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TO ADVERTISERS. Tut Di.NsVtt.us ADVKRTUKa now en­ joys, »9 it hasdono for the .put Bre years, by far tbol*rgj»if circulation of any week­ ly paper In thU vicinity, and also In tbo County, with tho oxfiepllon ot\iho p*por at thu County rJeat. WoUka great pains to oxcliilo nil I hi* Class of advertisements which aboutd in newspapers generally at this tlmo, consisting pf tnattar too vulgar to bu iDtrwlucod, into any faptily j and by thu rejection wq haro much Improvod our circulation and nddod In i\ two-fold man- nor to tho vixluo of tho ad»erii*em*nts which wo d o adqiit. Ou r tflrun to »dT ar­ tisan aru much lower than those of any other paper of equal circulation, and we take great pain* to to display and Change positions of our advortisomonts as to give thorn all an equal chance, and a-good chanco at that, to attract notlco. The at­ tention of business men is respectfully so­ licited to those facts. ' Job Printing. WE huvc rccontly mado tho additions to our already choice assortment, of some now and boHuttful stylos of Typo, Dordors, Ac, and with superior stock and fast presses, are confident that Wo shall bo enabled to maintain tho prccodnnco in plain and dec- orntivo Job \\tirk which WJ havo held in this sccljon since tho establishment of (ho ADVERTIS Kit Of KICK . Quality and prico of work warranted satisfactory. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1865. Stage and Express Ofllce Ona Door A'orlh of Uko Bank of Damville, ll. net nr. ranrsicroa. Stage* leave Dansrlllo as follows: Fir HTu/fand.— Every day. »t S «. x, 11:00*. « and rt i\ M.. connecting with nil passenger trams on the Buffalo, N V'.nn'l Eric RK. Fir Ufnueo.— Motility. Wednesdays and Fridays, at 8 A. M.. returning same, day. Fur Ointurrttr/i.—Dn>ly, nt 8,'£ A. connecting with cars at Canasei-agn Fur Iiirjcvicllli. — Tuesduys nml Saturdays. Exprcii and light freight will be cnrrled on nil the abi>re line*. Railroad* Tickets for snip for nil I he Western States, over tho Great Western and the Lake Shore Jfe Michigan Southern Roads. Erie Railway Time Table. mr WMT WA*iLAND, • - - 814 A.M. 9:52 A.M. 9:11 p X. 4:J7 r. M 1I12P. M. Ml r M DanaTlllc Post-Ofllce. Mai'.H arrive and I>IMO».< follows. Post-Office lime- New York Mali nrrivos nl 11:30 A. *_ nnd clones nt S3i> r.M Uneh .--.ter Huirdo. Albany nnd Wny Mail\ arrive at't v. M., OIOHP ntu A. M. Bnrn-« Mail arrive? at* 5 30 p and elnscs at S A X. (tvne-.cn Mini d'>p irt« at S t nnd arrives at fl p M on Mondavi Wedne-i»l »y* anil Friday*. South [Mnsvifh* M til arrives Tuesdays nnd Sat­ urdays nl 12 si., nnd depart\ nt lex CUMinn Mad arrives apd departs frequently. LOCAL. Our Window. We publish to-day an interesting loiter from Serjeant ICershnor, of tho 2lst N. Y. Cavalry, which tho friends of the regiment will eagerly read. Wo hour thiitu privato letter of a later ditto has been received which gives an account of a skirmish with tho Indian*, res tiling in ti n loss nf nine men of the 2lst, ono of whom was horribly mutilated. Capt. Bunniii). of the 21th V H C , is at homo on leave of absence. Lieut. Col Ilnvey and family arri-cd in town tliis week from Nashvillo. A brief history of tho 14th N Y Heavy- Artillery, will bo fo.ind or. our first pngo t i -dny. MIMH Uobbins & Poorn aro improving their paper every week \Wo aro undor obligations to D A Mc MUInn, Esq , Secrelury of thn Livingston County Agricultural 9 tcinty, for n compli­ mentary ticket to tho Conuty fair, which will bo hold Sept 28th and 20th. \Remember tho .Ninth Annual Session of tho Livingston County Touchers' Insti­ tute will opon at Mt. Morris, on Monday, tho 25th inst. Our Sominary is progressing finely, tho nttondanco steadily increasing. An offieiul account of tbo West Sparta Sabbath School Association will bo found in this paper. Wo aro always glad to help tho good work as much as possible Death of J \ifr. Anton AUmty.r. Mr Anton AJtmeyer. a prominent Oor man citizen nntl cstomed business man, of this village, died on Friday, the 1st inst Mr. AUmoyor wa3 born in tho smnll villagoof Alsfascn, now in tho Rhine, I'rovinco of Pru?sin, Juno 10th, 1809, and ctmo to this country in tho summ'or of 1883 Ho entered into tho cabinet, busi­ ness with his brother in 1818, nnd tho two had lust completed thoir 17th business year togother, when ho was called upon by thq great Master to dissolve that pleasant and profitable parlnor»bip. Ho leaves a wifij and fivo childraa, and a largo circlo of rel­ atives and friends to mourn him. His fu ncral, held at tho Gorman Roraai^Cutliolig Church in this villtigo last Sunday, was ono of tho largost over attend'd hero.