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The daily news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1881-current, September 12, 1923, Image 10

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.. t '~. ' : ,. .1· ·r ':,I 'I ~ ' 'I l l,. . ,. . ' i c 0:· \ :j .. - -AG':CEP..TABLE HOMB~GIFTS ;; . . \.) ·for Motker, _Wife~ Sister or Sweetheart 1_ ' Dressing Table Di~nerware 1 Writing Desk Faoor·Chln• Fernery Fancy Table Sewing Tnblo Ea5y Rocker Davenport Fireless Cooker ltitcben Cabinet Washing Macbine Cl0<:k Laiiip Silverware ·Glassware Table Scarf Cedar·Che.!t Picture ., nrw[c Cablne~ ~ Rng '1 Tea Wagon\ Chafing Dis~) Cub Glass \ Percolator Electric Grill \ Serving Trar J. ·Casserole , ' Sofa Pillow , CandlestiCks l._.A Jardiniere Stand~ l'edcstal DAlLY NEWS, BATAVIA: . .. . . r FJGURES INDIQl\,TE TiiAT 1\lOTOR·. ISTS ARE DRIVING !\lORE 1\IODERATELY. -·-··-- UNIFORM CURSINii ON STREETS Le Roy, Sept. 12.-l'olice Justice Mae- !lherson',, report for June, July and Au- gust, submitted at n session of the allier- men last evening, demonstrated the ·fuel that motorists are driving more mo,Jer- ately in Le Roy. ,The police justice ban- tiled forty eases of a crhuinal nn(ure during the past quarter, d1vided as fol- · lows : T,·affic violations, :!0 ; recldess driving, l1; public intoxic~tion, 8; lar- ceny, 1. Fines collected mlll bail forfeited to- taled $307, of which $08 wns paid to the state trensurt'r pursuant to article . 11 of the bigh,vay ln w. I :EVEN1Nl1, SEPT.EI\fBER ================================ The idea of a u-niform rurbing on· all streets of the village wns dis~ussed, nnd Real Estate Mortgages I . We buy First and Second Mortgages. Also sell Mortgages \\Veil secured. Call and see us. 10 STATE STREEt:' 9 A. 1\1. to S P. M. PHONE 248·1\1 .. it was tllP unnnimotLs oviniun of the nl- dermPn tllllt such a syst~m of curbing would materially improve the appearance of the viUag'!>. Mqyor Ward agreed to SP!!ure information as to- the probable cost of curbing from a con.J!I!a<•tor equipped to handle work of_ this cbaracter on ,. large scale. It i\S possible that a plan may be. worked out whereby the cost of the improvement will be borne in rome An ·1a~enious English farmer 'devised this new nos~bag which ennbl~s ~Is horse to 1 onjoy his feed down to the }nst mors~l. T?e ba~ 1s fitted to an extension of t:bo slin£t and temoins steady ·Wlllle the ammnl 1s catmg, Co rp'n. ' proper proportion by the village and 1 property owners. Mllo B. Lan=orthy N, K. Cone Dr. L Lee Mulc:aby J .An unuset! balance of .$51.24 remain- l 'MRS .MARY CO£ CELEBRATED Hollan!d Mortgag-e ... ing in the appropriation for band con- ln. Culvert~ Mrs. Calvin F. Clarke am Pre!, Sec. Treaa. certs after paying for the concerts o! the llrs- E:ll'l <:lark 1ver·c named ns a com· • !..