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The daily news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1881-current, September 18, 1923, Image 8

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Every Ma11ute Ooumts in. the · fight against @Onstlpatlon! On(l a Jot constination !tOt a gri:P on traet • it soours out th& dungetoull · · ,. · ld t<> torle' poisons; it .puts you back on yo11, an11 your system 19 W e·op~ll'; schedule timo 'Without irritation: or 90% of humn.n ailments. . St~tzsbefs d·l·s·omf. ·ort I ehow that to bo the proport1o:n ·o ~ illness that ·h.as constipation :t<>r· 1). Don't delay eating :Kollogg''s Br~n: l!tartillg point. Bills and .cnthartles each. .da.y in somoforml Ti-y it a~ a. nre as dallgerous to tho s;Ylte:o:u ·flS cereal epriJlkied over your fa.vor1te constipation'! hot or cold ooreul or cook it with hot a cereals. In the latter case, add: two Your physician will.x<;cOnt:mon, tablespoonfuls for e~ch person and li:e)logg's llYil.n, beeaus~ 't .. :LS:na:±l\!, 0 • 8 mix With tlie reg~la:r cereal and cook own relief from conshpatl,?n: lt J.S , scientiJlcalJy.prepared to r~Iiev~ suffer- as usual. ing humauiiY\ from coustlpnho:n ·nnd Kellogg's B:rn11 is siin:PlY dalilli?t;tS it will do what no other £ood1oa.n do 1 made into ro:uffins, po:ppvers, :ra1sm It will give every sufferer :POilXlnnent bread, macaroons, pancn.ltes, etc. relief if it js eaten rognlarly-a;t 1 le!\st l~eciRos ar9 on every '[)aekage;l- ~or two tablespoonfuls daily; n; IJ\IlC'h !tealtli ~s sake gat some Kellogg B Bran witb. oae'h )lleal in ·chronl~ .onses!· rmmed1ately, All g:roeorg, K 11 's l3rilll is wonderful. in its Fhst·clnss -:!Jolol~ !lnd clubs sorve e ogg · • • ti H 81 ~cei>S Kellogg's llran in indivltl,ual Pnc'k- ~!&urcl~a~:~~t~~d ;;ur'ifi~s the. bowel ages •. .Ask fo:r it at your restaiuunt. 'i'- - Big Sale of Furniture_ Dilling Room Suites Parlor Suites Bedl·oon1 Furniture o£ .All Kinds Wllite Enamel Beds All kinds of :Bed Springs and. Mattresses Rugs Kitchen Stoves and Combjnation Stoves .All kinds of Chairs 5!): Jackson Street .... We Pay :Best Prices ·ror Furniture and Junk D01BN ~LIENS , BECAME CUllENS 'Jn Surrogate's Caurt. Wnmw, Sept._ 18.-The will ol Mil- ton W. :Butler-,~ w.Ilo di<:tl in Perry an ~6tb, hus been n<lmltted to probnte lMters testnneutnry issued to his :.\!nrc-us IL Butler of· Peny. The will dn to of Mnr(!J:J 22, 1022, nnd by its •th~ ontit•e estnte of $7,500 _l:cnl nml $2,(}{]{) personal Is loft the testator's wlf~. Aila D. llutlel', Thevetition: of Elln 1{, Brondbooks of ~=====;:====::::;======================J Atti~n f<>r the ·u.robution of the will of her rntlter, John &. bus Tflke a Look \at the Bed ·Room_ Suite in Our Exhibit at the Fair \ A four-piece :;1.tite made ~f American Walnut. So well made, /so graceful that you will ex- pect. it to be ex:pen:sive. Your interest will i1tcrease when you see the tJrice tnt;-. H. ·E. TURNE~ & COMPANY. N., Y., ,OA~iFIELD VISITORS. Le Ro~ Y'll'S!