— Tbo sorvicos wero conducted by Rev. Mr, Ofubcr, of Perkins villa. Air. Altmover was an honest, straight forward business man, and was always anxious to assist persons in trouble. Du ring and sinco tho war ho has spent much ttmo in gratuitous labors to obtarn pensions for tho needy relalivos of docrascd or woundud soldiers All honor to him. Mr. JUlss' Vaasfala At this funaral on Thursday afternoon last, tliero was a largo gathering of our protninont.citiaoni, together With many of the humbler class, and alio from tho coun­ try surrounding, k» all of whom Mf.NUM, hadsoemod as a brother. .The plae«4 -of buslnoss wero. cloloot,' and deep sorrow seemed to reslstpon til. R«r. Mr. Joasup dollrorod a very appropriate discourse at the.Tresbvtorian Church, after which an opportunity was glvon to view for tho last time the faco which had become so famil­ iar,'and so dear,, Tho romalns wore then borbatooux boautlfut comotory, followed by. many sl ^cura mournars, and tba good man now s |oepS bis dreamless sleep. \Of all the thoughts of God that arc Borne inward unto souls afar, Along the Psalmist 's rmulo deep, Now tell me If Ihnt any is, For gift or gr .tco surpassing this— •Ho gireth Ills beInred, sleep I'\ Orand BMadax »eho«l Pi e Nle la laarta. Six Sunday Schools, of different denom­ inations united in a aelobration, on Tues­ day of last weok in Geo. Wonner 's grove, near the German Keformed Church, in Sparta. Tho day waa exceedingly favora- blo and all soemftd to enjoy thomselvos well. Not less than five hundred wore present. Pleasing fuaturos of the occasion wo >o tho harmony that prevailed, tho largo number of adults present, and the interest manifested for the enjoyment of the child­ ren. . Four tables, making a total of 112 ft. in length, prosontod an olcgant display of refreshments, bpuquols, <fcc; onobouq.iet that attracted attontiun contained a lily, said to bo tho snmo as tha\lllios of tho val- loy,\ inuntionod in tho Now Testament.— A branch of pine, lottdod with candy, was eagorly sought after by tbo Htllo onos.— Ofcourso thcro was a display of banners, will! appropriate mottoes. A platform had bcon prepared for thq spoakors and for an organ-harmonium, and seats for the child­ ren i»nd frionds. Thp singing hy tho child- drori and others was Tory lino. Mr. G. W. Popo kindly assisted. Rovs. Horb, Waldron, Lnno, (agent of tho Liv. Co. Bi­ ble Society) and Mr. Kcolor (a Sunday School Missionary), did the speaking— oacbspeaker occupying about ten minutes. Altogother tho pic nio was an exceedingly pleasant affair, long to bo remembered. The Sickness Here—Exaggerated [Re­ port*. Tho most extravagant stories of sickness and mortality In Dansvillo, havo \for tho past few weeks boon reported in tho to* ns about us, and n great panic created in tho mind* of thoso who wore jimplo enough to bplioyo thorn. Ono slory was to tho effect that tliero wero eighteen funerals a day hero, quiloa respoctabto business for a town of this size, surely; and all theso deaths wero from dysentery o f the most sanguinary tyipc, cholera and something worse! Tho facts of tbo ense are substantially that thcro wero eight deaths in this town from Aug 21st to 2 !)th, including both thoso days, and a portion of those deaths woro from other than tho prevailing disease Many of thoso deaths could havo been prevented by ordinary and timely caution. From the 20th ult , up to this writing thcro havo been throe deaths from disea «o contracted previous to tho 29th, nnd wo hear now of nt> serious CUSPS of sickness not of any now attacks. Thcro if probably nowhere in the Sttito a villugo