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The Dansville advertiser. (Dansville, N.Y.) 1860-1866, September 07, 1865, Image 1

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ONCE A WEEK. A. 0. BUNNELL, Editor and Proprietor. rirT<rnn of SistiscHjStlot., Advertising, *.c.| tiee Third Page. (Sard*. r T, M.M*IX*,M.» Phplc^n and Surgeon. Oflloe and reeidr-nco rorner of Main and William streets, DnnskylHn. AHemcy* and Counsellors at Law. Oro.ee Sweet\' Co.'n Exchange, New Bank. Block,! Btreet. Pafi«\vll1c fcver Main •LAIQKT * XIOWMJSLL. \Scolubursh. N. Y -doalors In Dry flood-:,Grocorlp.-, lUn.U and Shoes Cloth?. Heady-Made ( tothing, lirugs, y»Hki-o Kotlqns. Ac. 1P9, T . E .Toitis, Carrlnge Maker. Corner Main ami FrnnUlin cts.. fD.-insvillc. Carriages made ot the la-»t limber and '!»tc»t Hlyl c Cutters and Sleighs in tin- mason Hepiitring done on ahort notn-c, Ul JAHII KIZLZB, Troprletor Arcade Barber Shop. 29 Arcade (>al- \ery opposite the Post OtHco, ltocliester. Shaving, \lair Cutting and Shampooing, in a neat and tuitty nyle . KEN-RY N. ICHLtClt. Faahionabl* IJiU-ber and JIair Dresser,. Won dell Block. -Main Street. JJansvillo. n «ur Ulna kern nnd .Moustaches Dyod after the Most Ap­ proved Style BROWN «t QRANT. Dcalrri In Hcavv and Shelf Hardware. Stores, Tin Ware. Sheet Iron Ware, Cutlery, Main Street, iMnovillo. Stoves of the most appiored pattern!) always to bo found at this csluljli.h meat S4 F. II. MARSHALL, Plain and Ornamental ISook-Dinder and Blank Rook Manufacture r, Hum' - Work. Corner of Buf­ falo and Suite Street-. It., hosier N V A O UurtsriL, Agent for iJauivlllc and vicinity q. n. PHESTON, M D. , Physieian and Sur<teort, L)an^\. i, N Y omeo In DieU'\ film k. entrance fn dour North of Jones' Furniture Store, Main - reel. Keaidence Cornerof South anil WalnutStieel* —*7yl 8COTT8BURO HOUSE - V. Havon*. Proprietor Tnis old established and popular Hotel, in located in the boamiful villain of Scottsburjch. eight miles from I'an»»ville. and four miles north of the heatl of 1' OIH-MIJ I Lake The patronnge of the traveling public is respect­ fully solicited lo-Jtf E. NILE .3, Dealer in Dril<;*< and Medicines, Paints. Oil.\ nnd Dye Woods. French and Am rican Gla«s. Wines and Liquors. Itooks, Htationerv. 1> II|..T HanijitM 'S WindoMf Stiadcs. Cord and *las-e|s t tirtalll 1 -i.K turos. Pocket Cutlery tiold nnd ^tc, I Pens, Ink-, Yankee N turns, I'a-uiri--, l-holograph Alt>ums.£c MOWN 3c STOUT, Carriage Makers, corner t Imp h and Exchange •treets. (Ian -villa Carnages Jtu^ities, Milkii s. Democrats. Culti rs Lumber Wair .xis m >l Mfigli -i first-class and at the louo-t rate* A I kind-, of Painting. Tnmnnni;, Placksiuitbint;, Woodwork, etc., on short notice. 319 L. O. RIPLEY, At the old established Jewelry Store, Is prepar­ ed to do the finest Work in the fine of Hut* h and Jewelry Ki-pairing in a manner second to that of no other workman in the Slate Hvcry kind ofworL in tins line be warrants satisfactorily done. No one need now- send to New York for all the liner kinds of work CLINTON HOTEL. Ko'liester. I-.ia-- Ashley i t o The Propn tors have put in in entire new front and added another story to the building, re tilted nnd re lurnt-died the limi-i- throughout. The new room* ar« finished in suits, for fun.lies, and ire cle^-mily furnished The trai.-hn-.; publn will find the rooms and aeeomm ol.iri ,ns far superior to what they have been U.LI-.Y i H Mini.I.. Dentists, suc.-essors to llri-lo| & [inboll ilflice in Shepard's Hloelc dirooUv over th- P.-st Oillee— Operations in either the meehaiu.-al or opemtiie departments performed in a superior manner tnd the reputation of tl ( e old office for dotn>( the lie.«t work 111 the countrv will I-- -us'aiiied 111 e>e rv ilcpartui -nt and p-trlictilnr of Denial science.— 1 idler Hour- IroinT A SI . toflp >i JIS THE DAN3V1LLE HOUSE. T.o'r -.n J -a--*. Proprietor Tins c« Ichrated pu>^ V P hon-e lie oldest 1, »w 111 l»lill-% ill \ li is lately eon undergo]iiu ext»-nsiie and thorough repairs, nnd is eouimofliously fitted up for the especial sreommod itton of the traveling public and for day hoarders \o pains mil be spared to make •hot a first class house in every respect aula itcn rrai fivontc The pitrotiaire of the public ,s rskpectfully solicited t or Main and Milton hts.. I'ansvillr !»1 E. ii. II. T Anthony & tfo. ANTHONY <fc CO., Manufacturers-of N OTIC E TO CKKDITOItS .-I n ptifsunnco of unorder of «>u|titiion Hubbard, County Judge of the County of Livingston, nnd of the tilnt- ule in filch case, made and provided,\all perrons lnivinv!L'l*imKngaiiii -t the estate of Well* Hunt, late of ihe Town of West Spuria, in said County, deceased,are required to exhibit the same with the vouchers in supporl thereof. t>.John Wilkinson, at his oltice in the Town of North D.inaviJIe, in said Countvvoh or before theJth day of October. 1806. 3 OEOUGEUUNT. Executor. West 8p«rhv April 0, 1864. N OTICE TO CKEDlTOJttsL— PnraUanl to unorder of W. Hatch. Surro«a|e or Allegany County notice is hereby given to all persons, hav­ ing claims against the c«tnto of James T. Jones, late of the town ol llurn\ m said County, deceas­ ed, ihat they arc required to present (he same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subseribers, the executors of tin* late will and testament nf deceas­ ed at the hoti .se ofG W. Jones, one of thn exec­ utors, in the town of Itiirnis Allegany County', on or before the ^otli dav of November next C.'W J ONES 1 P. UENNET , Dated Mav 22.1.1SC5. • next J Executor*. MTK, l- s. j N OTICE TO CJflEDITORS.—In [iursunnce ofan order 01 Solomon Hubtiard. county Judgo olth o County of Livingston, and of tlto statute it! such case made and provided, all persons having claimsngainst thaestato of John Henderson, late ofthe town of Ossjan. in said County, deceased, are required to exhibit the some with vouchors in •upport thereof to James Pcntt, one of tl|e admin­ istrators of the eftatu of said deceased, at his real • lence in the town of Ussittn, otlor before the 23d of December. 18U5. 2i* Hit! Dated 0 -sian, June 22d,lRf.. r i. JVMI.S SCOTT, Administrator. • HE l.