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! s to Vl «a*e Llbrar* FEATURES: A Special \Story- County Correspondence. World News of a Week in Brief. PRINTING for Business and Social .use -.done at reason­ able rate by \Times\ Print ' Telephone 12-y-2. Sample Copies Will Be Sent Free for Three weekk to any Address in the County, upon Application The Katon&h Times NORTH WESTCHESTER COUNTY'S LEADING NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHED IS I878. Combining the \Croton Falls News and Foljo!\ and \The Croton Valley Times.\ If you wish to know what your neighbors are doing and saying in BEDFORD LEWISBORO NEW CASTLE NORTH SALEM * YORKTOWN and SOMERS. Watch the special Correspondence Columns of the Katonah Times VOL. XXXI No. 23 KATONAH, N. Y Rill PREDICT M 1IY1 III I . OCTOBER 29, 1909. $1.50 A YEAR TO RE OR J\OT TO be \RED IV It I) HILLS\ NEW Mil SHAKE UP 18 EXPECTED 10 RESULT IN W L. WARD'S OWN CANVASS SPELLS REPUBLICAN VICTORY While there has never been any doubt about the election of the Re­ publican ticket in Bedford there has been, until the last week some un­ certainty regarding the election of Guinand in Newcastle. A careful canvais of Newcastle, however, shows a good, safe major­ ity of 56 and it is evident that the voters have come to a realization that Bowron has not made good and that it is time for a change. A very conservative estimate places E. P. Barrett's majority for» the office of Supervisor at 260. Every effort should now be made to make the victory overwhelming as an evidence that the voters demand a clean and efficient administra­ tion. Newcastle wants a change of ad­ ministration and the present is a good time to begin, according to a majority of the voters Sentiment is crystallizing for (fuinund as Super­ visor and everything points to his election. George Haight. Jr . who lias won the people's confidence, will undoubtedly continue in office as Town Clerk One matter of dissatisfaction lias been the laxity in making payment of bills—particularly the electric light bills. .Munag-er Baldwrn. of the Westchester Lighting Co , has made repeated complaints to the members of the Board that Ms monthly bills were not attended to At Tast Saturday's meeting Clerk Haight brought up the matter Su­ pervisor Bowron said that the money had always been re-ady for the Com­ pany's agent \when ho would call around for it\ Justice 'Thompson wanted to know why the sum was not mailed when the bill had oeen ap­ proved Mr Bowron replied that he would not pay until he had a \oueli- or for the amount \But is not. >our check a receipt 9 ' he was asked \If ithe agent will call at my house '1011X4S 30 any morning h e eun uu .i' lfis bill paid\ said the Supervisor Whereupon u •-••solution- was passed to the effect that \M\.\>jv>vroii hav­ ing stated that Mr UaltJ -irCr .«a-T not been near him since the bY ^f 'is., O K 'd at the last meeting atW vn£ If he would call at his house about 8 3u my morning the bills would lie pai<3. llie Town Clerk be instructed to so notify Mr Baldwin\ The trouble over thid matter of paying bills commenced on Aug 7th, when a bill for current to July .'ilst. with one month's arrear­ ages vvas read and referred to Jus­ tice Thompson who O K 'd it and or­ dered it paid Again the Board approved a charge on Oct 2nd for current to Sept 30. vviih arrearages Mr Bowron's va­ cation came about this time and aga-n the I.'^htin^ Company failed to .-i)l'e< t \fter repeated !• • ;es>ts and suggestion on the part of members of the Board that the account be mail- en to the ''ompany the '.ill was li­ quidated on Tuesda> last Meantime llahn & Co had trans­ ferred two Town bonds amounting to $1 4\.'i and tie Boaru received a re­ quest troin hdward Nlendeb to this eiT u ct Can no' our Town officials ;J-JSS a n-soiution that llu interest be paid b> MMI.I ban!; ot trust company proir.p'1> on the ilaj it is-due?\ Mr How ion I* ?aid to have replied to i ctiplainunts that there has been a deficit oi ai count of so much land having been sold for taxes Accord­ ing to Clerk llaipht there has not been more than $12.\> On worth of such unpaid tax tales An alis.nci canard that Guinand had con!'. --• d he was already beaten , has lati-lv been repeated herabouts j As a mallei of fact, his chances of | eh ction giov brighter every hour i So ridiculous a statement is not | W 'irth ret -rence except as it shows ! to what l.n,i;h some of his opponents , mi- cliiv.i, m their effort to make ; • i>i'i,).i,^u material If Mt Kisco does las a > Ciiappaqua he will roll up I a big niajo-, > on Tuesday next Is Willing to Stake his Reputation as a Prophet cn the Figures. After a conference with the lead­ ers of the Hepulican party al the Chairman William I. Ward, stated that thi canvass ol the county leaveB no doubt of the following result on next Tuesday — Republican mayors for the three cities of the County. A Republican Board of Suprevis- ors. The election of Henry Scherp by at least 5,000 plurality. \I am willing to stake my political reputation on this prediction,\ said Mr Ward It was learned to-day that besides the regular canvass, Mr Ward had