--------------------·--------- past seasan was ordered turned over to mitt~c· to :nominate officers for tbe co· •- HER 9lST ANNIVERSABY ! ~========~~~~~~~==============;' the Le :Roy band. The fire companies' In\ :ven.x and report at the next meeting ~-- appropriation of $25 each wns ordecrd 1vhi;h ....,ill ·be holt! at the home of Mrs. I paid. Smith & Given were granted Willimn .i\~ )!cClel!nnd on Plntt a-venue permission to erect an electric sign In on ':rnesd~y evening, October Oth. Re· PARTY WAS HELD AT THE CHILI]S HOi\IE IN CORJl'U, t D H b k D t• t front of their Ualn street &tore. '£he lresbmeJlta were..aerv~d. Corfu, Sept. 12.-l\lrs. Mnry Coe eel· ~ ' r. . as r_ouc ' en IS following buildin~ permit~ were granted: TlJe l'ronlise Bearers' e:nss bas been cbrated her 91st birthday anniversary ~f . William (1onlon, Wolcott street, gar- iltvited tq :IJnrticipntel in a elorn rofasttht<>e yQehsltledrdayhnt tbebboml.e osf MCrso.v~rlsbetw•t •Src' nge; ;Frank Auzelone, 1\Illl street, gar- bB belif. :b;y the Wes eynn c ass o , s w ere s o 1vc • < v Until Further Notice age, ~IetlJoclist ~unday school at the home of laid for 11 at the table centered with a i. 1\fnyor Ward and Clerk Chapman re- William k- Artman on the 'Volcott l:ltr~~t cake lighted with Vl candles. Among Our Offl • ce Wt.ll Be OpAn ported It confPrencc with ·superintemlcnt road o:n Fridny eveJJ,ing. .Autos Wlll the ~:uests was her brothcr·in·lfl'''• Bib· C Stein of the \\'~stern !\'ow York l'tili- lem·e tho dmreh nt 7 :·l:'.i o'clock, bard Chase of Quincy, Ill, Mrs. <:oe ties Company, 1 vho advises holding up 'ro~ovn B<Ja••!l's Jnspe~tion. received many flowers. 0 Paint~ Friday, Friday Evening a.nd ALL DAY SATURDAY Roofing Naterials Glasa Special '[)ric:e Ji'ollr·in·One Green and Red .Asphalt Shingles, SS.IIO sq. .Heney weildll Green· and Red Roll Roo:1lng, S2.50> per roll. British Columbta ·Red Cedar Shingles, llool Cement and Painta, and aU root materials, · Paints, Whito Lend, Boiled Oil, Ladders nnd all Painters' supplies, ·wiudow and plate, L\''Ugh and fancy glass. Plate Glnsa set in windshields nnd dcors of a~tnt!, JOHN GLADE & SO:NS Dealers In Bulldln~ lllnterlals Pbou S47·W V/AC !nstnllat 1 \on of the 11 ., .. fir• alarm S\Stem l Mrs. Coe wns born in the town of ' • \ • Le ROI'• Ser1t. 12.-'rhe town bonr< • p h k tl B d At tl e for th~ nresent in view of the !net tbnt f em ro ·e on te oyce ron . 1 h 1 ''. nceo-mp:an!~d by Town Sttpr·rintendent 0 age of 18 yenrs she wils married to t e e e~tru~ ~ompnay, in co-operation !ligbWilYS Unrold A. Mur.t, ycstcr!lay Elisha Chnae and went to housekeeping with the Rochester Telephone Corpora- mnd-e an i.nspection of tho town h1gl1- t c h' b t'll tion, intend to rebuild tile ~ntlre pole . th in nn old log house, a pnr o w tc a t ~ \\'11)''5, pnJ'i:.ng '[)DJ;tlcular atlentlon to · 0 remains on the Snipcry road, enst of and .widng system in tho village wltllin new work :flnished or in prqcess of com- Cor(u, 1\Ir, Chnso died about '45 years the coming yenr. ~Ir. Stein statec1 tllnt Jllotion bi' the SlliJCl'intent!tnt. ~·he trip 88 . 1 w·n· if the fire alarm ·.~.