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l tha Ta· de. at abo N. b.. jO Is I& . • • , ., I. r 'TJ , I !Jt: r: n• \! : '$ :: TO •;W-AY \'fill~T OF A LitANY. Sv~acuse hEIS !1 case of small-pox, · Rapid Breet._U'I!ir ·a11 on A~e•• tbllHe• DR T ··nt··o·~M .. ~a··s,. SPF!BR~S - PO itt:f GRAPE WINE ! - :.tn JnUrNilllllt sto'P.y-.4: llofll''lf!ti• t)a•e·~ured ..... \ G o~d Rea•011 t 1• r I-HI Jl·ll :l'U 'l'll •• the first in several month$, · <Dr. Tanner, the faster 'Will lec· ture in Buffalo next Sunday evening. Bifdsey Roo~. an old husine·s Sta•emeut of Mr. Was,iugtnn:Vlonrm, of Catskill, lll~n oi Buffalo, cHed Tu·esday. a·ged ' ~n.:e•· ~Out1ty. 1 Ne\V Yor!t. · - • 'For 111ary years .I ha;d suffered from jl t7 2 • comphint whtch the plty~u;:ians called Strawberries th~t roa~e one\s 6ravd. 1 had emrloyed1ome of the most ''mouth water,\ have :ari-ived in noted 1 toc•ors w1thout ob~a.mn~ a perma- · Buffalo from the south. nent reltef, and for a long time my caG:'l A Chautauqua C·Ounty <(Ol't whila was reg:ud~d as hrpeless Atl wro knew :being trained the other day turned e the cir~um«{an~es ~n1d I rrmst <lie. I<maliy complete back somenault breaking my wtfe mduc~dme to try a bottle of Dr. il·s back. Kennedy's •.Favontt: R. medy' which she An!hnny Smith o• Alden, who had somewhere heard of 0r seen adv~rt1sed. became insane during the.prolonged . Wtthout the sllghtest faitli; ln it, but. S0lely Thomas trial at Buff~lo, has been to gni.tify her, 1 bo~f.!bl a hottle of a drug- placed in an asylnm g1st in our vtllage. lllsed th•t and twv or three bottles miJre, ~nd-t() make a long A ket:le of hot lard was a, cid·en'- st\'TY l>bort-I am now ashealthy a mtn as ally ·overturned. upon a little girl there ts 'n the country • named Goebel in Rochester Tues- • Srnce then I have recmnml'uded •Fll.VO· nte Rnnedy' to others: v.hom I knew to day, burning her htHnbly, some havesuflete.i from Ktlney a11d Liver Com· parts .of her body being- li erally plaint~; and I a'&ure the pub 1c that the roasted. •Favor le i{cmedy' has done 1ts wmk wilh a &imtlar cf\lmpleteneos in every sin~~~~ in- George Englehardt, R( chester. !tance, <>nd I trust ~o~e other SlC k and dis- agtd 21' will claim i' wa.s in self wur,gtdmuta! may he:arol!t and try the defef'se that he.shot his father twice •Fav nte Remedy' n;l dui '' Tue~da.y evening. The trouble or- New Yorl( Central -AND- HUd.SOn River B~ilroa.d. QODIG B-&87!. Tra-ins A rrivin.g. 6 •10 A.l'll.-\pe.rlal New York El(Prc&S.- • · Leave• Buffalo s:co .A. M., arrives m Roct>ester7:os A.M. 8 56 A.ltl. -'t. Louis. and Cht~\ E•press. : -Leaves B1.ffalo 8:oo .A. :M,, arrives in Roche~~ter g:ss A M · 3 30 ... .M,-Atlantlc Expres8.-Leaves But- : falo.2:2o P. M,. an:ives 111 :Rochester 4:25 , P. M, 6 00 p, 111.-Accr>mmodation.-Leaves Buf· ' : falo 4:3oP.M., an:lves tn :Rochester7:os P.M. . 10 •03 P. 111,-St, Louis El<press.-Leavel • Buffalo 9:00 P. :M., arrives iu Roches- ter to: sa P. M. 10 •33 p. m ,-Cmcinnatl3 Expre<s.