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A. 0. BUNNELL, EDITOR* THURSDAY, NOT. 8, I860. •toctUm Katwrma. \Wall election ia over, and Lincoln i i jirob- ably elected to the Presidency. So far as wo can learn strict order and decorum were preserved at tho polls all over the country. We go to press too early to make any expend­ ed comments upon the remit. We give, be­ low returni up to yoiterday afternoon, ' XORTH DAJJSYILLK. Electors. Republican 886, TJnibn, 412. *. ' Governor. Morgan 374, Kelly 422. Lieut. Governor.. Campbell 879, Crain 41T. Canal Commissioner. Barnes 376, Wright 420 State Prison Inspector. Bates 374, Bhodos 421. Member of Congress. Van Valkonburgh 873, Walker 420, County Treasurer. Norton 876, Allen 423. Session Justico. Randall 3JT6, Spencer 421. • Coroners. Patterson 876, Bennett 420. ' Amos 876, Joslyn 420. Member of Assembly. Hyland 446, Davidson 346. School Commissioner. Farley 259, Faulkner 529. For Amendment to Constitution, 69. Against, 485. LITIHQ8T0H COUNTY. The following towns give Lincoln these majorities: Avon 117, Concsus 147, Caledonia 60, East Sparta 24, Genoseo 124^ Groroland 10, Livonia 292, Lima 110, Leicester 38, Mt. Morris 22, Nunda 182, OssUn 17, Portage 110; Springwater 339. Fusion maj.—North Dansvillo 27. NKW TORK STATE, The Counties in this State.as far as heard from, give the following majorities for Lin­ coln: Livingston about 1900, Monroe 3500, Erie 814, Gonesec 2000, St. Lawronco 11 towns and one district 7000, Madison, 5333, Jefferson 2557, ^erkimor 1286, Clin­ ton 700, Oswego 3635, Franklin 700, Oneida 3544, Allegany probably 4000. Connecticut—10,000 Rep. majority. Missouri—Probably carried by Douglas. Ohio—The Republican majority will prob­ ably exceed 30,000. Illinois—Tho Republicans claim the Leg­ islature and State by 15,000. Lincoln's offi- cial in Chicago 3092, a gain of bvor 2000 sinco 185G. Iowa—Returns come in slowly, show Re­ publican gains, and indicate tho success of that ticket. In Dubuque City, Douglas has 86 majority. Pennsylvania—Probably about 45,000 Re­ publican majority. New Hampshire—Lincoln's plurality will reach 10,000. \ Maine—Returns not full, but Lincoln's ma­ jority probably 25,000. Kentucky—Givon to Bell b y 10,000 or 16,- 400. Louisiana—Private dispatches say has gone for Breckonndgo. Returns from points below Tonncssce, show Douglas to be quite feeble. Statos south of Tonnessco probably all gone for Brcckenridgo. • Michigan—22,000 Republican. Rhodo Island—Lincoln 12078, Douglas 7085. Massachusetts—Lincoln 104,467, Douglas 8,407, Bell 22,017, Brockinridgo 6,070. Maryland—Probably Bell. New York—40,000. GODBY FOR DECEMBER.—Wo wish every one of our readors took Godey's Lady's Book —they ought to—and then they couldrealizo tho pleasure which wo feel upon its monthly receipt. Tho Dccombor numbor of this splondid magazine out does itself. It com­ mences with two magnificent steel plato en­ gravings, \Christmas in tho Country,\ and •'ChriBtmas in the City,\ followed by their unusual number of fashion plates, among which we notice one of tho finest wo ever saw double pago colored engraving, \Bridos and Bridesmaids,\ some additional winter Bconcs the Christmas Tree, <fcc. A fine collection of original articles by the first writers of the country. Only $3 per annum, or threo copies for $6. Addres L. A. Godey, 823 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Wo will sond Godey's Lady's Book and tho Dansvillc Ad­ vertiser ono year for $3. It ia proposed in New Orleans to erect a monumont to Gen. Wm. Walker. The Israelites in New York, it is teid, aro wonderfully increasin%. They kave ao few­ er than forty ijr'nagofue*,' and'' demand Is for more. * ' The falling .off of the hog crop in Ken­ tucky, this year, is some 450,000. This loss will bo mbou^foux «n4 • half millions of dol­ lars. ' Upwards of one thousand troops are soon to bo sent -to California and Texas. The treasury receipts for the first quarter of the preiont fiscal year, commencing with July, amount.tp $18,000,000. The recoipU during tho past week add up about 8V0,000. The amount subject of draft is 4,198,000. A German journal says that {hero are now in practice 3,254 homeopathic physicians.