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jmtvillt Q&vtttim. Advance Term« of Subscription. To Mail Subsonbers, - - - $160 Delivered by Carrier, - - - 2o0 Fitly Cents added when payment In not made In fcdrsnte. Singh Copies, S Cents. AdTrertl»l»n Tonai. [TCT L »U 01 IMS MAX* A SQPA **.l lf ) )7SI$lU5I ^OO |*« 0 \|t »OU |$10U — C 00 | 800 | 12 00 Square, 1 Squares, t'gqiiaif a, I 126| auui too 7 00 | WOO | 15 00 iTTioTumn. I 3U0I «00| «00 j *00| 1200|2000 UCollimn. | t00| T 00 1 9 00|U00|!M00|3500 llglumn, | gOO|10 00|12 00|aOOO|3iOO|BOUQ Buiinc .in Curds notexreedingS lines,.ln«orted for 41 per annum; over 6 lines, SO csnts 1-er linu extra. Te«riy Advertisers, discontinuing their advonise- -ments oefore the expiration of the year, will ho tbsrgedat full rates as above. Extra qharge will al- ,0 be made for Dissolution and othor notices not ^nnectcd with their regular business Advertlseme»tsof Concerts, Exhibitions, etc., SO wr cent.in addition to the above rates. Transient Advertising must be paid for in nd- once. Dills of Yearly Advertisers payable quar- wrlr Local Notices. 10 cents per lino fortho first insec- tioo.6 cents per lino for each subsequent insertion. So notice inserted for less than tl. Obituary Notices, Resolutions, Proccedine.\ and Jiotiecs of Religious. Charitable and other Societies, Jcent* per line. Bills payable by the person leav­ ing the order. The announcement of Deaths will be made free •tif charge No specific rate is fixed for Marriage •jiouces. but a fee of $1 or more will be expecied Wording to circumstances. Legal.^otlcesat the rates fixed bylaw. \V« do not wish to insert cuts In our advertUt>- ments, but where it is Insisted upon we shall charge SO per cerit. oxtra for all such advertising. We at all times reserve tho right to reject any advertising which wo may deem unsuited to our columns. jldrertuementt not tinder contract muet he plainlA marked the length of time derirecl, or they idll be contin­ ued and charged for tilt ordered out. JT*b Pi tut lag. Of every description done with neatness and dis- Mtch and at reasonable prices. We have one of the most complcto Jobbing establishments in the Bute, brim; furnished with the newest, noatest and most fashionable styles of Typo, fast Presses, Inks from the best manufacturers, superior .Stock, and -experionccdWorkmen who know how to use them al|. NEWS OF A WEEK. Carefully Compiled from Leading Dallies. NEWS CONDENSED. Tho San Francisdo Custom-Homo au­ thorities have teizod largo quantities of champagne, tobacco and opium, for an ora­ tion of tho Revenue laws. A tologram from Nashville stales that Emerson Ethorldgo is to tried by court- martial for uttering seditious langungo. Tho Detroit City directory, just publish­ ed, shows tho tncroaso of population during the past year to have been 0,000. Mon havo boon found to supply the pla­ ces of those who recently \struck\ at Buf­ falo, and work is going on as usual. It will require from $13,000,000 to $14,- 000,000 to raako the pension payments du­ ring tho present fiscal year. A vein of silver is reported to havo been discovered at Bayfield, Wis., and to prom- ite a rich yield. Jeff Davis is roported, by latost advicos from Fortress Monroe, in tho best of health tnd spirits. Tho number of troops sent from Wash­ ington to their homes, from May 80 to Ju­ ly 17, was 203,037. An altercation occurrod between a Un- > io\ loldier and a returned Rebel, near Mil- Itr Station, Mo., on the Pacttlu Railroud, list Sunday, whon the latter shot tho for­ mer, killing him instantly. Tho citizens ought the murderor, and, with liltlo cero- mony, hung him. A terrible freshet visited Leavenworth, Kansns, on Thursday night, carrying away two stone br dges, 18 or 20 houses, and property of all kyids. Seven dead bodies hsro already been found, and it is feared many moro were swept away. Loss $200,- 000 News from Now Mexico says many ref­ ugees fro^i Texas aro arriving in tho terri­ tory. Melting mountain snows have caus­ ed tho overflow of tho Rio Orando, and Tillages and ranches about Albuquerque fhavo been swept away and many persons drowned. A dispatch from St. Patfl says that a camp of surrendered Indians have been in starving condition for somo timo near Fort \Wadsworlh but an immense drovo of buffalo coming in that direction, they wero enabled to kill 300 and obtain sup­ plies Fifteon hundred Government horses and mules broko out of the corral, near Win­ chester, Va., on Thursday night and are icattcred over tho country. Too vortebral neck-bones of tho assassin John Wilkes Booth, which wero shattered by the pistol bullet that caused his death, ire now on exhibition among tho other mrgical curiosities of the war, at tho Army Medical Musoum, in Washington An in voico of 160 tuns of copper has boon received in San Francisco from Arizona. An cxtensivo bed of coal has been dis­ covered nearSaranac, Ionia County. !ULich Heavy reinforcements of troops, U> tho number of 25,000, nro said to have been put on the road to Sheridan within a few dsys. Colonol T J . C. Baker has been appointed S lo tha ranV or Brigadior-Gencral, for, as tho commission recites, meritorious servic- [,«SAS Provost-Marshal during the war, and nipocially for dlligenco in the suppression of frauds against the Government in re­ quiting, and in pursuing tho murderer of •the President, J. Wilkes Booth, and his accomplice*. The commission is to dato from April 20, 1805, the day of Booth's cspture and dcatb. . The Iisuo of flvo cont/raclional curren­ cy has been Hopped by ordor of Sccrotary McCulloch, and it is expected that the Treasurer and sub-Treasuron will bo sup­ plied with two and three cent coin to meet lbs wants of tho community in h«u of tho P»per issue withdrawn. The 6r%at Eastern was to leave the Nore 4 » tho 16th, and Valencia on or about tho 19th. The English elections show a not gain to tlis Liberals of seven. To the evening of lh «12tb, 181 Liberals and 102 Tories had ton relarnad. John Stuart Mill, Tho*. Du gl \M and Baron Rothachild aro electod f \>«i the London and Metropolitan bor- E»rl Russell has written a fow moro notes 1 0 Seward, rogrotting that bis previous \plsnalloni were not acceptable. Official torre, P°nd.anco shows that England and i Hoc* »eted In concort in their concos- ,lo \totb. 9 Confederacy. Iron-clad frigate ram Dundorborg, ahip-yard of her bulldcuv Mr. W. H. Webb, on Saturday morning, in tho pres­ ence of somo six or eight thousand specta­ tors. Tho launch was enttlrely successful, no accident occurring tq mar the pleasure of tho occasion. Robert E. Loo is questionably reported to bo in Germany. Spain hat recognised the King&om of Italy.. The Pope Is said to have excommunicated XaximHian. Gen. Grant is reported to have said, in a conversation with the Mexican Minister a fow daysngo \tho French will havo to leave Mexico.\ The govornmont has recently reoponed 48 post-offices in the South. A large number of rebel officers and men are said to be joining Maximilian. Gold is now held at about 143. 1 The frigate Congroas sunk by the Mam­ mae in Ilampton Roads, has boon raited. Tht Monro* Doctrine. There seems to be a vague public im­ pression that tho Monroe doctrine is a rest­ less fury that will not cease to hurry us until we warn France off tho continent or drive her away. Mr. Montgomery Blair, who is not a wise man, denounces the Gov­ ernment for its sorvility to the French Emperor. Mr. Harlan, tho 'Secretary of tho Interior, wishes that lit might be tho will of God that we should fight for Mex­ ico. A great ,many othor gentlemen also soom to suppos'o the country to be stepping about in a truculont mood, and, like tho Ir simian, requesting somebody for tho lovo of Heaven to do him ''the favor of treading upon tho tail of bis coat. What then is the Monroo doctrine/ and in what sense is it binding upon the United States Government! Tho Monroe doctrino was an exoculive declaration nevor confirmed by Congress. It was made at tho instanco of Mr. Cun­ ning, the British Prime Minister, to moot a certain omergoncy, which was the sus­ pected intention of the Holy Alliarico to rostore forcibly to Spain the American colonies which had revolted and had do. clured their independence In tho course of tho messago in which President Monroe alluded to tho subject, ho said that any Europcap interposition to control the des­ tiny of thoso colonics would bo viewed as tho sign of an unfriendly disposition tow­ ard tho United States. He also stated in another rotation that \ tho America'n con iineitts\ wero not to be henceforth consid­ ered subjects for European colonizat on. This was a declaration which, as a spe­ cific measuro under tho oxisting circum­ stances, received the applauso of tho liboral party throughout the world ; but a* tho assertion of a pcrmanont national policy it was nevor adopted by Congress, was never allowed by foroign powors, and