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The Dansville advertiser. (Dansville, N.Y.) 1860-1866, November 01, 1860, Image 2

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A. 0. BUNNELL, EDITOR. THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 18&). Our Business ^[ouses.r-No. 3. About four ycura. ago, Mr, and Mrs. Pru- >U opened a mUJinery ^torOjin ^tU '.i Block. Prtmous to this, at different times, for. quito ft number of years, Mrs. £rusia had taken charge of the custom department of all tlio principal millinery stores in Dansvillp, and being nfoll known as a flrstclaM milliner and lady-of excellent taste, it was not long after starting business, that she found herself on- joying the first-class patronage ot thd-place. Before this store was opened,'it was rery often the caso that many wore, obliged to send to Now York or somewhere else, in or der to suit themselves; but this establish ment having spared no pains to obtain the greatest variety of the best goods,- arq en­ abled to satisfy all who call upon them, and obtaining their goods from tho^mc^ijiisbjion,- able houses in Philadelphia and N «V York, and employing nono-but the ' best work men, thoy hayo taken the Firs£.premium on Millinory nb our fairs, for three, ynnr,s In succession. They havo at prcsonj ^^largo and splendid' slock of millinery - jr&^&y goods. Wo believe they intend t6 *rcmo ~vo shortly to one of the large briok stores, now nearly completed, where'they .will be bettor prepared to meet the demands \of their largo and constantly increasing trade. ' X. I. KOOER8 4 CO.—BOOKS AXDMU81C. In Maroh,' i860, Rogers, Bunnoll & Co. purchased tho Herald Book and, News Do- pot,-a small establishment wh.o«o principal business was to furnish a few daily and week­ ly papers and some magazines, to our citi­ zens. Thoy immediately addod n musio do- partmont to tho business, purchased a la'rgo stock of books and stationery, and soon had ft creditable establishment under way.— Prompt, energetic and. honest in all their business coalings, mb^* pavoj«ica trvm the first. In tho fall of 1850, Mr. Bunnell re­ tired from the firm, which then took tho name of Rogers Bros. Tho sumo fall thoy wore- learned out at tho fire which destroyed M many business establishments, of uppor Main t treet. Tor a short time thoy occupied ono sido of Leach's jowclry estatlishment, removing thoncc'into tho splendid store now occupied by them in the new American Ho­ tel Block, for whom it was oxpressly fitted up. They have at present ono of tho most complete establishments and finest stores in Western New York and aro doing a largo and splendid business. It will be seon by notice this week tbsjk the partnership^of Rogers Bros, is dissolved, Mr, T>, H. Rogers retiring from tho business on account of ill health. \Wo can commend/tho presonffirm to the public as one eminently worthy of their patronage. T. J. NELSON.—WATCUES, JEWELRY, *C. Messrs. Perham & Nelson started the Jew­ elry business in this place in Septombcr, 1857. Tho noxt Bprlng tho firm was dissolv­ ed, and Mr. F. J. Nelson has since carried on tho business in his own namo, retaining Mr. Perham as repairer of watches, jewelry, Ac, at which wo need not tell our citizens he is very expert, being a good workman. Mr. Nelson has won the reputation of being a fair dealer and of selling goods cheap. Ho is constantly increasing his business and has at present the largest stock of,goods in his. lino ever brought to this market, which hb will dispose of on tho most reasonable terms. THE \WHEAT TRADE THIS YEAR.