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The daily news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1881-current, August 10, 1923, Image 6

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',·1, ,(. 'I -\\ -·\'\\- •' . : l I 0 li y k h fl Dl ] r' ..:'dJFJ SIX tt'HI.!J. ·~-.,...~~- Ban·ks Open ' at 8 o'clock Saturday Morning •DAlLY NEW~. iBA'l'AVIA, N. . Y.,. FRD}AY EVENING-. . .AtTGTTSIP 110, . 19.23. ... - iT HE DAILY N\EWS El\UIANiJEL PREAOIUlJRS; · METifODJST CRADLE ROLL . and BATAVI;4.N. ...--\'\--,-~~~--__;~__,----. Fonner P~~&tor Will Occupy the Pulpit· HAD PLEASANT AFTERNOON !l'EJ;,EPHONE C:AI.Ii.S. Aligust lOth ana 26th. Editorial Room-For oe\Ws ma~ter onJy,. . • . HUNDRED ATTENDED A PARTY :Bell ~7.. • • • , . , Tlle Rev. Charles P. Collett, pastor of: ··Business C.,mee ._ For advertls::ing, su~. the Emmanuel Baptist church; and bis: JIELD AT TH.E OHUROH. sorlptions rtnd· job printing, liell 11!1. The family willlenve next Monday for Keuka· Over sixty little folks, with forty of :business omco open from ·s a. n1. t<> 5 P· •nl • .lake, where they Will spend two weeks •. their parents and helpers, atten,dlld -the · -.--· .. Mr. Collett \viii attend the pnstors' con- annual cradle roll party at the First' FRIDAY, ;:\UGUS~ 10, 1~23. : ferc11Ce tho week of Augnst 20th, at· Methodist Episcopal church yesterday af, Wl!lATHi!:R FORECAST.:.. Keuk.a l>lll'k. On Sundny, .August 2~t'1. terrioon. .After n very enjoyable time . ~a•l•irlo:tnn.' A,,;., .lO,..:_I>ore~st ~ . he Will ~peak ·nt th? Eu•manuel. Bnpt.jst ,getting acquainted· the· older \little folks\ ; \ \ .. .. o ~~· ~• 1 . church m Buffulo .m the mormng nnd . • . . . lV~stern New Yorrf· n.tll 9:30 ,p_ m. to-: in tbe evening at the Evangelistic ser- enthusiasti~~lly engn~ed m .games ~nder· morrow: · ,,·lees in. the.,Cbtu•chii( tnb~t:nacle. · ·the. supct·vislon of Mtss E?'tiY A. E~g~,. · <Tenornlly f•1lr oc'!ny ·and tr>nJOrruw; The Rev:. Dr. S. Hornce Beshgetour, w~nle, the rnotbcrs and babies went~ tot ~ spme-whnt w;tt·mor. • fOrmer pnstor of the. Presbyterian church cHurctl parlors, where ~n enter.tn1umen TI!IHPERATURE IN llA.l!A\?'IA. ·at Cohocton, will ollicinte at the Em- v;·epared by 1\Irs. Hurry El, Deuel was .St11.te.1nent of tcmRcrature in ·Baf:uvia, a• manuel BnlltiSt church next Sunday. On ·given; , \\'?rued at Lendlcy Dru!: Co.'s phcormacy; August lOth land !lOth tile Rev. G. JU. Evelyn. and ·Gladys Stroh pl?ycd ,?arp 1023 Hours l!l22. Reid, former pastor of the Emmanuel solos. Charlotte Erckert recited . The B-ig B;asliet 1-!ie.ni-c and Outing Sunday, August 12, 1923 Batavia· Ledge, L.O.O.M. for ·all 1\!oose, youi families and the· Women of Mooseheart L~o~ nt Godfrey's· Pond, Busses leave Moose Hom~, ElUieott street, at 10, lland 1 ·o'cloclr. l\Inny sport ·events w:lll be helcl and 11rizes given. A. .bllSeball. game between the men nnd. a tennv ol women from Roe:bc~ter 'Obap.ter, \Women-of Mooscl)enrt •Legion, wDl be played. Soft drinks! sa:ild\Viches, Cllndy, .Cigars, etc., w_ill be avallable on the gronrids, REMEMBER '.DEt1)l DAY~J.:-UGUST l2TH--'-NEX~l\SUND.