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OiVCE A WEEK. A. 0. BUNNELL, Editor and Proprietor. For Term* of Subscription, Advwtliln*;, JUc., »e* Third PagV t&rrtte. T.M.PXS.UCE,Jt.I>.. Phyuclan »nd 8tir»-e<>n. oaic* »od residence •orner o f Main and William streets. Danavillo. Attorney* and Counsellors at Law. Offlco oyer Sweet * Co.'» Exchange, Now Bank Block, Mum Street, Dansville. •UUQHT* u «6witi££! ncattaburj(h. N Y ..dealers in Drv Unods.Groceries, liO'Aa «nd SIIOCH, Cloths, Hcady-Mado Clothing l>ru;r». Yankee Notions, 4c. ' 100 T X. JONZ8, Can-lag* Maker. Corner Mum and Franklin sts., Dansville. Carnages made of the host timber ond latest style, l.'uttor*. and Sleighs in tho season, liepairing done on short notice. 14-1 JAMZa XXXXJCH, Proprietor Arcade Harb»-r Shop. »Arcade Oal- lerr. oppo»ite the Post uffiro, KxchoHter. Shavlnj:, Hair Cutting and Shampooing, la a neat and tatty style HIHXYN SCHLICX. Fashionable Barber and Hair Dresser, Wen­ dell lllo'-k. Main Street. Oansville. H*lr. Wh\a- Vers and Moustaches Dyed after the Most Ap­ proved Style. BXOWK * QUANT. Dealers In Heary and Shelf Hardware. Stoves. Tim Ware. Sheet Iron Ware, Ciitl-ry. ic. Main Btr'.et. Dafiavill*. Stores of the most approrod patterns always to be found at this estabtnh msnt. <S4 T tl. XABSIIAIX. Plain and Oruanieiitiil ltook Hinder and Rlank Book Manufanturer, ilurns'Work, Corner of Uuf falo and Stat* Streets, It> heatur. N V. A. O. UUSMSLL, Agent for liansvillo and vicinity O. H. PKE8TOK, H. V„ Physieian and Sur<(nun, Danavillo. N'. Y Office in I'K-K'S liloi k <'iitriinro first do->r North of Jones' V'uriuliire Store. Mam ftrcol. Corner of Soum ami Wnliuit Streets Ri-sidenco acoTTSBun o HOUSE. I) Harons. Propnolo- Tins old established ami papular Uotr'., is I w.ilcd in tho beautiful vilU^e of Scottsbiirxh, eight miles trom Dansville. and four miies north of the head of I'micsus Lake — Th* p^tronaKO of the travelina public Is respect­ fully aolifittd I04tf AMEBICAN HOTEL. A Nellis, Prupnutor This popular first class Hotel is now in a most nourishing condition. — tables supplied with the luxuries of the season. tomf^rtaUe and commodious rooms, aud very low charges. Patrons nover g o away unsatisfied Main striot, Dansville. XJ. O. aiPUSY. At tbe old established Jewelry Store, is prepar­ ed to do tho flnusl work in the line of Wuti-h und Jewelry Itepairihtf in a manner second to that •f no other workman in the State Every kind • fwork in this line ho warrants satisfactorily done No one need now send to Now York for all the fin*r kinds of work J M BL.AKBSLY, M D. , Dentist and lloni'oopatliic l > h>sirinn and Snr- f eon —(Juice in the Herald Work iHnsville \>r I ronsi lers the reputation of his ottlec too uoll es­ tablished to require any other notice t i tho pub Iio than that he is at his poit as usuul ilninj,'ii large business. nn>«t satisfartnry to himself and Ins put- rons, and that he ishnund to eontiuuo It. l'-T JACOB OILDEB, Hair Cut tl nc Saloon. A quiok shave and an easy on* mnv novr l>« obt unnd at (.ildi-r's Hair I'ultinir Saloon in lletts' llloek, Dansville Hairt uttincand Ehainpooni^ m tlm in ist fxsluunablu stj |.< I'arlie- ular attention given to Cutting I imdien's, Misses' and Ladies' Hair Hair \Vhisker«.uid Mouolachcs Dyed after the most approved »ll le * CLINTON HOTEL. Rochester, Isaac Ashley t Co Th e Proprie­ tors ha>o full ma n eniiro n. w fr'.nt an d i -l-h-.I another story tu the buildiu::. r< tittf .l and ro- lurnished the house throughout The new rooms »r* finished in su.ls. fir fintiilios and are elegimtly furnished Th e traveling pulilu Hill find the rooms and aecomnudailuiis far supuriur tu what they have been til'K.LKY * DAUOI.L, Dentists. »iir°»'es ,i ,rs in Hristnl £ I'aboil Office in Shepurd's Hinrlt din-rily UVT tin' Post OlHep — Operations m eithi-r tne mei hum il or opi-nitm- departm-nts. pit formed in a \'ipi-ri»r munner and the reput mnn ^r the old oftb-o for ilmint the best work in tho i-ouiitry will he -us innid in eve­ ry department and parln ular of Dental ocienco.— OfUce Hours from 7 jt x to6 r « J1S TUB DAN8VILL E HOUSE. Theron Jones. Proprietor This celebrated puli- ,lc hou-e. the oldest now in Daiisv ill, . h is lately been undergoing extensive arid thorough ropairs. and is eommodiou-|jr fitted up f >r the espi-<-mI accommodation of tho traveling publie anil for day boarders No pains will be npurrd to inako thu a. fimt class Imusc in every respect and a gen- •rtl favorite Tho patronngo of tho public is respectfully lolicited. Cor Main and Milton Sts., Dansville 01 T L. BIPLET. , Repairer of Finn Wntidies. Dealer in Cold and Silver Wiilehes. t loelis Ka>hionllblt- Jewi -lry Gold and Silver Ware. Vlulcd \Sare. ^ anltee Notions Fancy Articles 4. Th e fli e-t t lirnnniw -liT Watches and every other d'ser ption of t.mepiec- repaired on »horl notice and w -minted for a year Allgoods warranted as repn-se ited Jewelry lie. palrinx done by aecom, bshoU workmen All charges moderate Storo ono door north of tho Bank of Dansville. '•W 9 ^ntftony & (to. 4k II. T. ANTHONY &, CO., Manufacturers of E. Photographic Materials, I Wholesale and Retail, 501 Broadway, K. Y. y addition to our mam business o f Photograph­ ic Materials, wo uro lloadquarters for the fol lowing, VII Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic Views! Of thesfl yr» Invo an Immense assortment, inclu­ ding War Seniles, Amerieixn nnd Foreign (\Hies tnd Lau lsi>a[>es <<\r•.ujis. stain iry. ie , Also Kevoliingstereoscopes for public or private ex hibitton Our t otnl igue will be icnt to any ad­ dress on receipt of siaiup Photographic Albums. We were the first to introduce these into the United Sta'es and we m inufai tnro immense quantities in greatvorietr, ranging in pro e from Wcents to %M each Our .