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NEWS, B;;lTA V!A. N. .-·~. Y.,. S.t\TU!m~y Blount's Business .School Fall Open.ing September Fourth J?rcpar~s yqung ·J!€DJlle for ·iiusiness and places, them In .positions when ·competent, .All of jqst ~ear's pupils arc cmplpyed, ·and· caila have boen -received for many rno1•e than we could filrJJish, '!'be 'surest way to n SUCCESSFUL BUSIN)l]SS CAREER ;s through: TIIOROUGU TRAINING IN BUSlNI!lSS ~\tETHODS, COU\tSE~ OF S'l'UDY: Stenography, Typc\vrlting, 'Bookkecpin,g, Ollico 'Practice Methods, Spelling, Penmanship. Write or call personally for further information. I Sarah M. Blount, Principal Seliool •pl~one 43·AI . . ·Residence ilhone 707·~ 102 ~fain St .• B~tavia, N. ~. Mondays R~dio Progran , \1l'GV. SchenePtlulv ·CSSIJ .mfltert)' :11·:lo A. ~r.~ollic:lni tiruo sign~ls: 12:01 !', ~r.-stock market renorts. · 12 ·~I} P; )f,---:w\''athe-r :for{'cast. l·:oo· P; M.-Mnslo filld nddre••· . {1 •Op 1'; 1L-Tlnsehnil. scm·os. 7:1a .P, i\1.-Dnoce music WGE, BtJII'alo n!fl mderal '1!3·01) l\1. -Ol'f\:lli t•ec!tnl. ll:3a P .. \[, -Dfunel' conc\t. , . !1'00 P •. ~.-Concert progr!\.m. ._,: \VEAF, :!!o.w l'ork (40Z motera) · 4 :00 1'. 11!.-Conaert program. ; ~ f~ ~: ~i:=~~~g~rE 001 ;:!r•m .. 1 :10 ·oo J>. M.-\Luaky Ntrtke\ trchcstra. :; ~KSD, St, .loula, ~to: (400 111eloro) \ !Central. standard time) ; r .s :00 P. M.~Mt!slcni •program, • OFCA,. Toro•t<>, Ont. (400 motors) ·: !l·M·P. :11.-Muslcal program, · •. 8:00 P. llf.-Coni!Prt program. \VH-48, Loui~Yillo, J[y. (CIKJ m•tors) · !Centtlll $lnndarq tlmeJ · i• ~;gg ~: ~;=~~:fbaftn~g~~~~ orellestra. WOO; Dlll'f~l,ort. Itt. (1M m~f(!J'A) ; ORCH·'RDJS'Il'S' TOU· R : ·~ :00 M. (~/:WI~te~~ g~n~~e~t~lme) :ll J: · . . · ·' :i :~IJ P. !I!.~Muaical P~Oll:rilm. NEXT WEEK J:U£SDAJ'' ti::iOP. !J.-Bnsebnll seorQs. EVENING, ~UGL'ST 18, 1923. PAGE SE~ ·r . MAY WIRTH, RIDER, HEADliNER AT FAIR FA.~IOUS EQUESTRJENNE WlliL BE • SEEN .IN ~Ji;E ACT~ AT THE EXPOSITION. MORE FLOWER BEDS It; TUB :PARK .Among tlte headliners of the free at- tractions. Of the Genesee county fair, ft·<>m ~eptember 18th, to 22d, wi.l be .tbe 1\Iay Wirth equestrienne act, which was for- merly a feature· of Barnum {X; Bailt\;v's and Ringling brothers• circuses· and a big hit on the Keith vaudeville circuit. For -.-·-- THIRASHJ:NG COAL LARGE ~ITI\IPS :F\RANK IHOMAS •68 JAC~Os; ST&EET BATAVIA, N. Yo ·. _. . . . . YONKERS HlfiH SCHOOL LAD I~==:::;:;::::::=:::==:==::==:==:==:=====::==:==:===::==::==:==::==:::~'!.PlloFEsson c. n. cnosny OF coa. STATE TENNIS CHAMPION :rsELL AND Ol'HER. 'rO AN· S\'ER QUES'J!IONS, severa~ years Miss Wirth \lYUS billed by Barnum ·& Bailey as the \or! d's great· l\t barebnek rider. She ;_s assisted by \Phil a crack riding comedian. Miss Wirth is a member of the famous Wirth family <>I eq4esfrienncs, and at You (am't the Cow 8lllt- ScreeniK.