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The daily news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1881-current, September 18, 1923, Image 4

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PAGE FOIJ.tl THE DAJL~ NEWS and BAT.AVUN Pullll•ll~d bY Urlaw~I<S & M<IValn, Inc No.. !!3)1! J dOlo soD street Entavia N ! A. J MrWsln Presldentl L.. W Grlawold Vlee Prealdent and Advertising Manattt!r G R. Griswold Trea•nre>:I Milton R Miller Secretary anij Gel!e1ul r.lancager John J None; A•aletai!t Secretary and Managln~ J!ld ~or THE DAlLY 1 NEWS, BAT.AVU., N. Y., ~DESD.AY EVENING, SEPTJDMBER 18, Tins nmRNING'S mws. ~~ TODA Y'S SHORT STORY Health authont1ed report n. case of bubomc plague m ~nn ~·randsco, Cnltf YOUNG !'trAN \\VITH PIGSiilN BAG. do ~o at the place where be had re- Tbe v1cttm 1s a woman --- sumecl p<Jilses1lon of his property U Se7etal thousand workers m the steel Br H IllVING KING he would be there at five o clock to- dJstnct of Youngstown, 0, changed yes I morrow afternoon.\ terday hom ten to eight hour Shlfts (~ lt 3 3, by :McClure NewepO>per Syndlcato;) No sooner had she mailed the note HIGHWAY, RRIDGE AND \MISCELI...J;N\EOUS REP()R.\l' \llOWN 0? DAIUEN Conuty ot Gcenese.,..,.l922 Wh1ie at \otk m l'rov1dence harbor, Constance Gillman was waJ.king slow• ' than she regretted it. Had she not For the R~Jinlr a1:1d :ImFro-vewons tt SUBSCRIPTION PlllCl!l. Rhode Island, a 1\Io<rls & Cummrngs ]y down Slxtb. avenue. It was just done an unmaldenly thing in thus,mak• HIK~wayo llopalr ~•d Conavudton ol aJ!1nC:.fv!~~~-Ten cents 1 week. pay. dredge was burned at a 1 ?\ 5 of $800,000 t~lll dusk and the sidewalks were Jng an appointment with an un- S.ld~<:eo, Puroha .. , Repair ana lltora1• B'!: llAIL-Io tbe oount1ea ot Genesee, Lo'\es suffered by the American Bap- crowded. She always enjoyed this known man 1 But, then, the whole o:f Maoldn\rr. Rellllonl. ot Obotructlono Erie. ~lvlngoton l\lon•oe I:Jin~ara Orlean• t t f ss on·r~ soc1etv 1n the d b S d Oth \' lia and Wyoming, $4 ver year $2 !or six 18 oretgu rnt 1 ~ ' ' - little walk from the mail order house lll'fair was so against all rule and prec- cause r now, an e..- =••• · months, $l lor thrto montbs 40 eent.J fo- OOOJapanese onrthquake total about *500,· ~here She \l'aS employed, down tD edent. And he had such an honest, neon .. Purposes OD• month ~--- B'i MAIL-ln tho Un.:lt<d ~tntes east or Jo~eph D Salkeld former Clty edttol Twenty-third street, where a. crqss· frank :face! She wondered what his RIC.RWA.\i :FUND ~~~. ·~~h\\i,~r ¥~~:' ~~ ~~rE!ri•r.::.~~:. of the Washmgton rost, died m Chicago. town car took her to the !erry on 'her name WIIS She hoped it wns Robert; RECEIPlCS 51.2:1 tor three month&; C50c t:or one mouth. 111, \\hCie be was political editor of the /way to her h.ome in the confines of she liked the ntune of Robert lln.Ian~e from preYI0\1.18 year mo· BY ALUL-ID the United St~tes west of 'H d t C tan h be t d s tor vehicle fees • , $ 140!9 the ~llssloolppl river and In Western can Dm!y Joumnl u son conn y. ons ce wore er s res on Hlgbw<1y ta\ coll<eeled pursu ada.. $.~per ~ear, $2110 for dx months $13> Dr Amos 0 Squier, pbfS!Cl!l.n at S1ng She llked tile feeUng of surging, the day ot the mooting, a nent tan ant to soct:lons 90 ani 91 • 5 500 00 for three rnoMh• no centa :rrr one multli Smg has beeu elected president of the hurrying life around her and built coloted, taUot made suit. She was o,n f\es\.' 1 tv•eo', 1 , 1 101 ' \ '\ \ 0 \\- \ state _aid n 7 , 0 'tl ~IL BUBSf'ltiBElRB-l>nle oo label ot 1 ' • ., • paper ehow• when sub••rll>tlon expire• Amo11eat priSon t>h:>siClans' assoc1atron up little romances for those of the time at the re~tdezvous, nnd the nttrac- 1 R< coli ed fr\m Co 1u.ty Trenaurer, I Xlodly send remlttnnce for rcDO\VIllat least m Boston :Mnss passing tn•ong whose faces caught tlve young wan was waiting for her R~,/~:J 1 vc~~clec~~~~Sc~!d~nl.;on- 820000 ~~~ee:n:•rg~~e;!plr~f~\a!l.~se~fgi'{on':. 0 t 8 ~~ Eugene Eb'e, n pntent lawyer, dropped her attention He Introduced himself, :Mt John R strr1ctlnn ~ec 32~-..1 3(0000 automntleallly dlo<ontloucd nt expiration dead m comt m New York. when told hP 1 .A. younr man came walklnc rapidi:P Fenton. ConstaDce was sura the R 1 ReJ:t't~~n~;~rns~gr~~,~~~ of. In· y~:~·~~~o~~ ~ra\ssP~~?~i\ at Bnta 1 \ N would be prosecuted for Wlthholdmg $1,-~ tol\ard her ln his hand he carrlell l!rtood for Robert, later on she found Received by ti:\>ns~er from 2 • 00000 .AD~IDRTISI~<J R~'1'ES GOO from t\\\0 chants. a small pigskin traveling bag Con- she was rlgllt. , R~~\~:~\!;;:::\~~hor- ·,.,i,ces . 