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28, 9. 16, 00, so. I on '• • ell N. ms .. J • per tr LY EWS. ========:::=::t-:::-::::i:::==::::;=:::;==========-~ VoL IV.~Whole Nmnber l,I28 BATAVIA, N. Y •. THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 16, 1882 - Price Two cent~. - . ADVERTISEMENTS. ALBii.NY A.}I'F..-I.IR/1 HIS SUCOESSUlt'S TBIMUTE, Danclnl( a& a Oooatloo. t-an)', How &be OraatJlzattou Wa• The trial of !Vlason fm atternpting Mr. Holme•' Eolo!lr on Don. The Rev. William Da)'lOn preach- 1-182. 1882. SPitiNG TR.~DE :! l. ij, Ho!U en & ~on. Bro~giU About. l ''pecialto the Buflalo Courier ) ALBANY, Feb. I sth. ~At a caucm of the democrl!tic senators this alter- noon E A. ).\{'<Joi'e was nom nated for se·geant-at-arms, C S. Macom- ber for pr stm~ster, and Mr Ruso for stenograph~r. but probably noth· · ing will lle do ·e in the way of electing these nominees to morrow. The vote givihg Mr. Hoskins the appointment of tl1e sena.~e commit· te-s t1\day is not ofany fore~\ be\ c mse sevemee11 senators are req uir- ed to change a rule and only four- te,·n voted fqr it, though there is some disposition to g1ve him the power to-m rrow I be' ieve that Tammany has no plan prepared for . t() shoot Guitea11 begi os at W ~sh- J ota 11 Sander•, in gton Februavv zoth. .A.l the mem nrial services on Mon- l'favigatioTl will:beopened to New day eveninl!', As<~emblvman Holmes Yurk from Pou~hkeepsie nex.tTues G day . 0 1 enesee, ~aid: ••Mr. Speaker: As the mccess r o£ Mr. Sanders in Twenty· seven mure ch.i 'dren were the Assembly 1t became n•v duty to sent to h>1mes h the West Tuesday offer the resolutions, in reference LO by Whitelaw Reid his death, which have been read. Two hundred thousand valmtines John Sanders was born in Devon- were handled by the posto'lfi<e in shire, Englalld, February zotb, New York Mon-dav and Tu sday. . 18u. at1d r~ceivrn in that country Many journal i<ts and Members of 1 a common school ejucation. He Congress at tended tbe funeral ·Of A. ca:rne to this con ntry in I 84 I, s:nce 11. Soteldo in 'Va~hington yesterday. whic~ ~ime he had been a promm- Returns indicate that the losses to ent CJtJz,.m of Genesee coonty. He . es in • he Methodist Cb•Jr<'h in, Bar- dell \' \n'w a rmat p.uish near the v1l 4£:t\ tJ[ Avoca Steuben county. 0\ Weclnesday evening last a dona- tion party was given to the pastor at UH: h ·u~e .,fCharle~Sttnhs. amem· ber of t e cb urch and a das<; le;J.der. The pa:to r was present and smiled o l the fe~ tiv1ties, until one of the -elder s1s ers i niormed him tl,at a FRESH ARRIVAL ----OF N\EW---- &pring Dry Goods find CAfilPEPS. .ARRIVING DAILY II I :NMENSE ASSORTMENT OF NEW · and Cho ce Pattern' French anrl Amer i~an Gmgbams, S ereuckers, Prmts, Cretons aad Momie C10ths. BARGAINS I N BROWN AND BLEACHED COTTON, Double width Sheeting>, l'tllow·case Cottons, Shir ings, TtcHngs D ~I11ms and Crasl1es. While nnd Colored Carpet Warps at bargains. We are making Sp cial l!tdUf6Ut6 ~ 1 s m LINENS and HUUSEKEEI ING GOOD::> for the euly Spnng Trade. SPECIAL BARGAINS! I N 'TABLE LINENS, Napkins, Towels Crashes, CroLhet and. Mar~e1l es Quills• Stair Crash, Piques and White Gooli ;,- b·.,r Favorite AMERICAN hlLK, m J!lacks and Colors, is the best American Silk manufactured. W :!: HAVE RECEIVED for this Spring Trade, the largest and best line (){ () .\ R P E T s· -ever before seen in lla.iaiia. · R. 0. Halderr & Son, 83 ANn s 5 MAIN STREKT. fry It! Try It ! -THE- \R 0 8 E 0 1 I N E 1 '' Left at Yonr House By Mr. E. A. Bow. You Run no Risk m any event, as you will be lJnder No obligations to ~:ta.ke it Because you try it, B\U'l:' IT WILL DO YOUR :MA- O:lii:NE MANY DOLLARS WORTH O:F GOOD IF YOU USE IT. N. w. STILES. B.t:r A. VI&. ru.&&K.Itii'l'S •. BATAVIA, N.Y., Fe.,ruary 15, 1882, . to-morrow. and p·obably not much . in the wav of further election of · officers of the senate or assembly will be done, The Tammany man- agets have gone to the theatre, as they usually do after carrying a J>bint, and there is no one at their h eadq11arters to be questioned.