- Lea\es • B11lfalo 9:30 P. M., A=ves In Roch- ~uu~~~ · GOI:NG fJ'ES':l!. 7:'rain8 .dM'ivinD. 6 50 A. M.-Night Ell:]lre:ss.-'Leaves Roell· • ester 5:45 A M,, arrlvel hi Buffalo 8:ao A9.' M23 A • .M.-Accrmmcdatlon. Lesve• Roch- : ester a.t S:os a. m., arrhes in Buffalo .at 10 45· 11 25 A 0 M.-Paclfic·' Exprct!l.- Lea.n • Rochester ro:os. A. .M., arrives in Buf· l&lo ut:4o P.M. 5 00 p !11-Emigrant.-:Leavet Rochester • 3:3-. • M., anives In 'Buftalo 6:31 P. M. r:. 20 F D.-Special Man a.,d Expr-~~-: tJ kaveto Rorhe5ter at 4.10 P M., arrives Buffalo at 6:30 P. M. 6 15 p, 1 tJ -Canada !Sott.thern Emigrant- • Le•ve• Rochester a:t 4 =!10 P M , arrives In Buff l() 7:4o P. M. . 11 05 p llJ,-Citicag:o 'Ext>r~.-Lea't'e& • Rn · ater g:ss :P, M., arrives In BufFa• tou:xsA. M GOI~ G JJ'EST. ~ -- Bun-s DaUy E~ept Sundays, 8 •53 A m -Lea Yes Roche!!ter 7:20 A., M. • Arrive..~ at Buff lo ;ro:35A.M. 10 •54\-• .tn.-Leaves 'Rochester 9:00 A. M. • Arnve~ at Eu!falo 102:35 P.M. ~ •28•• 1'1'1 .... Leavel Roe:hciter ;po•o :r. M. 0 • .llrrives at Ruffa'o Sao P M. GOING :EAST. ,lltUWJ Daily Exc:~t sundays. 8 •51 A, 11J, -Leaves Bu[\:alo 7:2o A. M. Ar- • rives at Rochester ro:\\s A M. M 10 •54\ [f.J, -~aves l!'lllffalo B::as A. • • Arrive• at Roche.<leT t:t () P M. !J:. •11 P. lfi.~L•aves BufFalo 3:25 P. M.,- tJ • Arrives en Rochestrr 6:so P. M. JNO N. ABDOTT, Gen'l Pass;enger A~t. {ltJt tl11• 0 ut. UNION, N. Y., Dec. u. ZoPESA CHEMICAL Co.: Your ZO:FESA. is selling beyond my expectations. P fter a. trial bottle is sold they always get a large size, and not one of them but says it helps them more tb.an any medicine thev ever took Some who have had Dyspepsia. for vears are almost cured alre~dv. The doc- tors are beginning t'() prescribe it. H. L WJiiTI'ilEY, Druggist. N'otbing succeeds llke success.- Gauged bv thi~ rule, Cobb's Little Podophy11in Pill is ~onderfolly suc- cessful- for its sales •bis year have ' . been en,or,ttlous The conntry IS ''pilled\ full of ttl em. t>nlv 2 5 cts. per bottle. For sale by N. W. Stiles. •• Go tp your dtu:gg-tst . for Mn l!reetfUln' .r New Namnal Dyes. For brightness and dura:bility of color ,they are unequaled. Color from 1 to .S pounds. :Price. 15 cents. igmatt:d about the :nanner of keep- ing the books. Labem Mulvey, an inrnate of the Rochester House ofRef•tge, had h's arm caught m a cylindrical w.ashing machine Tuesday. The limb was frightful y torn and had to be am- putated near the shoulder. Wallace Comstock, a Central brakfman who began work Monday, was killed Tuesday night near Jor- dan. His remains were discovered yesterday morning, his ·head being nearly severed trom his body. The Rope ror GuiLea•. From the Waahin~~:tnn Star. Bob S1rong who has been em- ployed at the jail f r a number of years, and who has always adjusted the noose and fixed the t()pe tor ex- ecutions, says tba• the rope with which Goiteau will be huBg is three· quarters of an inch in thickness and is of manilla. None ol the ropes that have been sent will be used at the eJCt'Cution as