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The daily news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1881-current, September 12, 1923, Image 3

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REVIEW ND ~IRS. \\\N( .0 .llotl.ers' llur~ af. hi gU\t' .111 ill 1' ... - gii\P a r1·~ club \\.,~ f'q;. by ~lr>. \¥t!Stl'1'tln~·: VIC\t•-[lt'('S I Mr-. Arthur !ttee, ~lr.. son llnr• comm.t~ ~bP:•· ttll'e on n~ may t.e h•· ho'•l 1-:::., ... , Ulll. o. 32 81'11,tb Kearney of a· ·~A Porta; 0 · •. \ beeo d;s- ;~ UBI tn,•ta l~ti~r.· Roatl;cg Toro1.to \': C1ty ~- ,1 Brollh •o Ne\V \or~ w York tt. = IIIIIUfihiU llllllfllll' · '- ,._, l ~' our ot uuumuutlll . . · ..... · .. _ ... _·_ . . .... _THE DAILY NEWS. BAr.AVJA, N. Y., \;- .ED}<\ESDAY . -. l .• t ... · .· .....• !ENROLLMENt- OF 161 . NEW CAD~FEATC~ES. ::BOY SCOUTS TESTS N e.xt Week,. . AT EAS1.· PEMBROKE .RUJliOrs ·Of Cjltllll;'fls CQnflrqted •J.s Ad-:, ,J\JE 6IVEN IN CAMP . . • ' _. __ ·_ ': vertiscment in The News Toa:ay. ·: t ·h· _; e. F. a. tr .FlF'l'Y-FOt;R IN Tli.E ACADEMIC 'to Inquiries resulting fromCUL'l'CIIt rumors,·EAST DE'l1li'ANY 'rltOQP 'NEAR the effect thnt the Cadillac Mota:· Car;; • ·• DEP,\RTlHI!!NT AND 1(17 I~ 'Compmy is in .possession .of a ·new en-:: POINT BREEZE •ON LAI{E THE G.BAr.ES. .gine~ring principle in automotiv~ engihe~: ONTARIO: design are substnntinted by the anll.·<mnce- · ment in the advertising columns of The:' Evet\ybody in Gen~see County and m~qy people fFotn the sur- roundi;hg town.s and coupties will attend .the ]3ig Batavia Fair at least ··one Qa..y of the week-a good tnany will yisit the \Fair\ every day .. ·HOLIDAYS llURIN~, FA:IR WEEK Nec:jiW~:Y· devclopm~nts are .consiu~red BADiiES: YET TO J!E AWARDED Eost Pembwkc, Sept. 1..!.-T\Iere are ·especially significant by stndents of mo-· • East llcthany, Sept,. 1~.-~'he Boy This \ad{' ipvite~.you to. call 'at either. o~ OUt' GOOD pRUG STORES, ~ Call- il1 a11d say \Howdy\ -wliether yottneed any- thing or not If you are needing anything-fron1 a Prug Store, and most f~mi4e; dD---'ti_Jen make up your 11st and lea:ve tt at Store 1 or Store .2;. whichever is more convenient for you.~ We want you to ~no-w,that we·conduct two complete dr:ug stor~s for your convenience-two stores that can supply you with whatev~r you may need ft·om a store of our character ancl two ·stores that render you a .Service that is un- equalled; · 161 pupils registered ·ill the high school, tor cur P!Ogress because of the in: tmst- ,Scouts, with their pastor, t~e Rev. Hal· of w·hich 54 nre in the academic detJart- ing .. engineering and manufnctnrin::g his- ·b~rt Camp~ell, last w_:eclt ,m camp on· ment and 107' in the •gra~•s. 'l'he -school tory of the comjlnny. 'Tijc Dewar trophy, Lal<e Ontuno, near ·Po1.nt Bt·eeze. ~!ally will ·be cloesu· on \Vcdn<'!sday, ~'hursday nwnrded each year by the Royal A-utomo- of them passed scont :tc~ts ~nd were and E't•iday ne:xt weeho ·g:~e the pnpils bile Club of England for the most signif- advanced In wot·k. \.I:'here W!ll be. an an OJlJIOrtunity to attend th~ county fair. icant motor car;devclopment of the year, aw:trd of b<:dges by t}1e ·tr\~P comm1ttee Princip~l J .. H. Poultritge .has received was\von in 11JOS by Cadillac cars, us· the ,Fr1<lay ev;umg, at. 8 o cl?rk: lU. the school- a 1epo1 t \h1cb shows t:hat 01 per cent first to dovolop a high degree of stlt ntlard- ,house. 