—Not' less that 50,000 cars and 200 locomotives arc constantly at work hauling tho wheat to 1 market jfrora the \West paying more than half the whole receipts of lS .ftOfTiritles of rallrnail* ' ftltniirnft* nf\ thousands Of per­ sons aro ongaged in tho transportation, and millions of mpney changes hands to buy tho crop. In the £tf est, whole townships aro dovoted to its cultivation; it is a small farm­ er who has not from 60Q to 1,000 bushels.— The crop thii yoar will Be about 180,000,000 bushels, of which O4,00v,000 conto from II* linois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. Tho average crop in Great Britain is li6,80O,0OO,ln Franco 191,422,- 248, in the Two Sicilies 04,000,000, In Spain •4O,016,OOd,'ln Austria 27,786,000, in Sardin­ ia 10,07fi,0Q0 bushels. \VVo got,ratic:u.los8 to tho acre than they do in England. By good husbandry thoy get 00 bushels, while In this country, taking N. Y., Ohio, Wisconsin and Illinois, tfto aYotsgo I* only about 1A bush- elk. Lc*v;i)i| put N. Y M it would bo nearly IV bushels. Tho, cost of raising wheat, in­ cluding intorcsl on tho land, is about $0 per acre. Fifty cents a bushel, and 18 bushels to an acre, therefore, will not pay much.— Farmers are getting 76c.', which yields at tbo West a profit of $4 CO par aero. But they ought to increase tho crop, by husband­ ry, to an average of at least 25 bushels. fs^* A Frenchjineteorologist named Rcn- ou predicts ft scries' of 1 severe winters, of \nrhich the approaching winter is to be the first and that pf 1871 the mo«t severe. Mr. Konou ( thinks ho has discovered that these groups of severe'winters return in ' forty-ono years, 'and tnat 'the increase of spots' on tho awn. -indicates them. Ho also :finds that unu-. sual display* of aurora borealiajarid frequent earthquakes occur simultaneously with the increase of spots on the sun and severo win- ItUh^ft call attention to tho advcrllsc- mentbrtheaCrU Sewing Machine Company, in, this paper. * The Company'must be doiflg- a fine business, wo judgc t for their adver­ tisements appear in nearly all our exchan­ ges, -and often dewo see tho Company and' ibeir MacMnos compUmonttfi'by the Press - Affected Deafaesa. A stranger dismounted at tho do^or of tho— Tho bnrajkocjrtj opened the wgiste* wwtor to tako his nAmp^ 0 * \You are right,\ said ho \a ginglo room would bo' moro agreeable,\ and ho walked into tho suppdr room, Jo which,th^s crowd of boarders' were pSifiiigJ ThaOai-kcoper ran aftor him, screaming in his car— . f'TVhafename did you say?\ iiThanic you,\ Haid.no, J.lIcan.fihAtho.way, don't putjyoursolf to any trouble\ On his return to tho bar-room, a waiter took up l^ia; saddle-bags, and told tho deaf stranger fie\ would show him his chamber, \My friend^ who will spend tho oyoning with mc r prefers, plain sherry,\ said ho. \You may send mo a bottloand a few cigars.\ \1 did; not,\ said tho bar-lcoepcr, \exact­ ly understand your namo.\ \I think a> littjo ice .would improve tho wino,\ was tho.answer, \And jnoyr as think of it you may put tho bottle in a wino cooler.\ His friend now joined him,- and they walk to his room. The deaf lodger, .patronized .tho houso to tho extent of another bottle, be foro ho slept. Tho waitor who brought it up, ventured once moro to inquire his riamo. \Nothingmore.\ said he, \except a* Blico ofham.ra rpjcklej'and-* little, Jbread and cheo^c. ,, j,, , . .. Tho next morning after breakfast, when tho strangor's horso was' at the door, ho asked for his bill. Ho was told it was six dollars and three quarters. \You aro very kind—I had expected to pay you; but if this isfyour custom, to charge nothing for tho first visit, you shall not loso by it—Hkll\ my friends inSpongoville'will ccr tainly givo: you at least one call when they come into this city—good morning.\ \I would thank you to pay your bill be­ fore you go!