Strong proposes to use one with which Babe B6dford was hung some time since, and says that be thi11kB thore isnobetterrope for the purpcse in Ametica. ·~ Too Familiar. A man walked into a physici'ln's office in· Grand Rapids, Mich., a few days ago, and in the large and easy manner of the boundless West, picked up from the tat'>le what he conceived to beat othpck and be- gan to use it Presentlv he picked his tongue, and a consequent excla- mat•on called the dcctor's attention to what was going on. The sup· posed toothpick wa.s in rnlity a vac- cine point, and despite the prompt application of precarious IJieventives it • •took.\ ..... Mr. J Marsh, Bank of Toronto, Ont, writes: \Billiousness and dys· pepsla ~eem to have grown np with me; having been a sufferer for years, I have tried many remedies, bnt with no lasting resolt uotil I 11sed your Burdock Blood Bitters. They have been truly a blessing to me,· and I cannot speak too highly of them. !>rice $1. oo, trial siz~ to cents. A Bun for Life. Sixteen miles were covered in an hour by a lad sent for a bottle of Peerless Cough Syrup Good time, but poor pohcy to be so far from a drugl store, without it. Only 50 cents and $I.oo. For sale by N. W. Stiles. No such Word a1 Fall, \I have used your Spring Blos- som tor dyspepsia, heaeache, and constipation, and find it has done me a great d ea I of g od. [shall re- commend it to my friends. \HENRY BER'TOLETTI, \May 24th. 96 Mam St.~ Buffa 1 o.\ Price so cents, trial bottles IO cents. A ~la;uai Vlctor;»\ The value of electricity as a rem- tdi~l agent has gained a si!lnal vic- . tory over prt>judice, Thurnas' Eclec· tric Otl stands' foremost in this class of compounds. Testim()nials from all pillS tell of the wondrous cureR of rheumatism, neuralgia·,. hurts, and sores, etc,, effected by il~ agency, From the RtchmoP.d Religi •us Her~ld. ' . ~~ • r . : ; • •. , .. . . . . . U!ed iu ·the.prmc;pal ch!IF~he• for COJII.Xllll• . n1ot1 purpo es, Dr. M. T Ya eo~, ina letter puh- iftsheci in the B1b1ml R('cnro. ,,,,s of the surg.tcaJ. operati<ms to wh icb he has recen.11'y H)hlllhte<i: ···My doctors sai I 1 hat they hR.d sf>ell it · stated bv an American dncror that ELECTllt mL. Excellent fo:r Ladlef!, Weakly l'iu- son.s.and tn'e ·Aged. J if a persnn sno11ld br.eathe as rapi(il)' '. as possible undet· an operatfun, be would not feel t h.~ ;pa1n of coUinfl, ·, lt is a prepar!Uion of E~ntial Oils w bleb. · ancl they wi~hfd to t·y it on mP, to Illakw which proposi:ioo l asse11ted Dr. .A.'N, :iXOELS~OR KEDIOIN'lil. Macleod superintenile~' the breath· ing-which w 1-; like 1 !hat of a d05 on a hot summer da1• -·hC>lding, out :It is free fre>m nll grosg or deleten\us l!l~t- ofmy sight. a. handkerchief in his, ter and hand to be dropped as a signal, when ' :rt El:ffects ~oat Mira.quloua cures. :he saw the color come in my face. · Jor Henderson, the operating doc- t('\r, to go ahead. Whl\n Macleod told me 'That wilLdq,' I was snr- ; It is inva:Juable at all times and all sea•ons ,.for :prised to find that the operation bad i 'I:T QU\ICXLY REMOVES PA}N_ been ;performed. 