'lhe l'ubhc Is mntcd. of ~he .June regents PfiJ:H'l'S were accept- 'ization. That is they we~:e cars in which· lllrs. Rose DPvons nnd !]aughtPr Doro- ' ed 1 ~ Al,bt~PY. . . . because of nccm:nte machining, nli ports· .thy of· Ro,che~ter hav_e been _gu-ests of ~liS. Fred B. Crawfo;:d. '' 1ll. enhrtam •are exact duplicates of othet• parts of the. the formers sister, 1Iu~s Hntt!e Ashl~Y· the home _bureau cluh E rJday afternoon. 'SiliDe kind and can be used inteJ·~Jmnge-,, L. ,V. Stanton, who 18 ~:<sormted w1th Re~d serv1.n¥. trnys will ·be made under ai>ly with~nt fitting. In 1 ~ 13 the.~<lillllc· n. A. Leedom, has. gone to Wnlker, near the supel:nston ·of Mrs. Norman Sltelton· car again won the Dewar trophy for the· Brockport, to operate a.n·Pvn,porator. T~e of ~ntnvJa. . • . best gt>neral performance. Tlte {~:ulillnc' ev~porator at M:.;- J,ee<1oms home will 'Ihe Odd Set will :me~t Fr1day after- car ., the 0 nlv Americ:m rnr whi.c:>ll hit>' not Fe open;cl th1s ~casou.. . noon. ~lrs. Geor~e AlnJ.don will be the h ·. . pi • d b 1 :\Iiss :lhr1on Thomas IS attcnt]mg hostess. A t11reen sujJper will be served ever.w~~t ? ~~'~nt f! 0 .;)t a_n ·I 'OilY s 0 hool at Spri.a~vi11e, vi•it•d b•r parents, . at 5 o'clock. car 111 e :wor' 0 v.:m ~ w•.cc. . ~!r. and )Irs. Dnnie]. Bleurer, over Sun. Miss Frances· Frink and Mies Janette ~he Cadillac orgnmz~t1on '\\US toe first day. , Frankenstein. -will give an el:lterta.il:lment: to 1~troduc~ V·t;y:pe etght;c~l!ndcr:- nato- at Darien Center next Monday evelling mob1le cn~mes 1.n the. Lmtec~ ~tntcs .. for the benefit of .!he- Darien Center Others of 1ts ~·oncermg achlc~~cttts home bureau have been that 1t wns first to dt~cnrd ELBA FARY.I SALE. llrs. Euge 1 ;e H. Mille,- hns l!old to Dy- magneto nni'! ado~t J?~ko, \. mo't dcpen-· Wnr1·en )ltocl!well of Jlarre Purchased .moad & Fre.ncJ 1 it lot I:Hlt; 1 een her resi- da)Jle Rystem of 11;111ho'!: first ·t{)- lntro- tlm Bowen Flnce. den<'e and the Batavia-'Tonawanda rail- duee. a \\.mpl~te clert 1 :'\\. 1 • srstPm of Elba Sept 12.-Wa.rrPn Stockw~l'l of ro~lll, nlso the coni switch and the office startmg, hghtln.g nnd 1 gmtl0n 1 .first ~-o Barre 'bas bought the Thomas Bowen bmldmu Oil the lot develop and mcorporate them:zostatic 'd d d • 11 0 ,.e : \ • t 1 . f - I t' li II . farm on ·the R.t ue {'03 an Wl m · Uiss Lizzie ·wnde and her father, Wil- con ro 0 eircu a mg coo ng m-E< um • . · Tl 13 1 ·1 h s d I D C limn \Vade are moving from Frank Ben- and. first to Incorporate thermostlc ~ 0 ntrol there thiS fall. 1 e owen nmt Y n Lea ey rug o. nett's farm' at l'uperrnlll to the west part of carbur~t.ion. moved to Barre. 1 t ,j of Mrs. Emer;y L. D~y\s r·lace Qn East The Cudllloc company was nlso :fir!t to J~mes Jones has ~bo.u~ comp_le e 'rwo Qunli~ Druc Stqre. ~fain street ~Irs Day has stored her marlmt a quality cnt· mnnufaetur!>-<1 upon tenrm~; down the old i>utldlnos on hts lot 1111 atnln Street 63 !