1,.2g~R~ Scbeunle o! rntes and nll luformntloc. re- Patti~k Fltmuer-y of Syra(!Use, behcv- stance was just about to start build- He was the very embodiment of de!. f:.id~llfo ... advertlslnlt moy be obtained at ed to be demente 1 surtendered to the m,; a romance for hlm when, as he erentlal courtesy, more agreeable even Total receipts. lnoi.udln~: bnlance Frant R. Nortllrup, IPe<>laJ lldvertla!ng pWollftec,e,wbeooulfSesnslenagr dt!.eaatth.he had shot hiS! passed her, 8he :felt tha handle o:f the than Oonstance had imagined him •, prc~lous :year ... - • •• - $18 '712::1 , npresentaUw_ 3:50 M:adls:on avenue, New EXPENDl~U \ York. aud A 8aoclatlon llulld!n~ Cblca&o Twelve trunk railroads signed s. reso- tra.velill& bac &lipped Into her hand she felt that she oould trtl!!t him lm- GencNll repn!rs, !nclud 1 nf~fulces THE ASSOCIA 'l'»I> PRESll. luhon d1sapprovmg the lllan ro a mal• and her llniers ckM!ed over It with a pllcltly, and. culverts _ • • • • $9 480 20 ':rhe News Ia a m~mber ot the .A•soctate<l gnmnte terminal fa~!,itles betw~n New gentle pre.sure. With a gasp of a• Tile explan.atlon took place in ft Special !lh1>r•' emnat• lucludlnr , f.r:~~~u~t,'.t~\;~rl:l~t;r:;:: Jetsey and Manhattan. tonlshmentshetumedto seetheyounc tearoom to which John piloted her sll~~ea anti cuhcru •• • • 8 1) 302 '' uae for reptoductlon of all Charles J Johnson, secretary of the man's back dlsappearlnr In the crowll. Clver on ntth avenue. \ ~otol. eo:pendlture• tor tne repair -- I rtv:r d~ftBt~~~:~:~lt~.J! state board of chanties l1l Albany, was Realillin&', lnatl.Dctlve)y, that Blt.e lie was B c}lemlst ill the employ ~ nncl lmprovemeht o1l:llgl ways $18 410 46 !ted lD tbla paper, and elected prestdent \! the American pnson eould not 1tanll. there gap{ng ldlotle- 'the ll'<lrsythe company and had beell !rotnJ: bftlanc~ nne:<!])end•d Deeem- aloo tho l<Jeal DOWI -,ob• as•omation 1D Boston, Mass ally and ob!ltruCtiDI tbe tramc, lb.e ()D htl way to thelr factory 1n West. ~er 31, 192\~ ,._ .. ~ ............ ' ~7 77 llsbed herein. Mrs Warren G Blliding, wi<low of alked atlll h !din th b b b_.. lth b BRIDGE :nJND the pres1dent has rented an apnrtment w on, 0 I e ag, er, oe ..... er w a ng In Which -were llll< at Wendell MansiOns, Nol 2339 Massa· mind In a daze. She looked down at llOrtiUit and secret formulas, when RE:;CEI:P'£8 chusctts avenue, Washmgton. I the mysterlo1ls article, it appeared I near the ele!_ated .station at Twenty• ~~~a:! r~~J~~J i~g,': ~tli~~~~:. ~~~r $ ~ oo Prmce ..l.bilul Enh1m, youngest son of 1 nearly new third street lie re<:)ognl.zcd two men. 9~ and 01 • • ••• • _ ... • •••• $ 500 oo the late Sultan .Abdul Hnrmd, was 1 pould it be that the nice looking the agents of a rival chemical com- Totn.l receipts, lnclnd'tn~ oalnne~ \ounrletl by a revoher m an unexplam-1 younr man had \snatched\ it from pany which claimed an interest in the tre>m preYious yenr • • • • • $ !iOO oo ed manner at Constnnhnople I Bome one ln. the throng and, imagln atoresftid formula, which lntetest. E:Xl'E:NDI.TUUES Cheers reverberated when \Uncle Joe\ In~: that he bad beeD detected ln the having vaiuly tl'ied to establish by Nft\erl~l• fnr rop~>.tr and :main· !VUIDSDAY, SEPTEllffiER 18, 1923 A NEW INDL\STRY 1923. Two Restaurants for Sale Centrally LooateiJ A Fruit Store for Sale For Particulars SEE CHAS. A. WILLIAMS 70 ~lAIN STREET Real 'Estate We are offeung an att?netrve home near the State Park. The bouse IS of br1ek construction, w~ 11 fim.shed with lnrse wood fireplace ln spacious llvmg room, four ni1 y sleepmg rooms bnll and batl! on seeond lloor. 'l:he lot has fifty foot fronta~e mcely sh1hhbed, dnvewar leadmg to a fine four enr gmage • Th)s property IS wotth your conslt]CI nt10n and If ;you are seekmg a mce home, moderately pr!Cf.d, thts ono ts hemg offered nt $3,000 00, Qe\ow cost to erect t)1e buildings and the lot Is valnod at $1,500 00 We have a good CJgbt room house, chestnut trim, lot -with garden, pnced for immedtate salo, $3,50001> Double Houses We offer a comp1ete double bouse s1.-..: rooms on cnch side, furnaett, hath and electnc1ty, loc\Lted on North s1de of CitY , Buy this and let o11e stde pay the UJ!keep of ;your home We offer lUI excellent Livingston ccmnty :farm, 126 acres, good or- chard, some woodland, basetnent barn, :fine smnll frwe, good farm hoUN and smaller barns 01! a very fnrr ptlee to c)ose nn estat~. AttrttCtlve Home S1tes. and Business Opportumties Newman L. Hawks REAL ESTATE INSURAN<JE 59 1\[aln Street .Announcement 1s !llnde today that the BatnviB Iron Works Will stnrt opera lions ln the rrlnnt 'ill Wbleh the Bntnvia Car Worlts fatled to lll!!ke 1t profitable to do busmess Batavmns \nil be glad to know that the new mdustr), de\ot.od pr1nctpally to the rebmlrlmg and revn11 of locomot1ves Will ba under the dncctlon of men wbo have made n success