\ screamed the bar-kcopcr. \I am'Obliged to you,\ said the deaf gen­ tleman, \I can put them on,\ and he took up his saddle-bags and departed. As ho, mounted, tho bye-stunders began to laugh immoderately at the awkward ombarraBsmont which afflicted tho bar-keeper, who was in despair, while bawling after the delinquent, who continued bowing, and repeating his assurances, that ho would ccr.tainly remem­ ber tho accommodations, civility and Hbor- ality of tho house, nnd reccommond it to all his friends' who might pass through tho city. Tho gentlemen whoso well affected deaf­ ness, won the wogcr ho had staked on tho success of his scheme, nnd paid his bill the noxt time that ho visited tho city. O Inducements to Agents. Tho very low price at which our.papor is afforded, will enable almost any ono to ob- • tain subscribers, nnd as an inducemont to persons to interest themselves in our behalf, wo mnko tho following Very liberal offers:— To aTty one who will send us five subscribers and $5, wo will mnil THE ADVERTISER one yoar frco of charge ; for ton subscribers and $10, wo will give a premium of $2 worth of any books which may bo selected; fox twen­ ty subscribers and $20, wo offer $5 worth of Books and THE ADVERTISER for ono year ; for fifty subscribers and $60, wo will givo $15 worth of books and THE ADVERTISER for two years. Olub pricos, (invariably in advance) ten copies for ono yoar, $8; twonty copies and over, 75 cents each, and ono to the getter up of the club. Will each of our subscribers ask \his neiglibor'to tnko THE ADVERTISER? It is by fur tho cheapest pa.-' per Jn Western New York. Address A. O, BUXXE&L. - GAKIUALDI IS BOSTON.—About the Dth of-l Sept., 1863, Garibaldi camo to Boston, in com­ mand of a Poruvinn barque. He was bro't up a sailor, nnd took this ship for Want of occupation, and to see this country. Ho could speak Spanish, Italian, French nnd German, but at that time knew littlo of Eng­ lish. His complexion was light, eyes blue, light beard around his chin,' higli shoulders and Bhort nock. On shoro, he woro «.-citi- zon'fl dress and Kossuth hat, bnt on ship, a fe7. cap and sailor'B jnekot. • His cyo hnd a flash, and tho mato of tho bnrquo said he could electrify every man on board, and make thorn do anything. Ho was very ob* servant of everything, and, votolligent,. and never spoke of liis own achiov-emonls. Upon ono occasion a friend suggostod thnt ho might bo.-iu (lunger of losing his neck'. Tho only regrot with mo, ho said, smiling, is, that I lavo but ono nock to loso for tho sako of Italy. Ho thought .Kossuth a statesman but not iv soldier. Ho is now 53 years old an.tl deservedly tbo most popular man In tho wprld. MMftenwta. Princo Albert has j ^hi&rnamo. Ho is dftacendMj, fro |ajjJUi aaciont lino of kings, wh$so suftam* is unknown. There are'fa grj»t m«aV bUcJr follows, ia (.this country,^ the same\ case, & * \ \ \ v In the southern and sbUth'-westorn Coun­ ties of Kansas rain has not fallen unless within a very, Ppcent 'perio^ ,fpr JjaoteV'ttianj a yoar, and tho settlers aro in actual danger from starvation I i »\ J ^Tho wholocountry fifty milos north of our latitude, from Maine'to Buffalo, was visited* by a fall of snow on tho night of tho 14th ult. In Burlington, Vt., it foil to\the depth Of flvo inchosi 1 Tho en tiro population of the city of Brook lyn is 278,425, which shows an incrcaso of about 68,600 in five years. \ -i \ Capt. Echols, of tho Topographical Engi­ neers, has fully tosted tho fitness of tho cam­ el for sorv|co in tho south-west, by his ro- connoitoring expedition in north-western Texas. Tho labor was very severo, and for six dayB in tho boat of midsummer ;fho camels did not havo a drop of water. On the day water was discovered, they indicated by thoir increased speed that they wero ap­ proaching water, though th6 stream was ten •miles oft\. • According to M. Pouillot, tho stars furnish ; h.e*t enough to tho eartji^q, t mplt