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The daily news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1881-current, September 12, 1923, Image 11

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,·-· ,- .. I .\ . ; A1H LEfiiON'S :Bfti FlELD DAY AIRPLANE~ TO SARA· 8PRI~GS ON SEPTEM· BER 1-l'fH. I TROOPERS TO TAKE PART , )l'>»hillgtou IJ:J.s otlldnlly int!m·sed th~ , I>lnu ,,f oflkial• of the ~Iitt•hell Held eru sht tlnn t'o ~.~ nrl a fleet of ae1•oplanes I !Karat,ga Htn'irJgH on Friday, HPptrm· · .. r :1-ltll, tu t•u1·t.icipute in the f.cld dny to :[).P ~t:tg;•··l nf thf' hi:-.tol'ir ~arul·u;!:l l\Ul~ COUI'I3e ;Ill l'OUllCdiun Wltb the hftlJ anmt::tJ· .con vmtion of tlte Amcricnn Le· giou, ~~~flOl\·tmetlt cf New Yol\i; next wcl'it, MaJOr\ G ~or go F. Chandler, command· er of tl10 Xew t<lrk state police, has ~>nle\ dire<'ling the squad of fire , trOoJiers, with their mounts, tu from the state fnh: in Syrncuse in pi\osent an exhibition of horse- '\'\'1\ '<lolr. oo the e,nme occnsion; -· .st~lle tr-oopers. nrc also to stage a churiot rnc·o over the celrbrna•rl ~ourse. <lrmy- officials. jn clinl·ge of tho Platts· bur/Cb 'b·nrt·~rks ·on Lnlte Champlain hu1·c . c~mplrt.,.tl. tiiTangcm~nts to smd a pt'o· viSiOtJIUI ·rOpllllllllo-. of rrgulnr army mr.u \l give Tanlac credit far m·y. en.tit·C. to.Sn>-utoga on the sntuo <.lute for t~'\ fr~edom 'from stomach trouble;· having' pur('>ose of ·staging n modern \hum but· used it olf and on for 7 the past 1 t\vo or tle:. I three yeurs ~th splendid rcsults,.'·tS· .the J11 addition to t.his outfit thet•e will statement mude recently ·by Geo. :M. be 11: \Demolition Uullit \·of picked men Goodrich, 705¥.1 Beech St., f?yrneuse, N. who will• ~resen·t a tln-il:ing picture of Y., a member of the tire l)eputment, en· tho tiBe .of hig~ explosives in modern gino No. 7. wm·f~re. • \1 have bae~n t~king Tan.Inc ns n tonic •Ofiici>~l eonfirnJ.ation of ont•h fontlll'e on I 'l'he polo grounds at Xew York. Doesn't look lilte n bnll pnrk. does it? This wns tnken us cnt'llentef9 rushed ron· nnd builder 1\~::!l~-r~nt t!lJl'ES, '.Nh)!n. ~ tllla lllli<JUe•progrnm Is now in the hun•ls strue\ion <>f tho sent• !oL\ th• get1tle set-to between l'Jr. W. H. Dempsey nnd l'Jr. L. A. Firpo for l'hP h<>a,·y-weight would fecl_out,(}l;,~·ts-nnd.rul)down,.and of ·.b', ~n.rvin Gnllnn, clulirmun of the title or somo such •illy thing. .\ft<r the light outfielders will think they're l'Unning over the rocky rond to Dublin, tind thnt 1t Jl\l\li:'h_ J.:D~ el!t_ bette¥, .sleep, co~l:Dlittc~ In eb.nrge of the arrang·, ---··--·----------- --. ·------------ better nnd. fee11i~fle,. genernlfy,, und that mmrts for the fleld day. ' ~t never fatls to -~one ·up my cnttre system •l'~nr that wal'\ department restriction.< ·Jo·NJl SE J.. ISLES contribution to ?axos wns a system of' nusty olll guns were taken out to Jtave To most everybo-dy 30x 3!12. me,ans u·sco N A'I'URALLY USCO'S could hardly have de• liverPd such. money's worth -tire after tire-without tr· aking a clean sweep. It's been a pretty perform• ance every time-no two· opinions about that. And no two opinions about what t:ire to get again after a man has once used USCG, Unitad Statesllres 111 a very abort time. . -tll:,:re bejng a fixe<! poliey ngnin\t };. 