\lhums h ive tlm repu­ tation of being ^ujierior In beau>> and ilurahihtv to any others 1 licy will bo mut Farr, on retoipt «f pri'ce *»-FINE ALBUM S MADE T U OUPEl t SM CATtD rilOTOGUAPHS. Our entalogue now embraces over Five Thou- •and diireront subjucta (to which additions uro continually h-iuu m i.l»>) o f Portraits of I.minont Americans, ±c ,viz about 100 Major t.ciU 'ruU, 100 Hng.-Gcnorals, 276 Colonels, 100 Lieut.-Colonels, JS0 Other Officers, 14 Navy Otlleers Statesmen, 131 Divines, 12.\i Authors, 4J Artists, li ,'i suite, 4J I'roiuin't Women, 150 Prominent KnVeigu 1'or'rnits, 3.U0) Copies of Work of Art, Including reproductions) o f the mo»t celebrated Engravings, Paintmyg, Statues. Ae Catalogues sent on reneipt ol Stamp Kn order for One Doz­ en Pictures from our Catalogue will bo tilled on the receipt of $1 ,30. und sunt b mol Free Photographers and others ordering goods C O D« will please remit twonty-fivo per cont of tho •mount with their order K. * II T ANTHONY & CD, M»Diifaowrcrs of I 'liotugruplnc Moto n«l. 501 nrm.lvray. N. Y\ 'ist'Tlte prio«« an«J quality of utir EOOUS nanno( M lo satisly iHmli A CART) TO INVALID*..—A Clergyman whilo residing In South Amerh-n as a missionary •^covered a cafo and simple remedy forllm ourn •fNervous Weakness, Kaily Deoiiv, plsonsos of la* Crinary and rxunmnl Organs, and tho whole •Win of duordor* brought on by baneful and vl •loi|< habits. OrO'U numliers have IH-I-H already IVtdtyifti * noble remedy l'rompt«d byade - »lf»l#bpq«fll tho ariTietod and tinfortunnte. I will MHO (liorooipe lur preparing and using this modi •jaji |n a snale-l enielope, to any ono who heeds It, rree of charge. rl«*.sf meloso a stamped envelope addressed to VOL. VI. DANSVILLE, N. Y., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9,. 1865,; NO. 238. LOZIER HOUSE, FIRST NATIOXAL BAtttc BLOC*;, OSSIAN STREET, - - ' DANSVILtE.N.T. IK. H. THOMAS, Px*fri»iix. T [IK above House Is open for the accommodation of citizens and tho traveling, public. ' Hoard sad J^odgl»g At the most reasonable rates. Th e finest o f WLNE9, LIQUOTtSAND ALB At tho Bar, alio CHOICE CldAIlS. IC E CREAM served up during tho season. The patrounue of tho public is respectfully solicited, and no pains will bo spared toMivci<atia- faction 'il l M H. THOMAS. B OOKS ASD GIFTS. FOOD FOH THE miND! If yon want to buy a Book, buy It of E. S. BROOKS At tho \METROPOLITAN G1KT BOOK ESTAB­ LISHMENT,\ No. 26 Buffalo st., Rochester, Whore you can get any book that you mny want. Books In every department of Literature. And \ou have tho advantago of receiving n handsome Present, worth from 50 cents to 5100| which Is giv­ en with eneh book trs_ All Books aro sold at the publishers prl ee» And yim ran select from the largest atopic,i>v- er otlcre 1 .11 this city. Including all the standard works, all descriptions of Albums, nil t|te varie­ ties of Girt Books, all tho stylea o f Ilfbles and Prayer Hooks, all tho Hymn Bonks IIQW in use, all the lute publications, «lf kltula of stationery. BOOKS fur all classes—upon all subjects—In ev­ ery style of binding, nnd in endless variety. Remember, that in purchasing bnoka'ol E 8. BROOKS, nt the \Metropolitan Gift Bonk Stflrc.\you pay no more than you would at any otherOr-hihllsh- inent and ynu have tho advnntago of r('(v?iriiig a valuable present with each book that you buy «3_0no trial will convince book'-huyers that the placo to mako their purchase, is of E.S BROOKS. At the Metropolitan Gift Book Store, 20 Buffalo st,, Rochester. JQOX'T FAIL TO READ THIS. COFFEE! COFFEE 1 COFFEE! THE East India Coffee Company 144 Kendo Street, (three doors from Oreenwicli stroot.) ,N Y. call universal attention to their KENT'S EAST INDIA COFFEE KEN'T-s EAST INDIA COFFEE, Has nil Hie tl ivnr of O'd Government Java, and Is hut half the price; nild alsli that KF.M-S i:\S T INDIA COFFEE. II i\ twice thu strength of Java, or any other Coffee whatever and whiiover used bv our first class ho- ti Is und sti-amboat.s, the aU'tturJ*. bay .there isa sa­ ving ul ju per 11 nt KENT' S EAST IND1.V COFFEE, tstlomosl healthy beverage ktionu, mid is very nuititiiiiis °1 be »eiiU ami iiitinii may u-e it ntall times Hith impunity Tin wife of the liev W. Fares, local minister of tho M E Church, .b-rsey City, who has not been able to uso uiiytcufluo for fifteen years, enn use KENT'S K\ST INDIA COFFEE, Tbreo timi '-i a d«> without iliiurv. 11 heiug entirely tree from tho.su properties tho* produce nervous exi'iteini -nt Dr J.lines Boyle, of ISO Chambers Street. «.iys: ' I have never known nnj Cotlbe nt healthful, uu- tritiuus und free from all injurious qualities as KENT'S EAST INDIA COFFEE. I advise mv pntienta todrtnk it universal!?, eve ili'i-c to whom 1 havo bithurto prohibited t'he us* of 1 ..iree Tho Principal of the New York Eyo Infirmary savs -1 d 'ri'Ct nil tho patients of oUr Institution to use «x« lustvel} , KENT'S EA*T INDIA COFFEE. And would not l>o without it on any account.