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Ufa £mv&U SAwfiim LOCAL miWTSW KNERJU. tNTELLIKNCE. IDItOlFTlOK JWCI, One Dollar per Yeaw, in. Advance. H.SO, Delivered to Tillage Subtcribtrt. TII AIHITUII ut HI man CIJCn.iTlO.1 Of any paper in this section, and subscribers aro con lUntly coming in. We shall aim, aa heretofore, to Male* it on* of tho boat Advertising modluma in tho •ountry, and beliove that wo giro our patrons tnoro titan \ralu« received\ by tho following low RATES OF ADVKKTISLVO: llieol \]4 col. ( 1 col. On* Wook, UDO Month, Threo Month*, Six Months, On* year, 1 square, 1.24 3.00 6.00 8.00 •J.OO 4.00 8.00 12.00 20.00 3.00 COO 12 .00 18 .00 30.00 4.00 8.00 1S.00 30.00 60.00 J6JBJTT8 WJJTTXD. We offer the moat liberal inducements to sjrf nts vie would like to canvas* for subsorioers,—made known on application. The Advertiser goes postage free be the County, and is but 3>£ cents per quarter slaewhere. Address A. O. BUNS ELL, Dansville, N, Y. A.. O. BUNNELL'S ••TAJPLiaKMBNT. Mat* Mnei, Vaaarl e, Jf. Y . Jet Pwsrae of ercry description, dono with neat Bias and dispatch, and on vory low terms. Presses Ttp«,Borders, Ornament*, Cuts, etc, entirely now— (i«i|itU< unequalled in thisaection of country. %j_0ffi«e in the New American Hotel Block, en Mac* through Rogers Bros Store. 1\ 1L MARSHALL, PLAIN AND OUNAMUNTAL Booix.-33iix<aLex , ? And Blank Book Manufacturer, liurns' Block, Corner of Buffalo 'nnd 8bu» Streets. Rochester, If. Y. E. E. ROGERS k CO., Agents for Dnnsville unii vicinity. LADD, WEIISTEII &Co's IMPHOVEU Tight Stitch Shuttle Sew ing Machines. For Family nnd Manufacturing Company Purport's the best in uso. Machines fur sowing Leather furnished to order. (. II. RICK. Agent for Dnn.swllc mid vicinity. Also—agent for WHEELER & WILSON'S Celebrated Family Sowing Machines. m\ \r. jr.\ ANALYTICAL CHEMIST, ItMHictlU Stmlmary, In preparod to furnish correct analysis nf Soils. Mm- irals. Mineral Well or Spring Water, Drugs, \uulysis for the de tcetinn of Poisons, Ac Dansville, N V.-, Sept. 6. ISfiO. Otf IP. .1. NKLSON) Dealer in Watches and Jewelry, Awrlou Hatel Black, Mala Street, Daatrle, N. Y . and fur sale nt th« lowest Gold and Silver, Foreign nnd Amorican Watches, kept constantly on h prices. Rich Jewelry Of the most fashionable styles, of every description and prii>e. probably the. beat selection in tho placo, and at priecs never before afforded. Wile A a«it Jtwlry Mtpmtrimir Dona with neatness and dispatch, and work warran­ to!. iJansTille, July, 1800. F. J. NKLSON. 8. P. WISNElt &~CO., Manufacturers and Iiealers in Out Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars. Manufactory, CorncrSchoo! & Tentli Ms., Huilulo, N. Y. JMKMMCJUV H9TML, MilS ITRltrr. ... DAMsVtLLC, !t T. UV (J. C TAYLOR. Tins Hotel is now rlttfld up to meet the wants of the travelling community in a superior Htyle, and with ample accommodation for a lur^c iiumoiT of quests. Tho table i.satall time* supplied with the bent of (he season Particular uttcticiMii paidt\ the pleasure and comfort of thoso who Htop at this Hotel Ktf 11ENRY N. SCHL1CK, Fasalaaaale Barber and Hair Dresser, - MAIN STREET, Hair, Whiskers & Moustaches Djed Jfttr th* JHmtt ^pprmvtd Stylt. coaira or C*SAL AS B jcrrxiuox STRUTS , M L. STKDMA.V Proprietor. This lintel has l.oen fitlcil up and much improved >incr it r.,me into th» hands of \ui present owner, who feel« continent that he can moot the wants of the public in an entirely satisfactory manner. s 8tf Published Weekly BJ A. 0. BUNNELL;'iJlSteLLE, m Y. YOL. 