has never been tho ground of 'any docisiye national action. But it is now claimod to bo a -ccessary tradition of our national con­ duct. If it bo meant by this claim that wo are to regulate tho internal condition of Mex­ ico and all the other governments upon the North and South Amorican continents, in­ cluding Brazil, without special treaty with them or application from thorn, ii to »ini|.lo folly. If it bo meant that we are to guard ourselves against evident perils, thoro is no need of giving a mysterious name to an in- ovitablo and universal policy. Every na­ tion has tho right to defend itself against palpable danger. But to assumo that tho presonco of any European power upon these *' continonU,\ without regard to tho circumstances of tho case, is menacing to this country, is entirely gratuitous. Do we mean tQ declare that Mexico or Vcno- zuela may not invite foreigners at their pleasuro? And do wo mean to decide lor oursolves whether thoy have invited them or not? On tho other hand, if tho peril be held to lie not in tho coming of Euro­ peans, but in tho monarchical fornf of government, do wo mean that wo will tol­ erate no monarchies upon the \ conti nents!\ In other words, does this Mon­ roo doctrine reman that we will rogulate all or any of tho nations of North and South America exactly as we choose ? This is really the Monroo doctrin\ as it is expounded in pppular speeches and jour­ nals. The plea is tbnt our ropublicnn in­ stitutions are imperiled by the influenco of a neighboring monarchy? But is ropub liennism such a puny system that iu influ­ ence docs not as seriously threntop mon­ archy ? IfSve wishod to see France fat illy weukened, we could not more suroly secure that result than by encouraging -her to mako Mexico a Fronch'colony. That is the clear perception of tho shrewdest- Freach statesman. That is tho instinct of the French people; and the Mexican expe­ dition is, therefore, rogardodas a truly im­ perial blunder. Tho truth, is, that thern is no European power that could colonize upon these continents without seriously injuring itself. Tho Monroo doctrino, as it is popularly preirchod, is morely tho infamous doctrine of tho Ostocd Manifesto—that wo may do as we ploase with our neighbors, even to absorbing them. And this is logical^ If wo havo a right to hold that a foreign gov­ ernment in Mexico is dangerous, wo have an equal right to beliovo tho samo of a do­ mestic government thoro. If, for pur se­ curity, wo may overthrow the ono, wo may destroy the other. All tho subscquont steps would bo easy; and wo natural|y find that tho advocates of \ Manifest Destiny\ and of filibustering aro ardent friends of tho Monroe doctrine. \It is clear that * * * Cuba is as necessary to tho North American republic,\ said James Buchanan and his fellow pirate* at Ostand, \ a* any of itt present members, and. that it belongs naturally to that great family of States of which tho Union it the providen­ tial nursory.\ The Ostend Manifesto it tho oldest child of tho Monroo docrino. Wtion tho people of the United States aro convinced that their institutions are ondangercd by tho condition of Mex|co, or Cuba, or Gdatomala, or Caracas, or any othor country upon these \continents they will nolhositate to apply evory neces­ sary rouiedy. But wo do not believo thoy aro alarmed by any thing that fs now oc­ curring; anl wo are very sure that, after tho oxporlonco of tho last four years, this country will notgotawarupnn an abstroc- TH* Burning of tht WillUv Nelson. Th'e William Nelson, a first class packet ship of New York,, left Antwerp on tho 2d of June and Plushlng on the 4th, with 500 persons on board. The pretence of fever rpado frequent fdmitratlont of the ship neo easar'y. This it done by dipping heated frona-lnto Ur and'\swinging: tHem through tho air. By some Carelessness a pail of tar took'.fire and in an incredibly short time .the whole ship was in flame*. The officers, a portion of the crew and a fow of the pas songers escaped in boats and their rescue by tHe steamship Lafayette-is thus told by qne on boarc| the latter ship : On; Tuesday, the. 27th, thb sky was with­ out a 1 cloud, th'e sea smooth and tho air su perb; The- deck of tho steamer WHS lumin qua with happy faces. But a few moments aft«r Wo had taken our seats at the dinner tiible, at 4} r. )tt., the ship suddenly came to a stop. No notice Was taken of this.— Ih an Instant more we heard hurrying steps on the deck, ahdacfyof \ A wreck!