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A. 0. BUNNELL, EDITOR. THURSDAY, DEC. 20,1860. T ~ Tht DantvilU Advertiser has « much larger circulation than any other paper published in Dmnsvillt has now, or tvtr had. Advertisers \rill please note Hie fact. Business Notices in the editorial columns vnll be charged aj{ the rate of ten cents per line. The South CffreUa* Coureifldlf .met at Columbia on Monday last to ^tasi^tho Ordi­ nance of secession, but on account of the great panic among ihe citizensJj^nd strangers, caused by the raging of tb'« imall-pax in thnt city, the convention after consido'rablo dis­ cussion, adjourned to Charleston on Tues­ day. It )s thought th_e Qrdinanco of Seces­ sion would be passed yesterday or to-day.— The other Southern States will probably watch the success of South Carolina before they follow in her foolhardy fpotsteps. But things have not gon$ s $J» r a , 8 many would hare us boliero. As if recent writer truth­ fully remarks, \ Ey«fVrjinior is magnified, and every of small 'or of/no consequenc^jii|^r^^|^g^y looms like the land in a tog. indeed, pJt wfl are in a fog in regard to the future, it is natural that at­ tempts to penetrate it by straining the vision should reveal shapes of ovcry imaginable degrco of hideousnoss.\ \Wo quoto further—\ Thosa who suppose this great Federal Government ^^oi^^an- der beneath tho puny blows revolu­ tionists are doomed to a most gigantic disap­ pointment. This Government js- an engine of commanding power ; and when its legis­ lative andexeuctivQ branches a;r$ in.Jwrrao- ny, as they soon will bo, if the secessionists execute their threats, it will show itself abundantly able to copa with all its difficul­ ties, and take Jybo country triumphantly- through all its perils. • The talk of civ |r *w*r\ is idle and childish. The people of all tho Free States will uphold tho General Govern­ ment as » unit,. They must do it in sfclf-de- fenco; in defence of their material interests, as well as of their safety and civil righ^s.^ They are thoroughly educated to the ^thatno calamity that «an befalls people/Is ic^great as civil war or anarchy. They will «'ri]gago in neither, and permit neither 1 .- 2 -- Law and order will bo maintained, foravery body knows and feels that herein alone is tafety and $<e».ce,\ ' Secession is not likely to provo so easy of accomplishment after all. \ Li . M*f*xi of th« D«f artonrata. EXTORT OKTHS POS.TMASTXR OEMXRAL. The report'of the Posf master General, for ^th« yoar fading Juno 30, 1860 ,^1^915 a'tjew ^. first of tho transportation oCtiMjjgMJfc'irom which it appears that the totalU||iuiii- trans­ portation of mails was 74,7243Wwwtc?,cost- ing $8,808,710. , Compared with the serviif reported Juno 30, 1860,'there i* a decrease of 10,458-nines in the length of mail routes; of 7,683,(520 miles in the.annua.1 transportation about 9.22 per cent.; and of $G0O,O47 in the cost, about 7 per cent. The Postmaster next ipeaks of expendi- turesaA^JCQcipts, of which this is the sub­ stance^ For the fa*t tiding Juno 30,1800, the expenditures were <• $Ui,170,tS03 90 From which deduct payment*, out for 1659, ' 3,29r.,8af 10 Annual expenditure for 18G0, as before •hown, was » * 12,874,7*2 88 i>educt the revenue* for IS0O, with the- earnings of thin department in cat* ; free mail matter, « - - 0,213,007 40 _ - . Tlio South CsfOllniana ^^ff^to expect co- ing repeal. •Wec^d. tq ^r ^thatl^ * - - ->««-•• Lishiflg tho#bWo*t QpgfiMJfy jHMti&citi or, it ^ Mid, hat:* -|^by>o# putjl m JjL dYvoUd to r[»quadroni, tonded sea-coast and to protect our rapidly growing foreign commerce. Tho-^olicy of •uspending ofdimini: The latter, it is said, hat* rfcon under n now and iniprdVcd lyitem'of organ ieation so as to provent abuse*. A large share of th« 'fy*^®*'* tho ppitttioni of ih(\% which wo are unable to-3$tiia» jLp* detail— Tho Nava^Academy is »iJd'W;>«.i* admira­ ble\ condition. Tho African »lare trado has received much attention, andtho jr^tk^ iupprossirrgitt'a« been prosecutod'with^lg- or. Tfhc whplo number of slavers-e«pturcd during tho yeajrLwaa 12, and^ th6 number of Africans rescued 8;119. Bui-Jho traffic can only be completely brolren up, ho believes, by tho enforcement of ket'treaty with Spain by Great Britain, or Cubn trting annexed: to the