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T hursday , J olx 2|7, 1865. Bt **r* «J»* Kxpr «is OaVc* Oi« Door AbrtA. qf (A* Bank of Ikmtvilt*, K.Kirar, »MrouT0*. VUc«> Imto Danirille as follow*: For Wauland.—Zr«TJ day, at I A. Jt, 11:00 *. M. and 6 r w.. connecting with all p****nj*r trunk on th* Buffalo, N. Y. sad Ene.RR, *br Oeneiso.— Monday*,. W *dn *sday **Bd Friday*, at 8 a. it- returning same day. For Oaneaerwja. —Dally, at Ki *• M -i connecting with c»r» al Canaseraga.- /br .Rofltrrotfa.--Tuesdays and Saturday*. Kxyrs** and light freight Will b*. carried on all the above lines. lUllro*! Ticket* for sale for nil the Western Statesvorer the Greet Western and the Lake Shore A Michigan Soutl .ern Roads. Krie HaUwajr M M* TaMe.. IAST. TOT. . • 8:H A.X . tiSIi. K. fcli r . x. 4rI7 r. x. l:12r. x. 1.44 ». x . WATL'AND, DMerllWlW-OaVc*. Maili arriTe and clo»* aa follows, Post-Office tlmel New York Mail arrive* »l liijo a. >.. and close* at 6:30 * *> i .1. •/ j ,. 1 *< Rochester. Buffalo, Albany and Way Mailt arrive at3f. xj close at a a. x. <•• ' Bursa Mail arrive* at 6#Q r.x. , and close* a t S A.X ~ \ A Geneseo Mall departs nt 8 A- X ., and arrives At 8 * x, on Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays. South Dartsvllle Mall arrives Tuesday* and Sat* urdays.at 12 M ., and departs at 1». x . Osslan MaU arrives and departs frequently. LOCAL Owr Wlxlow. Maj Beach baa sold bit cottage store, corner of Main and Exchange its., to Mr* Albert Huber, for $1600. It i t now occu- J pied by Mr . Schaeater as a lager beer **> 1 loon. Another interesting letter from Wash­ ington this week. Poaches and dead -hor­ ses arc sorvod np in stylo there. Tho Nunda Newt says th e project of building a new institute, (literary, we sup­ pose) at that place, is Again agitated. From a l».to number of the Denver Ga­ ulle wo learn tha t Mr J- \W. Aldricb, for­ merly of this' vlllago has gone into the' \Fnruily Grooery\ business. Success to him. Mr. A. H . Dlxson, formerly a resident of this place, but recently from' Mexico, is spending a few'days here. We glvo on our outside to day some in­ teresting notes from tbo Tribune reporter at the buri.irg of BurnurrTs Museum.— That reporter is blessed with a vivid imag­ ination, but his story is good enough to ro- pcat. * Some good adrlco concerning the irain- ing of tomatoes will be found on tt|e fourth pago. We cannot vouch as to the value of the \ hen artikel.\ Dr. 0. H How, of Washington, is look­ ing in on somoofbi s friends ho.ro, this week. Tho Mission School of Dansville held a fino picnic a t tbo Brio'k School House on Tuesday. Judg e Carroll was buried on Tuesday ; his funeral was largely attended. N. Schubmelil is taking tbo lead in the cigar bti3inoss hero and turns out a good many fine \ smokers.\ TheGrovor& Bukor Sewing Machine Co. have «stubli*hi>d an agency in this whoro the public can have nn opportunity of examining them. A novelty Ij th e line of protection against mosquitoes, boos &c, will bo found noticed in our advertising columns this week. Stoat* •*«****«• C«w «*la. .\ ' the Hon. Charles H. Carroll died at bit rosldence In Oreveland, Livingston coun­ ty, on Saturday, at 11 x. M. His death was not unexpected, at ha had been 111 for several weeks, and recovery, was deemed impossible. -judge Carroll was one of tpaprominent m«n.of Western Newj'York, and perhapi lion* was better known or trior* universal­ ly estoemad for tboae qualities which enti­ tle a man to the respect and confidence of his fellow citizens. Judg e Carroll must have been about 70 years of age at the time of his death, and he was a citizen of West­ ern New York for the last fifty yean. Ho was a ton-of Major Charla* Carroll of Ma­ ryland, aecond cousjn to the celebratod \Phaflea Carroll of Qarrollton,\ of Revo­ lutionary memory. Ha cam* of patriot stock and never forgot his ancestry. Ma­ jor.Carroll came to Western New York in 1816 and with Colonel Nathaniel Bochee- tor and Col. Wm. FiUbugh; purchased a large tract in Livingston county. In 1837 the elder Carroll died, and Judgo 0., tho subject of this notice, succeeded to his es­ tates, making h ,is home at Oroveland.— Tliete, in the matjageqientof a large estate, he spent much of hi* timo during the re­ mainder of bis lifo. H e read law -with John C. Spencer, at Canandaigua, was ad­ mitted to the bar und became one of tbe reliablojmon of tho profession, though he novor devoted his attention exolusivoly to tbo practice of law. Ho held tbe offlco of Judge of Livingston county and performed his .duties with the sarao dignity an d up­ rightness that characterized his hfo. Ho was once or twico sent to tho Assembly from bis district and was a Stato Senator. Subsequently be represented his district in Congress for two successive torms, from 1843 to '47. Ho held many important public positions and might havo held many more had he not declined the huftbrs urg­ ed upon him. Judgo C. was tho last of tho Carrolls bearing tbo naraa. His threo brothors died befuro him. Tho oldest, Henry, was killed in an affray in Tennessco, whoro bo was attending to business* for his father. He had beforo held influontiul public positions. Dr. Daniel