&Y ,\ng.. H-~~ .......... n:~o ~'· m,_,,, .. ~•: Baptist chi. 1 rch in Batavia, will officiate Deares~ Mother,\. Kathlene c;rter told 1::~: f~~~:::::::::iJ;~ ~: ~::::::::::6~ nt the' Batavia church. what kmcl of babies nre wan~ed for the J';:::;::;:::;:::;:::;:::;:::;:::;:::;::;:::;:::;:::;:::;:::;:::;:::;::::::::::;:::;::::;:::;::;:::;:::;:::;:::;:::!J Hl,.>;he.t. -7'i ...................... _,.; ... 6ll 1\fnrion Collett and Elizabeth Roberts cradle roll; Ruth and ·Lnc1le Hawk~ •• · Loivest -53 ....................... - ... · .. 47 will ntt 11 nd the World-Wide guild party sang \Just a Smiling Little Sunbeam;' . at Ke,;ka p1ulc £rom A11gust 13th tq Mrs, Bnrta ga,•e· n re~ding, \Poppy ;w~:~,:~:5'&~1~~,s ,f.~;~r~~\{' c~~,'~'mi;it/~ ~~~~ 20th. Those wbo will attend the young Land;\ Ele~nor Whitacre rendmd piano t' • .._ ....... _,,,.,.., • .., ...... ..,.,,_._ _ _,...,... ...... ...,....,..,. .... ,., ................ - ........... ~.-..-h\\\''\\'\'\\\\!'.'\'~''\'· \'· ....,_.,.,.,_,.,.,~,.. •• 1 lil'(!r f'Oilles or Tho l\ews to ell)' sohscrlb. people's conference, which is to be held solos and MISS Gardner gave a few worcls ers wl1o bn>e not rocelveu tb'clr rogula\ at Cook's .Academy, Montour Falls, nt of greeting and farewell. • For the convenience of their customers the following named banks will be open at 8 a. m., an hour earlier than usual, on Saturday, August 11th, Dollar Day-: First National Bank Bank of Batavia Bank of Genesee cop[. t~~ JaFrl~:~·bay hns llot d•llvor-•<1 :vnur the sa!\e time, are John Phillips, 'Yal- At 4:30 o'~lock nil went to the dining COllY of -the pnper before 7 o'cloc-1<, tole· lace .S1mms and Elmm: Hough, room where ICe cream and wafers were .Candy Candy Candy DYER'S DOLLAR DAY phone .Uwt r,,,t to the Westorn U1~lon. - · served by Mrs. 0. E. Shepard and Mts. ~: 1 % 1 ~~ ot'~~~~t~~?rt~ 0 1 ~dbc~~ 1 ~~~d 9 . 8 e.~~~·ct~i~~ 'WOMAN fHOUQHT TO BE LOST Willinm CurrY allCl their helpers. lll\SSPn~or wiU he ••nt :o, your reshi<'nce . fOUND AT HOME AT BASOM ,.,.lth n ·('t1py of 'f'hJ !':'ews. No ebn:!t'gu will , I\ mn<l••· for this sorvioe Whil-;, Rochester police sem·ehecl the THE DARY RfMOOEII { city Wednesday afternoon and evening .Co~; Mary Pesproiak, thought to have be- come lost iu Rochester with ,$500 in 'rash and checks, she. was on her way P1·eshytf'lrhn J3ny Sr:out:;,_ 7;lfi p, m. horne to :Bnsom, in the tow,n .of Alnbamn, \Cnnron of the Pools,\ C::rmul thoa· to tqke cnre of her three children, ac., tP~cneaee county flHh nncl game pro• ·cording to information l'CC'P.ived by the teeti'<'•l ussoclnt!on, .>!.. J. Squlns's <>lllce, police yesterday, At first it was beli'ev· _ 8 ..:v_._m_. __ ::..~--------- ed t11e 'womnn hnd met with foul play .MERE 1\ffiNTION. when friends wbo went to Rr.chester with her were unable to fiucl her at the New York Central station when it was time Fresh Cut Gladioli SOc Dozen We have just received a fresh supply' of Mae Walker's -Women of St. James's clllll'~h who .for· their train to leave. 