1\l. cisterna. _:Before this gift her inhabitants ll shot nt It ut tit~ iJCrU or their own· \Whcn.evcr I. ~ny_e ~~\ten T~nlnc fo: n aerial c~hluitioas unle\s held in con- E had to ~rtng ll part :f their wnter from o,rs' lives. A ferry boat collided with It little whtle I·hn..v,~_.bunlt:. up. m no tlmc jun~tlon '\!th state maneuvers-would ltiCH IN PO 'rDY fhe mmnlnnd, t~:c ~ties awny. nod sbortly ufter 1t wus found dead 'l\r::~dcll!arll hnrdly nnd nNwo·>l·i;njpy my meals thor· 1 1 !I\ \T.he little island lS largelY a mn~ of ,, t d d d ld.f e show ~. Ctm;e llJ Soli ............................ llntavla, :s. ~. ~~ • C<l' • • _ · · · • comp~ t ~~ abattdonment of plans for nn rock. Ita picturesque quality is cnhnneed un ... .s run ~ an so or a pe P· Rny B. GB\Int= • • .. • ... • ...... .... • • ..... llllt'tvln, \· Y. oughly, my slceptts. sound and unbrok~n \mr-inl eirms\ :in ~onneetion with the - by the b;lfi\ys of nttmerolts churnhcs.\ by the u_ne!lucnt~d finder. One mnn I II~ntzeln & llct•orn ...................... LI•mndet, N. Y. always, nnd I f~e ~'\\bt evory way.\ I I I . • . h ' ' II 1 Genc•ec On=li• • .. • •• • • • •• .... ... . • • • ... - .. CDrlu, N. 'Y. Tanlac is fltr\ Ail~.'b:V' \Ill good dr\1!\'· eg on convent ().Jl ~was ~•sstrated mt PA:<WS _-\!iD AN':CIPt\XOS ESPEC· offered Jnm a SlO bl , nnother a cer- I It. ~r. Nlohots _ .... ...... •• .......... EU!I llctbnny, ~. Y. gists. .Acceptlr,~ •ubstitute. O~er 37 . !';n ann<~unc~mcnt ft~1n \nslungton thnt Whale at Montreal, tlfied rheclt for $50. He took tho fi~~~ ... tf 0 .i,. 0 'i;1roi ·::::::::::;:::::::: :::i~',ia.in' ~~~: ~; ~: ill' on bottleir;sold. n :fllgbt Of Pltt-nes would be sen~. to BLLY DESCRIBED BY GEO· A -whnle !allowed 11 ship up tile St. $10 nn•l tho buyer lmmed:rrtely sold 1 • r.eorge w. ~orse ......................... - .. Linden, N. Y. m 1 . Sarato~n ~a n ~nr•t of the \l'CC\Uttlng It • k f 11 F •mlth Onkfir.I•l N Y ~ •• •· ' GR.\.PHIC SO('IETY. Lnwrenrl\ to U•ntrcal son•\ '.,,..ago. f•\ •' · •\·'\'' • h~ ore 'q Heq•··==~·=~~;;;;;;;·::;·;;;;~·~-~-~ .. ;··;··; .. ~-~ .. ~-~-~··~·;--~ .. ~·~--~· ~-~·~·~· ~ .. ~~~·~·~·~·~;;;;~~::::! Tanlac \Vegetable Fllls nre Natura's own remedy £or. c'o~tipa.tion. For salo pverywhere.-~t!,v. cnut:paign.\ This rnt'nns thnt from th1·ee = to seven ]Ilanes will participate in the \sham l;nttlc,\ give exhibition stunts and SEllEn. BY TH£ JT 'Ll,.'NS sorl\e tlle lntt'st \thrillers\ as developed J..lil A fl -.-. -·--- by t;ovel'nDl~nt rtirm«:'n in the struggle to Paxos and Antipaxos, the two smaller ,........,....,.,,_..,..,.\1!' ~, ..... ~-...._~,..,....-..\\l develop. tho airc:rnft arm nf the federal I 1 f 1 serv-ice. :It will be a s!Pht whicll will islantls seized by tn Y n tor 1er ~cu· G ·rRLS ,I·.·~~~ .. O.NS atl1\3ct pe:rsons 1roll'l un ~ections of the pntion of Corfu, arc <lescribed In the •·L~IYI stnte, boeing the first of its kind 0 b~ hehl followiilg bull~tin from the National ou!sjJ]D ~Btehell fi~ld in this se~tion of Gco!<ruvhic Soriet;!': BLEA ('I.U FRECULES the country, \Corin loDlts down on Pnxos aDtl \:lfl\· ~ . : n ' N\ il\V York's &intc troop~rs :have built PnXQS loo:ks down on the tiny A.ntlpa:.:os. __.