1. mtsper THUJRSBAY, DECEMBER J 20,1860. Oh! Sin* taut Sonr *jr»in T»-lfif kt. O H ! alng that song again to-night, The song of other years, They'll bring ngnin some post delight, In sunshine nnd in tears; Thoy gild the gloom of present caro»— They tell of joy* to corao; Then sing the song of other years, Of friendship and of homo 1 Oh! sing tho song wo used to sing In youth's unclouded day, When like tho birds of early spring, Wo carrollcd hours away 1 When life was like a rainbow d.rcam— A ray of golden light, , A zophyr o'er a waveloss stream— An ocean of delight. My heart is sad—then sing to me The Bong wo loved so well, The pleasing thoughts they brjng to me No feoblo words,can tell; But sing of pltaauro and of pain, In soma melodious lay ; And touch the lute to ponsive strain— I would not have them gayi. . Tliore is rt pathos in thy voico— A sadness in thy tone, That makes the weary heart rojoice— ., A sweetness all thino own. Then sing the songs we loyedso well, And sing them o'or and o*er.v ' I over feel tho magic spell ' ' •• '< Of thosesweet songs of yoro. ' Keep thy Heart with all Dilifonc*.\ rniUTST not that one ungarded thought I Which idly wantons in tho mind— rthull vanish as it entered there, And leave no trace behind. Think not that unrcmcmbored words, In anger or resentment said, Bemuse forgotten, shall not live, By truth immortal made. Nor hope a single reckless not, Whose folly wayward youth beseems, Shall yield to time's oblivious hour, With youth's departed dreams. A jmgchy angel pen inscribed, kecords what ne'er can bo effaced, And all you think, or do, or gay, Is there forever traced. Then o'er the heart, its hiddon source, Thy vigils keep with ceaseless caro; Lot every purpose be thy best, Oflonce tliv onlv fear. And, oh! what higher, holier hqpo Was e'er to man in mercy givon, } Than angel pen, in line of lignt, Should writo thy name in heaveriT c. r. NO; 21. MY PENNY DIP. JJJJ\'NVIf;Jt;Ji M0O0JS, IJY W T LOZIKR. The Dansville House is now in l>ctter condition for tli\ accommodation of tho public ilmn evor lx»foro, and is paining a. wide spread reputation for it» Hiipo- nur iilnnniieincnU 8tf r. V. JfJVftMUHS, SriUNGWATKIl, N. Y. DKAl.Kll IN DryOoods, (lioeorles, Tailors' Trimmings, Hosiery. Worts, ijhirts. Drawers, Rubbers, Roots and .Shoes, I'ntK» Mid Mcflicincs. clocks, Watches, Jewelry, Vinkee Notions, .fcc. Ac From Blackwood's Magazine. \What was it? • A tallow candle, to be sure. The gas wouldn't bum, kejit her hands .iiu^iam.e p^'l tion on her breast that Bomebodjr? tied them twenty years ago. , She Axed her keen \black.* eyes upon me —^beautiful eyes which I had always admired in the portrait. None of her descendants had fluch : eyes. \I could not come,\ she said, in. deep sepulchral tones, \in gas -light. <3host8 and gas-light are at war al­ ways. As for kerosene oil, we groan ,in spirit at its* use. How mortal hoses can, night after night, inhale the odor it emits, is a wonder. It is worse than brimstone. \We have put our cold lips under your chim­ neys, and blown our ghostly breaths into the flame. We have seen the chimneys blacken with, smoke, and apartments fill with disgusting fira- grhnco. People only said the lamp is in a draught. They moved it .and bore with it. \We shall have to yield. Kerosene is a modern dis­ covery. Ghosts are old fashioned* |Tp be out of date is to be out of rnind. Tour tallow candle 'pleases me. We ghosts like the light of other days around us. We always, in the body, burned tallow candles.