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I ! J s HE LY ~EWS. -- --·-· -~- - ------- ============================ Vol. IV..-Whole Nmflber 1,125 BATAYIA, N. Y., :\10NDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 13 .. 1882. AlJ i/:ft..\.RTISEMENTS. Try It ·'! -THE- JltUB'DER AND S'CF£CIDE. THE NEWS IN BRIE-F. Tbe Double crtme of a Syl'acu11e · There were so cases ofs.llall·pox · ., Wonnr: lUau·, · SYRACUSE Feb. 12.-WiUiamTer dre, son of the proprirtor ()f a t-eat· house on the shore ot Onondaga in New York last wt>ek. The gdld shirments from New York Saturday were about $x,ooo,- ooo, We respectfully doff o)lr hat to Pavilion's lat men The lagt D m ·· Social held at Mt. Wm. Cook's was a success both fin·· ancially and socially. Rel:eipt~, \ R .... 0· •· ·g: .. E 0· L .. I; ·N. _, P_ ... :, .. ( '~ ~~=~t~~~~!:d:~~s!.d~~si~~ ~a~~~ lJ street, at half-past 4 o'clock yester- day afternoon. Terdre was well known -there, and was firm If refused admission. When the girl.came to the door, he pushed it open and fired at her, missing his mark. He then rushed in and up the stairs when another inmate, Nellie Ryan, opened her room door, Terdre fired at her. saving: \Get another lover, will you.\ The bullet penena.ted her right breast. He fired again and missed. Lizzie Stokey appeared in the hall. to learn the cause of the shooting. when Terdre turned apon her. Seeing a revolver in his hand she turned to escape, when he fired, the ball entering the base of the shoulder blade two inches to the right ofthe spinal column. Terdre rushed into the street firing several times at random and escaped. He was notseen again until at II o'clock at night, when he reached his home in the First ward in ttars, and in· the presence of his aged mother fired two bullets into his head. He will certainly die. The Rya.n girl was very low a.nd will probably die.- Tbe Storkey woman, who was a.lso shot, may live. The house where the affray occurred is the lowest in the city. The affaiz causes great ex:- citement. $ 16. The next one will be held · at Mr. Gilletts'. The 1ii$sissippi River at Helena; Ark., is above the high water of 1867. A Western bound freight train was It is estimated ihe internal revenue· derailed by a brake beam getting receipts for tl)is fiscal vear will reach ; down at I o'clock this morning.- . Left a. t Your House Ily ~Ir. E. A. Bow. You Run no Riski~ any event, as you will be Under No obligations t() r.. take it Because yon tryU,. llU'r :I':r 'WILL DO YOUlt !«A- CHINE MANY DOLLARS WOlt'l'K C>F GOOD IF .YOU USE I'l'. - Ol 0 0 ~ N. W. STILE-s. ,. 0 0 1882. :FEBRUARY. 18&2. ·Just T HE LA.RGEST AND GREA.1'ES1 . . v~~iety of ltEW HAMBURG EDGINGS AND INSEHTI~WS. :Ever shown in Batavia. All new, clloice patterns, aild of our own impdrtil.tJ.on. 'TORCH ON .J..ACES, SWISS EMBROIDERIES, tR1SH TRlMMINGs-:-- AND SO FORTH •. New .and. choice Assortment of 011 Fl:re a~ Olean. BRADFORD, Pa., Feb. · I z. -A spark from a locomotive of the .Buf- falo, New York & Philadelphia rail- road . this evening set fire to litll e pools of oil in the low ground n11ar Olean, N. Y., where the united pipe lines have a number of large iron tanks. A few moments after the pools of oil were set on fire t}le Hames weJ;e communicated to three. iron tanks containing 105 ooo bar· rels of oil, which are now in flames. The pipe line men from all sections of the oil regions were summoned by wire to the scene of the fire. :::>uperintendents Snow and SmedleJ with a large force of men left Brad· ford by a special fast train. They took pick, shovels, cannon and a chemical fire extinguisher. Trench· es and embankments will be formed to prevent the spread ol the burning oil when the overflow occurs, which will be by z or three o'clock a. m. Olean creek runs near the scene, and great fears are entertained that the oil will strike the surtace of tile stream and destroy a number of rail- road bridges and hooses near