of its sue moro healthful now, or a t any time, than Dansvillc. The Gtaneo Republican, • Under tho conduct of ita now editor, Mr; A. T .Norton, is all its warmest friends and odmiror.H could wish. Up t o tho times in cvorything, it docs honor to its lament ed foundor nnd provos iuolf worthy to bo tho flrst paper of this staunch old county'. Oar best wishes nra with tho Republican „i^i jts now proprietor. VP,IN 1 O*» »te « T\bo r .cw ifylo advertisement of Angoll &IH4II in today's paper? The fact U this Arm lias rr\ate n good strilro In {buy. log C'lods cirjy th\» saason, and at ratoj /nu^i i^oluw tho \preheat ruling prices-r 'i'Uoir assortment i> v^-y choice nnd thoy *v ii\ - - I to sell thenj prjd.WlH do 50 Saltbnth Sehnol Kierriici. Tho West Spar'n Sabba h Sehool *«soci. atiort met on Saturday, Aug 12th, lSflo, nt 2 P. M. in tho M E. Churc' 1 , near Byors- Tille. Tho mcptin;; was culled to order by Mr. I. T. Van NPS .«, President of tho Associa ttnn.- A portion o Scrlpttiro was read by Hon I. Hampton, pf Ossian—prayer by Rev. Mr Blanchard, followed by singing. An essay was thon read by Aliss K Mc- Kilvey,--subject. \Morning and Evon- ing,\ which was listonod to with much in­ terest. Music—\Daro to do Right.\ At tho call of tho Chairmnn a number of friends present responded in spirited ad­ dresses, amrmg them wero Rovs. McCor thick nn 1 Blanchard. Hon. I. Hampton, Poacon Bergon and C. Marshall, from ad­ joining towns: also Superintendent (3. Brewer, 1 P Burr, I. Chapman, E. M H'ungorford and others. Music—\A Cry from Macodonia.\ 'Tbo mooting then listened to an i ntorost- ng ctsay from Miss Cecelia Carpenter. Subject—\Initial Hours \ An address from tho chair followed, presenting statis­ tics of much intorcst portnining to tho Sun­ day Schools of tho town and cotinty. Mr. G W. Pope, instructor in S. S music, was culled upon and rosponded by singing tbo beautiful hymn, \To-Mor­ row.\ Tho chair appointed as Essayists for tbo noxt meeting of tho Association, Misses Van Nuys and Marsh. A vote of thanks to Misses McKilvcy and Carpenter for tho essays road by them was unanimously passed by the meeting Tho following was adopted as tho rjues t^on fpr discussion at tho noxt mooting :- \What shall wt> do to promoto tho great Sunday School enterprise!\ On rr.otion tho Secretary was directed to procuro tho publication of tho proccedirgs of this mcoting in ono or moro of the coun- ty papers. On motion, ndjourncd to meet in the Presbyterian Church, at Union- Cornors, Sat., Nov. 11th, at 11 A M. Benediction. JI. T McNAin .Secrotarr. Vraat t*« Mat IT. T. Caralrjr, CtKraiirN.Y.OAruar.Jwi.Uioaa STATIOU, \ Colorado Territory, A'ug. Jtst, 1804. J J ^HtKXD BUNKBLL :—Aftor a period pf one month** tlmo, I find myialf seated on thsi bank* of tha,P;)a<ti'AV»'. my Unt, on myknMs, (as our tents ara uncommon­ ly .mall,) with pen and f«ipir r and I ^ball •ndoavor to inform thoso at home who have friends and relative! with us, of tho whereabouts ot the Grlswold Cavalry. Af­ ter an absence of ono month from Leaven­ worth, wo find ourselves situated on tbo banks of tho Platto RiVor, five hundred mllos from tho place wo Started' from (| and no telling yofas to where\ we are bound. Tho old a'aylng Is, \and' a true one' tod, \never go home when ;you can go any- whero also,\ I sometimes think that would be applicable in oiir caso, as I don't see any sight of our goln)j homo very soon. This is ou'r sixth day in camp since lea.v- ing Leavenworth, we marching on an av- orage 20 mile* a day. Ourtnarchos.su far have baon very pleasant and agreeablOj in­ deed far beyond my expectations from tho description I bad of thoso who professed to know so much about the plains and tho hardships to bo encountered while cross­ ing. So far as I have oxperi-ncod, I call it ono of tho plciuantest trips a young man can tako. I don't caro whero I am at this presor.t limo, ono hurtdred and oighty miles from Denver City, and am . in hopes our destination will bo not far distant from that. No depredations' of any account havo boon committed by the Indians, and thoy aro gonerally supposed to be on friondly terms. Last wook, butwocn