— Of these, there are 1,622 in America, 666 in Germany,' 408 in France, 24 in England, 94 in Spain, 26 in Belgium, 7 in Holland, 141 in Italy, 34 in Switzerland., o7 in Russia, 47 in Portugal, 4 in A«:&, and 9 in Africa. The total por>A t \ation of Russia is 79,000, 000. The 1 , owor orders, serfs, petty traders, and irtisans form a total of 63,500,000 ; tho Tiobles and the higher grade of traders about 1,000,000. Tho nobles stilt poesess 21*000, 000 of serfs. '•Tho population Of Siberia, including the wandering tribes of Kasan, Astrakin, and Oronburg, is 4,000,000. A book canvasser states, on calling upon-a man to purchase a book, he was told that he would be glad to have the book, but that he had a book already; and tho idea of having two books seemed prepostorous; that if ho would bay tho old book ho would trade. A few statistics have lately appeared in a French exchange relative to tho circulation of Parisian journals. Their issues aro given as follows: \Press 47,000; \Sieclo 83, 000; \Constitutional 25,000; \Fays 17, 600; \Debats about 4,000; \Asseroblce NationaV'about4,000; \GazettedeFranco about 2,000. The statistician says that, not­ withstanding the muny periodicals which tho government has stopped the circulation of, there are moro newspapers and magazines in. Franco at the present time than there were before tho Emperor Napoleon III ascended tho throne. The United States Vice Consul at Copon hagan, Denmark, furnishes thegratifying in­ telligence that an \official package\ from Dr. Hayos, commander of tho Artie Expe­ dition, had been received by one of the Roy al Greenland Company 's vessels from TJper navik. This assures tho friends of tho expe­ dition of the prompt arrival of Dr. Hayes at tho port nearest the field of his labor. Tho next European mail may bring letters from tho Artie voyagers. Dr. Hayes promisod his friends that they should hear from him about tho first of November. That promise has been fulfilled. A young lady in St. Paul rose from her bed a few nights sinco to make an applica tion of camphor to her throbbing temples. By mistakes she got hold of a bottle of indeli ble ink.- Tho error was not discovered in time to .prevent a most damaging effect to tho fair ono's personal appearance Tho census just taken shows again of fifty per cont. in tho population of Wisconsin during tho past fivo years. The stato has now about 780,000 inhabitants The consus figures in Michigan make tho incroase of population in the stato sinco tho census of I860, 352,816. Tho increase sinco the Stato consus of 1854 has been 240,595, Tho undertaker of Roxbury, last week, exhumed the remains of tho father and grandmother of the Revolutionary patriot, Gen. Joseph Warren. They wore taken from the old burial ground on Eustico stroot and aro to bo carried to Forest Hill Cemetery for ro-interment. The thigh-bone And ono of the tcet n of tho father of General Warren were the only portion of tho remains pro sorved entire. It is said the hay crop in this Stato this year is worth $4,000,000. Vermont, according to tho census returns, has receded 6000 in population. A man named Stcbbins, baggage master on tho New Haven R. R., is under