•tern ~ere 1 ·nstallnd ngo and in 1 7 she m:1rr1e! 1 1am •• \ ,~ \Ylll nlso servo to give th~ membus n c · h dl d · N b • 1004 now, over half the system wou•ltl have to more intelligent idea of tho -work :neees- • oe, w 0 ': Ill ovcm 01 ' ' be reconstructed when the rebuilding is sn.ry- wbmt 'thB program of 1 on!l worl: for 1\irs. Pott~r's ~!other IU. taken 11p by the ~lectric nnd telephone the ~omlng: y~nr is outlined, Corfu, Sept. 12.-l\lrs. Jay Jil. Potter co~anies. :1\rino:r 1>. Elnlsted bas been reappoint- is in Chenango Forks, having been cnll- ~~be mn ttcr 'hns been taken up wl th the etl ~0' t:bo town bonrd ns truant officer in cd there owing to the illness of her Underwriters' Assoeiniion, and if it will tho rural <llstricts for the coming- yenr mother, 1\Irs. Hntileld, consent to the delay in the installation at a snJnl'Y of $ 2 50. Scott Higgins bns returnecl to his home of tlJC proposed fire alnrm system, it is in Znnesville, 0., nfter spending- n probable tlmt tl1e 1vork will bll held . 0 ver Dnlt-:ymen's Lenguo l'icturl'S. week here \vith his parents, Mr. nml until ne:oct year. Under the plans mnp- Lo Roy, Se11t. 1Z.-Tbe citizens of Le ~Irs. Robert Higgins nnd his brothct•s, ped out by the electric and telephone R.oy- and'\-iclnlty tdll• !Iavc nn oppot·tun- Burnett and Luke Elggins. compnnit's many 11 oles on the villnge Jty to sec in movlag pictures tho -opera- :Miss Flossie Conibcnr of Sih·erton, streets wUJ be eliminated, new wiring of tions o£ o~o of the largest of the farmer Ore., is spending some time ·with her proper size will be strunk, and electric, CO·OJJoratl\-e ox·gnnlzntions, when the mov- uncle nnd aunt, Mr. and 1\Irs, James telephone nnd fire nlarm wirefl will be uni- ing pic-tures showing tl1e ~=ions <Jpern- 1 Conibcar of Corfu. foi\ml;v pln~ed on nll poles in the ordPr lions of the Dairymen's Lengue Co·opcrn- :...::.::.:.:::=----- narnrd' from tlto top down, as r~q 11 to~d tive Assoei:nllon handling milk nrc sl1mvn. Dale News Briefs:. . hy mod~rn regulations. 'rlti!So.plctorrs are to be sbo1v:n next ll!on- Dale, Sept. 12.-::lllss June S1mmona Moselcy-Pangrazio. ,1lny ovenh1g, at 8 o'cloclt in the munlclpnl of Buffalo has been S!JCnding n fCIV dnys Lc Roy, Scpt.12.-St. Anthtiny's..Cath- hull in this vlll11ge, The public is invite;!. wilh Iter brother, Hnl'Old Taber. olic cburclt at Lime Rock, four miles I.e Roy Personals. 1\[ra. Harding nntl son ·George nod c~st of this village, wns the scene of n !nJ Ror. Sept. l2.-:Mr. nnd l\frs, Jny Miss Emmn Bugg, nil of Buffalo, nnd prstty weddipg at !l :30 o'clock · this Sim]lso:n !LDd son Howard of lleebester Urs. F • .A. Whitmnn of .Attica· l1ave been morning when Miss Lucille :M. Pun~· spent tJJO :fotepm:-t of the week wtih tb<' guests of Ilfr. nnd Mrs. C. S. :Moore. grazio, dnught!)r of Mr. and \'Irs. ~!ouest former•s p.arcnts, )!r. and Mrs. Rollnnd Eveline Winchester, Edwnrd nnd Lois· I'angrazio, w.as united in mnrrlaso to JI. :?;hnJJson of North street. Thomson, l\!onroo Kelly and Ewin Ecr- Ch1lrlcs U. Uoseley of Retsof. The cer- ~Lr. l!ncl Mrs. Edward G- Scy!Ecr of ron are attending l\·arsaw school. emony