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In cultivating tbf> tomato ialsrge market gardens, the plant* are: usually pinched before their final transplanting,, and they aro then lott to grow without any support; but in small gardens, not only i» greater neatness obe^rred by Uklnj t$mf p»ip,» to train the plantij bot the' frultii improved both in quantity and quality. There are iOYeral methods ol graining-. ^One which, if not altogether tbo'ilm'ploit, 'is o 'ne 'of the neatest, is described by Mr. Q. M. Ohllds, of Hanc&ck Co., 111.'' ''As soon as the plants, aro lirga l, enougb! transplant to rich, light soil, oirtin'a Hill) arid'at least five feet apart each way. • At )east f once a week, scoop the oarth away from around Ibe plant and.paur.on>,quart < or more of., soap .suds. Whonlthe plant commeneeS 'to branch, cut off the] outer branches; ibis will bare a tendency to increase the siie of the stock and cause it to grow ' busby. Aftor the plaiittJaro4fl-or 18 inches high, they should bo provided^' with frames,, I makemineby splitting standards from pine boards, 6 J foot long, and sharpen / their, lower ends. To theso standards aro nailed slats mado by sawing 4 feint)latbs into three pieces., The frames aro made 16 inohes iqua.ro, nailing tho lower sla^'at 15 inches fromJ ( the bot­ tom of thO'Standards, the upper ones at the top, with, others mid way, bstwoon tho two. Frames made in this way hare been in uso five years, and with a little repair­ ing will last some years longer.\ When tho brunbhes'e'xUnd beyonlithe slats and orer the top of the frame, clip them, leaving one loaf abovo the fruit stems, and continue to do this ' throughout tho season. The plant trained .bus and showing its ripe and ripening fru t, forms a most beautiful object, and one tomato grown in this way is worth a dozen as usually cultivated. Last year I bad 21 plants, from which I gathered an abundance of fruit for table uso and canning, for a family of -five per­ sons, besidos distributing from flvo to six bushels among my friends. No ono noed to be afraid of using the knifo freely, as thoro is no dangor that tho plant will not fruit abundantly; in my oxpprionco tho difficulty has boon to keop it from fruiting too much.\ HENS .—Tho boat timo tow sett a ben, is when the ben iz roddy. I kant tull you what tho best breed IZ , but tho shanghigh is tho meanost. It kosts az mutch tow board ono, az it doos a stage ho3i, and yu mito az well undertake tew fat a fanning- -mill by running oats thru it. Tharo aim no p^roffitt in k'eoping a bori for hiz cgg3, if ho laze less'than ono a day. Hons aro vory long livod, if thoy don't contrakt tho tho thrut diseazo, tharo iz a g'rnto menny goes tow pc t, ovry year, by this molonkolly diseazo. 1 kant tell how tow* pick out a good ben, out tu a general thing, the long oared ones aro kountod tho host. . Tho one legged ones, I kno, aro tho least ap tow scratch up tho^ garden. Eggs packed in equal nartos ov salt, and limn water, with tbojother ond down, will keop for 30 or 40 years, if thoy aro not disturbed. Fresh beef-stake iz good for hens; I serpozo 4 or 6 pounds a day would be nwl a hon would neod, at fust along. I shall bo happeo tew advise with yu, at onny time, on tho hen 4ucslion, and—tako in egg. ptOKJTIBTH -EDITION OF The Watchmaker of Dansville TL,. Or. K1PLEY, Formerly oflho firms of Riploy k Stedmarc and Rip- \e) k Loaoh, has recently purchased a large and splendid stock of * Watches, Rich' Jewelry, Silver and Plated War* YANKEE NOTIONS FANCY ARTICLES ETC. At low prices, which will cnnblo