J. Carroll, a well known phy­ sician of Now York, was a brother, and tbo ..youngest, Wm. I'\ Carroll, was for thirty years Clerk of tho Supremo Court of tbo United States, a gcntlcninn much cs- toomed. Mrs. Henry 1'itzbugh, of Oswe go, is a siller of Judgo Carroll. Tho Judgn married a daughter of Joreminh VunRons- salttOr, and a sister of Mrs. Francis Gran­ ger. She died many years ogo, leaving sevoral children, wo belicvo, Tho only ones now living are Mrs. E P. Fuller and Mrs Wm. D Fitzhugh. Judge, Carroll wns a morabcr ofih o Episcopal Church and lived in a manner becoming a christian, and died peacefully and happily, having discharged hi* obliga­ tions to society and to his fellow mon, in the fear of God and with a duo apprecia­ tion of his responsibility nis douth is a public calamity, nud on o thul will cuuto 1 sorrow wide and far in tho land — Roch. Union. *>oni tne Capital. W ASRISOTO .*, Jul) W 1605, I have just relumed from u visit to C«pt Bunnell, whom I found enjoying usual good health. Uncle Sa m must bavo a claim on him, as he sticks by him well.— Stay by bim Capt., ho is n good old fellow and. needs just such men as you to balance his accounts. You bavo holpnd him through ono great struggle, stand by him now to the last. Wo have had a warm day, and I am in hopes that a little rain Will come soon, as everything needs it bad. the crops espe cially, and as I wipe off the sweat, I think that I nend a little too, ju - t by way of a chango if for nothing more. Crops of all kinds are good here, and tho /tPtn^ is good and the prico you pay Is better yot. Ap plos, peaches, pears, groon corn, plums melons and vegetables of all ki t ds grace tho market stands. I looked at somo yes We copy from the Bingharaton Dally RqmilicaH tba following wall deaervad no­ lle* of the above Institution which We hat* bean advertising for tba past year: It ia with pleasure that wa call the atten­ tion of our readers to this flourishing Insti­ tution in our vlllaga. It waa; aatuplishad with tho design of furnishing to ronng man th« naani of obtaining » Murid, thorough and practical business education. The large numbers who have availed them­ selves of its prl vile -es, and Its increasing patronage abundantly prove its success.— It has long since outgrown the modest an­ ticipations of its founder. Its various de­ partments occupy soma of the finest build- ngs in tbe village, and are -well filled wjth tudents both from home and abroad, Maine, New Hampshire, Maryland, Indi­ ana, Ne w Jersey, and in fact, we believe, nearly every Northern State ii represented here, ai well as the cities of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington. Tba various branobes of study are con­ ducted with ability and energy under the care of competent teachers. Th» course of instruction pursued here is thorough and extonded, comprising in fact every thing essential to a good business ed­ ucation. W o hear favorable roports of ita ,raduatos, many of whom aro occupying .mportantan d rospectablo positions.. The decided success which this institution has achieved reflects the highest pmisoupon tbe bility and onergy of its Principal, D. W. Lowell, under whoso management it has ttaihod its wide-spread popularity. The Americas* C*ok Stove. We copy from an Ohio paper the follow­ ing notico of this first of stoves. The American Is for sale in Dansville b y Brown <Ss Grant: We belie re that Mr . C. Foreman, stove dealer in t l is city, has tbo honor of Intro- ucing to 110 public tbo ne^lu* ultra of a cooking stovo. W o allude to tho American Hot-Alr, manufactured by Shear, Packard &Co.. Albany, N. Y. We have bad one f these stoves on trial for tbe last month, and cheerfully boar testimony to its super­ iority over all others. On thescore of cpn- enienco and economy it cannot be excell­ ed. It roasts admirably, broils perfectly, nd bakes uniformly. Th o .castings ar e ory hoiivy, vory smooth and finely finish­ ed, and lined throughout with non con­ ducting cement, so that all the heat Is re­ tained within tho stove. It does its work thoroughly, tbo moats baking so quickly and ovenly that th e temporature in all parts of tho ovoti must havq been quite oven. Tho ventilation is perfect, b y oide perforations and hollow lubes, and is con­ structed on scientific principles. Tho grato is a rovolver and can be cleuned by a sim­ ple turn, whil'i tho refuse coal is sopnralcd from tho ashes by a lower grate. On its xtcnsion top is a water tank always filled with hot water. W>th tho above advantages, and its great oeosomy in uso of fuel, not requiring more than one-third the quantity of ordinary loves, ronders it the very best stove in tho arket, and as such we oommond it t o tho public. A t tbe present prices th e saving n fuel would soon pay for the stove. The fauelav Scae*l Ptcsale, The picnic of the Sabbath School of the Methodist Church of this village, which was noticed in our last paper did not take place on Thursday, by reason of the heavy fall of rain the night previous, but on Fri­ day the children, teanhors and \guests\ ropaircd to \Bradner' s Grove\ a t an early hour. Th e day was moat auspicious and tbo attendance very largo Thoro wore more and happier children congregated under the grateful shadows of the noblo treaa, tban an y other village but Dansville could exhibit. There wore- greetings and speeches, eating and drinking, singing and . swinging, playing and lounging and ovo- ! terdft * M 1 WM P RM,n S b y- \« tho y la y .