was llCrf~rnJed by the :Rev, Ed- Lnk~ street are spending the wct>k in George Poste 1vns in Hornell Sunday ward Bayer, pnstor of St. I,ucy's church .No\\ York: city and Plainfield, N. J. to see his !laughter Elmn, who is grently nt Retso.f: in the presence of a lnrgo as- Iton~Llil' J:,ognn, who rcsioles so11thel\st improved in health nnd expects to re· scmblnge of relatives and friends. of Le lloy-, hns rrturned from a -week's turn home in two weckst. 11, ~·923. If TEl-A. ORANGE JI&EOJC BLEND satisfies the ~ost dls.crimina:Uag taste. Ask for ~ trial package tocl~~ \ / , • fear Are yl)U self-consci()US and' · fearful of the im.pre$siora . )'OU are maki'lg on p_e~Plei )'OU come in cmtact wath.1 ' - ~ F EAR is probably the greatest· handicap any man or woman canbavein life~ l,aek. of poise and self-confidence can do ~ore t.ti hold you back both in business and_ socially; than any other.one thing., . · · ' It keeps you fro~ being y«>ur real s~tr, fr~m; .doing your downnght best and from getttn~ 1 on1'n life as you should.. . · Your personal appearance often has alo~ tol· do with the way you fee1 about ~his. If Y,OU 'know you're rightly dressed and well-gcoomed 'you immediately feel more at ease with people., Still there is one thing tha-t so many _people, overlook-somethingth;atitnnlediatelybrands, · them as really fastidious or •catelc!ss--t~t. tretk. Notice today how you~ yourself, wateh. another;- person's ~eeth: whe:n he or she talka. 1 If they are not well-kept, your teeth· at ·onc:eJ .become a liability:, - , . Only·. the~ right 'dentrifrice-c:ons~s~e!lt~' used-w11l protect you agauist such crltiCJSm. 1 Listerine Tooth Paste cleans teeth a new way. 1 The first tube you buy will Jlr()ve t~is 'to you., . ·vou -wm notice the i:mprovement~~ven .in. I .the first.- .. few days. J\nd 1 m<>reovtr, JUst as iListerine is t~.e safe a11t1sept)c,. so Ltsterin:e'j Tooth Paste ts the safe den1:tfnce.' It cleans yet it cannot injure the enanel. , What are your teeth sa:ying about you today f. ~ - . ...-·-~ - - IT'S MORE~ A MATTER OJ: G()OD TASTE. ~. .... n.-·· ~-...t. ,·-· . ~ .. ; ~. :I'he .cbnrcb was dccornt~d with pink tril,} through Pennsylvania 1tn1l Oh.io. Edwin PJ!aum has been nppointcd \~~~~~nd~~~~~-~fu~~~:n~U~o~r~o~f~tl~le~B:a:p:ili:t~c~h:u:re~b~.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;;~~;:~=~ per. Mrs. Ro~ert V, llaxter, otgnnist strOEt rond has soue to .Aron to :r~side nt St. Peter's church in this village, 1vith her·s:ister, 1\irs. Leon Curtis, while played the wedding music. The bride ntte:ndi:ng ihB Gelteseo Normal school. DOUBLE REDUCTIONI ·affording an, ap_proxiroate SA.VING OF 30%! A. price reductwn ranging to 15% and Effective for a' limited ti71le only, Q one Ton Tested Tube ()f corres .. ponding size, ABSOLUTELY FREE! with each regular V ~cuum Cup Tire pur~ chased. ·The new low p1ices and this-Free Tube Offer make it c1istinctly worth -while t>O anticipate your :req:uirements N 0 W! R. M •. WALKER 19-27 West Main Street Batavia, N. Y. was attired in n gown o~ white !ntin Bite w'j c:<Jmmute daily. crepe and wore a tulle veil cnught with Lost. orange blossoms, ~he enrr:ed n bouquet Donoh ·~ hy~ bet:wenn Plow ro. and of bride xoscs. The bridesmaids were reutrnt !Ol\ltoa<l Lnke •treot. Lo Roy, S!'p- tl u• N ]]' d L • p ·· t<>m~cr l~th, Rew:trd it returned to C. L. te .ulsses • e lit nn OUJSC angrnzto, ~cott . 