bore and tho noxt station, wliilo a loadod train was on route to Don vet City, about 26 In­ dians rodo along and shot dead with their bows and arrows, two o f tho mon who ac­ companied tho truin, and look their scalps. No furthor damago was dono. Sinco writing tbo above I loarn our des­ tination is Camp Collllis, 40 miles this sido of Denv cr. Should this prove trtic, I shall bo well suited. What a country this is for w Id game of all descriptions, since leaving Fort Kearney. Lieut. Wal­ lace, and tho Major commanding tbo regi­ ment, aftor going into camp, wont out a short distance and shot a buffalo, and fetched into camp a lino lot of steak. Wo havo lived on wild gamo of nil descriptions, among which was a frog stow, bare soup, buffalo steak, &c, too numerous to men­ tion. Deer and antelopes arc numerous, mlso prairio wolves and dogs. Prices rngo v.ry high. Corn shelled, is worth 16 cents per pound ; flour 15 cents p«r pound; sugar, 50 cents per pound, and so on. I gjicss I have written enough of this, so good bye until aftor I ,gct in camp. .SSIJT KKKSl/NKK. K Troop.'Jlst N . Y Cavalry The Democratic Orfraa at Geucico-Tfor- ton Smcllctb. a Il»t. The acuto ulfactories of the present edi­ tor of the Oenejeo Republican, detect a long tailed nniniilc ofthn genus Musin tha vicinity oft' u II-publican's granary, ' mid tho editor lima diceoures thereon : WKSMKLI . .v RAT —For a few dius past something has been goin,g on Wo know it. Wo are suro of it. This is how wo know it. We have s .'cn men talking to­ gether Several men conferring tm^ilhur Wo havo seen a paper pu »t -il around among them We have seen thorn whis poring mysteriously about it Wo have seen them watching the Dunsvillc nun), for the ruturn of that paper Irom southern towns Shi rt trips are made to Mt. M'or rts Fnun all these things which wo hive seen and heard, wo hnvo come to tlio po-i tivo conclusion thiit something is going on. Now wo fell a curiosity to know what all this fuss was about. Shall wo tell yon ? Won't you call us crazy to think that* any ono wo'd entertain such an idea as ist-nter- mined by theso men ? Well, it is tins.— The Democratic parly 1* going to havo an organ at the county s at—in this town — Wo mean a newspaper, not a hand organ, with a monkey. Whut an idea ! A Dem ucratio newspaper in this town 1 How many havo already gone down to oblivion here? How many hundred dollars have Democrats lost by trying to sustain a news­ paper horo. Oh! foolish men, why will you wasto your money Bettor invi!.-t in an enterprise to boru fur butler milk, or \goot lager beer\ down in tbo b-iwuls of tho o.trth Why men, it can't bo did — But you say it is to bo run on a n<\vr plan Wo know that plan. Tbo affair i3 to be owned by a stock company Fifiy shares at fifty dollar- a sharo Twenty live hun­ dred dollars to buy out tho Union and Con si it ut ion and movo it to Gcn'pseo. Wo should like stock in that company. And then tho editorial corpse. Oh dear. The occupation ofthn \Goneseocorrespondent\ will bo gone, but we suppose that tho par­ ty, grateful for past services will give him a position on tho now paper, where ho can ventilate his ideas to his heart's content. Well, go ahead A Democratic n ws paper in this town has always paid well, (for tho.so who let it alone), and aiways run well, (into the ground). Wo havo no doubt but thnt tho now paper will succeed as well Wo arc looking for 0 cluim-o t< buy Bomo stock, cheap, in a year or two. Obltnary. DUB , in Osslan. Aug. 24th. Alloa, daughter of Samuel Porter, aged ]( years, .3-moalbs and I I diys. * is ' 6 Alice was the only living^ daughtor of Mr. Portor, and waa a youth p/Aunusual powers of mind aad goodness of,|ieart, and was very much b «love4 by all her acqualn- taincos. Sho WM.