United States. • • <> Mr. Toucey recommends % repeal of tho act of last summer, prohibiting tho purchaso of patented articles for the nso of the army and navy; refers to tho visit of tho J«pan- esq embassy, and the explorations made xt Chiriqui, cpnfirming ]fbo jn^cllig^ncje al- rcadj'^ry^i^JM to thc'pxccllenoy of tho harbors*oif;'lreth sides. ' If 'also' exhibits re- ports of surveya mado ;-*itK!San Francisco' i and China,, On tho Parau4;riy^,.ftnthfl^flr,th. Pacific, and e>«owh.er# TJie r^jkor^ Iqn^ ; and embraces i\'tts(varicJq|oftppjc «r ' Thols^nrfftuttrs for tho nitvy^j^last year show a -decrease oCtfcarly throe miluons dol­ lars over 186^-9. • Th« estimates for tho fis­ cal year ending June 80, :180}, are $11,716,. 856, and those for tliQ following year, $11,- 618,844. . . *v •* - Tlio report of the Secretary of War is de­ vote mainly to operations carried on during tho year among tho Indian tribes of the Plains and tho Great Basin. Tho aotual strength of the army remains about tho same as that of last year. Activo operations have boon carried along the Mexican frontier, along the rivers, in New Mexico, in Utah at Car- ^Eon \Valley and in \Washington territory, with .njore or loss success. In tho last named ter­ ritory the Indians hajttjaot jpt been reduced to_sub<frdination. • Important explorations have been made in the Colorado Yalley, resulting in the estab­ lishment of a new route across tho Great Ba- |B , between Salt Lako City and tho Orog.on river. Tho Rocky mountains at the head of the Missouri have also been thoroughly ex­ plored, and a valuable line of intercommuni­ cation between the Atlantic find Paciflo has beon established, so that, '^'wo can,'\ rying Excess of expenditures oxer rcTCittte; • for *8fiO The estimated deficiency for 18^1j. is $\> 788,424 0*;'for 18GL\ $^506)500 ZS] The-'in'creosc in the Value of stamps and stamped envelopes supplied to Postmasters over I860, is $608,782 85. Tho number of dead letters registered and sent out during tho year, is 31,017, nn in­ crease over last year of 12,644. Whole num­ ber of dead letters opened at San Francisco, 75,127. Whole number of foreign letter* returned, 110,911. ^ The report recommends a repeal of tho act in regard to drop Jotters, by which the pos­ tage was fixed at ono cent, and. $he raising of the postogo^to^two to be prepaid by stamps. In view of the distrust of the Hcgistry sys­ tem, shown by the steady fulling oft* of tho number of registered letters, it recommends the dovising of some otUer plan. In regard to the dofonco interpif'Msd. by tho sureties of Isaac VI Fowlor, Mr. tlolt thinks if it be successful, no conftdonco can bo safoly re­ posed in any bond cxocufc»d by any federal .official. Various amendments ore propp*id to our postal laws, as a uniform rato of 6 coots to ship letters, of 10 cents to countries wni> which wo havo no postal arrangements, a* Mexico and Cuba, a permission to\ regular dealers in newspapers, &c, to receive by taail Inch quantities as they please, and pay postage at the iama rates as regular sub. •cribfrs, tfl* transportation of maps, engrav­ ings, jb©ftlrt,'Ac., at 1 cent per ounoo, under, and,2 Oent# on all lottcrs conveyed from any porhtwast of tho Rocky Mountains to any pointon, th« Pacific, and vice versa, Thfcjcporl of the Secretary o^jthjfcsBtevy op» wp ^wj.th. the subject of convertinj^sailing vessels of ipar into steam frigates, the cost of altering eight ihips of tho lino being given at $383,000 e*c& A largo number of old vctsols axe said not to be worth the tr<Hibl». and expense required for that purpose. Mire of th« six now steam sloops have b»cn coin- plaUd. Tho Secretary calls for a large In- #'T *f.ff to thr present naTy I JO guard otnr tx- nays Mr. Floyd, \concentrate by this line in tho course of three, or at most four months, on tbe,,P*cHIc,,fc stronger force than cocld bo pni.tlrcre by any other.power in the space of a yo8r .x)r probably * much longer time.