\lain SITed · househoi« g~ods a..;d will reside with her· a qualltity basis: and.more than :150,0!>{) adjoining tlle Jones-l=ac gnrnge, where Bowker's Wheat Fertiliz.ers We are booking orders now. PhQne in YOIU order. Phone ·1~. E. J. Salway Est. t Exthan~te Plate, Batavia, N. :r. son, C. Cash Dnr. She has rented 1 1 er ?f its V-typc, eight cylinder cars a:.ro now he '!ill bui~d a bu~gnimv. . rooms tn l\Irs_ JdCL Elnt.. formerly of In- m operatiOn, mnny of thrm having enter· M1ss Erud Jenkms has rcstgncd ns dian Falls. cd their tenth year of service. deputy at tlw postofficc. . . The canning ,f corn- hns been com- ,llnrt W. Wejeh, No. 233 Wes-t 'Main Mrs. Belen Hofmnw1 R~ess and_ ch1l· menced at the cunning plant. street, is the Cadillac reJlresentll iive ill dren of Bat11Via lwve- been spendmg s Miss Zelia ~lcAI11!ne being unable to this t!'rrltor;v_ few days with Mrs. Riess's pnrents, Mr. assist with tlle Chlldren'R home <hive, and l\Irs. Clmrles IloErnnnn, . l\liss Helen K:ing has l>een appointed ill STONE CHl:ROH BltfflF\S Dr. and Mrs. Alvnn Stallb and fam1!y I her plare. · of Lnm•nster have lme-~1 visiti11g the for- Harold Durlwu. ::lolt•s. Fred Brecht ancl \'\'omen's Society l\lade $19--1.1:-.S.C.E. mer's b1·other, Dr. II. J. Btnub. :Mrs. Helen Cbttreh bare h\•en visiting in to Ho)d a Corn !toast. J. N. Parker w~nt to Symcuse yes· Buffalo. terday to join his wife, who is visiting :Ur. and Mrs. John Jasper and daugh- _St?ne Churc~, Sept. _12.---'Fhe ...,.oman's her son, Harry L. ;\nea, until after the tcr Ethel, nccotntlanlrd 'by Dr. nlld 111rs. llllSStonary B~?Ciety renhzed over $LV from state fair. • ·• G•orge Casrbmg of lla tuv:a, hnve bern 11 ,s~le held m Le Roy _In~t Snltu:dny. _ Mr• John Granite :aml clnughter :\!Dr· on n motor t:rlp to \\\atkills Glen: ' :rite _;\It;Y ~lossom mtsston bnntl \:111 ~eiJ., -~f 'nnffnlo, who lmve bem visiting :Urs. ,John l~iek: llns bern spenclmg a mee.t _on Satmdny afternoon wltik ll!1ss f , • t U Ln renee How- k 'th 1 1 1 \ Cl Eh•tt·a Seward the urnwr s SIA er, . M. w wee WI 11!-r <RU~Ite:r, .urs, .are::tce. 'l'J \PS c'EJ 'Jl h ld t 1nnd for two or tliree weeks, have re· Bender, at Cowlcsnlle. 1e_ ...... , '. Wl o a eor:xJ ro~s • Ur and Mrs Fred I..ederer of B 11 ffnlo on Frtda)' evening, at the homo of lltss turned borne. E 11 d hn~e ·been ~isitlng their daughter, 1\lrs. Oln Seward. ~h·. aml Mrs. Grnnt rownc an so~, Esther Stacye_ An offering amounting to $17.~l2 was Enrl B1·owncll, and 1\liss Grace Bu.r Ur. and ~us. WilllnDJ Hipv of Pen- talten in the Presbyterian cburc:lt on wore gu~sts ovor Sunday of Mr_ Brown· :fi~ld c~nter hare l>~en visiting Mr. nnd Sunday morning for Japn;•ese r~Jief. I \!~'s d~ug~ter, Mr.