'i:O Gilbert street Le Roy,-A.dv. s!<tcrs of the bride, the ft·rmer wenring ' ' ' a gown of orchid georgette crep,e nnd• CALEIID~IA Nt\.TIVE IN JArt\N, the latter· pea green georgette crepe. Both wore wreaths of silrer leaves nnd carried :Jiolllquets of pink rnses. ~Irs, Slt~bon Ryclero Is ft 1\DssJona:cy Little Misses Eleanor Lee and Ger- Stationed at Ifrmne. maine Uhly, nie~e and cousin of the bride Caledonia, Sept. 12.-Among the respectively, were tho 1!ower girls, being people llOt. heard from since the earth- attired in dresses of whitd canton crepe qun.l<c nr~ the Rev. and Urs, Stephen nnd carrying baskets ot a~ters and.~os- Ryder, ·lnisslonaries at 1\rume, Japan. mos. Tho groom. was attended by i\[lch· Hrs. Ry~e:r was hom in this village a:td ael Rogers of I,e, :Roy and Alvin Pringle h B of Retsof. Joseph Pangrnzio of Cole· hns maur relatives ere. · er parents, Hr. nnd'Mrs. I. G. Snapp, arc ll().W liv- donin. nnd Charles Uildahm of Rochester, lng in ·IIo-chestcr. brother and brother-in-law of the bride, '.I:'hc ScJ,>-'telt1ber meeting of the women's ~cted ILl! ushers. The bride was given mis:sionnry nnd Indies' aid societies of the m !llarn~ga by her father. • F'irst Pr1soyterian cltnrch tvns hel<l Fri- :F ollowmg the ceremony dmner was _ . · d served at the home ox the bride's parents d~y la the chapel. Dm,~er ,wn,~ serve nt on the Lowe road about sixty bein\' n.oo'll, A ]lrogrlUll on Ch.n:a was car- ' . ~ ned out. pr,!!se,nt. Covers -we,rc.lnld for 12 ~t the A.. iarge cross was burned' on Ual- bnde s tnble. . Gladtoh wc!:'e used 1n the loch's JJIII~ just east of this village, last house decornt1ons. During the nfter- e k T n d · ht It wa like those noon :Mr. and llis. :Moseley left upon a b e u s ay rug • . 6 d western trip by motor and upon their ur.:ned. r;cen~ly nt Dansv1lle and :-ua a. l return ·ill make their home ·n Retsof. MaX1y tluo:g 1t was dOilJ' by youn., men, Pre·n~ptial events. were varlety show- .as no :I_{u :E:!u:.: .~!a!' memb~rs are Jmown ers given by the bride's cousin l\Irs . .to 'be lU t:hls VlClmty. George Tihly of Black stre~t. nnd ~Irs. :\~t·s- ·3-ert Pullrhlank of the ;ve:! Charles Lee, a sister of the bride, in Mn:tn -slreet, road has been confin d Rochester her· bed by Illness. · Mrs- l!e'llry Feeley and chililrcn of the Sidney Hownr<l's Annlvcrsllty. McColl road' are ill with diphtherin. Le Roy,. Sept. 12.~lfr. and l\Irs. '.I:'hc nmetlngs of Gan·e-o·di·ya cbapter, Sidney Howard enjoy•bly entcrtninPcl n D.A.R.