\ I'll,- Kev C I.nrue, tin eminent clergyman of th* M E church, noiv stationed at Hitlscy street, New­ ark, 3 .1) 3 of KENT' S EVST INDIA COFFEE . '*! have used it nearly a year, in my family, ana ftnd it proditees no ache ol tbo head or nervous irritation us in the cnJ -oolnll other ColteeK. |i la ewcdmgly pleasant, and I cor*linl.y reeominond it to all elergj men nnd their fnmiln HI\ KENT'S E\^T lNL>r\ COFFEE, |s tined dailv by the fetnil es of Bishop Ames. Bish­ op linker liishop Janes, nnd ninny of the most ilisiincnisbeil clergymen and professional men 111 tits cuiintrv \ I Bcwiro of Counterfeit*. And be sure that the packages aro labeled KEST 'S KASTIjJoiA COFFEE, 154, Reado Stredt, New York, As there nre nre numerous) counterfeits afloat un­ der the 11. line of ••{,#11111^0 Ea »t India ('oltce,\ \Oripinal l-jis 't Imlia Cijll 'eei\ Pte., put forth-by ihi- posiors to deceive the unwary In 1 lb. pnckuces nn>l in boxes ol 30, 00, and 100 lbs., for Urneers nnd Inrjje consumers. Sold by Oroecro jrenonilly \tirder» from Country Grocers solicited, to whom a very liberal discount ^ill be mi le Wholesale Agents Hooflish < Molnn,and J W Ileias Jt Urn., Philadelphia; Francip II. I'erry, I'nuidenec: A L. WaitoACo . Boston. Pynohon 4 Leo. Springfield. Mass., S. N Cnllcndcf. HnfTalo: i.nrdon M Millan 4 Co., fieri land; \ A. Colter A Co Cincinnati: J tJ.W Bunn Snrinctlcld, III ; II B Shields, Corydon, Ind ; iC.C Oarbor, Chi enffo The Am Adv Agency 30S Brnmltrny. N Y., tiUI receive orders for the above nntnerf ( tiflco.. Biisinens Dep., E. ALVOIID. Corresponding Dep., FOWLEK t WEIJIJF. 106 rpiIE OLD AND RESPONSIBLE D. LEAHY'S (srrAM) FANCY DYEING & SCOURING KSTABHSHMKNt, Two 1 undrecl yards north of tho New York Cen­ tral lluilroad Depo:, t 0* .nttl Ktrttt, Cmrntr mf J^rmtl *fr««f, (BROWN' S RACE.) ROCHESTER, N. Y . Tho rcputntion of this Dye House nlnce 152S has indueed others to eountertcit ou r SIKH-\- cheeks, business cards, ond even the cut o f ourbulMiug tu mislead ni .d humbiic tho public. «- NO CONNECTION WITH ANY SIMILAR ESTABLISHMENT-tt* Crape. Broeha Cashmere nnd Plaid 8hawls. and all bricht-oolorcd Silks nnd Merinos, scoured with­ out injury to the colora. Also, LADIES' t GENTLEMEN'S OAIIMENT3 S'COUtt- ED AND COLORED Without nppinftaml prossed nicely. Hilk Wool or Cotton Goods ot evory description dyed all colors and finished with neatness and de­ spatch on very reasoimble terms, Goods dyed black every Thursday. All goods returned in one week *a-00ODS DECEIVE D A.ND RETURNED B Y EXPRESS. Hills collected by Express Co. Addres.. D. LEAHY. Mill street, corner of Plait street, Rochester, N Y 2l}0?l. Address JOSEPn T INMAN. JlCyl Station D tthblo House, .N Y City TAKE NOTTCK! A LL *«r>on> indebted to the aui -serlher are re- Quested to onll »t tlm Store of s P Williams , •a Haln Street, without delay and tettlo tho sain* Information Free! TO NERVOUS SUFFERERS. A GENTLEMAN, cured nf Nermu* Dehllltf, In- competencT. Pretnntttre Decay and Youthful Error, actuated by a desire to benefit otner's, will be happj to furnish to all who need It. (free of eharce.) tho recipe and directions for making the simple remedy used in his case. Sufferer*, who wish to profit by tho adverlicer's bad Cscperienen, and possess a »ttre nnd valuable remedy, cau d o so by addrcssinc him nt once at his plnoe o f busi­ ness Th o Heoipe and full Information—of vital importance—will bo cheerfully sent by return mail. Address JOHN H. OODEN, No. «l Kaniau SU N'.T. P S — Nervoos Sufferer* of both will find this information invaluable. ItfPlTjS o Muyt eosts t>»MTm % K 0 T U ,lWWa T CARPENTER LD ETB1 MADE HBW.-A PumphUt directing bow to speedily restore sinht- and civo up spectacles, without aid or doctor *>t medi­ cine Sent by mail free, on receipt of 10 cent*. Addres. E.B FOOTE. M D- Vi\rt* IW Broadway, N*« Y or** O. H. ELLIS' ' PAKLOB MUSIC STOEE, 3J STATE STItEET, ItOCUESTER, N.Y. E OUR F'rst Prl*e Diplomas nwnrdedfor the best IMano-Forte*, American Reed OrK*n*, Ilartoo- mu'tns, Melodeons, and best assortments, over all other*, at tho K Y. State Fair. 1804. Piano* from six of tho tK >st manufacturers, In­ cluding the world renownud ChtckeritifZ* Sons, tho new DrVga' Patent, a most wonderful Piano, the well known KurUmnn k lllnie, llallet, Davis Jk Co.'s, arid J. Gilbert, Boston, and several others.— Pianos furnished from any manufacturer that may bedeslruil. Price* from4300 to tl,u00,-*kd evury instrument warranted for five years. 8, t>. * il. \V. Smith's Americntt Organs, the fittest yced lns(ru- tiitjntsover made. Geo. II. l'rinco k Co'» Melodo- oris. Harps, and all kinds of musical Instruments, Piano Covers, StoOl*. Sheet Music, MnsiO publish­ ed, Musical BooksnndMui-lcnl Merchanduc of ev­ ery description. S^eeinl care \Ivcn to Teachers' orders. All order* attended to with the Utmost dispatch. A first-class Piano Tuner is now connec­ ted witu this establishment aud will attend to all orders loft at the store by mail, Messrs. It. Stenson and Alfred Smith, Qtaeral TraYnlliiu, Agents, and all business transacted by them will t>e £uaru»lecd the mine as if done at tb* establishment. JMmU 0 H ELLIS . Agent, Rochester, N Y. No. 3* State street. N OTICE TO CREDITORS —In pursuance of an order of Solomon Hubbard. County Jiid»:e of (he County of Livingston, und of the Stat­ ute in snqh case made and provided, all persons hnvuijr claims ngaiiiet the estate of Job C. Hedges, late of the town of.Nor h Dansville, IU said county, deceased, arc required toexhtliit the samo. with tho vouchers In sunport thereof, to John Hedges, 111 thn town of North Dansville. m wild County, on or before thefith diir of August, 1SC5. SETHN HEDGES, Administrator. Dansville. Jan 20,1804. l!30m0 11,1 OUTGAGK HALE. Default having been made In the payment of cer U1111 money secured to ho paid by an indenture of mortgage-hearing date Diieemher lloth, 1S41 exe - etitcirby Peter fi.vort and ArviU.i Covert his wife, of Dalisvilln, Livingston Co.. N Y., to Mary Jane Hlimk^of 'Dinsville, in tho County of Steuben. N. Y.. and rveorded In the office ol thu Clerk of tho County o^ Livingston. 