ol t.he sumc mdustrv on a larger s~nle m Bu.:ffalo The Fergu son·Allen Co , Inc. Lns a 1 u ge plant 111 Buffalo wh1cb has been clomg n constant ly mcrcaslng business alon~; the snme lines winch these stuno men w1ll operate m Batavtn. Eleryhody wrll w1sh them Cnunon although not on the prOlJ:rnm, act, had tllMJit the stolen property on law, they had made one or two at- lmnnce ot brlcl~i $ 11293 cJ. h lUi A L 'Trnnsferr~d to MJscclluucous !:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ pa1 a VISlt tot o D noilul 1 mer1can 11 e-, her to aet 1id ot ltl incriminating pos tempts to obtain by force. vand • • •• • ••••••• 2~000 g10n conventiOn tn nnv e, • sesalon7 Impossible-with euch an .A traitor in the ForsJthe company Director Lord of the budget has th~ open attractive :face as he had oruce mu •• 11 ave tliJped them orr John 'Total exjlendltmcs for- brldr;;es • 1> 31l2 93 complete cst 1 mates for tbe next fiscal • • 'Iot\'l bnlnno\ un<>=>:1cnded .Ueeom ) enr before lnm He mtends to hold But even It be had, thought Con had Been the plan at once They oer 31, 10'2 • • - - • • $ 137 01 suc~css. AGE:I.'TS OF 1\IERCY tho total to tbe ~3.000,000 000 figure stance, and it her involuntary acqul would jostle hlm in the throng, start 'Iexns Domocrats nrc boommg Colonel l!$cence In h.!! act ot transference had an altetcatlon; a crowd would surge .Alvm 0\\>ley of Denton Tex national saved him :from arrest, she was glad labout tbeDI; betore a policeman could tommaudcr of tho Amer1ca.n lcpon, for ot it. It wu wronr to feel 1!0, she Interfere the bag would be ripped the nommnt1on of v•ce-pres1dent m 1924 kJl'llw, but she wa. glad of lt. open with a shnrp knife, t'he papers In \\ asblngton the schools nre using Then aud.denl,.- another thought- ,extracted tnd the purloiner would geoJJ aphy mnnunls published 13 years suppose the bag conta.lned an internal illllnk: away and escape. ngo winch tell \f the po~er- of the kaiser machine 1 , 1 turned up ~J:th avenue\ he said MACBC!iE~'f FUND R::ECillPTS Dnlnnco on hand !r<>:m prevloua yenr • • • - • • • • .. $ 0 00 lns:. recc1vcC1 tro%:11 collcctt>r See OU nnd 91 $ 300 00 ltccelvccl bv trn.srcr trnm Gcn· ern\ Fund ..... u ..... #••• ••• 1U5 00 Totnl receipts , ~ .. - • , • • • • .. ; 465 oo nml d10w old European boundary hneB \ • • In superior coul't an. nttnche testified Ob, horrors! What would she do! and they :followed me I saw you EXP'JI~DlTU~S thnt the I\u lll\IX man. mitiatcd several It Bhe dropped the bag, and there wns coming and knelv by your !nee thnt I F':.'';ufnf:;n.~~~,~~nJn~l~qr;:, t.oola $ 1210 mom1Jnrs m n room of the state cnp1 tol an ln:fernal machine Inside it would could trus~ YllU You know wl1nt l ~o:r repau at maeiiinery, t?ol• and of \tlnntn Ga, 1he nrg:ht lcg 18 ln.ture 11ure!y expl<Jde. dld then. It was an Inspiration. When bnplcments 4!7 SS otosed Where was a pollceman? She hail the men overtook me I was without T<>tal expendltur-< 1 _ • • • $ ~59 us By smkmg hrs teeth mto the arm of reached Twenty-third street now and tho bag They were astonished nnd U11.lnnce uncxpen<ltd ilcoember 81 n l'rJson•r wbo wns over-powering a u, with blanched fnce, she looked pllzzled, pnutred a. moment nt the hext 1 1022 ·-· •••• • • - 4• .... ' 110 2 deputr, 'Teddy,\ Sheriff Lyden's pollee around there was the youn~ man blm- corner watclllng me perplexedly and s~ow Ato.'D lltllSCELL~EOlJS FUliD dog, prevented \ JBil t!ehvery nt Youngs .selt apparently wnttlng for her. then gave it up !!Ud went toward :1.\Ein!JIPTS City and Farm Property for Sale $3~00 $S,300 $3 100 S:i ~OIJ room house el•cttlc light,; furnace gnrngu ~5 ooo rnom house electric light•, tllrnnce bnth hnrdwood tloors, barn, north s!do • • • • • • • • • • • .. .. • .. • • • • l . . 115,500 S room bquso elPctr!e ll~htH, furnnco bnth barn l~rgo ot, on paved otreet, !Inc location , • • • $10,000 FAltniS One acre :!list 6utsldo of citY Uno fruit 8 room house, In good conclltlon nlo<> hnrn ponltrv bouse .................... , .... $:MOO ron nc:ree non.t' WtJet nntn.vln lilA niles from Bntnvtn on mnt n \'Dn•l t\rutt lJ. room houo::e, -bnrn, voultry hon~e-, price ~lth l!'rops on grmtml $8.000 ~ orree:, \ln\ mile from Ba.tnvln on mnlu rond ilno toentlon, goocl 7 room hoube p lent1 of frlllt • • .. • • .. 