arrest for the robbery, in April last, of Adams Express, of money and drafts to the amount of $16,- 000, and confesses the crime. An old brass cannon, cast in 1680, and taken from tho wreck of a Spanish vessel, has been sent from Now London to Troy, N. Y M to bo east into a boll. Upon tho principle of beating swords into pruning hooks, the cannon which thundered ven­ geance and hurled balls in the defence of Spain, nearly two hundred years ago, will soon bo calling the people of New London to tho Sabbath sanctuary. FXIXNDS: I havo visited Kansas and I tell you that'lt* poor peopie are starving and need your immediate aid. * Kansae i«|t($w thoroughly organized-to receive ^r«lie|f tSu-odgh ^County and Town­ ship Committees of \the people's own choos­ ing, and Gon. 8. O. P^Jmeroy, *t Atchison, Kansas, is in daily cprrospondoncowitjh thesa Committor, .and is sending thim'all .the .re­ lief he can. He writes me under date of 20th October, as follow*;: \-The! E»» r n%©4 not buy a bushel of grain, Tho Western States will givo it, if tho sacks and freight can bo paid fori\ Judgo Amy is soliciting food in Illinois and othor Western States, Bothtbeeegen- tlemcn aro exerting themselves to the utmpatj to save a starving people, and they wrlto mo tho most beseeching and affecting' letter*;— Car loads of provisions are daily arriving at Atchison, but my friends have no money to pay freights. Judgo Amy, undor date of Oct. 29, says: \ Wo havo used up our means and pur credit to buy sacks and pay freights': please move in tho matter, and roliove us as soon as you can.\ Christian friends, I am into this business now some $1,600, and your help is needed. These good men, Pomoroy and Amy, ought not to be left to struggle as they arc\ Will you aid us, or must the p^rp^pleji^ Kan­ sas perish ? 'I''\' I would prefer that no money b* *en*i to mo. Send it direct to S» 0.. JPomeroy, At­ chison, Kansas ; not in bills, but i n drafts to his order; or romit to this place to Amos A. Lawrcnco, Dr. S. G. Howe, or tho Hon. S. E. Sewell. Thoso gentlemen, are all well known to tho country, and tbo friends of Kansas need havo no anxiety as to their con­ tributions. Kansas is now organized by tho pqpplo themselves in their townships and counties, andthis time without tho interven­ tion of selfish spoilsmen and heartless politi­ cians, and I here and now appeal TO THE FRH6S OF THE COUNTRY, To let their readers know tho fact that a dreadful famino exists in Kansas, and that a way as indicated above, is opened to get relief to tho suffering. Threo things aro, wanted: 1. Cash. 2. Boots and shoes (roady made), especially for women and children. 3. Cot­ ton cloth suitable for meal sacks; also cloth of all kinds, to bo mado into clothing. Tho poor people are badly in need of clothes; but old garmonts don 't pay to send—freights are too heavy. Send only now cloth, fit to bo mado into garments. TIIADDFXS HYATT, In behalf of 30,000 starving Americans. Boston, Nor. 5,1800. JUST DECEIVED , ir .TLTI 'i .3 .A /S •A. LARGE STOCK OF Gents' Famishing Goods, <tc, Ac, » OF THE MOST FASHIONABLE STYLE, , f . / . . i. <.f • .. . WniCH HB IS SELLING AT ( j Greatly Repriced Priced, TjuUeemeata t* A rent*. The very low price at which our p*per is afforded, will enable almost any one to ob- | tain subscribers, and as an inducement to | persons to interest themselves in pur behalf, we make the following very liberal offers:— To any one who will send us five subscribers and $6, wo will mail THE ADVERTISER one year free of charge ; for ten subscribers and $10, wo will givo a premium of $2 Worth o f any books which may be selected; for twen­ ty subscribers and $20, we offer $5 worth of Books and Tnr ADVKKTISEK for one year ; for fifty subscribers and $50, wo will give $16 worth of books and THE ADV\**TXSX* for two years. Club prices, (invariably in advanco) ten copies for ono year, $8; twenty copies and over, \Scents each, and one to tho getter up of tho club. Will each of our o... bribers ask his neighbor to take TH* AD-VKXTISER? It is b y far the cheapest pa- }.er ! c Western \X#TV York ROCHESTER EXPRESS.