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V \ Dear Abby . . . One Big Problem! A b ig a il V a n Buren I want love and companionship like any other woman. Aren’t <§>THE BA T AV IA D A ILY NEW S 7 T u e s d a y , M a rch 30, 1965 * Ask the Teacher DEAR ABBY: I haye read your column for many years and wondered how anyone could write to a stranger about their problems. Now I find myself doing just that. I feel that I am writing tins net far p v self alone-, but for many others just like me. I am a big, heavy woman — not by choice. I am just “Big” and have been this way all my life. I can’t imagine myself ever having been little enougn to haYe a baby. Abby, we big people have hearts and feelings the same as little women. We are usually the butt of jokes. No one seems to think we can be hurt. Let me tell you, Abby, my heart is braking as I write this letter. ftMMlH'.M'l '»!'■■ *•\\ ....... \ -\-'\I ■\ - \■ 1 T V Tim e NEW YORK (AP) - “The Rebus <}ame,” network televi­ sion’s latest contribution to the alleviation of the housewife’s boredom, moved Monday into the ABC afternoon spot vacated by Tennessee Ernie Ford. Most of these game shows have a family resemblence as Strong as the King Sisters, and “The Rebus Game” is no excep­ tion. Its closest ancestors ap­ pear to be 'NBC’s “Concentra­ tion,” and “You Don’t Say.” It uses “Concentration’s” rebus device — pictures of objects representing words or syllables — as the basis for the guessing. “You Don’t Say” style is used in guessing the names of celeb­ rities and famous people. In the first program, the sound track was often fuzzy, full of strange noises and, worst of all, there was some unfortunate background music, apparently designed to heighten suspense but which merely made it hard­ er to concentrate on the game. The commercials kept popping up, it seemed, almost as often as the contestants. Earlier, all three networks devoted an hour to the reception of Astronauts Virgil I. Grissom and John W. Young in rainy New York City. The live coverage, starting at noon in New York, postponed for a day the premieres of two other new game shows which now will move into NBC’s day­ time schedule Wednesday. Recommended tonight: “The Red Skelton Show,” CBS, 8:30- 9:30 (EST) — with Raymond (“Perry Mason”) Burr as guest star; Telephone Hour, NBC, 10- 11 — repeat of last November’s musical tribute to the late Oscar Hammerstein II. t:00 2-4—News 6:10 8—News ' 6:15 7—Ntws 7—Maverick 8—How’s Business 10 —Rifleman 6:55 10—Dimension 7 ;00 2—Detectives 4 — Cur 54 7—News 3—Biography 10—-T^ews 7;80 13 -New* 7:30 2-8—Mr. NovaK 4—M a w Happy Returns 7-13—Combat 10—Joey Bishop 8;O0 4—Joey Bishop io—Gomer Pyle, TJSMC 8 :30 2-8—Hullabaloo 4-10—Red Skelton 7-13—McHale’S Navy 9:00 7-13—Tycoon 9:30 4-10—Petticoat Junction 2-8—That Was the Week That Was 7-13—Peyton Place 10:00 2,-8—-Bell Telephone Hour 4-10—Doctors/Nurses 7-13—Fugitive 11:00 2-4-7-8-10-13—News 11:20 4—Movie—\Cavalry Command” 7—Movie—“The Long Hot Surnmei” 10—Movie—\Small Town Girl** 11:30 2-8—Johnny Carson 13—Nightlife there any men who like fat girls? No woman turns away from a man because he is big and fat. But men shun big, fat women. Why? Don’t suggest diets because that won't help our bigness. Please don’t just throw this letter aside. Answer it, Abby, for all of us who are— BIG AND LONELY - DEAR m a AND LONELY! My heart goes out to every­ one who was not really creat­ ed “ equal,” And that goes for the undersized as well as for the oversized person. Rut “big” .people need not be FAT. I AM going to suggest dieting because half your proM&m Muld he solved if you were merely a “big” woman — not a big, fat one. You plead for acceptance for the big, fat woman. First tiy trim­ ming yourself down. Big girls everywhere are enjoying the love and companionship of big men. And some “little men” have shown themselves to be “big” by choosing a bigger woman. * * * DEAR ABBY: If I were GLENDALE, whose husband brought home a painting of a nude woman, I wouldn’t make a fuss at all. I would hang the picture on our bedroom wall, over HIS side of the bed. And on MY side I would hang a life-sized picture of GREGORY PECK, and dream! GERTRUDE )ft % jje DEAR ABBY: My mother died two years ago and my father recently married again. I like my new mother, but I can’t bring myself to call her “Mom.” I have tried, Abby, and I always end up feeling so guilty I go up to my room and cry it out. I loved my own mother very much and I know I will never love my stepmother that way. I ' am the oldest in the family and when I hear: my youmger sisters and bro­ thers calling her “Mom” it hurts me something terrible. I don’t know why I feel the way I do, but I sure wish I knew what to do about it. Please help me, Abby, It’s important. CAN’T CALL HER MOM DEAR CAN’T: With your younger sisters and brothers calling your stepmother “Mom,” In the interest of family harmony you should, too. You must try to endure your loss (without being con­ spicuous about it. (After all, the loss to your brothers and sisters was equal to your own. Your stepmother doesn’t ex­ pect you to love her as you loved your own mother. She just wants you to love her. Give your new “Mom” a chance. * $ * CONFIDENTIAL TO “WRONGED” IN FORT WORTH: Forgiveness is the fragrance of a violet on the heel of the one who crushed it. * * # Troubled? Write to ABBY. Box 69700, Los Angeles, Calif. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self-addressed en­ velope. * ** » For Abby’s booklet, “How To Have A Lovely Wedding,” send 50 cents to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Calif. In d ian Falls Mr. and Mrs. William Ruth of South Alabama, Mrs. Harvey Sprout and children of Middle- port, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hake and daughter, Debbie- of PRINTED P A T T m Look — fashion’s beloved princess turns into a black- wrap beaiuty! Quick as magic to seWj handy pockets, A-flared skirt. Printed Pattern 9374: Misses’ Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 16 requires 3% yards 35-inch fabric. FIFTY CENTS in coins for each pattern — add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mail­ ing and special handling. Send to Marian Martin, The Batavia Daily News, Pattern Dept., 232 West 18th St., New York, N. Y, 10011. Print NAME ADDRESS with ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. 350 SPRING DESIGNS plus ONE PATTERN FREE - any one you choose in new Spring- ! Summer Pattern Catalog. Send | now for biggest pattern book bargain ever! Only 50 cents. A A U W Sets N u r s e r y Talk For T h u r s d a y Dr. Michael S. Auleta, chair­ man of the Dept, of Education at the State University College at Brockport, will be guest speaker at a mothers’ meeting sponsored by the American Assn. of University Women Nursery School. The meeting, open to all mothers considering future en­ rollment of children in the school as well as mothers of present students, will be at 8 p.m. Thursday in the activity room of Severne Hall of ~the State School for the Blind. Dr. Auleta received his BA degree from Fordham Univer­ sity and his MA and PhD. in education from New York Uni­ versity. He has taught at the State University Colleges at Os­ wego and Fredonia and Johns Hopkins University. He has al­ ways maintained an interest in early childhood education. Dr. Auleta will outline the ed­ ucational program for nursery school teachers at Brockport and present a film on nursery schools, “A Long Time to Grow.” Registration blanks for next year’s; enrollment will be avail­ able ait the meeting. Akroni recently visited Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Hake. Mr. and Mrs. Clair Lennon and family attended a party in Batavia at the home of Mrs. Lennon’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Strzelecki, in celebra­ tion of Mr. Strzelecki’s birthday anniversary. NSEMECRAFT . (nf W k c c f i U Toss this cozy cardigan over slacks or dresses — it’s smart, inexpensive to knit. No joining! Knit cable-trim cardigan in one piece from neck down including sleeves. Pattern 913: direction sizes 32- 34; 36-38 included. Thirty-five cents in coins for each pattern — add 15 cents for each pattern for lst-class mail­ ing and special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, The Batavia Daily News. Needlecraft Dept., Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York N. Y. 10011. Print Pattern Number, Name, Ad- dess, Zip. 1965 Needlecraft Catalog — 200 designs, 3 free patterns! MORE to crochet, knit, sew, embroider. 25 cents. “Decorate with Needlecraft” — fabulous, new book packed with 25 pattern for top dec­ orator accessories shown in 5 idea-filled rooms. Applique co­ ordinates, pillows, wall hang­ ings, more. 50 cents. Send for superb Quilt Book — 16 complete patterns, 50 cents. H o m e D e m o n s t r a tio n N o t e s LE ROY — Mrs. Margaret Armino and Mrs. Rose Ianita taught a lesson on shellfish to 18 members of the Lake Home Demonstration Unit in a meet­ ing at Le Roy High School. Mrs, Armino and Mrs. Ianita were also hostesses. C A R D W IN N E R S A R E L IS T E D Prize winners in play at the Woman’s Benefit Assn. card party at the Industrial Center were Mrs. Margaret Kendall, canasta; and Mrs. Pearl Orcutt, Mrs. Marian Butler and Mrs. Mae Stickney, 500. Mrs. Grace Broderick won the door prize. Luncheon was served by Mrs. Margaret Clark and Mrs. Lucy Salmon. The next regular meeting will be April 13 at the Industrial Center. Accepted at Canton Acceptance of Miss Jeanette Arras for the September Fresh­ man class at the State Univer­ sity Agricultural and Technical College at Canton, was announc­ ed today by Charles O. Holland, director of the office of admis­ sions at the college. Miss Arras will major in food serv­ ice. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. James Arras of 153 Vine St. She is a Senior at Batavia High School. C o o k i n g I s F u n FRIDAY FARE A slightly different version of an always-delicious dish. Phyl’s Swiss Cheese Souffle French Fries Green P eas Tomato Aspic Salad Bread Tray Fruit Beverage PHYL’S SWISS CHEESE SOUFFLE 2 tablespoons each butter or margarine and flour 1 cup skim milk (use dry milk solids and reconstitute accor­ ding to package directions) l cup finely grated Swiss cheese, slightly packed 4 eggs, separated Dash of tabasco sauce and paprika Vs. teaspoon instant minced oniGn Make a white sauce with the butter) flow and mak. off heat, stir in cheese thoroughly. Beat egg yolks until they bfigitt to thicken; vigorously stir in cheese sauce, tabasco, paprika and onion. Beat egg whites un­ til stiff; fold into cheese mix­ ture. Turn into a l^-quart souffle dish. Bake in a moder­ ate (350 degrees) oven until puffed, brown and set — 30 to 40 minutes. Makes 4 servings. M o d e r n Fiction Is C la s s Topic Mrs. Hollis R. Upson arranged the program for the Conversa­ tion Class meeting with Mrs. L. Lee Mulcahy of 411 East Main St. using as her theme, “The Image of Man, His Nature and Destiny, in Modern Fiction.” Mrs. Spencer Avery was critic. The topics were “Edmund Fuller, Man and Books,” Mrs. Upson; “Thornton Wilder, No­ tation of the, Heart,” Mrs. Ar­ thur L. Sleeper; “Alan Paton, Tragedy and Beyond,” Mrs. Robert H. Nagel; “C. P. Snow, Spokesman of Two Communi­ ties,” Mrs. Robert S. Jenks; “C. S. Lewis, the Christian Spaceman,” Mrs. George S. Young, and “Charles Williams, the Further Dimension,” Mrs. T. A. Buhl. April 9 is the next meeting date with a program by Mrs, Robert W. Carr on “The Wives of P o ets.” DEAR MRS. SCHRAUB: Our elementary school is con­ sidering the introduction of a foreign language program in French next year, There has been a good deal of discussion as to the advantages of starting it in the 4th grade, rather than the 5th. Do you have any information as to the advantages or disad­ vantages of one over the other? Also, what about the children who just don’t take to it? Mrs. R. I. ANSWER— Dear Mrs, L; The consensus seems to favor the third or fourth grades — fourth, preferably. Young stu­ dents can learn new speech habits, easily. In a foreign lan- 0 Ua 6 e pro g rarn w h lek em p h a ­ sizes skill in making “strange sounds,” the younger children are less self-conscious, Those children who are weak in this type of activity might benefit in the long run if some sort of grouping could be work­ ed out for them. Otherwise, they should he allowed to di'Ap out if they wish and join some other activity more interesting to them. I would like to emphasize, 'though, that it is extremely im­ portant to provide a teacher who “speaks like a native.” If you can’t get the right teacher, don’t rush to introduce a for­ eign language in the elementary grades. * * * DEAR MRS. SCHRAUB: I can’t understand parents, especially my own. Maybe you can help me. When they have a daughter (me) who gets good marks all the time, they sort of take it for granted rand never even make a comment except maybe a brief nod or some remark like, “That’s nice, dear.” A grade of 93 is sort of just passed over with a little pat of appro­ val. But watch tho roof lift off the house when the younger brother gets a good mark! They \Kiddies' Day\ Program A “Kiddies Day” program, sponsored by the First Pres­ byterian High Fellowship, saw approximately 75 youngsters attending. Sixteen Fellowship members worked on the four- hour program of movies, games and lunch. Proceeds will be us­ ed for a work-study seminar in West Virginia in late Summer. go absolutely wild! Such car­ ryings on, smiles and com­ pliments—it is perfectly disgust­ ing. You’d think they had nev­ er seen such a mark before. Q . U . A . ANSWER- Dear G.: “There is more rejoicing in heaven over one repentant sin­ ner that a dozen saints.” Even a “saint,” though, could use a little more “rejoicing” than you describe. Go on record with your parents about your feelings in the matter. They probably don’t even realize that you feel you are being taken for granted. * Jfs * Do you have a young child who seems to be a lefty? If so, he should not be taught to write along with the Hghties in his class. Shirley Straub has written a new leaflet, “Writing Hints for Lefties,” which tells how a lefty should be taught. He can learn to write just as rapid­ ly and legibly as a righty. Sim­ ply send a long, stamped, self- addMssed envelope and 10 cents in coin to ShirleySchraub, care of The News. FURNITURE AND CARPET CLEANING L & J Cleaning Service 343-8577 948-9268 Genesee Hardware Second Floor 28 Main St. Fl 3-2388 G. I. 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