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I • I on I and or ther oms a ock. ss J. eon LY EWS. -- ... ------ ----=---~-----·-----·--.:::-.·:.:.=-=:·::-:-.·=====c.:::::-...:..:= VoL £V.-WlloleNumber 1,127 BATAVIA, N. Y., WEDNESDAY EVENING, fEBRUARY 15. 1882. ?rice Two cent~. . . AJJ VER TISEMENTS. 1882. 1882. SPttlNG TR lDE 1 l ~. H~lUen & ~~n. ---------- FRESH ARRIVAL ----OF NEW-··- SJring Dry Gnods ....flnd. O.AfRPETS. ARRIVING DAILYr!l I MMENSE ASSORTMENT OF NEW and Cho ce Pattern ... French antl Amer lean Gmgham5, S ersuckers, Prmts, Cretons anti Mamie c.oths. BARGAINS I N BROWN AND BLEACHED COTTUN, DJuble witith Sheeting», PJIIow·case Cottons, Shir ings, Tlckings, D n1ms and Cras1·e~. Whtte and Colored Carpet Warps at bargains. We are making S~ cial lndut>e'l'eJt s m LINENB and HuUSEKEEf I~G GOOD.-5 for the eady Spring Trade. SPECIAL BARGAINS ! I N TABLE LINENS, Napkins, Towel~' Crashes, CroLhet nnd Marsell es Quilts' Ste..ir Cr11sh, Piques and White Good>.- OH Favorite AMERICAN ~ILK, m Bl(:l.cks and Colors, is the best American Silk manufactured. ------ W E HAVE RECEIVED fnr t~i~> Spring Trade, the largest and best lu~e of () A. R P E T S ever before seen m Batnvia. l. 0._ Holden & Son, s 3 AND s 5 MAIN STREll:T, 1Iy It! Try It ! -THE- \R 0 8 E 0 L IN E 1 '' Left at Your Honse ll}\' Mr. E. A. Bow. 'You Run no Risk in any event, as you will be U:nder No obligations to •take it Because yon try it, li'O~ IT WILL DO YOUR MA- O:SIN'E MA.'NY DOLLARS WORTH OF GOOD IF YOU USE l'r. N. w. STILES. .8.&'1' A. V .lA ltl&HH. ~'.1.'8• BATAVIA, N. v .• I~e'ltUary •5· z8Bo, Wheat, wJute t r -' 5 Wheat, red ... x.g7·1.33 Oa.ts, w hitc. • • • • • 40 0£~, 1Jl1Xedo • • \\ 43•44 Ce»rri.. •• • • ...... • so lla;rley, stowed .. 75-So \ 6 rowed . Ss·g? B-ns, marrow 3 00·3 75 · '\' medicu 3 00•3·•5 •• pea •••• 3.oo 3·:il5 •• red • ••• 2.5u Cloyer seed medi4'5 oo •• mam~. <4-·5'- .. S oo Potatoes, Ro~c 90•1 oo .'Potatooa, Pearle••· 9' ..,... \\' .,.. 'J'!t Flour,new process u.so Flour,Hax .. ll,bbl $ 9 oo Flour, white, bbl 7 75 Flour, rod; bbl .. • 7 1 ~ Pork .. • .. • • 7 so-8 oo Chickens, dr~cd ro Butter. tub..... • -28 Butter, roll. •• ••• -28 Jar Bntter .. • • .. -28 Eggs............. 20 Chee5e ••••• • ••••• -11 Apples, dried. .. S Applos, ....... 2 oo·• 7S Lard............. 12 Salt ·-··- r 78 ~\1\.,.C:a1t \•\'hQf' \5 New fruit and landsca!Je chromes jost received, at Kenyons' ,Art Gal- lery •. 4 ..... Clothing cheap at Moynihan's. 4. Gray pink, or ashe~ of roses, w!th .mere rose than ashes m the combtn· aiio?, appears a!llong the new res- $bettc colors. p A JTIGOROUS I£ICJC JrROilt THE, '\ KELLY JIIEN. 1Ju111 u~ \VI\lb I he Rl'publlean• 'l'hey Elect .Jobnson (]lerk.- Lleu1 •Gov. Hoiokln• ••• Appoln1 lhe senate ()ommtueetr. (Spmal Dispatch to the Nms.) ALBANY, Feb. •s.-Disapp:Jinted and indig-nant at the treatment they have received at the hands of Speak- er Patterson, whcse election was brought'about hy their concessions, the Tammany representatives to day made theu power felt by uniting with the Repu licans ar.d voting for the resolution to pnt the naming of the Senate Committees in the hands of the Lieutenant Governor. The resolut1on was carried and Mr. Hos- kins will appoint tile comtnittees. It is needless to say that the Lieu- tenant-Governor will make such a disposition of the honors as will give Tammany due recognition. The Tammany Assemblymen united with the Republicans and cast the necessary votes to elect Ed· win M. Johnson, the Rep11blican caucus nominee, Clerk of the As sernbly. There is no language too strong for the Ta.mmany men to use in the denullciation of the Speaker. They accuse him of downright double dealing and misrepresenta- tion in the c:mference which led to his election, and cl dm that he has broken all the pledges