—Wo would call tho attention of our readers to tho prospectus of this valuable 6heot, published in another column. It is comparatively a new papor but has already becomo one of the most pop­ ular in Western New York. The Daily Express is ono of tho most ably conducted and livoliest papers in tho State, and it is certainly the cheapest. Only $4 per annum for a daily paper ! It is published every af­ ternoon, and all of our subscribers in this section and on or near the line of the R. R. between Corning and Rochester, can get it th» same evening or the next morning.— Try it ono year. RARE EDITORIAL WINDFALL.—The ven erablo Nathaniel Willis, says tho Boston Transcript, who was for many years editor of the Boston Recorder, has recently received a very pleasing letter from an old subscriber, inclosing$30—the principal and interest of threo years' subscription to his paper, due twenty threo years ago! Were this exam plo gonerally followed, many a veteran printer's old age would be cheered by tho reception of money which has been duo so lo»gtb»t the debtha* passed from their mem ^ry WHAT CONSTITUTES A \GOOD\ EDITOR.— Tho editor of tho Alexandria Gazette gives expression to a truism that should bo read and pondered over by his brethren of every locality. Notwithstanding that tho great bulk of tho Press of the Union is conducted with a degree of tact and ability that is re­ markable, yet too many arc managed on tho \vcrboso\ principle; and, for the special benefit of thoso Whom tho \shoo pinches,\ we reprint^uis Pranklin-likc hints in the most conspicuous column of the present i»- EUO:—\Many people ostimato tho ability of a newspaper and tho industry and talente of its editor by tho quantity of editorial matter which it contains. It ts comparatively an easy task for a frothy writer to pour out daily columns of words—word*, upon any and all subjects. His ideas may flow in one weak, washy, everlasting flood,' and bis command of languago may enable liim to string them together like bunches of onions, and yet his paper may be a meager and poor concern. But what is the labor and toil of such a man, who displays his 'leaded matter' never so largely, to that imposed on the judicious, well-informed editor, who exerci­ ses his vocatiou with an hourly conscious ness of responsibilities and dovotes himself to the conduct of his paper with the same caro and assiduity that a sensible lawyer bestows on a suit, or a humano physician upon a patient, without regard to BIIOW or display? Indeed, the more writing part of editing a paper is but a small portion of the work. The care is tho timo employed in selecting far moro important matter, and tho fact of. ^jjood editor is better shown by his selection's than anything else, and that wo know is b»lf the battle. But, as we have said; an editor ought to bo estimated, and his labors understood and appreciated, by tho general conduct of his paper-r-its tone— its temper—its uniform, consistent courso, —its principles—its aims— its manliness —its dignity—its propriety. To preserve thoso as they should be preserved is enough to occupy fully the time And attention of any man. If to this bo added the general super­ vision of tho newspaper establishment, which most editors havo to encounter, the wonder is how they can find time or room to writo at all.