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Q u e s t i o n s a n d A n s w e r s O n I n c o m e T a x F r o n t This column of questions and answers on federal tax mat­ ters is provided by the local office of the U. S. Internal Revenue Service and is pub­ lished as a public service to taxpayers* the column answers questions most frequently asked by taxpayers. Q — We had some heavy medical expehses this year. So far, we’ve paid only part of the bilL Can we deduct our en­ tire medical bill or just what we paid on it last year? A — Only the amount you paid last year should be used as the basis for figuring your medical expense deduction. Al the medical bills you paid last year must be reduced by what­ ever reimbursement you receiv­ ed from hospital and medigal insurance plans. ’ Don’t forget that only medical expenses, except those for tax­ payers 65 or over, in excess of 3 per cent of your adjusted gross income are deductable. Further, only medicine and drug costs in excess of 1 per cent of adjusted gross income can be included with your medical ex­ penses if you are under 65. Q — I’ve received another W-2 since I filed my return. What should I do? v A — If you forgot to include the income from the late W-2 on your return, file an amended return as soon as possible with the W-2 attached. Mark the re­ turn, “amended” at the top and complete it containing all the information required. If you included the income covered' by the W-2 on your return, them just hang onto your W-2. You may be contacted by our office requesting it to com­ plete your return. Q — My father receives about $1,200 yearly from Social Secur­ ity. I gave him $25 per week for food in addition to buying his lunches, paying his rent, etc. Can I claim his as a depen­ dent? A — If your father receives no income other than the items you mention^ then you may be entitled to claim him as a de­ pendent. The key3 question is whether you provide more than half his support assuming the other tests of dependency are met. Your weekly payments of $25 plus taking care of his rent would be more than he receives from Social Security and unless someone else is also furnishing his support you are entitled to claim him subject to certain other qualifications being- met. You will find these covered in the Form 1040 instructions and in the Internal Revnue Service “Your Federal Income Tax.” Q — Last year I had $5,000 in wages and $60 from bank interest. My wife earned $700. Should we file a joint return or separate returns? A — This sort of question can’t usually be answered based on income information alone. The amount of your deductable expenses has an important bear­ ing on the tax return to be filed. Generally, a joint return is most advantageous for married couples. However, you should figure your tax both ways, fil­ ing jointly and filing separately and filfe the way that costs less. Q — Can I deduct the costs of operating my automobile for the driving I do as a salesman on company-business on a mile­ age basis? A — Yes, you can, at the rate of 10 cents per mile for the first 15,000 miles and 7 cents per mile thereafter, as you can list your actual expenses. How­ ever, check the rules (found in Revenue Procedures 64-10) for specific limitations and require­ ments. Q — I was out of work for some months last year and received unemployment compen­ sation from the state. Must I report this on my return? A — No. State unemployment compensation benefits are not taxable. Q — Internal Revenue has asked me to appear for an audit of my last year’s return. The man who helped me prepare it says he is not permitted to represent me. What should do? A — Anyone who helped you prepare your return and signed the return in the space provid­ ed can appear with you when your return is audited. However, should the audit lead to a proposed change in your tax liability and you disagree with the examining agents re­ port, then you can only be rep­ resented on appeal by someone who holds a Treasury Car. This means they are qualified to practice before the Internal Rev­ enue Service. Many of the firms specializing in tax help are qualified to practice. G u e s t s R e p o r t e d A t E a s t S h e l b y EAST SHELBY-Mr. and Mrs Joseph Viterna and sons .J'>- mri David, and daughters, Eileen and Mary, have been , ats, Mr. and Mrs. Sozieo Viterna of Lacka­ wanna. Daniel Zinldevich is in St. Louis, Mo., on a tour of the Purina Feed Co. Norman Dunin is a pneumonia patient in Medina Memorial H o spital. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Caldwell and sons, Bradley and Dale, of Sanborn and Mr. and Mrs. Vic­ tor Caldwell Jr. of Medina were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne Green Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William Watson and sons, Malcolm and Doug­ las, of Lockport have been vis­ iting Mi\ and Mrs. S. J. Wat­ son. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Myers of the East Shelby Rd. have re­ turned home after being guests of their son and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Robert Myers of Toledo, O. Mr. and Mrs. Cort Fuller and children, Brenda and Keith, of Indian Falls were recent guests of her' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dennis. Mrs. Edith Baker of the East Shelby Rd, has been spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Francis Shields of Kenmore. Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Viterna and family called on Mrs. Ann Gorman and daughter Patricia at Darien .Center on Sunday. Miss Charlotte Hammond and Miss Mary Myers of Lewiston were Sunday guests of Mrs. Gladys Wegman. Mrs. Irene Luthart and daugh­ ter, Ljnda, of Basom and Mrs. Arthur Longcore of the Ed­ wards Rd. were recent guests if Mrs. Margaret Oberther. Birthday Celebration Mr. and Mrs. Milton Green, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Reckahn and daughters, Cindy and Cathy, and Mr. and Mrs. David Green and son, Jeffrey, were guests of Mr, and Mrs. Newell Mix to help Barry Mix 'celebrate his birthday anniversary. Water Route Ocracoke, N. C., can be reached only by water, A toll ferry m akes a three and a half hour .crossing from the North Carolina mainland. Same Name A traveler can fly from Ken­ nedy Airport in New York to Kennedy Airport in La Paz, Bo­ livia. The latter is two and a half miles high. O r l e a n s P o m o n a M e e t s M a r c h 1 2 ALBION—Orleans County Po­ mona Grange will meet, Friday, March 12, at Gaines Grange Hall, commencing with a tureen supper at 6:30 p. m. Rolls and coffee will be furnished. • The “Prince and Princess” contest will be held and there will be musical numbers. Gen­ esee County Pomona Master a&nd Mrs. H a rry Kelsey will be judges. The third and final Neighbor Night will be Wednesday eve­ ning, March 24, instead of March 17, at Waterport Grange Hall. A tureen, supper at 6:30 will pre­ cede the meeting, with rolls and coffee furnished. Waterport Grange officers will occupy the chairs. -3>THE BATAVIA DAILY NEWS Thursday, March 4, 1S65 11 BUY NOW-PAY IN JUNE C u s tom B u ilt Complete, W ater & Sew a g e Included Ready To Move In On Your Lot No M o n e y D o w n - 2 5 Y e a r s to F a y Low Monthly Payments For More Information P h o n e 3 4 3 - 6 9 9 8 MAIN LINE HOMES Sales Representative, Joseph Mogavero MEMBERSHIP CUSS B E I N G O R G A N I Z E D A T L E R O Y C H U R C H LE ROY—A church member­ ship class will be organized at the First Baptist Church by the pastor, the Rev. David Horner. It will be received on Easter Sunday. A series of Lenten services will be held at 7:30 p.m. Sun­ day. The book, “The Christian Yes—or No” will be used. Methodist Course The study course on “Span­ ish Americans,” being conduct­ ed by Elmer Smith of the Le­ Roy'High School faculty in the Methodist Church, will meet at 8 p.m. Wednesday. This evening at 6:30, the March Church Family Night supper will be held in the Meth­ odist Church dining room. The fourth quarterly conference will follow ^with the Rev. Robert C. Root of Batavia, District Super­ intendent, presiding. Changed to Tuesdays At the First Presbyterian Church the Dutch Fair sewing group, which meets from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., was changed from Thursdays to Tuesdays, starting today. Mrs. W arren Olmsted and Mrs. Edward Finn prepare and serve lunch for the group. S p r i n g . . . t h e suit s e a s o n Face the loveliest time of the year in a perfect Pendleton suit. Achieve the new elegance . . . fashion decrees “it's right to be proper\; you'll agree it's fun in Pendleton! The Club Suit (right) features a chic j a c k e t and gently A - f r a m e d skirt in twin-tone virgin wool with a linen, look, 8-18, $35.00. The youthful Little Suit (left) ac­ cents a petite-collared jacket and sleek narrow skirt in a Pendleton panoram a o f fannels, 8-20, $35.00. C o u n t r y C lo t h e s by P e n d le t o n * ALWAYS VIRGIX WOOG S e e Them In O u r Young M r . Sh o p ! Me A lpine-Q a h ton THE CLOTHIERS DUE TO LAST WEEKS SNOW STORM, 1000'S OF CUSTOMERS WERE UNABLE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS ONCE A YEAR SA L E . THEREFORE, BECAUSE OF MANY REQUESTS WE ARE REPEATING ANOTHER GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO SHOP AT THESE TREMENDOUS SAVINGS. DON’T WAIT! BUY NOW FOR CREDIT OR CASH! cfriAOUS FOR A . M ______ & NOAH’S ARK f^ O O U N T a:.,« AU NEW, FRESH MERCHANDISE r S t t y o w e « WT H 0 WOWE'f T a k e ’ t l O O l l 18 M o n t h s T o P a y WEEK EVERYTHING IN THE STORE THIS DISCOUNT 1 $ OFF OMR 2 0 % off <,„ C ordovan nylon ^ REGULAR & SNOW TIRES | GUARANTEED UP TO J k 40,000 MILES M M I 2 0 % orFwt C o r d o v a n heavy duty STORAGE BATTERIES A GUARANTEED UP TO 48 2 0 % OFF 1965 P O W E R L A W N M O W E R S f t ★ RIDING MOWERS AND i W GARDEN TOOLS 2 0 % » t r O F F ★ CA R PO L ISH E S * SEA T CO V E R S ->v 2 0 % o f f ^ Phono ★ Radios •ir TV ★ Appl>ances . 2 0 Z ° f r o f f 1965 NATIONALLY FAMOUS f i s h i n g t a c k l e ■5 — . 2 COMPLY AUTO AC N

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