the bank ofthe creek. The oil will be dra\'n off as rapidly as possible by perforating the ·tanks with cannon ball. The night is as bright as day for several miles about the tanks. What the reslllt will be cannot be conject.ured. .... ------o~••··---- 1. DI- J'osl)'n Dnr1Jlarlzed: $150, ooo,ooo. · · 2 S cars were off, but kept close to Paddy Ryan, who arrived at New the rni'l and were not broken up in York Saturday night, did not look · the least. The Ba!av1a working train as though he had been severely pun- came down and at 6 o'clock trains ished · were running again. Resurrectionists broke into the: Thomas Tehan, a section hand, vault of St. Vincent de Paul near was nruck hy an eastern bound :Mohtreal Friday evening and stole · fre1ght train last Friday and the en- four bodies. ginter thmking be must be ktlleo, Five nundred and seventy work- • stopped a.t the depot anJ reponed it. The \pusher\ went up to bring men engaged in the stone·cutting h' d department of the new Capitol at tm own, but Tehan had picked Albany were discharged Saturday. himself up but little hurt. Saturday he was at work again. A singular There was a large attendance at escape. the memorial services in honor of We have noticed several cat items the late Dr. Bellows, at Channing lately, but why Pembroke and Ber Memorial Church at Newport, R.I., gen correspondents should plague yesterday. the printer witn their 12 lb., a foot, Saturday night a crowd of hood- 8 or 9 inch kittens is more th!lQ we lup:ts attempted to enter Mrs. Mun~ can comprehend. We beg permis- den's dive at Jeftersonville, Ind.- sion to present Byron's claim to a cat Her husband shot and killed Torn. item. Mr. F. C. Campbell is the Morgan. owner of a pussy of the was-a-tommy A gang ot Ku-Kiuxs, headed by kind which weighs 14 lbs., girths Nathan Ramsey, was arrested Satur-, 18 inches and is 3 feet 3~ inches day in tile lower partof Montgomery from tip to tip. Now to start the county, Ky-. ball rolling, lets go from matters fe- The Ex:position Committee ap- line to matters canine.jWe will give pointed by the American Agricul- Will Brockway's dog \Joe\ first. tural Society has unanimously de- He is a full-blooded Newfoundland, cided to hold a grand fairin x883. weighs 161 Its., girths46inchesand The postoftic'e at Honesdale, Pa., measures 6 feet 4 inches from tip of was brokell into yesterday morning nose to tip of tail. He is as good by a ga.ng of burglars, who blew as he is big, and is never better open the safe and carried off $6oo pleased than when he is allowed to and a large quantity of stamps. help. We have frequently seen Mr. B. take the palls, when about to . Oo tne Chicago 'Change Satarday · Wll.ter hi;:t hul:ot:~, go to the pump nearly 30,ooo,ooo bushels or gram d 11 were sold. A Cincinnati operator iR a.n fi one for \Joe\ to carry, which reported to have cleared $7),000 in he does without spilling. i•Joe\ scalpiUg the market. recognizes the butcher's horn ' belore any member of the fam- Tile average. attendance at the ily has heard 1 t, takes his pas- public schools of New York last ition in the road and when year was 134. s6o, an increase of I,· the meat man gets there ujoe\ 690. For lack of sufficient room, speaks in thundering tones tor h:s 9 I 89 cllildren were refused admis- bone. We allow we have played our sion. best trump on the dog, bu.t for a cat, James Coder of Newcomerstown, we measured the first one that come 0,, wrote a letter giving instruct handy, and if beaten shall look farth- ions about his funeral, and contain· er, ing mo11ey for expenses, and then shot and killed himself. A..n Important loven&lon. The express ~nd baggage cars and a cca.ch of a passenger train The incorporation at Albany ofa jumped the track near Huron, 0., new company under the name of the yesterday and went into the river. Ice Obstruction Clearing company All the passengers were soaked, and oi Rochester was consummated Sat- some severely