4• ••• MJIOO Wo hnve • lnr~o liRtlu~ ot cltv nncl fnrm propcrtv. It yon are Inter \'lied In burlng or sellln~, don't forget A~am 11 great du;.asler hns pro~en tllnt onr warsh1ps mn:r se-rve bumnmty m 1:be saving of hves Our destroyers wer~ first to reach reneb ,Jnpnn w1th relief after the oarthqunli:e nnd fire They per- formed n service that boa olt~n before THE PRILLIPS REAL ESTATE AGENCY to\n 0 • He reached out wlth one hnnd and Broadway l!o.x colleeted ~ee 00 nn<l 91 ~1 ~0000 lleeke•p•rs und frUit growers nt.e ln t k h ,_ d 1'\' d hl h t I ,. llrrehed b:Y ttnEJ8CCI:' frolll. nrldga l.'r>m'J!t m>d Relloble S~lco Open ~·turrlny DI'~ l\!omlny Even!nl(O lie en performed by <lur scout crmscrs and a r w at :Utddlctolvn been use the !rnlt oo t e uag nn ute e o. w th 1 pnssed rapidly to the other slde Fun<\ • • •' • • • • • 2<10.00 40 l\lnln St • Batml,.. Eli~O!'i Pllll.LIPS, Prop !'hone ~59·W tlestr.>y~rs, notably 1n the removal of me: lnlm the bees stmg the frmt to ex· the other. \Thanks said he with ot the avenue, walked down, crostred /!otnl rcrQipts _ • •• • •• ~ w·l'l ,, RITE ALL LlNI.s OF J:NSUJt,\NCE. :refugees around the Bln<!k Sea to places I trac• tho honey \lllCh is demed by the B captlvatil!g smile and hurried r.way orer, met yon and resumed the pai: ~~~~~~~~~~~5~~~~~5:5~55:55555555~ o! ~afely book:, pers up tbe steps of the elevated station at Twenty-third street, .How can X li'«>r rcmuvlnl~:f;~~IJJ~U~~,.d Because we hnd n fleet of clestroyerg l'romment advert!smg men nre attend Constnnce, as hns been Intimated, thank you for the rreat servlce Y011J Joy sn.,w • • _ •• $ 2!'-120 t D i bl b fi tng the bettor business bureaus' ~onven \lt'as n COIIllliUta1', She dwelt with. her did me? May I not hope that you WJU P<>r otbor :mlsceollnneous purno•ns lh\1,71 ~ o.r en we were a e to e rst to ,. l'<>r •nlnrl To=n Suporletendcnt • 1070 oo bring help to the survivors of th 1 t•on m Knnsas City, Xlo under the aus. Wldowed mother in n neat cottnge forgive ;mY' soomlns rudeness~ ~~\\ hvenseg, '!:'own. superintendent 6831 ste t y k h il T k ed c~s p1cee of assocmt~d advert1sm~ clubs of within tbe confines or. Hudson county \How dellghtt\ull crled Constance. '1:' tal 11 ;;;\(;4i!!2 n r 6 0 0 nm.n a:n ° 10 1111 e the \orld and went to and from the great city \A. real adventmet How glad 1 am ll:~lnnc:\~~~~i~l:.!:·Dcewber\ai\\'\ ~ cause we bn'e 11 mvnl baso nt Mnnrln L01d ll1rkenh\nd of England hns been e~er:r day except Sundn:V! , that 1 '1'/D.S able to be of service to 102!! • • .. ; ' 4~78 \I'O were able to sra<l nurses wbon th~~n•kP<l to speak lll so many Cnn.:1t1Ian That her soul wall tronb1~ because you.\ 4.tXlLIARY Nl 'r~Il~ 'rO\N BIO!l)VAt peed wn'l grMte«t ht1es thnt he ha• cancelled bts pleasuro ot the attractive young ml'\ll nd th That Js how the courtship h~gnn. ,\reo\ NT Besld•s being the po'•c•men of the tour to put l'lpnogs \n. nod will VISit pigskin t:rnvelin\' bng goes ~ltltouet I•- progress wns ns rapid us its begin Com~en1111on ::r ·•own S11p~tln eens our w •b s hn • 1 • tbe l'ncttic coa•t. 1 \' .., tundenl ALd ClcP\L'lY town •up•r- • ar IJ! \'• proven ngn n unu dolonol Alvhl o\sley commander of snylng Here wns mystery \1\ith a I n!ng had been unconvent!onnt. The:y tnt• ntlont '14< 1lnys nt $500 1•er ngam quick nscnt.s of meres to thoso m the \nuncan L~gJon obtalned from I capital M What dld It all mcan1 were mtJ.rried three months later .A~~Knte~\'t~\~~ br olJ)Emacs .. • 51 ~ft distreoo P1r•ulent ~oolldgo a ~essa;:e to be ~end 1 \\Vhatevcr it !llellllt, she was prepared Jolm-or :Robert, Ill Constance o.hvnye at the not1nnnl coo\Pntlon tn San :Frnn· to declal:'e the attractive young; man calls hint-is now chlet chtlllllst for tl:l.e Snporrlsor aa.<l rown Clerlt'a Allo....., .. iliS!\.PPEAR;!SG T\\\0 SPOT clS<o Co'1f. \t mnth not guilty. ,Not guilty\ ot what? Well Forsythe company. 11 ~f.o~~;~s~n~ 11 ~~\.~etro\t.Sii~~~t ---- 1o1m 11. Bmtlrtt, first a•ststant post· --of auytlllng dishonorable. l:te could One Ro•d to Peac·. H~~ ~~~A\~r ~1!::.\re•l ·tho To=$ 1500 \ Gnod bye til 0 :S!lot ou b • mnstor g<'nernl nnd form~r governor of not be, with that fo.ce. ~ ~ Clr;rl 11 • 1 t 8 11 110 so ~e one op ~ew HniDilSh!tP, \ 1D II \\ushmgton hos- c d h ....... n thera ra 0 'IV 11~ O~\tbepblrg~'!!' la~ ... ~ on • ··o~ portnmty fol sb~rt changers Tho treas- r•tal, suffermg from lDJltrtes sustruned on stan en scanna t e pnper!l ea• \ u n ~ n nr pro •I, • -· \' • \\ \ ury dopnrtmcnt b~s under consulcrntlon m an n 1 tomohiic acc>dcnt gerly the next morning, hoping ag&lnst tlltre will be !ewer prophets of war. STATl!l OF NEW \YOUS:-Count;Y of Gene the th<eontlllunnce of the $2 1ssue nn•lj Da\1 I Greenberg formerly nn office l!ope tlla.t she might light upon BODle· ~ 00 ' .;•· ntn:lO!ls:, sn 11 ervlsor or the 1t 1s be 11 evecl 1 t \' 1 ti<' rlr nn 100 Jlnl'u • bnv for E ~1. Fuller & Co, bllDkrupt thing which would turnlsll 11 clew tel Canadian Labor Roll. Town. of J>-n 1 1c:n ~~>ti:< duly .. -woru, lnr sule '!here has long P:<Isted n ~uw 'lutk ~tucl< broker~. b1mself md•ct· the strllllgt!l adventure She read all The Canndlan Federation ot Lab1.1r g~~~~~· me':,~fcone~\'~~ .!g~lttl~; t~: tot~• Small and Large Farms for Sale One ncrt> lmo IDll& to lllaln street, wlt'h no\'l' 8 room house nnd barn Thr<e ueres ln tl10 city or llnlllVIail goo•l orcbord nud tho host ot land. Six aor•s In tbe cltv of Butovl1 ne house aud the best ~f so!l, Elgbt ocr•a In ttro town or Botltuny. good nom~. ou1nll price Tbtr•een ncrea In tbe to'v\ of Bntnv.a, une milo to Mnln strNt 27 sores In tbe town of Bntnv!q, thl'l e miles to :l.lnln •tre-.t. 33 arres In the town o! :Sta'l'ord, three mllu to r.a~rln !1 acre•, bcntlll!ul bullrlln.:~. town ot Alnbnmn 5~ ncres, etuck tools nnd rrops Pnvlllon Good 11ni1 ~henp .. 