11';:=:=::=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:==::=:=:=:=:=:=:=:==::=:=:=;i:il .Jive in the northwestern part of i;Ile eity \ · I; will meet his e 1 •ening with ~II~. <::. Lee An·Ad In The News Reach•• the People. delicious Folger of No. 1 West nven uc; \F=============================m -Robert McDonald of La Ro:y, for- , m mcrlY of Batavia, !IUS taken the P\'!Sition Dollar Day as hlaclmuith fol\ the New Tork Central ' railrond, ·succeeding James \\'· K~tne. PERSO~AL. '\'l\a tts L. Ri~hmond of Buffalo w::as vis- iting in tow::t yesterday. Suzanne Kentner of Bnffnlo is visiting Pbyllis Goldbe•·g of North park. FIQwer Lovers, Attention! Now Cutting Beautiful Pink GLADIOLI ~also- DAHLIAS Prices Reasonable CAN·DY in bulk. Pop Com Fritters. Hoeflers Ice Cream in bulk or brick. Hoef!ers Sherbet. at i\!iss Isabelle Houseknecht of :No. 8 Wood stre11t is spending n few tlnys with Miss Lawrita Hnir<\ of Rochestm\ ~!iss Fmnecs Duffy of N·J. a :.Uix p 1 .nce is the guost of l\Irs. George G. Fonl of No. 129 Dartmouth slreet, Rochester. Willow Grove Gardens 42 .... · st Ph 251 1111 !linin ~acl, 3 Miles West of Batavia lf.Laln ' • one -.Lfl The Blanche Hat Shop We Deli\·er Phone 8,09·F·lS We Delwer We bave tlu~ latest designs in' Hats. , Onr stork is absolutely new. Special Hats at $1 ~nd $2 Originally <>ost. fro;m , $~.00 to ~12.00. Vj.sit Our Hat .Shop Dollar Day OVER. NO. '86 MAIN STREET ... Be Sure and Look Over Vaughan & Rider's Dollar Day \Ad\ in Thursday's Paper )Irs. IA!ttie Thomns of No. 0 \\linn street left this morning for T.!t:nobg, llieh.. where she will l•isit hot sister, llis, E. 1\'. Spoucer, Jny Gallup of flw Bethnn:y ron~ will leave tomorrow on a ten-dnys visit with ft·ienrls nud rejntives in JacJ.:so11, I,eslie ant] Mason, Mirh. ]Jisses ,Tosri>liine nne! Adelaide ~r.cCO'!'­ mirk and l\Iiss GNnlrlive Jo'. Deon ... y of No. lfl5 ~tlss stroot nro sprnding the weelc at Ril ver Lake. Mrs. Floyd. Arnold nne! son Vilmer. have returnPrl to their home in Warsaw nfter spencling a week wilh ltrr sister, 1frs. Clnude T, . Fox of No. ::17 I.io.wood nvcnuc. Fwwrnl of :\licbnel ·Giiboolcy. l'unerni servires for l\Iichnel Gilh<Doley, who died at the Bntnvla hospital Mnmlay night, were hel•i yestel'llny nt St. utnry•s church, the Rev. Henry A, Dolnu.. ofli- cnting. James P. TceuiJJan, George 1'7. lfcGce, llnrry ,V. Blossom, Thomas F • Cummcrton, Frnnk V. Honlil•nn nnd Thomas A. Houlihnn were tlm bearers. Among the flowers were piecPs {roll::! the · employes of Counrilmnn -<.'h~istophcr Cnsey, the truckman: E. A, Frie:lf-ey & Co., nnd friends, Out-of-town pcot> lc at the funert.l were Mr. nnd Mrs. EJ. B. ~'hompson of .T ohnstown and friemls 1rom ·Cn.Jmmlaigua. 1'he interment wns iri ~t. Joseph's ccme.tery. _ __;,. ___ _ Vinecnt J. Bmwn's Position. Vlncont J. Brown, son of Ur. nnd Jl(rs. John S. Brown or Xo. 138 ~Vest J!Jnin street, hns become nn engineering ap- 'Pt·entice for the Westing:wuse EJe ... tric & ruannfacluring Company nt East P'lil\- hurg, P.'l. Mr. Brown wns grnd11:.nted from Notre Dnruc Gniversity in Juu~ nnd ns the only member of his clnss to be .nc- · ccptcd by the ·westinghouse con1pnny- for' the privilege of pursuing the hvo-.;;I'Pnr eourse in enginPe•·ing, which is equlvn:lont to n post·gradunte course. Worketl For the Children's Home. Fortr attended n meeting of tho P'enrl strNl road all! FOC'iety at the home of Mrs. Nelson \Val ,!iron yesterday a :fier- . noon. Sewing ll'ns done on qnilts for the Childr.cn 's horno. Roll call \\l'os nnswerM by buntorous readings. '!:hose who assisted :.