1/his I have triecl >three ti nes, and have not at either : time felt mnre pain ·than is usually inflicted in the case of vaccination. . I heard the knife rip through the; flesh !Jke the sound produced in cu·ting leather, but I did not feel the pain. What is the philosophy • ol this kind of an anre~thettc? Is it. simply a divers tOn of the mind?\ Carry thfl N8WI, Near TILSONBURY, Ont. I llave been ailing for years with Biliousness and Dyspepsia, and was • reduced to a mere skeleton. Last· fall I weighed :only eighty-six poonds. I was induced to try Zo- PESA by Mr. Thomson (of the firtn of C. Thomson & Co. 1 druggists, of this place), and, rrany thanks to him, I am now an entirely new wo- man, and weigh 124 pounds, tbro11gb the use of thts new compound. Mrs CAROLINE Fort.111ts, Wife of Mr. R. G. Forbes. Dec. 14, t88r. I!Jhor& Breath. 0. Bortle. Manacbester, N. Y.,. wa11 troubled with astbma for eleven years. Had been .obliged to sit up sometimes ten or twelve night!! in succession. Fon11d immediate xe- lief from Thomas' Eclectric 011, and is now entirely cured. NA. T1J RE'I TR.JURPI;iiJ, If you are 'Weak or lmgtnd, use Frazier Ditters. If your flesb is flabby and your complex- on sallow, use Fraz'er's B1tters. If you live tn a malaria.! district, use Fra. zier's Bitters. rf worn do'Wll with tl1e care of children, use Frazter's Bitters. If you have got the blu~ nse Fruier'! Bitters. If you ha.ve kept late hours and lived contrary to the laws ofhealth, use Fra.ster•l! Root Bitters. If you need tanmg up, take Frazier's Root Bitters. If you haye abused instead of used na. ture's gifts, use Fraziers Bitters. H you feel old befo:re your time, us« Frazier's Bitters. If life has become a 1-urden to yon, and you have gloomy torebodings, use Frazier•s · .Bitters. II your hands tremble and your eyes have· grown dim, Frazier'£ Root Bitters w1ll make you feel young ag•ID. Sold by all dtaggists everywhere at the low pnce, fl oo per bottle. HENRY &·Co., sole pro. prietors, Cleveland, 0. For sale by A. D. TRYON, BataY!a. FINE JOB fRINTING 'l TH!!; PROPRIETORS OF Phe Daily Ne-w.s HAVE .A:DDED NEW MATERIAL TC> the Office and arc prepared td d~ Job Prhtin~t of all Ktnds l':ROMPTLv' AND .A.T THE LOWEST PBIOES, S PECIAL A ITENTION wall be paid tD the execution of orders for Wedding Cards and Invitations Letter Beads, Bllsiness Cards, Visiting Cards, Oiroula.ra, Dance Ticket•, lilto. -- L~ VE YOUR ORD.ERS AT fhe DillY N.EWS OFIIGB. It is a. most wonderful compouttd and a S':r~:NDABD BlU.LBB. It is the best medicine ever l>Old for l:t Nner :Fails 1() ALLl!IVIA'l'B SUFFERING. 