^nd'/always.ilbad- b «Vn (since of suitable a'jo) a worthy niomber of ihe Sabbath School at Osslan Cop tor. Tbe school turned Out to her funeral as second mourners, wearing suitable ombjoms, and as tho long lines of scholars took leave of trie beautiful remains, tho scene'was hoart- rondlng tn*lho extreme. At tho grave 'the school sang a DeautlfuT verse,\ WhlltY they lltorally strewed the lowering coffin with bouquots. Never before did the death of ono Individual cast such ft gloom over this community, or oausoio many tears to flow, ns on this occasion ; but Our Jewells refined— Karth holds the dross ( And the immortal mind Bualains a* loss. I. II . Canaieraga Aeadaiajr. Wo copy the following compllmenta.y l.otico from the Nutida Nows of last week : Tho Trustees of this onco flourishing In­ stitution, of Which our frlond tho Hon. Wm. M. White is prqsiilont, have issued circulars, announcing the ro-opening of this institution of loarning. They have ongagod tho services of Ror. A. L. L. Potter, A. M. of thjs placo, as Principal, and other competent teachers will be fur- nished as thoy aro demanded. Tho Dr. is agrmluato of Msdlson University, lias a largo experience in teaching a nil will give good satisfaetion to patrons and pupils.— Tho fall term commences Sept. 26th. Direct. \Wo havo the report, direct from head­ quarters, that Br»ylon,of tho Boston Cloth­ ing house, has gone- cast to cliartor all the lending railroad lines for ono week to carry goods exclusively for his Fall and 'Winter trndo He left Mitcholl bohind'of courso, to prepnro tho minds of tho pcoplo for the great ovont. Look out! Bllllarda. Experts at billiards aro much interested in tho match gamo to como off botween Messrs Deery and Fox at Rochester, this evening, for tbe champion cuo. Now there arn many ofour readers who know so littlo about billiards thoy aro ignorant »s to whether tho gamo is played with hand­ spikes or flsh-polcs. For tho information of such wo 'append tbo following graphic description of tho gamo from tbo pen o f ono who has bad oxporienco in tho busi­ ness : \A gamo of billiards consists \of punch­ ing ivory balls about on a tablo covered with green cloth, that looks like half an acre of meadow land with an India rubber fenco around It. The bails aro punched with long woodpn ram rods, with wax on tho little end to savo tho wood and leather from wearing out. Y >'i take your ramrod and rub some chalk on tbe tablo end, then lean over the table; then you squint: thnn you lift your left'lrffj : thon flddlo a littlo on your left hand with your ramrod ; then von punch your ball If your b-ill hits tho other man's ball, youv 'o dono a big thing, and you poke a lot of buttons that nro strung on a wire. This \c all thoro is to n game o f billiards. Anybody can punch billiards; lean, Rnd may bo you con.\ Description of tile Aioerlcan. Many of OJT readers would perhaps like u di-scriptiou of tho tirst-clnss stove, which we have so lib -ruly noticed. Well, horo il is from tho in inuf .icturera' 1 ircular: Tho Slovo il square nnd compact in form; tho ornamental design is plain, bold, and very nout ; tho mouldings are round and smooth. It Is mado from the b <\st miuoro of iron*,- tho castings aro smooth and mounted lilted with tbo grout est euro and cxnetn-ss nnd tbo highest tinUl) yd itttniiieil in this department The plates next to, or at all exposed to tho lire, nro made of extra thickness, and iostgned fir durability and uso ; all th« joints nro ilttod with groat exactness and cemented with llro cement Tho oven doors arp lined with tin ro (lectors, which serve to retain tho heat in tho oven. 1 ho bottom and back is tilled in with a composition of cement, which is a non-c inductor of hunt; and which will rpliiin tho h«itt ,in tho bottom and back Hues f .ir a groat length of time, and there by increaso tho baking facilities. This plan is much moro convoniont, and alto- gethi'r pprforablbito tho one of putting tin jackets on the bottom' and back of tho slov'-, which h «3 gonerally beenadjptcd. Every part of tho slovo is thoroughly finished boforo leaving our works. For salo in Dtnsvillo, by Brown & Grant Wellabara Academy. Tho forty-third year of this popular In­ stitution commences to-day under charge of Prof D. D. Van Allen, tho lato able Professor oi Natural Sciences in Dansville Seminary, who will have an ablo corps of assistants. Wo copy from tho Circular of tho Academy this concerning its location: A more suitable plane for»Ftominary of Learning can hardly