>nllis. Lc Rur, ~,lpt. 1S--a~lrs. i•· H. Gre~11 of ::South stt·~et Is Stlln.ding some time w·ith her <laughter, ::\lts, II . .A.. Fl·ccll11lll In ~pmcnt·pot·t. . Ell!~ -G. ltiid<llol<>:n o' ~iil!tington, w. \\u .• formerly villnr:e cn~;inoer of Le Ro;~< nn<l !lOW conpcclctl wit~ the Wcot Yir· glnin hl~bwny dllttal'im\nt is S[lPnlling two wcelts with l>iR wi!c O!Hi dnughtct• 11t the home of lds llitrl~lcton's porents, lt1r. and Mrs. J. Willlnco Mc-Ewen of tho A.s· bury rood. lllrs. ~1id•lleton aDd dnnghter One of its .fcah1r<~S is OUR DIS'PLAY IN FLORAL llAL'L Make our three big. booths your meeting place. ~e are showing:. , SteW8.rt and Jewett Oombination ·Ranges. Stewart :PipelesS' Ftti-naces, Fiorence A.utomat1c Oil Cook Stoves and Heater~ \19oon and'Payton Giant Wasltil!g :Macbines The \Walker-\ Electric Dish Washer - .,Eureka.;' Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration :} Atkins \Silver Steel\ Saws ; ' Coleman. Lmnps and Lanterns M'Odel :Kituhen Equ.!Pment SU]llllied by :ns, in uhaa·ge of Miss Searles. It's very interesting. The Steele & Torrance Co., Inc./ / TI1o Vp-to-Date Hardware M~hllnb l, 88 MAIN STREET . - BATAVrA, N. ~: ' '' Lucky to- Escape With · will n<:eompany him homo niter hm·ing !luests From Roeltcster and Syrncuse- ><!lt'lll the s.ummct• in Le Roy. Stlulcnt E<Jbumcil lo, Cornell - ~llss IrNlO B~l\l<:ot· a momb•r of tl1e , - Hi$ Life, Say.s Fireman }Irs. Fnnnie C. Griffin of Roel1ester J,_ spending the ,,-cek in tQwn, ' }lr. Jlnd lllrs. Glenn Anthony of Syrn• ~esc arc guests of relatives in town. Miss 1\lnutl llrool<s- of Bertnett nvcnuo rcturnc<l to Cornell ·tinivrrsity, ami ~lrs, Al'thur Norton nrc vis· relr.tives in Ovid, Mich. l\11'!1. Henry A.nth<>ny, ne<:ompnnio.l '111 bcr ~ietor, lllrs, .June Johnson of l'cr-ry, sp<>nding tw~ w&e)\: ·t~itl\ the btl<'r's <'l~ughtPr, Mrs. Frnn:k DcMocker of :Mc- t:lina. itr•ss Ruth A.J!thony of South ~Inln slrce~ lins returned· to Syrncusc uni vcr· sity. Mr. and !tire. Tiurton D. Antb6ny, ne- ~omtJ~rnieil by Mt•, anti 1I rs. Frnnk De· :i\Iocker of Mclli:nn, -.,·ere wcek-entl gu.~sts of lllr. nnd il'I:n ·walter Chllntllcr uf Perry. mtr~~s· tmining ~lms CLt Dr. Lee's hos· . ' 11itni in Uoehc~tn·, hns !Jren visiting her b k 1 \Fl'tlnll.. , iri~na:· ~<lviM<l 'Thnlnc nwl piu•rnts, ~Ir. (Ill•\ ~Ira. E. G. Dnrk~r of \Yes sir, I was bndly :e n ·en up nm ..,. \ , l'hun·h street. rount myself lucky tbnl J: JSCapcd with while on · th6 :tlrat- bottle .J. b(gtm t.> h: '1 1 1 f •• better, sleep bettor and feel !Jitter. M\<f ·' i•s Ehzttb<•l• 'Tolrn'\\' o lS 1ngnra my 111~,\ recently 11nid William Snndlc- tho tlliril )iottlo ;r hod 11 .~<l :n),lVCtit~. b'nlts npil ~li•s Frnntrs Crom-well of Buf- itnor, 201 Sbcrmnn St., -Albany, N. Y., good digestion, steady ,p,erve$ nml fnlo srll'nt tile wce-11-end with tlte lnlt<!r's a popular member of th.e Albany Fire stre:ngUt nud cnl'rgy to »eet all my pnnnts, :ll•·. nnd hll'S. Jacob Crom;vcll of Dennrtment, rcfotring to ll trnl:le nc· ncedq, I n1n still fooling ft~c and gladly ~Uilllllit Sll:f'~·t. ...... I I' Illt•. nnd lil'o. (]cor;gc T,. rnnfiold of cid<lllt while nnswerln1 :a cull carY In spcnlt out lor ·T~tnlnc.