hurt. The'conductor urday. Very few people are ac- aud one or two others were taken q:uaint.ed with the naLure of the en~ out of tile coach throogba hole in terprise.. For many years; says the the roof. Rochester Democrat, the accummu- lation of ice in our inland harbors The night telegraph operator at has been a source of great annoy- Melrose, . Ia. • was chloroformed, ance and loss to ship owners; and gagg.:!d, and hound Stturday night ali the methods designeu for obviat- by two masked men, who stole a ing the ddliculty have proved more small sam of money and a gold or less of a failure. At last, how· watch. ever, W. W. Green, of Chicago, one An old couple living on the Bay of the best mechanics in this coun- D'Espoir, near St Johns, N. F., try, has patented an invention which Three young lads, John and Wil- were snowed in and provisions be- by modals at least, seems to answer liam Moran, brothers, and a boy. coming exhausted, the man died. · the purpose adm1rably. According named Bailey, made a bold attempt The wife endeavored to reach the to his model, there will be construct· at burglary yesterday afternoon. nearest house, and had struggled two ed a boat about the size of a large They visite~h I. M .. fosly~'s gun days and nights in tne snow when tug, with endless chain saws forward. shop about l).alf, pa,~\ o'!e o'clock foand. She lived only a few D'lin- working perpendicularly, grindmg and, raising a winctow · that wa.s not utes. the ice to pulp, and making abso- securely fastened, entered the place The Trinidad River at Dallas, lutely clear a passage for the largest and reconnoitered. The door lead· Texas, is higher than since x866. ships. ' It cuts thick ice and thin WHITE G 0 0:0$ {.; in g into the frd!it shop was fastened, Large amounts of lumber, small ice equally well, and prcceeds at , . , . so .they went up staus and secured houses and driftwood andconsidera- about the usual towing rate of speed. Price Two cents. Rreall:tnu; On& of .JalJ. Sher·iff Schoetlel of Monroecoun- , ty ha<> had hard luck ~ince he as-· ;. snmed lhe '•ffice , h-:- tir.<Jt.of the year. ' At t\ • ' 1 iff~rent :imes have escapeR ~een ma : ... frnm the old, dda.pidated :- mstllu:l -n. tbn t.he ~ enple of Mor- roe c:oun~r ca.ll · a jail. Yesterdr 7 eleven· pmoners broke out 'Tbt: prisoners sqcce~ded in getting into the dupge::lll, ~ili~h wa.sfa~t~nedby a defective lock, and frorn there dt1g a b· de tl-w~ugh -the Wl:lll'le~ding into the c••c e•1 c 10p, from which they got IILllf tile yaq. Th~re a ladder wa~ h-itHI;\' ·•tl<i ,they .scaled the wa.ll wi h1•ut difficulty. Their absence was. ~nt;~n i c;lett:dted, and the 1 police nottllel. Four ot t'hem -were· ie· capturrd, bo·t seven whose names are given below are still .a~ laTg-e: John Weissenberg, the burglar, who was one of the leaders of the other jail delivery, and who had just beell brought back from Chicago; Philip Stein, the sheep thief, whose career was reported in Saturday's NEws· William Howard, colored, indicted for bwglary; Edward Call)p 1 grand hnc(;loy ;. Frederick G. Boas, a ·car burglar; Charles Shephard, indicted for attempting to set fire to the Sib- ley block, on Main street, and Joan McFarlin, indicted for burglary. Dollbtless some of .them will be brought baclr. A Braee · oc Da:rsatn•• Following are the real estate tra!ls- fers recorded in the County Clerl!;'s office Saturday: . Samuel Russell to James H. Covert 1 .lot m ERst Pembrakl!, $450, \'· J ~mes D. llenham to Cliflord L. llen- ham, 148 acres in. Byron, for $1:a:,6oo. ,. t\ \: ou can buy eleven pieces deco- rated Toilet Chamber Sets for three dollars only at KENYON's, Miss Tompkins, wishing to ma:te room for her spring goods, will sell .for the next 30 days at C:O.it. Fo:r Sale. Eight pair prime mules and sollle horses for sale at .Bloss's barn, HltNRY PHELPS. Try the magic carpet sweeper $2. Only at Kenyons'. tf Clothing cheap at Moynihan's, ··~ B'1(apora&ed