\ Tho '. Secretary- rccommonds tho Indian jiburoau td btf.Mgkccd under tho swperintend- enco of the Wnf Department, commend* the Quartcrjrt |i ,«tijr'« bureau for its ofllciency and faithfulndt^-j recommendr-an appropriation of $60,0001 for experm\ent8 in tho improve­ ment.of arms and military supplies; favors the establishment of a national armory, the introduction of breech-loading riiles among all our troops, and asks for a steam­ er of light draught on the Pacific coast to guard the settlers on Puget Sound against the incursit ns of tho Indian tribes from British and Russinn America, the present vessel being unserviceable. Like Mr. Cobb, he calls attention to former recommenda­ tions the importance of which is daily felt more strongly. - I. . I, FinEs'lx B UFFALO .—Buffalo has again been vjsited by Are. On Sunday morning, throtTclcstructive fires occurred in that city. The first building destroyed was a bnrn belonging to a man named Wright. It wa« not worth much. •4,T|k »5**j ;th ol^nojiarbor andfdtjj -_.„ioas $s «ibl»«Kliflnii military cohvj p»ui*t ar« p^ttlngV'tliefcBselTei'wnder control of tho Govornor. ^ , Gen. Scott has boon ordered tot&ftke ^is homo in Washington during th^-pm«M^it^ sion of Congrea*, in order to i^vfe^wi(i|iJtiW' Government in reference to milit^ W°T<>- monts, if necessary, .\±\y r . \ \ r !tT ^ -HRevolutionwy stook- i» at- • iiicount In 'the cotton Stat<w justnow. To whUt^faBr kco Doodlo or hum tho Star BpAn'|;U^rBan' ner in Charleston, would subject 'aijyj.oine to- tho danger of being mobbed, v ' Tho debts of tho several btate% !of Kuro'p'«\ at tho closing pf Juno, ^ere .as follow*: Great Britain, ,$6,865,000,p()0; France,,^ 880,000,000- RusBiaf $1,746,OOjO.OOO; Austria, %1,600,090,'000; Spain, $l,OM,000 ,b6of Prus­ sia, r ^,000;000f Portugal, $195,000',000; Turkoy, $1*6,000,000;' Belgium, $100,p00,. 000. f Virginia suffor* already fronVj secession.— Tho inner-Stato trade in negroes, amounting to millions annually, has'entirely ceasod.— Culpepper county, tho groat licgro breeding jliitr»ct„h «4jaot seQt-^RVuai «nrp5ui \7Ti ^ro in throe wqoks. ,Pri,co» in »up^ stpcl^ hay«..fal- 1 aft flf^.jper cent,, j ( 1 ' Thbr^s. Vittlo, if any, \cok'flAenco in tho 'assurance that South datoHnii will not r '«.t sist tho federal authorities during the admin-' istration of President, Buchanan. Thoy.ara regarded as moro promises to qttlofr -appro-^ lionsions in an official quarter. Lieut. G<sn. Scott has expressed the opin­ ion that additional fofeps should bo sent to South Carolina for tho protection of tho pub­ lic property. . Tho President, howovor, is still opposed to such increase, ifor prudential reasons, being apprehensive that it would but augment' the present 'excitement. Thote is do doubt whatever that Gen. Cass has resigned as Secretary of j3tuto. Regret is every whero expressed'in consequence— Tho indications nro that ex-Governor Dick­ inson, of Now York, will bo the successor though theso are nc4 altogether reliable. Senator Crittenden declared on Monday that ho could perceive no ovldenco of com­ promise or concession on tho part of Republi­ can leaders, and unless somo guaranty wai given, Kentucky would go with the South. , A letter from Gov. Houston denies that he hits consented to convene tho Texas legisla­ ture. Ho urgfs a* convention of all the Southern States. Tho Rochcsterians ar« ' making appeals through tho city press for the relief of Kansas. Tho Hartford (Conn.) Times hears of largo establishments reducing work. In th6 town of Bridgport upwards of ono thousand em­ ployees ore out of work, and in New Haven two thousand. Dunbar's hoop skirt factory nt Bristol, has stopped work. Tho Plantar tion Hoe Company and tho Southern Car­ riage Coy both of W'insted, have had largo Southern orders countermanded. The Steubonvillo Journal says that sinco tho 1st o f January last, nearly two hundred! children, and about one-fourth that number of adults, have di«din that city of dtpthcria. Capt. Maffit, U. S. Navy, so successful in capturing slavers, has received an autograph letter from tho Emperor \Napoleon express­ ing his admiration and thanks. The census returns of ail the States and Territories havo reached tnb,census bureau, with the exception ofU few districts in Cali­ fornia and Texas. • Senator Brown, of Mississippi, being call- od upon to go bail for a Georgian charged with forgery, said ho would cheerfully do so were it not for the fact that ho would bo a foreigner within thirty days, his Stoto se­ ceding, and ho did not wish to incur new obligations to tho present Government. r i The Otojpetf aid B&T Tho second