2 nt\res north ot OnktiPlcl ::roetd lnnd nnl barnJ:t no lloltSP. cbenp For prloe oucl terms lor th~ a! ovo or nny other l'ropcrty, either ~Icy or !arm or for •xobanges It will pny you to sec me, as I hnve any l!.lllOunt of t rt 11£.\rty to EE'll nnd ex\hliD ge NOTICD-J al•o Wl\lto e:n kinds of .Insurance and wol!ld be Clnd to .,rile a t•nrt ct J' our bufllness .. t JAMES J. MAHANEY Nu. 11 Jllnlm Slree.t .P~nntt 112. Bntn.vla, N. y, P tOJUdiee a t tlti 1 d 1\'1 on o bucketmg clmrge, has surrcnd- the poUco lte~ word by word, Noth· bns a membersl,ip of 22 000 going report:; IIL:nt tlle amounla stnttcl guns 8 'enumm.ltion an eretl to tho district attorney, !ng there! therein to h1no been recel•ed by htm aa mnny n~cept tbe btU und<\r prote.t ~\ Act ug Secmtnry of War Davis an· \ h It 1 • Supenlsor of\ !<C:b town cro .. u tbot he ~=;:==:::;~~~~~~~~~~;;;;;~~;;.;;~;;;;;;~;;;;;;;;;; one !no\ s l10w tlte preJUdice or1gmatet1, nouncos that tlte department has pur A.., ere was ,_ personnl \'! the A Good 'lblna • DON''.r MISS 1'1'- hns reedvod \'' sue!! oflloer for the pur- l :voung lady who so obligingly carr! d poses therein 11at:..d • lbnt the expendlluriMI but none deuies n E'XI•ts rhu•od tho complete Alaska cable out· e ~ speelfieit thor .. ! I nnve tn fnet been mnde for .\o,Je from Sllller\tltlou there bus been fit m England for $1,24! 000, because 1\ genUtman•s traveling bag from Send 1our namB and address pllliol) 1~~tP~lroo\t\'~~~ ~~;~~aft'i:'~:sns~~r~l~~g. obJO~tton to the btl! because lt \l'ns 80 there wo'o no ~mer1can b1d• Twenty-fifth etreet to Twenty third wnttcu. togelher with 5 c~nts (and\tliis ln ~tood fnltltl !or ,nluo received, and In Assl8tnnt State Attorney General 0 street on Sixth a;enue yesterdny after- al1p) to Chilmberla1n Mcdicme Co, Dee the manner Nq •Ired by the hlp:bTr!l:l' Inw CHAPMAN'S AD VULAGE OFFERINGS . . :~~~:mass:~~ d~~;r ~h:. 1 ~.n~~rk~:s:~~<>r!~ L Smith of llhch1gnn announces that noon \Vlll kindlY commnnlcnte with ~~~\n~~~;:O c~~tm~~~:v~i:mb!~l':m•~ [~~t rJ~ge;:~~:~~~n~~~'1~~ :~~~~~:.a~~ t\if~ 1.:! rnoms modern • nice loCtntlon Lnrgc house, 1 entrnl location with Investment f'efttura. f:lght ro ms wpl\ locnted \ns wnte1 eleetrle\cy, Eight Teams~ couvrnienC'es fara~e. goCld lacntlon. W1n1am Z roster, Ch1cago labor leader X Y, nt the ot!lce ot the Forsythe Cougli :Remedy for coughs, colds, croup, moneys roeeL-.4 by Mtn n• provlt1•n h~ ~~:lt:Pt~els n~::pt;~ 31 ~~'\as uanddeor 1 s 1 t 1 ar~d-Irneg mu\t stnnd r~trinl ondich~~ges ff VlOlat Chemical company ( 8 uch a street nnd bronchial, \flu\ nnd whooping cou~'h' ~~~~ 0 'l,a£o\ the higbwnys nnd brldg\~ . mg 1l1e stato nntls;yn ca sm aw number) the gentleman will be glad andtmklingthroatjOhnmbcrlam'sSio::n l 'P RnvorD<: <:uvcrvisor ~ x room~ D.nd onth, Cl ntrn , ~pod neighbors ~e\'en rooms nnd barn Smnll payment ensy term1. Flnely located east side nome, till conventences qumng nn ms•stence tbnt 1t was a two On tl1c aruvnl of the Ro~al Matllmer to explain his unconventional :pro IICh'andLilerTabletlfor elomt!Ch trou Sul•~•rlbed ncnl sworn tn berore me tnt. spot to enme nlong w 1 th tho p~<;>por Orbttn tn ;sew York descnptlons were ce<!dlngs\ blea, ill<llgedion, gassy pains that crO'Wd fitb tl~. •kJ1~i\'i~r.1~23Notary l'uhllc. ~han,e. Arne• ten has beeome aeeustom :~w~ ~~~ 1\bl~,~~~~~~c b~~1~':~c w!~~~ssfln~:~ Fot '!l mom®.t Oonstan 1 ce hesitated: the butut, billousne!S and consttpnlion, ed to lhmk m fivos w1th the one the next but only fOJ a moment Then slte dis Ch:unbilr!nin'~ SnlTe, nood&d 1\l. every The service we arc nble to rend~r yon along real estate lines 111 rellablt stralght!orward Thnt s \by \c havo been In business \•er fatty yea:ri and sk~ lenmg a t\\ent>·mmute afterglow famdyfor burns, S<:olds, wounde, 1 pili!, m ordc1, therefore 11<' one w11l be mcon- RIB wtdow, from whom he had been patched a httie UIL!liUed note to the and sit:in Dfl'ectlODS~ these valued fn=ly ven oneed tf the S::! note d1sappears separnted n yenr, identified the muhlnt- address given, simply statin~: that: \11 mediomes for only ;;, ~nls. Don't InltlS 1 ~ 30 nero• toeat'i'rl on stale rona, ~ milo AT RRDUOED PRICE CIHAPMAN'S REAL ESTATE AGENCY, INC. f d l b th U • th 1 kl b from vlllo)::'<' nnd lll~ll school 7 r om ed body of n man oun 1n a bur o.p ng e gen eman o. e P gs n ag de house 'vl:h fl nuce nnd notnrnl ~>:as, two Genesee coJntfs great fair 1 o under m a r.ong Island city vacant lot, as sired to explain hill e:d:raordlmuy con· bnrns hen IOllso Plenty of fruit Good 41st Year Rea.l ~state Exc,t1sively Le Roy, N. Y. way that of John. Du Frte~, a Hoboken ml!