him Jo offer bar- illo. cams nevor before given in Dnusvil oxperionce in Hislong BEP1IR1SQ FISE BATCHES CLOCKS, JEWELRY, Ett. Enablos him to warrant satisfaction in ovory In' stance. Ho will bo found at his now place o f busi' ness, in tho MCC ARTNEY BLOCK, I Opposite the First National Bank of Dansvillo whore ho will be happy to welcome nil those wish me his goods or his services. CALL AND TRY HIM. E. JOHKS, T. Would announce to his old friends and the pub lie generally, that ho has taken the New <fe Commodious Shop! CORNER MAIN * FRANKLIN 8TREETS, Opposite the Pansville Itonsc, where he is pre pared to make of the Best Stock, all kinds of CARRIAGES, BUGGIES, sftilkies, Cutters, Lumber Wagons & Sleighs. Ho Is also prepared to do all kinds o f Jobbin such aa REPAIRING, PAINTING, TRIMMING, WOOD WORI?, BLACKdMITUING, AC. Asahaapasany Shopin the 8t*te. • Call and see for yourselves, for he will at all timos be Kind to phow^ work and atook. He baa overy facility • FIRST CLASS WORK. Remember the place. Ins Straws, Of pit s (k SwOk HMS , faasrilk, K. T. .• T . E. JONES. 1 1 •o n s - - • i fc 4. ft « 8 ' D*niVllle, Livingston County, N; JBto famytUnt §wtx\\ftm ®wfU$ti 5. - \; A FALL TERM BECIN* WEDNESDAY, AUC . 23, 1 805. W INTER\ NOV .29, \ tPmNC \ \ •• ' ; ^ M'CHil,g86tf* THE merit* of this Institution arc too well known to require recapitulation here\ The ability dnd enthusiastic labors of Us Faculty, the thoroughness of its Discipline and Instruction, the high moral character and social harmony .of its students, the many prizes tzwarded for scholarship, oratory and composition, the encouragement which is offered for the uniform education of the coMPLrn MAN, physical and moral, at well as mental*— ALL TIIXSK are mentioned with approval aniong its numerous friends and patrons. Below is a list of the studies in which thorough instruction is imparted in this Institution. Bx IT SKMXMBEKXD, that the ; ' FUNDAMENTAL ENGLISH BRANCHES ARE NEVER SLIGHTED. Primary Branches. Arithmotic, Robinson's Rudimentary. •' \ .Mental. Geography, Mitcholl's rrimarv Rending, Sanders' 4th Union Reader. 8polling, Town's Spcllor. Couituoa English. Arithmotic, Koblnson's series. Geography, MitohoH'u New Intermediate. Grammar. Analysis and Parsing, Grccno. Penmanship. RcAdinR, Sanders'6th Union Reader. Spelling, Town's Speller. Higher Mathematics. Algebra, Koblnson's sorles. Geometry, Robinson's.' Trigonometry, '• Surveying, \ Natural Science. Natural Philosophy, peok's Ganot. Chornistry, Wells. Botany, wood Anatomy and Physiology, Cutter Astronomy, HurntU (ipo|ogy. Wells. I'hyslciu Geography, Fitch. ' Belle s Iietti'eii fcc. Elcmoiits of CrRcism, Kames. Rhetoric, Coppoe. HlstDry. Harper. Montnl Plnlo.-ophy. Wayljtnd. Natural Theology, Palcy.\ Logic. C'oppce Moral Philosophy, Wayland. Ertl^i-li Literntilro Cleveland Lanaptaa;«s . ' LATIX . Grammar, Harknoss' 1st and 2d Books. \ Andrews * Stoddard. I Roman and Grecian History. Ciosiir, Hnnson. Virgil, Andrews. Cicbro. Hanson. 7/atin I'roso Composition. o«jt«. Grammar, Ifarkness! 1st Book, llndley'a. \ Whiton's Lessons. Reader. Xcnophon's Anabasis, Owens. racltCR. Grammar. Fnsqiiello, Readers, Elementary and Classical. Corinno. Grammar, Woodbury. Reader, Adlcr. GCrman Drama. Ornamental Branches. IVnell Drawing. Pen Drawing. Oil Paintinjg. Piano Music. Phonetlo Short-Hand. Standard Phonography, Gralinm. Black Hoard Exorcises from DioUtion. Science of Teachlut; . \Theory and Practice,\ Pago. J.eeturcs.- 1 >r J 11 In Common Branches- Physical Exercises. OlllstheniuH. • Gymnastics. Voluntary Games. •J TIACIIERI' CLASS.