flro which wae tho greatest ca- Ustrophc, as it involved tho low of -Hfo ns well as property, was discovered about half, pn«t one o'eWk, in a notal for tho accom­ modation of Drovers, by \M^sm. Barry & Dickey. Tho inmates at tho time numbered about twenty, of whom all escaped with their lives except Mr. Phineas Dickey And one of tho 3crvant women named Jane Burns, who woro burned to death. The other fire was the burning of the in­ terior of tho Fire Engine'House, on South Division street, latterly occupied by tho steam firoengino, C.J. Wells. It destroyed everything but the brick walls of the build­ ing. Th'ft engino was absent only about half an hour.\ This Inst flro is believed to have been tho work of an incendiary. • ' y How THE P RESIDENT IS E LECTED .—Tho successive steps in the election of President and Vice-President of tho United States aro takon, according to existing laws, at tho following dates: 1. By the act of Congress, in 1845 the electors for President and Vico-Prcsidcnt of tf^o United States are appointed, in'omch Stato on the Tuesday next n/for-theflrst Monday in Novomwefc,*£, 2. By the KCt of 1702 these electors are to meet on tho firti \Wednesday in December after, in their respective States, to cast their votes. 8. Theso votes, when cast, are to bo certi fled by the electors and sealed up and scn,tto tho Prudent of tho Senate. On'Of* second Wednesday in February after, tho sealed certificates of the elector! arc to be broken op *ri «nd the rote* pounted, and tho result declared in the presence of the Senate. *\ . Tho New York Tribuno states that the N;ew York and Erie Railroad has paid, this MMOn, a floating debt of n million of dollars, b«ide«* Tory large sum for arrears of inter *nl on-HrondT Irectur«s. fLlil— MnT8 .-O n the 36th uit, by Iter.i^X? S$ren| Wm^l^, p/, P«orla^Wool N yt^l ljbj^ BifU ^*u|fW «rof; ofthfsrlll«i«. TITSWORTH.-ltt this village, on tho Wth laat Joann, daughter of J. &»nd E. M. Tftsworth, aged 14 years, 1 month and 18 days. The DansviUfc Advertiser ;«v; . ; 2r ?0|i 1801. Lo. BUyjJEKAJr • - Editor. . ?v^fc«.P*a«riIl« AlrorUtt' Is juWUhed, ,W«okly,; at Dansrille, Livingston 'Co, H. Y.,'w»tlVi clearly pirintcd on Fine White Paper, with N»w tjrpf. Altlioofch b«t just commencing its Second.Volurae, Tu»,'A>|»iaiiu» li widely popular, and has now^tho : \ LAUOEaJ CIRCULATION Evor enjoyed by any pap^r in Llringston County; but we are dctarmined to double ihe numbor of its lulkMHjbirs before nhother year. W A hnte thore r for»<j £4yr »i«iod to aparo no pains t« make it worthy thijj^iwajte of t'ho public. We aro enabled »t this o»HyS<ay'to ftnliounco tho following M a amatl p«rt of our ' PROGRAMME FOB'1801. •By-means of rare Works to which we havo aece'ss, and by the aid of tho \oldest InhabiUnif,'? we ahall give to our readers during the year, a series of highly iaterestiftg and valuable %; \ LOCAL HISTORICAL SKETCHES, Comprising the Settlement and £arly History of Livingston County, and ^ftch Town contained In its limit*, and of towns adjacent^ where our pAper 1 {H px- teuBlvfly eirctilutud, together with nuiny items ofln- t^reei, anecdotes, Ac^nnecteA^UrwirUh. •i-J-ift ' .OUR STO^V PE#ARTJPEJfiCf', - - • *8hall have ot(r. particular attention,' aiig! great care be takon to ixoludoithe trwhy portion of literaltrre, which hos far too wide a tJlraulotiou already for t)i« benefit of the rising generation. Oor stories will be well written and Interesting, and will contribute to the improvement anti \auJoymento^hjQ Iloinc Circle. Among other leading writers wh'of* wrfejl^? will con­ tribute to tho vnluo of this DefeafWeitJ jri .Wny men- tiont. S. Arthur, N. P. \\'tt\iM,^i^tP,^t^9, Mina Virginia F. Tx>wnsend, Mrs. MaryCI/g^tmes, mid Mrs. Mary A. Uenison. OUR GEMS FROM THE TOET-S Will btf worthy o plaCo in tho fira*;publioations of the country. ^ THE LOCAL AKD COimTt NEWS Will bo mado ft.