THE OFFICE FOR WHICH HE I S AGAIN A NOMINEE. ligiously \watch out\. There has been a political w*d.dl between the Prohibition andi;toj«rt cratlc parties. Such a maritalr'unlj of divergent political element* never before been witnessed In.'ytl old town, and the prospective? 1 spring will certainly represent, ch and confusion—the turning back the wheels of progress. A spectacle which must be a s\ prise to the very gods is the^p ence of the name of Charles • Hal Esq., on the ticket which has in composition the dual qualities sub ed to be inherent in the Demorf and Prohibition parties. Thin! it! Ye Gods! In all sincerity' e'i this \picturesque figure\ this' de of the elements, hope to unify direct the destinies of such an gregation? With all solemnit; er. It would be preposterous,.! possible. * Mr. Haines, and we have hit for it, has not been as succesr^ others whom he has known, cause of this Introspection a-fl sad conclusion is simple. Mr. vih' s is non-progressive. He worshf the shrine of Conservatism, correctly interpreted is stagntt death. In public place Mr. Haines not and would hot if he could, c! the habits of a life time. He glory in the odd, the unique, thk un usual, the picturesque, the impractical He would reverse the wheels of pro­ gress. Instead of reasonable, Irriga­ tion of Ideas he would substitute a Sahara of non-performance. Jost a little anarchy In the conduct of local affairs in this town would thoroughly regale and stimulate his egotism and swell his chest. As townsmen we can forego the experiment. What we want is a con­ tinuance of progjtoh^rWjtt. uftM 1 01 ffit^mb* of atftt iJfcroffme*^ «frervlsorv »«eflj*frf Lffl\ Creator, not a \Puller-bown. He KST' exercised his great power of Initia ^' Commissioner O'Brien Is also not ed for his good management of the finances connected with highway de- velopement— appreciation of which was clearly shown when the Town Board passed a resolution thanking him for the able manner in which as sole Commissioner, h e handled and financed the highways of the Town. Mr O'Brien will doubtless be elect­ ed by a good majority. DEMOCRACY AND Prohibition twins of Bedford, are working hand in hand. Dear, old Bedford can put strange bed fellows together. IF THE DEMOCRATIC party and the Prohibitionist lie down together, which one will contain the other who one of them gets up' THE ASSESSORS. When three men have held office as long as our present Assessors, in a Town like Bedford, they need n o recommendation for re-eleetion. The Voters of-Bedford are thinkers They know wh,at they want and they let their wants be known at the Polls The Voters know Daniel J. Smith George W. Gardner and Samuel J Derlckson. They have stamped them with ap proval and will do so again on No vember 2nd. E. P. BARRETT HAS MADE A GOOD SUPERVISOR. H E IS CANDIDATE FOR RE-ELECTION. VOTE FOR HIM. Election Notice Q. E. GANUN, Sanitary Plumbing Sheet Metal Work , Tin Roofing and Jobbing, Gas Fitting. ELECTRICAL WORK IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. 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Would it not be wise to follow Professor Beal's sugges­ tion? c We can best do so by insisting that our legislators approve the amendment to the bird laws that will be offered at the next session of the legislature by the National Association of Audubon Societies. AN ABLE CORRESPONDENT called attention, recently, to th e amazing carelessness of the New York Central people in issuing time­ tables with distances varying in the North and Southbound columns, t o the extent of a mile and more. This sort of thing is typical of the pre­ sent management, which takes out telephones from the freight offices to save a petty toll, thereby inconveniencing the public and adding t o the work of its employees. FRANK S. REYNOLDS, THE CANDIDATE FOR SUPERVISOR. Supervisor Frank S Reynolds is a ciiaoidate for iv-olectlon. Mr Reynolds Is too well known to the people of North Salem to need iiny extended introduction, lie has HvO'i in the town which he has so abl> rep»et>ented nearly his whole life .iud his ancestors for generations l-is;. were residents of North Salem Mr. Heynoldd received a bulness ed­ ucation «.nd was for many years con- mctitl with tin Hroodway liank of \'ev York. IOKM years ago he was tionnated for Supervisor and clect- .(1 Jid lias continued to succeed him­ self II 13 n well known fact that any 1'iW'i gets morw pr* stl^e at the Coun_- i< 'loard by the continuance in of- f!«-.• of men who have faithfully ful­ filled the duties of that office Many fow in Westchester County contin- •ie n'> elect and re-elect their Super- \ IBO M VI •• Reynokl.s has won the respect <>t .'is associates and has retained that respect by his close attintion to t'10 duties of the office in point of attendance he has been Ch« most careful members Hoatd. HtS vote has always been record ed m favor of economy and during the building of the new court house on t»cca»ions when there were cou- tests as to who sliould have the con­ tracts, putting aside all political af- tive, and the township, Including the several communities therein, are to­ day the beneficiaries of his wise and prudent course. He has given to the town good roads instead of cow-paths. He caused the creation of a Rural Police force which is at this hour the marvel of this generation because of its novelty and success when put to the test of operation. In all public matters he leads and never follows. Mr. Haines, on the other hand, i s never for anything of a helpful char­ acter but positively against every­ thing. # Of the other men on the Town ticket, only words of the highest praise can be employed. Mr. Joseph E. Merriam, the candidate for Town Clerk and Mr. Thomas O'Brien, for Superintendent of Highways, are men having practical business experience in the roles which they wish again to assume and in that event will pro­ mise to the people of Bedford an ad­ ministration of the highest good to all the interests