\ 1 ( , 1 ll 1 • · li f 11 J\me, 1022. Q;:nnlne Is for snl~ by aJ good dt'll:- mt m 1 go ~: 1 \~' ' 11 Canfiei< 0 b oehf- \..;.\s a result of this sl1nke-ujJ I was glst9, Accept no substitn!~. O~er S7 ~s~et• m\o ul\en ~ucst.-. nt t 1 e nine 0 ·o(f '{luty for about a rno~th. l\ly ap).lo- mi'!lldn hollies sold, ~~ · . , Wlllioih H. B:I.rll,o!oru~w of Summit tit~ wns no 11100 , my stomach and nerves • \ · street. -.. · were nil out of fix nnd, evon n~tcr going Tnnlne \'egetnble ·Pills \rc Nntur.e•s • Mr. nnd Mrs, Enrvoey Sperry of E=;um· bnlik on my job, I could :oct: se'em to pull ow·n reme1ly lor constil!ntipn. For s:lle mit street• nrc cntcrtc:iuing ~Irs. Kntie , · Hngl.'r l!'~th·bnnl<s ol Litchlieltl, M:lch., m~clf toget~cr. everywherc.-A<lr. ': f '- ,,·hose falhcr\wns tl.e Rev. Jncob linger, =~~==;=====================:d~====::::J a lormct• prencbt>r ill tllis loonlit:y. It is fifty yenrs f'in~ ~!r_ nmt Mrs. Sperry BUY SEL' • RENT TRADE THRilUGH hn<l been sc~n or hcll.t'<l ft·om 1\Ire. l!'nit· J 11 -' J ' 'f\. · stree Is conlined to her home -with nn 1 · ft w . Philip Hodt·ich bns commenced school nt Emt Onkilcld. bnnks. i.\Irs. Harvey- Stter:ry of S1tmmi' • WAN·T 'ADS IN THea NEW_ S his nltnc\1 of rhon=lsm- Mrs. Saxton \'1-ltl sell nt lt~r llDJn<? ou Bonnett n~cnt1o ru.rulture beading, ete. Cnll nltcrnooliS. ~Irs. Saxton,UokUrt.t.-A<Iv, SPECIA.LISTS IN HOlliE OUTFITS George G. JCas~ulrnPr .. l!'rndmtte Chlroprh.ctor, \IRlt.s Oilknl!hl, :Uo-1nlny, \feclncsday ana 'Pr Jdny rnnrnings frCllll. 0 l,;o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; .. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;n;;;;;;;o;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;_,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.l to 11:30. Omce· nt l!l Druko strcct.-Adv. Our Exhibits at the Fair This Year Ex:ceed All Previous Showings C' ... Cleveland Complete Line.s .. .. . Atlas Trucks· Automobile Building I Full Line of Samson Implements L. ln Large Tent \ B'RA~iiCHE ,14 M:air~ Street Ba,tavia, N~ ':Y. '\NORTH Di\RIE~ SERYICE.S. ~ Tlto Rev. L G. Bowen. Wl]l Pt·oa.cfi' on Ne:xt Sunday-Personals. Lehigli, Sept. ~8.-At the North Dar- ien Baptist elnu-ch next Suntlny morn- ing the Rev. L. G. ,Bowen's sermon toiJic will ·b~ \A New 1 Creature.\ Sunday will meet nt noon. ')?here will be prenchi11g a;rvlcc nt 7:30 _ p. m. ~he opening UJ,ecting of the l{nowl- c•lge Seekcts' club will bo held with Mrf'. Clnrn L, llirnonds Tuesdd!!lf Octo b<'r 2d. The subject :for the year's study vill be \Tho North Am.erienn Indian.