\ Y JV&T jitEP IN AND SEE JIIM. DANCING SCHOOL. MB. BROWN eratcfully acknowledges past favdrs, and by strict attention to th6 art arid its accompanying accomplishments, hopes tomor- ita share of pubtfo patronage—therefdro res­ pectfully announces Hint classes will bo formed on Friday, Nor. lEth, tit 3 O'clock P.M., at ainosji \1. whore all Sk<« Cdfeita rsga Half, whore all the dandoswill be taught. now,and most dc«irablo J4w2 F. H. MARSHALL, PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL An*. Blank B*ok Majusfactvrer, Bump* Block, Corner Of Buffalo and Bt*(«, SfceeU, Buffalo, N. Y. .. E. E. ROGERS * CO., Agents for Pansvillo and vicinity. TAKE NOTICE. A MooWnc of the Editor* And Committee appointed by tho Teachers* Institute of this County will t>o held atM.t. Morris, on Friday, tho 0th day of November, at 2 o'clock, P. M. AU members of tbo corns of Editors and of the Committee a'ro requested to bo present- By order bf L. P. O ROVER, H. FARLEY, D«n»ville, No* 1. 180O. Commissioners. S- PEASE. ftlanufecturer or Hoots & Siloes. Custom work of all kinds, done with neatness and dispatch, and satisfaction warranted, both as to style of work and quality of inatcrial 43- Shop on Oswian Street, opposite Geo. Brown'* Grocery Store Dansvillc, July 38,1850. Beaut)' to Ladle* IS A PRETTY SHAPED BONNET, TRIMMED IN <HH>D STYLE, A large assortment now rcadv at tho Emporium of Fashion and First Premium Millinery Store of Mr. and Mrs. J B. Prosia, West sido of Main Street, Dansvillc. C LADD, WEBSTER & Co's IMPROVED Tight Stitch Shuttle Sewing Machines. For Family and Manufacturing Company Purposes the best in use. Machines for sewlnrf Leather furnished to order ' v,. U. RICK. Agent for Dansvillc nnd vicinity. Also—agent for WHEELEB & WILSON'S Celebrated Family Sewing Machines. mi SCOTT'S CORNET BAND, JtmmivUlt, J\\ **. Tliis celebrated Baud, composed of fifteen excel­ lent musicians. Is now belter prepared than ever be­ fore, to oxoi'iilo nil orders for music fur Military and Civic processions, Arttiiversnry Exercises, etc., ct< Orders respectfully solicited- Address CAI T A. SfWTT. Dansvillc. N V WI/.NOJ\- K jncVJLM.VJH. Blacksmiths, Proprietors of the Star Blacksmith Hhop, Oisi.ui Street, near Main. Everything in their line duno ou short notice, and tn a workmanlike nmnner. r BI 'SINK8S *CJAlli)WT Tinted, in Colors and I'iam gotten up in every style, well printed, and furnished nt the lowest rates, by A. o Bunnell, at the Advertiser Olfii e. ease] CARPENTER MRlYNALE, tfaXNJSjlAJi DKAjllfatC^X Drugs, Se^alnes^ints, Oil?, GEOCERIES, Pone HSIT, ftc Also tho Largest and Best Selected Slock or ' Crockery, CjInVinWiVre 1 /fcrifpus,e3- Furnlftlilng: CoodM, CLARK'S BLOCK, - - - MAIN STREET',/ atronngo bestowed utw^il|om hftrotoforo, und will * «cl) goods M\vrte'c$t (Hut will defy nil coin- Hereafter pctitfon. Will (iolll3 lioundH or Good fttignrfortt. 10^ pounds U. 8. Yellow Coffee Hugar for$l. t 10 pounds White Codec. Sugar /or*L „ . 0 pounds of tho best Coffee in town fori). 1 pound of Young llysonTcn for 50 cents, •wortll.T/; And «vorylhlng else in thoir line at-juiccs to suit tho most.econpmjcal. -i • >• • 'The bojft and Largest Stock of PXIKTS; OILS, kc. ..IN TOWN, Raw Oil, ut 80 ccnls per gallon. Double.Boiled pil. at 8f> cents peir.gall.on. • 4 White jiftdl n Palls.nt*8.Wper 100pounds. . White Zincln Pails »t$8,00 pbrlOO potindo. ' Alsoj Agents for' the Pennsylvania •* \ Petrolium, or Nature's Oil. \ for burning. . CARPENTER * REYNALB . SIGN OP THE lUtO All AXE. NEARLY OPPOSITE TH E BANK. BROWN 8t STBFBAN, • DEAtEItS iff AiviicrtiCjvisr AND IT'OREKSIV HARPWARE, Stoves, Sheet Iron, Copper, Iron; Steel, Vails, Vlftti Bcrtw Plalti, Springt, GI«»», Hntli, Duor*, Etc, Ktc. We would call cppccial Attention to the superior quality of our Spokes, Rent Felloe\. Plinfts, Poles and Bows. Seat Railu and Artn.i. tftiek Sent* and iggy.BodicK. Carved and Plum Gearing, SeatSpin- dlcs, Philadelphia Bbltt. Plated and Brass Bands, Midoftblelron of all descriptions? also Pliled, Japiooed ltd Silrtr Harness Trimmings, if., Ac. RAILROAD Braixiss.