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HE AlLY ···s·· ' . . . . - . ' . ':·.. ·.- .. · · .. ~ ··. ' '\·) - - . . . . .. ,., Vol. EV.-Whole Number I,I m ~BATAVIA, N. Y., 'fliURSOAY EVEIING, JANUARY 26, 1882. AlJJ'ERTISEM.ENTS. IS POSITIVELY THE Best Se~iog Machine Oil in th~ \V orld, · Because it will never GUM, while all others WIU., sooner or later. It produces a per Jectly smooth polish~d and ha.rdened sur· face of all the bearmgs, matenally le$sen. ing the wear, and Will Cause Your Ma~hine to Run one-third to one-half. Lighter, Is the best arttcle vou can use to polish the machme head, because it will retain the polish longer, You will find your machtne ungumm~d, and will run easy after standmg irlle for months with tnis oil upon it, - ... The agent will )eave a bott 1 e at your house to try, wh1cb, please do, as &uch trial wtll place you under 110 obl1gat1ons to purchase. · · SB..lW & STILES. New School. House Site 1 A LL personl> who have lando suitable for a Site fur the New &hoot House, to ~e erected on the st~uth sade ol the r1nlruads in Union School D1,trict No. 2, and who. desire to oOer the sam~ for sale to ~aid Scho 1 DI:!>tnct, are requ• sled, witkou1 i~lav to S11bmtt their ofiers to the. under. ,, ' be si~ened to th~ md that the same· ma1· latd l:efore an.i duly constdered by the :Bo:ud of Education. Dated ]a.11uary 18th, 188z, GEORGE WIA.RD, WILLIAM C. '11/AT\ON Commtltee. HIS FATE SEAJ:ED. . erable nervousness; but on .getti 1~ ''I'BG Jli·Bws •Jllf BBIEP. ~UiloGI;r'• ••••••*-\.;. 1 :~'i · ...._...,....,_ : • :awav to COrJ\parative .seClusion his • -- --- 'G ;:vl::rlHU CONYICTED oF Ml!BDEII , ! .usua 1 comp 0 sure and assurance r.e _ . The 'Wheat uansactions in Chic~· Froanhe te;ua Siftln1s. IN THIC l!'BIST :DEGBEB. : turned. He sent out ror apples.. cago 'Juesday exceeded Mondays • Somebody is going to muti:l•te . . . . :. with which be 1reated.tbe attendants by ro, ooo• ooo buall~ls. Gilhooly with a Club yet. if:be is nQt T:lle 4lbaree or . .J'ud==e <Jo:x--Hov : . . h. ···! .b • f . . 1 . d.. · F .. • . . 'b ·t b· c· 1·1 ~arefal A fiew· nt\gbt·s a -- b !t•e Frt•en• r Recel·ved &he ver• : meanw t e c a tmg amnarly an • . · 1ve mem ers o t e anne gang · .~ · . go e Wl\8 ,4.1tt-Tbe .Jurr Have LUlie . ;goGd-naturedly. He was asked w bat:, 111 Ireland: have beens~ntef!ced from returntng ho01e f~om an oyster sap. '!l:'ronbte In Ar.rlvlne a& a con· ' he thought the jury wauldt do, and,· one to ~two years 1m.pnsonment per •t lbout •• o'cloek ·in the morii,. c.Juaton. rrplied: \i·think~her will acquit:·each. !flg. Hewalfullof ·mischief .and . • . , I me or disagree, don't you?\ ! !A, steward on the estate of Mrs. •: other intosicating·bevera;es. StoP,. :\V ASHINGTo~, Jan. 2 5· -In his When the· jury were out half an , Morcmy, •lt Milltewn, Ireland, 'bas ping at a 4rug-store on Ao•ti,Ji,aveia· cbar ,ge. to ·I he JUrf yeste~day, Judge hour they called to a bailiff that thev;. been .shot dead. 'The ·estate had .. ue ite rang. the night beU:and was ?