— The Rogcnts of the Unirorslty haro designated this Institu­ tion as ono to rccoiyo an nppropriation from the State, whereby a limited number uf Com- mon-Schooljroachora can rccoivo instruction gratis during tho faUtcrm. TlflTIOK—PAYABLE IW ADVAXCK. . PRIX»»I BKAXI uer, I'OMMPM Exaitsn, d o Ilroii^it d o d o - I .Axni'AOES, HIOITKH MATH., ic. PilojinaaAi'iiY—EXTRA, $(.00 6.U1 \.00 - S.00 5.00 lnsrxt )J »r ..sT »t Music— EXTRA, . $lo.no I ss or INSTRUMIKT , do - '>'OJ DRAWINO . t | o - - . n'oo (HI. l 'AINTWO, J 0 1)0 I.NCIDOTAI Exrxxscs, (each student) LOO Beard and Rooms can be had In tho ririnity at roasoimblc rates, or .further Information, address tho Prineipnl, Prof Joseru Joxu, A II. For Catalogues S. HTJBTJADI}, T ISAAC X.. BNDnESS, Proa. Board Tnutecs. <~nuiz>. O±IJIVAKJJ , Hecretary . w 1 •4 • H • i H I .1 ft i LEMEN BROS.; 8100 , For a Medicine that wlllj Tiok IM>T« ling In tha> Throat, <W »oou{(j|(Obuih, orr«- i .Cfaiwmp ,MT » l Cough * ( M.qutekM . f MUtasiy PA Staple and Fancy Dry Goodi, Ready Made Clothing, ; HATS AND CAM. T • AMERICAN HOTEL BLOCK, 1 DAtftvixJa:, nr. r: Purchases made at Peace Prices! \S T HE 'subscribers wonld notify the public that Utey haTejostreceiroaa l LARGE AND SELECT STOCK Of goods 'In eacU bought at ' department, which harlng LOW PRICES! They can sell on most farorabl* torms to their palrooM. Call and see. .241 LEMEN DROS D.insrllle, Juno 20,18SS. LOZIER HOUSE, CORNER MAIN AND OS8IAN STS., DAWBVILLK, H.T. (Entrance on Ossinn Street, rear of the First. Na tlonal Uauk.) : H. WING, Pr*pri«rtor, W ARMMcalH at all hour*. Ice Cream at all tlmcs'durlng the season. Good stabling for hordes. Prices low, and accomodations equal to the host. . ' 3«yl AMERICAN HOTEL, Main Street, - - Dansville, X. Y, Centrally Located. The subscriber would announce to the public that he hits taken possession of this FIRST CLASS HOUSE, and will endearpr to make it popular with the roj- idcnt and traveling public. THE TABLE Will bo well supplied and sorved atoll times. Seat and Commodious Rooms Furnished to Guests. «S W Charges will bo very moderate '^3 8. D. CORAV, Proprietor. H [TKAPQ,UAttTEttS At Geneseo. GEN. G. C. TAYLOR, Known nil over creation, has taken charge of * EAGIHE HOTEL, AT GENESEO which ln> has refitted and refurnished, and will keep in his umiul FIRST CLASS STYLE! Charges always rcasonnblc. well known to need pulling. At his now place of biftneos. he will 'In his Ixi ^t to make his friends | eomfortublo and tlunl.s he can suoeoed. u^- lliinieiitiH'r. ••i - n Ti>>l\r can be found from date »t thcKaulo Hotel, Gciieseo. filMlcxl'O, Jimii 11.1804. l.'.l EXCHANGE PLACE, DANSVILLE, M. Y. ANGELL & HALL, HAVE JCST HECEIVKU A. Large and Well-Selected Assortment or SPRING km SUMMER GOODS, for £aU and to gcut. An Improved Farm for Sale ! •pl.EASA.VTLV SITUATED ! N THE VALLEY OF NORTH ALMOIfS, Knur utitt-H fr<mi Almond vi|lap«(ind Erie llailwav. Wfll ivaiercd. BOod fruit, and near good schools mills and market. 'Widely known aa the latuJolm llrown Kami. 189 Acrc-« of Uind. with Kood build- liic» F\r Ti-rins, Inquire ol S. .Vugcll, Almond villaue. or An^ell k Hall. Dansvillo. Almond, JIarcli 13th, 1S04. SIS J. ANGELL. COE'S \OGTOfl'BALSAM ! « '.'t.i.