011 the -Oh day of January lSUi in Liber 30 of Mortgages, at pag* 400, upon which mortgage therois elulmcd to boilu^nt the first publication of this nonce the sum of $797,39. and that no suit or.othor proceeding having been instituted'etther at.taw or eomty to recovur said money or-uny part thereof. Now therefore, notice is hereby given that (n pursuance of the power of • sale contained In the said mortgage and recorded therewith and of the statute in such case made and pnivldcd, the premises desenbed in said mort­ gage wdl bo sold at piilihe auction to the lushest bidder at tho Ameilean II irtl. in the village of D.inaville. Livingston County. N Y-. on thv 30th day 01 March. ISoS. at 10 o'clock 111 tlu forenoon of thiitday and the said mortgage will then and there be foreclosed. Thepremmesani dcsoribed in said morgliiie HI follows' All the interest of the said Price Couirt and tho said Arvilla Covert lu all that tract or parcel of land situate in the village ol Dansville. Livingston O .nty, N Y. heretofore eutxveyed to Samuel W Sttnth, by Juntttbau Uovr |s\'» n I Mary his wife by deed dated the llth day • •fSepteinbi-r. lSJtJ. and recorded in the office of the Ch rk of t!i» County of J.ni ^ston Sep ember •Ji 'ith. ISiO, oxeetiting afl that email strip ollan-, ly­ ing west of a line running from a stonu m m e highway four or five, feet uastwarlly of the south west cornur of the ubove described land, being th* part hereby oxeepted The same narrow strip nf I Hid heretofore c.iitricte.l by said similh in Henry \V <-|i'li. said u.irroit snip ruiiniiiu tou point on the original litje ut tbe north west corner, being forty- two fcot fioni fiu-tf six fool rear, lin-1 cighiy-cight feel dce|> Also, all that other ptooe or parcel of land iidjoiiiiu^ th* ab <ive meiitioued premises, and hounded on the so itli by the piece o f land above eonveyed and by lands ofahepnrd Jones, and on the- north b) binds y,f Mud Jones on tho enst by lands of Kuac L. Kntlp-t*. an-l on tho west t.y lands lately owned by 7. idoc tlro\*-r, andtlio said two pieces of land IM.-IU>{ the f-Mllie prelldsert here toforo e, livened by Hem v Hetir) an d wife to Uob ctt Brad .m l Fredoriolt W Covoit and Peter Hi- vert. It ben, h hereby intended to foreclose the in- tefest yf the »aid Peter Covert au-1 Arvilla Cov*rt in the baid pn-ces or ikireel* of land M.lJtY .1 BLANK, Mortgage*. U B PaocToa. Attoruey Ditted J»n. 6. 1S69. 2.-J3 I.yonN Pure Ohio CATAWBA BRANDY! ASH SPARKLING CATAWBA WINES, Equal in Quality nnd Cbeaner In Price than the tsratidtes stid W ines of the Old World. \For Sum­ mer Complaint. Cholera Infantum, Bowel Com ptai-it. 1 ramp, Coin , and Diarrhea- A sure Curu is guaranteed or thu Inuuey will be refunded. In support of the above st.Vements, s .re present­ ed the t i-rtlfientes of Dr Jus It. t hilton. Chemist, N Y.: Dr Hiram Cox. (,hemieal Inspector, Ohio; Dr .1 aines It Nieholi, t In im-t. lloi-ton. Dr N K- Joties. t heiiiii-al Inspector t irclewllc Oliio. Prof C T. Jaelisou ( heinist. Ilostnn, Dr Chns Cpham Slmp.ir I. Charleston, M t , and J \ Z Blnney, and li V. Manner. Consulting t hemists, Chu-ngo, all of an mi have analyzed the 1'at.mba Brand), and commend Jt in tho highest terms, for tnedlcinit use. Aimlytu of the ^faua. Stale Atsaycr, Jan. Ci 18J8. When evaporated tbroiieh clean linen it left no oil or offensive mnttvr fit .-very respect it Is a rims spirituous liquor Th e Oil which gives to ilns Brandy- its flavor and aroma, is wholly unhko fusil, or grain oil Its odor Partakes of both tho fruit and oil of grapes. With aenLs, it produces ethers of a high fragrahee The substitution of this Brandy for fVguac Brandy will do away with the manufacture of fletitinus spirits, sold under this tuune hoth nt home and abroad. Kespecilully A A. HA YE.\. Sf. D., Assiijer to Slate Mass., 18 HuylUMou St, lhj the Same, in 1S64 I have analysed ' L. I.jon's Pure Catawba Bran­ dy,\ with reference tu Its composition and charac­ ter, tiding ihe same as thnt produced 111 piistyearc, A sample taken from ten casks afforded the sitme results with regard to purity, a shehtly Increased amount of the principle on winch its flavor an- pends was determiiicd b) comparison with former samples The indications of analysis show that this Bran­ dy is produced by tho- samo process as most of the Imported Brandy Ilosi.cetlully, A A IIACES, M. I).. State Assaver, Boston. July SO, 1804. 10 Boylenon St. Manufactured only by H. H- JACOB & Co., (To whom all Orders should be addrcssod.) 