which they insist that he made. They consider that they have been openly insulted by the composition of the Commit~ teeq. The action of Tammany to day has caused much excitement and high words have been frequenth nsed. liven the exciting scenes of last Summer's dead-lock were no more animated than those tha.t have been witnessed here to-day. Attica Uem•. Invitations have been received in town to attend the ball of the i!.rcade Engine company, No I, at Key- st')ne Hall \n that village on the I 7th. Dou~less many of our young people will attend. Two Erie freight ears attached to the 'Tonawanda Valley train were thrown from the track and into the --litch about a mile south ol Attica la •t Saturday. The baggage-car was also derailed. The wreck de- layed the train about four ho!l.rs. Mrs. Wallie Blakeley gave a very enjoyable tea pa1ty at the Wyoming Saturday to about thirty of her lady friends. The affair was very enter- taining, as are all such events got- ten up by Mrs. Blakeley. The enjovment at the sociable given at the Union School home on Frida} evening was marred by the di-graceful conduct of two loafers, Pat. Conway and Wm. Eighmy. They raised a disturbance a.nd eu- deavored to pick a row with the students. They were arrested and each fined$ I o lor their amusement. They deserved even greater punish- ment. Indian Land• &o bo Sold. The House Committee on Indi· an Affairs has decided to report favorably the blll for the sale of cer· tain New York Indian lands in Kan- sas. In 1 86o certificates of allot· ment for 320 acres of land eac~ were issued to 32 New York lnd1 ans the land being located in Kan- sas.' A good part of this land hav· mg been occupied and improved by bona fide settlers, the object of the bill is to enable them to purchase it in tracts of not mor(l than 160 acres at not less than $3 per acre, and to pro1 ide for the sale of ~he land~ at public sale if not so purchased ';\lth- in a year, the proceed~ to be pa1d to the Indi'\ns upon satisfactory proof of their identity. THE NE\~S IN BRIE II', It is said that the coronation of the Czar has heen postponed until September. Ro Kun Hua, Professor of Chi- nese at Harvard, died yesterday af- ternoon of pneumr nia, One million five hundred thou- sand doll HS in specie was shipped to :England yesterday. 'The Susquehanna River at Pitt~('ln Pf.t. , is 2 I feet above low water ma.rk. The ice is broken and pass- ing down quietly. Fire in Gudner's laundry at Troy yesterday morni!1g partially destroy- ed the building and consumed 25,- ooo dozens of collars and cuffs. Thomas Dalton died in New York Monday afternoon lrom hy- dropho~ia after three days of terrible suffering He was bitten by a strange dog on Thanksgivingdly. \The driver of a Fargo e:xpress w~gon h.1S been robbed of $s,ooo. con·igned to the First National Bank of Denver, by Topeka parties While playing cards in a saloon in Cohoes last night, Thos. Davis was st~bbed in the abdomen byWm. Connery, an ex: Puliceman. Con- nery was arrested. It is st\lted that Captain Howgate, who has been allowed to make fre- quent v1sits from the jail to fnends in Washington, and has taken sev· era) rides, refuses to pay the livery bill. A Panama letter says over I,ooo emplo1ees of the Canal Compmy ha.ve already died and ISO,ooo ooo francs have been sunk m svramps and there is nothing to show for it. Three youths under I 8 were arre'it ed. at Rock Creek, Kan., last night on a chuge of attempting to wreck the Missouri Pacific train. All were heavily armed and provided with masks. The annual meeting of the Homreopathic Medical Society of New York began yesterday morn- ing Selden H. Talcott of Middle town presiding. The attendance was large. The ice in the Hudson and Roo- sic Rivers at Troy broke yes·erday morning, but became blocked below