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The daily news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1881-current, August 10, 1923, Image 7

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THF.J DAILY NEWS, B.~TAVT~ N. Y Ji'RI·PAY · E-vENING, AUGUST [0; 1923. PAGE SE~ J:.....·,..........,._·71_o..:-.1n_o__...r_·_ 'rl ___ o_w_<~_R~· :-a_il_io_. _P_· r,_o~tg---1·_-a_.m __ f · ' R\.i\LRDAl' J\tlgust 11th. 1 ll'GY, Seh.ent't•tad~· .. {381! met('rs) 11 •30 A. M.-~tocl< )nnt ·ot report. · ll :i5 A. M.-Wcathor recast. 11 :55 A. M.-'l'ime •ig tis. WGR. lh1ffftlo 1~611 meters) 1 ~ 00 M. -Organ rcdra). 4 ··10 r. ~I.-'foll·tlme llll'lc. fi :(10 P. i\1.-0rgun J:Oct.tal. 8 :00 ·P. ~1.-Dnoce m v~tt·, \.VU,. PhiJntleltl1lla, Pn •• (tJOlJ tnt'ten) 3 .00 r: ·~1.-.'lrtist ·l'qJitnl. \ n •45 P. M.-\Daselm.l 11?1Je. ~;:0~ P. M.--Dick Rt:::un.s <·rchostra. WIIAS, J'.qnls,•nlf; l{y, (400 m•t~rs) <Central atan<IP rrl time) -1 ·oo P. ~r.~orr;::an ·rc~lt:tl. 5 .OO p, ~[.-llltseb<~l SOOl'OS. 7 :30'P. :U.-Cor-tceU program •. J{SD, Rt. I.onf!; Mo. (·1110 m.,ttro) (Ccnttn.l standn rd Urn~) S :00 P. i\1.-DnnCI' m\l!ic. U 00 1 Dmcnriort. ·J(t. (484 mebrl) ·{Central alantlard time) 12:00l!. -Ciilu;il's conc•Nt. :-1 .Hi P. 1\l._:)fnSi'~nl prn~r!lm. H <30 P. l\I.-J:a£eabll f\oros. !!\301'. )J.-Duboe music. CFC.\, •rc1rBDfo, Ont •. (400 meters) ::! :30 P. 1\I.--nu1.ce mnd<\. · s :00 1'. M.-Gonc<n't Jli'Ogram. \V:NAO,- ~~st'ln, 1\lu~;s. (~78 mcterh) 9:00 P~ ~l.-:~nnee 1)1\IS!C. KfH\'A-; il:al!lti ·PlttslJurg, Pa. (320 t'letrrs) 11 :30 A. M.-~lnslc. 5 ·15 P :Thi.-.DlmtcL• concet•t. 7:20 r .. :\\!. ·OR<\Pl't {lt();:!ffilll, SUNDAY'S ·PROG~A~r. 'VO:Y. H(•l&em•rtndy (3HO ·lJleters) 7:30 P • .i\1.-~mnorlal ser~·i<'es. !l :00 P. '~f\~o meter a) 7 :?0 P. llf.-l'hurch sei•\'lces. \\\~AC'.~ JJ:o~totl, Mf1s'l, (278 :rtt>ler8) ll·Oo A. ~1.-PathQ<IraJ Chun•h of St. J•aul · S!'l'Vir!'S. 6:15 P. ~L-J;:\'C>Itlllg se-rvlc£1f:; .. l{Y\1', Chlcngo, IJI. 134~ ·metero) fContrnl Rlan<lfll'<l tf me) 10 on A. ~f.- :\II'Jrnlng F>E'r\'tr('s .. 5 .0~ P. ~f.-t'fiJJl'C'l't Jlrogrrun .. rFCA, 'l'oronto. Ont. (10(1 meten) 8·1.1 P. )L._L'otH.'I:'rt [trOd'rmn. n·oc. Dl\l'f'U}IO[t. In. ('184 meters) CCt.:'mral $0tawinrl1 tlm~:) 9 .on A. \\L-Hnc>rPtl <'hi mrs con~C'rt. R no P, :\I.-1·~\Pnlng· t-t>L'\'iCl'. 0:00 P. ,-CODC(ll't ·progmm. WHA•. LoulRvltle, Ky. (100 ·roet.r•) 10:00 A. '' 1 f~_:~h~t 1 rl~l~a~~~;;~i~fl~lrne.) 4:00 P. i\I.-C'onNrt progrtitn, SCOUT COURT OF HONOR - AWARDED ~IERIT HAD6ES HIGHEST llANI\ CONFERRED 'CP· ON FRANI\ SINGLETON. Dr. H. A. Harvey preside.d n t a •p~eial m~eting of the Boy Scout court of MASSEY= · RRIS PLAYERS .JHlJtor Wednesdny evening. ~·aunce ' TQ PLAY EAST BETHANY Stnkel ()f troop No. 1 wns a'\vnrded merit badges in Jniniu~: and scholarship. This is the Yrst merit bnclge in mining ever a wnrded in Batavia. 