-j + \ • \ - • • . Over Fifty Thousand Bottles haro been sold In Its tiatira 'totrt ),fend not a single Instance of l U fail­ ure Is known.. W e have, In .our jio ^wsslon any quaiitlty 'of certiflcatca, some of them from 4 f ->BM1N£NT PHYSICIANS 1 ' Who hare u»e<I II in their practice, and rlr«a H the pre-omlnonoo over, any otfiercompouiiJ. * IT DOES NQT DRY U;P,A COtlOIl I but loosens Itao.aa to eMbte 'thepatient to expec­ torate fre*ly. > > • ' • yrvtobnipRwtiMxn • Will Invariably oureTiokllnf In tli» Throat. Vhal bottle has o (Ua completely cured the most 'STUBBORN' C600H, ' f ! \ and rstj trrongh It Is so sure and'«pe«dy In oration, It U perfectly harmless, beln^ pure) etable, fit it Very aicrceabl* to the taste, ani be administered to children of any age, ..'ir JS CASES OF CROUP we will f naranUe a cure, i f taken in Mason. No familyahould.be wilhoutit. Ills wltliio tho reach of all, the price being ' ' Only 40 Camta! and if-an .investment and thorough trial docs not back up the abovo statement, the money will be refunded.' W e aay> this, knowing its merits, and feel confldeat that oae trial will secure for it a home In every household. • Do not waste away with '.'oughlng when so small an Investment will cur* you;' I t mayb e had of anjr respectable druggist in town, who wilt furnish aft 'rpprletbrs, Its bp' »ly veic od may you with>circular.< enulue certificates of cures New ifaven, Conn it has madd: «s _8btd^v DrujtglsU everywhere. 0. 0. CVhHK. k ~ Dixis BISKS S * Ci, Oen. Agts., N. V.. KENNEY & NELSON, l 0.'- M Medicines, Fainte, Oils, . ...... . : • J> ,..s* FAMILY GROCERIES, FINE CROCKERY, j BOOKS AND, STATIOHERY, Yankee Notions and BB,M,.Q.V~A X~; PROF. X W, KXRi% TO BETTS' r BLdCK, DIRECTLY OffOUTEC'ITIrHW X KlUi ^ Where he wwild liWio havo lilt old ft lends 'ui I' the people generally, call and examin* Cloths,; Ctssimeft's, Vesting Fwil^t 1 . ingiGoo*Js^c. r >• \* 1 !- X, u Particular atiention paid U i± Cuitom Department, b In which he defies co«p«lUlon. \ OVERCOATS, UNDER COATS, VMT \ ' ' AXD PANTS, )• Oot up In the latest fashionable style, well mUl% and warranted t o fit... ... i& CUTTING done on short aotlc*. Sheet Mnslc. Ayei^s-Ague Cure. TjlOR Tfl E \SPEEDY .CUKK ottifrSttt&l IV .J? ver. or FeverandAgue , Rem Mntftni dn I Fever. Dumb A«Uo, Periodical II ^fcTor tol •lous Headache, and Bilious.Fevers, Indeed WruLf whole class of dls .*s«i ori.lnatlnjr In bHUrf 4 ra 'nxement, cansea by the Malaria of miasej£ countries. Fever and. .Ague'is not the,oaly scqaenceof themiasmaticpoison! -A krrtt itfiZt ol disorders arise fronif i u irriutiori, ft rnsW^ districts, amonc which are Neuralgia, JthtSll tlsm, Gout, Headache, Blindness, Toothathe. ache, Catarrh.' Asthma^' Palpitation; P«af u | ASI tlon pf the Spleen. Hysterics, Palp l b tbs Bowek Colic, Paralysis, and Deranaement oftheStotnsci all, of which, when ntis^natioc l b this cans* MI„ the intermittent type, Ot become periodical, \Cure\ expels the poison from the U<x4.JI thus cures them all alike. It is not only tt>« effectual remedy ereriHscorertd-* for this r'tiiij ccimplslnts, but it is the cheapest and mortvsrs perfectly safe. No harm can arise from its w .. t. . . .... . rTr. •JjAVING;bouuhtou t Mr. W. 0. Llbby, and re­ ceived a A RARE CHANCE! TO WHICH TIIfcY INVITK THE ATTENTION OT Fine Piano at Reduced Price A RAREJ JpUOP. *. J. COOK Has our extra due 7 octavo I'lano at S.Jones' Fur­ niture Rooms In this village, which he will sell $60 Below Price! Any person wanting a £ood instrument cheap ill do well to cull at once and seeitre it. D.insvilln, Fob. 1st. IKM, D URING the past rwo years thoro has been so many IIRIII trashy goods sold in this town, thnt con­ sumers find bv clearly bought oxperionce that it Is always economy lo buy UOOD OOODH W e have the iLssnrnuoo froijl our many customers, that our efforts to buv and sell substantial fabrics of standard makers, hns been .luly appreciated: and in selecting ( ur present stn^k wo have done so with the utmoHt oarc. avoiding \shoddy fabrics,\ as wo would \shod ly principles.