«> rythin g else to contrlbuto to th o enjoy­ ment of th o ohildron and thoir cldors.— Tho children seomed perfectly boside thorn- selves with joy ; temptingly boforo mo nicest in tho market? ' th \Like sportive duer they coursed about, And shouted as they ran, Turning to mirth all things of earth, As only childhood can \ We cannot forget to mention the tables which were laden with all sorts of nico fix­ ings, and thanks t o tho great liberality of the ladies, in such abundanco lha^ moro than \ twelve baskots of fragments ware taken u p after the feast.\ One of the most pleasant incidon » of tho picnic, was tho presentation to Prof. Joseph Jones, Superintendent of tb e Sunday School, of a flno photograph album, by his scholars. Tho presentation was mado on behalf of the childron by Mr. H Hubbard, tho earnest oloquenco of whoso impromptu speech was quite moving. Th e worthy Superintendent was taken entiroly by sur­ prise, butaftor a little managed to respond in forciblo and heartfelt thanks. This picnic was a groat success, and will rosult in much-.beneflt to both teachers and scholars. Lot us havo more of thnm. Tho pleasantjjroves which almost border our town and theso beautiful and glorious sum­ mer days were not mado for nought. Buy, sir; What do you ask for thoso peachos!\ \Threo for J quarter, sir ; nicost in tho city • havo some*\ Yes, wo would have liked somo bbt wo could not afford to spend tho last quarter far throo peaches. You may ex pect me homo about tbo time tho good things of old Livingston are eatable. Don't you think wo must havo a nice cfl.y here ? On Sixth stroot tho other day a dead horso had laid some threo or fou days. Sabbath ovoning, as I was walking out, I camo across two moro. I cannot glvo you a moro oxpresjive term tban soldier did who was passing by. \ Ary man that takes more than one snuff of that 1s a hog.\ I thought that wny too. T h Military authorities lay tbo blame on tho Polico, and tho Polico on tho Military, bu t I don't sco I lint the ovil is romodiml muc by either. What a nico place Washing ton is ? On tho Avenue, whoro fashion and wealth roign, it is splendid. Shoddy and Army Contracts there shake hands there \watorfalls\ and \fallwntors\ in th tip of tbo mode greet Ihe oyo ; tbero pleas ure reigns supreme. Bu t 0, what misory j what crimo, what degradation an d woo surround it Tho balance of tho prisonors confined i Tke Da».wllL -en.l-.ry. • «»° Penitentiary wore removed tbU morn Prof Jones has been very fortunate in , ing. It is tho ight that the Dr y Tortug.11 securing as a n nasistant, Prof. Egbert D . Haven, A . B., graduate of Hamilion Col­ lege, a gentleman very highly recommend­ ed by the Faculty of that colobrated insti­ tution. Prof. Haven took tb e Pruy n Modal prize for composition an d oratory in tbe Sonior Clats of twenty-five, and in is tho place assignod for the assassination prisonors. I am in favor of giving them tho lull oxlont of thoir sontencc, an d that will bo done. CORRESPONDENT. It la Seldom t That a person can procure a good an other ways distinguished ' himself, i Photograph, or picture of any do many Wo take pleasure In welcoming hi m to Dansville. No othor change will be mado in the Faculty, we understand. One of SheraiaM'a Mem . Wo take pleasure in calling attention to the advertisement of Mr. Marcell, who has for'a long time been favorably known In thiiiection a t an experienced workman. For 10vera! years past be bai been in th e army and a t intervals practiced his trade In almost eTery State In the Union. He' s one of Sherman's boys and can drive a ramrod as well as a pegging awl. H e de- ,eM«j liberal patronage. Give it to him _ ! rriRE CHILDREN and KambersV the oXArant J Sabbath Rehoels of this blaee will (nader the direction of Mr.O. W,,Fop«) viva a Concert at Oaa- aaeiaga Hall on :J ' i We«a«e4ajr Mym, Awf.j Ml. A p|eaalng variety, coo»(stint: of Soloe. DueUe, Quartettes and Chorutee will oe .offered. Door* opea at 1% concert ,to commence at »W o'clock. Admittance, 31 cents; . M. ft. MARCELL, JCAacrACTirata or BOOTS AND SHOES, H AS OPENED A SHOP In the block nearly op­ posite Maj. Beaoh 't well knewn ttand, lower part of Main street, where he reepeetly solicits the patroaage of the public. Mr. Marcell ft an expert- eaoed. workmaa, aad iMBufiMMret all? kind* of men. women and children'* wear, ia a style second to n«ne. HKPAIXIXO of every description on short notice and at low prices, Daotville, July 37, lice. XI GROWER & BAKER'S CXLIBRATI D TtRBT PRXHIUU FAMILY SEWING MACHINES!! O FFICE of Ororer* BakerBewInt; 1 Machine Co., at W.J. Larue k Co.'a Jewelry House, Mala Street, one-door north of the Baukof Dansville, DannTille.N.Y. The Public are Invited to call and examine Ma­ chines. 1 202 W, J. LA RUE * CO- Agents. The Great Benefactor and 81ck- Boom Companion! J. HAVEN8' PATENT Mosquito Shield or Guard! SED Night or Day affords absolute protection ajTMinut Mo»quit««i>, Flies, Onata, *c.