'I'HIRD G-'\liE OF 'l'HE SKlSON Frank Singleton of troop No. 1 was TOi\IORROW A~'TER:-IOON. a wnrded merit badg\\ in bird Rludy, East E~thany's bnsoball tenm will again ramping, cnrpeutr.r, handicraft. .Alexan· cross bai.S with the :Uassey-Hnrris nine der Corti of troop 'Xo, 1 received merit at. .Aust~'l park touionow a(tcrnoon. The badg<'s in rnrpcutry nntl ban<licraft. game wj]j ·sta\•t· nl 3 o•dodi. The Eu>t l•'m'nk Singleton won tho ro~uirod 21 Bet]!nny .feam ·has de(cttted the i11dustrinl merit bndgos n'll!l was nd~ancecl to the team twil'e thfs •enson, but l\lnnager An· rank of Eagle Scout. This is the high- derson looks for n \'lrtory tomorrow. est rank tltnt can be awarded to a scout l\Innagg~ ,Aifl<'t'i of t.he Xutionnls hfls nwl at PI'<'Ncnt there \ato only ten Engle booked the Eustl~rs of L~ llny for tho Scouts in Bntnvin. Sundny game to be plnyNl nt lleadow ' park at 2 :30 o'rlo<'k, Th\' ~n tionnls Cnll for aervlre. You'll .!Hid It sn•wercd 1 have a strong rrairu 011 th~ <'ity n~d roun- l>v ·ono or tho little nds In the Business ty cham])ionsllip and nre determined not J Ser~·lce group, L'lnsslllr.atlon 18-30, in to lo<e their h<.l<l. Ryk.- nnd Raymond I Tho ~ews dassltlcll pngo tod.ay. \Vill'be the br.ttery for the Xationals. ·- . JUJJfiE HAZEL APPOINTED II ~ J JhtJI\· • mLLER.s'JRONfi RlCEIVERS u.didJ . JOHN E. IiRIEGER IL'ID ~OBERT I ~ :7 1 E. POWERS JSA:\IED. : J3ulfalo, .Aug. 10.-0n npplirntion of tb,.e Erie conn ty :\lilk .\ssocintiun of : Erie, Pa., Ferlrrnl Jndgo .Tolm R. Hazel · tl'r!.mcrl .Tnhn g_ 1\riegPr of Buffalo and ' Rpbei't E. Powers of Armour as receiv· : ers lor tho ~Iiller-Stt·ong nt·ug Com· I J!f\ny, whieh oporntf's stores in llnffal~. Xingam Fn!ls, .Tilntcstown, Oncontn, Hornell nnd \\-ntortm,·n, and Erie and \Vnrrcn, Pn. . 1 Tile :receivers gn\·e .inint bond of SilO.· ()()(). It, was Utiderstoocl that othr•r c~ilitors were associated in the nqu!'st Soothe baby's moist. easily-chafedskio with . llest!Or lJal}j-Best/Or 1611' Tr.Y the Dn1g Store Finf (\)r rcceiverslrlp. T.he romplnint stater! I lliat on .Tnmmry 1, 1023, the 1\liller- · --= I Str;:mg Compnny had assets of i)H!l,711:: : and liabilities of $220,5·18 nnd that the ' situnUon bnd remnine1l un~hnugecl. s. s.:s. :keep~ away' 1 VETERAN €0RRESPONDENT p • Jes ~~~ED Ar THE ~em oF 65: . Imp .. EDWIN'lii.JUlOD '\YAS .ljOlW :WITH ·THERE are Ulousands of women 1 ~SSOt:l'Al'ED PRESS. wlto wonder 'WhY their complex• ·~wnshingto 11 , Aug, 10.-Edwin l\I. Hoo•l. ions do 11ot improve in sp!!e oJh~ll vetoran cor~·esJlOII<ient !lf tho Wnshin~· the iacc trea~ents the7 u • Eru Y on staff of the ,\.s\oeinted Pre'\ di··d sltouldnotcontmue t?WGnder. f P• · · ' . . ttons come rom · udclonly at ·h!s bo;n; !~ere enrly todn). bloo<l impurities ·• e had be~n m lntllng he~th :for son:r d lac'· •hme, an a.. .... :ur. Hood 1vns jnst nbout to rou>ld out ~~~' 0 3 ~;k~;~!I~d;~:d fifty years .,( ser,·iee with the ,~ssocint· ed Press.