\ Ladies' Dress GroocLs! Especially adapU'd to tho Fall «nd Winter trade, in full supply, m'stylo and quality to suit purchasers. CLOAKS & SHAWLS! Some cntlroly new styles which wo offer at prices that cannot fail to be satis A largo assortment, factory to all PRINTS! PRINTS! PRINTS! The best nssortmont In town of standard makes and NEW DESIGN'S, and as Good Goods as was ev sold lb old times Bear in mind tho \Host is tho Cheapest.\ Bleached and Brown Sheetings! Wo offer tho abovo ns low as can bo found in Market. DHBSS TRIMMINGS! In full assortment and Latcst&lylos. CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, JEANS, COTTONADES! A complete assortment, which we offer at prices that Defy Corapotitloni LADIES' CL0AK1NGS AND BROADCLOTHS! A choice selection. Those desiridg to purchaso aro solicited to oxamlno our styles and quality of Goods beforo buying elsowhoro. BALMORALS AND BALMORAL SKIRTINGS! The best and latest styles of tho soason. GROCERIES! Oor stock of Groceries Is large and complete. Our. Tea* wo nro soiling at loss than thev can be pntin stock: We select our goods with c4»» ami offer nonobnt tho \best that tho markot can afford. B OOKS ASD GIFTS. rOOD FOR THE MIND! If you want to buy a Book, buy It of E. 8. BROOKS At the \iUBTRCPOI.ITAN GIFT BOOK ESTAB­ LISHMENT,\ No. 26 Buffalo St., Rochester, Whore yon enn got any book that you may want. Honks in every department of l.|tornUiro. And you have the advantage of receiving a handsomo Present, wortli from 40 cents to $100, which is glv- • n with each book. *3. All Hooks are sold at tho publishers prl ees. And you eau select from tho largest stock ev> 'er ottered In this city, including all tho standard works, all descriptions of Albums, all the varie­ ties o f Gift; Hooks, all tho stylos of Dibits and Prayer Hooks, all the Hymn Books now in use, all the late publications, nil kinds of stationery. llooss for nil classes—upon all subjects—in cv- crv style ofliluding,nnd|in endless variety. llemomber, thai .In ttureliasltitt books ol E.S Baooss, at the \Metropolitan Gift Hook Store,\ you pay no morolhan you would at any other establish menu anil you have tho advnntago of receiving i valuable present with each book that you bny. *S-Ono trial will ronvijiee book-buyers that tho place to make their purchase. Is of E.8. BROOKS. At tho Metropolitan Gift Book Store, 26 HuHnlo sl„ Rochester \yyilfES AND LIQUORS FOR MEDICINAL USE. Tho subscriber has for sale some of the best of Wlnoe and Liquors, both foreign und Domestic arid among tlieso nro tho Pleasant Valley Wines anil Brandy 1 Mado'nt' Hammotidsport, N. Y., nnd tho YORK WINKS, Made by Mr. Wurren, at York. Llv. Co.. N. Y. 1-8 EDWARD NILE3, AT OL RICE'S! O RANGES, Lemons, Dates. Prunes, Figs, Fig I 'astP, AO.-, of tho best quality and cheap. UaUntOl Rico's now saloon, In Hnrwood's filoek. Crockery boforo purchasing. MATRIMONIAL. T A DIES ANb OENTllEMEN: rt'you Wish to JU marry you cm do to by addressing mo. r wl send you, wltboutinoncy and without price, vnlu- jiblo Information, that will eunblq ,you l o marry '-pplly and speedily, Irrespoctfite of agi?.wcalX beauty. I will cheerfully Mnlc \»\^. we,, -\> ha or SALT! SALT! Keep Cool! ICE! ICE 1 1 ICE III OEND IN YOUR ORDERS for Ice by the sea. O .on. by tho pound or hundred. OrtUr* left »t Da^u?: , J G T s *, 1 I ,, J£S tfrmtay attended to.