()X,. In ~onclusJon, satd: From • were . readr with a verdict. They:, been -under police protection. • admitted ·by the clerk, wbo thought tt.e.lllUte.nals presented to you two were mformed that are. cesshadlbeeo,. Th M . 1 h r . it must be a case of gr~at ·urgency. 1pictmres have been drawn to you by : takl'n and the jt1dge had left the G . 1 ; date 8 :1l_a'Unc~s t at b~ay · \Give:: me a. dimesb worth of toilet ·lt.e counsel. One represents a court 80 they remained in :their b ou ball · • irl o~tmgto~ a.~e : sboap.\ •• Do you mean to eay ,youth of more than average mental room' until the court reassem'bled ' S 00 f t ~-c:~tJO .pns 1 ~teresRt ~r :tde ! thatyoa disturh me at thil!<:bqnr ·:'fi)f endowment surro undcd by certain The rumor tbat .the jury had agreed th. ~ 111 ~ll . an bra.ncts~ol( ~~ roa • ' the mornin~ to sell ~1:~~:;\J~i~~ of ir.Jtmoral influences at the time his •. was quickly spread and an excited: ~ t 1 ch ·WA 1 1 . gt~e! .!m .afi a dtnterest 1 soap fer wh1ch there IS no: 1 un:med- · C ~aract r w s b · d el d com · ' ln · e ' ' antic \' ~II.Cl c roa • ia.te necess1'ty .~\ '~Jes' .. · ,h·s·o·· •. · ~·n·_. o. ~ . ..t·~_ . .a' ... \'' e a emg ev ope • ' : crowd surged: back into the court- · . · . : r · · · · .,~ :ne~cing life wilhout resources, but i room. Thee~ttre town()( Johnsonvtlle,_. iate:nesheSS.ity,'~ re'plied: .GUiiooly,. developing vicioos sharpness and • Tenn.,. IS ·sobm.erged, and every putt1ng a d1me on the• :·c91iatel'.~ cmn111ing, conceiving enterpnses cf . THE VERDI~T OF GUIL.TY. famil~ :bas been disladg~d fr?m its ••No 'mediate nes.hes$itfiJiU .. J~ll ,gliea..1h Jlith and moment that indi,. : On reassem~hng t~e pnsoner ~as dwellug. The p()pulauon 11 700. keep it for tn.e<, I'll je!l~ drop in Late~ , 11 nusual foreca~t, although be . first to enterw1th q01ck an~ ne~v<l~8. A large number of 1p1all houses: to·morrer and get it when 1 goes yond his resources, consumed all • steps, and as• h~ . settled htmself :1n . flo~ ted away. Tllel'e ~s mocb auf· , home to dinner. Gond:.by; Misbter tbJe •ime by unsated egotism, and the dock th ~; hght of a _candle f~ll. Cermg. :.\ great. quantity of lum~er · A pop~- Apotherypop--~good by~ crav:ing for notoriety; violent in tem• ·.full upon hu face and dtsclosed !Its. ~nd ma~y dwelltng-houses are dnlt· Misbter SbQppope(:a_Q',,\ ···The dJU& p~er, selfish, immGral, and dishonest, , more than u~oa.l pallor. Not a; 1ng down f~om th~re. The .water, cletk kicked¥him twi~e as be with· ·l~ad ing a life of :hypocrisy, swind~ . tremor of the hmb~ or a movement re~c-hed tile tron 1atls oi the railroad : drew. · , ·' .< • ; limg, and fraud, and finally, asa. I chhe musdes of h1s face \!as cJD • brJ(!ge, c;·artei.a; .. ·co•\ PJaae. c~looination of his depraved career· servable as h~ threw back hts head Four masked borglara entered the; . ·~ . w-or-ldng himselt into the resolution .. and fixed li'.s ga~e upon the door boose .ofCharles Hilrebright at New: CL1£VELkND, • Jap. 24 ·.-=To·day ol•st.:aJlling the world with the crimeo • through Which .