-, w-lticlt -were suspended during party of friends at their heme on North tb,e sunHner, were resumed this afternoon street last ~vening, the <:>ccnsiOJi being at th~ ·l1one of l\Irs. J. l\I. Burt. Urs. an anniversary of Mr. Howard's birth. David Tennant was assintant hostess. It is Joseph Baker of Cnledonin in· The l>XOgrnm includ~d 11 paper by Urs . stead of Peter Baker to whom l\Iiss Unry Allan ], J',!cl\~;~y on \Territorial Expan- ~Inrguerite Gallagher of Clny st±cot is sion frmn the ' Revolutionary War to to be rnnrri~d on Wednesday morning, 101.2.\ September 19th. A brllige is being built over the Ont- Jnmes Connor, who will shortly niove kn ereek on the Cafedonia-Scottst·ille to Batavia, where he is now completing hig-:h~·ay :northeast of Mumford. ·n new residence on West Uo:in str~t. has: sold his Sowthe.street property to Clnr- ll~!L~h of Charles ~· Oberg. ence Blood, who will talte possession C~le~or.un, Sept. 1 •. --?hnrles E. about October 1st. M:r. B~ood bas sol<l Ob~lg._ h1anager of the Hplbr?ok Mn.':u· his Gilbert street rcsidenc<> propPrty to fnc:tUrJllg Company of t~lS Vlilnge, d1ed Ralph Pnln!Iino,- vtbo will also tnk~ pos- :snt1trdny n£ternoon nt lu~ J;ome o:n Jane ses~lon on O,ptober 1st. lstt·eet nft€r n fetv l10urs ilbells. ~.Irs. Ella. -:King of Cnl.edonin has sold, ~JJ. !()berg was born in Jamesto~ her property at No. 43 Nr rth street in 46 yenrs n~o nud came to CaJedomn this village, now. occupied by William nbc;ut sill! _Years ~go. :S:e '\\.as n. ntem•ber ·~cDonnld, tenant, to ~·rank Privntern.,,.of tbe ~~~s~ _Ptcsbyter~un clmtcb ann,d Possession will be given on October 1st.: w!\s acUvo 1n \I~e affn:rs o£'1h~ m: a The sale was negotiated tlJrough Chap- ~tlllo rl.~ss. He ts surVIved by hrs wtfe; mnn's real estate agency. · . three kons, Paul, Charles_ and Jnmes l ·three brothel'S and five Sl~ters, PromiSll Bearers' ~!eeting. l't·aycr services were h.<\ld yesterday Le Roy, Sept. 12.-:-)fembers o! t!JC .mmnillg at the house. The Rev, Rob- Promise Bear~rs' class of the ll[ethodist crt G- 'lliglilbotbnm officiated, The bOdy ==================;;;g;:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=::t Swn~ay school held th<:,ir Sept~II!ber, was trtkn te> Jamestown, wbere t1le fun· • _ meeting at the home of Mrs. 'Wilham era! an1l burial took place in the after- ...,=============================== Lytle on Craigie street last ~vening, those noon. ~ ·---- lwho assisted as hostesses h<'ing Urs, Nel·1 BUY SELL RENT TRADE: THROUGH lie Scott, 1\frs, Laura Bliss, l\Ir, Ruth <:niL foJr service. You'll tlud It answered · ' 1 ' :-.Innni:oc, :Mr. Hattie Gage and Urs. Fran-,bY one <:>1: tlJe little ad9 In the Business WA.'NT. ADS JM J'HE 1'\,IEWS ce• Rodgers. - Senico :;roup, ClossiRcnlion 18-30, in -- - \ ~ . ~-· • _ .1.). .. _ ' DuriDg the business Sl)!!ston Miss M:yr·. 'J:be lSCit•-s clussificd page today~ :rouring$166S Roadster $106S Ccllpe$1475 Scdao$1495 .JEWETT SIX PAIGE .