—Th o N. Y. Eve ­ ning Po«t s»ys: \tho earnings of tho Now York Central thia month will largely run beyond thoso of Octobor, 1869, and tho Michigan roadB, with tho Great \Western of Canada and Lake Shore Roads, hafo en­ gagements ahead for/their entire freighting capacity tho coming month. Tho prospects of dividends from, these properties adds to tho insecurity of holding them in \Willi street, and tho prices will soon touch fingers which tem_pt~ouUide parties.\ COTTON GOIJTO A KIW WAY.—Tho I1H- noisContralRailro&d has concluded a contract to take two thousand bales of compressed cotton from Cairo to the East by rail, and is in treaty for a much larger amount. Tho Chicago Times stated that two hundred bales havo arrived, and been forwarded by rail from that city eastward. The cotton is taken at a low figure, as back freight, upo n car hanling grain to Cairo. VST SYRACUSE MEDICAL DISPENSARY, ESTABLISHED IN 1850. For the rcliof of tho misguided and inv 5*prudent votary of false pleasure, who. ilnd fcing that h« has Imbibed the weeds of a cur­ tain loathsome disease, \n from an ill -timed 1 sense otuhamn deterred from applying to aphysi- j clan whoeo knowledge nnd oxpenence can alono be­ friend him in distress Persons culling, soe no ono hut the Poctor. In view of tlio viiMt. destruction o f human life, cans- ed by the tinsncecsHful treatment of HMXUAI , nrxiusEii, mid the deceptions used by unprincipled quaeks 111 Medicine, we deem it our duty to Milfermg humanity to extend our notieo of having attached to our Insti­ tution n Dispeiwivii, for the cure of all diseases o f a Private or Venereal character Tho Fnculty of this Institution embraces tho best Medical Uilent in the reform school of Medicine, and tho physician who tniperintends this department lias as ho lustly deserves, tlio reputation of being tho best Sexual Surgeon In this country, , No matter what your disease may be. or of how long standing, wo guarantee a perfect cure in nil cases by remedies which cohlnin tio .minqral or poisonouK drug's, re- quiro very little change o f diet; and wo also guaran­ tee\'to cdreyoH at, a very low price, fnuch loss tlun Uiat usually charged. Among the diseases Mtecdasfully treated are: Scro­ fula, Ulcers, Fistula, Ague and Fever,and all diseases peculiar to Females ; Leueorrhooa or Wbitos, Sup­ pression of the Menses, Painful Menstruation, In­ flammation and Ulceration of the Uternoor Womb, Prolapsus Uteri or falling of tho Womb, treated on scientific principles. All diseases of tbo Organs of Generation, in both sexes, treatod in ii careful, thorough and judicious manner, pointed out by long experience nnu investi­ gation. \*S ^Ldw prices nnd quick cures. Recent cases cured in from three to eight days. All syphilitic and mercurial taints ontirely removed from the system. 