___;,.. up :a rcpu.tntion. for hot·scmansbip on n All threo lio in the s~n where tl1e :first pnr with t:lte gJ•eatest mounted outfits in nnval bntt.lo -was fought, where An~u~tus tltc \·o:rld. Special care has been given and A.Iotony vied fer eonn•ol of the .to t:bo sale·dion t>f tho squad of fi1·c which WDl'ld flnd 1\\het·o ancient Greek liberty . is ·to rep:rcsent the department at tho expil'ed. • Mix tho juic& of. two· lemons. with three ; state :fair. <:oacl1 man was chosen \'.\nclmt wl'iters, Pliny nUt! Polybllls, Make this lemon Cream and just see Tan,. tfeck!es ·DisapJI.ear ouncea of Orclfard \White· 'lllhic'h 11.11:1 ; tltr~ugl:t t?-llminniion tomneys. Tbis iM groti'Jed t.ho islands together under the druggist will ,Uppiy for 1 a; icw cents I tl1~ sarno s~uad -which will pn1·tidpate in 1 namo of Paxi: thrlr inclusion in the sh&ke well in M<•lx:ittia, &nd you ba.ve ~ tbe J.egiD:Jl'B field day. The men will Ioninll group is n mntte1• of more modern • whole qua.rter·pint of the ll'l<>Sii wonder· \bnve rc.ouDts which l!nve been dov~loped termino'<'llY· fnl freckle a.nd .tan cre$.l!l and complex· frmn t.l10 finest strums. Of pm·uculur C I·'· ted b p .._ ion beautifier • ~:,: ·' '··, · · inteo:rcs!': will btl- the jumping exhibition . e oura Y oo ..... Massage this 11weetly fragrant lemOII bccaltSe o:f Um :facilities provided at the \Pn~oa. Is. more celebrated lil poetry cream into the fa.co, neck, arms a.nd ha.nds rnce tro~k:: throagb tho celobrnted steeple- thnn 111 110htl~S' Of geogt;nphy. It _wu ee.lh dnv a.nd aee l10w 1reckles and blem· cltlsc c:omae. .Another sqund of troor>· here tbat n sntlor, in the tempest times ishef1littlr&lij o]eR.Ch right out &ml how <'I! will stnge t:l1e chariot rnC\e nver the I of Tiberi us, is reputrd to hnve beard ll youthfully clear, soft; and rosy·white the \mt'tsld:c cours~·· of tb~ :rrtdug plnut. thunderous voice proclaim 'Pan is dead l' skiD becomes, The<:ro VIlli be nt lens! three chariots, en~h 1 . Plutarch first told the story, Rabelni>! re· ~ dwwn by four Jlorses. \role ls, nnd Milton, Schiller nn<l :l\I~s. II;Iore tltan ordinary int~~est is nt· Drownin..- have alluded to it. Tho poetic Gets Pleasant S'urprise tnebc1l to !he \sham batt!!.'.\ This f~a- sJgnificn;co of the cry is taken to mark \About 6 months ago my father 1Vns ture lvjli :send ilo.to nction scnspncd • n.rf!!Y I the tlcntb of pngnnism upon the advent '<\ertt.-'liek.-witLh~tomaeh lmd tun~. ~n n sm~ll scalr;, all tlte nettVItt~s of Christ:. anu the new .teachings He ex· • . . , . ol a mocf~rn: battle wtll be b't•ougbt be· ounued. :lfrs. Browning -wrote: been troubhng btm for several years. fore too ~yes of Uwusnnds expected to P Three doctors said be bud cancer nnd one ntten 1 1. r:Fhc~e -..ill he n barrage, infnn· And tlmt dismal cry nrose slowly !!!lid. It was gall stones-all ngrced nn try cb:nrg:e, field pi~ces .in action, on!.'- And sank slowly through the nir. O\ll!l'ation -no~cssnr~, but ?n ~ccount of lpou::n 1 lers in t!•e wak.e of these nnd ~~nl· Full of S!llr~t's melanc!toly h1B age I was af~atd tQ n~k 1t. I told ly tlte' e:xhllntlon by the \domol~ttou And ct:ern1ty's dcspmr! a friend about it who said his wife bnd sqtt.ad.