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The daily news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1881-current, September 12, 1923, Image 21

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nd ng :1n Le an . tle it is air 1\C ful ~ • TirE· DAILY NEWS 1 B.ATAVLA:, N. Y, WED::-H5SDAY . EVE?<\ IX(}~ f\EP'JE:JLRER 1:?, 1923 .. :r'aahions For Men Have D . • \ : 1stinct Winter Expression For 1924 :There Are Many Changes Today For \.The Sm~rtly · Dressed Man Someone is always arising to tell us that men's fashions never change. .This is a ;fallacy, goodness knows, for each new season brings new thing~ for men just as it does for women. They may not be marked by such radical changes, and th&y may not be demanded as are wO. men's clothes. Men never did com- pete in this way as their sisters do. But the changes are there just the same and plenty of men-yes, the great majority-like to keep up to them. They don't always like to acknowledge their failing in this di· rection, but they manage to carry tlUt the demands of fashion while they suppress all talk about it. For instance, take the overcoats for the new season. They are rather full as to the skirt line. They are made, often with belts, though this is true rather of the more sporty and lighter weight ones. When it cumes to a heavy dress overcoat that i& apt to be made without a belt but still with the large outside pockets which always are part of the best looking men's overco\lts. Trousers are growing wide and full. No longer do we see those · skin tight and cramped looking trouser legs, but we are supplied with men's suits that have every semblance of fullness. They are sporty looking when they are this way and all the best dressed men in the cities have already revised their ~uits to comply with the new mode cf expression. For business the short coated sack suit is the best that can be had and, this ~eason, more often than not, it is made single breasted. Dark blue serge of a heavy durable qual- ity is quite the most pedect thing that a man can find for his new suit of this type. But then there are all sorts of cheviot mixtures and tweeds and herringbone . weaves that are good looking enough to suit :An overcoat for everyday is madtt of heavy chevviot dou- ble breasted in line and with large pockets and backward turning cuffs. It is lined to the waistline and tailored in the most correct manner for the &cason. Propriety, .in Jewelry J'his i.s th.e sack slti:t tl&at i~ cl'u!en ' ftJr every~a1, all- arorll':ld wear for tl1e- fnll ancl WintEr season. lt is ma:de of Engl£sh. 3etge in tl1e- lleavicst and kandsomest qr.uiSty ~W\­ mJ! warmeh as well a.t goof£ Jo.o.ks_ Marks the fashionable man or woman just as surely as the cut of a suit or gown. As You may rest assured that whatever you purchase· here will have the highest style value along with its other merits. a ,Gift Suggestion: ~=:] Wm. M.Hopp & S()n Batavia Jcv:clers. Tile tweed top coat of plait£>d weave is .extremely popular ~<ith tlw younger men. 'rhis one has about its making all Dj tile smartest points of tlze saason•s 'styltnmd its.bQlt and pockets are puiced at just the right angles. ·-·~- ... Tkc Tcnicker suit at its best, tci.th a. dark gray tone to it, he».nirr.gbone material and the c=y ;n-ace of informality a~~mt all of its lines. the most particular dresser. ~ . Coats are severely Jllain witli ft1'1, 1 little sign ot a. line of fitting at the waist. Tw<!pockefs at the sides and one breast :POcket 011 the outer siae of the coat are all that are required.' Then there are the plain reveres and, the\closely :fittiog collar to finislt tho suit according to regular and )Y'holl)\ accepted lines. · The golf suits or tn9se witli short trousers ar-oe prime favorit~ among all classes and cypes-of__me11~ for they serve so many purposes for outdoor wear an~ tbey have come to be so generally accepted that they can be wor.n on all· <JCcasions when one happens to need them without attracting the least: attention or notice. Many of the lighter toned tweed suits, as well as sone of the darker ones come -with two sets of trousers -one that is short and one that is long. Men are finding these suits: most satisiactory, for they insure the coat a long life, as'long as it de· mands in fact. while at the same timE; two pairs of pa.nts are worn to the last degree of -their efficiency. Short tr.ou.scrs as vrel! as the long ones are wom with (:Oat and wai~t-' I '~ coat and t:he coats for the shorter ~1 ones are nmde, these days, 1n 'so ~J plain and \L11COD1promJsing1l fashion I ~ that they look ~qually well with the more formal and longer pail's o~ ' trousers. Men are· w·earing the semi-soft collars for- everyday and all :hou~' of the day_ They are no longer con.' fined to sports and outing clothet'; but they a:e worn continually with business s'tlits-with every sort of attire, in bet, all the way up to eve,. ning cloth-es. Botb. bow .ties and four in ha.J!ds are worn with these collars and. they may- be as bright ln color as you choose or as d-ull ·in tone, for t.hey are entirely a matter of real and individual taste. The hat for the inll is the gray fedora. Nen like this better for all-around wear than any otber, it being more pliable. more comfort• able on t::ilc whole and easier to handle. Three good examples o~ this sort of hat are shown in the illustration:s, ./ ~·~ -..-· \-' • · · • Y OU'LL reap a rich harvest of satisfaction when you. matte an in- .. vestment. in g;ood appearance this Falt The new Ruppertheimer styles are rea.dy for yom· inspection. :Fine, sturdY. fabric~. Superla- tive tailoring and exclusive styles. · .\ $45.vo, $47· 50 , $5Q·o() MUNN&YOUNG -the Tiouseo of K~tppcuTieinfef: l · good dollies • ... l 1 I ' !

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