ft dtra^um •ot ico seventy foot thic^.Vwy ^eM 'f \ Bco cultivators in'TSuco^o'kro beginning to make use of chloroform tiff -Tender the bees quiet and tractable at tho moment of remov­ ing tho honey from their hive* Tho Express train of Harlem Railroad left Chatham pn Saturday morning fifty-five minutes after time, being delayed at East Albany. It arrived at Now York at tho usual time, having run the distanco from Chatham, ono hundred and thirty -ono miles in throo hours and twenty minutes—or forty milos an hoar—including stoppages. Fifty years ago not a pound of lino wool was raised in tbo Unitod States, in Great Britain, or in any other country excopt Spain. In tho latter country, tho flocks wcro owned exclusively by the nobility or by tho crowm fEjff §00DS FROM THE EAJT $t * # O HM Just Received' © Fancy Articles, Etc., o •H I N P o © o ,trr o OR 'attVM; HHAIIS A LMOST ; E NPLB88 V ARIBTX, Wiiich he bottglit very low, and which he has marked AHTIIUJI'S HOME MAOAZINE.—*W\o hav received tho November numbor of this raro littlo monthly, ttshould boin every house­ hold. \\Vo do not believe a mother over read a number of this Magazine \without feeling that its influence on tho homo circle would bo such as to award it a homo in tho hearts of nil. It is as its Editors claim, a magazine specially adapted to tho wants of refined, educated and intelligent households. Besides vnluablo articlos by'its talented edi­ tors, T. S. Arthur and Yirginia F.' Towns- end, and other able writers, it contains, The Boys' and Girls' Treasury,\ \ Moth­ ers' Dopnrtmcnt,\ \ Health Department,\ 'Hints for Housekeepers,\ \Toilette and \Work Table,\ &c., all full of interest and instruction. This Magazine is but $2 a year, or four copies for $5. Try it. T. S. Arthur Co., publishers, Philadelphia. HAWER.—Harpor's Monthly for Novem­ ber opens with an illustrated biographical sketch of Capt. John Smith. Harpor soems to improve with every number, and is indeed tho King of Monthlies. Tho Monthly Rec­ ord of Current Events and tho Editor's De­ partment are. unusually, interesting. Buy tho November number, whic/i you can find at any news depot, aud yon will then send $3 to Harper Bros., publishers, New York, nnd receive it for a year. Or, wo will send Harper and tho Dunsvillo Advertisor ono year for $31 GROWTH 6r THE METHODIST BOOK CON- c »rttKi - i -Tho Methodist Book Concorn was comraoticcdin 1780, on .A'borrowed capital of six hundred dollars, nnd now it has gained a capital of moro than half a' million, and sinco 1880—i. e., during the'past 24 years— has made moro. than one'mrllion dollari^- anc million nnd .nparly two hundred thou­ sand—all of -which has bjccji expended, ^for denominational work. It has published ip,bre than twclvo hundred kinds of Supda'y school books, and moro than five hundred\ tracts, besides books nnd periodicals,.and bas made this largo profit by selling its pub­ lications at a little advanco on cost—though {t has sold much for loss than cost. The de­ nomination has thus availed itself of 'the reading habits of its members to, supply it­ self with the means of denominational works ; at the same time securing to itself the profits ;that would otherwise havo gone into indi­ vidual pockets. ' How many a man by throwing hinjsolf to tho ground in despair, crushes and destroys forever a thousand' flowers 6f1\dpo that were ready to epringup to glnddclf all his pathway JVafTha Turkish Bath has been introdu­ ced into London with great success this sea­ son, and it is thought its establishment will bo permanent, as somo of tho vory first men in tho medical profession, including'thoso who havo made themselves most famous for tho study of tho skin, havo zealously and a un­ reservedly given in their adhesion to\ tho principles of the Bath. 