22itn3 Depot, 91 Liberty St., Nnw York. DANSVILLE Gold and Silver Plating WORKS, F, L. Bipley's Jewelry House, ONE DOOR NORTH OF BANK, • - DANSVILLE, U.I rrlo» Llai far ttlver PlaUa*. table Forks, per ddx., .... \ Spoons, \ Te*. \ »».... Sioel Knives, \ Kork*. •«,.,.. Castors, each, from - • • $3.00 Cake Baskets, \ - • • 3,00 Counter Cocks, each, • • Basin Cocks. '' - Soiia Konntnin's, aorordlng to »ixe. Walters according to size. Coffee Pots, end) , - • - $3,00 Tea \ \ 2,60 Su^nr Bowls, \ . 2,00 Cream Cups ' 1.25 Watches, Hunting Case, . . 2.00 u Open. Qua, - - « 1,60 fi>U P1atl*» tY»fche«, Hunting COM, • • t3 ,oo \ Open Case, - - 2,50 • 4,00 2,00 - 4,00 >,&* to 4.00 to 4,00 1.60 1,60 to 6.60 to 3.00 to 2,60 to 1.76 to 3.00 to 3,00 to 6.00 to 4,00 SLEEVE BUTTONS! I N dr*»t Variety, from the beautiful and fash. |ori»bte Initial Irery to th* moro co»tly0o|d und Diamond. My *tock IIM never been equalled in thl* section, neither in price, quantity orquab Uy, 2»itf jf • FRED L. RIPLEY. Eror the'faithful Chk»pio.a of tlv* Good, the Beaatiful «nd tbo Trui.. My Soldhir. N *w tot .f a^| 0 Hr,o*.r.d by mn Upon * herd won beUle-leld, Whose reoent blood-***!** thook th* *kl«*, By hasty burlat half cone**l*4, With death in hi* d**r«ye«, My »oWler lie*. QhTthoujht more sharp th»n b*yon*tthru»t— Of blood-drops dn hi* silken h»lr, ' Of hi* white forehead in the du*t, or hi* list lasplug prayer, t Andlnot th*r«l I know, while hi* warm lj£ e»c*p*d, And his blue eyes slosed shudderingly, His heart's last fluttering pulses *hap «4 OB* yearning wish forme— . Oh,.a«ony 1 For I, in cruel Ignorance, While yet kls last sigh pained the air— I trifled,—sung or laughed, p*rch*nce, With ro»c» in my hair, All unaware. In dreams I **e him fall again, Where cannens roar and guidons ware- Then wake to hoar the lonesome rain, Weeping the fallen brave,-- Drip on his f rare, Since t'ewo n sought onr country'* h**rt, Ah, fairer body never yet From nobler soul was torn »p*rt; No braver blood has wet Hor coronet. Ho spirit mor* Intensoand fine Strives where her st>fry banner* ware; No gentler face beloved, than thin*, Sleeps in a soldier's grave- No heart more brave. And though his mound I may aottraa*. Or weep above his huried head, Thegr»teful»prlngshall find theplaoe, And with the blossom* spread Ills quiet bed. The soul I loved I1 st.ilI alive, The name I loved Is Fr**dom'a boast; I clasp these holpful truth*, end strlv* To f««l, thoucU great the cost, Nothing is lo*t(* Since all of hiro thnt erst wo* dear Is safe, his life wa* nobly spent, And it I* well. Oh, draw Thou no*r, Light my bewilderment, Make m* eontentt The Sploo of Life—the 8»lt of the Earth. THE ORDEAL OF BATTLE. \Andthii is your final docUion, Mill Clay ! \ Sho w»i a benuty born, that ro»«-mouth- •d lttllo Rachel Cluy, with her large wUt- tulcyei trembling with blue, radiant light; like a veiled oheok ttitined with pomogran- ato crimson—an \raprMi of heart* from her youth up! And sitting; in the framework of roios tbal trailed athwart the oaiernent, with ribbons fluttering from hor tatin- brown curl*, 4nd one rod jewel (lathing among the fold* of her muilin drcn, you would almost have fanci*d h*r some pio- tured saint. Harry Cleveland was leaning against th* window, a tall, bandiomo ycting fellow, with dirt eyes and hair, and a brown check, fiushod deeply with anger and raor- tiflcation. \Yes Mr Cleyelnnd, it is,\ »aid Ka- ohel, calmly lifting her cloar eye* to his face. \ You have asked me for my reasons —and although 1 question your ri|ht to mikosucli a demand, ttill I hare no objec­ tions to render them.\ \Speak on,\ said Harry, biting his lips furiously, \lot mo know why I am con­ demned.\ \They aro soon spoken,\ said Rachel quietly, \ 1 havo liked you T«ry much, M . CloToland—still like you j but In the man that I marry I look for greater Arm' ness and decision of purpose than you have evor displayed Earnostnoss, rcsolTO, these are the only qttalitios that I can respect.— Do you misunderstand mo ? Do you sup­ pose thnt I blamo you for tho lack of quali­ fications which—which—'' Rachel paused instinctively whilo tho pomegranato tingo on her cheek* blazod intu vivid scarlet in > sympathy with tho deep blush that dyod hor lover's whole face. Ho bowed simply, and walked out of «Abo room with a firm, haughty step. Lato t^.at evening he sat at his window, with olenohed toeth and loworing brow, wutching tbe fiery embers of sunset fade into the purplo gloom, and noting the sil­ ver of Innumerable constellations as they followed one another over the blue-black concavo of heavon. But the gleam of sun and*stars might havo bean Egyptian dark­ ness for all bo knew or eared about their gontlo influences. \Life I\ ho murmured darkly to him- solf, \ what is it worth to me now f \What oar* I who wins tho glittering prizes in ftite'a lottery, or who is cngulphed In lha whirlpool of despair T To be rejeoted—and for a more whim too? If I could only forgot her as quitjkly as sho will forget me, the tickle, beautiful enchantress!\ \llalloo Cleveland 1 I'm going to call on protty Rachal Clay ! Will you oomo along, too T\ Capt. Morrall had paused undor th* window with his brown, merry faca turned upward, and the dim gas-lamp flickering over bis goldon ihoutdor-strapa. Cleveland shook hii head. <« Not tonight!\ And Morrell went on his way, the flery oya of his cigar gleaming fitfully through the darknnu. \ There he goes!