·, Yard Neff's$igns ''THE QUALITY SHOP\ i:T,J:::Ci'RIC.AL AND COMMERCIAL Signs of All Kinds MADE AND SHIPPED ANYWHERE 72MairiSt. Phone 307-J ; STAn FROM BATAVIA AT ? o~CLOCJC. Nel\<.t 'fbursilay has been seleetetl aos l the •late for n tour of the fmit district · ; of Genesee <!Ottn ty •by the orchardists of ' th.0 co,tnty. '£he ft·uit growers hav~· : never held a general tour of the count:y. · nQd n large number are expected t~ mak~. ' the trip, l'rofcssor 0. R. Crosby e>-:f -Cornell university, nn entomologist ~>1 , na.t!611al reputation; Dr. E. F. Guba D-:1 Corneil, n plant pathologist, nnd P. r. Chapman. s:pecial field nssist~nt frofrl · ·cornell with. ·the farm bureau,. wiU ma~e ·delllonstrntio:ns and answer q\lestloni!! for the tonri.J.1g orrbardisls. Tho stnrt will bo mnde froiD Batavia, nt D o'clock. The growers are to meef: on IilLicott street, just northwest o( the LeltiJ~ Volley l'ailroad erossiug, They may bring a bnsket lunch or p~n:chns~ their 1.-unch at Pavilion, where a stopr. . will be- mode nt noon, 'l'ho tour will ~neE 'early in the aiternoon, proDably about <I; o'c 1o:k. Poillts of special interest te>- . fr11it growers will be visit~d nnd ther~ will be- a diiscussion of spraying qnti: dusting: results and -of insect and plant. 'tlisenGe injuric& on nil kinds of trees. The Sornell e:xtJerts wiU conduct the tlio- L----------------------------•111 cussions. Demonstrations to sbow bow- lo Just: qud to use liquid r,prny will be Pot a new roof on your old 1nac1e b:y n practirnl orcbnrdist. William Rand, blgh school lad of Four lorn! meetings for orcl1ardlsts Yonkers,· photographed ns he won the will be held next week, .u foilows·: New York state boy's championship in 1'bo:nns Rooney's fnrm. Elba, 1 p. m., the recent state tenms tournament. Wednesday; .Fred B. Hnzleton'8 .:farm, 3 the present time her fn~ber is qnning a large clrcuil in Austrl!lia. Her ilct in- cludes remarkable some!'ilau)ting from tbe bac~ of one horsJ to that of anoth2r · gohtg at top speed. It is claimed !bat her forward som~>reat>lt hti« nt-vcr ·been achieved by any other rider in the worlt), She turns flying ca.rtwhecl3 iu ti{1Je with ber steed and leaps to a gr~tcolul pose <>n his back. As a· climax t~ her act she appears with huge wicker baskets strap- P d to her feet, and even with that un- gainly encumbrance vaults lightly to the bock of her horae as he pl.unges arou.:td the ring, While her horse. runs around n 42-loot regulat• ring Miss \Virth does !light somer. snults on his bnek.' She woo higb praise when she perform\<! in \C'·be<~· l:p\ at ·tho New York Hippodrome. One critic wrote that she \not only brought the roost mng~etic personality that has be m seen at the big plnv-hou\o since Char. lotte's Bensntionnl debut twv neasons ngo, but she brought a rea.J. thrilling novelty, which seems destined ·to mnko her the heroine of all clrt::!Ul·lovllr bo;ys and girls.\ \Phil\ furnjshes a livelr brand of. com- edy which siands out in 1trong contrnst to the daring riding tricks \9ntributed by Mi$8 Wirth and her lamHy. Will Rogers played with the Wirth circUB in A ustrnla, nnd Charles Chaplin, a.fter see. ing Miss Wirth )lerlorm, ,,role in her nutogrnph hook, \\Vith admiration to a wonderful artist.