— Are fiuf taking the place of the Monqui- . to Bar, and being * *old BTerywhere.— * Thousand* testify ft K U worth double ita price for the Sick- Room, or a inorn<»s imp in fty time I .failed 1 Mi . for its price -ll.DO to |l.M>-or .nets for head and hands, $2. To cler­ gyman at half price. A liberal discount to the trade. 1 dozen or more •ant to merchants expreex pnid and collect on de­ livery. Send stump for eiraulnr or price Hat. JOHNSON t BIUNKERHOFF. Bole Manufacturer, No. 12 Veaey-at- New-York. Nonet—All papers inserting tho nbove with cut rind this nottco to tho amount of $4.00. will be paid in tlie nbovo goods on receipt of their bill nnd pnper Will send cut by mftil. JOHNSON < 1JR1NKERHOFF. Attention! Everybody! , . JOHN :BLUM, MMitAMteurec e* BOOTS AND SHOES! OF EVERY DESCRIPTION! ' FOR Men, Women and Children! 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE. M R. BLVH has had an experience of ornr 26 years in this bualneii, which enables him to manufacture and aell Boots and Shoes, Bettor and Cheaper than any one elae In the county. He has Just opened a flne stock at'hlf New Place of Business,^ IX BROWN & KERSHNER'S BLOCK, Opposite the Post-Office, where he can convince all favoring him with a call that he can glye them good bargains. REPAIRING neatly done, on short notice and at Low Prices. 1U WO** WARKAMTBD! ALSO LEATHER AND FINDINGS FOR SALE. Caik paid far Hielee. The patronage of the public la respectfully ed. 2«yl JOHN BLUM. <9_ aolici|ed Crocker)*! Stone and Karthen Wan. Messrs Angoll & Hull, of this vil lnpo, respectfully nnnounco that they can .sell anything In the above lino of goods at pri­ ces which are bolow what fomo Arms in Dunsvillo pny for the samo poods. Buy­ ing Crockory by tho crate directly from tho Importers without unpitclcing, they nro nnHblcd to snvo one profit which thoy can give t c their customers. H o sokoupon can nowhere do 50 wr-ll n.% at this establish and nt tho lowoat prices. CUlldrcn'a Concert. Mr. O. W Pupo, who has been teaching the Subbath School children of this place to sing, will give a Concert with their as sistunco on Wednesday o\ cning noxt.— Mr Popo has tuught tho children frco, and rolies on the prococda of tho Concert for re­ muneration. Givo him a bonefit. T D. Petersok & BnoTiifcns, Phil­ adelphia, have just published a full, com' plcte, unabridged, correct nnd graphic ac count of tho Trial, Conviction and Execu lion of the Assassins and Conspirators, at Washington, for tho Murder of President Lincoln. It is a full and verbatim Report of tho Testimony of ill tho Witnosso3 OX' amincd in tho wholo Trial, with the Argu mont of Revcrdy Johnson on tho Jurisdic­ tion of the Commission, and all the Argu ments of Counsel on both sides, with th e closing Argument of Hon. Joh n A . Ding ham. Special Judgo Advocate, as welt as tho Verdict of the Millitary Commission and the President's approval ol tho same; with his official order for tho execution of Mrs Surratl; Payne; Harold; and Atzeroth; and full particulars in relation to tho con­ demned, from tho timo of their having their sentences of condemnation read to them by Major-General Hancock, until tho moment of their Execution; with scenes on tho Scaffold, etc. With a sketch of the Lifo of all the Conspirators, and Portraits and Illustrative Engrnvingsoftheprincipal persons nnd scones rolating to tho foul murder and tho trial. Prtco Fifty cents a copy, or a finer edition in ono volume bound in cloth for $1.60. Copies will bo sent free of postage, to any place, on roceipt of tho prico by tho Publishers. DANSVILLE MARKET. coaaacTEP watiLY rox THE DAMKVILLI iDvianstJt » i ANOELL * HALL, Whol&aleand Retail Dealers fn Dry Quods 4 Groceries, scription ; and tbe roason is obvious. T o take a good picture requires a perfect knowledge of chemistry, the manufacture of chemicals and the use of the samo. A n operator, no matter how many yoars' expe­ rience ho has had in the Photographic art, ] can never hope to succeed in the business without he is a natural chemist and conse­ quently has a porfoct knowledge of chem­ istry. This much is true. And we advise all-in want of a good and durable picture to be sure a- d call on Bettt 8s Prusla, a t their First Premium Art Gallery, Hedges Blook, first door north o ' the Boston fjloth- ing H <mic Wheat —Steady at $1,25 to $1,60 for Red, Med itcrrnnonn and White. Flour.— Wo nnote Extrn Oenesec, from White Wheat, wholesale. O.SO-j retail, 10,00. Extra Gen eaco from Red Wheat, wholesale, 8,60; retail 9,00. Corn. —Steady, with fair demand nt 76c. pr bu of HO lbs. 0;U« are in light demnnd at i5a60c pr bu Beana. —No pales, no damnnd. Seetle.—Clover Soed t!\outof tho mnrkct. Tim­ othy Seed is in light demand at *S tottfperbuph. Butter.— Market has advanced nines our laat, in consequence of heavy shipments. Prlcea '22c. for Roll, 34 for dairy packed. Lard.—In fUlr demand at 18 to 20 conts,*but lit­ tle ntuirinc Potatoes.— Old aro nearly out of market; pew havo only been offered at extravagant rates. No quotations to give. Pork.— Mess, per barrel, $33. Hldci.— Sheep Pelts 1.60 to Salt.