\ duct b.e WMlld hnve an OPt'~·t-rJnlu to 1 pro<ll!ctho bid Prlee retlueerl from $~ooo SHERIFF'S FJtOCLAVIAHO:\'I chanlc to $3o00 w-11 excl!nn.ge for Bntana pmv \VIIJ,REAS, A 'IERM OF SUi'I\I )t:FJ crty I f'nurt Is nppolntc<l to be held lu ovd tor P~sstng •chool chllcfren had to flee for ending lnst nlibt Pohce 511Y tho barns Foll o.c•~~ J• the town of Dl ron, wtth 1 tire count:v of Gcn~seo nt tllA CottTt llouse After the fa1r there w11. be notbmg el•e to plan fr:>r exre>pt t'b• nll1mportant All Batavia Fun.:i campaign covur when gangsters opehedllreonJobn 1 were fired to gtve better opporturuty for moclern bOose -with imJlrove, nto good lin the etty ()! Bntnrla N Y, on the 1st -:.roLoughhn jfi y(>nrs old, as he sat on loohllg I he hom~s t•nn't bor se I :inr~o bnrns silo Goocl rro day or October lO\a 1 <lo bereb:; In Ins 1urcb m the 17th avenue tenement After a conference w1th President r.~~ ~~i~~1n\f1ffr~~~~. 1 ~Fnltxiii~r ~ ~J):i~ t~~~\¥alt~~t.~!~~ffrll~g~ 0 w $l:)OOO, or lc•s ~~ii~~~~~e ~~ ~h~r'i3i!Crl~~ ~ito~~;~ 10 o~ ~h~ );c\ York He \\\ struck by two ()[ Coohdge Senators Reed and Pepper of of goo 1 apple- orcharl about 20 ncrcs of Fine bnrg,hls In a'll kinds \ property ~?J\npt;rs\orn 8 Gcnbeosucned. mbnyke Prer 0 o 0 c.~nnmlznntnlucen 0 tor i\hss Snrnh S£-lmyler Butler, nee- 1~ <hota fired Pennsyl,anla stated they considered It bay U roQ n bot •• 3 good bmns PIIeetl • I f 1\I h tt for qulcl, snle $7 000 Eaay teuns otbOrwloe to oppenr nt \irl court un l cho rman of 1le R<>pubhcnn state com- 1 our young roPn 10 m nu n an on ~nw1Je for the present to express any ~~ nero• • milo from nutn.vln on<' n~e F J ~ORP & SON notify th~ro ., nppcnr theront nnrl nil :rmttee, bas :stnr-tcd work gottm~ up n ••~htseemg 1:1IP who tr1od to break preference between J.Ir Coolidge and of 1nples 1uo cherry trll!!a <>!her fruit 1 v lustl<es of till\' Pence Crronor• an<l other e llllto Stng Stng ''\hf'n refused arlm1sswn n p b t f'h ! rucru bnus£1 hnrn hog ht'Uf.l~ poultrY Corno'a\ ~:aln nnd Stnte Stret'b!l lotfice-rs ~ho hnvc token my co~:::niznuc~ for state women,. nnd d.o,\n state wom<\n jv.ete ndmitted to OsSJDlng JRll on n nnv~tn;r tnr o o t £'Ir own state or lbnuc;£1 nnd farm tools Ptlc.e S4ri00 Cnsll tho nvvcnrnnco of nny Jlt'l'<~ n nt su£'11 rourt ioo acltve m poliiics • chmge of d1sordetly conduct and fined the 10 - 1 elechon for Prestdmt I $ 1 ' 00 \ =============.,===\\ ~~,~1n~n~~vre t~~1t~~niri'l~nit\;2\'o\r 1 ';-;',~;\~rl~ -- I for mtoxH'ntmn W llmm A Bn ber former n.ttorne-5\ CITY rl\OF'ERT'\Y -<JT\Y OF ll\T\.'\1.\ onPr ot ''itnPMS IIA nntift('l 1t'1 t{lturn ~ttch gencnl of South Carolmn hns b~ Rntn...,ln :!'! Y • Heptemlm 14 ID~3 reeognlr.nnres lllfJUisltloJS nn1l ex mlnn (nnn1mou~ c'ect1n11 or the In•h Ftec 8evcrnl :>curs ng:il scme person left 1 f ' 1 t en :.'\ently no1v dcuhle house north sltlo oal, To lb<• Co:mnu.~ .. m1ers of Elect1ons tlons to tho snli1 oourt n.t ll•• opening f1tnte to full membership m the Lca•ue l ~300 on rlepo•tt nt the Kmg's countv e onrl'cl o comp lCl y m the Chnrles \ ·'\' r• •• •r! lmprovomont gnrnsc Pncc 'l'ln follo vln.g \ n. complete list of dty thet~nf on tho ikst 1ay cf tho Plttll g • \ Trust CompUI!) of Biooklyc to the creJrt :\lor.e cnse. He \n\ Jnrhct•d Wlth Mt $il500 Ens~ terms ofl,erl3 to be \olrd fol nt tho next gen Dntocl nt Bntnlln tl!O lith <'nv oC Sep of ~utwns lUtl the henr:!_y welcome nc f 1 'll 11 t ' Th :Morae nnd 22 others when the goveJU lclui vlcellt>-1 NovelnbeJ, U 1~23 tembor 1U~3 DA:>.JI I II I lOr I Rho tiff :1J, o t1c 1001 vn umvers1 Y e au • --------- A M\'•~ 111 '!lint~ o, John W 'MuUr>n <orcled her del~gntcs m t c nssembly at I thontJCS h~ve been unable to locate any ment began tis persecutmn ol fratuls CITY HOMES FOn SALR A C'ltl 'Trm.surrr In place of John c. Gonc•n, mark nn epoch m the lnsto y of such mstltutmn pe1p>trntcd m organ zmg the wnr fieet .£> = P1 t'lc ;;r 1 1 1 f J A. tho I:::morald !ole Corneluts Cole, forme! \C\mted States I 7 rooms nil lmpro•vrnents ~nrn.:c nent ~.