Troy. The wharves were !loaded. !11. the afternoon the ice took a sud- den start and is now rapidly tnoving away. John P. Gould of New Vork is in Washingt< n with a memorial 5, ooo feet long, signed br mer- chants, manufacturfrs, me(hanics, farmers, taxpayers, and r thers resid ing in n' arly every State in the Union, ask,ng that she tu .on l-ank· deposits and checks be aboli~hed. The memorial will he presentt d to tlte Ways and Means Comm1ttee. •• -.Joltod 'Vorkmen'• Reeepllon. The committee of the A. 0. U. W. recep:ion, which will be held at the Opera House to-nignt, have spared no pains to make it pleasant for everyone attending. Last eve ning over JrJo tickets had been sold. Those that have waiting to see what tile weather is to be can now secure tlleir tickets without doul>t of a pleasant and enj >yable time. The reception committee will be OJ;J_,l}and to wait upon guests to make it as pleasant as possible. Purchase your tickets to-day and sa.ve the annoy- ance of having to stop at the door with your lady to purchase one. tdost-of the members have tllem for sa.) e. 4 ... The question of healthfulness re- garding th'! Bo~.king Powder we use, is an important one. The result of a p11re and healthy article ls more sa.tisfnctory, altbough it may not be as profitable to the manufacturer. Y'ou em try ''Good Luck\ :Baking P()wder wi1h the assurance that it contains no deleterious substance, and for the result, economy, &c., you c:ao soon decide for yoursE'lf. Manufactured by N. w. STII.JtS. 8.d.~:o ~ .liLOJJ- Bit Ill A. .T JJ ORJr. JUt ·amporl&llt Reference :suu. Two Vn•ne~e••l.nl AUellilp&a c~ Gal11 Bo~IJ'-• The suit of the First National · Bank Llf Ba.tavia against Ege d: Olis, When J hnLeonard, an employee prominc:ntcommission merchants of of the firm of Ru~sell '-': Hazard, New \ ork. is m progress a1 the of. the produce dealers on Jack9en fie~ ul Hon Gcor~ote ·Bowen to-day street, went to the office this murn- bdore ~e ref ·ree J udv.e James L. ing, he found the place in a state Angle ot Rccnester The action i:> of confusion. .A pane of gla<s in brought to recover for the conversion the south con1er wind ·W had been of about $5000 wonh of produce broken, throqgh which some person shipped to the d!'fendants in 1 8So had inserted his hand, sprung the by F ( ' Williams. Ege & Otis latch, and by lifting the wmdew h( ld the amount, cl iming that gained an er.trance. It was evid1nt Will amo; is indebted to them. The that burglars had been at work. On First N tiona I Bank advanced the the desk over the safe lay a paper mone up(')n drafts whi-ch were at containing several mmces of powder, tached to the bills of lading, and and a h •le about a third of an inch which Ege & Otis failed to honor in diameter had been drilled in the The case for the prosecu•ion is con dour nf the safe just beJ..~w the han· ducted by Hon. George Bowen and die The ])1\\der had n,t been M. ll. Peck 1 he defendants are rep- user! and appeanu u:~ mdicated that resented by 1-lenry A. Childs of Me- __ .......,......., __ as the safe _ d.,_,or was no: solid, the dina. quantity of powder was found in- sufficient to fill the hole, and the burglar had given up the job. The imprintsofa man's boot heel were Vennor predicts for tbe close of the present week storms of great &everity from Toronto westward to Chicago, Milwaukee and other pointe in Illinois, Wisconsin, lr,\a and adjacent States In St. Lawrence Valley, below Kingston, the sa.me storms, but less severe, may extend to Montreal and Quebec, while in a southerly dire<:tion snow, sleet and rairi is likely to extend to Washing· ton. There a.re likely to be serioua blockades of snow in the Western sections, and possibly io the North· ern and Middle States. Should these storms be well marked in tbe sec- tions mentioned, Vennor is of the opinion tnat March will enter ex- ceedingly rough a.nd \ith heavy snowfalls from St. Lawrence to very Southern points. to be seen on the baseboard of the wa.ll' where it had been braced when the burglar was tlsing the drill. An- other paper similar to the nne in which the po,.der 'vas wrapped. was found near by, It had apparent'y been used t() fi.