1t is a. peer leM! remlldy ad :Ha.s W' oil. ~lden Opinio!U froiD the Afllicwd. It is an inromGJable spet:iiic t)Jat .Ha.a Been 'l'boroughl:y 'rested. -ancl ::Higbly Appro'Yed. It receives special favor from &11 A. COli[PLETB MBDIOIN':E C::HBST IN IT8BLF, Best -IT IS- VEBI'ATN, PROMPT And EOONOMIOJJ.:L. IT IS THE Household Remedy ICnown. Ever -AND CUltES- Rbenmatism, Neuralgia, Cat an h 1 Cronp, CJntractton of 1dnsc:e Lain · B 1.ck. Aothma, Loss of Vo1ce 1 Hore Throat, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, Ptles, Sprains, Clulbla.ines, Burns, And Wounds o( Ev~ry Kmd, Every llottle is WArranted to contain notll· ing burt'ul, and is sold by all Drttg- gist! under a p'>!ttive guarantee to refund. inol£ey if entire satisfiU:lioil ·i$ not givea in ntry case. The follow1ng ev1dence, wbich has beoen ~nt to tb.e prcprietor& unsolicited, speillt more tbatt ttoltimes. The correct ilamt\!; and ad<lressell d the witnesses are gi-ven to prove tl!iir genu1nenelis: Mrs. Da111el Mao:ro, su Seventh str~et, Bu!Talo, N. Y, N!S: \1 h ye the greatest f.11th in -;I hom..:os.' Elccllic Oil• tor Cr<·Up. h vine ctued m)''baby, · aged fteen 1r1 nths, of a •eTc'• attack, with two dose!. I ha1e lso use it fC>I'old.cr c:bUdrenwih mosl sutifac ory reiullll.\ A. ilmp~h& IYIInbter'• Experlt>nee. I am a Bapth.t Minl<ter, and before Ieven though· of bel11 ( 1. cl• rtyman, I , raduated lu n et.iJ, ine, b1.t le t a lucr live pract·ce f\r IlLY present prtfe<·ion, (eTty years ago, [ .,as f~r rinay ye1rs a sufferer from q :i .sy; \'l\Jtom.a•' Eleclttc Otl cured tr e.\ 1 •as alao trouble.! rilh li ars nt:i.,, ail • 'l'hr>Jt.oas' Electr1c Otl•lways :re- lieved m•, M: y •if• aond child llad dlpht•,tria, and \Th· ..... E eclri OJ cored them.~' and. if taken ia time i• will cure seven umes out <'! t~n. I am c~11hdent it u'\ cure fo the mll$t ob1tinate cold or COtliJh,and uaJLr.~ne well take a snuo.ll t~~· p Ml :a:nd !ta!f fill it weth the 011, and th.,-n place the end of th4 apooa 'in one IIQitrll and dral\' tile o1! ut oi :be •v\on into •he head by sniflinc ,..,. as haid asl'bcy call, ur fi the 0-1 ralls d'Vti' itUo the thr.oat 1 an•. pracr~ce thnt wicc a -week, I .e,. 't cai·eho..v o~c11 i-·e their head may be It w•lleleau it out and cure their catar• h. For deaf• css a.nd earache it ha dl)ne won\us. to my ce,tatD kno.,..l- e~gc. Itls the only medicine Club ·•d p tent ne 11C:•ne:th2t I t.a.,.e e\lcr felt hke r c mmendl:r>g\ a1d I. :m.very anxtoi.IS to •ee it 111 •ver)' place, f:>r. I tell Y• u. that I 'Would not be without it in rmy hou.'e for •~y. coruic;lerat•on I a.m no~ suf!'crinc from a ptln.lllce rhettmAti• n in my right limb, and ILOthlng; rcUevcs me like 11L~nia•' Electric On. DR. ll. F. CIU.l'Jit;. . . , Cfiri,Pa. Spe~r·s Port Grape Wine, Ji()Wr Yea'J's UltZ. 'THIS celebrated native wine is made from lite jnice ()fthe Qporto Grape raised, in thi.s. coun- try. It~ iuya\uab'c TONIC and STRENGTH- Iii:NING properties nre unsurpn,;sed by any other o~tive wine, Bemg·the pure juice of th~ .gr<tpe, produced unrltr Mr ~peer's own. personal'sU:Jl~r· vision, its p1ui1,r ijnd genutnen~ss ~re .gQarauteed. The voungestcblld IT'~)' pnrta}. of ItS generoo• quail tits· ald;th· weake>t invalid tlse lt 10 ad:r~n'­ a,e. It is in •••ry respect a wine to loe relion o ... · ~peer's P. J. Sherry.: The P :1. ~HERRY ~a wine of supetior cltar• aater, ILd \\lrtn~es of the r1ch qualities ot tl:te a:~e of wltiC· It Is m de_, . For purity, richlle!!ll. fla'l'tiT and llltdsdaalqualitiiLIItt will be folLlid IJQ. excelled. Speer's P. J. Brandy. This .R~A,NDY $tnnds unrivalled in thls c~UI!I• try, being f.u superior 1r r medk:\nal purposes. It is a pure dist'llation from the grope, and rcntaLDS •alu•ble medicinal properti<!. It bas a delic~u flavor similar to th:at of tlte prapes from which·it is distilled. and·ls In great tavor among first c!IL.sll famt 1es. . See tbatthe stgoature ALFRED SPEER, l'as- s~ie, N J , j, over the r.ork of each bottle. ~old .. ., !IIH.t.W lfl STILf'S. AND llll' DRUGGISTS .E.VERYWHE'RE. Ltqnol'l tor .lftedlcal .l'urpo•e .. We keep in stock a, good. assortment d imported liquors including Jrench Hen- ile!l>y Brendy 18 years old, and in dome!• he goods v.>e sell nothing but two stamp, or regulatly distilled, whiskies; which we have from 2 to 8 years old-the latter is probP.bly the finest medical whiskey ev-.,:r brought to Bata-via.. In tlus l1ne we s6hci.t trade only for medical use and lo that we propose to do justice, SHA.w & STILES, TRADI MARIC The G~e:ttTRADi: MARl En gltsh Remedy. An 11nfaillog cureforSem inal Weak- ness, Sp!.rm- r\'' he a, all easea tbnt IEFGIIET Alii&. follow as a AfTER lAllll. iequance ofSelf;Abtl.!e; :IS loss of M.emC>ry, U:nl- venal Lassxtude. Pain in the Back. Dlmnes of Vision, Prell!t.ture Old A&e, and many other D4- tues tha.t l~d to Iltsanlty and a Premature Grn•~. ~Full particulars in our plmphlct, which 'WO desire '' send uee: by matl to every one. _.no Speci&c Medtcitte is sold by all druggist• at $1 per • pacloaie or sbc ,ackagc ror ts. o:r wtll be sep.l freD by mall 011 receipt of the money, by address1n~t THE GRA 1l lUEDIVlNE CO.,l BuJtr.uo, N, '{, Sold In llauria, by Shaw & Stilet a~&tl 1'. P. Hlnlcstou & Co., NO MORE Or Gout, Acnte or Chronic. SALI- OYLIC.A.. Sure Cure. MaJ..ufactllred by the Enropean M.«>dicioe Co, of Paris and Leipzig. Immediate relief war- ranted- Perm n.,nt C11re Guaranteed, Secret-The only dis> lve of tha poisonona Uric Aci1.1 which ex1sts in the Blood of Rheumatic and Gouty Pati- ents. $1. R bo:x; six. boxes for $6, Sent to any adrlress, free from mai '-ee tnat every box bears the nam DANIEL &OMMEL. sole agent and im• rorter t 58 MAil>Ell LANE, N. y For SaJe by SHAW & STILES. To Nerl'ou• suaerer•••Tbe G:re-a Enr6pe•~ Remed7-Dr. J, B. l!llilll.p•~u'• 8p~ .. IJle .111edtctne, a pC>SttiYe cure for Spertna.torrl!ea, Semhi&l We;ak_neu,_~lllJ?Ote•no<l'• and all· dlsea!e' r.« ISUit:inli Hilt to aU, Write for thom aad cet . partlculua. . . Price, Specific, tx.oo per packa~e. or ala: pack• aa•• fC>r ts.oo. ll.ddrlis• ill ordera to J.ll. SI~PSO.N MEDJCI.N~,CO., loios. t~>oJ alld to6 Milln Sl, Bti.~a!o. N, r, Sold ..... ..,,.~ :sHAw a BTII&$., ' . ,. )\' ,, :., '' . : ;l .. . ' •,. ' \ <' •' ;. ' i ' ' .. . ; ' .. : •.J,

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