\ The fine eyes of my grandmother gazed at my penny dip steadfastly for a moment. She seemed to see visions and dream dreams. \My dear,\ she .said, \you are .the first of the family that has re­ turned to candles since the innova­ tion of gas. You are indebted to your dip for my presence. How hollow I would have looked under a chandelier—how bloodless, how white! As it is, I think I am look­ ing very natural, am I not?\ She glanced up at her portrait, and waited my reply. v ^r ^a^trotted to death,\ -cried a inof me! Litdejb£httli the more piping voice, wf the ftrst speak- dose was incretwed. -1 ioon liked er sat dbwnL.-'.^A woman .was hired it. In my \thirsty moments I cried cxpre /jslyto ..take caro of me, and foV it It \waV; 1 giyen 1 me readily, \she took care that I should not want for aHer. a. few, momenta of wild for exercise. Herdjfcys and nights glee, I fell into a drunken stupor, were speni in keeping mff going ;jrhich gave my attendant* many op- 'up, up, upy,' and 'doym, down, portunities\ of enjoying! themselves, downy.' That unknown wonder; as my sleep was sure tone long and perpetual motion, was-to be found sound. , t „ ,.',•••> \ in my nurse 's knees. Every bono \At length [-mania apotu assailed in my poor little -body was racked, me . During my whole .lije.nb^one every ounce pt flesh!was sore. My had ever thought of 'gm ^flne a, food went down-milk and,came up tingle-ipooiiM&^ cheese. If I cried, I was trotted; craved-rth'e odbiint, cheering, re- if I screamed, I was trotted; if J rreshin^drbj i^witer|; ^o ^Ino' was still, I was trotted-r-I became longer cared for ^it/ lu^^R^est little better than a human churm frenxietl^wasaccusedSf^avm^.Se from which the butter had \been ta- colic; down, aa usual wehtfth'e fiery ken and the sour milk left standing, drink, until finally ^t 'w ^'literally My brains turned [to bruises, my burnt out. 2' 4 was nothjng'but a blood .to whey, my ^bones grew so cinder within, a sheU .w^out, My sharp thoy almost pierced the knees stomach was 'cpolced' ;to ,; a cripp— which trotted them.; Asl began to my intestines were shrivelled—my out teeth, 1 my tongue was constant i unggj n0 longer filled with pure ly jolted between my jaws, and'in a [ Tj belched forth only thtj fiery danger of being bitten off, I dared iumes tliaf\ had consumed v me) I not whine, for I knew the penalty; died v I was, good for. nothing; I I began at last to calculate how hope whatever form my dust is des- long the torture could possibly con- tined tp take on earth\ it will notr tinue. Warm weather was coming- be watered as when I ^inhabited !it, ; on, and I thought one or the other w ith alcohol.''\ ' • • - ; of us must soon give up the,ghost; \As this speaker ceased, there' and as my nurse's, exertions were arose a wail of svmpafliy, such as almost superhuman, I' imagined has first attracted me to the paiid that perhaps I might outlast her.— .^ maQ chamber; as it:subsided,an- One unlucky day, .however, my otlier litUe figaue had the mother dntcred the room unexpect- B ^ n ^ edly. I smiled'at her. I had nev- _ r M ., t . J \My legs,\ he said \brought me (lay ipreyer, ^onithe' home- 'cwheroftn) •feltf^&uld DO %t4 ^eP ,my low wails were n'over allowecl ;to appeal to those \around me, but_ \were hushed , at, once;- where <my$ blue eyes were scarcely ever por.mit-_ ted-.to look around in the world in which they had. been open 'e 'd}*and** yhere, instead of \proper care and\) food and, exercise, the baleful pill ana enervating sleep were all that x ,were ottered -me. There are many parents .wJip- seenHo i think children ijiuat pass rtheir,. .childhoodj;; 'out of ,the•wayj'.an'd,only get in Jiie \-way ' wh'e^'th %^ye l^^meV. in spitp of\ all ( idrti. pfiili-.