~UILT . ( They Go Anywhere in Their S~ooth .. Riding, Able Jewett You and YOUR family, also, can go anywhere in your Jewett. lt: is 11erving blithely everywhere\'\\: doing more than is usually expected of a car-because of its ample power and rugged construction. Jewett owners enjoy big car riding eal!e. Jewett's springs are SOper cent: of the wheelbase. Jewett weighs 2805 pounds-200 pounds more than any car of its size, Restful motion over rough roads, as in iar more cosdycars. Jewe~ is the only car of its class built ~y a maker oj finest quality cars. This means Paige-built motor, Paige-type clutch and transmission; Pai~W•Timken axles front and rear. Ball-bearing steering spindles, All- steel universaljointswithsealed•in oU-not grease-good for 15,000 · milesw).thoutoiling. Six-inch-deep frame; beautiful, well-'b1.1ilt bodies. And Jewett StAYS<;;OOD! High.· pressure, hollow cr.ank•shaft oiling system forceS 2 gallons of oil per minute through all main ancL con· necting rod bearings. Wear is long postpOned; smoothsilenceiaJe\i.Vett'a assurance for thousands of mill)!!, Women love to drive theJewetr. They don't have to learn ltow. Simple, silent gear·changingwith a bare 3-inch movement of the lever, Clutch is gentle and gradual. &akes work easily, positively. The 47,000 Jewett owners drive from 2 to 60 miles an hom il1 high. -a crawling pace in traffic, flashing sp~d in the open. Up most lli11' hill in high, fast or slow [a terrific test}. Accelerate from 5 to 25 miles an hour in 7 !*!con.ds in high gear • .[Try it with any other car.} Thou.sands of Jewett Six owners are glacl they graduated from fours. Litdewonder that Jewett bas won warm appreciation as a famil\}' C<U'. And never has it~ in such. great demand as now. A demonstration will delight your family. Noobliga· don, of course. 8~ Tourill($1Z20 Special eo,q,. $10ZJ SP,eclai·Seclaa $16~.5 Pricu rd·Oomoll, Tu 11.- MOTHER:-\W/wJilro'l· we <Ott firw/.thl• plrJCt ito /ore~\ DAD:--\1* nccer MJ·• cai' tlral eoutd· fflafct,tlllll ran</ hill until ~ 104. tlw ]eUJCll,\ Andrew J. Ruhland Sales Corp'n. \ 240 'Ye~~t ~fain ·spreet Balavl~~o N. V.~ .. -~ \l give 'I freedom ·~ror used it oil: I three yeurs 1 statement m Goodrkh, 70 Y., a membe gino No. 7. \1 have bJ and builder would feel 01 tind tbnt it better nnd f< it never fnils iiJ a very sh< \WI1encve1 little while : hardly, nnd oughly, my 1 alwnys, nnd Tanlac is gists. Aece mlllion bottl Tan lac v own remedy \verywbere.- ---- GrRLS BLE Make this see Ta Mi:oc thoju I ounces of C .\ druggist wil ·\ sbake well i whole quam !ul freckle a ion beautifiel 'Massage t cream into tl e~h d~v a.ni isheFnituu1 youthfully el skin become~~ ---~- Gets \About 6 '<eJ,v.-\iek- ~';I been troubl Three do~to· said It wa1 .Qii~lltion n Ilia age I v a friend al> been thra~ been ~ured Remedy. '>J father an.iL' snd t'an iilil any three rr mucous frot lays the ii!t tically nu.~ ailments, ·: dose wil~i 1-Padley i wberc.-• .r~ ~RS. ~ ~ Your G~ Life I Salama! any feet < terribly, and by af around at caused!£, bottle Q£: uric·acid) bottle wa had stopl bottles •q fine. 1·a1 I derived of Dr. P ever I g Dicker sol ;you c: A-1 cond gist a11d uric Tall Dr, Pier• in Buffa Send: --==; cc E<u• CH.i Nw01' ~

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