~. Frnnk Ilonlturst of l\Irs. George ~ook nnd Mr. and 2.Irs. ~lr. and 1\l.rs. :\Intthew !I. a vnnnt:!:'gh and· lS 11g~t:t Falla. . Ro:v PrlrP. three children of i\ledinn spent 11 fJ>W t The Loyalty ~lass of. the Bnptl•t B1ble llrs. H~len Lannb~ anrl son Bert of dnys last w~ck with the fermer's. broth school \Ill hohl a soC\Inbi~ nt the h<>m.e West Penfield. Jmve uec-3l guests of Mrs er, James Km·nnaugh. of l\lr. nnd llrs. Ft'IU!k ::>hu~nerht Fn- Emma Gallow-ay. 1\lrs. Je~sie Uoore of Delrvnn Is tho day evening. The pro-ceed~ w1ll be used LaY erne nnd Harold Potter of Fiom- guest of :\!1sses Snrnlt nn<l Emma >(Coopl?'l' for tl~e building fund, burg hnve b~en guesls 11t Mrs, Fred C. Carlos E. llull and family rEturned Grnbam-Chtrk • Frink's. from Buffalo. on Wednesday, ~ml o(Jn Sa_t· Elb S t 1 ~ -The home of 1\Ir. and Will.iam Kirllf and his dnngllt<!rs, Mrs. urdny monnng lef: fot: t_hetr h_'()me . Ill Mrs. ~·hnr~; c;~ft ott (!hnpel street was Cornelnts Y. Dugan nnct Mrs. S. G. Heb- Montreal, makln~ me trip DJ:', nutomohlle. tbe seem of n pretty wedding nt 8 !l'cloclt eler, also l\lr_ Ho'bl?'lor and son Thomn•,' Fral!~ Conl!elly_ and Cnml.y oE :l!n\e· Mo~day ev~ning, when their niere, Mrs. hnve bec::t visiting ~Irs. Kirby at the don v•st!ed his SISter, Mrs. Andre,v .J. Alida Clnrk, formerly <>f Flillt, M\Ch., was home of Mrs_ D •• T. Hngge!'ty_of Buf· Gr:, 0 ~~::nun~ K 1 b'-d .f married to Irving Grallam of Elba in the '-;;;;;;;;:;;;;:;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;: fnlo. . • · ' rs. . 1 mm • e .eon an< r 1 \~ r~n 2 prrsenor of lmtiledlnte rPlatlves. 'l'lw = Rolhn Gorbnl wzll lenvc on Saturday Ro~hester havo retmned after IL. neek at' . f 1 b~ tile Re~ C • 't 'th 1 i tl J •· ·~ ~It ceremol:ly wns per or=C< , •. . for Schellectlt-dy to ent-er t:nion college. '' 151 WI ler a wr, nmeo; '' 8 \\~·~1RU~ 'I F. Hn ward, pastor o-f the Elba Bnptist Cuticml'a Soap J'nmes Bm·~ron will lrnvt> on Stmday Andrew J. Groff r~tmn<'d on Sunday 1 by 'I'I I ttend•d br f k ' t 'th 1 t' • B - 1c:- nuc 10 <'OUP e was n • , -for his second yrar nt Rnudolph Macon rom a wee· s s ay Wl rc a 1ves :tl ns· • , • Ch \\''·· . S . . . to! I M•·· nnd lUI'S. ester- o.ultlllg. fi'l th kin mll1tar:v acndemy at BPdford, \a. · . . . The !~ride wore ~ dress of grny ma· ~ eaJ'S e Lieutenant Daniel ,V, Tomlinson of ~Its~ Lue~le E. H1lll. a~<'Omlllt::ttlc.l bl . . B 1 f the t:nited Stutes nn1·y i~ hi 'Ynshing· her fr1end, Miss Ellen :Moore, cn=c homo tr~lnl. ll<?'r motller. ~Irs. Jnmes t\ an ~ _ and Keeps it Clear t on Wednesday from Blua ~lountain lali! Fhnt, 2.11<-h., was prose-nt. after tIC Cele one. \ S'll f E t • d 'I l·n the Adirondacks where the\Q snPnt ~- mony Ml'. and :illrs. Grnhatn went to .__ Otnt. t. Til tse.. ~ Sam\Ple• • J.u, 1 o as -'\\l.Urora. nn .... rs. ' - ,. • ff I d 1 1 L t tJ C\\ i;;.\itOa~~t:'.:r..=..:n.•.~•~X.Kt.lioa B · T 11 t f E IE:l h b several weeks and on Rtt•urdas::- :\ltsl Bu no to SJlen t Je <ay, a er I • -;~;;;;;;;~;;;;;~;;~~;;;~;;~~g~~~~e ot at; 1 ~ l~aptts 1 ; ~:rson:;:. een Moore l'ehtrl:l~d to her 'h,.;,w itx Sll\\~r wil! spe11d a ~nnth in :Uichig~n and •. on \' ---- Miss Margaret 'Vnrr-en of Rochester Creek. ~Iis.« Hnll went to Bnffnlo to· thetr return will stloDd the \vm_t~r Wl!h h b · 't' h t M L n ll:cy to resume her studies at the normal Mr. and Mrs. Crnft. They \·Ill begm :J\·c een. V 1 j 1 mg er n<~~ ' · .. rs. YIJIR ~chool. housekeeping in tho SJlring. The groom · nnmng lam. 1rir. and !\Irs. Lucas znmbrosk:i coiN• is n fartn<?r on the muck lnnd m~d the Hubbell F'antlly Reunion. taiued the following guests ft·otn Ro!