^tinett ^.useful. or ' ornamentalmembers/^fsociety.''• < >• \The -child was'still spealdng, v 1 said ihy graridmc^thef, when X„. rushed out.! been,a mother once, and I^cbuld not listen to these- innocents ^in that fearful , A wailing chamber/' Tdcapitulating thie'twoes ; that/Bent them, ^|n,ere,.; any^ longer. Jf&Mt impeUe^^fre-visit eartb. /2«amQi In nb^^]|it^pj£tldfI make myself visible'fo you : untit your tal- lowcandle was brought in. \My dear, remember what I have told-you. Some of these days you may ..be a mother.Be more than ? careful of^he'sacred charge of little children.^ Think for them—feel for themi'.^B'.o'; not, to ease your 4 cares,---sink th'em into unnatural sluniboi^', o'r,give~ \them over to sel­ fish nurses. Upon> you hang their Uves—in a great ^measure thoir happiness, both here aAd hereafter -I \beg you will;give—\ Just at this moment the cock crew-lo.iidly. The voice at my el­ bow was still. £ looked around— fpeking chair was empty, the lost had vanished, THE REASON WHY.'—A little feW, low came running^int^he 1 house- exclaiming, \O sister Mary.Pve J i r iYjLv , uusaiu -orougni; met i °' ' y., •r done so before. . : .,° „• „ f. , • ffot'such a pretty thing:\? Its a^ out of the world. My mother la-\ b . , * \ ... ° 1f ,, * \TJ t e darling,\ cried my parent, borod under the strange' deWon P^ce of glass ano! it s all redM- 'see, it knows me.\ thather c hild was borne aHighland 1 was cross to You said father and mother r\*\'' T* \\ Ti ia v'eryjBatou], and let toe shpw * the floor was, I knew, a nail in my my legend an elegant- kilt r«wh- xanlParn d useful les- . , . \A little palo,^grandmother,\ I coffin. I felt I shPuld never smile ing just to the kneel My limbs J »,: v \<'*p'\ Xi _ x . . „ 1 the kerosene strangled me with its said; ubuUeU roe dear madam if a ^ in< M mhM nur8e contin- were moulded in cherubic forms, 8 ° U ^ '^f noxious odor, the fluid sputtered, your pursuit8 in the other world are ued her efforts, and I was trotted and When exposed in the nursery ^member tha^the other day you burned blue, and went out I am 6f 8uch a nature that they admit of out of existence upon the poor old were pretty. ' But the nursery wat th ° Ught ever y bod y. afra V l of dark; that ghostly returning to this at any time.\ woman's knee.\ too narrow a field in which to dis- n + . ^ r , blackness which makes one s eyes / ^ \ . xi , . , , , ^ „i n „ v„„„ + ,. n „ , ;++ _ , -, were all the time finding fault with i -i. 4 J. <? T i + +u i.' \By no means. I am permitted \As the speaker ceased, one of P la y m y beauty. On bitter cold ^. ache with its Want of light; that J . . , 1 \ v , dav« T WM wallrpr l nnf nriii- rim y° u * -»<> w you were like this piece palpable gloom which seems to beat toaw-rmthj. sphere buteeldom. the olderoeeup^tooftheroom de^ ^^££w\nd*™ «mv of gkss..- BSoase it is red, every- like a roomful of palpitation, of ^ho My mtaeuce I can makatfetoften- ened me,\ said my. grandmother.