\lrs. Waldron in serving supper were :11Ilss Dora Nou1:4 Mrs_ E. A. Perry, Mrs .• Tames Brnyley n11d nrrs. I Hubert Brnyl'ey. 'I'he next meeting will ~~==============~=============:::!11 he held with l\lrs. Fred Carson on T~1lrs- '- dny, A uguat 2!ld. f Did You Cut Our Dollar Day Ad Out to hring i. t with you tomorrow? Our Big Dollar Day Ad Was i1J Yesterday's Paper Alberty Drug Co. Phone 908 The Photo Shop 122 Main St. at Bank ----- A. L. Amiliacy's Delel:'ate. l\fPml1C'rs nf• the Am(lrfc'nn LPgl11n oux- illnry met in the legion rooms 11t S o'c:Joclt lntit evening. Mrs. George Pfnnn 1rn<J electeU delllgnte to th~ New Tor!c s:tnte convfllltil)n nf tho A.mrr1~!ln LE>-glon RttiX .. I iUnry nt ~!lrutn~rt ~fJl'ingil from Sptcn::1her l3tll to luth IIownrcl A. '3eoley gave nn intc~t'Stlll~ tnn .• fl;\til.tl.tln~ the l1W ·out aml ronttno £'If tlH:! vetprnns' mouu~niu <'nlnp nt TuppQr lnke. E••nngolicnl Ladies' Program, 'fhcre WOl'P 15 nt the meeting Ol ·the ladies' aid soriPty of the Bvnugel 'irnl <'llureh, whirh '';ns lleld in the cbu: J'eh . par!Ol's J''\!Pt'dny nfternoOJt. lli'S. 1 I3nymd W. Fi$h~ll gave scvornl rondlngs. MiRS Bernirl? Be-tt8 vlnyt>d a (liano Rt-lt•r· tion nnd •nng a solo. A tureen JuYJrh was served. ---~- '1'. F. \'ootlwnrd 85 \Xcnrs Old 'roifJly. 'l'h~rnn F. \'ooclwnr<l of Xo. 17 I.ibe 1·ty \ StrrPt, the ''<'te-rnn nntrtvln A)lOb !lf\llltr~ js ohsc>rrlu~ hls ~i'Hb birthcllW vnnfrcrsary 1 to nay. ,\ttrntlou, Snortsm(ln I 1 R(lgnlnr rnt~c•ting of tlw Gt·UC'~t\e C'o1rtly 1 Flsh nntl Gntno Jlrotflctlve _'-\Fsoclntlon t'l I be h<~•l In A. J'. Sqnlrro's cfilrt\ Mn•o·nlc Temple, l:'rhluy erenlng, August lOih, ~ nt 1 .S o'cluck. 'J>; L.·Hnhn, .Tt •• ·~ecrfltnry.·A'fl'l. Dancing nt Rorse.,ho\ Lnlt.r. Daoclng Ct'~ry 'I'ueBclriy nnif Fi'JCiny ntqbts, with music l>y ll'cbbar's fl·pleco. orchestta.~:::A:::dv.::·c...... _ _, __ _ neo p1cnsure en ra nncl Reo sr1ecd wugo ::n& J. 1 ... ·Fb.ylor. No. 9 1\Inln strt'!ct. Bntn'l7in, N. Y.-Adv. ------ A THEATRE D G R N Continuou• 1 :30 to 11 P. l'tl. TODAY and TOMORROW G- Har~y Carey w i _:IN- .\Canyon of the Fo.ols\ You'll be on yqur toes wl10n Carey turns tile macblne gun on l1is foes Kmld the terrific rain stonn--wl•eu tho cavnlry charges Into the surging raphls-wl10u the hotel Is blown into mU· lions of atoms-allll when llnrry triumphs In the final smash· ing climax! ADVENTURE! DRAMA! ROMANCE! AOI'ION! ADDED ATTRACTION HAROLD LLO\vD in \NOW OR NEVER\ A •.rhree-reel ComedT FOX NEWS This Theater will not be opened until6:30 P.M. Today, out of Respect to the late President Harding SUNDAY-One Day Only Added attraction. youth, fighting ~d as only yo11th can! number two. ' Fiery- loving RotWd ''Fighting· Blood'' H. C. Witwer's new series. ....... '-41 ...... -. 