\ \ A wreck I\ brought us all to our foet. We rushed up the gnnfeways,\ and saw a little to the southwest of the bow of the La- fayotto two frnll boat* filled with half na­ ked mon and women, pul.ing^towards us for, lifo. • 1 As they neared tho.side of our ship their upturned faces beamed' as if the gatf* of Heaven were opened to them.' The^leps of tho Lafayotto. wore lowered, and thirty helpless beirigt wero rescued from a watery grave. With a tender band Cnptairi De- Bocande received tbem one by one, and caused chairs and mattrostes to-be brought for thoso who had not strength enough to •tahd. Tho sufferers wero silent. Toara alone spoko thotr gfatitudo. Now ensued a grojit moral lesson for tho non-believers-in the Innato goodnoss of the human heart. Thero was scarcely a dry eye among the hundreds that crowded the deck of ;tho Lnfayetto. Tears stood on manly cheeks and in eyes unaccustomed to weep. Ladios took from their persons rich silks and Stuffs to clotlio unfortunato wo­ men. Gentlemen doffed thoir broadcloth forf the comfort of the mon ; and weeping sailors stripped themselves for tho benefit of thoir follow seamen.' Tho kind pursers conducted those that could walk into tho cabin, and placed tho best of the ship's board before thorn, and the holploss worofodliko babies. Wasaw sailors forcing Small pieces of bread, dip­ ped in wino, botwoen tho parched lips of tho shipwrecked soumen. In ns short a time.as possible thoy wore all mado com- fortalilo end the history of their misfortune ascertained. Thov woro passengers in tho William Nolson, from Antwerp, wihich had beon burned nt 12J o'clock on tho 2Gth instant, in lut. 40 di'g , 21 min., long. 60 deg. 23 min. Two boats wero yot out; tho long-boat, containing thirty soven peraqns, and a small boat containing fiiirteon, and a. raft on which wero about ono hundred others. A third boat was picked up', but long search for the others proved unavailing — Forty-four passengers in all wero saved by tho' Lafayette, and it is to bo feared tho rost were lost. It is n tcrrjblo' thought that five hundred persons were thus suddenly sent from tho world by such ft horriblo death I ^tnns burden, <vg« latinrhad fmni th e • tion -Hnrpera' Weekly, Riif The Secre nry of VV ar Iin3 ordered that, to secure equal justiro and the same personal liberty to the froedtnon as to oth­ or citizens and inhabitants, all orders issu­ ed by post, district, or other commanders adopting any system of passes for, or sub­ jecting them to,any- restraints or punish­ ments n»t imoos.cd on other classes nrn de­ clared void. NeitheV whites nor blacks shall be prevented frW seeking employ­ ment olscwhore, when they cannot recbive just compensation at homo, unlo-s by vol­ untary ngreomo'nt; nor will thoy bo hin­ dered from traveling from placet to plnco on proper and legitimato business Bfgjr- National Lyrics,\ by John G. Whittier, is thn title of tho third of tho so- ries of \ Companion Poets for tho People,\ now being published by Messrs TiiknorA Fields, Hps ton, who will send tho same post-paid to any address, for 50 cenjs.— Thj*e poems havo tho truo ring to them and should bo in the hands of overy lover of his country. G E.V . L EE, EJ AL .—Tho trcaicn indict- ment-i against Gon Loo and others will cnmii np at tho OcU/ber term of tho L T . S Cifcuit Court at Norfolk. It is said these cases will not b.0 prosecuted but each \rob\' Will bo treated to a probation, &c , ns his individual cuso may merit. tnff\ Ovor flvo millions of Seven-Thirties woro takt-n last Saturday—thirty-two and a. half millions sold last week. IfiTAn extended notice of tho proposed Hall of Military Record at Albany is crowded out this week. njST\ Evory prisoner of war has been or­ dered reloafed Upon parole . No. IX.—P ROVKRUS FOR T HE P EOPLE. —*' Dost thou lote life? Then do not squan­ der time, for tluiiis Vie Huff life is made of.\ But what is lifo without health? You abuse the laws which govern it and then you complain of sleepless nights, Nausea, Flatulence, Sick Headache, Loss of Ap- pttlto, Neuralgia, fthoumatism und other complaints. You have danced and tho piper must be paid. But Crimean Bitters will rolievo y'ou and mako you well, and if you aro temperate and carolut you will remain go. Soe testimonials on circular from U. S. Army Surgeons and'many others, of cures of Fever and Ague, Dys­ pepsia, Nournlgia, Rheumatism, Diarrhea nn 1 Cholera Morbus. All Druggists have thi* remarkable tonic- and alturatlvo for sale. * T ?»K O ABIXJCT O ROAKS manufactured by Mes'srs. Mason <& Hamlin are bocoming great favorites }rt: tho household. Thoir compactness, delicacy of tono, and elegant construction, mako them vory desirable as ornaments, as well as attractive' for their musical capabilities They arodifTorent in many respects from othor inslrumonti of this class, and the manufacturer! have availed themselves of the highest skill in workmanship, and tho best materials to bring thorn lp, pqrfection.