bo found. Wellsboro ir tho County Seat of Tioga Co., Pa. It is a beautiful Tillage, situated in tho midst of » rich farming region, nnd containing n population nf about l 'JOO. It u only •40 miles from Corning, N Y- with which it in con­ nected by the O.A R. U. R..and dully linen of DIARCS Iron, Tioga and Mansfield. Pally and tn-weekly stages run from W, to all tho important surround­ ing toirn\. Wo wish tho professor and his school tho greatest success, and shall be pleased to hour from bim ofuin. Wing, of tho Lozior Uouso, serves up splendid fco cream A Simple Remedy- Try It . Tho Nunda News says: The followin; simple romcdy for quite 11 prevalent com plaint at this season of tho year, has bepn handed us for publication Wo think it safe to say thoro can bo no barm in trying it. \At this season of tbo year when ch 1 era morbus nnd billious complaints nro so prevalent, it would be well for ppoplo to know Mint eating cod fish often, sny onco n day for a meal, will keep such troubles at a distance, or entirely away,' unless they cxposo lhcm.=clvcs TCTV much by over- eating improper food Cod fish skin tea will stop most cases of cholera morbus, if taken in small do-os every Uftuon minutes, and tbo feel put in a warm bath and a warm flat iron held to tho stomach. Broom Corn Crop. Tho Mt. Morris Union says,' \Our farm crs on tho flats aro now ongngod in secu­ ring one of tho largest arops of broom cc ever raised in this vitilnity—jtbout eight hundred acres Thocrop is n hnn ono nnd is being secured in primo ordor. To har­ vest and prepare tl-a cnip for markot will cost about six thomand dollar* —<umo throo hundred men, women and children omploy cd in tbo harvost, aro making drafts on that amount daily.\ Htm They G,«. Mr. H Hubbard starts off this woek to fill an order for 23 of his colobratod woll- curbs. no finds that If ho advortises ho must bo up and doing to fill his orders — TltPtio curbs tako tho prccedenco of any other over manufactured for simplicity nnd , service Get ono DANSVILLE MARKET. roitntctED wr.KLT roil Tilt Dt«<Tii.u; ADTMTtsfc* » i ANf.EU. Jt HAM.. U'liulnalr nnd Retail Pcnlerf in Dry Qooits if Oroteriet Dvy Groocis jReport. Tim grain market, especially lor Wheat, has ex peneneed r\ strong Upward movement during the past two weeks. Atlthe present writing prices at the commercial centers ore rnlhcr moro quiet. Flour nnd wheat have I cen dull for the past three days, nevertheless quotations aro maintained — '.Vn quote as follows : Wheat Inactive al $1 .7,'i to $1 .BS for White, and t I.&U to f-.OO lor Ited Mediterranean. Flour.—We quote Kxtrn tleneseo, from Whjte Wheat, wholesale. 9.50; retail. 1U .U0. KxtraUcn- osee from Uod Wheat, wholesale, 8,50; retuii. 0.IHI. Com.—Sternly, with fair demand at 76c. pr bit. of no lbs. tints dull at 35H«0C pr bu. Henna.—Aro looking up. 8o«di.—t'lnver .Seeiiisuiil of the market. Tim­ othy Seed is m light demand at $4 to j« per hltsh. llittter.— Active at improved rates Koll, 30n. Best Dairy makes ilut<>:tle. liard.—In fur demand at 23 to 24 cents, with light supply Potatoes.—Dull at 37!^ to 40 cents per bushel. l*ork.—.Me«s, per Imrrul. $30. IIidea.—Sheep l*tdls,l.W to Salt.—Advanced. Firm at 27.1 per barrel. Tho late advance nt the salt works has created some­ thing nf a speculative demand in this rieinity. Wood. — Prices ranging from $1 to $« per cord. F.«K».—l'irni at Up. prdos. Wool.—Fair demand nt 55 to CO cents. Flali.—Oemnnd active nt tho following prices: Dry Co-1, out of markot. Mackerel, now per quar­ ter barrel. No. I, $A.50; do do pr quarter barrel, No. 2, $1.50; H»y, No 2, pr half barrel, f ).W; do do pr quarter barrel, 11-50. White Kish, dull and lower at $•) lo$S.50 pr hatfbarrel. Trout, dull nt ST to tl 60 pr hull barrel. *\ \ MbxDAY,- Sdpt. 4tb, 18C6. Til* domand for Dry Gdods for Fall Trade has fairly commenced. Tha season proinhc* 1,0 b« a Tory active one. Tho Southern and Western trada i» jargely represented in Now York, and the demand for all desirable good* exceeds tbe supply. Trade has shown great activity for tho past two waelu. Messrs. H. B. Olaflln Sc Co. are rupoaentcd as iclllng'ovcr half a