· HB entered it its•l\ messenger. boy nnd as .he admnccd to tile rank of n · rorres]>Ondent he chose the field of clipJ,. mncy and stnte nlfairs for his worlt. Tn r~ount the list of news ben t!l he nchie>ed in his field would bo lo allnost re·de\ .A.merioo.n diplomntic histnry of his cln;- Ho is survil·ed by a widow nnd o daughter. Ho wns O:i yenr~ old. SUN YAT SEN 1 S REfilfrlE THOUfiHT SHORT=LIVED .Clanton, Attg, 10.-Student;.< of the w' ltary situation in Sout b Chihn tndny \ pressPrl the bPlief that the regime of Hu:• Ynt Sen, sOtitbPrn constitutionalist Jo.I·l &r. ls destin•d to he short..itvPd. f';nn · Y1mnnooe troops hav• evacuated th\ pollil!ons on the nort!J rh·er and .11:1.'~. pl'O· <'e~•ilng townrd the mgt rir:er 1 ~ectut, ;t Iearnt>d. one of m o s. t powerful, l'apid: and effec· tive blood cleans• ers known. S.S.S. builds new blood-cells. This is why S. S. S. routs out of your system the impudti.es which cause boils, pim· :Ples blackheads, acne, blotches, ec• :o:em~ tetter, rash. S. S. S. is a re• . :111ark~ble :(lesh-builder. Tltat's why underweight people can quickly build ll!> their lost flesh, get back thei~ 11onnal \Weight :Pink, pllllllp cheeks, bright eyes, and \pep.\ s. s. s. is sold at all l0<1d. druc iJtorcs in two slzcr. ~ho larccr alzo :i• more economical. I)ollar Day / Spe.cials . :Batavia F;ld vicinity, take advantage of the cut prices ,for·Dqllar D~~· We are offering the following articles, fully gu aranteed : : . .. I \ Sale P.rice El'~ctricJ/lt-ons . . . . . . . . . . $ 3.95 Elet!tri¢ /f oasters . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 4.00 :ArmsftonJ Table Stove ........ $1().50 Dupl~ Hot Plates .. , . . . . . . . . . $ 8$0 Curlilg Irons . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . $ 2~95 . ~grJ;iscolJNT ON ALL FIXTURES I ANDLAMPS . !: Other _Electrical Merchandise greatly reduced. ·! Come m and see us; ·we .are glad to show yot1 our great values. I ]l_atavia Electric S~ore I 45 )l.iAIN STREET . LA VOGUE Dollar Day Bargains A MIGHT'Y CELEJJRA.TION~ HERE Of the Greatest Bargain Day of All the Year. All 'Previous I>oll;ar Day Values Will be Eclipsed in These Offerings. This Store is Prepared as Never B.efore to Serve 'You Best on IDC!:>Har Day. A Double Force of Courteous, Thorough- ly.Efficien~ Salespeople and O'Ur New De:r;:>artme:nts Give Us IDo-uble the Room. Co111e Here for Ladies W ea .. ing Apparel Bargains $10.00 Dresses A special group of Silk Dresses in Pong~e. Printed <'repos, Cantons, Tub SiJko;, etc. :\'early all sizes and colors. Values up to $25.00 $1.00 Slip-on Sweaters Good All Wool, Assorted Colors nnd Sizes. Values up to $3.00 $1.00 Billy Burkes and ·Pajamas In Fine Nainsook nnd Crepe. The Most W()nderful . . Dollar Day · Coat Bargains 'The Greatest Sale of Coats EvEr Jleld in Batavia 200 Coats to be slaughtered on t:bls day, inc1uding Tweeds, Po lairs, Overpl::~.ids, in