•ure out the combi- nation, and ()n it was. written the name of • •Chas. Calhoun, Ea:>t Clevelat1d, Ohio.\ Frank Joh:nson, who works for A. C. Olm,ted, the coal dealer found the office on Center street in the utmc-st confusion when he went to it this morniJJg. Both the east and west.windowswereopen. The signs of bur~ Iars were numerous. The blinds which guard the windows on the South side ha.d been t•)rn from their hinge and were scattered on the ground Tl1e window had been pried (\pen and through it the bur- glar or burglarc; had entered. Two attempts had been made to drill a hole in the ~afe, but neither were successful, and the depredators left without gaining any bootv. No clue to the burglars has been obtain- ed. ·~ Y esterdav afternoon a tlrover came as neal' meeti~g his death by tile carsas man evrr did ani escape. He was at tl!e Central depot and was watching the Canandaigua train upon whi< h he had several cars of stock. The Atlantic express ap- proached rapidly from the west un- noticed by him. and he stepped on to the side of the track directly in fr,)nt of the locomotive. He was knocked doVIn upon tne .track and f·>lled over several times by the pi· lot, when another drover, seeing his perilous situation, grasped him bv the coat and resrued him. The nian was nol much hurt. The acci· dent was wa1ched by several specta- tors who wete 1 hrilled with horror, expecting that it was a case of sure death »ll•olallon of «Jo-partaenhlp. The firm of McKenzie ..t Pendill, dealPrs in clothing, was yesterday dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. Pendill disposiDg of hi9 interest and retiring. Mr. John Ryan and Mr. John C. Storms have purchased a share in the concern and associated themselve1 with Mr. McKenzie. The best wi11hes of all are extended to the new nnn. Mr. Pendill has not yet deci<led in what business he will engage. .&t-ard. I would anr1ounce to the ladies that I have tw·enty days more in Following arc the real estate trans- fers recorded in the County Clerk's office yesterday: Charles F Huber to Elinor C. Patter- son, market block on Main street, BataTJa, for Sro,ooo. E inor C. Patterson to Charles\¥. Huber, fa1m m Alexander, for $6,700, Alexander H. Foster and Wm. Tyrrell to Jo&eph Heidee, village lot 011 Walnut street, t;ata-ria, lor tsoo. Columl>us Buell to Batayia Home,teall company, two acres in Bata'T'·a, for fsoo. A peculiar dist>ase has appeared among horses in Philadelphia, affect- ing their feet and ankles. Golden Rye. - NOTI()B OJ! .JURY DRA\VIl\'~. S TATE OF NEW YORK-Gl!Nxs•& COUNTY CLEiiK S OFFICII:. Notice Is hereby givf;n that on T·~~$<1~y. the 21 <t imt., at nine o'clock a.m., a panel of Grand and Trial Jurors will be drawn at this office to 5erYe a.t a Cncuit Court and Court uf Oyer and Termmert lobe hdd ik !l,nQ for t:tid county, !lt the Court flpw;e ln th~ Yillal('e of Batav1a, on Mor.day, tbe 13tb day o( March, 18~2. Dated Feb,llary 14th, 1882. .2l C. A, HULL, Clerk. • 0 0 which to re<luce my stock, and will \'\' offer my goods at a great sacrifice. \-' Velvets in fancy work will be sold 0 at $1 00 per ya.rd, worth from $2 50 • to f5· dO. White leghorn hatsand O nice straws to be sold regardless of 1'\\) cost. All other goods in propor- v\5 tion. MISS J .. F. KENYOIC. ••• Goldeq Rre .. ''!. ·.''! . •, ·i . : !';' I. I .. ~ I,. r' ~ \' I J ,.i, . ~ ',i' ·' .: J t' >.I '·.

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