\ Yon ca:J r:make each cow a. betteri:EJ1cstrnent by keep- ing flies '()ff, \\'e have the dope 1:ha.t , .... m keep every fly a way- or kill evecy fly it touChes. .Absdl1tel}\!' no owner of live stock ca:m afford to do 1vithout it. Dr. Willi:ams Fly and fnsect )ileslrmyer, gal. $1.4C ~ gal101. 1 , .. _ ..................... ~~\b~~j~~E r4 gallor:t ... - ...... .,_ ... , •.•.•. SOc· :Bol> \Vhitore Sttre Death Fly Kilf.er (colol'less and --::P<\ stainless} per gaUon .. $1.50 The best glass Jar Spray Gun yot:.t ever bought. on1y .... v.-85c Black: Dim11:1ond lice Powder -·· .. -- ...... - ............. _,, ____ ,.,_3Qc Hamrno:r1d Slug Shot, 5 lbs. for .. - ............ ~··:~\··-· .. ·-···· .... -75c The Steele & TMrance Co., In.c. The Stora WitT) th:cL.atest ancl Best 86 lvLAI:N :STREET .. , ' '· BATA:VJA. N~ J., Genasco Latite Shingle~ are better adapted for layinr over old wooden shingles than any other roofinit- They lay ti~?;htand stay thlht because'they' re locked toi'ethcr. r.e l1w~ 7 v. m .• :veanesday: rare: bu·,SIX SOLD PRODUCTS TODAY rcnu ofiiee, Eatavtn, Thursday IUiht; ' . r· E BLIC MARKET Pa,-i!ion.. 9 a. m., Friday. Tho scientific AT ·H Plf . and practical [loints of !mit growing Sir dealers offered their proil::ce for will bo discussed at t~ese meetings_ Sflie on ihe Ellicott street public market Profe,.sor Crosby, Dr. Ouba and !Lr. · tMs morning, following the official open· Chn!)ma:o will neeompan:; n tou~ of Wr· ing by n recent resolution of tho (.'()m· omiDil county IJ•uit gl'owcrs next Satur· mon Connell. l3uyPrs in large number~ day. w~re present, but tho general ~omplaint Exposition park has been m!de more beautiful than ever ior r.~is yla.r's :fair by the <!onstructi<>n of addlti<>nlll flower beds and by general lands~ape. gardening, 'rhe superiorliy of the Batnvla fair equip. went O\\er tlu:t of '\\'esterr New York fairs. which have already been l1eld is frequently commented upon. Tb() grand· ~;~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!~~!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~if stands at ot!Jiir places, for instance, hare •• only VfOoden benches without backs, while the grandstand at Exposition park is LATITE SHINGLES e2n't curl or flap. The weather can't bud~re or dam- &Ee th.e.m. They are water proofed with Trinidad Lake Asphalt Cement. Comt in and .. See that Key. •• equipped with comfortaiJle seats. The prices chareed nt the Bntavia fnlr inr admission to the grounds and to the stand are as low as at other fairs. Preparations n~e lming made for a seemed to be that nrtlcles in grentost de- Grnesep rounty potato growers' tour Jato mnnd were not offorf'd fot• sale, KNJfiHTS OF COLUMBUS . this mootlt. Eggs, poul!ry, butter, potatoes. summer ARE fiOJNfi TO 'LAKESmE squash, nnd other \<'setnbles were most li<Jspital l\otes. in demand, whil~ apples and sweet corn Four hundt•ed person,, mnmbcrs of lla- Ziriss EPlm Zwetseh of 1\o, 22 Cen· ·Mre the main off~rings of this morning's tavia Council, Knights of CoLumbus, and •raJ nve 11 ue has been discharged ·from mnr.ket. Those dealers who 'vere pres. their families will attend he l'<luncil's an. the llatnvln hospital. ent appeared to be l'ntirrly satisfied with nun! Jli!'nia tomorrow at Lakeside park Ed1vurd Carroll of T.e Roy nnd J'~mes the fir•t day's busine!.'S. The mnrkN will on T.nke Ontnrio. Tho Knights 1vill meet llnl!ry snbmittPd lo operations at St. he held Tuesdays, Tbursijnys and Satur- nt the home on Enst )In in street nt 0:30 -..