«pccialuy. find wo hope to stand pro- ominont in this department. No pains wHl be spared to make-it at all times full and reliable. <* FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC NEWS. The doings of CongroM and tho every' dny events 'transpiring in tho United States, which nre fraiifrht with uncommon interest nt this time, together with the news from the Old World, will bo presented to our readers in a carefully cond^iscd and intelligible form, whjch ennnot hut provo acceptable to those whoso lime Is too limited to kcop up with the daily press. THE M VRKETS Of Dnnsville, New Yor^L and Rochester will bo cor­ rected up to the hour of going to prt-si, and may bo relied upon. But wo hare yet to give you the distinguishing featuroofTue AbvcnTigiit, and that i* its cheapness ONE DOLLAR PER ANNCM To Sinp;lo Subscriber*,and only Sa-enty-yiue Cento in Clubs of ten mid upwards' sent at one tune. sricrtiiEx co/'iics Fnr.r.. Please send in.your names. Liboral inducements .to ngenti', which will bo made known on application Address - ' ^A. O. Bl NNELL, Editor Advertiser, Dansvillo, N Y. THE- JOb PRINTING DEPARTMENT Of THtAirt'KansiaTOflIco, with Its \New Presses, La­ test and most Fashionable Stylos of Type, Borders Cuts, Ornamovts, is, hasffunoqualled faciliti^.\ fur turning out with nefltnees and dispatch, every de­ scription ofJob Printing, Plain, in Colors, Gold and Uronr.c. and nt city prices. ^ Ordo»*«fro^a a distance promptly attended to. JJarratt is HimsieJiMgain. FOR SALE. A House and Lot on Faulkner Street, this otllco. I 3utf Enquiro at Dr. Bement who hai^fraveled extensively in Palestine, Syria and Egypt, is now de­ livering a course of highly interesting and instructive Lectures a^ Union Hall, in this village. His Lectures aro descriptivo of thote countries, their vrorks of art, hiero- glyjjhiBa^atid' anoiont ruins, and nro designed to 'illuRtraU> t explnin and confirm the Bible HlatoTy_ Qf-.tiioso lands. \While thesp Lec ­ tures cannot fail to interest and inplruCt ill classes of hearers, they arc particularly in­ teresting to the Biblical student who will .find in the facts adduced extrinsic evitlcnco of tho authenticity of the sacred writings which cannot fail to convince tho minds of tht! most skeptical. Tho opening Lecture was given at tho Now School Church on Sunday ovo- ning to a largo and highly appreciative JIU- diQncc, and was warmly commended by all. Wo havo seldom heard so mucji tfint was really now and instructor* in a single lecture, Tho Doctor is* a plain, straight forward, speaker, and combines with an ' ngrccabt* manner highly descriptive powers, which enables him to present to tho mind's eyo tho wondors of tho EasJ; as thoy appeared to his own vision; and thus group together and photograph upon tho minds of his audience ft knowledge of tnoso countries, which it-coat him yoars of research fo obtain. . ~ These lectures, unlike most that arej-x^- d\ hearsed from ono placo to another nowi»?> days, abound in ideas rather than '^^^^V^^^^ n tt sounding words, and , although infc^p^ '^j^^^rvS^^tT^ with happy hits and a spice offtiVfT-Me\ *e- \' J \ '—' markable for lite amount of v^t^felft^jif^ nation which they impart. Such of our citizens as havo heard the Dif'y will be quite suro to hear him again; and we would akioply say to those who havo not, thai, they cannot mako a better investment of time and pence^an to go and hoar him. He will lecture at Union Hall this evening and ag'ain>on Friday evening, which will probably b« tha last of the course.— Stmbcn Courier. *uporb New GallerV,l''«reot*d during tho post >aOirnor, on the site of the old one that wax drstroyed &f Bre on tho 0th Nor.,18W, will be open to the public ,.m time for the Holiday 's; His numermia friends and the public generally ara cerdinlly inyltfcd to nrtend the Grand Opening, and procure for themselves or thelr.'/rionds that eror acceptable Holiday Glft-^ Oiieof Marratt'sFine pictures, Pnt Up In u rich and 'stylish Coso or Framo, at tho Lowest Possible Price Tho facilities of this Gallery will be such that all Styles of Picture* will be furnlohed to the'publle at .[Lower. Prices than has over been known in DHri&villo \of \ \ \'\ I shall be propared to receive the same quality. orders for ' , PHOTOGRAPHS, Either plain, in water or oil colors, or retouched in India ink. and for that most beautiful of all picture.