49- Glre him * call, and loojc »t hl» splaadtd utoek, if you da not wish to bqy. Should you n«ed «hy- thlngin hiii lino, you can get itMowasmc mi so cheap, HARDWARE! HARDWARE! lias now In stock a largo and well soloctod stock of ! HEAVY & SHELF, HARDWARE, Including BVlWETlh' HARDWARE, FARMERS' TOOtSi MECHANICS' TOOLS, HOUSE KEEriKQ HARDWARE, Iron, Steel and Nails, Also CobViind Parlor Stows tt the best Winds 1n market, all of which he is prepared to tollas low as, can bo afforded,' and on • • TERMS' TO SUIT PURCHASERS. lExolusivo Mle of the best Cook Stoyo in the world, \STEWART'S\ and the ,\PBACE-MAKEB.'» 11 Dansvlllo, Nor. 1,1880,' Wm3 -nr. Proclamation. the Citlxeaij. of Dansvllle. . '.CHIllW a SBIKIWICi; do hereby declare thakT/iirn eonneeted with button* Dwnclng To Class in this^rllli M. WoodrunV of Ciinandaiaaa,anandaigoa, whoioo CI MH comment ,ccs the Sd week in Noycnibcr \\ ge, and shall play .only for Mr. whoo Clwii TAKE NOTICE A'Mecting of the Editors'arid Committee appointed iv the Teachers' Institute of this County, win beheld at Mt. Morris, on Friday, the &tb day of Noreinber,- nt 2 o'clock, P. M. All members of the corps of Editors mid of the Committee aro reonestcd. to be pr^sant. By oVder of I-.T. QROVER, , f H. FARLEY, - DaftsviHc, yov. J, I860. • • 1 ' Conunissionoru. A SPLENDID PRIZE For the sake of a littlo excitomcnt, and of tanking some indtrldual a tine present, Messrs. E. E. ROGERS & Co-., havo put up 300 COPIBS with a prlxo of a tine now of valuable Books, FIVE OCTAVE MELODEON, Worth ITS. The pr»o to be drawn by someone of tho purchnaors o' the M I KJVO lot of Books. How the Thing is Done. The Hooks are all numbcrod, and no person will bo allowod to purchase moro tliafl ten numbers. Each Book, will be Sold at the Regular Trade Price. The title of each Book and its number are entered on the Ledger. Etery pur chafer will recelTewith each Book a tickob with No. and title of Book in­ scribed, corresponding to the same on tho Lodger. Opposlto ono of the numbers on one Ledger is writ­ ten Mclodcon, which Ho. draws tho instrument. As tho entrios aro already made on our Ledger 1 , the whole th|ng is fair and shall be conducted with per­ fect flumes* to all. The sale has already begun and is progressing finely. The numbor drawing the prue will not be noticed until tho three hundred Books are sold, when it will be published in the papers; and in order that no dif­ ficulty may arise by reason of persons residing at a dlstnnco, o.ioh purchaser's namo and post office ad- drcHS will be entered opposite the number. The Books aro new and rnluablo, comprising all the Standard Works and lato publications, put up in. eve­ ry variety ofstylc., AH Iho 'English foots in tho octavo stylo, also the in tho Hoyol Octavo stylo, and a good assort- same mont genernllyi Wo have just rccelvod a lnrgo and splendid slock of FANCY ARTICLES, Such as LOW Writfaar »•«**, Werk - Dre«sinr< OMMU, Jewelry Caste*, Pertfelioi smd Papeferies, ' All pf which nro benufiful and durable, i A superior stock of FINE TOILET SOAPS, Colognos, Extracts, Lublas, ic- TOILET COMBS & BRUSHES, Tooth, and JSail brushes of theHncst variety. Our stock of ' POCKET CI TLEKT i is complete'. GIVS3 XJ.m.'A: CALL. v 'ti.; ,E. E.;*OOXB« k CO. To Person* out of Employment AOZN» •TTAJfTED to; aell; the JCrte BewiagMa- .chlno.—We will give a Commission, or wages at from *» io^loo W m< ? n|^ahd.ekp«»(tes i»ldwThis;fs » new Kfachtnerand so simple in ite\ coostrnetion that a child of» year,.esh ^arft to opsratlt it b> .hairaa hour's instracjUon.*'It »s eqi^al W ku> rmhjto* In* Machinat» uaie, and ,Ui« ; prlc« U but • AfUen Dollarsr'- tyK* * • -V'^.,:' . '•• '\ Persons wlihl«g:art agency will address. , :< a . ,~ ; z , \ .7 '^-*».