Fl'uU. T. M. Howard has a few hundred pounds of choice evaporated apples put up in twenty-five pounds box:es for family use. Parties desiring can secure some of them by leaving theil orders with him, For 25 cents we guarantee to ctne' the worst case of chilblains or re- move any corn or bunion for same expense. N. W. STILES. ~· .. The quest1on of healthfulness re- garding the Baking Powder we use . . ' IS an 1mportant one. The result of a pure and healthy article. is more satisfactory, although it may not be as profitable to the manufacturer. You can try \Good Luck\ Baking Powder with the assurance that it contains no deleterious substance and for the result, economy, &c.: you can soon decide 1or yours~lf. Mannf11ctured by N. W. STII..ES, DIED. EICH-ln Cotlu, Feb. nth, 1882, JOHN NIE j. ErcH, aged 4 yrs. 4 mo. 22 days. DoRST.-In East Pemuroke, on the Jlth imt., Mrs. Balbma. Dorst, agefi 36 yean. CH.ECI{ED & STRIPED NAINSO~:Ks,_-1 two gun 9 which they carried down ble dead stock is floating down.- The. invention certainly gives every LACED STRIPES AND so FORTH.'· a11d out, concealing them in a coal Trains on the Missouri Pacific & indication of a genuine success, !lnd shed. They were discovered by Gulf, Ca-Iorado & Santa Fe, Texas if it fulfills all expectations, thete Wm. J. Tyr;rell, the valorous clerk Trunk&:: Chicago, Texas & Western ·can be no doubt but that it will BATAVIA J.U..a:&Jt•B't1t• . BA>RG.· A 1 N'S in _the post\office who c~ptured Central Roads ha.ve been~aoandoned come into general use. The names _____ v· ' ' .. . . yoting· .~.,Bail_. ev and held him fast. the past two days. of the gentlemen composing the 'BAtA.vu., N. Y;, Fe.,rwr'y ~$-~i,!l8:a 1 1 • W W G Ch' Wb.eat, white J:t.Jo Flour,ncwproceiS~lt:~a -IN--- 'fbe .l\'fpr!'n boys escaped, but were \ ~ company are • · reen, Icago; . Wheat, r~··· •·3i-~ 1 S!i,. .. J.i'lour,Haxill,bbl t .roo ']) t f D fl~·o· ilr.t:,_ • sui b.s~. q:\Jehtly. qa,:.ptu .. r.ed~ .·.: Th.e trio F. or tile tickling sensation or dry- Charles H. Terry, Riga, N. Y.; Oats, \\h!tc .... •. •4() ,~our, white, bbl 1 75 .A\emnan s 0 ress \.l'l·!:,;~; \:·~p~bt' ihe- mgtit •m)all 'and wdl have ness of the throat, S()reness of the James z. Teny, Byl'On, Genesee . g::.~~~~;:~:::l~~.: :;~~1t:~~~~:.~bJ.~i4 ~;. ! . -···-\· -~ 11 · · f th f chest otlungs, hoarseness, and the county, N.Y.; and Da.v 1 d K. Ca.r- Bar'ie:r.uowoci._. ts·S'o .Cllitlc.cJ!I.~reiScil xo and Carpets .... : '.~1fH_· ' r,·. ,_:e,r exainlna lpn_ _:sa ternoon. other disagreeable symptoms Of a lei', of Rochest_er. A large aM-o'u· n't. •• 6 rowed >~·its'!l~ •Qil~ti</'bib.··.... -g~ , 1M IS~·· DIIL170W 3-~0-3 75 .B!-1\t~·!'#U.~..... -..8 · ·:' •• : Golden Rye. cold, use __ Dr. Traver·$ Cough S_yt~p. o. f c_ap __ ital_. is. represen_~.·~d._., ., ... ·~ .. ··.if·.'·· the_ mediuu 3.~o-3.•s J:ir B1*er ...... --28 . . & '\\-\ . ___., l •• .. · It .. · t d t b · VI •·. ·~~ '' ~;!' : •• pea. ••• 3~1Qo.B. 2 5 \Egga •• ; .•. ;........ 31 D 0 > tfol' den . . \1\n· . '~r . . . ' . . ' l' d' ': IS guarao ee ~ c t~ In e e~:p~- mterests ?f the comP._,~ .. ~ ~·rrP.r ,ad,- II red .... ::..so Cheetle·-·-...... -xx 1\, 1 }'( . :·\\-)\1 ' r-fiJ~. becelvrd· 'New ·styles, Ia: \':'l!. sta.11ce,• F. P. Hmkstoh &'Col 'llre; ~a.~-~e~ vt~Q~ous~ •• ~!h~. J rp;lfl_· '4ia 1 ~~J~·~-. Clcrw~~ seed::~~-~:~~ ~::f!:;.~~~.~·~ 0 , 2 7 ~ ·. r I ) ' uri'aerwear at the Boston 99 cent the only druggists- in. this tow·.n that .. .. PotatOC8, Rbso. !)O•X 00 Wd ...... ..... J2 s 3 AND s 5 MAIN STRIQi'J.;. Store and Art Gallery. . keep it, :c::\~ Golden Ryo. ' · =:.~~-.:'. ...... ~~ tt~·~i,\p;~~ac':: . ~ -.! ~~.{::·' . :\;i·::l:.·[;: .;• ' I)! .-·! pi ' • l ,:·.\ ·,:,; I~ ) r.: . ,., ' '. l ( 'I, I 1 :·' '' ,·., •' \· .. . ' ).·· . ' . ' I . r . ,, ,·._L . \4 '. • !' i I .... .,.. -4- .. ··.~- ,~ .. 1-~J! .. 1'1;'' -\ri ·~·.: t'tl\' .L '£ I• ,. \-· )·' ,. ; ·:I l i'

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