- Belden of Syracuse, and one or two o1her Republican wirepullersarrang ed witb Tammany this morning for the electio11 of Johnson as clerk. The trade for the other officers is probably not completed J .)hnson's election carries with it the appoint- ment of a dozen deputy clerks, who will of course be Republicans, with salaries of from fifteen hundred to two tllousand dollars. There are serious efforts to drum up votes of Republicans and Ta.mmany men enough to remove Speaker Patter- son and elec~ a simon-pure Tam- rnanyite or Republican in his pluce, l>ut tt,is will ba.rrllv succeed. Whea& •&Ill DecllnlDK• tbe.cotton cr(p by the caterpillar ~as f?rmerly a Wh~g. but had been ~ggrc>gate 300 O<lO bales Jdentlfied as an actt\e and earnest Jac b G ' _ 1 t S . . worker in the Republican party Jrom u esser· a e upennten- h · f · · · dent of Police dt Ctndnna.tl com- t ~ llme o us orga.mzatiOn •. tnitted suicide yesterday b 'shoot· ·F,,r severe.! yean. b~:.ture his death ing Y we baa heen acqu>\~tntances and · . friends. To know him was to es- lt IS .reported . tha.t .th.e town of teem him, nof only as an honorable, Columbia, Tex., IS badly l~utadated upright, square business man, but by water from tile Erazos nver. as a kind and true friend in all the A private dinner was given in rehtions of life. In the county of New York last. n1ght, to Governor Genesee, where be so long resided and Mrs CorJJell. General and Mr. Sanders was generally know~ Mrs. Grmt and. C>thers w·ere present. and universally liked. He was the The House Committee' <Jn Ter- friend and helper of the poor and ritories has decided to rep::nt favor- g~nerous to a: fault. His memory a.bly the bill for the admission of Da· wtll ever be green. Not only wi.l ~ota as a State his stricken family moorn him and Mr. Lind•a(s bill introduced in the church o! which he had been an the Assembly C<ltnpels executors to officer an.d furbtul communica~t f-:~r file a bond of 1wice the amount of nearly th~rty )'ears, ~ut the bnsmess the trust unless otherwise ordered by commumty, elttendmg far beyond the Surrogate. the limits of his own counh, The ice blockade in the Straits 0 f th_e poor, ~he unfortunate, all M k . h w11l m1ss h1m and long remem- ac maw as l:leen cle~red. Boats ber h' k' d d · d 1 a.re. making. regt~lar trips from De- huoba~~ as~ f:ltnh a~ thm ~ ge_n 1 t t:r01t to Chtcago. . an a .e~ m e Jam1 Y . cucles, as a good c1t1zen and neigh· Phtl.ander .~enderson, aged 13, bar, who aitned to be guided by the commttte~ su1c1d~ Tuesday at He~- golden rule in all his dealings derson Mtlls, Ky , because afa.vonte among men. CHICAGo, Fe~ s.-There was brother ran awa~ and ·the father re- ' He hai occupied positions of very active tra~ng to·day, and the fused to allow lltm to ret1trn. honor. an~ trust in his county be· condition of affairs is simply pan- The Assem~ly Ways and Means f-.~re hts election as a member of the icky. Wheat declined heavily, clos· C mmittee has agreed to report assembly,· and when he came before ing from four to five cents below yes- f.avon•ly the l>illsp~ropria.ung Js,- the people ofbis county as a candi- terday's highest. Corn is about tWO 000 for the ce~tenntal Celebration dale for representative in this branch cents lower, oats a cent off, and pro- at t-~ ewburgh i ~ I88 3· of 1he legislature he was no stranger, vi~ions indescribably irregular, wilh The ice in the Missouri River at but known and trusted of alT. Dur- a. decllne for the day of about a Eismarck, D. '1':, being: weakened, ing the tw~·terms (1879. a(ld 188o) dollar and a qoarter on pork and 6rJ Capt. Harmon and traill fell through he was the1r represeDtauve here? all cents on lard. There has not been )7esterday and narrow])' e~aped of you who were then members so exciting a day on 'Change for drowning. T'he weather is very knew him, a11d it is a gratifi<ation over a yea.r. warm, and son:Ie farmers; ha.ve finish- to me, as I know it is to his family Closing prices were considerably ed seeding wheat. and friends a.t home, to be as ured firmer than the lowest. It is be- Curtis Christian Tueqday murder- of the kindlr regard in which he was lieved Kenyon &: Co. were ••lobg\ ed his brother-in-law, jc11ah Tornp- held here •. 