\ muttered the solitary misanthropic, \ with bis gilt buttons and bis military airs and graces—and it it for such as that Rachel throws away thy lovel\ ******* \ So you'ra enlisted, Harry t\ »aid old Ssjuir* Clay, polishing the glasses of bis spectacle. \ \Well it'i what X'd do my? ••If, if I wa* forty' year* younger. AJaft you oomtn '1n <tbjUll our Rachel good bye 7 •flavah't Urn* t-' W *11 ;I do declare 1\ - , • Tbe Squire gaaed in Mtonishment after, tbe vanishing .'figure Of Harry Cleveland onhdraeback, a* it disappear^ among tbe trwwi-' - :•' > , )\ I f wonder-what Baehel will aay,\ wae; bis unspoken eomment '•< • But Kaohel aald notblng... , , Day by day the old wound rankled and grew sorer to Harry Cleveland's heart. * * .*. • * * • *. \Will he ll»e, doctor?\ Every pulse in Rachel'. Clay's being soeraed to stand still, as her blue dilated •ye* searched the'doctor'* kind sun-brown­ ed face. \Live? Why shouldn't -ho? All bo needs is a little care, and I »•• he is likely to get that. Now don 't blush up,' my dear, be'* not tbe first soldier in my Ward that has bad a pretty girl come to nurse blm, ana I like him all th* better for it. Give him the draught when he wake*, and keep the bandage, on hi* forehead. \ Ho'11 probably carry an ugly scar to his gravo; but that will be the worst of it.\ The good old man trotted briskly aWay to. the next \case\ while .Hachel, kneeling beelde the low Iron bedstead, cried tears of intense thankfulness that Harry Cleveland would not die. \ Rachel! I am not dreaminjr, surely— yet it was but a moment ago we made that caralry charge on fixed bayonets 1\ His large, unnaturally brilliant eye* wandered vaguely around the room—then turned to \the tender face bending over him. \It wa* three day* since, dearest; you are lying in the barraoks now, wounded, and I have come from Olenvilla to nurse you.\ •' You, Rachel J\ \ Ye*. Harry, I !\ \ \Why did you come?\ ha asked gloom- Because I love you, Harry,\ she mur­ mured, the bright crimson suffusing her whole face. A strange light of rapture flashed into Harry 's eyes ; his pulse leaped within his fovcred veins. \ Lovo me, Rachel *, yet it is not a month since you refused me 1\ \Dearest becauso I fancied you weak nnd vascillating. In tho flery smoke of the battloCnld, you have proved yourself worthy of the tenderest lovo; you have written your name here on the glorious, though sanguine rolls of your country—- Harry, because I refused you once, you will not reject m* now J\ \ ttoJ*ct you, my heart's queen ? Oh, lUcbot, how cun I be sure that this is not a bright, troacherous delirium ?\ She .bent hor soft cheek on his, and then be knew that it was no pleasing vuion, but a a woo t (reality I Then you did not care for Capt. Mor­ rell, after all ?\ \ I never cared for any one but you, Harry,\ And whan September hung her crown of purple mi«t over the hills, Harry Cleve­ land came home to be married, tllll hand­ some, although his forehead bore a fre *h scar across its broad, expanse. When the villsgors asked anxiously if it was a life­ long ninrk ? Harry answered gayly— \ I Would not lose It for a fortune ; that scar w6n rue a tvif* t\ OUR PRISONERS AT THE SOUTH- Rleh*.rd(on'« Testimony Before the Coin- BiHU* oit the Conduct orth* War. WUHISUTO*, Moodar, Jan. f>, ISfti. Tho following testimony was C^ea to­ day beforo the Committee on tb'e Conduct of the War, by Albert D. Riohardson : I-was captured by the robels May S, 18C3, at midnight, oh a hay baleen tbe Missis­ sippi River, apposite Vtcksburg. After confinement in six different prisons I was sent to Salisbury, N, 0., February 3,1801, and kept there until December 18, 18G-1, when I escaped. For months Salisbury was tbe most ondurabU prison I have seen; th#re were COO inmates. They wore exer­ cised in the opon uir, comparatively woll fed/and kindly troated. Early in October, 10,000 regular prisonei* of war arrived. It immediately ohangod into a scene of cruelty and horror ; it was densely crowd­ ed ; rations were cut down and issued very irregularly ; friends outside could not even send In a plate of food. The prisoner* suf­ fered oonsidorably, and often intensely for the want of bread and shelter ; those who had to live or die on prisoa rations always sufferod from hunger ; very frequontly on« or more division* of 1,000 men would re­ ceive no rations for 24 hours; lometlrao* they were without a morsel of food for 48 hour*. A few Who had money would pay from Are to twonty dollar* in Rebel cur­ rency for a little loaf of bread. Many, thotlgh the weather waa very inclement and tnow frequent, sold tbe coat* from their back* and »ho*s from their feet.' I wa* assured, on authority entirely trust­ worthy, that a great commissary .ware­ house near the prison waa filled with pro­ visions. The Commissary found it dlfljcult to find storage for hi* flour and meal; that when a »ubordinate asked the po«t com­ mandant, Major John H. Qoe, \ Shall I give the prisoner* lull rations,'' he replied: \ No! God damri them, give them quarter ratiop*.