11 Thl'ills and laughs. Vitagrapli Comedy Pathe Revi~w Take Advantage of Our Dollar Day Bargain Buy Specia.I Dollar Day Tickets, on sale at our Ticket ?ffice Saturday Afternoon and Evening Only. Four Admissions for the Price of Three. Ninety .. Nine Cents (99c), Including Tax Gooil Any Time if Used Witbln 30 Days Some pf the Attractions at the Grand During the Next Month Are MAE ~WRJ,iAY, NORMA T.AL¥ADGEI, RICHARD BARTBELMESS, POL.A NEGRI, THOUAS MEIGHAN AND REX INGRAM PRODUC • TION \TRIFLING WOMEN.'' Au Ad In ~'he News Reaches the l'eopol~ !M ________ ,_ _______ \\!l ___________ _. .. at the Nfolly Pitc~er You ~II Sfwe from 20c to 40c on a aollar by purch'asing your Candy from us tomorrow. Molasaea Cocoanut Hasll, 3 lba •.• -.~,~.~.,.$1~~ Pe~nuttinea, 3 lbs ............. -.·. · •.... $1.00 Asaortecl Milk and Dark Chocolates, :3 lbs. . . ·• ..• ·. . . ·· ... : .• :• •.• · ..•.. -. $1.00 Pu:re Cream Fudges, 3lbs •. · .• - .. ,·,;-.·.:···$1.00 Y c.u can have an assortment of these kinds a~ 3 -Ibs. for '• ..•... · •. ·:•:•t•r·=···:•1····· .$1.00 Cocoanut Squares, ~ lbs. r<•:· •.••.• , •. , .•• $1.00 Peanqt Caramels, 4 ll»s. . ....... ·• ... $1.00 Assorted Dark Chocolates and Bon Bons, 4 lbs. r • ••••• • •••• ·, •.•••••••••••••• $1.00 Milk Chocolate Peanui Clusters, 4lbs. $1.00 Pic'k out a pound of ea.ch kind, making 4lbs. for ........ ,.,., • ... ¥ • , , .. • ww•• ;· • 1111 .~ Saturday ·sunday Mystery! Suspense of tlle deepe&t sort-tingling thrills and merry roma.:nce combine to n1ak~ tlris ~me of the most unusual film plays of :the season. ANOTHER UNIVE~AL.JEW.ELL l REGINALD; DE:NNY . -1n- _ . . . . ~ __ _ ... ThB tlelightlui \two· reel production of one ol tlto H. c: W'it~~r\ stories, the most enjoyable short. length 'fcatut•e .on tho Barecn today. Cent1.1ry Comedy International News -- --·-.- . .:..- .,. j f;\T WGY. 11 •30 A. M.- 11 :~5 A. M.- 11 :55 A. ~!.- WGl 1~ .3~¥: ~r.= G :<•O P. M.- S:OO •P. M.- \VU.,., Pb 3 .oo P. ~r.­ u·4-5 P. M.- s:oo P. M.· 1VUASid 4 ·OO P. !o[.- 5 .00 !'. ¥.- 7 ;30' p. )1.- nso. Rt <C• 8:00 P. il!.- 11 oo, [ tC 12.:00M. ~ :i.Hi ft. 1\1.- ~;~g{:: ~:= CFC.\,' ~ :30 P. M.- 8 :00 !'· M.- WNAO,· 9:00 P~ ~I.­ Ii.Dfi'A-; .ll:a1 11 :30 A. M.- n·l5 PM.- 7 :20 r .. ~r.~ fftASSEY=I ro 1 TIDRD G TOi\10 East B~tll cross bala ' at Aust~'l p game will s Bet}!nny .fen team twi<•e derson look· ~Ianaget booke~l the Sundny gan park at 2: have 1 stron ly cham].lior to lose tl1ei1 1Vill 'be tht JUDfiE H1 • ~IILL JOHN E. • E. J3uffalo, . th,e Ecic < Erie, Pa., I 1ftime<l ;r ohr 1\pbet•t E. l PI!s for th' !1!\TIY, whi<-1 Ningnl'n F Hornell nn< 1\'arren, Pr 1 The reeei 000. It. \ creditors w l9r receiver lliat on .Tn Str::mg Con and llab!Jiti situation hr I. VETERAN ~DIE EDWIN;lli .1\S: l ·~washing!• veteran c· on staff o · uddenly at · e hnd be< ·time, ~Ir. Hooc fifty years ed Press.·: boy and as rorrespoudc macy and s r\\ount the in his iielu A.merlcnn ti Ho is su daughter. SUN YA1 .~nton,' ltary sitnat presaPd the Ynt Sen, 51 ~~, i11 ~e~ti Y11nnnese t pollit!ons or re~ding to~ hl!ll been le ,for' gu&.: ~l· El~ A.r Dt Ctl .2( '.., .~~ .n

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