**, tho IVORVE0TVPE, of quality fully equal to the best to bo obtained In Now York City, and at lower price*. Those having Daguerreotypes or otlier pictures of Deceaned Friend*, Can have them enlarged to'Cabinet or Life si»e In any of the abovo styles at reasonable prices. Ambrotypcs, Ferreotypcs, Spherotypcs, And all tho other types belonging to that class will . ... «,)y '- - 1 - be taken at extremely Ibw prices, and warranted sat- Isfaetory and durable as reprcHentctl,. I never fall to obtain goou pictures of very yoong Cliildren; sobring your children to mo if you wiah fino pictures of them. Nothing in the way of GAS'OTD BLOWING. Is here deemed necenHary. Fur nonTly seven year* the citizens of Dansville and of Western New Vork have fully tested my abilities as an Arti«t, and know well I ivover promUe that which lam not able to per­ form. N. B.—Let. me «>y to strangers—remember tho place, MHrratt's New Iron Front Gallery, corner of Main and Exchange streets'. Come rain orjdiiuoy—youwillnlwaya find me ready and willing to Wai^upoa.y.ou>> HI ' C >k~\7fil'\. WJi.MARR.VTT Carprftrffer & Reynale a Have just rcpeivol a largo utooU or Grrooeries! DRUGS, PATENT MEDICINES, Paints, Oils, Glass, Putty, &c. f For which they paid the cash, and they propose to fell them at prices that DEFIES ALL COMPETITION ! Below they give tho pricoh of a'.fcjw lending nrtietoH as their space in this advertisement is not sufilclcnt to enumerate one-twentieth of ilieir stoik. Stowart's Crushed Sugar, W4 Powdered I' 1 * Granulated \ B O.ffco SiKi.ir. 10 C Cofft-o Sumir, 0}^ Porto RieoSu^nr .8 Low grades Coffee f?npar. 114 \ Portplficn Molasses. 41 to Sopercallon Rujnir House mid Gold'-n Svrup..'s> to OJVi per gal. It. L^ i \ 'i' StfWnrtV RestSyrilp. Gi, wOrti) Sb. Yowatt H> son Tea for ts, wortli ts. * Pure F.iwt In.an • ofl><-. 15 Itio, Laniaramid Old Gov. Java OffCC, 17,18. and 20 prijji^cr and Spice, Is. Cinnamon. Ss. f >ii(iiK t ;s rrtfoz; (loves. Js ». No 1 Maek<*rol, very nice, 12 ' St. <ico. Hank Codfish, C •«•«..•< White Fish, 5»,i . . -rfy-r.-''\ ' - , Si-otoh lit rniig. sealed^ fcry-niocv-f* Boac.^'*- ; *- Kssfn.esof .n)fkind-. 2t».oz. ' \ \ Kt-rosene. Hyriimc Fluid and-OHJLHinps arul.Jjan- terns, an endlriia vanoty. / '-y'&y \'\** '• ILeros^ne and l|ci».ii «|rj ^anl« OH nutiiin? FIul^jO«inpUene. and Alcohol. Hitise Furnishing Goods ofull d«MTiptlons, con- sf-ung in part of Wash Tub-, cedar and nine. Wash Boards, wood and zinc, Pulls. KeeWs, Rollinu Pins, Fuui-*-t>i. Well Bu.kets. Butter Ladles, . ,i ,4 Bed Cords. j^. (.lothet Lines, l ' v . - * Brooms, •V ,f H i» aud C » - ^ Mops Vlsb'STivrse stock of Crockery. Glass Ware, Silver Plat, d^wire, Tablii Cutlery, «u'd almost everything you can mention. '•ii ~~'A- S Y'B ACUSE -©g MEDICAL DISPENSARY, ESTABLISHED IN ISoO. For tho relief of tho misguided mid im- .. prudent votary of false plcaMire. who, find- i'jrtjjw mg that.he has imbibed the soeds of a cer- tain Kiatlisoiiic di-vyiso, is from an i)l4init-d sense of shmno dotcrrod iroin applying to a physi­ cian whoijo Uuowl<'dBo , and experience can ulouo bo- frlr-ud-hliu in distrossi # ,Person« culling. aeiS Jio one but the Doctor. In viewtof the\ voKt'destryotion of ;i)>W^nn jjfe, cau.s. cd by Uie uilsiifcesHfiil treatment of saxuAt HIBUU, and tho dfceeptions used by unprincipled quiu-ks in Medicine, we deem it rttirdutytOFUfrcring-humanily to extend our notice ot.having attaelied to our Insti­ tution a IH»ptitsarn, fdftbc-coxuo'f all diseases of a I»rivnU> orVe'noreal chnriwiter. The FacuUy of this Institution embraces the best Medical Uilent jit the reform school of Medicine, and tho physician who superintends this department has ai> lie justly deserves, the reputation of being tho bcsC Sexual Surpeon In this country. No trmtter what your disease may be,'or of how \long standing, we cuurantee a porfoct cUre in all cases by ri'inedics which contain no mineral or poisonous drugs, rc- qmro very little change of diet; and we alsoguarnn- jfeo to cur.c you at a very low, price, much less than that usually charged. jrtfr; Aiho'hg tfic dischses'i*iiccp<<^fully treated are i Scro- ftlla, Ulceys, Fintula, Aguo and Fever, and all discanes peouliar to Females: Leucorrhoea or Whites', Sup­ pression of^the.-JIcnJes, Painful Menstruation, In- flanimatien ind^TJlooration -of tlio. Utcrno or Womb, Prolapsus Utori or falling o^ tho Womb, treated on scientific principles All discuses of the Organs of Generation, in both sexes, troat-'d in n careful, thoromh.atid judicious manner, pointed out bjlongexpericuceana investi­ gation <y OiLow prices and quick cures. Rodent casos • - •• .»