- ,f ^^V^^ thing seen through it Ioois'-rfd: heart around you, above you, about «• v0 \ . een ^J^l \Ho at once made room for me to **«^'\f^n , 17 y»« were cross, so you .thought^ i ..V • \ill ' •« since my coffin hd was closed. I enter, and begged me to remain knees looked like twin nutmeg ^^^J, J J„ vou, evcrvwhere; that visible no th- , „ , ., , , , T » M f an > T ±„ eryoody around you was cross, tpo;* I -\i I n +i « +i A am come to tell you there arose a awhile and hear the remarks. I graters painted purple. I.usedto ' , / . , . ' . ing, which holds the tables, the . „ . _ _ J . T1 - , . . w . , ^ lnr»V «f m u r ^^h ^'a *vneti $ou get up in the monnng chairs, the porti-aitsyougrcfamiliar m Pandemonium. Hookedin consented, and took a seat near the ^^^^^^^ in good humor, loving and Helping with, vet hides them in its black, to see whence lt came. I found the entrance. ^V^^^n^^ everybody,-they too will seem find 1 Ivom your view; that empty ^ chamber ^signed to httle < V > said a Uttle fellow, rising J™^™*™' ?? ndQTe * and loving towards you\. NowW en , - . y011 f and tory rheumatism, anduhable to en- ft™**' ^ f en dure the pain, gave up the ghost. thl8 beautlful color of your disposi- \I felt,\ said my grandmother, Wi \ B6em m ° rG beautiful than \that this victim wa&a gacrifice to Vi'l can neither hear, see, nor feel. ff nte were Z71A? ' AT TTE AGC ° F M% M ° NTB8 1 W \ * \Milly I said to my little maid, three year'old toddlers were totter- confirme d drunkard. I had not run somewhere and get me a m % ° 1 ut ?f Older ones been a very quiet baby, and every u , rht .. ° t were hastily finding seats, and all time i wa8 uneasy a little liquor \She ran to tho grocer'a wife, and! faces wore a listening expression. was administered to dome good, came back with a penny dip in a Asma11 voice waa saying:— - I did not want wine, but water. I brass candlestick, GENT'S DRESS HATS, ^llSlyle, 1800. Also n hir^n assortment of tho la- »' styles of Soft Jluts, |ust received. „t the R»I i ,o, 'iwft'.'' ci/iriiixfi IKU-SE, wptember, 1R.U. BILLIARD ROOM. Mriil , B \ liunl »°<>i»s. i>rorided with two tim. aWk^i 1 ,\' nr \ \\•'•\'-I >n Hownrth- new Brick ikistory. ••- ... open at all reasonable limir*. A SCOTT, Proprietor. Beauty to Ladies 13 A PRETTY SU VPKD BONNET, TRIMMED IN GOOD STYLE, Alara^s assortment now rendv nt the Emporium of (union and Kir^t l'rwmium\Millinery Sloro of Mr. »4MM.J.R. I'rusia, West side of Main Street, Dansville. 9 , Mafcufucturer or Boots k. Shoes. .Custom work of nil kinds, dono with neatness and n '»pBtch.and satisfaction warranted, both as to stylo ot *«k and quality of material. -•**nhop on Osnlon Street, opposite Goo. Brown's JJwwWe. July 28,1800. a fashion started since my day. I A FACT .—Some editor in spea*- know that your father was- never iu £ of tbc bad literature *of thepres- \It was no fault of mine that wa. naturaltya'^ry \tn ^hilcC V^-' •*»» °£ \LfnTI'^ As she placed it on my table, brought me here. I, who am no* and everything that was put be- when a l.tU« boy,for wjth my own went out and shut the door, the lit- but five years old, might have lived tween' my speechless lips increwed ^ nd> Ikn.tm.w.nawoolen stock- £ ™ T\SLZr We, „U tie b„y in bronse on my' mantle to bo fifty/ Nature, unfortunately, my thirst. My mother's milk was »» d \\that hi, comfortable ^^1^^^^\ raised his hammer and struck the gave me a fine physical develope- sweet, the panda given me was .