million' par day, and othor houses aro doing equally well In proportion to their stocks. This actlro domand bas advanced goods very materially Juring the past ten days. Heavy Brown Sheetings have advanced 0c yer yard, Bleached Goodi 5c, Prints 2c and DeLalncs 4c— other goods In proportion. Tha present price of Cotton fabrics Is out of all proportion with tlio price of tho raw material. Manufacturers are making enormous profits, greater than at any tlmo during tbo war, This stato of the market cannot always; Inst, and will be changed as soon as goods accumulato in excess of demand.' We can bardly look for this chango during the fall months, or not until tbe busy season is orer. Foreign fabrics are as reasonable in price as we could expect. The Impor­ tations aro largely in excess of past year for June, July and August', being in vu'.uc $23,83JT,000, against only $17,688,000, tame period 1804,, The following aro tho Now York wholcsalo cash prices of afowoftbe leading Domestic Dry Goods for week ending Sept. 2d, 18G3. These goods arc sold by country merchants at a slight advance above theso rates: B1I0WN SUP K TINGS. Standard Sheeting, Brown, 4-1...3CJ | Brown Shirtings.... 32Ja37 BLKAC.IIE.D GOODS. >sow r Y.rk Mills. 4-4 57J Semper Idom, 4-4 47$ DE L AIN E S Hope Company, 4-4 40 Lonsdale, 4-4 47$ Manchester 35 | Pacifies.. PRINTS. Mcrrimac W 33 Sprugucs ..........30 TICKS. Hamilton R 60 | Hamilton D.... DENIMS. Haymakers 52J | Oxford CANTON FLANNELS Pembcrton C 45 | Hamilton .30 A mcricun 30 Dutchess B * 25$ .50 .40 .47* Having been cast and purchased our stock before tbe recent ad-, anco and at prices ranging from 10 to 15 per cent btilow the present market rates, Wo invito attention to our carefully selected uss- rlmont of goods, feeling confident that we can otTer as good if not better bargains than can bo found elsewhere. i ANGELL & HALL. ediuationnl. ANSVILLE SEMINARY, DIED. HITCIlroCK.—In South Livonia, Au*|30, Hec­ tor Hitchcock, axed 69 years. KLIXCTOP.—In Sparta, Au«. 30, Mary, wlfo of Conrnd Klinetop, aged 74 years. HOFFMAN.—In Danavlllo. Aug. 20, Infant son of Jacob HclTman, aped 9 months. IIEMMEIl.—In Dansvillo, Aug.,11. John, son of Michael and Frannl* Hummer, aged 3 years. t AI>TMKYEU—In l>nnsvillo,.Sept. 1, Anton Alt- gycr.ajjcd 6(1 yoars, 2 months and 10 days. T il B Slaaon-aia* Hamllu Cabinet Organ*, forty ditlVront alylea, adapted to sacred and nepiilnr mtiMo, for <P>0 to Iftou oaoh. Tlnrty-Hre ROM or silver Medals, or other drst premiums awarded thorn Illustrated Cntnlnpues fri<e. Ad- dream MASON 4 HAMLIN. Boston, or MASON HROTIIFUt, Ni iv Vnrk 2^'vl 9 e * • t - • I i t Dansville, Livingston County, N. Y. ij» (lompilcijt Qn&xvittmfi ffimpiojjci FALL TERM BEGINS WEDNESDAY,. AUG. 23, 1865. WINTER \ NOV. 29, 8PRINC \ MCH2I, I860. THE merit* of iftit Institution are too writ known to require recapitulation here The ability and enthusiastic labors of ilt Faculty, the thoroughness oj^itt Discipline and Instruction, the high moral character and social harmony of its students, the many prizes axcarded for scholarship, oratory and composition, the encouragement ichich is offered for the uniform education of the COMTLIT* MAX, physical and moral, asxcell as menial —ALT. THKSK are. mentioned with approval among its numerous friends and patrons. Below is a list of the studies in which thorough xnstructionis imparted in this Institution. BK IT KKMEMBKRED, that the r • FUNDAMENTAL ENGLISH BRANCHES ARE NEVER SLIGHTED. Primary DrancUc*. Arithmetic, Itohint-on's Kudimcntary. Mental. fJeopraphy. Mitchell's Prilnan - . Heading, Sundcri)'-tih Union Reader. Spoiling, 'Iown'aSpoiler. Common English, Arithmetic. ltobmi.on'» senes tleoRniphy. Mi (-hell's Now IntrrniPdiate. Gmmmar. Analysis and Parmng. Uroonc. IVnmanshlp. Hi-nthnK. Hunilors* .'