• he Jury were_··to • ·Portage, Oh10, Tuesd:sy night and· Mrs. Garfield called. ~Hhe l'lhyor's w-hicb would secure him bad emi- co~ e. As the JUry filed slowly uto tied o11e •Df his da.u~htera to a stove, office and e~a~.nined· the ~legant n-enc::e, thr1r seats -:very sound was husled · threaumin.g to burn her feet. Anoth · bronze plate }1st received !rom :J;J~ ihe other represented a you til: save the volce of the clerk as :he pr() er daughter was pla.ced in front of a. · fc1ny d; Co, ot New Ybrk, ta,r\eian bl()rc, as it were, 11nrler malign in- ·pounded te> :the foreman the .usual- safe a11d \threatened with deat 1 •thhe •ached to .the bron.ze coffin \ER Pas• fl ue111ces-a child of a diseased: enq oirv: refusP d to open it. The robbers ing .the remains of tbe Prt\'i~e. • rmolner and of a father subject to in... \We haYe,\ was answered. then stole a few bundreddollars ate The plate is of beavy. sn:fi•LF':'R saane delusions, reared in retirement \What isyour Yerdict,\ suilty ()r supper 1ook two horses and a'car and ,possesses · R!!'Cf{; ;'RYW}i. a. am1 im hued with f~matical religioll~ no!, gu~lty ?\ • . . , • riage, .~nil escaped. carving that over iJlre . · .• · ·.·· viewrs; subsequently his mind wa~ · Gullty as mdlcted, rephed tile A mysterious explosion occurred consumed i~ ils ~.f Pa'r~t•••-. fiulerrlwitb fanatical theories; launch,- foreman. , at the re;;idence of U. S. Distrtc\- size is 18 'by 8 inch' · ~· edc:m the world witb no guidance The peflt·Up feel.mg~of the c:r?\d Judge Caldwell a.t Little Rock, raised letters; the j<good lisl;ortiJJ~n\ o1 s•v~ his own impulses, evincing in- then found _eltpresston m uproanoms Ark., yestetday mol'ning. He threw field, t88I .'' Thedin5 he~ch, ~en• capacity for any continuous employ- demonatrations .O.f ap~lause and ap- into a fire a small package he found unpracticed eye, bln;r b::~~~ ~f.~;· roer.at; changing from one pursul~ proval. ~he bathffs cued order and on a. mantlepiece. A terrible e1 bas·rtlief of leaves, whiskies; which•~ - to•a.cnother, now la-wyer, now religi-- Mr. Scovtlle attempt~cl . to address Jllosion follo\ed~ til rowing the Judge at ellch end an ors old-H1e · ~~~~~er i! ~ o:nil!!lt, and now ·politician; unsuc the Court,,,b 11 t.th~ Dlstnct AttGrney -viGlectly across t:he room. breakmg stem twig and l' 1 edical. whiskey evef .52 shouted Watt ull we havethe vel' ' f h• l'\ • · · In thnhne weliOltctt ;; • cessJol jn all, full of wild impr.c- , • . • ~ the fornit11re, and doing other dam- o t _e 11e and c~l use and' to that we 1j ~ 0 tt~al>le schemes for wbi~b he hatl dtct .~omplete and 10 due formQl age. Th.e Jadge was found insensi. P.~.estdent. Mrs~. SHAw.~ STn~u. ~ ~ ~ O n. eh:her resollrces nor ability, subject· law. • . ble, with the flesh tJrn from botb her unqualified~' -~ cJ3 ... to c:lelusions, his mind incoherent . The cl.er~, ~~am addressmg .tl-Je ar.ms up ,to the elbow, and his ba!r wor-k. Tile plat;-, ----·- ·-·· ~ A. g l :.. ~ a!lld incompetent of reasoning co- JUr.v, 1111 d: . Your foreman sa)'s and whiskers scorched off. Hi11 in- t.o •. ~t~ll~e;;;c;o;;;ffi;;n;· ~;;·?f!