-BOYLArl,' BocroUrr Brie Sewing Machiae.Company, > OHIO. Diaiolutlon; i • The'flrm of Rogers Brothers iVliiis day dissolved br rouUial,etaml fit tbe P *r»W; ( D. H V R «HH n\ tiring from the Attn. All accounts are payable t» E. -L. i g \ M » 4 * nd ? l l PQ** 0 ** indebtad.to fthe aU>** jj™ * r « rcqdestcd to call and sottla imm 'ediateTf2- Tho business will be\ continued by,E. E. Rocers * Co,, * R E.'ROGERS, Daasrillc,Oct. itoth, 18*0. ^ ^; ?P? EB8 - •. Caa-no w b^Unincd at.x,cduced prices, at * ^ ROOERS-BROS. He who Liyes ^mon^ fx •A 0 e m Learnn to H OWL ! A ProUen for fathers. Father, the times are hard, joo say, And money hard to' get, And thnt yo« ftac ihkj may torn out To be much battler yet. I'm very sorry thai 'Us so» And I think every ni«ht Thnt to drnsis up all us bey* •' Will eostyoaoaM* a sight. ' '' ? ' . i\ .i I want MW eloth*«,,nBd *o,d«4S Tern, And John, and Charlie, too. So if you buy taem'/faiher, I \ ' Will UU yon What te do. '* Go to the »o«*<m Clothing Boda^ ' •'•* Just below the Bank, 5 3. B.'lTosUr is loeaUd there, ' And h« M U S Clothing very eheep. Far svsrybody these hard times, When money is soarce,*y> there; For tXtf «m «V#»t htofor wW WiU «lr«« fcrf <m< k*m»h*r*. Their Clothes are Cbaap and Uaadsorn'e', too, As you will surely see, And there you ean dress all us Ac, Tor what it costs elsewhere for Otru. ho If you're only half as much Of money as you had, Tou eaa, with' that, bay jttst as mueh—' 1 D» ]/m /H tk4 Mas, DAD 1 Every peruon. who knows any thing, about ii^.\ will tell you that tho place to get good 0 L OT H IIST Gr and buy it cheap,. is at the Thl tm um OF up, i ?erl»lfl. ,., ;nnin.lon«hcs hr The* well'known ability of M*,Wf. tors, Miss fr. Austin and Dr. Jacksr/n, antrtl/dtrfi*. ny qualifications foraim offlco ot tonchors of t !u jsws of JIfo, which nro clearly shown in all their wrj. lings, haver cslnWished ihisfloornat In tlfeco'nfldtn^t of the pcoplo so fnr as it has boaoma known. To show how its teachings nro valued, wo give the following tcstimo Dials, selected from hundreds of the same ehnruclor which 'have? boon received from allparts of thcrUriloh. Thoflrst la /rem a gont)«mim in Wllmliigton, Del,, whoro two liUDdrod nnd sfity copies of Ilia Laws nro token; who writes thus: • Tho Laws of Llfo Is becoming a grent fnvorito 'h .eTS by all who tako ft, and-f think (H KU-iUtily gsln /Hg the oonSdeuco.of tho pepplo. 1 heard a gentleman say this morning, that Dr. Jackson'* Jocturo lif tho Jof/ number, on tho \Oluttonj' Plague,\ Was worth % gmt deal moro than tho price of BUbxortplton. Another said to mo, if he WAS raising u family of children, h»' would not be without it at/Ten JtoUtiH aycar, and was satisfied .thut it-Would bo worth mora to snv paront who would bo guided by lis teachings, nnd ho in not alona in his belief. Kor tnysolf, tho Laws of Lifa in a .most'Welcome friend, mid to bo doprived of its monthly Y'IH IU, would maka n void uothiug 0U0 could'filt. ' Yours, for tho truth, C HAS. a Uorr. i „« 0 . n, W 8,IP 'Z, IWcr ' ot Boston, Mass., write, to Miss Austin.-.* i,foilows»~I havp. boenjavored br , P°* t ' with coples.of your most excejlenrpapor, Thi Laws of Life, .1 am muoh pleased w»Ui tU franfc ,j Independentstyio, nnd I think no one can peruse hi columns and'ndoptlts princJpIo^wftftouY &1 both to body and rfllnd. l'Jca^o rcoolve my thint. for your ai&ntlcaa/aad boJJora me' yottffWBfi 8 T^ho price of a singlo copy for ono venr l« ii >»„ aa an inducement for those who rowf Ihla noW„ «rK ^ ,rnm rV Ht<i, y °'V rmlnli& four numbs « ' of the present volume, which will contain Z JI£ r^.