--,.---...,.~-------.---. Jrmittc's IIOSPilnl todny. doys, ·.....,. \'- - -· o'clock and go to the picnic grounds Ia • --- - Liberty Street Lumber & Antho.lly He<simoue of O.akficlfl 1 'us Funeral ot CJ 1 arles 'I'. Wiard. automobile•. There will ho trnnsportn- h~MIJJO a me<li<nl Jmtient at St. Je. F\unernl services for Charles T. Winrd, tion for all not l1nving cars. provided ~ . Coal Company rom«'s :hospital. ·who dietl at St . .Terqme's hosJ,>itai .on Wed- they are. nt the home at 0:30 o'clork. --- Liberty Street, Opposite Gun Work! • rfl'~UI• Bulmore • ol No. 11 South :nesda;r ~fternoon,: were held nt; .2 o'clock There wdl be band, co~eerts :tnd' n pro- j Sjlrlxco streot_ subm•t_iotl to an operatiou :ye!terdny nftcrn<~on at the home of his g1•am of sports. A dtck~n dmner w111 ! ::::::::~:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~=~ nt lbr Balnl'ta hospttnl. .an;lgnter, Mrli. Harry w. Pr<llc of No. 32 be serred. ------- Handy Way to Subscribe This- con~enlent cOUJlOO is pruvlcletl ror thosP wl1o r~d 1'be News occa· 1 Jonally. \Vhy not 1111 out a111l rrturu this l't;?IIPDn to1!ay. ami bafe sour name entered on the regular subscription liat? 'l'har. 1VIll msure sour oot missln: 1 sil1{,1e Issue. · Grikwold II: lolcWain, In~ .• Batavia, N, Y. - 1 i:ee I want Tl1e Uaily .News regularly, my 'name for tl1rce moo tua•· subscriptiou. Here's rny $1. Please tmter NL\IlD •.••••••.•••••••• , ••••••• , •····· J••••••••••••••••••.••••••••• POS'l.'Oirb .... ~CID I' •••••••••••••••••• -. •••• I I •••••••••••••••••••••••••• STREET No. on Ii.F.D ............. ! .................. ·, ••••••••••••• B't &!AIL-In the countl~s oC Genesee, lllrle, Llvlng~ton, Monroe, Niagara Oril'ana and \Vyo~nlq..: S4 per •e:u. t2 for six months, ~I tur three months, 4A centa ror o11e ILionth. In the United ~fates eaet or tile Allo•loolppJ river nnd tn li:Hatem t:oun<la, U.M 11er year;. ~2-~5 r!'r sis monthst $1.211 for tbre< months• liDo !nr one month. In tho united ~tntes west ot tlle l\llseloelpnJ river and in 1\'eotcrn Canadn, ~~ prr Y~lll:l ~2.fill tor 1<11 mont11s; $Ls:5 tn> three mont,_hst dO celill lor on\ month. Large Crowd at Horsesh<Jc l..a,l1e Dance, :Dellinger a~e~ue, the Rev., Cha:ns 'Y· Told to GQ JJsck f<> HI\ JoD. One of tlw largest crowds of the sea- \Wnlller ot!kmtmg, The bearers w £'re ~tl· One mnn was nrrniJ:Dcd be! or<' Cil:r 1 •on atlorrded the cla.nce 11t Horseshoe Jake :aJert A. Prole, Howard Bell, Lee F. Kmg- Judge r.e SPur this moming for pub lie jn. last nlgloct. 