\ I know from pw»o«?al observa­ tion that corn and pork are very abundant in the region about Sal'ubury. For week* the prisoner* had no *helter whatever; they were all thinly, clad, thoueend* were barefooted, not one in twenty bad an over- coat, or a blanket, many hundred* were without ihirt*, and hundreds were without blouse*. One Sibley tent, and one v \A\ tut were furnUhed to *tsh squad of 100; with the oloiest crowding theee sheltered abotil balf'tlte prlio»er*.' The rest burrow­ ed'in tbe? ground, crept under the building* or shivered through the night in the open air Upon the.froxeh-ground. If the 1 Rob - els, ai the time of bur capture, bad not ltd- len our shelter teni*., blankets, clothing and money, thev would; have suffered little from cold ; if the prison authorities had permitted them, either on parole or Under guard,' to cut log* within two miles of the prUon; the prisoners would gladly;'have built 'comfortable and ample- barrack* in one week. -Butthe Commandant would not consent,' he did not even furnish 1 one- half tbe fuel needejdC *Th» hospitals were in a horrible condition ; more than half who onterod* the hospital* died in a very few day*. The dec«a»ed, alway* without coffins, were loaded into the dead cart*, piled on eaoh other like log* of wood, and' so driven out to be thrown in a trench and covered with earth. The Rebel surgeons were generally humane and attentive, and ondeayored to improve the shocking con­ dition of tb* hospital* ; but the Salisbury and Richmond authorities disregarded their protect*. On November 25, many of tb* 1 prlsone'i bad boon without food tor forty- eight hour* and wero desperate, without any matured plan, A few of them laid, ••We may as woll die In,ono way a* anoth­ er ; let u* break out of this horrible place.\ Some of them, wrested th* gun* from a re­ lief of fifteen Rebel loldiers, just entering tho yard, killing two who resisted, and wounding fivo or six others, and attempted to open tho fence, but they bad neithor ad­ equate tools or concort of action. Before they could effect a breach, every gun Of the garrison was turned on them, tbe field pie- , caa opened with grape and catiister, -and they dispersed to their quarters. In flv* minutot: from it* beginning, the a'tempt was quailed, and hardly a prisoner wa* to be seen4n th* yard. The R*b*l« killed in all]10, and wounded 60. Not one-tenth of tho prisoner* had taken part in the attempt, and many of. them, wer* ignorant of it un­ til they heard the guhs. Deli borate, cold­ blooded rourdori of peaceable m.on, where there was n o proteose; in g an y prison regu that they wore broak- tion, vera very fra- quont. Our livoj wore never safe for on* moment. Any sentinel, at any hour of th* day or night, could deliberately shoot down any prisoner o)r flro into a group of prisoners, black or white, and would never bo taken oil' bis post for it. I left about 0,600 remaining in garrison, Doc. 18, and they were thoa dying at tbe average rat* of 28 por day, or lii par cent, per month. Tho simple truth is that thu I'.abal authori­ ties are murdering our soldiers at Salisbury by cold^and hunger, whilo they might easi­ ly supply them with ample food and fuel. They aro doing thh systematically, and I beliove are killing thorn intentionally for the purpose either of farcing our Govern­ ment to an exchange, or forcing our mon into the Robol army. Mr. Browne's testi­ mony is to tb* i*m* effect a* tbo above. DxciDKDLT COOL.—A lady, who bad a somewhat Bacchanalian tpotue, resolved to frighten him into temperance. Sho therefore engaged a watchman, for a stip­ ulated reward, to carry \Philander\ to a Watcu-housej, whilo yet in a state of inson- slbility, and to frighten him a littlo when ho recovered. In consequence of this ar­ rangement, he woke up about eleven o'clock, and found himself on his elbow. He looked around until bit eyos rested on a man sitting bj & storo and smoking a ci­ gar. Wnero am I ?\ asked Philander. \In a modical oollege,\ said th* cigar smoker. I \What a doing thero ?\ \Going to bo cut up.\ \Cut up—how comet that?\ \Why jrou died y**t»rday, while drunk, and we have brought your carcass anyhow from your wife, who bad a right to toll it, for it'* all th* good she cculd evor make out of yOU. If you are not dead, it'* no fault of the doctor'*; and they'll cut you up, dead or alive.\ \You will do it, eh ?\ aiked the old tot. \To be suto we will—now-—immediate­ ly,\ wa* the resolute answer. \Wall—look d'here, can't you let u* have something tjo drink before you begin.\ •?: No RkcoovmoK orMAXtHiLiA:*. —The House *f Representatives bas concurred in the Senate's amendment of th* Consular •nd Diplomatic Appropriation bill, declar­ ing that there shall be qo recognition by th* United State* of an empire in Mexico, and the bill, ha* been passed- Not a single American Power ha* recognised tbe em- pire^ in Mexico, nor it it likoly that ,any ef thorn will act otherwUe than to follow the lead of tbe United State* ,in this matter,— It ha* been only th* Powers of Europ* that h*v* been swift to express their con­ gratulations on the »upp9**d downfall of • republic, I t remain*, therefore, limply to b* wen whether they or we are to con­ trol on this continent. We shall soon be ready to teet this question. ATEXVILH confeei** t* have ridden for­ ty mil** wittj the «w*et and interesting Mr*. Grime*, whom, notwithstanding his fastidioutness.il* would have,,kissed but for tor** reasons, which he thu* giv*n:— \First I am tuoh a good ihuiband I would not *v*n'b* guilty of the] appearance of disloyalty to my sweet.wifet secondly, I waa afraid our fallow pauenger* would tee me and tell Grim**; third, I do not think* Mr*. Grime* would let me.\ Tax youth who «tol« a kls* ha* been dis­ charged, on condition that,,]*.