^Uecture,, a,»dtbe .wholo of the next volum.' attSSftteVWiL'to \!h Wlu ucnosiled U i thsi Po.t Otoee/ ,6r few (ba paltPtd • us HiLlr o/>lc.,Tt foil \ Horn*. For tlio year 3SSI, there wjll bo in each number a lccturcdvfivtirod by soma ono nf <fui I'liyHfpfnriii of Our Homo on tho various d!»cusc,« of this* country and thojr treatment. The Laws of IAfo Is furnished tojClubs on tho fol­ lowing Very Low Terms t Three copies, ono year, • • ., - |y)0 Six copfcH, ono year, - -. - W.W Ten copies, and one free to Agent, - - HAQ Additional copies at tho same rate, and a free copy for every five subscribers ubovo ten. M. W^IMM*O^S> Co., Publishers, August 9. ,, ^ it , DansvjUe,J.iv. Co.,N,T. JKLXCTfJV Jk'VTXCJS. Sheriff's OrtfcejGonestft*Livingston County,) An Efeciion'lK tb bo hold\ in tho Coiintyof Llringt- ton on tho Tuesday succeeding the iirst Monday of November next, at which time thoro will be cliosen tho officer* mentioned lu the notlqe of the Secretary of State, a'copy of which Is.hcrounto annexed. J0n A V &'UURLBURT,:« , iertt; . STATE-O^WEW VORir,) To tutSnsnirr or TIIS Corstt 'drLtviNOMOxV-Klr— irfotJco Is hftroby given.tltatat thai Gepcrsl.EloOtlou io bo held in this rftnto olt the Tuesday i.uccoodlti(c tho first Monday of Kuvfinl>cr next, the-following officers are lo bo clectod, to wit: TWO DO0R8 BELOW TUB BAKKj.t Dansyffle. , 0. B.^ITCRELL, BalMraan, r. I. OCTOMR,18«0. j.n. ro*T»R, expire on tho hint day of Decvmbiir next. Thirty-live'electors of Prt-sidcnUbuil Vlcd-Presldent of the CnlUjtl'BtateV. • •t. U... A representative in tuo Thlrty-spvontb Congress of. tho Unitod States, for tlio Twenty-eighth Congre»»- k<iuil 1 MHtriet, composed of the Coui|ties of b'teubaa and LirlngHton. County officers slso to be.Elet .1ed fijif ssld County : Two Members of Assembly; two School Commission­ ers; two Justices of (sessions, in tho place .of Charles JL' Randall, and Ctloy Spencer; Two Coroners iix tho placo of Lpren J.' Ames and AfbhibaWnV 'Mtirhtyrc. - All whoso torms\'©f- «Ac« will expiro on the loj§t day of. December noxt.— Also a County Treasurer in tho place of Chauncy It. Bond, deceased. The attention of Inspectors 6f Election and County Canvassers is Ulrccted to'Chnpter of IJiws of ls- «0, a. copy of which is printed herewith,, for instruc­ tions in regard to their duties under said act, enti­ tled: \An Act to perfect an ^mondment to the Con­ stitution abolishing' tho property qualification of People of Color.\ ,^ .. ... ^ C OMTEK 3W, An Act to perfect an amendment to (ho Constitution uboliahJny tlio property ijuullflcuiion of j>eoplo of color* Passed April 13, I860—three-lifths being present. Whereas, The following amendment to the Con­ stitution of this State was agreed to by a mujorityof all tho members elected'to eueh branch of the legis­ lature for the year one thousand e)glit hundred and fifty-nine, and the said nmendmt'iu was duly entered on the journals of eneli branch f'f tho legislature, with tho yens and nHya taken thereon, nnd .3»ferreQ to tlio legislature to be chosen at njio next election of senators and members of JissemjbJy, mid was dnl — 1 * • ast t\••' 1 nco Constitution of this State; and published for at least three iiiomilVi\pVov v 'iQU« to (Tticri lection, in purstinnco of tlio thlrtijcnth articlo of the Whereas, The s-'iid amendment was also agreed lo by a majoritv of all tlu? m^ml>er.s elected, to each ot the said branches of the legislature for the year on«, thousand eight hundred tuid six)y. pursuant to said' thirteonlh articlo; which..-'iiid amendment is hi the words followiug, to wit: Seetion one, of article tiro, of the Constitution of this SWto.'ih hereby uroendW by striking out tho. fols loWinrworWs: \Bnt Ua man of jailor,\ unless ho slialt h'.ivc been for three years n citisun of this State, and for ono year noxt ptveecding npy election, shall hitye boon soi/.cd and posscsifod of A freehold cstnto of the value of two hundred and fifty dollars, over and a- bovo nil debts ftndMiif .'iiriilinmcoV choKcir thereon, and shall havo becu aotually rated and paid uixcs thereon, shall bo entitled to vote nt such election; nnd no person of color shall ho sieved mid possessed of Hitch real estiite aa ufurosuiil.' 