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I • 28, 9. 16. 25, 25. 25. 00, so. ! .. d H -_E- - . - . . I ' LY Vol. tV.-\Vhole Num.ber I, 121 BATAVIA, N. Y., WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY l~. 1882. Price Two cents~ AJJ J!ERTISEMENTS. STATEMENT OF OF NEW YOil K. F. s. WI~STON, PRESIDE~:r'·· For t!Je Year ending December 31st, IS 'i 1, Income during Yea.r 1881. From PnqmUill· .................... $1 a,196.,624- 62 Interest anl Rents.......... s.osz 491 74 Total Income ............ $• l•'+&,t•t6 36 Disbursements during Year lSSl, For lJ.:••h·claun.,. ................. li-4 40· •\5 91 \ M tured EnJowmen s.... .. .. I,yos,t' 7 s8 \ Annuities .. • • .. • ... • • .. .. . • .. 24,094 So \ Dividends ............... • ·.. •·947 ·39, 85 \ Surrendered Policies ....... .. Com mi sions ••• • • • •• .. • • • ..... . \ Ccntiogent Guarantee Account 'l'axes and A.sse~smetlts ..••.... \ l<::Xpenses .................... . 3,303,247 g8 174·032 88 204,5\ 4 35 346 109 '7 792·5•5 07 Total Disbursements .. · ... ~1:4>757 ·9+::1 f><J Total Claim< paid during the year .......... • •\ ~6,JI'i5,373 4<1 1'otal paid Policy holders d rmg the \e.:f.r .......... I2,G40>.ll? 12 Assets, January 1st, L8B2;. Mortgages on Real E,.tate ......... $41>56s,84q 23 United States and oth•r BJntls .... 19.222, 0 30 oo ).oans on Collatcra!s .............. x6,6zs.ooo oo Real Estate...................... 7•3oo:,749 PI Cash in Banks.................... '·19'\ 0 5 73 Interest Accrued ............ • • ... I,,,;;,oi7 6o~ De'erred PremiUms............... 883,9 8 >5 Premiums in Transit ............ •.. gB 3'7 76 Total AS9ets ............ $94 7c2,951 92 Liabilities, Ja.ntl.ary lEt, 1882. Re~Cl'VC, -t ruur, _per cen, ...... a .... •• $:Sq,3i' 1 ,tl5l 00 ll::ath cl ims not. yet due.......... U• 5,785 36 I'remiums paid in advance...... .. . t<),JO~ 78 Agents' Balanc s. •• • • .. • • ••• • .. ... . 3·17 3 74 Sur._..lus and Contingent Guarantee Fund • , - .............. • •• • 4··19:1:•3S3 °4 Total Ltabilities ........ $94·10::l ·957 'l 2 Surplus, January 1st, 1882. By Compm\y's!tandard ........... $ ··19'\·383 04 •· Massachusetts State standard.. 6 b.: 968 04 \ Ne .- YorkS ate s·an•hr~ ...... :tt:~,2o6,4so 04 .ln81WOnC6 ill, Ft»'CP- rTantWi'!f ,1st, 188~, 101 1 490 Poicles, irtSIC'I'• ·ln.g, $31 ~,90CJ,l.3'7 A. G. GAGE. Ao:ENT,. BA.'r& Vl1l 1 N, 1{. CHRISTIE & BOARDMAN, GEt<iERAL AGENn. -· TllOY, lS.Y. '0· 5:: ~ ..c: en ~ J.loc \t:S Q) - = (1$ .... .... ~ • 0 0 • ·.~ --- D.l.T.l.VIA ru.&6KH:TS, BATAVIA, N, Y., Fe.,ruary 8, t8R2 Wheat, white $I ·35 Flour,new o•Jceia u.so Wheat, red •.• :t.~o-1.42 Flour,Ha=il,bbl $ 9 oo Oats, white...... 46 Flour, white, bbl ~ 75 o ... ts, umtcd. .... - .. 43·44 Flour, reel., bbl..· 7 7, Com .• , • • • .. • • • ~o Pork .... - .. 7 so-8 oo Badey,,trowed •• 75-8o Chickens, <lr~ssed ro \ G rowed 8s 9~ Rutter tub ...... 25-27 Bl'lans, marrow 3 o0·3 75 Butter, roD ...... 25-26 \ medluu 3.00·3·•5 Jar Butter ..... , 25-26 ••. pea •••• 3·00 a.2s ~ggs.. ... • ••.• .... ::10 ofA red.... 2.50 Cheese ............ ixx ·xs Clover seed med • ~oo Apples, dried... 5 \ mam 4· so Apples, ••• - •••• #' oo-2. so PotatOes, Rose 90 .. x oo Lard ••••••••·•• 12 'P()talo., i'eerl•• \)0•95 Salt; ·-· •- J so w001 ........ _ 11•t-al Sow Salt. p.r'\' u A.:FTEB TBE Ji'~GBT. The EOecc or a ·severe Dl'ubbln~ -on Padd·f B:rao. NEw ORLEANS, F.eb. 7.