-sY 11 ENDEKSON, AdminlJtratriX N OTICE TO CREDITORS —In pursuance of an order of Solomon Hubbard. Count Judce of the cuunly of Livingston and of tho suil nte in such case made a|id provided, all persons having claims against toe estate of (7eorg0 Hilts, late of the town of Sparta, in 'aid county, deceased, are required to exhibit the «nme Will i vouchers in support thereof, to Philip /•' Hilts, administrator of the estate of s.iiii decease town of >parta onorbefn: IStSrt. Dated Spa'ta Julv (' I. at Ins icsuleiice in the •0 theOth day ol January, i. ls«5. PHILIP E HILTS , \dministrntor I JMiECTlOI C NOTICE. i-I.msosrox Couxir J Snuliirr s urrtc>!.—A ^ouoral oluctiun is to he held in the County or Livingston An the 1 Uesday stieceeiliiig tho first Monday of November next, ut whlen tune will bp uh^sen iho olticcr* tnen- tlonoil in the notice, frot'ii the Seerotary of State, nnd thu electors will also lie required to vole on tho appropriation made by the I.egUlndon for the, payment of lloiinty to volunteers. A list of the ofn era to be eioutud to gather with the appro­ priation 10 be voted on will h« found nuacheu to this noicoas furnished by tlio Secretary of Statu. D.ned.Gerieseo, August 2 lS6i. THOMAS C, CUASE, Shcrid. STATE O P NEW YORK, Orrici: or Til t SacHcrtur or S TATIC , Allnny. July 29.1585. To the Sheriff ot the Cbuat'i Of Lie'uujston: S IR —Notice is heni'.} 1 gucn that a 1 tho General Flection to be held In llns Stale on thu Tuoida y mcceeding tlie first Monday of November next, the following ollieers are to \be electe 1, vn: A Secretary of State in the place of Cnauncey M . lleprw. A Comptroller In the place of Lncius Moblnson. A Treasurer in the place of George W Schuv- 1 ler- ' r J An Attorney General In th^wacc of John Coch- | rnne. A State Engineer nnd Surveyor in the placo of Wlllihm B. Taylor. A C IIIIH I Commissioner in tho placo of Willinm I. SUit-ncr. An Inspector of State Prisons in tho pbico of Gaylord J t larke A .Indge ofthe Court Of Appeals In tho pluoo of Hiriim 1 enm. A Clerk oftho Court of Appeals in tho placo of Frederick A.Talmadge. All wnose term-o f olllce will expire on tho last day of Dcee.rfiber next Also, a Judge of the Court of Appeals m the nla-o of John K . l'urter, who was appointed to till the vacapcy occasioned by the resignation of Henry it. Selden. whose term (for which lie was elected) ex­ pires on thothirtytlist d ,y of December ls\l. Also a, Justice of the Supremo Court for the Seventh Judicial Distuct, in the p'aeo ol Thomas A Johnson, whose term of ntllco Will expire ou the lust day at December next. \lsii. a Senator for the:tuth Senate District, com prising the counties of Wyoming, Livingston and Allegany. I NSTATE OP.TOIIN TITS WORTH.— Thn li pe. pie of the Sinto of New V'»lk b\ til J grace o God free and independent. T o all persons in­ terested 111 the estate of John Tits\w.i-i|i late of the town t.f i.rovoland in thcieonnty of Livingston. d ased. erce'ing. \ ou are hereby cited and required to appear be. fore our surroirate of our I ounty of i.i\mg-ton 111 our Surrogate < onrt, on the 21,1 day 0 1 October, lsiiSnl III o'clock in the fyrenuoli ol that day. at the Surrogate's ollice in Geuesoo then and there to attend tho final settlement of the account* „! John [.itehnrd Hiliniui -Irator, with the will annex­ ed of John Titsworth said d.-ceased In testimony whereof we have ca-ised the seal of ollice of our sal I Surrogate to I K .' hcrc'tinto affixed Witness, s llui'baril Ivto Surrogiie of the said County at loneseo, ihcBih itnv of July, in th year of our Lord, one thousand eig . t 'hundred imd sixty five S. IirURARD, 215 Surrogate. Photographic Materials, Wholesale and Hctuil. 501 llroadvt-ny, -V. Y. I N n-l'liti<>n t o ou r main iiii^inf**-* n f Pltntogt-jinh - if! Mntt»nut5 t we arc lIontlquarUTs f*»r H»o tol - luwint; . viz c I Stereoscopes and Mereoscopic Views of th^\*' w *• litiv\ n » i,nmi'i)»o n«»»*\i iiifnt tin In •liiitf \\ i\r S.-t lu*\. \in*>ii<Mti aii'l l ; »ri'iL*n nri'l f« iti ip'\* 'tr-i -ii.* ^r.itti irv.-vr* M-*.» U^'vnl\ln^Slt•^l*<*•*•'• , p«-«. for puhhr or pi ivnto r\- Jiilution. Ou r r»i it >I>I\P vull lie -tout lo any ail* dress on reenpt ofStatiijt. Photographic Albums. Wo wrrr rli<* firM ro iniroiluro ih»'**c inr*> the t'nitril ^ta'i's «n I u*»« niantilut ttir< IIIKIH n-r quantities in urot.t \ori.*tv ruiLMiiy in pru*f fr-iin 6 <ji 'ont-4 t<» &>« J njii'h 1 Mir Ut'iuii*i liav»- tlu* r*'t»i- talinii of h«Miig «u|»rri«ir in )>riiittv nul t|tirii>*il)l) to ni»v \thof•* Tin y u ill be st-tit Fu*:^ ( n n*coij«f <J( pn'co. **-n \E AMU MS MA IOC To (OtlOOR CARD rinTrooKAPiis. Our entaloeiic now embrac, s over live Thou fftnd ihtlerent sul.jeets (to which nddtnotis 111 c contniu 1'ly b.-in : m id--) of Portraits of I-'imnont Am.-riean- Ac Ml aliout 650 Stat . «men, 1.1' l>IVIIH- s 125 tiiihnrs, t o Arii-is, 1 -state . 5 ' froniin't Women lm) Map., lienernls In 1 L ' ijeneriils, •rs folonels. b« J Lieut I olopels, *5o , iiher 1 Mhc, rs. 75 Navy 1 ifilcers l .'iO I'rotnment Foreign I'or'rnits 3nfli t „|. t , s of Work of \it Inelnding reproductions of the most celt I.rated I'ngrnving\. I'aitiniu-.. Statues. ,1- ( atalngucs bfitxt on ruccipt ot '•nmp An order fort'o I'oi;- en I'leturcs from o 11 1 a l ilo^ue wil l be filled on the receipt nf «l so n , v i went b at ,d I-'rce Photncraphcrs titel . ilo.r» ordei me ijoods r O P.Hill (ileits e r< in 1 tu. 1 *y five per cent of the •mount with their ..'-I, r K A II T WriI \\V A f 11 Manufacturers of riiot»giip l 1, M it- r d. ftnl Itroaduiv \ V *J- The prices nnd ijttnlily of our goods cannot foil to satislv - 2.'lnil2 M OKTUAGK SALE.-Whereas on the K'th day of Mar, h, lauL Sitena» H-ynnlds and M irv Iteynolds his wife, duly executed and de- I v, red to i .uorge t ollar a m-ittgiige dated on the d-iv aforesnid. upon the lands nnd premise's herein­ after d.-s. ril -e I to secure the ptvmeiit of the stun of lilleon htludrc-d dollars'! ami'interest there.qli, who h sutd in Tl ^'aee with the o-.werof sale there- 111 e ..ot.,ined «a- duly lecrilc-l in the I le, l<'.s othee oi Lit, m.-to n t . itniy on the l!