~T'R~~:I~t:. ~ \\\\* ,... .. '::1 ~ ~ h. erentlj on any SllbJ·ect, with •• ~ UJlty as lu!IJcted, 80 say you aU of J\uries -are serious. ~ ~ L..l o \ - f-4 you?'' ~ 1ft ~ iij ~ .8 o roiBtdso weak and a temper so im- · --~--- D~.il..t.t!~~il;! 0\:\ V.l t, oc; 1 i ::C p.ressionable that he became derang · •·We do.\ thev all responded. «:eJd 1•hllo•ophleaUF oonaldered. '~~. t, ~ Ei~ ~ ':: _ ~ rn e;(land was therefore impelled ID A.nothPr demonstrationofapprov- Ff .... .. ~ 1'4 ~ tlile commission of a. crime the se1i- a.l followed. N' n York .Henld, Jaa. \'~· 0 0 1l ·t~ ~ O ~ ~usllless of which he could not uu-. Mr Scoville demanded a poll of Tlte present frCJst will produce an ;j ~ ~ 0 .~ 5 € E-4 ~ d_erstand. the jll[V, wbich was granted, and excellent crop of· ice in all the states d ~ ~ o ~ ,..,.. • It is for you, gentlemen, to de-. each j•uor \'as called by name, and noith of the P<Jtomac and a fair ~ ~ · .... Cl \ ... ~..l t: h fi · ptl e 11' d • ,r. · · Th' I 'II ~ • .-- \\ u !;; ,. tenmine which of these portraits is eac tn a nn votceprom y r p e crop 1n -v 1rgtma. 111 resu t w1 ,J .... ~ & &. ~ ~ ~ tile trne one. • •Guilty.\ compens:tte amp!,.. all who 11uffer ~ Q ~ ii t '\'\Z lJ:l &nd now, gentlemen, if yoa find As the last n:1me was called t~e from its attendant discomforts. But h ~ ~ ~ Jl ~ r... fl!orm the whole evidence that, .at prisoner shrieked: \My blood will the cbiefpoint of i11terest attaching Ill o : ~ ~ tile titne of the commission of tbe be upon tlu heads of that jury,- to the recent chang-e in the season i!'l M ~ . .i\ ~ 1-1-1 ~ O.oooicide the prisoner was labori11~ Don't you forget it.\ · that it augurs a sprmg more favora- M -1 .::: ·.. 0 o:ncler such a defect of reason, that In answer to an enquiry, the Judge ble for the gr.1in an<i fruit crops than E-4 ~ ~ J • It: t.e \&Vas incapable of understandiniZ informed M:r.Scoville tha~ the cbarge was tbat of 188l. Had the winter j:l:l ,. ~ 0 ~halt be was doing or of se<:ing ttd will be furnished him, in print, to conthmed as mild a~ it has beeu up ~~-l ~ ~ l . }~~:;a~~~e~~f~~ ~~~~gu~de~~;;;:• ~~~:i:~ :~~::d ;~~a~ ,:~~~~d~~i~~ ~~u ;~a~~~s\~~~~!~~1~;~~~~~~~: ~ ~ ,-.,.. ~ s:anc ·delusion tha1the Almighty bad to file exceptions; that he will also noctial'point, the fruit trees wou'd .... ....,. c:otDma.nded hitn to do the act_ be entitled to four daya wirhin which be ready to bud in March only to 11!!1 § ~ tllelll he was not in :ilL I:e~ponsible to move an arrest of judgment. be su nsequently blighted by bela-ed fE:i ~ c::oll dition of milld, but he was an Guiteau ·here called out in tones winter gales A~ it is, however} the To Bent. T O RENT a desirable house on Ea\t Main street. Harq and soil water in the housec. Inquire of C, F Pre<cott, 'UR SA .-A dt:strable u~sldt:nce on State street. Apply a.t No.6 Masonic Temple. · BA.TAVI.t. 1U.&t&K ETII. .-.~jecl of compassion, and should . of de~peration, ••God wi11 aveng-e arrival of these frosty spells now be mow acquitted. It, on the othe:r this outrage.'• gives promise of more normal and r.:allld, you find that he was unde:r The Judg~. in diomissingthe jury, milder \'.ea.ther at tlte opening r f the rao !insane delusion, but had possess- thanked tliem fur the manner in growing season than could other- ICJn of his faculties, and had powe:r . which they !had discharged. their .do· w1se be expected. Severe as the t!