*) will hot em- brace another opportunity. •'There'* ao,tiUo* like Hoe**^ Wretr. i ,:'..r- W»r<U, what »r* word*, that they »h»«J<l WU*- The *w*el**tJoy,th* sh*rj>e»l»U»tt Thought*, emaaaUag from their aeuree, B!e**l»f or Mla-htlaf la th*lr eour**. LlgnVftdHaj IrOM ** -aaget'a.wiaa; U aet «*e*e : bflihl th** VM Were* Uimg To th* 'lor* heart *ad>weary h—d. That tun would II* amenf th* d**d. No »ti*'le that I ever h*ard tVae.halfsoiweeta*on*kind,wordf Ket*p<lBg '**jU4 vetee weoU be *aor* tttar In winter, eeoM It meat my *«r; Kind word* I tbjyia our troubled hour* Fall oath* h**r't,like dew on flower*; While all the wealth the earth **uld brt*f Would **T»r reach It* hidden iprlaf. And life—what Is U r Wh *a 'Ms peat Th* ioo4, the trite alone will laef:' An4,geatle Word's an* kladlydeed* Areallth* parting spirit need*. Kind word*—th*r'ar* th* br**Ui of H**y **tt T* cheer earth'* aecrewta*; «a*« thcj'r* «iv*». While th*7who*e word* weoadth* opjir***'*, Kayliv* and di*. alike uabU .U PECE1VINQ CHILDREN. I w'a*~»pindlng~a few day* with an intl- jmat* friend, and-i»*v *T 'did I a** a mora !»y«^|matio. hou>*wil*, and what th*n >f»w«»*|.to.;*a *,'*B *'W>lo had _.»o, qalet,.-**4, ( 'compleU toatrol ef h*r child. But th* •• - cret of thelatter I aoon learned. Oa* eve- .nlng shi.wlshed.to spend with .m* at *, jnelghbor's—it wa* a small social gathering of friends, therefore ah* wa* vary d**irou* : of attending*, but her child demanded her presence with him, and hearing him *«y hi* jtraytr't, ihe said 1 : \Willi* did you not *•• that pretty litUt kitten in th* itraet to-day ?\ \Y**; I did,\ h* replied, \I wl»h. I had ' her; wa*n't»he pretty ?\ \Ye* very; now don't you want me to buy tbe -kitten for you ? Perhap* th* man will tell; h*r.\ \Oh mothar, do bujr h*r.\ \Wall then, be a good boy while I am gone.\ Thus saying, »h* olosed the door, but be immediately ealled ber baok. \Don't go till morning, then I can go with you.\ \No Willie! th* man won't sell it if X don't go; so be a good boy.\ He said no more, but quietly lay down. \I* 'this th* way you govern y*ux, child?\ said I, after w* had gained th* street, \If you but knew the injury you *r« ( doing, you would take a different course,\ \Injury!\ she repeated, -\what harm naval done? I did not tell him I would soo th* man—I only asked bim,if X ihould,\ \Rut you gave him to understand, that you would.' He is not old enough to de­ tect th* difference now, but he .soon will be. Then I fear you will perceive your orror too lato. You have yoursolf grafted a thorn in the young rose, whioh will *Ten- tually pierce you most bitterly. You can* not break off tbe thorn, or club th* point, to make it loss piercing. On your return you will havo to invent another falsehood to conceal the first.\ W* had now gained our friend'* door, whioh ended our conversation. During tbe evening she seemed gayer than usual; mjr words had little or no effect upon her. She did not think her little one wa* doing all he could to keep awako to *•* tb* cove­ ted kitten on her return, wondering what made \mother to long.\ It was iat* ere I reminded her w* ought .to return. Bat little was said during our homeward walk. She went no'uletsly Into tb* room, suppo­ sing her boy asleep; but be beard her and said: \Mothar is that jrou t Have you brought the kitten ? I kept awake to »*e it, and I was to sleepy!\ \No my dear; the man would not a«U her.\ \Why won't he, mother?\ he ailced with quivoring Up*. \I don't know; 1 suppoM h* want* her to catch rat* and mice.\ Did he *ay *o, mother ?\ \He did not *ay juti that; but I thought be meant so,\ \I did want it so bad, mpther.\ Th* littlo lips quivered, and the tears started to bis eyes. H* rubbed thorn with bis littl* band*, winking vary fast to keep them baok, but thoy would come; at last h* fell aileep with th* pearly drop* gliitening on. hi* rosy cheeka. Th* mother'* glistened also. A* she kn*lt to kiu th*m away, h* murmured softly in hi* broken dumber \I did wani.it JO bad!\ Sh* turn*d her dewy «yet toward me, laying— \You have led me to aee my error Never will I again, let what will b* th* consequence*, deceive my child to pl*a*« my «elf.\ Mother ara yon practicing tb* lame, de­ ception? If you are, pause and think of th* consequence* ere it i* t*o late. Do** it not leesen your confidence in a person when you find out they have been deceiv­ ing you ? Will it not al»o that* of your. children in you when thoy b*com* old enough to detect it? Be*ide* it would b* very Strang* if they themselves did not imitate you irv thing* of mor* importance. It it th* prid* and joy of a mother'* heart to gain and retain th* entire confi­ dence 'of her child, and it is in her power to do so if *be but exercise that power by p»*cept and example.—JT. T. In&ejxndtni, PEARLS. Wiixx men are long Indifferent toward u>, wa grow indifferent to their Indifftr-- •»ce,. TuMpaaitott ofaoqulrinf riohai, in. or­ der to iu'pport' vain *xp *n**, corrupt* th* purett heart. W« ihould not forget that life i* a flow­ er, which i* no »oon*r fully blown than it begin* to wither. P*o*t* »hould rememb*r,thatH is only graat souls that know how much, glory there is in doing good. TK**K is a chord qf love running thro* all the sound* of creation; but tbe ear of love alone can distinguish it, CoxaxuTiox doe* muah, but ancourag*. m*nt will do mor*. J£noouragsm*a r aft** censure Is like th* sun after* fhow*r, FaaTiXT love utter* loving word* ia th* disaolu'tiqn. of^h* body, a» i th* meeting fouad out ih« hour*,.

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