'I'be weather' wns deligh.tful· «'!on, C. N. Dean and Miner }lucklnnd. toxication. As tbo Court was informed J ly roo! ror tltlndng and the crowd had a ...Aml)ng the flowers was '& Piece from. he was n frequent offender, the man wns fino time. Dancing is held ench Tuesdny clntis 4 of Preebsteria11 Su1_1day school. finl'd $1 and· told to ~Pt intn the fruit nnd Friday night. There \viii be a L:nbor Frl~nds nttended thP. funeral from Ber· soot inn, \vhoro h~ said h~ had been work· • rlily nlgb.t dnncr nnd probr.bly lwo or sen, Rochester, r,~ Roy. ~Yron and EI- ing recPntl;. , thi'Ce otb~r~ bPfore tho S(>fl~oa cJgses. on. Int~ranent was in the ;Byron Center \------- . Neither One in the nronoy Divis~. cem~tcry, ------- Uee 'an ad to The New•. i'il'ith~t- of tho Batavia horses rnberetl Fire Destroyed & Shed, in the mccs nt the Albion f4ir yesterday Fire destroyed a lihed in the rear of A [[ H b d . plnreil In !he money di>ision. JhnDiie t]le resident'e of John w. Coupland, No. us an s · Dircr:-t, own.ctl DY Conneilmnll Christopher 56 Pearl street, at 10:30 o'clo~k ·last {Jasry, nod I'rinre T,yudou, owned ~Y night. An nlarm. wns sent in ·from Box Should Stud:u G~orgc Hi. l'hC\IJ'\• were the Bntavm 37 11 nd wbPn the tirPmen reached the · 'J . horses Nrtrrod. s:ccne the .shetl wns destroyed, S!Jbt-o Builtling a Tool Shc.l. Truly Mlrotculou• Escape. A smnn tool shed is being nddeti lo .A miraculous escape trol:)l death, or tho stnte highway depnrtment•s set of at lea.m: serious Injury, befell a five- buildings <HI \~:~lnut stree>, on properly h , 0 wned br I!m·ry w. IJI'iber, superintend· ..-eaJ··old boy while traveling throug -<>nt of stat~ highway maintenance wcrk Armitage, a few miles from Llchfield, in G~11ose<l roJnlty. li!l .ll!.e Mnnchest~r to Lond-on express. . . rhe lloy 1vns belnt held on his father's Wives' Moods What do wives want? · 1r ;;onr ad Is 7end you w!li get reuxltl. k::nett when .suddenly the ~arrl11ge door ..An net In 'J:bo KE:'ws is rend by nver 4 lt~OOO ll!ew O.llen ruid before the startled =~~:=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~=-~-~~~:::~~~~~~~eo~~~e~R~=~~Y-~n~~~~~t~.~~~~~~==\~~ro~~~~~llieU~ = c:llnp bad slid from ll!s fntller's knee ltlld dlsnpp!'nred out or the door. The t.aln.. wns traveling nt nenrly sixty !Dlles an hour; they pulled the com· IDUIII~ntlon rord, and two minutes later the trnln came to a standstill. ~he boy was found by the side of the •track. He had only three slight lVounds on the_head and IU'!Ds, and was dlle to rontlnue the journe:r aft~ Husbands whu hm·e •tudied or~r that qurtition witlw'ut nny· np!mrcnt rt 1 SUlt5 may learn somPtliing <lf interest by a I· tending the Dellinger theater .today and tomorrow when the Universal all-star at· traction, \Whnt Wivl>s \Yant'' Is sl1own for th~ first time JomJl.,r. \What 'Wives \Vnnt'' is nl] originnt· stor;o- \\'rittt>n around n problem thn t is larg~ly rt>spon- sible for fhe present clogged condilion of the dvoree court calendar. Fargo'~ Ice Cream aedlcal attention. -~---- Caatle Built From Rubblah. The story crnters mound a young married couple who are ideally mntPd and who Jove each other. But the husbD.IJd is so busy making monpy that he u:qcon· sciously neglects his wife and she ~earches elsewhere for the ntt£>ntion sho craves. This she finds nnd but for the timely in· ter!erence of an outsido influence, would have givm up all ineluding honor. The tnle rrnehes a most C'Oinpf'lling climax.