~, tty 1 !';'o n P oro 0 nrn '\ Lo The American T rg11n of tins state Will oslt C<>ngress to m\ke The Star- RpanglnJ Bannet' the nntwnal anthem Ill fwt as lt ts hy general n~eoptanre Ti1a t ~rw ~a k bnnd l<'n lrr \ho rcfuo ctl 10 p ny it stnt tori •omethmg Rena tor f10m l'uhfomm nnd one of tho TIOMF'lPU:-1 YAR:-1 ~~feh ~;~;:!In vvn;; 1 ~t't 11 ~~ ~ti'Jxmls~~ne~ A fo\\ lnrng mon, who hen.td Lmcoln de From the S\ntc College of .!tgrlc>tlttlrc i<avlng ~rty Tcru • ,cry rcns ,nnhlc Dee! ~r lner the Gett:r<burg nddres• celebrated \i~l tb:l~l ~:;e~~~t bcil~ov'fn;r ~~~· c~~~~P~'l nn~ fi~~ii\' sb~~.,t~g;~;.;~:'W~~Ing:;;'; ~ \:fi~~ B AG~~:~~I~eof tho P•nco In h10 101st bu thday anm\ ersary m Los tine <>lllna home, Lmllt til• sutniiloJ h .. v h rills s '\\~I'Jr,•~Jsr;tt First District ic plnce of Angeles CnlH, J(lstcrdoy Q. ronms ptrl 11llPtuvcmcnts 'fine Juoea- -''' (~o Ptnnrs of Dc-ln\\m£' New Hnmp ~Innv o! the gnrclcn ftow!lrs 1nny be krttt t1on n•Jrth silr> '1:1.lth f'xtrn lot A ~upt~\ISr.r ~(leond Dlstrl('t in plncro 1 \ ' bl{'lntnulg for some Lime if oltl b\os::~:oru I n tooms gas electnclty. clste 1 u J[t..tgo of IInrn 1 :Pf'nrn sb•r~ Rhode lslnnd nnd Vcatmont and bcalls nut! seed pods nrc plachcd ore. gnrog< on pnvetl •trcct ~ l:luper,!Kor 1hn•l Dl•trlct In plnce of ofltNal te{liOsentn'lnes of five other Otltcrs r 1 om ~2 000 np Also fnrms nenr Gcor!'l• 1\.- ll~1cbholtz AlntPS \\rre gue'StS of Governor Cox of th~o sfr~/;g,)r;~~~l~rb~~~IOB~~~ 1g~gf.~o~~ r.~\~~~~e r;i\~ ·~~.tgJ~ecl, Will ·~ehnnso Scron•l Ward ill 'Frw men aw 1 Ptoes 1o then ow:-1 :\Ins~Jr>hmH?tts nt the Eastern States ex: .. tn a -pnn of hot water for t\\O holll'B, thet Eot insp£>c'livn prlctq te-rmg etc s~e '\' •s remm,, an •~change lt w ~~I po'Jtt>n m Rpllngfiel<l, Mns~ dry it thoroughh ~ns, enough tint 1 t \ 1 , < 0 ltn Mr' lh11;r l J>ld nt tbn11l of Pb1ln GEORGE i..'f.J. McGEE I clrlplto \\ ho \\ ns p_yteed 111 nn lnstJtuttOn, 1 ike horn(lmnde l\\~r~n11 \il 'ThP stntA rc.l 58 \lnm ~tr(ll!.t nrttBvJn N ');' nlcu.,. but \erv fnv of ll\ rnn 1Hlc n wb0-n f:lh \\ftS nn 1.nfnnt, InSetted au ad lq~ at I1hacn hns a cnid .. hnlle1.in telling 11£arnts City llom.,H loans Illone~<I:D-l~ horse np the \\ OOl\\ olllt l llllthng rr• Hl t [NPnlrtll Ill n Pbllndelp~m paper and rr;g,l 'ri~\.~ f~':, ftake It A copy is ;iours cue a maul en xn cl!•tro•• anu tllencc !tr.pl r nnrl her lnthN lluv1d Vi IItts hire, \\ho ---- NO liCE ro CREDIIURS-Pursunnt to to the c!eek of lho I.ovtnthnn '\ lnmg at\ Cape May N J ~o-me houscwl~es n ld to the !a.m!Iy In 011 o11ler of Hoo l'le\\Cil K Cone Snrro R •Le1t l'a'll a of ltulherford ~ J Conle by vuttlng up ettra eannod foo<ls In ~ate of the countY of Genesee nntlcce 10 -- hH•nty ~eat~ oll 1 s m the hospital ,vlth C'f4)P<'lnllv nttrndhP j1trs nml tltel.\ thlV<'l hereby p-hP.tl to aU IJe-rsons lu,lnp; tla.lius Tho n\cl l'nbt br•\\e' JHo,MtJ ~I 1 l f d 1 1 b 1 b ltl•tngthomlnthc hometo\n Jln('Or I\\ demouls ngrt.nnt ,eorgo I' l'nyn~ Into 1 1 n tn( ttn<;> t'g mtt til 1u se sustnm -- of tl.to city or nauwla tn snld county.,. flp wnu~ e ''Y~, nne nr tlP Sin\\ plau:·~ of f'd \hC'll etght husky women tlmnpled on I llnr(lJy &no\-.; sn IDf'llUtlCllOly llrcflectl nlccnsul tlnt tlPl nre to(Julr~d to t:\:lllhlt that tlurn.ng CltY , ... to lw roi\:C!Itet1 mlo lnm to nn tffott to tenc>h n sent be had nq t11ut t~t nts nt(\ JH~C\~su.dly the so1P di b~~r~~tn~v w6~~eJ 1 1 :(g ~od~bN:rl;he~okNot~ thnt thF\' arc rcqt\tr('d to f':thlblt n chN~S(! <htTibUt!On d~'>:tot of'>c-rut\tl by \ucntrd 111 n molt on N<tutc house 1 ~} 1 ~'tft~r 0 th~~cbr~e<ti~~gj;;;~~ 1 t 110 ( t :lti~~~g~<W 1 the n tmlnisthttors or ~hP gonds clul.ttclg n tc>sutnt:lon -n op Ptl nt n.n n Ijom nel tegtt I the- !lnma wlth the \\OIIChrt9. t1 1 ercf 1 to thfl Pu.lu~.t co poln1to 11 All the mt1k At son f (lnds nntl btghwnvmen seem to P<'llf\1 11 tton .~r taste to prrform the tnRk _ 1 nnd cr(_ldl~s of the sold decens(!d nt the l:n n ctl 'a f rhc Cnnnno 1 Council h 111 1 ( t orgc lt Re~nCtld9 the PX(I(~l.ltor of th, bo b tl ff: t f (Lord (re\llc orce ofl rnnlt Ill lawson in the6t.;y of \'pt!'n'. ~th the propPrty nt No n .. l last will nnd trRtnmtlnt of the ~nil rl<'- ftom a 1Hml of 100 'fi\1\P l mrl Bols,elu eotn tmng en e Ot 8 or n relgll 0 1 J Bntn'fln in t::n\d coun.IY:, on or befot-e tboll lllcCllt ~HI!'et will ho sf\ld nt pullic nu C'CO~C'Cl nt fhP rt'shlf'nC(' of thP sntl ( eorcre enttlfl , 1 •d t !1\\0il 1!() 1 1 II ttnt m the nfltghhorhoml of EJnl' Pn 1 ---- Sth d 1y of OltOlJ(I>r 10\\ Hon 11--o gnJn In b~ hulc.l tn +be Cottnt'H H Ucynolt1s tn th(l> tn\~U < f lll:'t\Pn Jn h a 11 n 1 t \\ 11 I!' mto })C'<.:lllt\ tl(l fn 1 t thot ftl',.lltenecl fnrmrrs Bny f40ll1 m lnrgC' C'nou~h quntttlllE'B anU Dntl'd th(1 2\th ll13 1t Mru~h 10~3 (Jtnmhc'l: It th1 ( ity tlnll or tl1C' l!tlld c!tv ~n1t1 connty on or befo1o the 2~th ... dnv ot t {1 tnntuhetmC' nf h('f'<; \~I ~:\\ .. ~ \ thnH tnlf' odvtntt\f,(' of' wbDl(IKil.lc,priceq <ll )1{01 w <rHF.B~lNU or Dtlnvha1: R~l) oclock }l m SC'ptetntJrr DP. N'UlH\r 1923 J:flll hntl S ln\f' 1 11 lu•qmg: nt~~hth: v1gtls bPcuus~ it. bmrlrPd nk(~ will nnt 1n~t too hugo if FlAltUY E MOfZ AdmtnlstrltCirs 10 1!1.,~ lhP tllttHI r.o,e-rnlng snlo of snh l>ntPl tlP 1~th clnv of 1111(1 11 1 .., 1 '\\ 198 • Amelltnn, bnc~ anl of the numhor of m~tncllnr:v fires tecent storetl In the uttlc or nny rtry i>ltc \llh FltA.:-11, Ill LAWSON Attorney rar Acl propel\:«' w:.ll lo announ~ed nt thnt time r:ronr.F. n P.F.