— 2.60 per barrel. Wood.— Prices ranging from $1 to $6 per cord. Dried Frwlt.— Apples, In demand at 11,26 per bushel. ^ Efgi.- In fair demand at lie. pr doi. Wool.— The market Is showing moro activity at an advance of 2 H 3 C . Buyers are showing an In­ creased dosiro to contract at the present advance. We learn of some sales at 65c. per lb., hut many prefer to hold for higher rates. We clip the lol- lowlng from the New York Journal of Commerce WILLIAM THOMAS, CABINET WARE Of every description, Smith's Block, Main Street, DANSVILLE, N. V. T HE subscriber returns his thanks for the lib­ eral patronage which has already been be­ stowed upon him at bis now Cabinet Shop, and promises to merit the t*amo in future bv keeping A First Class Stock of everything proporly In his line of business, and by selling tin- same at tho LOWEST RATES! Particular attention will be Ri,yen to REPAIRING Jk JOBBING I nf all kind\ As ho dde«his own work, hiring; no jourm 1 } men. he i« confident that he can furnish work cheaper than it ran be found elsewhere. Tho pntronaga of tho public 1 M solleltrd. 2W , WM THOMAS. irxvwi? . si. vv. liAxvi ^o H AS become firmly etUbll»hed in his new plnco of business i 1 BETTS' BLOCK, DIRECTLY OPPOSITE STEPHEN I BEEsE'S HMO- WARE STORE. Where he would like to have his old friends and the people generally call and cionnno his tine Stock of Cloths, Cassimeres, Vcslings, Furnish­ ing Goods, &c. NEW FIRM. McCartney & hamsher MJjrcricTOxtas or AXS BKALZXS IS BOOTS AND SHOES OF Every Description, M c C ARTNEY BLOCK, MAIN ST., Opposite the First National Bank, t> A N 8V ILLE, IV. \V. Gent's Calf, Kip and Stoga Boots Gent's Fine Shoes ana Gaiters, LADIES' AND MISSES' GAITEHS, CLOTS:, raMUAA ASD xoaocco. of Saturday: \-The market 1s auite active, for flne wool, and prlcea indicated an ad avanoeof 2a3c. The stock of old wool is exceedingly light, and the new clip cornea in slowly, which ici»«« the seller* the advantage Wo no'.ioe sales of 43T.OOO lbs. at 6T><a 70c. for State And Mloblgan, 70a77 for Ohio and Plat Pennsylvania.\ od*,8 ^o. 1, pr nan iwnci, fivtw • «.» , barrel, t&M; Bay, No. 8. pr half barrel, *.O0; do -Demand active at^he following prices: Dry Cod, 8t. Geerge'a Bk.. •» pr 100 lb*. Mackerel, Bay No. 1, pr half barrel, *10.50j do d o pr quarter do p r quarter barrel, tiM halfbarrel.»8^0, ~ • White Fish, iw, pr Trout, new, pr half barrel, $S.0O. D OESTIOK8 mar be a vory fast young man, but h e can't begin to Veep par* wlth.ohr Ightnlng johb»r Particular attention paid to the Custom Department, In which he defies competition. OVERCOATS, UNDER COATS, VEST AND PANTS, Got up in tho latest foshfunnblo style, well made and warrHlitod to fit. *»- CUTTING douo on short notico. SMm3 CONSTITUTION Xjiir© Syrup! H AS produced a revolution in medicine. What nmy seem incredible Is. that many diseases luinerto eon»lderod hopelessly Incurable are fre­ quently cured in a few days or weeks; and we cheerfully invite the investigations of-the liberal minded and scientific to cures which havo no'par­ allel at tho present day. During tno past five years wo have contended with obstacles, and overcome opposition as horcti- lean ns were ever epcountercd^by any reformers. Rapidity of euro. Somo say, \Tour cures are too quick,\ whileothor* doubt their permanence, and think that diseases can only be cured by the-slow, recuperative process of nature.\ Constitution Life Syrup is a positive nnd specific remedy ioroll diseases originating from an impure state of the blood Snd for all I hereditary) diseases transmitted from parent to child. Paralysis It is so unlversa'ly admitted that Constitution Life Syrup Is the only effectual means of restoration in the various forms of Paralysis, that we need not reiterate that It is emphatically the great life-giving power. Dyepopstn, indigestion, woighl at stomach, flatu- lenrp.livereomplaint, want of appetite, bad breath, constipation, biliousness SErofula. Struma, king's evil, glandular swell- inns, erysipelas, ulceration, salt rheum. , This taint.(hereditary and acquired,) filling life with untold misery, Is by all usual medical reme­ dies, mcnrahle. Rheumatism. [Arth r itis.] lumbago, neuralgia, sciatica, gout.'tic doloreaux. If ihep' is any disease in which the Constitution Lift Syrupisttsovereigii.lt is in rhetimitlsm and its kindred affections Tho most Intense umns are almost instantly alleviated—enormous sVcll- ings are reduced. Cases, chronic or vicarious, of twenty or forty years' standing, have been cured by us. Constitution Lifo Syrup purges the system en­ tirely from all the evil effects of Mercury, remov­ ing tho bad breath and curing the weak joints and rheumatic pains which the use of calomel is suro to produce. Constitution Lifo Syrup eradicates, root and branch, all eruntlvo diseases of the skin, like iii- cers, pimples, blotches, and all other difficulties of tin- kind which so much dlsrlguro tho outward appearance of both males and females, often mnk-J ing them a disgusting object to themselves and their frl< nds. For all forms of ulcerative diseases, either of the nose, throat, tongue, spine, forehead ortcslp.no Remedy has ever proved its cqnal. • Moth patches upon tho female face, depending ^ipon a diseased action of the liver are very un­ pleasant to the young wifo and mother. A, few bottles of Constitution Llf.