-Immedi· ately after the fight between Ryan and Sullivan at Mississippi City, R)an was visited br a well known physician with the intention of giv ing him medical assi;tance if need'· ed. His pulse was normal and the chief injuries consisted of a welt on the left side of hi~ neck, where he had been struck a terrible blow in the second round, and gashed lips and a cut on tbe eye, together with a c •nsidera ble number of contusions abm.t the body. After the examin· atton the doctor stated that Ryan was sufft!nng from hen·i:~., and m us· have been jn great pain during the fight. He advised Ryan to forsake the prize ring. Ryan sta•ed that he in·ended g1vmg- up pugili-m, as t1e did not think he v.as suited by nature for that kind ot business He said he considered Sullivan a born prize fighter and a very fonni- dable opponent in the ring Re~arding his defeat, Ryan spol!e very calmly, admitting that he had been fairly whipped. but at the s<me time stating thdt he was sick duting the night, and partiallv disabled t:df y w ,h~ a ... Jtlll by tht: fAllll,g 11f h1s truss. He said he suffered gre~l pain, and lelt in no condition to fi,olht, ana but for the fact that peo pie would have c.1nsidered him a coward, he would n t have appeared in the ring under tbe circumstances Johnny Roach, Ryan's trc.~iner, and W. E. Harding, represcnta ive ol his backer, said they considered the fight a fair one and had no c m••laints to m·~ke rega d ng the result. Fox lost $8,soo Between $1 ,o,ooo ,and $~ o. o:o are sup posed to have changed hands on tne It.SUil, . From the s'art Sullivan acted on the r ff ·nsive, attackin~ his oppon ent with a violence amounting at- must w feroclly, breaking duwn R 1 an's guards with bis terrific blows, and fullowing up the attack by clinching and wrestling. There wa~ apparently but lll tie sdence cIS· plned, the rounds beu.g sr ort anrl sanguinary, ending in a fall or kno~k-down. Tbis plan of aHack cou'd not have I een carried out f0r any great length of time; but Sulli- van's friends relied fol' success upon 1.is q <.~tck work. Clara Louise Kellogg w1s too ill to app ar .. t a concert in Lancaster, Pa The man·ger iu such a cas· usually tells the' audience ahout it, and says th t thme who wish to re- tire mav get their money back at the door, whi e the rest wrll be en- tertained by the company minus the star. But Man1ger Pond tne I an experimt!nt. He asked everybody to rem~in, plt do~i g him elf to re- turn the a Jmission fee t • those whn, on the follvwing morning, fe t dis- sati-fied There was a long tine at 1he box office when he arrived next day, ·and dol ars were p •id out h•r coupons representing about half the hou·e. None of the-e persons, however, had been so disgusted with the concert as to refuse to stay through it. Pnbllc Bnlldiua; tor Roche1ter. The citizens of Rochester are in hopes ofhaving agovernment build- ing m their city, being inspired by the following dispatch from Wash- ington yesterday: The report of the Houoe Committee on Public Build- ings favors erecting a government buildmg in Rochester. It declares that the JJOStoffice is a WOOden U ld· ing, so that in case of fire notbing could save its cuntents The report specifies the rents paid for insu ffi- cient accommodattous by differt!nt government officials, and says that less than a fourth of the revenue col- lected in Rochester in one year, or $3oo,ooo, would buy the site and construct a satisfactory building. THE NEWS IN BRlEP .. The Rev.s~wall S Cutting, D D., of Brooklyn, died yesterday after· noon. Nearly 300 employees of theCen. sus Office at Washington, were dis· missed yesterday. The report of the H 011se Com- ·m it tees on P.u b'lic Buildings favors erecting a Government building at Rochester. Andrew Olsom, of Chicago, 'last night drank 1hree quarts of whtskev to ward off small-pox. He died in a few hours. The search fnr bodies j., the ru· ins of the old World buildio g yes- terday was fruitless. Fou, t: en per· sons are stili unaccounted for. There h considerahle ex:citement at W-arwick. N. Y., over the discov· ery of a gold mine on a. farm near the village of Amity. Surface ore assays $10 a ton. A train on the LehigD. Valley Railroad stmck a sleigh on Sugar North crossing. William Rapson was killed, h1s father's legs broken, and four others hurt. The corporate existence of 2 93 national banks expires February a 5, 188 3 The charters of 99 banks ex~ ire earlier. Se> enty five of the tot,l number are in Ne~~YYork.State. Charle~K Kell p, prevented from throwing h1mself before a. train, at Winnepeg, Minn , eli mbed a der· rick, and putting a chain 11.round his neck, jumped, breaking his neck. Cause, domestic mfelicity. Great exciiewen' pre\-tdh among the C:l.tholics at Rahw~y. N J , ow· ing to an assult mttde upon the Sisters of Charity and the closing of their school by Father M:cCosker.- Strps are being taken to close the church. The House Ways and Means Committee has agreed upon a bill for the appointment of 11. 1'a.riff Cnm- mission, consisting of nine mern· hers, to be appoin•ed by the Pres- ident, -with tbe consent of tile Sen- ate, from ctvil lite. LorenzJ Relyea knelt with the worshippers in St. Ba.rnard'!!Church Sunday, btn stole out to tlle porch and wrenched the poor- bu.xes from their fastenings. He was arre~tt>d. 'I here IS intense indignatiL n in Cow hoe3 over the aC't --- .. ~·~~--­ Olear \11.~ a • R.oc~e1ter • At Oscar Wilde's lecture in Roch- ester la~t night considerable annoy- ance was cau,ed by the praDks of several Rochester Univer.::>ity stu- dents, who occ pied seats in the gallery. They bothered the lecturer and disgusted the audience, with h sses, groans and alleg eJ lelthetic sighg, unul a. pohcem .u a.t:empted to eject tht>m. At this a rumpus occurred and a portion of the gallery hghts were exnngubhed. Du1ing the melee a student -was st,uck acros; the face by a policeman, with a cane This put sometiling of a quiems on the affair a.nd the stu· aents left the hall. Anotlter of the students' bril11ant moves was to hue an old darky to dress ill a swallow- tall coat, knee·bretches ·and a low- cut ~hirt, and with a large bouqoet f.astened to his co\t. walked down tbe centre aisle during the lc:ctute. Oscar never :said a word te> his tor- mentors, but occasional y stopped talking and looked vew sa.vagely at them. H1s house was exceedingly thin. ·\ The queotton 01 healthfulness re- gard.ng Lh'!: B.