1 Now therefore, for tho purposo of suhmftting ta« said proposed n))]endtuent to tho people of. this States<T .jf j>'< '• ''— '• - • ' The People of the State pf New York', represented ia rnl | shall provido a box to receive the ballots of the clll- r.ens of this State, in relation to tlio\propo«cd amend- , ment, nnd each voter tuny present n ballot on which , * shall bo vrrlttcn or^priiited, or partly written or psrtfy printed,Ione of the following; rorfn.«. lY nanioly: -For tho proposed mnciidineiit In relation to •atiflragd.\ or \against tho proposed amendment in relation (o suffrage,\ and eo folded as to conceal the contents of the ballot mid expose the endorsement. And nil the ny in viieirrespixiivu mginuissuuii oo qiui'k'U on tho iidontlim of tho 'soiii proposed amend, iiring tho tfny of election, in tho sovotnl dlt* , whieh they reHUlo. 1 cltlMus of this Mt'alQ entitled to vote for member of Assembly In their respective tllslrlcts shall bp qntii lid to vote on tho mlor\ mont during the rfi trlcts in whieh they flection 2. After finally eloslng Iho polls ofsndh eleotfon, tho lnspi>eti )rs shnllcpunt and ennvasHtht ballots givon In relnlieil 'to' snltl proposed amendment in tho same manner us they aro required by law to canvass thoso given for (lavernrn; mid thereupon shall set down, in willing, and lu Mnitls at full length, tho whoJu titittilxtcuf volt's gitwi \for the proposed * amendment,'ami Uta whole number given \itRiun»l | the proposed iimejidinonl/i >snd shall certify and .sttbscrllw the ssttie, ai |d qattso noiiUis .tliercof to bs . Vnndc, certlflpd and (lellvured n« prom 'rlbed by law In respect to thqcsuvnsB of votes given nt mi election ' for(lovernnr? r M * % • ^\ ^ ..flee, :ii The volo so given slmli be ennvnsseil J >y the ' •board of county fi \nvasserK ,.uti(l statements thereof v .\•hsu )» made, eerlllleil, signed nnd • reeordod-'in th« > tnartrtcr prescribed by law In respect to the ei^' 0 £ % board ofsraWc ^v^.werk A^idi wnSaWUnV^d eeV Wiwsi«trbT« tlflod eppies In.lho like mnriner ns prosciTbcil by Uw tB «Toi (Wpjii*fii3 *vef3dw mtiinm manner shall t«iik.o.atid/\ltfa cortlfieittp of the tf«i(lf of »uch uahvnsH, wniab shall bo recorded by tho See- rotary of State and published by'him. Sec. 4. Tliis not shall take effect unmcdiatoly. YWir*. roiipocifully. • ~D.]t. FLOYD JOKKS.Boo'y ofStste.^; THE PEOVLE 0F..TI1E STATE OF NEW YOBK v By tli9,grace of God frco nnd Independent: To tho ifcditors and next 'bf kin of Francis A. Good­ rich. IatCjf tho town of North Dnusvtlle, in tho comi­ ty of liffngston, st »nU srootiiitf—yotiliiro hereby cited and relwfed, personally 16' bowd nppenr JK|foro.onf County .liitliio of the County of LlvljigsloMji hoWlnl tho Siirrognte Court thereof; at tho oflluo of tho ssltt County Judge ipUtct»twtloft&It:lforrIs, tn satdco'um ty.ion tho flnhday of ^fov.omber, 1K00, nt ton o'clock lu the forenoon of! thrtt day, (he'ri nnitthero to attend the settlement of tho nocbmits' Df Minerva F. Good- rkih, administratrix,and UrtfrinGoodrich, admlnlstnv- pir„qf the goods, Ac., of, Francis A. Goodrich. de« peasbd. In testimony wiieroof, we hnve caused tli« scnl of said sttrrocato court to bo,hereunto aftixecti Witness, Goorao Hastings, County Jtldgo of our salu county, nt tho towa-otGenesoo) tl«r.tlth day of Sep- tcmbcr, 1800. , . v Pw-t' , GEO, ^AftTI^GS, County Judge. J Soott's Billiard Rooms, provided with two ttnrt- vailed tnble.x, aro situated in Hownrth'a now BrioK Block, 5d story. Open at all reasonublo hours. A. SCOTT, Proprietor.

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