>ih day of July 1MU. at 11 oel -tcl; A 51 111 liberal ol mort^ages-at pace ls:t \nd n h- r- is default has lie, n made in the eonddion of -ai I moit^ago, wherelo- tin* power of s.iie cotit.iitie 1 ilieiein Inis become 'operative, and met, is chi.m-'d to bo due upon said mortgng»'it the time of the first publication of this notice the sum ot on.- hundred and ninety eieht a'\l !»'• n'y four «u„. tomdre-l'lts dollars mi l luT '-atter to be. comr due ti,o sion ol bmrieen hundred dollars and interest ih .-r- .n from retiroary Nt 1PP5; and no suit or pr line ( ,t la « hash.-, n in^tituteil to r i «r th- loon y -ecuri -,1 i-» l«- p.iid by said moriiMirc le, r any part tie r «-oi' N.ov' thcretote II .to •• is o,r ' y ^ivi-n that bv virtue of the |,o«-or- of sale contained in js:i»»l niortgaiie. and of the htuiuti in siteli ei,se made an I provided said mort giee uill \„} rtiruelosed nnd the premises therein jeseril ..-.l -a. fo'loiis. viz •• AM that tract or pan-, I of 11*1 i st 1 ite in il e town of >pruigwater T county of LivuiL'ston and state of Now Vork and hpfng in township ini.nlier seven in the finli rnnue olitmin lop- HI said to.vn afo |i -aid i.'-n g lot iiuinoei ono bun.Ire i an I si t-euty^s, v,»n i;7) coiittfinin^ one 'i'iu lr»- I an 1 llir .-e acres an I ti.n.-tv-six loin dredlh- of an -le -e. execptin<: «n I r,-^» ri-in« ihcrc from tu em v •• i a hi it .-ri ^ and nineiy -it hundredths of .on r, in th.--otith -ea -i eorne-ot the sard I.. i hen-tot .»• ntr.icted to 1 -lb|th iVetmore, |,-a\in^ sev otl live les lierehv ltiten-|ed to bec-.nvey ed ' wid i .i. sold al public an, -non to the highest bold, r c ihe \inei-io.vi Hotel in Linusville rillnue in S-II -1 1 -onn'v on s.itnrdav the b'th day of Septem­ ber, I MSJ , ai eleven o'clock i M f.KOUi.K t 'U.LAIt Mortgagco. D W N..vr-, Atfy, U . IISM II C , N. Y. tiate | I i-,e pin, | -I,\ The Orcnt Deiicractor and Sick- iloom CoHiprt'iion ! •T. IIAVKNS' 1 PATENT Mosquito Shield or Guard! j A ( X! n 'S A discovered a safe and s Htm. m\\ k ^ott. ^ WM. HALL & SON, f>.i :t lironilwrij', • - - New Yorlr> V'.IATS FMit THE t Fl.EHATF D DriRRs New Patent Piano Fortes, W hiclt -ire creatiiig the greatest sensation in the Musie.il World, and have received Ihe hmhest tes- t.moin-il- tioin -ill the leading artists 111 ttio cuun- tt\ coioni.' a toon are* •s. I II XI ltl'Hi; \\ M \«JiiV. I. M tiii'l T-i' II \I.K, FIMS 'tHi r nitOWN, UM IIKMt\ 1-ItV, Tlir-M I-'I-FI KLD, M. bTH IKtWi II. M\X MMIKTZEK, HKIiMIN \. WOT LKMKl'l'T Ilavinii piirchise | t |, e \c-ney of OcorJce A. Prl»ice is. Co .' a M elcxlenns , Aulomallc nnd .School Orcnm, from their late Wept Mr l n tries K iCicoti we Will lie pleased to receive order* f r th t «e celebrated Instruiiienls. and wi'l always endeavor to keep it sufficient supply on band to till ah orders at -ight I 11 • most liberal discounts t>iven to the Trade l.hiirches. t leri/y- men an- 1 Schools All Instruments w.iRti .vsiED roit rtvr. \ t ins. Manufacturers and Importers of Flutes . IlnuJoK, Violins, Otlltan, \ loll n StrliiKi*, Ajreni-flt-ottrt, nnd nd I Is ,-f Uruffrt and ottier Mnatonl Iu- Nfrniiieiit H r-pe. i ,1 attention paid to furnishing Ilraiaa In­ strument s for Bullet*. 0I' ^riKET MUSIC Just published \The Vtmltc,\ n newcnllee- lion oft hints for th- Kpisi ijp.il service, for open, nig mid closing \ o'tiiiinncs, Mttiti.il Socletiej. C'la.sses and In the Social t.'lr-le In Vugllf Tay­ lor. I'r —|b, mis s.',, |s., t'l.iih Jl IHI In press i,ml Hill soon be l-siied HASSI NTS twenty Mi Iodic Kxi rci-e«. fo** the stndv of t 'te proper art nf \itmniir. by I nth, fl-issint. author ot Hassun's Art of Stngimf. And PIANO KOKTK OALISTlIKNirs. A coll.-cit- n ofFI\ F FINliKftri|tHtInuid»CALF. pt -s^e s for speedily developing the tnuselesof the Angers mid a> quiring that degree of llcxihill- Iv. independence and t ohll'tiity. ivtuch arc so in dispens d lu to a good performance on the PIANO I'OHTK. by Francis II ISrown. 9tm.' Ever tho faithftil Champioa of tho Good, the Beautiful and tho True Lines Written on tho daath of Mrs. Etxix C. T &ISCOTT who died In Livonia, June iMtli, 18M. County Offlten t o bo Elected. Tun Memb.-rs of Vssielnbly A District Atjorue), in the place of Georgo J. Da. is. Two Justices of: Sessions in tho placo of Utley Spencer and John T Van Ne-s. Two Coronets in the plnee of James A Bennett and Z.irih II lllake \ll who-e tcrtu < 'of office will eipir o on the last .lay of December in .x . The attention of Inspector* of F.lcction ami County t'liuias^cr- is dirietcd to I tniplcr 3^ of I JIWS of 1-StKi. a copy of w Inch ts printed ltereadh. entittvd \An -\et ti, provide (to* iiie-uis ,,f payint; boilnt es iiuiliori /.ed by law. and of i-eiml.iirsiu^ mumoiptdiiitis for bounties paid by them in pur­ suance of law by creatuiga Mute debt for that pur pOse; anil to subm.t to the people the fjuesto n of creiitiuu sue . debt and to repeal certain sections of chapter twent nine o | Hie Laws ol eighteen hundred nnd sixty five,\ for Instruction* m re­ gard to their ti titles under said act ni of tlie reienu. bonds i f tin. st ue wliii ii tin ei lhi-\pi onsioii\ of any law of tins stat • sh ill tfif- Music s. nt by mail pus -paid, nil receipt nf tho marked prie/» W tl.l.UM IIS LI, A Pi >N. 25ImO \ 511 Illoadwny, New-York. A lu.eriil d U sF.P Nur'.t or Day nirnrda ntisoluie protection against Mosqui|oe«, Fheo. finals *p.— Ate fnstTakmg the pi ice of the Mosqui - to Bur and heinq sold evcriwIoTe — 5l Thou\ >nd» teslifv It >. is worth double 118 f irico for the Slcl;. loom, or a morning nnn in A<itimet Al tilled lor u « price —$1 till to {1 50-*-nr sets for head and hands $2. T o cler­ gymen at half prlco. isc .imt to the trade 1 dozen or moro ''nt to merchants express paid tind collect on tie- iiterv Send stump for i irculnr or price li«t c JUIIXSOV I BKIMKICKIHIFK. Sole Manufacturer No. 12 Vc»ey st, New-\ oik. Noticit —All papers inserting th* nhove with cut U J S.