* 1 Liaairuie, June 1st, ISes. a IIBNRY. SALT! Constantly on hand. SALT! i ., /' 1 theerrully assist your Th e do- slred Information tivnt by return mall, and no ro- ward asked. All; letters strictly conlldontial\ Pleaso nclose postage or stamped envelope, ad- droesod toyoursolf. Address »»«<»I'e, au ,„ . 8ARAII B. LAMBERT, M2,nS Greenpolnt, Kings .C<v,N.Y COES DYSPEPSIA. CURE! ins WORLD'S GREAT REMEDY FOR DYSPEPSIA And al l Disease * of th e Stomach and Bowels. O NE BOTTLE is guaranteed to cure tho worst case of Dyspepsia in existence, and one dos will instantaneously relieve tho most aggravate IttUll 'kb uf Cl\0lera Morbus, Dysentery, Fever an d Ague, Colio Pains , Sic k Headache, Sicknes s a t Stomach , Heartburn , and in fart all diseases proceeding frotirthe Slom iicli and Bowels. It i » a sovereign and permanent euro for Indigestion rad General Debility! and will.in every instance regulate and restore to it healthy condition n Disordered Stomach, ena­ bling the pat.ent to tula; healthy food without dan g'-r of distress from it. It Is the most wonderful remedy and tho most speody In its iictjon ever known to the world. N o one will do without it in tho house that has ever used it once. YOU THAT ARE SUFFERING, wo beg of von for your, own sake, to make just one trial of it. 1'rleo $1 per bottle. Jfjf Sold by Druggists every» here. C. Q.CLAHli k CO.. Wholesale Druggi«ts, Proprietors, New Haven,Conn DIXAS BiSKts i Co.. N. Y., Gen. Agts. CLARK'S DISTILLED RESTORATIVE ! For th«> Hair! RESTORES GRAY OR FADED To tta Natural Color! HAIR •J ^-KW a»d Beautiful Varieties of CQAL STOVES . n d ^d \ n oC ?r! 0ra \ \* \.rrthln. that can c.otha the outor ^^J^^^^^ at tho lowest priccB. Call and see thorn. 202 Flour and Feed, Oats, Cora, Peas, Potatoes! N. B.-Oash Paid for All Kinds of Country Produo-e Q^^^^^kfi^ l* 7 ^' 6|vs up speoWs, without aid of docfo? o? m Sdi- cent by mail freo.on receint of ir ,i.eni. / ANGELL & HALL. I cine . nt or mail freo.on receipt oflO cents. Adrfress E. B . FOOTE, M D.. -vims USO Bjnadwsr. New York C ~1LARK'$ Distilled Restorative for tho Hair ' j Hurely eradicates Oandruliv Clark's Distilled K«i6tor»tlvo for th e Ilai Prevents Its Falling Off. , Clark's DistiUod Rcstoralivo for the Ilnir Promotes 1U Natural and Healthy Growth. Clark's Distilled Kcstoratiyo for tho .Hair Causes tho Hair to grow on Bald Honda w/ioro the roots are not entirely dead. In tupii cases, nothing will do It. • Clark's Distilled Rcstoratiye for tho Hair Is a most Luxurious' Dressing, A Utile one says; \I like it. It makes my Hair.feel so soft utid shiny,\ Clark 's DJittlled Kettorallvo for ;'tho Hair Contains no dirty sediment to Ui sjiakon^up boforo uso. Clark 's Distilled Restorative f^rtho H»lr Is a clear transparont fluid—contains no Oil— is nota Dye,and has no deloterlouj'properties, Clark's' Distilled Rcstoratiye for tho llair Is delightfully Perfumed, and dj** not turn • rancid In warm weather. • Olark 's Distilled Rostorative' for the llnlr Is the only perfect Dressing and Uostoror of Color combined. Clark's Distilled RcstoraUvo for tho Ualr Is selenlllcally prepared. nAsts only S)l per Bottle, and .Is sura to give saliafauoa. 01.VE IT A TRIAL. •»31_ For salo bjr UriuteNtH jto»i>rallv In nity and country. f. O. CLARK k CO , Proprietors. 3UyI Ntw Haven, Conn. v Y ,<\ien Agv Large Stock of Goods From New York Purchased since the GREAT FALL IN PRICES! Wc «r« pMparco! to sell our Goods at Low Prices! I r X3r Our Sufrar's, 'Teas and Groceries, being pur-, chased at Low figures, we can sell Lower than any other House. In Town. *3- Store in.Clai-k' s Block, formerly Occu­ pied by W 1J. Lil^by. Call IU and, price our fioods Wforo going elsewhere, lor WE ARE BOUND TO SELjt,! 