— uo systef ^» R ^.„ — R ...,-J KO ourselt.. to eittirery rcrnov* the iemets'of Secret Habits, Semi­ nal Weakness, *c„ ^by irlinpte k*al applications easy to bo used, causing no pain: o'r Huconvwnie.nco. An- dross by mail n» below, or. apply to Dr. C. S. GOFF, Consultingphysician of -the '.InftiMtutionu Otlice NO. 10 Wletihg Hull. (,ojjpo«ite.the8jtir»buse\^ousc.) : Sy­ racuse, N. Y. * . < > .--^ J ^ NOTICE TO ALL I Persons at a disianoiCburcd nt horoe.by-writlng a letter, giving a full stHteroent of their symptoms, and ! enclosing $5, for which their medicine will be sent by Mail or Express, secure from danger or observation with fulj aud explicit directions for Uae^,,i-rV IMPORTANT TO LADIE&f-* OVIIUA Female I'oi&t* One of the^beat medicines for OlitftTuctions, ka% K, QT?T usod, warranted to pro^J duce tile--desired effect Jf uied According to dircW, cured in from tliroo to eight dnys. All .«phnitic nu mercurial tainta etttlrely ren^ved from tub system. 4*»>Tov1t0ljwG r MEN! ,\Ve. aUo pledge ourselves U .Ofti'. JfrieOiOX- B<5wd#r«.*l'l>or package. Send bjf *?re>Ch_PateKt)iafe -Snf«. ,tl ie ^erfeetly^afo. and safe scaso Safo, $1 the •Iftgft'ino.etflpperdnxen. Sent by maili••• ^*. Book* in onet' *^ ON PRIVATE DISEASES 'M0 DISEASES OF FEMALES, Containing the truer mwtiiod of{i< mentioned in thin advertlsfemeiiH <*»*\« ,i a . 'relation to marriatf*,- Cdnoeptlon menriii by-wh^ \ — -«- other \ 1 ring all diseases Also reliablo ad and tho » by -whieh ft mtiy be .Avoided; if necessary t and ijiatterSiOf Vital Importance to tho marrieo\and those 6ontem\pVittng marriajre. The knowledge con­ tained therein in h,Qt to bo ibriDd in nny other work published, nor obtainable from any othc ever published, nor obtainable from any other source whatever. Price 26 cents. Sent to any address on receipt of price, or it* value in stamps. Persons who, nfter reading thin work, aro not satified that it ia worth at least four times its price can havo thoir money refunded Addross 8. M. DI8PENSARY. lf,rl Drawer ion, Bvrncu«t>. N V \•i'f'. giBURNET'S \EXCELSIOR\ BAKING POWDERS, £ jp 1 Cannot 1 K» surpns-^^kiatdevery description, ir Y 'sed forthcimmediato-Vof P ^STUT without! T M production of Bread. Yeast, in les^ time y5r S B VCKWIIE.IT C AKCS. than !>y A^T other fi? j v jiroci ss' ,v * „ SAVES 35 PR. CT. IN USE OF BUTTER 4 EGGS. „ V. TI,,...„ n,,,-.)„..,, ,\.... ....„! ...in I i These Powders aro One trial will \ met tical. eon-j o y/f ijnjre ceoiiomicidaiid Miiet the most^kep- \y jheakiiit-'r than Qny in use. K INCREASES .THE WEICHT IN BREAD 15 PR. CT n »* I\ D\ spen'tw can eat nunity if made with, * • I\H «^T'B BE.VD.'' BIS- thnso VOW DEBS. ,t I'lT^, Jtc\ With Im- h\ir Sale AVcrvvAeMr-./ »I «Bf OF THE BROAD AX*. »KXRLY OPPOSITE TH E BANK. i < i . BRp ^rM «. STSFHAX, \\tJiiiiBS w AMERICAN A.TSTJD FOBK1GN HARDWARE, Stove«, Sheet Iron, CoJ9«r< Iran. *t««l. If ails, VHtt*, Scr/ie ftttl*i, »prtttt$ t tlla^o, V—nh TUk t EU. \We would cnll Q,/prcinl attenlion to tlio superior quality of our Spokes, Bent Felloes, Bhafts, Poles and fyowo. Sent- Rails and Amis, Stick 8eat«an<l Buggy Bodies,'Carved and Plnin Wfaring, 8e*tBpia- dlcH,- Philadelphia, Holts, Plated and Brass Bands. Mulcublo Iron of all description^ nlso Flileii, Jjjumi ltd Silver Emm Triwiip, It, it. • jBURSET'S CELEBRATED WASHING POWDERS! • I Uleaehes xSotTtcs •Softens tho H ARDEST W'beautifully ViMU\ WAtnt. W A i-itirr'nlir mir Tur cnta A s lioes. not: SAYESOkE HALF THE.SOAP. nofcInj^Uitj ? |jl ^r^^ of tlitfTifn^st CAMBRICS. A<IES, or*' Y Jtextin-e.oi; tli«Cirn«st W'SAVES 0«E HAtf ; tM61AB0R W WASHING. ** I WosUcs alt clotjiinjr jwrtfe-Khu-Jj/Tlaunols., ** ^(superior to thc\6i»t whichnre-waslicilsoft jpjAVashfna'.Maehinw in without Shrinking, i 'P- fr.-tho world, -without « ' & Bdhjnry, • B ***Cm»t*wr m X»rg* tt*«»hl*? % Ctntt. •) J . Imbtiartd -nly ky U1LLIAI Bl'RHT, jB % \ 45 * 453-a PisofT^ Nsw Y ORK C ITI. Y ; FOR SALE EVERYWHERE. I • j JSa-Cash Orders promptly oxcauted. I OLD GOLD PENS RE-POINTED. . IPricc SO Ct 'ntB. Enclose tho PctvliSvfetterwItli thcc'nsh, or postage stumps. Tho returd mail will bring tlio Pen as good as now. B EMI O .HE I)ni.u\n,nnd the return mall will bring a bood Gold Pen, Vi carats fitio, in Sliver E.