taken a private canvass by a new sjstem which he used last year In New York City in the National cam­ paign It will be remembered that he was the only leader in New York State who was able to predict that Greater New York would go for Taft. MR. BOWRON'S VERSION OF DELAY IN TOWN PAYMENTS. \TRUST REBUKE\ TALK IS ..F4.R FROM LOCAL ISSUES. Sillyl Attempt to Cloud the Facts by i Local Democratic Organ. Supervisor John W Bowron, ex­ plaining his relation to the Newcas­ tle Town bills makes the following statement to the Katonah Times When tlve August lighting bill was due for payment. Mr. Baldwin made an appointment to meet ma at my house, but did not put in an appear­ ance He did not demand his money again until two months payment came due The September bill was not pre­ sented For about four years previ­ ous it had been the invariable cus­ tom of the Lighting Company to send to me for the amount of their bills and make personal collection It vvas not the custom for the Supervis­ or to mail checks '•The assertion that interest on the Town boiuls has gone unpaid for aa long as six months Is untrue Oti r bill which came due on May § \W not settled until June Mh. bu is a good deal of difference this jtiterval and tjf 'six niont\ lerred to \The whole misunderstanding by reason of the September bill not having been properly presented to me It is m> duty to set aside any pub­ lic money to liquidate Road bills and there has been at times some delay in making other payments, but this is merely because the money has not been on hand, owing to the fact that taxes have not been promptly paid In to the tow n ' Our <'si .•med contemporary, the Mt Pli asant Compass, says that \a vote for the straight I)i mocratic tick­ et is a n ike to tiie I rust Senators a*Ud repn .M 'litativ es at Washington ' bec .EUS\ 'lie vote in off year s is gen­ erally c oi.Mdered as an endorsement or atticism of the acts of the Nation al administration \ ~Tbis is in attempt to befog the is sue a-nd confuse the voter A' vote for Ihe straight Democratic • I. will no more condemn the Ad itralion than it will settle the -Peary North Hole com rov ersey e issues—in Bedford, at an> ratj£— are whether Scherp or \\ alsli Shan be Sheriff, whether Barrett or Haines shall be Supervisor, and whether we shall have license or no license Good administration and a clean toWnship are the questions to be set tied at the polls on Tuesday—not the Tariff or the Trusts As for the vote in off years being I a criticism of the National Adminis­ tration, will our E C kindly cast its eyes over the last few elections in this state Roosevelt got a big majority and Hugh< o a small o ne—which must therefore have been, according to B. C, a \criticism of the National Administration\ Logically, either the Republican party should have amended the error of its ways or been beaten at the next election It did not reform and Taft in his turn obtained an enormous majority All of which shows that an off year except where Congressmen are to be elected, has nothing to do with Wash­ ington, and our E C ought not to prejend that H had BEDFORD FARMERS' CLUB. A M MliMt OF KKSIliKVTS hav tilki II Up Willi ••UtllUMaMII tie Tine - .aijsvtes'MoiTi ot giving ill* Elaine of Bedford Hills u> tin uiitoi tunati locality now snuggling unib r the hiirdi n cf I vv ii nanus I •< Ufoi'if , i railroad) ami l.idiord Siaiion i post ' offK ( I Nothing could In nimi imsouie than the < onfnsn n glowing oil! ol this dual uomcni hiture |i is also unnecessarv Bedford Hills is appro ; priate and has not b< i n appropnalt (I There is no other Bedford Hills in America All in favor, hold up tin ir right hands' The aj e s have it. car­ ried unanimously' i REV LEA LlKJl'KH. ; , resid.ni of ' nearly half a century, gave hi .i Inaitv approval to the suggestion MR WM (• BORLAND said \ capital idea I hope it will go through \ | HON SETII LOW received the sug­ gestion most favorably ami promised to do all in his power to have it cai- ried into effect j MR WILLIAM B ADAMS, post mas ter and former town clerk, said • No ! one has any idea of the needless do i lay and trouble due t o the two names 1 'The situation will be much worse when Bedford Village has another ' railroad station The nn'rcfeanja^vill | hail a change as a long felt want and I to the postmaster the advantage will ; be incalculable \ The following letters commending ' the Times' suggestion have- been re celved [ Editor Katonah Times — j It is an anomaly to have a railroad i station and a post office side by ' side bearing different names It is absurd, it is confusing, it is expen­ sive W< shall have a B< chord on th< N'-vv llaviti— givi us a ll\dloi(l Hill.- on lln- 11 arli m \oni suggcM .on is a good oie Agnad tin -ubjuct and it will be an • asy ma'i>i lo convince the authorities llENUV \l\UQl\.\D Editor Katonah Tine s — Bedford Hills is a wiiiini li<»iiip live unique euphonious What could 1\' hot tor\ PRO BONO IM HI.ICO NAARDEN FARM SOUTH SALEM N Y SHORTHORNS MILK AND BEEF SIZE AND CONSTITUTION THE FARMER'S COW THE FAMILY COW BULL CALVES .t 8 Week. 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