— Ii'oii 'on Pott. The Prlco-of barley in Roadinj;, Pa., it now.$l per bushel, against $2.26 last win­ ter. Good new* for beer drinkers. The Lawrence Corporation at Lowell have turned thoir attention to tho manu­ facture of hosiery, and at prosont turn-out 700 dozen pairs wookly. One Boston family .pays taxes on 2,000 ounces of tilvor, anotbor on 1,704 ounoct, and another on 1,100. Several are taxod on 600 ounces and upward A Novel Hunting EMp.dltton on a Mu­ nificent Scale. We copy the following #ew Xork 2Vi> une correspondence which we are sure will interett our romantiq mderi. I; will not astonish them if they are full-blooded Tan* keet; . I think the readers of the Tribvn* will be interested in a grand hunt. Ah expe­ dition will start from Leavenworth City about August 10. Previously it will be or­ ganized by persons joining in an associa­ tion, each one being a shareholder to the amount of $200, $50 Immediately to be paid. One hundred and twenty-five men, uacb with a good horse, and with a full provision train, aro to seek the country of the buffalo; distant abeitit 800 milegr On approaching a .herd, the horsemen will surround it, but leave 25 in! reserve, and the line will inclose nine square miles of buffaloes, tho horsemon being about a quarter of a mileapatt. Ofcourto, the buffaloes will run, and the plan it to let tbem run, but toward tho Statet, and at fast as thoy pleaso. If thoy show a dispo­ sition at any timo to break through the 25 borsemon in reserve afo to come up and' keep them back. Thltthoy can easily do. Whon tho buffaloos got tired of running,\ thoy will be pormitted to stop, and feed and drink ; but if thoy will not, tboy may keep running till they got tired of it, for at last thoy must s.op. It is calculated that the drove will bo about 10,000 strong. Whilo thoy aro feeding, the horsemon are to keep in sight, still, ut such a distance as not to scare thorn. This business is to. be kept up till they get used to tho horse­ men, and if at any timo they want to break or run, tho horsemen will be ready for tbom ; still, all tbo whilo thoy aro to bo headed for tho Missouri River, whore cars and boats will bo waiting to take them on board, all bound for New York, Philadel­ phia and Boston. The meat it very fat and good at this time of the year. Tho success of the plan it to dopond on tho fact that a buffalo can run only .throe miles whilo a borso can run four miles ah hour.' In from throo to six weokt, thoy will become so tamo by tho process that thoy can bo drlvoti with little trouble till thoy ronch the Missouri Rivor. Should they, contrary to all calculations, provo unmunagcablo, they are to bo got at near to tho river ns possible, and thon slaughtered, whon their moat and robot will mako tho business very profitable. Tho concern is culled \Tho Amorican Union Cattlo Association.\ W. J. Hol- nvin is President, and W. F. Cloud, of tho 2d Kansas Cavalry, Commander in Chiof. In any nvent, there Is oxp\cted to bo much fun. Perhaps tho ono who will havo tho most fun is the Tpcasuror. His* name is Jas. II Hull or Hall. O NE of tho best proofs that sizo is of no account, is tho fo lowing: A talontcd African, of tho boot-black persuasion, while dancing ltko St. Vitus over a customer's boots*, observod his part­ ner poring wisely ovor a newspaper, whoro- upon tho following colloquy onsuud: First momber of tho firm—\Julius what do debbil you lookin' at dut paper for; you can't rend?\ Second member—\ Go way, fly: guess I can re»J. I'so big enough for dnt.\ First mcniber--\Dut nin't Muffin. A cow's big enough to catch n mice, but she can't do it \ A.v Irishman, *omo time ago, was com milted to the Penitentiary fora misdemean­ or, nnd sentenced to work on tho treadmill for the spneo of a month. Ho obsorved, at tho expiration of his task, \what a /Tiiat dulo of futago and boibcrntion it wild have nved us poor crathurs, if they hal but in<- vintcd it to go by ftninr, hko nil other wa- Micr mills.