\tcnsiou II older. „•,,. ' 8ESt)SEvss#r-Fn'Bf'i\«T*. nnd tho return mail.Will hnug n Kio'd Oold Pen, ladies' size, iu Silver Case, with'lvorv Handle, in llox. Address 1 E*. L \\ ALK \ I'll, No. 12 Matcomb Hloek. 21 w 1 Sy rao.uae, N. Y. Greatest Improvemejit df the Age GOOD SAIAfilTAH, HOT-AIR DKAtTOHT LARGE VEHTILATID OVM, COOKING STOVE FOR WOOD OR COAL. THE GOOD SAMARITAN I* the heit Finished vtud mo«t durable Stova of th« Jay THE GOOD SAMARITAN Combine* every advantage for Coolcinf ever apjrfiedtt* a Stoire. THE GOOD SAMARITAN Bn\et ptrfrelly on To» aod.iu 11 K Or«n, aiwl Hi—Nai l-'ront at Hie lame-t*m»,'wh»o«i imparting the fbvor of one tmd.ef fo#d to anoilicr. THE VENTILATED OVEK Hjr the cmwim admi*uun of pure froh air, alwan mi.ircs bwectiiKM to the food being baked. THE HOT-AIB DRAUGHT\ R«i«e» The temperature of the Fire Box. and inerea*** Die healing properties of the Stove, ihu* rniillng THE GOOD SAMARITAN To do more work hi every variety ol Cooking, wile; lesi* Fuel, than any St-.ore nr Ihe World. THE GOOD SAMARITAN Ha< ilie most perfect urrancemeut for Broiliwc Hh Front Heurtii, witliom interfering witKlat » oihcr operation* of Cooking. THE GOOD .SAMARITAN Hat a eonttaiit supply of Hot Water withoat Coat,* h«at* Water for the Bathing R OOM a«p«rier to any Range. THE GOOD SAMARITAN I* in every respect worthy »f iu aaaM. COME AND SEE IT. .For Refen nee wc gi\o the following names of grn- tlmiibtr >rho have used them, as to the good qualitiea ofthjlupod Samaritan < ooking Stove, \ ' 1IAMSVU .LC. t\C R.Kern, Orville Tousey, •> J W. Smith, I. G. Rinjev. ;-,G. A. Sanders, Henry O. Reynale, Rov. Wm.Spanlding, I. L. Endress, irenry rrnrttnnn. ti. Vau Vrunkon, Wm. Gibson, O. P. Ehlc. Wm. Brown. Jr. J. P. Snrajnio. Win. Korthrnp, Mrs. M. Endress George Schwartz. Wm llullard,,. Hublxiril ,; GYi«wold. A,ndrew Wiso, J nines Snow, Mrs. Z. B. Grover, Ulx>d Aldrich, A. J. Peck. C. V. Tiffany, Dr. 8. L. Endrca.% Hon.Ridnev Sweet. Rev. J. J. Brown. srniNcwATEa. M. A. Austin. Btitxs. Geo. Griswold, 51' ssrs Gray i- Broth. Wnyland 0 .1MAX. Fred Co vol t. spxnr.x. Isaac P. Burr EOGERSVILtr. P I. Kinc-lej. Ezckiol Whitford, and others THE \GOOD ^AI»XARITAHT\ ( Y ()()K STOVE TOOK THE FIRST PREMIUM At tho State Fair, Oct. 0, 1859. Asent- for the I'ninharton Glass Works. ' II'M \\ . l>i Long s Sash, Blinds and l>oor.*, at l***- ton Pi tecs / i.nowv \ OBROWN i- FTEPHAN, i \nt \TBviiiN i Pansyillc S' T STILL ON HAND! BUGGIES! Clieap for Casta. HLltHAHl) & 1 ULRM;U, Attorneys' and Counsellors at Law. jpfflcfe'^ver C. G. Wetmorc'^Drtig StoroJ (SHOWARTH-S BLOCK, MAIN STREET ^Jjjtnsvillo, N,'rX» 1>. laoksmiths, Proprietors of the,8Uir. Blacksmith Shop Ossinn Street, near Main.\ F.vcrything in thoir lino done oa short norica and. in n worfituanUko inannrr. * 0 '*T7 ' f ''••MfM**-'* STJglA'HJitnT, Barber and'HJiir Dresner, Dnusvlllo, N. Y. in Hodge* Block, Alain Street. Hoonia Pnt up in Uie best style, on short notioi^'ind In the type.requteed by law, nt tho Advertiser Office. •.. A, O V BJJ;Y#ELL. Printed nt the Adver.iTsir.'PmcVltf thb inoat unique and fnshionahlo f-tv|<?,'nnd , Jicntlv-tmt.tip ili-etwea e r rr*«h f-- th«. r uiffl-e.' : A \Q. \BPNKHLL. All Icind/* of Buf£gi«« Clieaper tlian aver offered 1» lliia country, ATJ0NESfeH0P ? -^*|ln r^hsrtjhe:'A' Goo^'Sfock of CCITERS QrtAND. < * ' ; - Dcinomhor the plape, «tf?- v , •if? , ' * tilE OLD JONES SHOP; Spruce Straet, Woat of Main Street, Danaville, N-T ,t;«ir * Danstille, No*. 15, 1*00. T. E. J02MES V? Wyl -rve-'rV A;CAIID. Ilnvlpg eolu;^^mx <*tb-*At6clt .of Book*. Stationery, Jluclcal \ujstnunent.ti-Jko.; - Wm. rt. Lihh\\ I take; tliis opportunity tbretjorhmmid him to the consider-^ ntioi\ of mydld eiisloihe\rSi boaponking for him ft c6n»- tinuation ^tlt'clrwitrftnago nnd a eontinucU in* crease of cusfouj wh|5^i.ho old firm of Rogers'Bro*. wcro receiving. • Ajfooil Dook nud Stntionory Store ia ^rcafljr needed in 'Biinsville, and ia becomUg daily more aud more appreciated by its citiicn*^- CJIvo it your patronage. It is an honor to tho place ami clcKorveB your support. Yours trulv, DanMVillo. N'ov.12, IbW). E. E. ROGEnH. A. fl VAN DUZEE,^p; Attorne} and Counsellor at ^Bt^ \OFFICE WITH D. W. NOYES, HERALD IL0CK. Ofi Purti. Mln\ A*». rtion pnvl tn tho collceticu cl

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