—A t'lergyman, while Ir Atnerlt it HA a mlssioiiiiry, discovered a safe and nuAplu lenieity for the uttre ofServoii s Weakness , Fairly Di-cay, D'soaites ol the I'nnnry nn>l Seminal Organs, and tlio whole train of disorders brought on by banuful and vir emus habits t,real numbers have been already sctire by tips noblo remedy. Prompted bya de­ sire to benefit tiie ndttetud and unfdi tunnte, I will send the recipe tor preparing nnd u»ing thM modi, cm • in a sealed envelope, tonny doo who needs It. Free ofcharge' Pleaseinclogo a stamped envelope, addressed to yourself Addresi Jn.SF.PH T INMAN . 21Hy) Station D Jhhlo llolt-e. V Y Pity Valuable Recipes. EntT\n or AnvKart-nR D«nr Sir. — With yopr per­ mission I \iisti to say to tile rctideffl Of vour paper, that I will send, l y return tiiatl.to nil'who wish ,t (free) a re ipe wit h full direotfftns' for tmrking and using a simple Vegetable Halm Chat will elfec- tuully retnovein ten days. Pimples. Mlotehev. Tun. Fiecls.|es, nnd all linpu'ritie.s 6f the Skin, leaving the «atno soft cb-ar smooth and beautiful I will also mail free to those having Bald Heads *nd this notice to-he nmoiint o f fl on. will be ra. d or Smooth Face s simpl n direction s an d infornia- \> the above C n>.t|. on reecint of their bill an d ' Hon that will enabl e the m to start a full growt h of M \\ • 1 1 uxurlan t Hair . Whiskers , o r a Moustache , In leag than thirty day * P^er. Will send cut by mail JOHNSON A BBJNKERH0FF . _ These rn. ipus aro valuable to both old ond - • — . -so _—. _ young and as they are mailed to all who need them O MJ p »E5 WADE SfEW .-t Pamphlet | free ofcharge. they arc worthy the atlentioo o f all direi-iiiig how to speedily restore *icht and who prize a clear, pure Skin or a healthy growth P'Gupspcetaelcs.twithoutaid of doctor or modi- I ofhair All application!' answered by'return mail. *'»«•• Sent by mail free, on receipt of 10cent« I Respectfully Tours, TH0S K. CHAPMAN . Addrean E. B F00TE. M D.. Chemist and Perfuinnr, ^o. »ql Broadway, N • •<\\«• ll. V Brotdwov Vew York 264w8 CHAP a:s. AN A(_'T to proi ide the ineans of paying bounties authorize,! by 'nn. an I of reimiiurslng mniuci pahtie.s for liountn-s paid by th. m in pursuance ot 1n» by'cri-iiting a suite deht foi tliat purpose., and to s|i|, u,it til tiie people th , d'ies ||..i | ot erentuiit such debt.uud to r, p« al ecroou s- etions of chap­ ter tw «n*y nine ot the Laws of eighteen hundred and •-i ^t> five, I 'wil 1,1*11 \ it «• • 'if' is b 'in ; |ir»s -nt The People ol th. Slate of Ni w Y ,rk, represent I'd 111 li-u .lle an I \-selnl .ly di> enact as follorts S-K.TIO.S 1 . T o provide tho means of paying al l houlitius authorized by law t o be paid by this state tu volunteers, drafted men or substitutes, and to 'pr vol ' the mc i is or r.» mhursing cities, eoiiidt i s and tonus, fo r I oenn, s |..o 1 t,j th , m to volunte. rSvdrafo- I m n in -ohsti 'in -.. In r -i s the borinties sti paid Ly fbetn are autleo i7,e,| ly „ law ol'lhis St lie t , be reiol! a, r —••l or r, Ion led to them, a d'-t 't id tl I- -t lie is Ii- p 1 V created nod atitliorjt--lb, hi uracted « lu.-lt* d .-i.i stuilt tu - for th'•-male o' jeet of pi \iiie, reinititir-ing and refundrnu: the said lsiunt .es $ 1. 'l he debt heieby created and -i ithor r.ed t , !>• eon'r.ioted tfhnil not uve-nl thu «unl of iliuti mi Ii -us of dhlliirs. itu d there s||.,|| Imposed, le i a-, 1 in d assessed upon ti,,- tniai le property of tin** st.,*, a dtr-' i t aoiiu i! 1 ix topivUe Inten -i on th<- f ii'l det t, a s su . II tni.-ri- I f ,||s due «l . Ii said d rei t atitliial tax s ),ai| he smhei. n t ]., pay sueli mtefest as it latls due \n-l lo . n t.- a sitiUins?fiind for the p-ivmeni . f -a - 1 I. la ih- n - shall -il -o I.e inij.os .-d l.-i . I ant ns-.-.s.« I upon Ihe t .ixat 'te prop, riv o t this siato a dir.-o r annua! tix t.» pav -in I siitti, icnf to pay i n th.» ,|. u-e of l«,d\e v . ais from the t in - ol ilo pils-ajo \I t 'o s a-t t te-' « hole of i h, de i cr, it .-d and coniraciot under -in I by the prousi ais o t thisa. t J .1. To obtain the money nepp»sary for the p 'rp -.-n- contempt ped lo this net. toe t-otnpfro'l ,*l is ullf,l .ori7 ' d I\ is-ll- th e l -il l ot th e s ,'.(. m siw-h siyns each as si ail s, cm meet to hint woh ooiipoiis, thereto attin lied f -u the p ,\ m, nt of t ,c llltcr'-st .o|| such bon Is ,t |i rile not eXceedi'it, seven per eeniuiii per moi .tii halt-yearly on tho first days of Jtjij an-l-Januurv in each yeiir. until th*s principal thereof is pnvable. at such p 'nee m th*. e,t v of N» w YotU as sh.,11 seem ui .-ct t o him. an I lh>- « hole principal shal l be pttyat -le in sti -'h place inJNew SorU city as the comptroller s-,a.l deem itje t ill t\t .-Ive y ears from th e pas-aec of tins et * rhe 1K»U.|S t o be issued by theconip 'roll- er. tin h »r the. proviso,n, of tin- act. shall he di.s- posed , M by |h mp 'r -iU 'M as I ibows First he shall «• soon n,s may beattur the iipiiioval of this net by tTu-people issii\ at par to the holders of mil \\«•• ha \e b .-e -s theretofore t -sucl bt loo, to raise in..n- eys for the payment of tho b illcs speeifi, ,1 \,\ tb\ tlts4-ei -sion ..f t os ,. or t \ rt -ttiitai -e ..r re- fun 1 to ,niies. counties or tortus, the homines p.-11-l 1 'V th'- m as sp . It d in the His; s of I this ad . so much ot the bonds authorized l.v this act as shn'l cqua, m amount the rceiio e ) „ n-ls o'f flits siatli ivhton shall have heretofore I, »en issued tij bun itsafnrot-a d Sicniid he sh-ill then, ns to the rein under Of the bonds a ithci t-o -d to he i s Sited lis this lU-t before dlspiisuii of tbeiu i,p ,my iftlietn atli erlize for proposals forth\ sum. nuj Hhall o|ion the proposals and a« ir-l the same to the highest Isdiler. - t a rate n •! less ihiu par. w|ilch ndvcrtistm;nnd • 11 ->f>oJ ifi-• n -Itall bp aacoid. Imrto tlie provistotis of uw ti ,o\ existing Tll|sj )Ct thall be sllbnutled to the people at next general ejection to bo field in this Mute.