•' .Amcri~nn Legion oflicinls con· And t J 1 cy !1eard tho words it aaltl b~en throwrh.PJ.~. ~all}e \~:rouble .and had alder t:heDiselvcs dxtremely fortunate in r:m1s deml! Great ran is dead I b~en cure.il.l;fY,-tn;mg' . .U,!l~r's \Wonderfulibo(:cg nb!-<1 to P,resent those _fc~tur~s to Pnn, Pnn is dead! Remedy. :J: ~t:_o'i~e\\lio)l'~lit -a bottle for th~ former s;rncc mm or thetr ft••t;nds • , father und'-lic·i:!tn'Ow ns--'i!ttoiJg ns n b~nt· ,vho 1\-lll ~o tn. Saratoga for the sesstons .. Island .of Olives md (,oats. . and can e\l!t\nt<5r·e b'!illf-and·c~bbngc thntt ol \thu co-:ItventJon Pn,os, larger of th~ twr, 1slnnda .• Js any three men.\ It removes the cntarrhnl This: field. dn.s is tn be .l~elcl immedi· o~ly 'nbout ,five. miles long and two llliles rnucons from the intestinal trnct, and nl- nicl:y afte' tile IJlatrtmoth mthtar~ parade wute. O~··•t h.ve some 5,00() Pt~ple who lays the iiiJrllinl:fUltion which causes prnc- 1vh'ich Is !o Jo~ staged cnrly Frtdny- nf· make the1r l(vmg from the oli'ie groves tically 11 U.~'UilhaliH !iv!lJ) ~d intestinal tOrDOOXI, ·Every American Lcgio~ ].loSt nnd fruit orcbnrd~, and fro!\ the!~ her<ls ailments ·~\.Wnl\ling :i.Pteritllclt!H 1 -.oil~ in· the- sbtt~ \'ill bo represented m this, of sbe~p :tml 'go~ts •. Paxos 1s the '!'l'allest dose wii'. •. • ·-CP, o moncr\refundtw nt pnr-a1!e, v;hiclt -..viii be le<l by the \home of the seven lontn~ lBinnrlR, some t1mes re· I.eadley · a.: ~nd . .tli'ttggiatll ·every- 11~!'<t\ of ~tnt• Commnt)det• flb~rt R. f~rrecl tD· ns the Heptnnesus. . wbere.- • .r· . .i\f -~·-·- • ' • (lnUnn of C,l.ntLnm. Out of com·tesy to \These se'l'en-Cor!u, Cepbnlontn, .- · '- .. .. \ til~ re•iring c<.:Inman.dcr Chntham post Znnte, Santll ).lin urn, Itltncn, Cythera ~nd Wll!S peJ•tn.'trcd ·to tnltc tit is position. All l'axos-fortncd · nn · indcp~ndent republic niiusle In the pnrnde will be furnished undPr British protection until they were bt• .Am~'iCiill J ... cgion post bll.llds. . Aftar voluntarily coded. to Gr~ece in 1804. The th~ parnd~ and field d11y. there will be a tre:ity oi: that yenr is int\ereslmg ln Vi'cw cimllci:lti-<Jh in Congress :park for the of their :present occupancy by i-taly. Un- uurvoso <If s~lecting tbe best bnnd. A der its second artiele the islnnds were to S!to'iln:r t-est will be hclrl for Legion fife ·~ujoy t:b'e advnntage of perpetual neu· MRS. LEWIS DICiiERS()N. -· mtd il:rum·cOi'!IS· • ti.'nlity.' Later n pro\o\cnl limited this , . Friday-, Sl'Vterolrer 14tb, ts looked for- .provision to Corfu und Paxos. - ,wJL:ril to rta ott-e of the biggest dtty~ iq __ . • _ the -biste>~y of the American. Legion in . lfavll l\Illltary Value. this siate, ''Willie Cc~fu, hns a commercial vnlue the two .smaller islands are importnnt be· cnuse tl:tey, with Corfu, control the Straits of Otrnuto, tbe nnrrow entrnnre I.nrgest Poultry Center. :P~t:nltnltn; . Calif., advertises i~self as the largest poaltry center h the worl~i scys (J, .A, L. in the :Bree•lerE.' Gazette. It ls the home. of 12;000,0W chicken•, ·wbli!b: !lUSt yenr ]lroduced 32 000,000 do:>f- . ctt eggs, ·!It, 77jj:,OQO dozens or winch were l iei~:m)M~ij 1 • . ~dpf.ed -to vn;:ious markets, and 11,7ll0,· .uurag . O!)'