1 trust, Mr. Spea~,er, on from 4,oco.oc·O to s,ooo,ooo kins, at Putnam near Peekskill, the resolutions may be adopted. bushels of wheat. It is trought the crashing his head with a s1one, ~·~~ greater portion was owned fqr the Christian afterwards tried to choke Tile Grea& Ice Brldee. recent successful Cincinna.1i clique. his wife to death. Christian's bodv -- The heavy selling movement in has been foonciAn L:1ke Osca.nawa, The large quantities tof ice that all markets was influenced largely where he committej sui:eide. have passed ever Niagara Falls dur- by the spring-like weather. On call Last Novenber ill. :Franklin ing the last twenty-four hours, wtites was a sc~:ne of great excitement.-· Th b' p· ] h w d the correspondent of the Buffalo owns 1p, · ~, o n at • aged Courier, ha.ve enlarged the ice B'ocks of a. quarter million bushels ::z8, broke mto ·~. house at night and bridge to an extent hitherto un- af wheat were sold at one time, and ~<..eat Ella and \ 6 ary Me\'JIS aged 83 lliJ .1.. 11 ... , known. It is now over a mt'Je· 1'n t here were few sales in less tban and 73 t'n ~ 1errt'bte m· nn . • ~ a er. length, and exten:ls from the Horse- 1oo,ooo bushei lots. The record- 'Ward was indicted for nnrder, Ella. shoe falls to the old Suspen~ 1 • 0 · n ers were 11nable to take down the died yesterday Ward had no a · ., · m- bridge. The river was very high sales a.s fast as made and the fines mosity against the ladies. Dronkell this morning-, and the immense vol· imposed for an improper display of devilishness is the ortlycause assign- urn of water rushing over the falls anxiety on the part of bidders eJ for the crim.e. unable to find sufficient outlet b;- amounted to a fair day's .com mis- The New Y\ ork alderman have neath. the vast ice-field, rushed com- sions. been served with oYders directing pletely over it, flooding the platform The chief cause of the decline th h h th. h 1 em to s ow causew )' eys ou d at t8e foot o.f the inclined plane, was tbe failure of H. 0 Kenyon & t b t · d f II · ~o e res mme rom co ectlng and producmg a rushing sound Co., a commission firm which llas per.sonal taxes from. the ~~~~e~ which drowned the roar of the lalls. an extensive trade. U G ld '· S L A ]~.i\ .:;.>\ iL ~ • ~ mon, o ~ toe~~., · a•ihC ~ No bamer that any human ingenu· Do:r snlclde. Pacific, Manbattan Quot.ltion. ity could devise could for one mo· Wbea.t, wliite t•-~s Wheat, red ••• •·~7·I.J3 Oah, 'Khite. ••• .. ~6 ().;all, l!llltcdo • • \\ 43•44 Cor11..... ........ so 8adey, :aro.,ed.. 1 S· 8<> \ 6 rowed . 85·9'> Beans, marrow 3 oo-3 7S •• mediua 3 OO•J.25 \ pea .... 3.00 3·•5 •• red • • • • 2.su Flour.new proctts u.so Flour,Hu:aU,bbl f 9 oo Flour, wllitc, bbl 7 15 Flour, rod, bbl... 1 1 ~ Pork • , • • • .. 7 so-8 oo ChickCM, dressed xo .Butter, tub. .... •• • -28 · Butter, roll...... -28 Jar Butter·...... -28 Spitz Ballard t~~e other day, de- liberately walked into the Oatka, where the ice men had been seen getting out for storage. The stream was swollen by .the rains, and conse- quently-the current took the proud gwwler under and away beyond reach. Spitz was a learned dog- American Unioll and Ituerna.tional ment withstand the terrific current \Telegtaph Com1panies and Manhat- which snrges against it; but the pres- 1an Railway. The tai:eS in qaes- ent strncture, instead of being weak- tion amount to nearly- $140,ooo. ened by the ~arm weather and the The purpose of the aclion is to ob- many other obstacles that it had to tain a legal decision as t<J wh~L t con- contend with, has grown in strength, struction snould be placed upon the and weeks ()f summer weather will CloYer seed m.ed$4·5 011 ... mam •• 4·5'--s oo Potat:oes. Rose go-• oo PGtatoes. .i'eerle••· 9\' ·WM• ,..c 1'2 Eggs.............. 20 Cheese.-·.. .... • ...z: 1 Apples, dried... s Apples, ....... :aO<J-2 75 l..ard ••••••••••• I2 Salt ··~··....... I 78 'Voo.1<t,.C::Q1t ......... \,., \'5 New fruit anciTmdsca(Je chrotnos just received, at Keoyons' Art Gal· lery. . 