- Syrup will correct the secretion and remove the deposit, which is direct­ ly under the skin. Diseases of tho liver, glvlnsrlse to languor, dli- riness, indlgostion. woak stomach, or a n ulcernted or cancerous condition of that organ, accompanied oth \ As a\ general Blood-Purifying Agent, tho Life with burning or othe r unpleasant symptoms, will be relieved by the use of Constitution Life Syru Syrbp stands unrivaled by any preparation In the worla. The rich and the poor are liable to the same dis­ eases. Nature and science have made th* Consti­ tution Life 8tmp for the benefit of all. Pure blood produces healthy men and women; and If tho constitution Is neglected In youth, dis­ ease and early death Is the rosult. Do not delay when the means aro so near at hand and within the reach of all. „ _ WILLIAM H. GREGG, M. D, Sole Proprietor. New fork, ittlei \ \ partss MORGAN * ALLEN, . opi Price, tl per bottle, six bottle for %i. part of the country. I pe. . «sr* Sent by expres s to all MORGAN A A.-1/ M, 202m8 Whotosale Druggists. AgenU. WCliffStreet. New York For sa|e by KENNEY * NELSON. Dan-ville. L. G. Klpler Pine Watch and Jewelry Stock KcCAKTNBT BLOCK, Nsarlv opposite the First Natronal liank and a few doors above the Post Office. SHOES, SLIPPEttS. AND YOUTHS' WEAR O F ALL KINDS. On short notice, by workmen of experience, and warranted to suit, Leather anil Findlng-u for Sale. ©lothing. QHEAT BARGAIN* IS CLOTHISG. S. HUBERTUS & CO., Manufacture €3 JEj O Id JHC JC HW €54- OF ALL KINDS' Cheaper than any other establishment In Dansville, for the following reasons: They do All their Own Work. They Pay but Little Rent. They Work Early and Late. AndAhey are Bound to Merit th* Patron' age of the Public. Cull on them and they will Prove it. Old ClotBfes Cleaned ,and Repaired. Remember the location. Hedges'Block, Main St Dansville. N.Y 171 STEPHAN & BEEBE, Model Cash Hardware Store Nearly Opposite tbe Advertiser Ofice, DANSVULXB, If. T. D EALERSInShelf and Ileavy Hardware,Stoves Sheet Iron, Coppen Iron. Steel, Nails, Vices Screw Plates. Springs, Glass, Sash and Doors, A (Ti cultural Implements, *Vc. «Ve. oio. w stcsi. 8TEPHAN * BEEBE. 2M (Goal. • Coal forJDansville. T HE subscriber has made ample arrangements for supplying the cltitens of Dansville wrth their stock of coal for the ensuing season. Orders should, be left immediately, either at the Hardware Store of Brown t Gran'-or Stcph an Jl Beebe, nnd the Coal will be delivered in regu lar succession as the orders appear on the book. Present Prices—Delivered. CIIKSXUT, • 0,50 SMALL. KOO, - - - - V,00 STOVE, ..... 9, Blacksmith's Coal also supplied. TERMS.—Cash on delivery. A. P. MOORE. Office at Brown k Grant's. Danstille, July,l««5. t&ltf CHEAPER THAN EVER! B aCTTfl * PRTJ81A, of the First Premium Art Gallery, would annonnce that on and after this date they will take their SUPERIOR PICTURES' Of every description lower than they can b e had a any other establishment in this vicinity. Remember the place, first entrance northapf the Boston Clothing House. T Dansville, June lsUlW. R KLIGIOTJS IKEVICII At rraatatUa Hall Every Sunday, atlOU o'clock A.M., under the alls pio«s of the \Christian Advent Church.\ RUBBER JEWELRY! R ICH, New and'Beautiful Styles.just received at my Jewelry Store in McCartney's Block, be­ sides a large stock of the latest and most faahiona ble styles of other jewelry. Prices low for th times. Call and see my stock. «3*tf L 0. RIPLEY u MBRELLAS & PARASOLS REPAIRED Mr D> Baausell, Damsrllle, X. Y. MOT Orders left at the Advertiser Office will promptly attended to. t»7 U. S. 7-30 LOAN. TMJKD SXRTJEB.; $230,000,000. By authority of the Secretary of the Treasury, the undersigned, the Genera) SsibecripiJoB Agent for the sale of United •Utes. S*ei»riUes, offtrs to the publle the thiro^' series of Treaaury Notes, bearing seven sad three-tenth* per.sent, per aa- nuns, known aa the These .notes are Issued nsder date of July Itth, lis*, and are payable three ye«rs from that dsU In currency, or'are convertible^at th* option of, the holdir Into r ' ! ',!, \ V. 8. Six per cent GOLB-BEAKIHG BOHB8. These Bonds are now worth a handsome preml- i urn, and are exempt, a s are all the Government Bonds, /rom Stale, CDNMfy, and Municipal taxation, wsfcA adds from oiu three p*r unt. per M tktir value, according to the rate levied upon other property. The Interest Is payable semi-annually by Coupons attached to each note, which may be cut offand sold to any bank or banker. The Interest at 7-30 per cent, amounts to One oent per day on a S6 0 not*, Twooents\ \ \ $100 \ Ten \ u u u | 6f Jo 20 «j \ - \ $1000 « $1 - I « - u $5000 « Note* of all the denomination* named will be promptly furnished npon receipt of subscription. The Notes of this Third Series are precisely similar in form and privilege* to th e Seven-Thir­ ties already sold, except that the Government re­ serves to Itself th e option of paying Interest in gold coin at 0 per cent, instead of 1 ? 