2Kif * KENNEY k NELSON. OL RICE'S SALOON! wiUi£s complaint cannot' be over-estimated;'So-'sbrelttv to enre the Kever sod Ajtue, that I t'ma'y trqthf»5|&' said to be a certain remedy.' One dealer .compiSJl that it L not a good hterdicine to seK, becaassssi^ bottle 'cu'rfs a.whole he!l4hborli6od,. ' ' ' fl Prepared by Da. J.C.' AVKR * Co, LowelLWi and sold by E. NILES, C. G. WETMOJtE i NEIJBONTbarisvJllei 'and..!! deakafj KENNEY i NELSON, in medicines evervwhefe SSOtaJ.. :.A CARD. ' IN view of an extensively expressed sns^siM, and to a considerable extent,belief and d*els»f tlon, that I am going to leave Danavllle, (pccaMi.j' cd by the *alo,6f ray house,) and especially ID s*i sidcratlon of tho anxloas'andoftenexpreasedhai of my friends and patrons that they are going t«w deprived of,my professional services,-I feel esllsl .upqn to announce to the, public that Ihafcno|i»j ol leaving jDansviile, and tljat my .present d^»jp andsettlifil purpose is to remain here permaaesfty My friends will.' ploaae\ acc»pt m y thanks lit their numerous expressions of regard and ttttr dence in m y professional'skill, and I berebr » sure them that t'shall continue Xo serve all »k> * l may desire my professional services with pfomst. ^ nese'and fidelity to their Interest.' . . ' >' 1. M. HLXliESir. \ Dansville, Mayt5th, 1VX. i WhlHkem! I Whlikm! D O you waut. Whiskers o r MousMcbesl Ow Grecian Compound will force tbera to grow M the smoothest face or chin, or hair on bald heaej, in Six Weeks. Price tlfiO. Sent by mail aoj- where, closely sealed. on : receipt of price. Address WAIUtEU t CO, Uor 13S. 233yl j Brooklyn >'. X. THE CHEAPEST PAINT F OIt wood or metal exposed to the weather, a Liquid GuttA PerchaVand It Is the best, lot. Only $1 a gallon. For sale at the Adrertlser OfBci. D KCORATIYE PHNTlS'Gcan bo done nowbefv 1 inthi rice. his section a» well at at the Advertiser Oi-. OL RICE, T HE celebrated caterer to thp public.taste, has pnrchnsed thet'Ooodrich Saloon, nnd united tho two oatablishmenW In one, at the Goodrich Dtantl, in HARWOOD'S BLOCK, Opposite t lie Advertiser Otflco. nnd has fitted up the same in tine style for the accomodation of all. Oysters, Meats, Game, Vegetables, &c., Served upon short notfee and In the most approv cd stylo. • K PIES AND CAKES, CHEESE ANI) CRACKERS, BOILED EGGS, PICKLED i TONGUE, ETC., . Always on band. Choice Ale on draught, and the best brand of Cigars! Foreign and Domestic Fruits, ; Candies, And every thing els* usually kept In an establish mentof tills kind, of tho best quality and at low price*. , Tho.patrona(r,cof.the public Is respectfully so­ licited. ' , OLR1CK. SPRING Millinery Goods! ^*p2r 13053, .= AT PEACE PRICES! MISS FLORA JQNES, MMfSAUMil Uuea a \ BLOCS;, Pwui Bis^rj^Co. DAJCSVIUX . , MIPS JONK3 ,haaa flno Aock of, Millmcry Goods n Jtreat variety, Including Flowers; Ribbona,, Silks, dec-, And ItiiTinK no old stock t o self o.ut, her cv»s(omci» msj-'roly upon yetting something SEW AWD FASIIIOXAni.E I Mlsa, Jones' oxp«rlisnn<i as a! practical Milliner. Is well known In Dansvillo, nnd tho faut that she Is atroady enjoying the riRST -OL &f S PATKONAOB of the town, Is sdmclont rccOKnitlon o{ her artistic accomplishment\. ' Kfnrythlftjr In tho'llnft o f tho business promptly and titutly dispatched, aud At Very I^ow PrlccM. Sflr Entrance to the rooms, one door norlluif the Tloston Clothing House. iEtStf FI.OUA JONES. WBL KNABE & COS OelebratedMd Medal PIANO FORTES, { J. BAUER «fc CO,, A GESTS. WAREROOMs% 544 BEOADWAT, IIW TOEX, ^ 99 Clark St and Crosiy 'i Optra Hon* Bssd tha soUowiac cadsssMssMtatoryMtsa* from disjtlngniaVrl Aztiata. Ifsa. X.BSW a C«— OenOmen: t havefreat pleaaore In eertlfyts* that I Wvs trlsi 1 yoar Bqaare \Pbino and fiad' tbeia eqoal, If sot s *r«- rlor, to any In Ud* couoUy., Am*** the rnei e.