\ At Q'lincy, III., Inst Monday, thoro was quite u flurry of snow, according to tho Herald of that city. WASHINGTON & LINCOLN ! f.VPOTHEOSI*.) •pilIS \VONl>KKKVI. IMiTfKK. whie h Is havin g « snrli n lnr>;o snle. eiin br i-binlni-cl tu Dansvillu dent \hrahnm Linonln l'nnx*-ille, .Inly,lso5, £>tt C. E . .\I ',K3. lUauufactnrer of Collet's Block, Nearly onposito IU- SP I I'M store, where lie will koop all kinds of CIGARS, TOBACCO & SNUFF. tV Kverytliuifr «nld at tho Lowest Kitten, and Wnrrnnted us represented. H4 A tASTI'UESS eupable of turning otrfr..m 1000 to 1200 iinprus.iiii|is nn hour, gives us uiucliiid- r-inLige o\er ordinary utttei-s in executing Jub Work promptly nnrtnt low prlepn. WOOL & FLAX WHEELS, RKKLS, KTC, Manufactured and for sale by AARON BROWN, Second door North of tho Stono Mill, Muln-St., DANSVILLE, K. T. June 18. I SOS. 2i(lm.1 A rAUD TO INVAMD8.-A Clergyman, whilo residing In South Atnerien nn a missionary, discovered asafe and simple remedy for the euro of Xe-fvous Weakness, Early ttvcav, U'senses ol tin- I'Vinary and Seminal Organs, and tho whole train of disorders brought on by baneful and vi­ cious habits, (irent numbers have, been already sotiro by this noble remedy. Prompted byado- siro to henolH thu afllietod nnd unfortunate 1 ,1 will send thereclno for preparing nnd using thlsmcdl- nine, in a sealed envelope, to any ono who needs It, Frco of elmrge. l'loswltioloso a stamped cnvolopo, addressed to yoursolf. Address JOSEPH T. 1NMAN, 216yl StntlonU Blblo House,N. V.City. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW A MTTLB OK BVKBYTHING relating to tho human system, male and female, the cause* and treatment of disease*, mnrriagn'customs of the world: how to innrry well, and a thousand thing* never puMldied before, read the revised and enlarg.nl edition of \Medienl Common Sense,\ ii curious book for curious people, and a good book for overy ono. 400 pages. 100 Illustration^. Price »l,firt. Content* table sent free to any nddres*. llooks may tie hnd at the Hook stores, or will bo sent by ninll. post paid, on receipt of the price. Ad.lrcsa E. H. KOOTK, M. D., 34Suia , 1130 Broadway, Now York. TTBKTIOW t IVCRYBODYI HALT I and take a drink of Ol Klce 'a Ico Cold Lemon­ ade nnd Soda Water. Also loo Cream sorved cve- rv nfturnoon and evening, at hit aaloon on Main 1 Street, Dansrillo, N. Y. - OL. KICK A BETTER DfTEStMENT Si '* TIAXtSI TJ. S. 7-30 LOAF! CHEAT B ARGAINS GROCERIES! Dantvllle Model Grocery ! SUGARS, TEAS, COFFEES, SYRUPS AND MOLASSES, Peace Prices! And in fact all kinds of Fine Family Groceries! Lowor than they have been sold In DantTille for the pad two years. Stone and Wooden Ware! Lamps, Lanterns and Kerosene Oil! A .i Low aa the Lowc»t (and Lower, tool) DOWN! DOWN!! DOWN!!! BVrKTTHINGr MARKED DOWN! C all and Ufa me. Ona Door North of the First National Bauk, IJAJT8VH.I.B, X. Y, M0 • It. W J-'IJ F.Sf It' JOB PRINTING O K overy variety, neatly, cheaply and promptly] executed at the office of the Dansvillo Adver.l User. P INBAPPr .K CIDBR-Will euro you If you aroa'ck; and if you are troll, will prevent tick- Kor sale everywhere, H.T.I Mlw2 llAHIJ[TT,floL«Ao«KT. 84 ,04, 08, 07,08,70, 72. and U Wa»hlgton-St., N«w Yeaa.' . W JUSKEBSII.'-Thoto wishing a fine aet of whisker*, a nice moustache, or a beautiful head of glossy huir. will please read tho cars' of TJIOS. F? CHAPMAN, In another .part of thi. paper. THE CHEAPEST PAINT F oil wood or metal exposed to tha weather, la Liquid Gutta Perch*, and it I* the best. too. Only $1 a gallon. For.sale at the Advertlnor Office. EC0RATIVE TIlNTrNOcan bo don* nowliara Irt (hi*. Mellon ae well a* it the Adrertirer Of- fire Up Town Boot & Shoe Store! • • DtAtr.R ix BOOTS & SHOES r-oa Men, Womefi and Children. Dick'. Bloek, ... Main Street, DANSVltLB, N..T. M K I'll K. thankful for the liberal patronase wlneh he lw» received for yenri past, would n>!