* 6 r f^? e1 ^ C . ame 1 ^ r f. °y er the f eat hers' little\ fiends' eouinrjGd in figure of time twelve ringing blows burnt. My chest was round and sweet, and if now and then I, was of his little calfskin shoe. 8miles Vndcrinkn| bi^coundrels \ upon the heart. It was midnight, full; my skin^clear, my limbs finely blessed with a draught of goat or The.nextspeaker was a.dream- in cpnulctt with a love of a mous^ The candle burned clearly., I moulded.' My birthplace was in a cow's milk, it was warmed and ^ced Jittle girl,v =who. trembled as turnino-thc^heads of simper^ resumed the old volume of German' cold climate. My tender, mother, sweetened first, to mako it as much sue rose and; said: ing maidens; & the every day hktory^ ' legends I was reading, and as I laid proud of her offipring, bared my liko my mother's as possible; I \I am an opium-eater. My death 0 f life ingeniously belied and 1 u my finger on aparagraph,and paused, neck and arms in the chill winters, used to cry. No other way do we warrant was written on the label of tifully outraged! And ^ve\ it^al* to ponder on the possibilityof spiiv when her rose-bushes and vines poor babies have of expressing our the first bottle of Godfrey 's Oordial W ays ciuls^most beautifully Hun\ ^ its returning to earth to wreak yen-' were packed in warm'straw and feelings, and the chances are ten to* brought into my mother's house.— dreds bfrtersons%vho cannotalord goanoe on foen, or work weal to thoroughly protected from every one that we will b« misunderstood. A few drops at first sufficed to hush ja home paper in the course ot'h friends, I hoard a deep sigh at my blast. I was brought down to be To stop my crying; I was put to my feeble cries. Then GodfreyJs y\'^ e r spend ^J rce or f 0U r times the elbow. Viewed by company, and exposed the breast; this, at such, times, I Cordial would not do. AJdw drops a^unt-it would costW Wrcnasinir I turned and beheld the ghost of to different temperatures as I went would indignantly refuse. ;Then of P ure laudanum were administer- this trash.\ room to room. My mother, there would he a commotion.— ea< - Soon I'coiUd.npt go to sleep wrapped in soft velvet and com- '.'Nurse,\ my mother would say, without it. Then my nurse would | ' purchasing Hall's Journal - of Health.- my grandmother. I knew her from her resemblance _ _ MJ „ tvl>llC4 „. ULJ uunt%i , woum ..- , v , to her portrait. She wore tho same fortable silks 4id not suffer. I did, ^'wFat shall we do with him?\— give me a small-opium pUl in mv Zri\ l ^• \ 8 ' \^S^SSS '- white cap with its wide border plait- ButI could not toll her so. ^ tdbk The nurse was a stout, hearty: old panda n ^„w T- L.;V me r Cft i'. 8c - ie ^ e » haa taken a'stand eel round her fade—the same prim cold. I became a great'^troublein woman, ; who always made a nrnc- trot dress with which I had crown fa- the house. , My beauty faderl I- tice of tasting whatever wasproyi- R^ChinT v«* ch.i^'i 6le,fl ' Cr w 0ssea - c, \»™« miliar in the picture. lingered on from month to month, ded for her charge. Her sovereignj \much'- sleep weikMed She died twenty years ago. I and died at last, at five years oid,<of Remedy was liquor. 2 was take was named for her. consumption: My mother cried and a spoonful administered- at-: a eyes became those I drew up tho rocking chair for over my little coffin. I knew, but time. At first\ I ^beli^-r;««raii- er, full of dreams when\: d; 1 m ej ;and I tliat Kiirgs'fn.d Quew8 f do '&#iW the ghost. She sat down in it. A pillow could not have sank there more noiselesslv than she did. ' She i could not tell her then, that her | gled, kicked 'and coughed^., The own vanity had blaci \ would send me here.\ ' J tongue, and downwent its contents I ways' aching.. I closed my eyes^nie I Ypu^o to grass, Mr. Hall own vanity had placed me there-l firm W held the spoon to my httle full of pain; my baby-heart w,ali! Hali'ft Ifcal of^^^ id down went, ITS fiontentai •ur»TTeJo/»Viir,«. T>,I^ <a l A &lir '\. r- : • * y * u

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