«alUsi which distinguish them, Is UM tirnaef of tone, Ike s*S/ • and a *Tt «*ble tow* and volaaoe of te*«. WUblo/vw all tbt saccsst which y<m »e Ufbly intrrt. 1 ayv*». Tears, very trwTj-, S| TXsJAOfc \fm. KaaVe a C*.— Qentttmen; Uavtox had Uttly aa opperiootfj to try *U teslysw new scali Grand as well as Square FUaos, I caoasl r«fraln, besides reiterating aB lba d occssloa U nj »t a former period, from confratnlatiac jot *n Hte.hJ- portaal tmprovemeaU yo» hava, bJtrod»c »4 la uj maaufartur* of Piano*. Teasr liutrmsaenu eeobiotsn tb< qualities which art rr<ulr«d Xa Mk* s I*Uj>o MSI- fesl as poaiible, and fully dteerre the treat popaurflr «tcy b»T« rained all ortr UM couirrr. - . _ Wsa. Kaskl C»^— GniUmen:, 1 cannot bat congratulate yo« upon UM bassemat sf*- grcas and IraprovemeaM which yott ceatlMally auk* co your Pianos, which. In my epUlea, rank aawnftht very best lo the •easary. H. tTKiAOKa, W«. Kaabe a tm.—Q*ni*nt*.; Our Opera Troup* are at prmeat a*ia( fear ef rear fUsilj celebrated PUabs, and as the exponent of tk* TICWS and opinions ofitk* vaiteas anlata. permit aw to say ; I consider Uiro>; as tmWfmMud in SriUtcanr mi azwUraee, and pre-«mlo«B(, wlihoat a rtra) ta tkls ceaa- try or tn Europe. Trjrlr superior quality of lone, cam- Mnlng great depth and powerful volume, wttk a rkk and, peculiarly clear and eyra treble, toavther wt* saaiic elaaticlty of touch'and action, render ik<m as pa­ rlor to the other lastranwoU, which rarely, k?,rrr. eoav kin* those moat aumtul requlmtat. froSsuodUj ha- pressed whh. the many ralaaU* qaalWa* ef them' hanoe, I moat cbsetfaliy eaaarse the kick and at«rk»- rloui enoomloms everywhere pronounced upoa taem. Afaswal IKrtctsr »( tin lufym Opera. W,T.r*, Das. \Hi. Was. Ka>V« a Ca.— Gentlemen: Your Agent, Mr. Baaer, asked me te rrr, kaisty eplnioa as to the merits K JM» rianc—vrsat sat , •emare. My opinion \ on Us jnarf\ I, that they are tilt***. loan truly, , , MftWUSJUB. _ _ fttJY*rk,Dt.1tkk,TIM. Wm. KuVc a Ca,— GentUmtn: ' 1 bare carefuUy examine* year new seal* Orftat a*4\ •oaare PUao JTortca, and I aniat\ say that they amtm me OfatMrffKrfy, both with retard C* saach and tone, aa* I can eonaacatiy r»oo»»a»«a4; thorn a* heme Haal ta- any ia thiscoaatry or Baroa*,andywi hare tiumliiliai teaukeaaeermrsaMlfwratrrVMtaytm. • loars, rtapertfaUy «M. W. MtMUT, Orgmmijl pf Gnc* Om*~ Wis. KHV* a C*).- MtmTtrk, ihw. IK*, IMC -OentUmm: It aford* am treat pioaear* U teatlfy to UM ami «• ntllence of your. Piano forte*. As retards >>him> M4' J uallty of tone, delicacy of teach, darabtlay and labh, halleve they will, compare hivarahly with thee* of ear most edebrated nakera; wlahtat y M a eoadnaaac* st the •ocorai which yea as raalaeaUy dealre. I am- Vtry truly, yours, W. E. liaVftM, Eraiy Piano folly CkaraaUe4 for Hr* Tearv W« ar« ahss Apa** ssr EAimiT. mm t :is OILC&rUTEP MELODEONS & HARMONIUMS, And are Manafactarars and imaarttrs of Musical Instruments it Musial Mer­ chandise in general. «7 T'i r i!?*' '\V ac \' , 'n< , n< \f largo and beamlful styles , ort\p o or nnv country nrintinit orllen in J. BAUER & CO Ko. 544 Broadway, TStw York, Also, 99 Clark St and QioAyt Opera Hoo»*» WaiMagtoii 8t, CWcago, ]ilin«U, JCW -SEXD FOR X OinCt 'LAX.

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