-peoifully announce that he has titled up Ilia on- tip* cstaY.iishment Mr his business, and thai he has \how a larfje and splendid stock of Custom-Made Work Which he is confident cannot be equaled In this Rectum. FOR GENTS. CALF, KIP AND COARSE BOOTS. CALF, CLOTH AND PATENT LEATHER GAITERS. &o . FOR WOMEN, CONGRESS AND LACE GAITERS AND SHOES OF ALL THE FASHIONA­ BLE STYLES. FOR HISSES & BOYS. EVERYTHING FOR. THE FEET OF THE NEATEST FASHION. In fact as pood work and as fine an assortment a» can be found anywhere. - And all of these articles ho will Sell lower Than most establishments can afford them. CUSTOM WOKK Done to order on short notice and fits warranted REPAIRING Will receive special attention, and satisfaction giv­ en injvory instance. Solo Leather and Shoemaker*' Finding* a* cheap as ever. PLEASE CAI L AXV TRY ME. C. I'ICK. Dansvlllo. Juno 1st, 180S. THE OLD E»TAULlalIBB Cabinet Warerooms OF DANSVILLE! P. ALT9IEYER.li CO. TTTTOI'LP rtESPKCTFI'LI.Y INFORM the Pub T I Hp that ihey keep at nil time* a large and well-selected stock of Cabinet Waro of every de­ scription, such a* Burea«ji, Wardrobe*, Secrettorleaj, Book. CniieH, Center Table*, Extension and Common Leaf Tablet,' gtahda, Bedateads, Afatranaea, Chair*, «Vc.,.«Vc, In great -variety, and la every tty'le of flnl»h or quality of material. Chamber and Bed-Room gets of tho best manufacture, furnished to order on »hort notico. Every arllpie of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE In our line of business can-be' had hero, and we wish It distinctly understood that wjr WILL jvt *jr vjy»mma»k.m In any of tho abovo articles, and also MMCIA U T |n tho inauufaotiiro of < *~ : PICTURE FRAMES! Whieh wo will furnish lower than they have ever bocn bought in thi* market. Ready-made and made to order In almostanyatyl*, inoludinft LYMAN'S PATENT . iNPIWTRUCTI. BLE MTKIAL CASi», for whieh wears thaaola agent* for ItantviTle and vloinlty. Htaasa axa M BVIOM when desired. JKf A continuance of the former liberal patron- af n of the Public la roapectfully solicited. Ware Rooms corner of Main and Chestnut sU. \/\VIL'S \\II that flow* well,\ and advertising in KJ the Dan*vll|e AdvartKtr will ' more snre and steady rlowfof tmlaessAIi etl well In Peansylvsnlt. Trr II. e you as any Nef SpringCotds . JFOR 1866, AT SsSVBRAYTON&OO'S. We are now rtcslvlng a Splendid Stock of OU Girth* i Window Shades, Cords lad Ta*- sels, Picture Tassel^ kt* ' - Also a aU* assortment of Staple and Fancy.. * >7 > DRY GOODS! Which will be sold at tha Lowest Market Valua, by S. S. BRAYTOST & CO. Ladies' Dress Goods • C *n be bought at U»duced Prices after this <Ute of S. S. BRATTON & CO. Shawls & Cloaks At Reduced Prices after this dale by S. S. BRAYTON & CO. Boots & Shoes Cheap as Ever by S. S. BRAYTON & CO. Balmoral Skirts! Ifyouwnnta Nice One, go to S. S. BRAYTON & CO. Hoop Skirts! You can find tho Best and Cheapest at • S. S. BRAYTON & CO. ftlottttofl (emporium. rjrtltK OLD ESTABLISHED TMNSVlLtiE Clothing Emporium, MARTIN CURTIS \TITOCLD respectfully announce to the public TT that Ins present stock ot .CLOTHS, CASSLMERES, AND TESTINGS, was never moro choice and complete than at tho present time, and tho samo euro Hnd attention Is given to hi, CUSTOM DEPARTMENT which for many years has caused this house to take the Lead of all Others ! Now as heretofore, all work will be promptly nnd carefully performed by uono but Experienced Workmen. Onrments always made up in tho latest stylo In tho department of READY-MADE CLOTHING, Can be found a carefully selected and superior stock of everything, in tho lino. Furnishing Goods To suit everybody, from a paper Collar to a fine Shirt. HATS AJVD CAPS In creal variety, to suit every sue, every whim and all kinds of weather. - What ho has not got I n tho Clothing and Fur­ nish ing line he c«n manufacture, and what he enn't-manufacture isn't worth having. Try him. E. S. P ALMU , Salesman. O. II. Rtcs, Cutter. W. J. LA RUE & CO., BEAUX* IX GOLD & SILVER WATCHES, Fnxhlonable J ewelry, , SILVER & PLATED' \WARE ^CLOCKS, Violins Aecordeons, Flntes, Fires TamkM Natiass, Famcy ArticUa, A Tine Lot lot Grold and 811 rer Watohaa for Ladle* an d Gentlemen. O UR Stock of Jewelry Is the finest and most fashionable ever exhibited here, and comlat* In part o( • jHAXoxnnxs iKnaixos, upiss' airs or ns* AXD *A»-«ISOS, LABIM aoiB aaAeuxT* AKD risona atxos, ' OIXTS' *INPS, DOSOH AND SCASr FIKS, outrs' r Aisai tTOrsi las SUIT* ltrrrojrs, OBH' OOtO WATM OCAtD AXD caAtNt, UMM* 0OU KKI in WATCB c «Aia<, AO, SC., AO. Watch and Jewelry Repairing; 'Of every ^description done by tho bo»t workniau In the State, and All Work Warranted! Fine Clirenometer Watches cleaned and repair­ ed on short notice. Mocxmra BAIK JswxutT! Executed at this establishment in a style whieh equal* tha works of the best hair artist* in New York city, and prioet atall time* reasonable. X general assortment of KiSUINO TACKLE, HOOKS, TROTJT AND 8ASS