3-lOths In cur­ rency. Subscribers will deduct the Interest In currency up t o July 1Mb, at th e time when they subscribe. The delivery of the notes of this third aeries of the Seven-thirties will commence on the 1st of June, and will be made promptly and continuous­ ly after that date. The slight change made In th e conditions of thix THIRD SERIES affects only the matter .of interest. The payment in gold, If made, will b e equivalent to the currency interest of the higher ] rate. The return t o spec. e payments, in the event of which only will the option to pay Interest in 'Gold bo availed of, would so reduce and equalise prices that purchases made with six per cent In gold would be fully equal to those made with seven and three-tenths percent in currency. This is THE ONLY LOAN IN MARKET Now offered by the Government, an d Us superior advantages make H tbo ' , \ Great Popular Loan of the People. Less than tao/sop.bOO of the Loan authorised by the last Congress aro now on th e market This amount; nl llic'raleat which tti* )«lng Absorbed wilt all be subscribed for within two months, when the notes will undoubtedly command a premium as has uniformly been tho case on closing the sub­ scriptions to other Loans. In order that citizens of every town nnd section ol tnecouuuj ufj » .m... . .. . the loan, tho National Banks, State Banks, and iPrivate Bankers throughout the country have generally agreed to receive subscriptions at par. Subscribers will select their own agents, in whom they have confidence, nn ( d who only are to be re­ sponsible for the delivery of the notes for which they receive orders. | JAY COOKE, Susscairnox A OXXT, Philadelphia. May 15th,1805, 353 8t'ascaimosswiu.ii atcnvTD by the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DANSVILLE. HOM11AE* CRIMEAN BITTERS, AN AROMATIC TONIC AND ALTERATIVE I tnrsejMUB roams ntfvwm* AS > eras: ** if Intermittent Fever and Fever and Ague, Dyspha­ sia, sad disease* arlsisg from derangement *f the Digeitive Organs, light form* of Ken* ralgi* and Bheurnattaen, Debility, ejtc. As >*>r*Ts4 sijr th* •f tk* - - - V. S . Arssir 1st U Kites* HaUl HMSitali I rsreetss Oeaaral mlr Bitter* DTSPEP8IA. DV8PFPSIA, FEVER AND AGUE, FEVER AND AGUE. RHEUMATISM. RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA. SEUBALOU.. CRIMEAN BITTKR811 The basis-of \Romalne's Crimean Bitters \li Caliaaya—tbe most efficacious variety jit PenivUa Bark—with which are combined nine other Medi­ cinal Plants, Root* and Extracts, chiefly .the prad- nets of Asia and South America.,and each of ®* highest scientific repute fqriheenre of diseases for which this is recommended. No *rtic.l« In th* least degree pernicious is used, and the utmost caution is exercised' 1 In theji'elecllon of. rpatertals to insure the highest deg.ee of curative virtue, and In all respects the present high standard of this preparation will in no case be departed trora. REGULATES THE BOWELS I CORRECTS MORBID SECRETIONS t PURIFJES^HE BLOOD V We do not ask you t o credit our own a***rtioi*, therefore read theTstnuoirUu. -' s THE TESTIMONIALS! TONIC AND RESTORATIVE. Dr. Janeway, Surgeon in charge of United StaU* ; Hospiul,NewarkiN. J„»a»a: \I experienced vary much benefit from the use 6f yonr Bittrr* t aftera < sovere atUck of lyphoid fever, and was enabled \ to resume my duties in a much xhorter time thaa I expected after so severe an Illness. My appe­ tite .was restored, and th e Digestive Organs re­ sumed their functions qmekly. An article pre. pared so carefully aa it is. and. from so SUNT vitci. ut xnj)ci*u. cannot in my Opinion, fall to do goes' when properly used.\ DTSPEPSlA. DYSPJ5PSIA. • . In Dyspepsia, with Ita attendant symptoms,Ta4l gestion. Nausea, Loss Of Appetit«, Lontu ct Spirits. Flatulence, Colic, Costiveness, Stck Bead, ache. Lassitude. Diarrhea, General'Debility, etc. Its efficacy is abundantly attested by tbe jertlfi cWtes appended, and will be. Immediately apparent upon a trial. Wc do not assert that - Crimean Hitters\ will cure every «ase ol Dyspepsia.' I* such a s have become Chronic, we can onfy prom­ ise relief, but in ordinary ca*es of only a few years' standing, no failure ha s come to on r knowledg* where the use has corresponded with the aceore- pnnying directions. Very- many cases have beea cured by one or two bottles Dyspeptic\ are impa­ tient, and fly from one remedy to another; »ll w» ask is persistence in tbe rise of twobottlr*,seda proper regard t o exereKe and regimen, s«V«» either essential relief or radical cure is gnrantetd. — ** «*--, \obcrt MorTls. of, Kentucky, so extenslvelv known to the Muoei* Fraternity of the Vnited states: , Ntw Yoax. July 1 J. 156*. D IAS Si*: I have lived In the Southern States- much of the; tim*- in MixnisMppi—for more than twenty years, and have had,mv share of those cem- ilaintsthat affect the liver and produce Dyspepsia, 'his has rendered a regula'rjtse ol tonics a medi­ cal necessity to me, nnd I am familiar.with these- tionof all thestaruiard \bitters\ of the clay. In my opinion none of them Is s o efficacious in. th* Gongestioi of tho Liver and Dvspcpsiaas Crimea* hitters. I say this after a Jair tnal opoomyows system and upon others to .whom I have recom­ mended them. I believe ifthey