-Adv. It's Delicious Mr. Thomas Kemp, an Inventor, has b~IIt a modei ca.!tl& out of old bed- sr:~ds. gas lamps, and eh1na 1n b!s garden nt Abbey Wood, Lonqon. It Is a. 11erfect miniature of Leeds castle; ~nldstone, 20 feet wide, with two tow· ers 9 teet 10 lnc:...es high. The door Is grained to represent :2()o.year·old oak, and there nre twenty·!!\'e stained- gl.nss wln~ows. A cllUrch tower, near a donie made !I:\Ol\1 an oilsto~e. will llaYe a smllll set o1\ tubular bells, Dailey's Undertaking Estab]ishment 8-15 State Street Ther.e 'sa Fargo DetZle 1· Neat· You The front oi' the castle and mo!lt . : ralls are studded with colored ·granite, rock; stone, rn w glnss, china and coral. 1 I ~ Turl<ey Chose Odd Nest. A Kansas fnrmerl\tte whose turkey 1 1r:;JS not lnying eggs where It should, ' dechled to find Its nest nnd followed tit e bird tlown n pnstur~. where she lost .sight of it. The fnrmerette snw n lnrge hnwk hovering a little ahend m3d r:-ontlnnlng on suddenly snw the : t\ukey flappin·g Its wings to keep the h11::wk from a pralrle c}Jickeu's . nest, , There was one tUl·key egg with fifteen '·(ll'~lrle chiN> en C6gs in the nest. m·er l wblch n rnmpm·.ntln'l;r tnme. prnirie- hE>n • n~ ~-·-·...----- Our Beat Attention Given to Funerals- Motor or horse-drawn Hearse, a.s desired. -Telephone- S A. M. to 6 P. M. 1394-R, 702-W, 799-W · -Night CaJls- . Announci11g the Hoosier Club D-nrl\\ ral·lJ Y•~ar .\· 1 • I Ul' t' tliL\ ph.·u,nn• of offcl'ingE0 the womPn ol' tl:i s CPmmunity the opp(JI'iun ily of SC'C'uring a Hoosi-er Kitchen Cabinet ny joi11iil g the Hno'-ier r'!nh. Tla~ plan~is s 1 wple-. P..Jiy oiJe dnll~r t1o•ni <l~lll the Hoost~:r :is p laoctl in yo-m' k1h·h~n. 'I he balance 1s taken cm-e of in easy pap11~nts. Ir tli..-e Hoosier wer£1 a HJ.C'rc combination of s!o1'11:;;ge spare and ial.,.J;. top,. ordinru:y kitcll~:n r.--uph-,ard~ and :::heh.·mg m1ght take its pla <'~. Bn i the Ho.,::;i~r i!=E a co.mp]('fe nousebriiFI utility. ConSC\<]IlOlltl~-. while less e\pellEil'<;c than built inen[il??nrds and c~u~­ ters it is mil']] Jf!l'C' usrful. 1\ l[hi)Ut EoOSl~r s ~ri('ntt :fie lab().r-srl\'iug- Cl•nwnirnt·(', ev<'n ti-:E' elab(J!'~1I~Ily cquipprd kikl1n1: \\'fl8t~s tllliles of f-f('pS antl '!Jotn'R lrt [imr•, You ]Ja\'1! 'one werk in '\\·hid! to se>rnre a Hoosi~,- on tltic: ··lu L rltr:n C ~ome in Jfondny and n-:::k.f'PL' a dn;,Jonstration~ H. E. Turner & Co. .. S[niailsts i1t [J.,mc O•t.f{ii. { i. . ~our Clnsslfled Ad shOuld tell Bll the pll:rHct1lilr$ about whet you hB';e ot want, I, 894-R, 799- w I l I ~~~--------~--------~--~ I' ; : 'f't ..... ., ,, '• ll,· ,e'\\.t. '.! JH .e< '~' ii· !. .. t, ~~ :;> I!J ? -~ '10 ·•r .& ; r > a Jt r. ~:. l i I . ;• ' I t J f, I '.~· q . '

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