— The inspectors of, lection HI the dlfh-rcnt election Il -trieis lu this state slmil jn-ovide nt each p,.l , 'ill su i 1 ,d ..,-(ioii day.ai box 111 tho ^isn il farm, fo r ther e eplion o t the l,n11\ts herei f provide -l . nnd each nnd ei -erv,'*lector ot this state uriy present a ballot which shall be u papei licit, d -,n w |eli shall he prn.iei l of wriiteti.oj partly ar'tleti and partly pi inti d. o ic of the r -»li./w;iig fiiruis. nimely • **For the net hicrcit '4) i \tut • debt to p v boitiidcs\ ^r \A mini MI the net to create n s|.nc ilplit ' o pav boun­ tie s \ The ail,) hull ,l s shall be no f ld\d ns to eonnc .il th,. enntenls of the I al o t mnl shall lie in­ dorsed -,\ct nt r '-lnnoii to bounties \ i * Aftor finalTy cl.ismi! the polls of such elec­ tion the inspectors thereof shall immediately nn>| without nd |'iitrnin, nt procef .d |n count nnd can- va«*tbe ballots given in relation to the propm.;d act m the mi no manner ns they urn by law required to canvass th» ballots given for-' governor, mil therein.,,!) nhiil l set down in writing and in words nt ful l lengil), tho wholo Huinber of votes given ••For lit e act to create a state debt.\ ntl I Iho whole ..ntinibi r of votes L'IV , n \Against tho not to create a stat e debt \nnd certify and subscribe the same nnd cause the copies thereof l o be made, certified and delivered, as pr, scribe I by law In re«peet to t-he danvass nf yores oiveu nt an election for gov. ef nor And ajl tho pi -ovi«ioirs of law in retntion to Tjlc n Ions other than for military and town officers tdia'l apply lo tfio submission to tho peoplo.herein provided { 0 'Ih-- aforttfirv of state shall with •!! enh. yiliicnt di«prttch iifh-rtliu i.at ulinll rca dvo the approval unlit* governor \a\ s n 'ho satno to bo >itruck off and printed upon «lm« in si)oh numhera as s' all be silflti'iPiii to supply the tiitrerent oflinora of this state euiccrjieil m notifying\ or in holding elections, or In canvassing tli votes, and ahull transmit the same to such officer\ I\. Thia-ne't shall become a law when it 1.1 rntb fled hv the people in pursuance of tho ooiulitu- tton nnd th\ provisions thereof { % s, etioris eighr. nine, ten, eleven, twelve and thlneeii of chapter twenty-nine ofthe lawa of eighteen hundred and sixty five, nro hereby re­ pealed. CHAU.VfF.Y M DEPF.W. 2<W Secruthry of State. Bho died: not in hor youthful bloom, Tho' »woQtueas lingerad there; Nor yet in ago; for timo no'nr WOT* Its silver through hor hair. \Oh lot mo, let mo tiro I\ she Mid, In enrneat tonoi, yet mild, And gaxod upon hor young boy.'a head, \To train thin darling child.\ Then fist tho scalding toar .drops fett, While hearing many a sigh, \Oh I were it not for theo, my ohlltt, T sho(ild tie glad to die,\ And then she clasped hor thin, pale hands, And breathed a silent prayer, '•U Father, let Thy will bo done, Though it seem hard to bear. \0 Thou who dooth all things welt, Take this my liltlo one, I yiuld him and myself to Thee, And may Thy will bo done.\ Then Josus filled hor trusting heart With docp and pure delight, Until hor soul would sproad l u wings, Aud longed to Uiko its flight. Like waves of glory, heavenly scenes Shu felt above hor roll, As oft u glimpse of heaven would burst Ou her enraptured soul. *-l hoar sweet mutlc now—I no» Tho friends I loved before My mother—sislur—lol 1 corao, We'll moot to part no mure,\ A smilo thou o'er her features played, A gleam of heavenly light, Her lone child wept, \M y mother's gpno, She'll sleep in houVon to-night.\ Tho Spico ot Life—the Salt of tho; Earth . hISTORY OF THE SERVICES or Tin Given Away! H OW to ri|?o Whi«kersnnd mnko Hair firow on UlaVd Heads. How to Win at Cards. Cure hieekles. Pnnplos. and ItfoutJ' other sooreti of great vohto tiiijll married of tdngln parsons, sent free to any address, for one red stamp to pav post­ age Address ° B. II. WILLIS, , 2tWm3 -. 84 Nassau St., N Y. WOOL & FLAX WHEELS, II IS IE L«, KT{J„ Mnnufaotured and for sale by AA'ROX BROWN\ Second door-North of the Stone Mill, Maln-Sl, DAH-SVJL^P, pr. y , June 18, 1884, Ji\im3 i 14th N. Y. Heavy Artillery. Tho rs-'cruiliii\; for tins re •jintutit, biii»iin us uurly its Juuu with lliiiidq.tarturs ul Jloi;he3tor, X V , and il».is ra'tsoil princi­ pally from thu co in ties of Vales , dl. LAW- rctico, Jell'drson utiJ -Uon'roc, tlioay;!! uvury part oi iho cj.iitu wu» roproiontuj. Tlio or •,'aiiizatteu wui uotiiploiud Juuuary lilt , 180-1, witlt tho followini; oflicor3 Piulsl nnd SiulV: ( 1 li i, >f irehnll. Surg-on, I V slnllen lit »t i M to , mug \ - og . Luther't'liillips Jlsij \l H Kul Holds. A Haig J .1*. M. Oliver. M .| Joh .t It- Ig.-s H .11 Adolpl. Si|llli'-'i 't. llaj. \\ SS l'ruibrnlgii. Adjt. t .H Vau Urakle. The rej»iinent was employed in garri soninn; the Harbor ul N -JIV York nt thu fnilowini; poaU: F ,>rt Hichtnund, b.'lnt; the lieml'|Unrlers of tlio K-j^ituoVtt, Suiuly Hot k. Fort Schuyler, Willut's P.dnt mid Fort Iltinnllon. It remained hcru until April 2 id, ISO I, when i t was urdorod to the defenses of Washing;t ,in On nrrivtn^ (here it wiu u-si^nod to tlio 9th Corp 1 , (Jet. IJ.irnsidi! comman lino;, , m j j,in«3.I t tho Corps ut Wurrcnl-iii Junolinn, Vu. Here it was mudo purl of tin \Provisional Hri fjndti,\ un ,lt>r nonimnnd of Col. Mtirshull.— (In tho 2r.il day of .May it murchod for tbo Kapiilan, and after hitltinsj nt Brundy Stn- tiotl till the Inst trains were sent over that mud It) Alexandria, it pushed forward and crossed tho HapiUan about 2 o'clock, A. M., on Ui.j Oth of May nnd wu3 ussii'iiod to tlio duty of holding tho For 1. About noon of Unit dity it Win sent f-irwitrd anil arrived nt Iho bnltlo f ;ri >tinJ of \tho Wjlilortiess\ early in tho afternoon Lino of baUlo was formed and mlvanced to n suilnblli po»ition for entrenching. Left thti poj 'ition on the nt ^ht of tho \th nnd arrived at'tho ri.er Ny un Iho 11 ih. Toole an nctivd pnrt in the Iltjlit nnd in tho bnUl.i nf dpotUylvnnia C. 11 , on tho 11th, loth, lGth nnd 17th. Marched to tho left with tho army nnd for.lo-1 tho North Anna river on thn 2-lth inst., nnd throw up works Just in season to check the enoiny nftnr thoy hud nucceedod in driving d >n Lodlio 's Brigade. Ocoupind an advanced po.ition nt Tolop- nluiny Creek nnd on Juno 2d formed the rtmr (jtmrd of thu ttriny ni it swtiTi*» nwtty to Uohl Harbor; wort) tittnckotl in tho ronr 81 )011161'. .M. mid whoulcd into position nt tlmodtjoof tho woods; a brfgado giving way on iti loft oxposod it to a rovortj end- hiding tiro of both mttskotry and *rt(llory; throo times was It drivon out only to rally nnd ro-tnko lu poiition, and only when tho darkness of night conconlcil av.ory movo- ment did it givo up its ntjvancodi, unaup, portod position and join tbo rost Of tho ar­ my Tn this light iho rcgimont lost 'heavily. Liout. Bt -ntloy was mortally wmif)do<l and died that ovoning.