wore, freely n»«t •( propor- Wall gaper, Ty-AM. FAPKR I WALL PAPER! WALL PAPETl The Largest Stock in Dansville. HEW Him DESIMKE STYLES!' Just received by It: S. IfflXBS. Niles* Drug Store!' E. NIL. E8 Has now on hand a fine stock of • DBTJGS AND MEDICDTES, PAINTS, OILS AND DYE WOODS, FRENCH AND AMERICAN GLASS,\ For Windows and Picture Frame*; Wines and Liquors, For medicinal use; School Books, Miscellaneous Books and Stationery! Paper Han Kings, Window 8hade», Cord* »nd Tassels,CurtainFixtures,Pocket Knives, Scissoraind Raiors, Wallets, Port Monnaies,Gold andStee) Pens, a very' cbmplete stock of YANKEE NOTIONS 1 The best Kerosene, Lamp Oil* and Candles, Coir mon an d Non-Explosive Burnlnj Fluid *od Car phene at Lowraxon. Alarse stock and great variety of the most ele-i) /rant style* of ' \ PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS ! Just received; very appropriate for fine (ids. CHOICE PICTURES! Photographs of the works of distinguished sculp­ tor* and painters, original designs on ateel, so,, Ac, a select stock, Album Photographs Of distinguished men and subjects, by the thon sand. The well established reputation ot this store, doaj away with, the necessity of any puffins;: Mr. Nili* Would merely announoe that ho will e n deavor aa heretofore to give satisfaction to hi* cus­ tomers. 51* Gongestio-i of the Liver and Dyspepsia as Crimea* 1 opo syste m an d upon other s to .whom I have recom­ mende d them . I believe ifthe y wore, freely by persona whose system's are enervated, thty would relieve and eventually cure a largel tion of such cases * « Hon. J. A. McDongal, U.S. Senator of California, says: • 1 Your Crimean Rittejs ar e excvnVat for diges­ tion, correcting diarrhea, nausea, irritarien of th* stomach and the creation of a wholesome appetite. They pleasantly exhills'rate. but are foUowee* *r.ae> stupefying reaction. They are the best bitttra I have ever used.\ • » • • » , » € The above are written records, and thousands t>( verbal itatements echo them from cither souree*. FEVER AND AGUE. FEVER AND AGUE. Crimean Bitters have proved the most prompt and thorough remedy known—successful when quinine h*,s failed, as determined by trials fnths bnlted States Hospitals at Newark, N. J.Fort Hamilton. N. and Beaufort. S. C.and numerous cases everywhere. The Bitters are warranted to arrest the chills the flrst'dsy, and in-brief time expel the disease from the system so thoroughly that no renewal follows, if the directions for use are strictly adhered, to. We havo numerous certificates of wires of th* above malady, but want of room prevents the in­ sertion of only ihe following from a U.S. Army Surgeon. We refer to circular around bottle for mnny others. Dr. Whitehead, burgeon U.S.A, dated I' S. Hospital,New*rk,.N. J-says: I cured several soldiers under my cTiarge cf efied obstinate Fyver and Ague) which have d weeks the' usual remedy of quinine, a without hesitation use it in similar eases RHEUMATISM,AND NEURALGIA. 4 RHEUMATISM' AND NEURALGIA. RHEUMATISM. G W. Piatt, Esqi.-Asslstant Assessor Internal Rovennc. Sburth District. New York, says j \I am from the nature of niv duties, exposed to all the different phases of.wcafher. often saturated to tho person, wet feet, etc., and hare, as a conse­ quence, been afflicted with colds, etc, arid for a long time with Rheumatism: but. since taking the Crimean Bitters, I have felt nono of the effects of bad weather, and m y Rheumatism has entirely disappeared. \ My son, who is in the army of General 6r»*t> writes to m e aa follows: 'Father.wheq anteK* - tunity offers, do not fail to. send me soro*Crl»*»» Bitters, for you canno' Imagine what a-rse^v rtlirt they ar e after exposure. I am never alarms* about sleeping on the eroupd, or getting wet, if I use them.' \ I will her* sUta that this SOD cans* newt* •» sick leave, almost a skeleton. A single bottler*-. stored hla appetite and Mrength, so that in two- weeks he-was pronounced able t o Jois sis battery.\ NEURALGIA. Jiasrr Crrr, Jan.M, 166*. >»*tt mutt e'' back et , G ISTS: I have been foy two years pas muti afflicted at intervals with neuralgia in the 1 my neck and head, and had used all the usual rem­ edies for that disease, as. prescribed by my physi­ cian, but without permanent relief. I am happy te state that the ure of a bottle of your Crimean Bib' ters-haa completely subdued the complaint, and I have not experienced any attack sln->e C BAJ .W IUUMS, No.Tl MercersVi ENDORSED BY THE SURGEON GEN. V. S. A Dr. Janeway. Surgeon U.S. A- dated at Beaufort 8. C, Sept. 18,1863, say* he gave a case of th,* Cri­ mean Bitters to Dr. Wurs. the Medical Director, who commended th e article at once, and It was Indorsed by the 8urgeon Generah.who arrived th* next day. and was aware' nf Its mWited success in tbo Northern U- S, Hospitals. It i s unanimous; declared by all the Surgeono here that it i» just the thing in this malarious climate.\ • • * • » • CRIMEAN BITTERS are especially snlled t« relieve the INFIRMITIES OF AGE. DEBILITATED * CONVALESCENT. nr Bold bv Druggists everywhere. MILLER * CO.. Proprietors. Hepnt lift Liberty-st. New York WmSi

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