43-To YOUNG MEN 1 Wo also pledge ourselves to entirely remove the effects o f Secret Habits, Semi­ nal Weakness, Jtc, by sitnplo local applications casv' to be used, causing no pain or inconvenience. Ad­ dress by mall as below, or apply to Dr. C. S. GOFF, Consulting Physician of the 1 Institution. Office No. 10 Wicting Uall, (oj)positc tho Syracuse Mouse,) Sy­ racuse. N. Y. SOTICE TO ALL! Persons at 'a distance- cured nt home b y writing a lotter, giving a full statement of their symptoms, and enclosing to, for which their medieino will be sent by Mall or Gxpress, Kccnro from danger pr observation, with full and explicit directions for use. IMPORTANT TO LADIES. Oolden Ftmalc /\>wd<ir»-H3ae:of th«<best medicines for Obstructions. Ac, ever used, warranted to pro­ duce the dosircd effect if \used according to direc­ tions. Price of Powder $2 per package. Send by mail to any address. French Patent ^lule Safo. It is perfectly safe, and never fails to give satisfaction, it Is the only *afo and sure preventive against pregnancy and disease. Tho prlco of the Frcnoh Potent Male Safo, $1 tlio single ono, or tflibcr dorcn. Sent by mail. «3-iUST PUBLISHED.-** Two; Books in One ! ON PRIVATE DISEASES AND DISEASES OF FEMALES, Containing the truo method of curing all diseases mentioned in this advertisement. Also roliablo nd- vice in relation to marriage. Conception, and tho means by which it may be avoided, if necessary; arid other matters of vital importance to the- -married nnd thoso contemplating marriage. The krfowle8go con­ tained therein it not to bo found in auy other work over published, nor obtainable from any other source whatover. Price 25 cents. Sent to auy addross on receipt of prico, or its value Jn stamp*. Persons who, after reading this work, are not satified that it is worth at least four times its prico can have their money refunded. Vldrcss S. M. DIPPKNHARY. ufcvT Ih-aner inn. Hereon*\ %* \. Grcalcit Improvement of .the AgQ THE GOOD SAMABITAM, iTOT-A.II ^ , x >I^A.xJ(^•IIT , • • LARGE VENTttATXD OVEJl, COOKING STOVE P0K WOOD OR COAL. THE GOOD SAMARITAN IJ lhc beit finished and most durable Slove of the day THE GOOD SAMARITAN Combine* svery advantage for Cooking' ever applied 10 • Stove THE GOOD SAMARITAN flakes p«rffcily on Top and in the Oven, and Rongu 111 Fruiii at the i«me ninf, without imparling the flavor of 0110 Kind of food 10 anollicr. THE VENTDLATED OVEN Uy the cuiulsiii Bilmisnoil of nurc fresh air, ulwayi iin-irej .\swoi 'tiifM 10 flie food being baked. THE HOT-AIR DRAUGHT Routes the temperature ol the Fire Box, and uicrennei the healing proprrl e* of the 5>love, lhu.» eiinhling THE GOOD SAMARITAN To uo more \vi>rK in every variety ol booking, with loss Fuel, lliun any S.ovc m ihe World. THE GOOD SAMARITAN Hat the moji perfect flrrroirnncnt lor Uromug on ihi- From Ileurlh, without interfering wiiu Ihe oilier opt-ran >m of Cyokinjj. THE GOOD SAMARITAN Hai a connani supply of Hot Writer WHIIOIH Coil, aim heals Water lor the Bathing Room superior to auy Hjiige. THE GOOD SAMARITAN ts m every respect worthy ef it* nume. COME AND SEE IT. For neforen' , e we civ'e the MlnuTm* names nf R«MV tlemen who have ti«e.l llieni. as to the good qualities of the Guod Samaritan Conning blovo, PAJTSVl! I.E. O. U. K'-rn, Orville T\nsey J W. Smith, \ L.G Itipley. G. A. Sanders, i Henry O Jteynalo, Itev. Win. Spauldmg, , 1. Lv-kudrow<, Uenrv llarlmmi, ! ' - J -—' wr * n «J. Va'n Vnmken, Wm. Gibson, (J. P. Khle. \Win Hrown, Jr„ J P PnrncrUe. Wm. Northmp, Mr\. M Kiidivs .i (Joorgo Schwartz, Wm. Rullard. ! Andrew Wrsc, .Iinrie.s 3now, >trs. Z. U. Grover. ('bed Aldlioh, A. J Poelt. 0. V TiHiniy, Dr S. ]j. l-'.ndress. Jinn Sidney fweeL ^ev. J .1. JJrown. sratNOWATra Sr. A. Austin. R T> Tornv, Geo. Griswold, Hubbard Griswold, Messrs. Gray & llrotlr. Waylend. OSSUN. Fied Covert. . * ^ , Isaac P. Burr. nooEBfMii.r P. L. Kingsley, Ezckiol Whitford^ and others. e '. ' ~^ THE \GOOI> SA 1MLA.HITAJV' } At Lorisli 'B Picture Galloryroror' Leach's Jswolry bior^you.ca,^^^,. _ . w --'. r; i>( ^ . Photograph, Ambrotype, And all othor kinds of Picturos taken than at. sn f oily. picturer Lorislt is ... 