\ll• !>ride hns been nsslsta.nt operator !11 the :-l'ortb Pem:roke. Se11t. 12.-A reunion ester on Suiiiln:v : Dr. nnn ~Irs_ A. ru pentrai telephone ofllce. of the R';Jbbf':ll. family 'vn~ held' ~t Ro· !'lmnja nncl children, Eu~~ne. E1'P.1yn and ----- selle H. Nornss on Sundnv at wh1ch ~I) Elnine; Mr. and ~Irs. Walt~r l\Jnrkow· Lightning P.:ts:ed 'Through Building. were present, whil'b included the enhre ski and children Strlln Helen 1\'nlter During n storm ~~ Norwich, Eng .. family with tit' <?x:crption of lirs. Nor- ami Edmund: :.r;, and ~r~. J. L Panas· lightning stmck tlte chimney of the riR's brothe!'• William Hubell, '~ho is zecki, l!r. and :\Irs. Stanli'Y Ma~o1v•l<l. Joenl Young. Men's Christllm assocla· nt the Uar1110 camp· a i Annapohs, Nd. Mr. ami llrs. K. Dcmbow·,.Iti, sons Ed· tlon premises. _'A rnnn reading In one The gnrsts included ll::r. and Mrs, Fred mund and i\Inrtin and tl:eir grnndsoTt. Blumenstock and chil-dren ef Battle Eugeno Mnl<owski: room snw it pass oo:t In n ball of blue -..:;;;=;;;;;.J Creek; Mich., null l\Ir. and :Mrs. Walter ==-~--- flame nnd notl.ced a. smell of burning. Heath nlld ~:lr. and :.t:rs, Hermnn ~·n. Probably the laziest people In the No damage, llowerer, was done, son of North Atinm~ Nictt. The oldest world are Svnntlans, who live In the one present ~Vas Harrison Hubbell of Ak- inaccessible mountain runge booetween Cabba.gc Had Double Life. ~=,;============ ron, 83 years of age, :and ths youngest the Black and the Caspian scns- They A render sa~ s she left n QUarter ot onP, :-<eva Montgomer:y, three-ycat•-ol<l a cabbnore on tho kitchen table early ~·~---......\ can.be free jro1n Eczema/ • W IERD, <Jl'Ceplng, annoying sensa· t ion s ....,..,. scratch ....,..,. scratch- Bcrateh-eczemil. lind othe:.> skin ernp· tions, spoj!~ y-our ·comp1ex!on-caus• ing yo11 uncalled for embarrassment~ anguish-ruling your--·temper. All be• cause ot im}lurities that are rampant in your' system-becattse your red blood cells :are dormant. S. S. S. cleal'S un skin eruptions through its pt:nver of cleansing the blood. Her.bs. a:nd barks. carefully se· lected and sc!enilftcally :prepa.red and Proportioned, w-hlc)l make up .the in· gredlenta in s. li: S. are the most feared and dreaded enemies of skin disorders. Eczema. pimples, bolls, blackheads and other skin diseases paclt up and leave ·the system when S. S. S. sends·ne\v rich blood coursing through yolll' v-eins. Ha.ve a general houss cleaning for your system. Let s. s. S. rid you ot those impurities wh.ich tend to keep You in a. ruil·down condition. Skin disorders are mothlng more than bill· boards announ.<:lng that the ijystem is \o!I color.\ s. s .. s, is sold bY the lending drug stores. The large size bDttl~ is the more eco· dnughter of Mr. and )Irs. Herman Mont· have mnde no advance towarci clvill· ~ gomery of we't Berg~:n. zntlon In tvlenty-t!ve hundred year-s. In the winter; in n f-e1v days new greet! It I t l 1 1 1 bl rul to <>bserve Ienves begnn to Sllo:rout and now thf \'ortl• Pembf•k- •'lsftol'l!. s ~ Je r nvar a e e - \ • \ ~ • holl·'nys four times· a ~·ee•- with cnbbag-il 15 qulte Jar= and seems tc Nortll P •tnbrokl'. se-~t. 12.