new side tied01o-dels and swinging belt- less types. Swagger, youthful lines, r-evealing pleasing varia- tions in :fabric, eolor and style, attbe:EolJowing great reductions $5 ·$7 $9 $11 $13 $15 Values up Values, cp Values up to $12.5() f:o $19.T5 I to $22.50 Values up to '$?5-00 Values up to $27.50 Values up to $29.75 Ladies and Children• Hats L\'i STRAW, FELT, SILK .AND CO~miNATIONS. d IN DIU)SS,AND SPORT !IIODELS, ~ $1.00 Values up to e6.00 $1 .. 98 Ladies and Children& Hab p Values up tQ. $'7.50 $5.00 Ladies Hata 'Very Exclusive Patt~rn Ha!J, Values itp to $~.00 Values 11p to $15.00 ·$1.00 ·1 All Higher Priced Coats Eed.uced Accordingly $1.00 Ladies Corsets l'\ew Numbers nnd Discontinued Numbers. Values up to $4.00 $1.00 For Four Brassieres Values ~tp to 50.c Each $1.00 Ladies Waists In Fancy and Tailored Styles, in C()tton and Silk. Values up to $5.00 $1.00 Beads LndiPs Bends in All Styles nnd Colors. Values up to $3,50 $1.00 Six Ladies Handkerchiefs In Plnin and Fancy Styles, in White and Colors. Values up to 25c Each. $2.00 Ladies White Surf·Sn tin Skirts Values up to $7.50 Ladies Silk Gloves· 4 pnirs All Silk Short, formerly 75c, fot• .......... , ... $1.00' 2 pairs All Silk Long, Corm~rl.v $2.00 fot• ......... , ... $1.00 (in small sizes only) Let \' $2~00 $5.00 Ladies Dress Cllildrens Coats Skirb Summer Coatll, In Serge, Poplin a10d txp-to-date. Silk Poplin. Values up t() $7.50 Values up 'to $12.98 Gingham and Voile Dresses, All Up-to-Date Models, 1 V al~~s up tO!< $9.75 $2.00 $3.00 Hlg:h Priced Silk Waists Corsets In Georgette and Crepe de Discontinued Numbe.rt. Chine Wa.isbl. \Vnlu::es -up td $10.00 Values up to $9.\75 Linens and Ratine, ~ll Up-to-Date Models. Va1uea up to $17.50 I Great Reductions in.. All Mercha.Tfldise Throughout the Store j !No Exchanges No D~e Bills No Charges All Sales Final $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 Porch Dresses l.,;adies Hose Le1di~s Petticoats Ladies .. TraveliJ;lg Gilod Quality <ilngham, 12 p:airs 25c Hme,- .... $1.00 In '\Wlhlte Muslin With Ul Sizes, Cplors nnd Styles J:mbrold!!cry Floun~. Bags 6 pairs I>Oc Hose .•.••. $1.00 A Wonderful Vlues up to $3.<JO 3 pairs 7'.5c Hme .•.. , .$1.00 Va!a1es up to $1.50 Bargain, Ladies Crepe Kimonos Values up to .$2J50 $1.00 Leather Vanity · Boxes f ~nt4!nlnr Mirror, Elcet:rlc Ll,bt, Purse, etc. Values up to $2.150 .1.00 Silk Hose Full Fashioned Sllli: Eos• 'Witll Clocks and Plain. Black, Brown and WAfle. Va.lues up to $2.00 $1.00 l,;adies Slips ' In Ns.insook, Crepe and Sat!M!, White and Colonr. Values up to ~2.98 $1.00 Ladies Chemise In Nainsook and Ore~, .r in White and Coin~. Values up to $2.00 $1 .. 00 Ladies Night Gowns In Crepe and NainS()Ol:, in White and Colors. Values up to $2.00 a Want Ad·Work for You i I· . l . i !· ... .. l I f.. ~ ~ I ., ~. : I, t: ~ t ,l •!' ~ )

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