\ The Rev, and Mrs. F. N. Taft and soli Niles of Walto:n nnd Mr. and M~s. ~\rnnk Anilrcws of Gowanda, wbo hnye been ,.if!iting friends here for a week, hn ve retmned home. Mrs. Mnttle Furlong of Chicng<l )eaves Tues<tny for ·home after a montb's visit with her sister, Mrs. Gwtrude Simonds. Mts. :Ruben Stabler of Endicott nnd M:ra. G. Stabler of Willinmspor~ ·Pa'.;, are r.t tho SOlitbgall home on oC'Connt oi serious illneSs of their mother, Mrs, Sm!thgoll. Mr: nnd 1\Irs. ;t ohn Best of llntavia, on their retUrn trip from a visit to their dnughter, Nrs. Y.ernie. Long of Green· ville, o., have been guests at. the Baptist , parsonage, , Mrs, Ossian Simomls has been e'nter: tnlning her nttnt, l\1rs. Dora Wyman of :~n. Morris, Miss Agnes Dillon of Buffnlo mul Mili'Jes 'Dorothy and Doris DilJ<ln of ;Ea- . tnvin lu)ve been visiting their motli~l') ·Mrs. Enttie Dillon. Mr. arid Mrs. Courtlitp,d Oster, dnugn- tcr lildith ~nd son Robert of Buffalo have b~en visitillg :Mr. a.nd Mrs. Ernest Dort• meyer. CluJ. Going on a Hike. Le :Ro:y, Sept.' :1.8.-Membel'B ~f the Hiking club. -will have a hike tonight, leaving tb& 'Willows Tennis ~lub h9usc .at 'f :llO ~~clock. Mrs .. Carlos Ar Phnp- ;wlll be the leader, · G,olf Balls Kill Birda; DrlvlDg a lon~, low shot from. tt.a tenth:tec, W. L. Wass, playing on th<! · Thorpe liall ~olf Cl)urse, E)ssex, sn w his- bBll-'hlt-li tltlnrk: as lt l'ose about· fifty yards :from the tee, ai).(L such was.the fo'I'ce of Impact that tl1e bird was kllleil. ~en minutes la.ter, ·Wass's :pnrtner, A. •. F, Bnt:C. playing, l1ls Sf'C· · : ond Jih~t, stt·uck ·ll lnrk In: !light, tbe · bali killing- the bird·- ol)trlght, An Ad ·ln The News I\enehes tho 'I'eoptc Style and Value Sttpremcly Allied. .A.Iterallolts Pre• \ - Autumn Showing Coats, Dresses, Millinery, Furs '- While atten.ding Genesee County Fa.::ir we invite your inspeetion. Lynch-Fuller <;:orp'n_L- • Bat&\'ia N. Y, 81·-:M,In Strec:t I SOIJTif J rna PAID A Vl NERY HELATIVFS South l thieves visit on:Sunday n Thirty rel him a sUr}tr his birthday was .Held. Brockport a: Home buJ altcnd the ~eptemb~r !i mas Alma of Rochestex School wi the remaind children and attenf} the , A tennis •cbool groun Lee, assisted Masses w: chael's cbm·c o'clock. Ev-1 at 'i :30 o'cl< 1\Ir. and J\j reccn tly rna Booth of Jr~ guests of tl: at St. M'ieha The Rev, port was a 'l'he Rev. rector of St Rt. Peter's o .l.nnunciatloJ I J\!iss .A. 1 t!on in the The h C • bees at the · on ';l:'ueadnys: to he held 'I The orche Ji\glt school Suyffer ns d lowing offic Chase: vlcll- \et·etnry qn bnrlnn, Cbn:t: consists Qf e Gamed Stre DoingOwa · E. Pmkbm Marion, Inc 11etvoua and my meso recotmnend tl anywomanw mmta, for I it cando. 1 J ham's Sannt Pilla, to<>, nne WM. ELDIUD Marion, India A record of should conviJ Lydia E. Pinl GHILDR FOR 'Gl J<:specially Pre; and Childr• .M:~l Flet;;h 1 tt.so ior over 20 ~.d <hildren of Co: m:d Colic and everislmess arjsil /gulnting tho St 01 I! assimilation of P without ojlia. Cl;; ~-:---.::- ~ .-·~ Comfi With Don~t let • becaus'e·of tlons or ftc b'!-tli, usln Then anoi tlcura Oint Cuticura , tltcse dlstr. ~~ ... liiFrMb• ~IOrfu, DtpL s· ~Soap,. --cuuc.

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