FLIES, ETC., QB hand. . .2 *1 *Xw-Thep»lronsfee(thepnb)lo la respactfally solicited. Call at tn» REGULATOR, (on* door North of the B»nV of D«n»vllle,)D*nsvin», N. Y thin it Q O. WJST*0**t r ''•WHOLWixX * %XTXJt BXALXil' Ilf PURE DRUBS, MEDICINES, Dy«-»tofr, Camphtn*. Barnlnj Flnid, SsirvU T«r- MntUe, Alcohol, Bird Cages, azld Bird S»*d^ Taocy Baaket* sard: Faetcy ArlkiU*. Fer« ft&oery and Toilet Soap, aa jatvdlM* Varlaty,_ ST'OSE, WOOD * WliLOW YTA%% BBU8HKS 07 ALL KI1TDS. Choice Groceries, • Pan WI BM Jk ksnOiM, ma*l tW kMt Oli Br* fc MatH WVUtUT* ftTWHiAhiill*iuiiiia. STORE IN HOWABTBt'S BUliDINO Corner Main and 0**l*n 8t, I)an*rllU. DANtviLXB MONUMENT I TOMBSTONE KMP OlilUMt S, C CHASE/ DESIGNER & EXECUTOR Monum'ental Art! Practfealwirkiwrla aU kiaaa 9€Tmi?n Would announce to the'eitixeri* of Danirille aad surrounding country, that he has opened a MARBLE SHOP ON MAlTf ST., Two door* south of AngeH* Hall'* Drjr Oobda Store,-where ha will keep the largest assortment of Marble Work'that can be found la tha country,' consisting of 11 Monamentg, Heid-Stones, Mmrble TmMtt a. T»mi tiMei, JKmr+Mt, CiMml af «*a, Mmkl, ftMmt •>•*>,*, Cemetery JTmitt mmiflxtmrti, f cV Also : GRANITE AND THE CELEBRATED PORTLAND BROWN TREE STONE! For Monuments, when ordered, an article that cannot be surpassed for durability. My long experience in the Practical Part of tha' Business, and my superior facilities for obtaining Marble, from tha Celebrated Rutland (ft) Gnarries.- Enable me to «ell work at least twenty per cent cheaper than any establishment in the country.— not only in cheapness, bat In neatness, dispatch. and artistic execution. Plain and Ornamental Caurrirsxl Executed in a stylo that will defy competition.— All work delivered abd set in Cemeteries free of charge. Most kinds of Country Produce taken ia exchange for work. S. C. CHASE. Daiisville & G.V. Railroad FIRST TRACT THROUGH! Great Rejoicing* CAR LOAD 6? GOODS I • FOR FRITZ DURRI FRITZ PUTS DOWN PRICES! He is determined to Sell Good* Cneaper than- \ANT OTHER MAN!\ JJTJRRAH t UCTLKATt I ! Look Ont for Bargains! cVaapar* l *rie «M) aa4 Save M*a«T Call at Frits Darr'i, And examine the extensive Stock of Faahlon*-' bte KSAST-MAM CLOTHIIVO, OenU 1 Furnishing (loods, etc- etc., that he la ro' celvthgby Express every week andthen Invest to* the a mount of yoi T cash. Our aim is to phrase, and jf we relieve j our roczxr* of a little tin, yon have the satisfactic j that ydu havo not been TAKXM In. To enumerate i rticlesis unnecessary, but call ... .... , j hatwe have the largest and or ciotarxe ever brought lata and be convinced Itcst selected srocxj iJansville CUSTOM^ DEPARTMENT ( Knvinghad a longer experience in the business thun any other Tailor 'In DansvlUe, I flatter my self that I cannot bo beat on a fit. I wish tosay to tho. Farmers, Mechanics, Lumbermen, Doctors, Lawvcrs, Clergymen and all other classes of men and \boys of Dansvlllo and vicinity, that thoy will find tho best'assortmentof Good* at my Store, fo, BUSINESS OR DRESS SUITS ( Ever brought Into-this aASXXT;'such a* FrMah, Geiman andEoflfsh Cloths, •lack aa4 Faacy CaaaiaMrs, Dos*xiITS, 8ATt!nrrs. Twarof, JK IXTBCIT Jtlxt, *94 a fresh supply of the far-famed DRTDON CLOTHS! Which cannot ne found at any other Stor* ia Pansrllle; together with a great variety erf VK8TIN68 J Consisting ofthe foiiowlng varieties^Marseilles, Black and Fancy Silks, Valencia*, GrenaaJlnes and rich Velvets. Jt'ia well Kaown thaiTthis House ha* DONE THE LAMEST AND MOST FASHIONAJLE Custom Trade for a long time, and in onr caw Store t WITH INCREASED FACILITIES, Nothing ahall be wanting on onr part te retain the Reputation so honorably earned. HATS AND CAPS Are kept In Large Variety, and always of the La­ test Style*. Give us a call before purchasing elsewhere. CURB'S IS T1IE PLACE I Herald Buildings, MAIX mum. Sloro formerly oe> ctipledbtB.M. Welch. AUSTIN, HURD, t CO., AT TH» WATJCR CTJRJC, D A.N9VILLE. N. Y., will pay the very highest cash market price for EGGS, Dried Apples and Green Apples. fa KIT AVALITY WAXTBD X Dansvllls, X»rclil«,l*«*. aM i anniXAX cured of Kerrpns IVsWlItn JX, Premature Decay, and the-affect* o/yeUthfut Indiscretion, will b« nappy to furnish **h«rt with the means of cure, (frte of tktrye). This remedy It simple, safe and aarUin. For full particulars, by return mall, pious $4it*t* } JOHK ». «f»iir L J »4m» »y*3fsuSt., JfewTttrk..

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