- Iviout. Tallmun was woundud, Ci .pt. Kioffur was kiilod and Lieut*. Lommon «,nd Wontworth waro ta­ ken prisoners. Supported tho 5th Massa- clitissetts Buttory nt Bothosda Church, Juno 3d; nnd huld tho flunk of th« army at Cold Harbor, Juno 6th, Oth and 7th, whoro Lt. Col. Corning was accidentally ibol by lit* servant. Crossed tho Jnrnos Rivor oarly In tho niorningof Juno 15th and 'about 6 P. M. of Juno 17th charged tho onomy's jrorki In front of PetorsbArg and aftor mooting with a stubborn rosistanco onptiirod thu works, but ammunition failing were drivon out with groat los*. Mxj. Job 0. Hodgoj, than whom no moro bravo and gallant of­ ficer over lived, was Instantly killed while ; loading hi* battalion in tho chargo. Col. Marshall, Capt. UndorhiU, LiouU Rusioll < tnd Lieut. Spenow wore wounded. Major Raynold., Capt. Pamberton and Jonos, L'ouU. J. U- Thompsorj, Qoglan, Piffnrd, Snydsr and Norton taken priionert, tod a loss of onllsted men of 113- Aftor thi*. the reglnutit lay in the tranch­ es before Petersburg;-continually underja. heavy flro from sharpshootor* and artillery till July 30th, wueii ; thp reglraent^had the honor to lead in tho-assaull.on tin* \era- tor\—being the first reglmont. :to- plant their color* on tbe enemy'* work»rcaptur- ing otfe *Und of rebel i color*. Here Col. Marshall, Lt„Paa»* arid Lt. AVing were taken prisoner*. Lt Hartley killed. LU. Curtis and Service wounded, and a lot* ,of 87 onlistod men. Capt. UndorhiU -was killod June 20th. Ltd PIgot and Morrow were wounded July 29(h. : Major Goo. M. Randall tusumed com­ mand of tho rogimorit August, li. On the. ltith it moved to -tho left and occupied tbo lino in frpnt of Fort Hell. On the 10th it moved to the, Woldon R. II. and took an activo part in the jangugemonts pf that day and tho 21st. Major Randall, Capt. L I. Jones, LU. Sbubcrtand Jdwe'tt wero wounded. In tho engagement on the 19th the color* fell flv% tlmoj, tho bearors being »hot, ar\d oach time wore promptly teizoi and carriod forward. Loss inonlist- ed mon 45. Throw up intrenchment* and romained till Septombor 30th, whan it took part in tho battlo of PoplarQrovo Cht<rch, whoro Lis. Backus and'Eddy wero wound­ ed and 20 enlisted mon dost. Wero ongaged in tho . battlo of Pogram Farm, October 2d. Took part in tho re- connoissanco of Octob«r'8 h, on tho Boyn- ton pliuik-rond, reluming to camp on tho night of Osttober Oth; virboro it romainod until October 28th, whon'it moved forward in lino of battlo a* far-a's ILitchor's Run, and supportod Crawf ord's ; division of the 5th Army Corps, tn this engagement tbo regiment sustained no loss. The object of thom.ovomont having been accomplished the re^imotit full back with tho army to the position 1 occupied previous lo tho movomont. Remained hero until Docombcr 2d, when tho. Corps relieved'tho 2nd Corps ( on tho Po orsburg front, tl)o rogiment occupying Forts Steadman jind Uaskoll, whoro it romained until March 25th, 1815, suhject meanwhilo to dally losses from tho enemy's sharpshooters and arlillory. Tlio day of March -5th had not yet dawned when the enemy having massed heavily broke through tho lines to tho right and loft of Fori Sioudtunn, anil when discovered had already passed tho line- Beset on nil sides and hemmed in, the rcg inient fought desperately an enemy ivlio.o whorcubouU could bo determined by tho flash of tho in iskets. In, less than an hour the fort was completely surrounded and. the enemy cutno swarming in at every pos­ sible inlet and over thu breastworks; atlll iho giillatil band yielded not, but from ono bombproof to f o other contested hotly ev­ ery inch of ground. At this timo it was. still so dark that in tho fort it was impos­ sible to distinguish features, nnd to the calls fur officers and comrades tho enemy an­ swered, and whilo il fairly hailed musket balls, and in iho hand to blind light thu butt of iho musket and tho bayonot wero freely used, still the regiment flinched not; only when completely ovcrpo* crcd and success was impo.-sible, did tho remnant of tho garrison cut their way through end rejoin tho remainder of tho regimont in Fort Iliifkell. Again and again did tbo d onemy's infantry attompt to capture this fort but each lima wero repulsed with henvy loss. At length tiftor having been there engaged for over livo hours, the, regiment supported by tho C7th Mass. and 3d M d , charged down the works cap­ tured by the enemy driving thorn out of buttery 10 nnd 11 and reonpturod Fort Htetidiiinn with many prisoners, also tak­ ing tho colors of tho 2(lih -South Carolina rogimon^. Capt Houghton and Lt. Pig- giit wero wounded, Capt. Footo, Asst. Surg. Morso, Lts. McCall, Lnckbrunor', M MnckiH, Whito and 'Kclsoy wero takon prisoners. L'iss in onlistod men 229. R'imatnod in tho works until April 3d, whon Ihu rogimont mo vod forward at 5 A. M.. and occupied tho city of Petersburg, crossed the Appotomax and enenmpod.— Broke camp April 5th, rourossod tho Appo­ mattox rivor, mirchod through tho city of Petersburg iind.oncamped two miles from tho cily. Broko cunip-Afiril 7th and march­ ed to Wilson's Station on the S. S. 11. H., arid romainod thoro till about April 22d, when it marched to City Point and om- barked for Alexandria, and soon after ar­ riving there woro ordorod to Tonnally- town, Md, Juno 17th woro detached from tho Oth Corps and ordorod to tho dotoncox of Washington, occupylngPort* Reno, Kear­ ny, De R'issoy, Bayard, Simmons, Mans­ field unci Sumner. August lOtti rccoivad the orders for mu*- tor nut. Tho regiment had connected with It be- tweon 2,700 and 2,800 mon and roturns with about 600. Tho following aro tbo fla^ualties in Com- miasioncd odlcors. Killed In action < Major Job 0. Hedgp*'; , Capts. Kleffor and Underbill, Lt*. HarlUy, Got»in, arid Bentloy. Died—Capt. \wilkia Lieut. J. U. Thompson, died in Ander»onylllo.