<{) ~no\V his act was wrong, and u ty, saying they richly merited tbe present cold is by contrast with the c:~fbis own fret\ will 'he deliberatelJ~ thanks of their conntrymen. The weather ,of the last six weeks, it f<~lls c:on ceived the icl~a and executed crow-i quickly left the court,rootn, far short of that ~Vhich marked the II\micide; then whether his mot,ye and the prisoner, gesticulating ~i.th last .winter in the Untted States, du- d . 1' · manacled bands, was led out, As ring -which .the arctic temperature of -~ere personal dvin ictlveness, po 111 - · he passed die repotters' tables be fifty·ninc degrees: below zero occur- c:~l· animosity,! esire to a~enge s~p~ called out: ·••The court in bane will red 1n tile northwest. So far, there- pos:rd· politica wrongs, or a mor 1 . · · reverse th1's :business.\ r th t h d d!edre for notoriety; or if yo.u are.. ,ore,. as e presen . season as e •;;Jn:.:l)le 10 discoverany a,otiveat alL,. ,.., veloped •the indications are favora- SATAVJA, N. Y.,Jaa.uary 2 S• 1 88 2 , SoUter• lu Seaaloo. ble .o nex:t spring's agricultural op- Wheat wllite ~~·35 Flour,new procesnr.so ,t be ·act is simply murder, and it j~ __,..... erations, Whea~ nd ••• 1.40·1.4• Flour,Hu.JI,bblt 9 00 f'O~r 'duty to find a verdi~ The 'annual State Enc~mpme11t Oau, white....... 46 Floqr, white, bbl 7 7$ t '1 . d' t d ( ft r SU~~' R bl J S • • OAta, .Ue!l ...... +N+ Flour, red,bbl .. ; 11~ . o!',gut ty as m lC e ; or a e, a ,- of the G. A. . assem e at yra· eor...... ...... 50 Pork ....... 1 so-s 00 .l!esttion from Mr. Scoville) tf you cuse yesterday. The address ()f - iT.a.T B tunn. Buley,ero-wod •• 7S·So -Chiclo:en•, dr~ 10 Bod· ·the pr1'soner 1\s not gu1'lty, ·b\' 1 b M H d · k M·rs 'fhomas Burns of Os eg .. , r&-wacl s 5 9 o Butter, tub ..... • •s-•7 · · ~ w.e come ~ . ayor en nc s .was · · · w o, Beaalj ID&B'OW 3.C0-3 ., Butter, roll •••••• !>S-• 6 • reason of insanitr, it is your duty .to responded itO by Commander Ner- burned by the explos. on or a kero- H mediua . 11 ,QO•J.~O Jar Eutter ..... • ·~-•6 •• pea .... ,..!Jo-a.oo E£gs............. .ao s;ay so. You wdl now retire to rit. There :will be a secret session · sene lamp Tuesday n.ght, died yes- \ red.... 2 ·~° Clieeso. •••••••• 11 \ 15 ~o~uoom and consider your ver-: th·, ... a 11 tern...,.on. There are 8oodelc· terday.l Cloyer Ht<l mecl , 400 Apples, dried. • • 5 1' '\' II ._. •• 11111.01 -4·SO Apples, ....... ll 00• 2 so alct. gates present. Nearly evely Post in Nia,gara Falls certainly has some PotatOetl,-llciie ,O·i oo Lard:........... •• S ' 1 Th b lJ 'h\ p ' b 1 f'otatoe~, Peerae .. 9 .,. 