involved in a Town government. > . See to it that Mr. Barrett and his confreres shall be elected by a large and complimentary vote. They have earned this recognition which would 3tand boldly as an endorsement. All of MY Bread, Pastry, Etc. Is baked RIGHT HERE IN KATONAH THEY'RE FRESH MORRISON, THE BAKER KATONAH I am not satisfied unless yon are satisfied THE SPECTACLE of the Democrat­ ic party in the Town of Bedford en­ dorsing the Prohibition party i* enough to make any one laugh. I t certainly is a movement towards the long looked for mlllenlum. The Demi ocratlc party in the past has ratter 1 catered to the antl-prohlbitlori 'ei ement filiations, Mr Reynolds steadily vot­ ed to award contracts to the lowest bidder and then saw to It that the lowest bidder put up a satisfactory bond Hi has served on most of the Im­ portant committees of the Board dur- _ mg his eight years service, and has' been especially successful as Chair­ man of the Committee on Poor and Asylums. Many of the Improvements of the county house hive been ap- pnned of and suggested by Mr. Rey­ nolds The care of the county poor has taken up a great deal of his time The addition to the county hospital and to the dormitory now under way and a small building for little child­ ren, recommended by the Grand Jury and approved by the Supreme Court, have been pushed earnestly by Mr. Reynolds and are now approaching completion. This splendid work re­ flects credit upon Mr Reynolds and his associates, as well as to the other members of the Board Mr Reynolds as a member of the County Board, standing always for ecsnomy, coupled with efficiency, has never neglected to give the time nec- one of j wssary to carefully investigate the of the i bills presented to any committee of I which he was a member He is re- ^•rded as one of the sterling mem­ bers cf the Board, whose opinion is weighed and whose vote is always east honestly and without political bias for the best interest of the county at large. JOSEPH E. MERRIAM, THE CANDIDATE FOR TOWN PLERK It is worth something to the Town of Bedford to have as Town Clerk, a. man of the caliber of Joseph E. Mer­ riam Time waB when the office of the; Clerk was noted chiefly for the fact tliat Hi front of it was a bulletin' board, whereon could bo seen such, notices as were, from time to time, required to be posted there. All Uiat has now changed. Bedford is a LIVE towm and requires LIVJB men in its •positions of responsibil­ ity, and one of these positions th?J*i has advanced in Importance, to ke«p step with the march of progress, i«' the office of TOWN CLERK. ; As a member of the Town Board for four years, Mr. Merrtam has glVr en his heartiest support to every, measure aimed at an improved, uj^ to-date management of Town affairs'.' He Is an able lawyer, a careful thinker, and a good business manr and it has been, to no small extent', due to his cooperation, that the Town Board has been able to accomplish\ what it has In the way of improve!;, tnent * He Is distinctly Alive— AHvo to* the responsibilities of his office -j-J Alive to the opportunities which it. presents to make Bedford a clean ^rj^ in which to live. And, unless if*, underestimate the good seoise .of th '.e voters in the Town, he is going stay alive after November 2nd. State on the Tuesday suoce ing the first Monday in November next (November 2nd), the following officers, may be lawfully voted for, to wit:— A Jus>tice of the Supreme Court for the Ninth Judicial District in place of Martin J. Keogh, whose term of of­ fice will -expire on the last day of De­ cember next. .' County and District Officers also to be elected for said county. A member of Assembly for the Fourth Assembly District in place of George W. Meade. A Sheriff in the place of vacancy caused by the death of Charles M. Lane. A Coroner in the place of Amos O. Squire. All whose terms of office will ex­ pire on the last day of December next. Town <Jfficer8 to be elected- A Supervisor in the placo of Ed­ ward P. Barrett, whose term of office •will expire November 9, 1909, at 10 o'clock a. m. A Town Clerk i n the place o f Joseph E. Merriam, whose term of office will expire on December 31. 1909. Two Justices of the Peace, one in place of Robert K. Clark, and ont* in tplace of George H. Mills, whose re­ spective terms of office expire on the 31st day of December, 1909. Three Assessors in place of Daniel J. Smith, George \V. Gardner and Samuel Derlckson. TWo Overseers o f the Poor i n place of Walter F. Brundage and Ed­ ward A. P. Jackson. A Collector of Taxes in the place of ^Gilbert H. Knapp. A Superintendent of Highways to take the place of the three present Highway Commissioners, Thomas O'­ Brien, WdUlam R. Adams and Asbury Elliott, whose terms 'of office expire on 'November 1st, 1909. And ifive Constables In ihe place of Charles H. Dickson, Michael Towey, John KInkel, James A. Kelly and Lew is Howard. The Terms of office of the above Assessors, Overseers of the Poor, Col­ lector of Taxes and Constables expire on December 31. 1909 Polls open at 6 a m. and close at 5 p. m. Given under my hand and seal of the Town of Bedford, [Seal] this 15th day of September In the year nineteen hundred and nine. JOSEPH E. MERRIAM Town Clerk of Bedferd. 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Millard, Surrogate of the County of Westchester, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, ac­ cording to law, to all persons having claims against NEWMAN REYNOLDS late of the Town of Bedford in said .County, deceased, to present the same •iflth/'the Touchers thereof, to the un- .-deVilgnedr on or before the 1st day ,Of May, 1910. •Dated, this 12th day of October, 1909. JOSEPH E. REYNOLDS Administrator. JOSEPH E MERRIAM. y for Ad mi Pleaeantville Ne w York. Elliott & riayne Repository Business and Pleasure Wagons ' VANS FOR MOVING FURNITURE m Lu]Til >eri Goal *pd - Building 1 «later.a1 , KATONAH, - - N.Y. it' s>

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