~king Powder we use, is an important one. The result of .a pure a.ld healthy article is more sa1isfactory, although it may not be as profitable to the mailufaaurer. You can try •·Good Luck'~ Baking. Powder with the a~surance that it contams no deleterious substa.nce, and h.Jr the result, economy, &c., you can bOOn decide Jor yoursc:-lf. Manuldctured by N. W. STILES, BB~TB.EB AND Sl/ITEB. .A.o •aaeldeot lu a :ft PW York Pollee. • Oscar Wilde lectnres in Buff11lo tc n.ight. From the Sub. Flan:igan, :s~,ffa.lo's murderer,. has He was short and thickset, with been further respi_ted until March cropped hair tbat curved down over , t4th. a low forehead. On the left s:de of Poles employerl in the Cleve- his bullet-shaped bead was a deep 1land quarry at Albion have the gash in front of the ear. The left, small-pox. eye was completely closed by a: bulgir.g, ret! bruise. As he leaned · Buffalo is to have the Herdic on the railing in front of the desk, coaches and 40'1 are to be built im- in the Oak street J>olice station on , rnediately. Saturday evening, he bore about a.s. Prof Swift of Rochester, has been c mpl~>te a reQem lance to a brute. awarded the Lalandeastronornyprize as could be 1magined. About half at the an1mal meeting of the A«:ad· a loot of snow was on the groa nd, emy of Sciences of Paris. and the wind was whirling it down · The Rochester strikers are still from the housetops. His ragged· holding out for higher wages a.~d trousers were covered with it bait- the employers ,are firm in their de- way'to the knees. The doorman termination to not acce le. looked at him with iqriitference, but R 1chesters 1 :Police Gazette fiend drew blck when a pale faced, sharp- Lehm.aier, is still pursuing his de~ fea•ured girl of about s x years, fol· structwn of tile fh.sh periodicals in lowed the man and slamped the that city. Steele & Avery are the snow from -what? Bare legs and bte~t victims. feet that were as red as il covered with b.isters. H~r hair, wet with •·Hell Streetjimmie\ is the en- s h · t 1 d b h phonious naoo-.1 bey which an Orteida now, U[)g m ang e unc es over h · her ears. She had on only a calico roug IS known. As a war~ing skirt and a c >tton waist The door- t>roblbly, the lbme Sentinel say; be is at lJrge. man, as he motioned to look at the couple dose! y, evidently wonder· David Pol ton, a. convi~t in the ed how any human being ·could 0 n ondaga. penitentiary~ has tJeen send such a child out iQ such a tJronounced insane. He was rirfidled lllght. 'dth bull.ets last No~ember by offi- \Sergeant I got this as I got oeers, while atternptmg to e~rcape hnme to lli5ht,\ the man began, fru.n a du11geon in which he was holding one han I over the damaged confin~d for11. month. eye. ' Just as I was-\ \Who gave it ICJ you?\ the Ser- geant asked. •·That's what I'm tellin',\ the man cominuej, ana the girl crept to hi'> side and took one of his hands in hers. ' J u I as 1 wa~goin' up stairs the old man c..1me out an' give me a kick.\ \Who gave it to you?\ \My f4ther was -'' • •Y e-s, s-i-r, tny f;a ther,\ th.e girl repeated witb trembling lips. \Is be your brother? ' \Yes sir,\ the girl replied, cry- . ing then. \And yon want to have your father arrested?\ the Sergeant asked of the man. \Yes sir.\ • 'Then go to C()Urt in the morn- ing and get a warraall.