—- Wounded—Col. E G. Marshall, Capt. L. X. Jonos, Lts, Sorvioo, Cleary, Curtis, Pig- ott, Tallman, Rus«oll, Eddy, Backui, if. Shubert, Spenoor, Morrow ( and LomrDop. Disnjissod—Major W. W., Trowbridge, fraud j Capt. Goo. A. Reynold*, cowardice; Cupt. \Wm- Troadwoll, cowardice j Oapt. Geo. Greene, mutinous conduct; Lt- J. h. Lucas, oowardico; Lt. M. E. Diiolap, cowardioo; Lt, Judson Knickerbocker, cowardioo; Lt. J. G. Jowott, absont with­ out lonya. The following ii tbe preient RoH*r ol Field and Staff: Cot. and Br«v»t Brtf^Oab'. E. 0. M»«h'«H'. ' - Llaut Col. and B(«r*t (Int. Oio. M. R tndall. Major II. V. PembartOD,' Surg. I.-V. Mullen, * Ma or J. P. Cloary, . : ; A**L Sura;. L. Phillips, -Major Albion Howe, CJ. M. Adolph Shubert, Acting Adjutant^ MpMadlgan. The following U'tb^rpreient'Rostor of Line Officer* ofthe .U<& K.Y. Hoary Ar­ tillery: , ' r \** :-<•»\>»•' < e.VmncL Jeroma B. Prodtor, • Thomas Coglari, 8nth ti. Hadgaa, \ John Snydar, • , Lewis Paiu, ltobart r . Tallman. Chart** H . Houghton, George Brennan. > ltT UCUTCH4JHD . Abraham Varplaok, Theo. P. Cook, Prank M.Thompaoa. William Waring, ' Martin Shubart, Frank W, Call, Ha'nry M-Dackti*. Wm.II.VanBnskirV , I), il. PlrT-ird, A. II. De Graff,, - 'atevhan B. Kutiall, W. W.MeCall, , Wm. H. Worton. ,,; id u«eT«».«n. Jamas M. Archer, .- Patar Campbell. . Ifarm'on K, Wenlworth,, ' William Pigjrott, , Byron Cuppernull, Winalow N. Ollri, ' Jamea H. Lynda-,' John C Troian, . i Nelnon Tj. Trill.all. John F. Ward. , Gharla* A. O'Drlan, - Robert B. Claxton, Hohuy)er,0»rdntr, John Orierson, \yuilam Attridga. . JHE LIFE OF \yASHINQTON. In tho \Squlbob Pajper*,\ published by Carleton of New YorkVi* one of the rnoet extravagant tpoctmenirpf John Phoenix'* humor. Here I* a specimen ol It: Oeorgo Washington .' WH * one of tho most' distinguished mover* ! in the' American Revolution. ;• '* Ho was born of poor -but honest parent*, at Genoa, In tV .e ycar:1492. Hi* mother wa» called tho mother-of Wanhlngton.— Ho married, «ariy in liifo, a wldjow U'dy; ilr*. Martha Custis, Whom PrescoU de-- scribes as thocu'ssidest y'retty woman south* of Maeon and Dixon 's lino. Young Wash­ ington commenced business as a county surveyor, and was present in that capacity at a sham fight,\ under Gen. Braddock, vrhpn so many guns were fired that the wholo body of militia *^nro »tunned by the explosion, and tatdowri to' supper unable to hear'* word that was said. This*upper was afterwards alluded to as Braddock'* deaf oat, and tho similo • \deaf as a Brad­ dock,\ 'subsequently rutgarlsod into 5'deaf as a haddock,\ had Its rise'from that cir­ cumstance. Washington commnnded *or- eroj troops during tho I^oyolutionary war, and diilinguis-iol liltn-n-lf • by fearless­ ly crossing tho Delowar[i on Ico of inade­ quate thickness, to visit a family of Ile*- sian* of his acquaintance. lie was pafisiou- atoly fond of green pons, and string bean?; and his motto was, ''In timo of-poaco pre­ pare for war.\ Washington's most iniimato friend Was. a French gontloman, naracd Marcus Dee, who, from his constant habits of risibility, whs nlcknamod \Ltutrhy yet.\ His great­ est victory \was achieved- at Germantown, whoro, coming upon tho British in tho night, ho completely surrounded them with a wall of cotton bales; from which ho opened a destrnctivo fire\ which soon caus­ ed tho enemy to capitulate. Tho cotton bales being perforated with musket ball* wero much increased in tvolght, and- con­ sequently in value, antjl tho. expression, playfully used \What is|tho price of cot­ ton?\ wtw much in vogun alter tho battle. During tho action, Washington might havo been seen driving up and down tho lines, exposed to a deadly flro, in a small Concord wagon drawn by a bobtailod cray horso. His celebrated despatch, \Kent Vidi,' Kici,\ or, I camo and sa'w in a Con­ cord wagon, is in referenco to this circum­ stance, l ' Washington waj a member of tho Know- Nothing Order, nnd ordered that none but Americans should bo put'on guard, which greatly annoyed the American*, tbo'r com­ fort being entirely destroyed by perpetual turns of guard duty. \.Xlsereja noplao* Ilk* Ho«a,\ ,.,•„ . - • . ' , t \\'•,', • tc • Sipiember Rain. Th* ratals falling, Calling, The onlll SspUmbaf rain) But It Wake* *«m* ttrwer* to blotmm Thatelae might clowd rtmala | 'AndltVw.lli th* fruit of th* TlaUg*,' • ^ AndtileepeBi lU.raddy ataln. Mot like, tb* aoftiarlag showtn, By laughing April shtd, \When th* mossgrawgraanaadthtsUrryUc -Mns ,. Sprang up banaath thatraad, ' Andllght-wlngad Hop*, with budding wraatha, Engarlandad htr h*a«. , :Ko4 »o fallatha rala bfaulamn, Whan the summaf, (lay* ara o'er, ' '' While the warmth of summer llngsrs, .- Like tbe wave* aloag the' shore, j That alghingaad murmuring whisper, \We'thall come again no mora.\ Taars Into my heart art faJllag. Llkatba chill Saplember rala, ! But th* pasilon-nre that lingara ; '! Shall ripet* Ufa'* go-Men grain, ; And th* fruit ofthe purple vintage For th* wlne-j>r*s» *kaU remaia. Oi 'K common annual sunflower has boon strongly recommended hv many writers for cultivation as a field crop to bo employ­ ed for economical purposes. Its uses aro mauy-and various. Tho seed* contain a great quantity of oil lit to hum In lamps, and noar.ly a* good a* olivo oil for domes­ tic uses or for tho mauufacture of soap In Portugal they are ground into meal, and are found to tuak^s n very palatablo and healthy broad. In tho sumo country and oUewhore they aro also roasted a* a subraituto for coffoo. Bird* aro very fond of them, and they havo bocn successfully omploycd in fattening poultry. Tho only difficulty about tho general cultivation of tho sunflo ' cr is that it i* .rery -exhaustive of the soil. Analyses of it* leavo* and •Urns betray large proportions of pota»b. . T H * daughter* of tho F. F. V.'» in Rich­ mond, aro now engaged in working-; on clothing, for tup United. States Govorn- m >nt Bttroau. Six hundred are thus em­ ployed, at thoir own residonoos, earning about flvp dollars por woek, Tho clothing thoy mako, is intondod for tho oolored troops in Texas. It would be* a matter of somo interest, to ascertain tho opinion en- tor tain ed of tho national authorities by thoso fuminino roprosontallvo* of Virginia secession. They might bb oxousod from indulging tn a fow petulant outburst* on reflecting that thoy oarujbokown raiment by manufacturing garments formen whom they had long trodden benea'.h their feot. Tbe oolored soldior and tho. white fomale «eoetsloni*t have, in rainy instances, ohaog- ed positions, in a most romarkablo mad- ner. . T H * following is a gonulhe transcript of an epitaph : \Uora lle»'the remain* of Thomas WoodAsn—'the most amiable of men tbe most excellent of husbands. N. B. The namo 1* Woodeoci, but It would not como in rhyme,\ P ASTB B LACKINO .