<le1JlcJ;cus. ~ Kidnevs · l'otnlmna ltatcheries p cJduccd mot·~ ~ \' tli'::.n 12,()00,00() \bnby' 1 cli!~k:R last yrnr. spring 'fbc 'invEstmctt i; ln poultry !nrllls and swell cq_<tipncnt is estimated at mvre thun S22,· shcM .O()Q,O()O. '.f!.is noted poui ·ry center is 30 walk ·m!j]cs .rr.)m ~nn Frnnc-i~cl), in fhuona must ·be ;~-uut~. •l•'rb lnrs claim tu being the I got a. ,~iglttb rid,ut agricultural county iu the (anti- JT:nlted SJa_t.;.:::e:::.s. _____ _ thti • - feet Tllls Eligland. ., \' nm English, born and hre-d,\ aJ:to ,~<Jun;ced the J;JOlitlcnl c_andidate. \';\fy •lather ~iltl gr:-andlnti1N' \Yere English, •tnY ...vif€ is ~nglish, ruy works are In .•Ir;nglnnd and ·my workpeople ure all •[;nglish. I stand beforElj you as nn ·bngllsl1 .cnndi date.\ .A.nd ·then n pity• ·log \o!ce came fr!Yill ,the audience: \<lh tnan, hne ye nae nmbeetlon avn?\ -Sporting und Drnmatlc News (Lon.- 'titln)·, to the Me1literrnnean. \F:rmn the lntter ycnrs of the middle ages unti11707 all the Ionian group wN·e subject to \Venice;; in that ycor Xn- poleou's overthrow of the ancient l'ity state led to their transfer to A ustrin . Later they were tnlten over by Frnnre and tbey attained their status as n Brit- ish pt·otec!Dmte in 18m. Great Britain turned th~m over to Greece, against tbc. advil'e of Gind>tonc who vi•ited· them as a special <;omnlissiomr, upon the nccesshn of Greece's new King George. \P.axos has one stream and only a few springs. ~ngland built roads on tltc larger islands, especla)ly Corfu, and her chief 'Just: One of Many. I Do not l.Je .t1·oubled because you hilve ~110 great virtue's. Gorl ·made n mil· ilion sp-~nrs t>f grass whei\e He mndo ;o'lle Ire~. •r.he earth is fringed and ;cat'p€1ec:r not wilil forests, but with ig-.rnssas. Only have enough of little C d~S~tPATEON munt bo ~>-voided, or to til 11 vor, blltousness, !ndt&-csU'o~ and gaas)T x:mlns 1\csul~. Emy IQ,fllhe, .fl,oro;z&l<ly cleansing CHAMBERLAIN'$ TABLETS. Nwn ~PPoia& « uu-tt::-ZS. : .. \'\irtacs nttd .c-ommon fidelities at!Cl y.ou ~ :IHJeil n<lt mo-urn because you are nel· :tber n nero o.or a salnt.-Eenry Ward Bcechex, · • A Little Talk On Courtesy By THE VETERAN MOTORIST E V,BRY motorist who prides himself on being a better-than-average driver knows how impor- tant the matt-er of COt.:lrtesy iS. \A whole :flock of seer:n- icgW litlle ·thi1ilgs distinguish really good drivers from oo.!l!Y' av.e~~age or fair ones. Coo~~ for pedestrians, especially those on the sid~w~, i6 ooe of those little things. How often you SE:1e a ~iver go breezing up close to the curb full speed right tb:t:o~h a puddle of water. He could have a.voicled it But no, he has that darned, \don't care\ l:t.a.l;)it, ami a woman has a new dress or expensive cleaning)ob to pay for. I don't get sore very often. 81:lt $at parti0ular kind of thoughtlessness always g:ives me a Bma!fP pain under the collar. It doesn't cost a red cent to be courteous, and it pays big in the self-respect you get out of it-always. SO CONY STA ARD OIL CO. OF NEW .,- U 11iform Quality Best Results YO RIC 26 Broadway -=~~================~~============·==~=======================~ :1: :. ': , .. i_,•

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