95 Salt........... 1 so AFTER TilE CHARGE. the ·tate 111 ·representeo. · e lll· · bo I teves. · art1es \ere oi ding WM1 04 •-- •4·35 \\'•r~att.oerbar ' 5 . During the delivery of the charge, q.uet last11igllt was attended by I, s.oo an ice hl)use on the liver bank there . de re •as petlect stillness in tbe' comrades and guests General recently, and son1eone stole lhe roof Go to Wilson's, 106 Main street for 8x·IO frames, tf 4. ·.l'fle1 .lll~tortmeu' Of black. ostrich leathers and tips. Reduced prices~ at Mri. G. F. Ab· bott's. cro-wded room.. Even the prisoner. Henry A Barnum presided. Speech· from it. ·lllept absolutely qniet, with the et- · es were made by uenerals Slocu111, .. A produce bllyer named Gana, ce~tion of one or two sill'ple ioter- Barnum ~Lnd Curtis, and by Judge .liv ng in Cincinnati~ has mysterous- . rut-tions. . . . W~llace aJJd Col. Flanagan of the ly disappeared {r(l!Q· Panama, Chau· • Soon after .the JUr1 went ~ut the : Uuca Herald. . tauqua. county, where he hal' been 1 .pri~ner was aUo'Wed to retue t~a. ClotbiDJ·cheap :c Moyaibaip: loading·.~~~. waKtuigtoom. He evlncecl cona1il-. K.A.X FUR.N XARUP .&.O'rblnll l Ailllo 8 to 14 State S ''t o)f MCII>OrJ, Uai• · · • '''ack. Dlmll- •I -- : IIUIRY tther Di!o HAVING -·•rematureG..an. !low enter..u ,.hlet w)llch .we year .of Fumi Ule I,Rd ' on;, .... '1: ... bustne·l in Batavia, I dat~list' at t1 per med1um ot tbe~rel!l to tha;,k•ill be nnt fi'« · • -. adclr..mc; who h~ve so mdly and ieriN• co.,.t ronille:d me, It 111 perhaps nee, to state that the rules and princii IUdl 1\. P. ed heTetofore, will be continued ture, an'i tlt06~ are, Lar~te ::il.le1 .---·-- Pr, fits; belie'Ying as I ahvay• h~'t'e 1 Qui-!!. Sixpence 11 better than · shalling. I enter irto No cmnm: WI'l\ll ANY ~ANUPACTUI.E.S { P'• . my r;O()ds of whom, whcrt, aa!l u can clo the best. Wllen any 1mpro\ is mtroduced~ I mean to be lint to h!. r_ ·. therefore 1 I DO NOT OBLIGATE MYSELF •. IL\NDLE· ANY ONl!! S GOOD$; ~r lo purchase more than is for my mtr.'Ll· 1n . order to try to control any parttclll~.« article. I bay no trash of al\y party WI cause they m lY lead me to thlllk, and tan·• dertake to ·fill me with vanity that I am the only one in the Vnitd Statea that .thcv liYe · for. I do not own ftvo or 11x· tumtlure manufactories, which only work 1oods at large expense ·for my exclusi-...e patrona~te. I manufacture what jtoods I k:now I caa S.A.VE MONEY on, .on.those goods which other dealerS can prod11ce to -better advantage, . I.purcha~e of whom an!t in such quanti• Ileus 1 thank lean do best Wlth,my mone. 'i• and .. to•convince you. dear readt!r, of tiM t1111h oftbts artiCle, itis \Only for Jt~~~.l• exam111~ my stock and ·rrice. .and be CH· v1nced.\ I can and 1ril ~ell furniture and un dertakin~ goods lower thu. llllj estab· lishment in the UniledStatet, I have de-roled ten years of MY life i• find'111g out where Furn1t11re and Unc:lertak· ing ~toods of the best 'nilb, til• t.twerk· m«n~hip, the · . MOST DUltA.BLE GOODS can be found ani;! the lowest plices, ••d t• conv 11ce whom at may concern of the •al· lle of th1a to thG!!e -.ho patroniZe a, it i~ only 11ecessary for me to .. y, \Come and . ,price my i.tO<XIs, ex.i.mine the qualiLJ. J~tylei· fim•:lland durabdtty, an~ thif, )'ou wil Mtnrhat ex:,penence combined :with pelt will do,\ · · Yonn Truly, . . · ·· 1L J)A)t'f.

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