~Mr. and Uu .. \--• ·- 1 ,. •· s tnt\• , t s havP seen ,. .... - .. ; .. ,,., l'lE. ;\!r.<. Allen AmlPrsnnha.ve b~cn elltertnin· .} . ~ t ·-·· ~· r- ra . 5 l in~ Mrs_ .\n:ders:on's unell'. David ~re- w·oM- E-N- \F M' IDOLE AGE t ~~n:~~f~~~~~~~!~~~~~of~~:~t::~~~ .. . . . . . · .. . .. . U . . . .. _ . . l\Irs. Enun'l Scblngenhnuf, son \Ves· 1cy aml da1igbtel\ llntb, have returnetl fr<>m a motor trip ·to Ithn<'n, Mich. Charles nn'<l A'rtlulr Carroll have been svendiug se1·ernl days rn 'fnronto, Ont, Bethany Progressive Class. Betbnny, SepL 1.2.-Tihe Baptist Progressive C'lass m•eti:ng will be lield on Friday evening 1vitlt Flllrold Bat\ie. l\Irs. Ft'C!l-erick JiurldJart arid daugl1· 1 ter Marian, · ~h·. and llrs. Welker nml • •on Irwin, Mr .. 8nd !1-l:rs. Henry Klein, fnldcr nml d.m(ghter Ruth aml l\lr. ami Mrs. I\etter mul sou aud daughter, nil of Buffnlo:J.~•re Suudny guests of 1\Ir. :mrl 1\Ir~. W'illinm Sommer$. ~Ir. nn<l Jl>Ir~. Charles Tnpp and ·son Charles 'Villinms of Le Hoy were Sundny !,guests of ~Jr. nnd ~[rs_ Willinm Tapp. J I\Ii~s Flnrcnce Ha l'lmcss of South . Byron begmt leaching •ehool .in clistrict ~'io. 11 on Thlonday1 She boards witb I ~lr~. Neuharth. . . 'l'he rains here llnve clone much goml in h<>l11ing fnr~ners to prepare wheat I ~t·ounds. ()ne or the~ I \wilat Is the mntter w!U1 Lnnk ·DIIJ. liver?\ asked an ,nc<;;.ualntance. \B&'I as jumpy \aS .a. ~nt-hopplng up aDf lookln& over his shoulder as if h• 'lowed sonietlilng was going to h11.ppe ~n blm and 11~ didn't linow what.\ I \I lteertl tell t.hnt some feller hu ·heen taking a snot nt hlm oft' and tm for a svPil;\ replie-il old man Smlltb• era of Henlln' :Saini, \or he hns· he.m I taking a fe'W shots· a1: some feller, ~.:1d 1 ·forget- ynw-w·w:--wnl-;:;olllch.\- ~ttn&S n• \ ~tlU'. ------- '\~- Woman. Hubby (nt break:fnst)-I'\e got .bad bend tltls mornlDg. Wlfey-rm sorry, i!ear. I do hopt ;you wlll ~e ~~Iejo ~!!_~~It ofr. Much Interest Beiilg Shown in the Large Num· ber of Women Safely Carried Through the Change of Life by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound The Followin~ Letters Are Impressive. Owing to modern methodsoEiiving, few woman approach this pe:-xfectly natural change without e,:penencing very annoying and often_pninf~lsymp· toms. Those dreadful hot 1lnshes1 nervousness, headaches, mela..:ncholin and irritability are only a ferv of the ~ympt<Jms incident to this trying' period of a woman's life, and the following letters prove the v-~lue of Lytlia E. Pinkham's Vegetabl11 Com· . pound to overcome these al>-~ormal ' conditions. A Michigan WomanHelped Ionia, Michigan.-\ I was passin\' through the Change of Life and ha~ been under the doet<>r's care without any relief, A friend in Lansing, Mich., asked me -to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetnble.Compound and I feel fifty per cent better already. If any one m this condition aoubts the ability of I,ydi-a E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to help them I will gladly answer their letters.\- Mrs •. MAXW. HAHN'~ li37 N.Jefferso!l \Fisherville Ky.