\ Tne man put on his cap. The girl looked into ber brother's f1ce for an explanatioiJ. of what Rhe did not understand, and was c'inging hold of his hand with one of hers, while with the rJther she w1ped away tear~ from her eyes, and brushed back her wet hair as they went out into the whirling snow. !Jortb Bera-en (Jilureb on l!'lrCI. Tile Presbyterian fhUrch, N ottb Bergen, narro...,ly esclpe:l dest uc- tion by fire last Sunday evening. - After the praper meeting, which was held in the lec:tute room 'on- nected with the church, was t.vtr, says the Rochester Democrat, the sexton, L S. ;Sa.ndera n, pulled down a cbandelkr in order tl> pm l uttbe lamps, -when the fastening in the ceihng gave way, lettin~ the lamps fall to the fl 10r, the f!Lmes and smoke nearly reaching the cd I· ing. Luckily help enough was at hand to put out tile fire by the use of snow. The walls and woodwork were so much discolored by the smoke that 1bey will have to be re calctmined and repainted, and a part of Lhe flo.Jr will have to be re· laid, The church is not insured • ... Mi~s Tompk1ns. wishing to make room fJr her spring goods, will sell for the next 30 <lays at co.t. Following are the real estate trans ft>rs recorded in the County Clerk. 's office yesterday. . Peter Broe bollgntr.o acres in S:allord of Hirarn C:;addo k for S'l-·~'JO, · Edward O'Connor bou ht a lot on Church str~et, llatavut., for $6 o. Moses N .IT LOn bou~ht nf ~ r. nkhn rforton 4oacres in Alahama{or $1,200. ... 'lfnllerJ Workmen. The Grand L1dP-e of the State A. D. U W. COlWened in Odcl Felw lows Temple in Rochester, imcl two h a ndred and seventy delegates: an· swered to tt1e1r names. Cotnmit• . 1e~s were appoint~d and reports re· ce1ved but no l:msmess ofspec1al im- : poriance was transacted. It was re· . ported that during the pa•t year • eleven lodg~\s were organized and • four disba11ded. There are now 'over 16,.ooo o1emberl'! and there is . a balance. of $.t6w in the trea!lnry. · Tile elect~ on of grand officers will t11.ke place to-111· :rrow morning • 4 • For 2 5 cent<J we guarantee to c11re tbe wo·st case of chilb ains Ol\ re· · move any coni or bunio11 for same expense. N. W. STILES. ----- A Vermont couple have ma.nied ilfter a murt~;hip of twelve y-ears, .during wh1cl1 the bride's fatheT bas put seven sets ofhinges on the front ;J?a'e -B ~ton Poqt. . BARGAINS I }_,ADIES, CALL AT :BOSWORTH'S South-Side Shoe Sto1e 1 And ~ecure a Bargain. I offer some Fine Kid, t ll•trn Shoe~, both Fr.:ncl! and .American Kid At Greatly Eeduced Prices I 4 Dollar Shoes for $3.25 3.50 Sltoes,. , .... for $3 oo 3 Dol'ar ::,hoes for $2.5o COME E.ARL Y, before lhe !'z:es are tone. C. M:. RO~WORTII, South ~ide Shoe Store. Bab.vi:t. Ely'a C:rea1r1 :Balm I Etrectua ll y <ileai!J. '\J:~~~~~~~tf~~{'H~~!l ·s the nascal pos. 1. s ges of th~ Ca- ' n ha.l virus, caus~ in tea th)\ secre· ,.,,s, allays miLm· tn t1oo. prot ed~ he mem t r me holll dditiona c o I d s, ompl• tel, heal• he so es aod 1 e· 'tor s_the sense of .. ,s e and :uncH - P..neficLl rosults •re r '' tz. d by a. ~-'::==~'!!\\'\... e w ap •I c~t ons .. •\ thoro gh 1reat- me1t will cere Ca- . .rn, H• . f. v~r \ l,.n,.q.t ·ed for c J. sin the Tty the mag1c carpet sweeper Iu 0 1eida wo.>1k .,n Hurt's road is $2. Only at Kc:oyons'. · tf bcilli' pushed dsty and night. · head. ~gr cab'e to11se App y by- t 1 e lilt e finl!'•r t11to • he nost:~e1ls. On receipt of SO• CIS, will mail a package. Sold by Batavia DrugglstSt ll. YS' CREAlll BALM CO., Owego., N. Y, .;,,t '' :' \ ;, ' '. II i' I - .. ' . .,, ·~· i : .. ·! '! .' 't'• ,., l \'r , . '': .~ ' •· I . ' I 'I 1 ' -I ·,'1 I \ , .. ~ ' ~; \ . \ 1 J ',1': .· .·;'. ,., :··· ,. I ''· ,\ : i', ,., ,, ~· : . i~ l ~ \ ' ·,• '-< ': :. '. :\ ,, l'\ i',· ·'·' ·' ,. '1 .I

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