4 ... law of t88r. have little effect upon it. .. ~ could be seen any day carrying tbe The questtoll of healthfulness re- Buffalo Courier from the postoffice garding the ]~king Powder we use. to his master's home. He was a is an irnportan1 one. The result of mail-carrier of the Star-route persua- a pure and healthv arti-cle is more sion, and perhaps it was from an satisfactory, although .it may not be awakened sense of the fact that he a~ profitable to the rntmufactnrer. suicided. -Le Roy Gazette. · You can try II (food IJ11clt.\ Baking Powder :with the assurance that it ~- .. A. t~ard. I would atmounce to tbe ladies that I have tiventy days more in which to reduce my stock:, and will offer my goods at a great sacrifice Velvets in fancy work will be sold at $ r oo per yard, worth from $z 50 ... A peculiar disease has appeared contains no deleterious substance~ Gra.y pink, or ashes of roses, wit_h among horses in Phil'ldelphia, affect- and for the result, ecoJJoilly, &c., Clothing cheap at Moynib~n·s. · to $5.00. 'White leghorn hats and nice straws to be sold regardless of c::ost. All other goods in propor• llOD. moye rose than ashes in tbecotnbin- 'ing.their feet and ankles. you can soon decide for yourst\lf. ation, appears among the new res· Manufactured by tbetic·colors. Golden ltye. ' N, W, Sn:r..E,. MISS J. F. KINTON. party nf vo11ng- pe p]e was dancing in an o,.1 r uart of the house The past r at ~~ncoo: ,:ought BFDtber Shults and re: tim i.ndt d him for permitting a da•1ce at -i 'd. nation party, and assured him that unless it was stop- ped he {the p11~tor) would not touch one penny of the·proceeds of the do- nation. anrl would leave ttie boose immediately Brother Shults went out. So .)n afterw nd he told B\roth- er Da.}'ton that he had placed an in• j \lnction on uu~ Ja.uce. Brother Dayton stayed the party out, ·and took with him $63 as the proceeis- of the evening Two·days after- ward he learned that Brother Shults had not stopped the dance, and that it was kept up until daylight. The pastor sent the $63 back to the com- mittee, with the request that it be returned to the donors. The de· ception of Brother Sn nits has a.rous· ed a strong feeling in the' Borden Valley church, and he is to be dis- ciplined. ------ -A new style of switch engine is being constructed for the Central railroad· company. It has been found that old engine& of the com- mon build do not answer the pur- poses of switching, and new ones will be so c:ons•ructed that the weight of the engme will be on the drivers, making them of more pow~ erfol traction. Two are now being built in the Buffalo shops and sev· eral in the Alpany shops. The Stove manufacturers' Con- vention at Cincinnati, agreed upon a general advance in all cases manu- factured. .... For 25 cents we guarantee tocnr\ the worst case of chilb'ains or re- move any corn or bunion for same expense. N W. STILES. Just received. New st}les ladies Underwear at the Boston 99 cent Store and Art Gallery. From 2,000 to 3,000 tOns of po- tatoes are now imported weekly from Great JJritain and Germany. ~~~-~ Tlroe l Time I If your watch or clock does not . keep good time, the best, because the cheapest place in town to take it for repairs, is at Eugene Thomp- son's. Clocks cleaned, soc.; watch glasses, ISC., etc., at Bowen'scrock- ery store, IO'f 1\fain street. :EuGENE Tito::r.ii>soN, Formerly witb E. S, Dodge for sev- en vears. I> \' '0 .... .. v • a 0 0 ..E ... E 0 - ~ >-. ri1 .0 . ... c:: u ~ .... ~ ~ ~ ·~ ~ ~ .... ~ 0 ~ 0 0 11> z ~ =.s v 0 Q) en c:: 0 0 ~ 0 ~ ... ~z. 0 0 ::s ,.Q < ~ >. E-4 .. ..o .... ,_, u 0 ~ ~ 0 ~1 G) .... riJ. en p. ~ ~ Ill ~ 0 ..t: Q, \0 ::q I) ... = ·~ ::I 'd ('$ z E-t &:.:: en ~ s ~ ··~ '\0 R ~ 1--1 E-t c:: 0 ~ ~ til In 00 0 Cl \0 0 8 = ll-4 ('$ ~ 0 5 ~ s • 0 = ~ ~ CQ tn ~ ~·- \\ ll-1 ~ • 4) ~ ..c: f4 ... ' ' .•· .~ ~ ·. ' ), .. . 'l;·::., . ' ' I l . I'' r . ' '. , ,I' ' i \1 ·,' ,, : ! '' , I ! . ·I , I :\ '' \ ''' ' '. .. .· .. r.- ·''' ' i. .. . '' J . •. ~ ~ •·. •I· '!

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