-« For :several Street, Ionia, Mich. months I was under the doctor's care • as he said my nervousness, ch'ills, hot A New York W<~man Helped .flashes andweakness was cnu.sed by Syrncuse, N. Y.- \I was used up the Chang.eof Life, but I didnotseern with nervousness, weakness and hot to get any better. I was not able to. flashes.so I could ha~dly keep around, work and spent most of my t;itne in and could not get out much on ac- bed. A friend called to see De and count of those awful prickly feelings. asked me to try Lydia E. P!n:E!:ham's I r~ad about Lydia. E. Finkham's Vegetable Compound, and:! cntinot YegetnbleCompoundhelpinganother tell you how much good the m-edicine woman with syrnpto'Ilts like mine. My did me, ns lhad such a hard ti-me be· husband got some for me, and after fore taking it. I can only advise taking it five montlis I can get around every woman passing through the and evnn do my housewor'K, washing C~ange of Life to take Ljrdla E. and ironing includecl, and my friends ?mJdiam's Vegetable.Compoond, as can see wllqta chnngeit has made in 1td1d SO much for me.\- MrsiEDWARD me, \~l.fr~ . .SIDNEY EUMPHREY,826~ B. NEAL, Star Route, Fisberville,Ky. Burnet A 'flnue, Syracuse, N. Y. . J;y.dia. E. Pinkham's Pri-vate Text-Epok 'UJIDii •• Ailinents Peculiar to Women ,.wll'l be sen't you free upon re()uest. Wl'ite to the :{.;ydia. E.·PinlrhalDi M~dicine <Jo., Lyn:n 1 D:1assachusetts, ~his book contaiDs valul!Lb!e information. · \ EVENING, ~EPTEMP.ER 1~, 1923 . PAGE TJIREm: -Socony Gasoline_is. not ·a chance collection of shipments from any re- fineries that. have some gasoline to sell. It's a uni .. form product-made right for both power and tnileage, and every gallon the same. - STANDARD OIL CO. OF NEW YORK 26 BROADWAY See Pagd Elen•n. / /;I /J T TNEQUALLED insWiation fucll- U ities, including a nation-w:ide org!IIlilllation of <Wer -4-,000 instsllation men, make it posgible for Deloo-Ligbt wifi their quantity produotion to !let the lowest price ever announced for nn electric light plunt ~;ompletttly Installed. And -it if! highly impodJmt. in rmr- cbasiog any li~:.hting plant that you kn<~w the instaliad price. Tae installed price for the tnost popu· lor- si7...e Delco-Light plant includes not only the plant itself-it inclndes thD freight; it includes the actual instaJia. TbiJ is tho WilY to buy. your.ae.n;. Jigbt~po~~ Terms So Ecuy You Cannot AFfwd To .Be Wdoat .0. To make it easy for you to l!ct -,oar Delt...u.tst Phmt -ha-re .et a -..y lair firs~ payment and made the terms \rerf _,_ 'Ibo locti Delco.~ - will explain th\\e t=s to l'QU. A Iibenl ~allowed fer cal.. ~irnikgl Outfit With Srnalkr SUie Phmt, $432·50 Tks World~s Largest Farm Light'Plant ManaltJidaler NO, W makes it possible lor ;yau to' get your ' D O·LIGHT Over Ll Jl\1..1'_, n .I Sati-sfied Users DELCO-LIGHT COMP~~f~ DA)\T()~ OHIO ~eorge A. Kastner'· Genesee rz Prospect Avenne, Batavia, N. Y. County Representative Phone 105-M. E. B. Dw1igm1, 715 :\Inin St., Bu!Tnlo, Distributors for \'estern New York. ----------'---~----------- --=-=-=-=-======== [TRY A \WANT AD\ IN 'THE ,NEWS 'i ' I ~· ~I •

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