—Ivory black, ono pound ; olive oil and oil of vitrol, of each, two ounces; water, a sufflctont quantity. W ORTH KHOwrira.—A )iot shovel hold over varnished furnlturo will Uk» oul tba white ipoU that way »Uin it. A CHAPTER OH HINTS. Much of our knowledge U derived from tbe briefest hint*, which are often recelYed in a most unexpected manner. The most valuable inventionr have been theTetult of a casual remark or observation. The drain tile wa* derived from a hint of a gardener. The steam engine wa* taid to have been hinted atby the (team from a tea-kettle, while the valvo* were made to work by rriachinery from tbo bint glreh by the boy who tended them, aad made them work by a atring attached to the machine, in order that be could play. :• If we notice the man. n*rJn which we read anagricultural paper, we shall find tbatw* catch a bint here and a hint tberej and: w* may think ourselves abundantly rewarded if we can find one good hint » v week in that direction. There is another.way in which wo receive hints, arid that Is directly from othors. A- farm- er had heard tome now method of manag­ ing hi* affair*, which he think* an improve­ ment ovor-,tbe old method and Immediately write* it'out briefly for the farmer', and hi*, neighbor* all receive the benefit of it. We nover go into a machine »hop of any kind, wjthout catching some now bint worth re­ membering. 8omo apparently unimport­ ant romark U sometime* made in tbe pres­ ence of a boy. It I* a hint lo him. He catches at It, and bit; wholo future course for life is sbapcdj by' it. But fow of the important evejit* of bur live* are made up from mature deliberation. It l» quite a* likely tn bo tbo rosuH of a hint caught hold of .in ) second of lime, while wo make tbe deliberation afterward. Wo are a great b«- liovcrin hinjls, and almost any one may bo.valuable if rightly improved. There is said to bo a best way for doing everything nd wo most generally ascorlavn tho bc*t way from »nnn (e hint Which wo recelve -\from others, nenco tho advantage of vliitlng tho operations of the'man who is iucce**ful * in business, and collecting such bints at may aid in our labor* in the tame direc­ tion. Neighbor Jones say* that he alwayt visits his prosperous' neighbor, over the waV, overy winter, Just for the purpoee of hcftri 'ng 'soraething, or, in other words, of catching some valuable bints about farm­ ing; and this is. one secret of neighbor Jones' success Vn farming. Ho argue* lh this way : \If my neighbor can nut two and a-half tons of hay to the acre, and raise a' sura crop of corn ever y year, there Is no reason why I should hot do as wel l as ho.\ This is whero neighbor Jones is right.— Fahntr. Now is TiiK T IM * roa D UTT .—Duty, liko Death, has all soasons for it* own. We aro always at the pos^ ol duty, nor can we e-cape tho discharge of that duty for one moment, without suffering tbo penalty thorofor. Our duty may bole** urgent and burdonsome.at ono time than at another, but tho hour of duty done—of freedom from all responsibility—comet ,\ not thit tide tho ,gravo ; and well it it for him who discharges tho duty of ttlo hour at tho hour flies, to that when tho dark winged mestengor sum­ mons him homo, ho cajn leavo with a free conscience and a ho isehoid thoroughly in order. For such thoro is no desire to linger longer— ho wish to return again as a spirit- rappor. or as a stalking ghost in somo do- »erted hotud or dismal .burying ground. Such? find rest for tho soul, and go to dwell in tbo land whero duty and dosiro aro one. L OVK , ambition, and tho othor passions of the soul aro doubtless, ( of divine origin, and. aro, consequently,' to| a certain extent, authoritative and without appeal. But, al the samo timo, thoy'aro surrounded by circtimstances hostile to their harmonious action ; thoy are.blind to everything but thoir telf-graUtlcation,'and, in the pursuit of th|», they ignore lu^Tory condition* ••• tenlial to their continued existence . The guidance and curb of reason, therefore, be­ come absolutely indispensable to their proper exercUo and preservation.' '. , '• I DOLATORS aro not those alone who wor- «hip Idol* of wood and stone. There are idolators of word*, mon whose te'nte of De­ ity it at much darkened and tbut up in sire.- ulaora at that of tho poor- wretehe* who bow down'betoro more material image*.-— How.mariy, who looked down In fanoied superiority upon tho fetich of the degraded Afrloan, aro yet praotiting a fetlohiira of word* equally pltlablo 1 L ITKRA T S T RK it'mottly the result of pri­ vation, of a confusion of iphere*. Surround every gonlus with tho audionce mo*t «ym- pathetlo wtth him, and he would never so- olude himself to write, but would pour forth his thought* In' \winged word*** alono. Now, however, India? Mmaelf In »olltude, the only way to reach hi* au- dtenoe, \fit though few', and Mattere d thro' the agos,\ It by letter* 1 . A prjTCHMAJf, bolng advited to rub hit llmbi with brandy for the rheumatism, *ald ho had heard of the r«nWy, but added : »• I duth better as dat—.1 trinks te prandy, and den rups mine leg with the pottle.\ To commit a falsehood it like te* out of a tabr«;r for, taouga tke wound stay heal, the tear of It will remain. Tnxxx It a small chance of truth, at le* jioal, where there ii not chlMlllte hsimill^ it lh» «Url!ng p*it.

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