~~I)Jll~ 1 xcrntor >< 1nento )y three were bmned wlthm Z4 hours tl<' rakes piled so that nlr enn. elrculntoj mintslrntors, 62 Mnlu B\reet .Botn Dated. SOJ>~•ml1or 12, 102S Gli:Ol\GE n nAY Atlorney for E~ccutor, • arouml them, •lu, N Y F lll Im~SELL City Clerk 101 lll.aln s~. B~tn~ln N Y. RAILROAD TIMETABLES ~E!\V '10RK CENT!tAL Westl:l,uud-12 11. •tz all. fi 43 5 ~~. 134, '8 16, 8 62, 10 4H a m , U 59 8:117 (~ lt.l Sun~nys) 6 10, '7 16 7 46 D 47 J) 111- tr:utbounrl-2 4~ ~ so •i\ ~< •sm, tO !Ill a rn , •12 57 •a 16, 11 38 •6 \\ 8 M 10 H. l130prn All trains run dally ucept where other- wise noted •A<'commodatton trntn Bntuvla & A.ttlca-Traln!l dopart 0 a. m 1 arrive b n m Bntnv1a & rouuwanda-Trnln arriveS fi to p m (Including holidays], depnrta 6 00 u m Uoolndln<r Sundays). Bntnvin & C.!lnandlhClln-'Irntnl arrtve 1 r.u tl m ~ M p m ~epnrt 8 30 a m 6 0~ o m Do cot n 11 SundJll'l• lilRIEI RAILROAD ~g~~~Y~~~~~li 0 1't nw ill 3 ~G oK :\ m. rratu• do not run Sundays. Enstboun 1 <1~•~1 1 tifa ~A~~14 48, •••D\'2 P m 11 cstbound-11 38 n m. :.\~tJ>~tm~t~n~, 1 ':d t~~~~~! on tlag onty for pnss~n~ers to G('nevn nntl points emn It t>lOl13 nlso to <lbu hnr.,e pnsseu~c1s f:rO!ll tth 1ca nnd pulnts etlqt \'Rtols only for New Yorlt and PbUn ilclph!a .Pn passengers on notlco to tl16 slntloD agent before 5 00 p Ill. AI TUBl S LINES Bntnvtn Oll(l Bun llo-LeR~e Cooley•e pbB ro macy !1 juckKon •trcet al1 SO a m, 1Z.3 antl r. ~o I' ru lean I ~rnyette square Bul'alo or Ill a rn 3 nn<l 10 30 P Dl un~n\u.vl~ ~~d f 1r;-t~yML4ovg ~nlg\~~dt: 1~ t tu ll'xtrb t1 h nt midnight on Sntur lp~s ~nnda~ 11 oud hoU lllYdl , lenve .Le RoY 1 ot g 10 nnd l1 u m nnd 1 15 2 30, 4 1 nn o I' \' toxtu trtu at 11 ao p m on Sat ur1r1'~ !W.u l'l1:\:S nnd holldnys) Bntn~ta Wnrstw lltR-~('Il,es Bo.ta:vtn 11t '; t1 nt nn 1 2 11 tn t!'nves \V.nrsnw nt 1r n n n<t 4 p m r:ntntill Allilon hUl-l C'DV£1A dnll, nt 1 30 rl m nnd 2 p ru f£ in Need Use Want Ada BatO.\Ii fno TIJIS END Tlold Geotge Blltl m '\\Ill VIS bet 11th '1-iestern N~~ ><lealcr s are hold tei toaar John 1' MclS the bm cxmmn ted to IllfiCIICe Edwa~d .Zeb! n n '' tltet'n lHke Conesus lnke Ia Constmct10n the llt\W tLUIIStr 1 lecllte Light ::'> m;nra, Loci p set ... f I' denc C l 1 IUtiOn COU I ul5ho SC!\1 1 1 l,;;)umptiou ot <ent fn1e 1!\le Aagust Stall• ngn rn I nils, 45 \lulc bt11ldmg , 1 nrul \\as stcncl lv 11 fnP1ng tim lUI< I ( n•per Lernc' the :-\orth,TonD 1 !e by l1nng be city hnll l e .,1 by l'atrolm tr \no cleatl \\I rle hut ryu 1 v '\' nt J I' ' ' \\ !lhnm 01s old, was ' :rht leg was cr ~ unputnted O<rar- 'Yoodrt J> \\lie Exprr t lly ~h \ • • v dny nnrl cehly IS do I I\\ m, JUDIO 1 norro.,v an Ia aaq::e of rn r• !11 :\[E\morJnl t ' (l~r- dnve m OliO the BUill n <~tup the new l,cnn R Cu1 \ n '\th the n. 1 lull 1ren \] 11s of the tit I vie oa Sut t c t It m Pull ll 'en Irtoy • ly mjure 1 ] ' • 1 k bv a 1 ut t- r>- rr\ ns pn~SJ.llg 1Io lhu sq ti\ fif•u n I \ 11 ti;!P Kl('ll£'1 \ 'be> Iff 13.- ofll '1og !11• ~nr , It ronrl, t ' 1 rs stepped f • I him to h I let bert 'L \\ '' llecle~ house n ' ' fine!) ~1 OfiO f rlernl oomt • rnrlod, guilt ul1:nnce nr ox•mntely \~and nu1 I to pnlttc '' olinesday • i nv~ weal 'l ''ltlt tbr h, nn Oetohe 1 ° l!S BUZZ! 0 on ndv1cc 1r hclc !ollowrl h.nnonp, 42 j£' r Q('tl nfter ll t \tt01ney ' tlco.tb wns I ron 0 Sm1 1 on the v; ' • Lehigh y th wnll eel n n Wltrtes,cs nn insurnnc It tn work 111 \ «>:: mcb fa IT L Wh1 1, \ .. tJ urst purl~ • t• limn the E t ' on the t r I nlth one ho It ''ns 11Jr1 1 11e behevetl f nm Sl hgbte thtmr'n m a rnlo harns conta 1 nm 4 i ton• of hay, an ndJomlng 3 tho Ry!vester DE f'entot Stcphen..Chtln tPr 0 11 flt'l'Ot1 nt o the :-;ow York ~ leged that be b rau throw out o rafPd the nrm w nnrl collected $ la•met1 T11al began y !'nnrt 1n Buffnl t ' r>eonr $20 Ol r 1 l n TalnfQr PetitiOns I1vmg A Tnr: \v•rn•or hnblh none F1nn1t ~Inrm 1 worker • ilab•h ~Hfi64 1 E Walter i\It e mechamc set~ none Hnrold D 'X• D :-;,~on E!ertr 'f Rt~ffalo l!nb $4 702 61 • Also mvolunt fltandard Rndm. nile nnd Fnllc of Buffalo \ Wedllln '\'' nnd Mr~ ~In 'fre•t, llu n V\r> snr:v :-; \J, nncJ 111 < \ 4i:!1 r ... nkP Prlllng numver 1\ D~ap•s iu I ntn :IIn1o

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