1 - c » Positively the only Artlwt;,. Who Is talcing faxiVmch Photographs fn this part of tho country. My now, rooms are gettlngptlong finely, they are being built on an IMPROVHD STTIiB^ •* 1 When dono thoro will bo nothing' like, them nearer tlian UofthcMtor. ', All are invited to\c«U and'«) for themseW**.' H« keeps a larger dot o f , .. > Tl an any other room In this part of the country, and all of the latest stylo. • \ ' \ •\' 4 •• . 3. LORISfl, Datuivillo, Oct. 18th, 1800. N. B.—Bm»ll children-, eroups- »ud copying wCI^ba excopted to the, abovo prices. ^ ; FURS! FURS! HATS AND, €AP&v* r m wot CHAKLES MKNG- flells Hats nnd Caps cheaper than any other live MSI dare,and dclica'cgmpcdlion botli a« to QUALITY Attn ritfcM. ^ * ' ~' t ' No ono fan ftflbrd to ja;o bRreheoded r\o-w-+4kj*, when yon enn get a Hat or Cap •» ^ • * - * 1 » For 25 cents and upwards at Meng's. Hei -eiving the Fasliions direct from Parii «T«ry month, his ' Goods are always in Style. Ho has jttHt received a largeiitock of Fura, all a«w and fresh, having none left over from la»t jear. Ladles' 3F*ii.r»! GENESEE VALLEY MI1SKS, KF.SSIA PITCH, PRENOH SABLE, STONE MARTIN, MOUJNT MARTIlf, FRENCH MINK. GENTLE ]si ENS'' I FURS ! FUR CAPS, FUR GLOVES, FUR COLLARS, Fine Buffalo and Wolf Robes. Furs are much cheaper this year than ordinary, therefore, NOW IS YOUR TIME TO BTJY; fCf'ive him a call, and ho will sell youa hoa4pi«*« FOR HALF THE PRICE ^ !•« cm If JOI Hiili'linn- 1 cet for your old one 1 don't believe it, try him. Store in Herald GEO. M. OSGOODBY, Attorney and Couuselcr at law I NOTATtY PtIDLIC, AMD COMMISSIONER FOfl WESTEJUI-STATU. Wunda, lsivingmton Co., NT. T. Will attend pert>iinnlly and promptly, to all profei- Hioiml bu«lue!<s entrusted to hirri by' mail wise, IU imy part of the Slate. Espeeiai attention paid to tho collection of bad debts. BEFERBNOES. ' GcnoHco, New York, Po'koepsic, - Detroit, Michigan, Hon SnittLord. - 1 IIou Henry Hooth, - Hon. Henry A. Morrow, T. M. MeKntno, K«q„ • Hon. Alfred Pell, W. Whlfeomb. F.sq., - L. B. Warner, F.nq., ('. W. King.Ksq., JCunda, New York, BILLIARD ROOM. Peoif .i Billiard Rooma, provided Kith two nnrl- vnlled tables, aro situated m Howarth's 'new Hrick Wnclv, 3d story. Open at all reasonable hour*. A. 8COTT, Proprietor. , HARDWARE! HARDWAEil ' rftis now in Btock * large and well selected utock of TOOK THE^FIRS^PREMIUM HEAVY ASHELF HARDWARE, At the Stato Pair, Oct. 6, 1859. Afients for the Dumbarton f.lnss Works, (.en W. DoLonpt's Sash,. Ulinds and Doors, at Fac­ tory Prices*. J! W. nnowx, 1 CARS STEPIIAS. J HIIOWX & f^TEPHAN, Daii8Villo, N. Proclamation. To the Citizens of OausvjIIe. t do hereby declare tFnt 1 |uu connected with Infl 'one Danrlnx Class in this village, and shall ph\y only for Mr. S. I. CHARLES C. SEDGWICK, i that 1 tun connected ' M. Wooiiruir, of Smnndoictw, whoso, CJa«a commen­ ces tho 3d wcelc In Novcnibcr l\4tf HENRI N. fecntlGK, . - Knkl»lohnVe - ' Barber . and .Hair' Dresser, WENDELL BLOCK, • - MAIN STREET, DANSVILLE, N. Y. Hair, WJiiskcrs & Moustaches Dyed .irtci< the Jloit Jpprort* Sfiif/. * Fine Piano ;i< Ropers Bros. Including nrn .DEitK\ 11 VKDWAKK, FARMERS' TOOU, MECHANICS' 'TOOLS, HOUSE KEEPIN G HARDWARE, Iron, Steel and Nails, AIHO Cook anil 'Parlor 8tove8 of tho best kind* in market, all of which bo i» prepared to Bellas low as can bo ofl'ordod, and on TERMS TO SUIT PURCHASERS. Exclusive calo of the best Cook Stove in tho world, the ••PEACE-MAKER.\ \STEWART'S\ and I>an»ville, Nov. 1,18G0, Mros Put up 111 the bq.«t Ktylc. on short nolic.e. and in th» nne required bv law, nt the Advertiser f>fnce. 1 AO. Ill'hNELI..

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