.th Union Ucadrr. hrwlling. Town'a Spoiler. Higher ATathcinatlca. Algebra. Hohlnson's scries, lieoinotry, Kobinson's. Trixnimmetry, \ Surveying, u Natnral Science. Natural Philosophy, rock'aGanol. fhomNtry. Wells. Uutany, Wooil Anatomy nnd Physiology, Cutter, Astronuiny, llurrltt. Ocology. Wells. Physical Geography, Filch. Belles Lettrea, Ac. Klemcnts nf CriloiMn, lvames. It'iolorio. Cop|>co, lliilory. Harper. Mental Philosophy. Wayland. Nnltirid Theology, Paley. Ixigic. Coppeo. Monil Philosophy, Wayland. Knglish Lifrratttre Cloveland. Languages. LtTl.t. Grammar, Harkness' 1st and 2d Books. •• Andrews * Stoddard. Roman nnd Grecian History. Ocsnr. Hanson Virgil. Andrews. Cii'ero, llnnsoti. Latin Prose Composition. ostr.K. Grammar, Hnrkneil'lsl Book. Hndley'a. •• WhitoVs Leasona. Reader Xcnophon'a Anabasis Owen*. rni^fCai. fJrammar. Fnsqnellr. Readers, Elementary and Classical. Corinne. QCBXJL5. Grammar, Wcodbury, Header, Adlei'. German Drama. Ornamental Branches. Tencil Drawing. Pen Urnwing Oil Pulnling. piano Music. Phaaetle Bharti-Hand.. Standard Phonography, Graham. Hlack Board Exercises from Dictation. Science mt Teaching. \Theory and Practice,\ Page. Lectures. Drill In Common Branches. Physical Exercises. Calisthenics. Gymnastics. Voluntary Games. TKAOHBRS' CLASS.— The Regents of the University have designated this Institu­ tion as one 16 rccelTo an appropriation from tlio Stale, wheroby a limilud number of Com­ mon School Teachers can receive Instruction gratis during the fall term. TUITIOW-PAYABLK IN ADVANCE. K i A M H B s i • K s 9 8 • it I 8 PaiaUKT BaAsrnxx. .... $1.00 CoMMOii EMOLHU , do ... $.oo lliont R do do • 7.00 LsHocaaES, HIOHKR MATH., AC. - - S.00 PlIONuORAMtr—KXTKA, ... 6.00 l ^STatiMK.iTAL Music—EXTBA, . $10.00 Usit or l .isiaUKisi, do - - 2.00 Dmwt.ia, do • 3.00 OIL PAIMTIXH, lo.oo INCIDESTAL ExrxasES, (each student) L00 Board and Iloomi can be had In the vicinity at reasonable rates. For Catalogues or further information, address the Principal, Prof. Josirn Jo.tts, A U. ISAAC Xi, UNDRESS, rrea. Board T **n*t«c». S. HUBBARD, Treasurer. CHAS. SIIFPAKD, SecreUry. HOMAWE'H CRIMEAN BITTERS, AN AKOXATIC TOIJIO AND AI.TBKATIVEi esiQi'AUs roa i«s mvaaTJo* 1>B , m w tmento*^' \en*\ etc. aia. and diseases irlaing from ihrnhLm. the Dlgcative Org»n<-,li x ht form. 3r™\ raigla and| Rheumatism, DeWiiy, «t« Approved hy (he Sargeen Ot MM •f the U. H. Armv—•ttlr •liter* \- — In tVnitcd State* Hospltah J ^* DV.SPKPSFA, DVfll'Fl'SrA, FEVKR AN'1; AGU.K. FEVEK AND AG UK, RHEUMATISM, RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA. NKURAl/JIA. CItlMEAN BIXX12n« 1 1 The ba<iis of \ Itomaine's Crim»-an htHrtt\ it CaliMtya— tha mo»i emefioi 'iiH variety of IVrurln (lark—with which are. combined nine other Hrty cinal Plant*, Itoots and Kxtracu, chiefly the prod, nets of Ania and South America, and e-.-teii of the highest scientific rppilte fnriheciireofdisi-aMltor wfiir-h this *•* rf-commended. No arthV in th« least degree pernli -i<»ui> l.« used, and the.' vunoti caullon Is exerelfed In' the selection of materials to insure, the highest deg'.c-o of curative rirtae.t&4 in all re.«peels' thc>presenl lilgh 'i-tandard <>f tfcts preparation will in no.case 1* dopnrled Irom. . REfA'LATES.THK BOWEWI CORRECTS MORBID SECRETIONS f PURIFIES TH E BLOOD 1 , We do not ark you to credit our own asstrtleat, therefore read trys TxsTiaosiAU. THE TESTIMONIALS! TONJC A,VD hESTORATIVH Dr, Janeway. Suriieon in clmrae of United Suits Hospital, Newark. N. J-. tays: «• I exfiencticed Terr much benefit from the Us* of your, Ilitl«-rs, sftrr a s«Tcre attack of typhoid fOTer. aifd was *&aU*d io resume my duties in a tnuoh i-horier time ibu I expected after so severe an illnci.s> Mya^p«- lite was restored, and the Ih'cestive Organs /tf- sumed their functions quickly An articl* Brt- pared to carefully Ik's It is. and from so *AM UUI- ULt Misia .iu. cannot in my opinion, fail to dij %,<M> wheo properly used.'' DTSPEPSIA. DY3PEPSU. In Dyspepsia, with its attendant symptoms, Indfi ge^tion. Nausea, Lo«s of Appetite, Lowness eC Spirits. Flatulence. Colic. Contirene**. Sick Hea4» v ache. Lassitude. Diarrhea. General Delntuy, etc}.' its ellicaey is abundantly uttc«ted hy IheeertiRl _ cites appended.aml wilf be immediatelr apparent- ] upon a trial. We do not asi-ert that -rnmesB ; Bitters\ will cure every rate ol Dyspepsia. In. j such as have become Chronic, we can only prom- ; ise relief: but in ordinary cases of only a fe\w jf-srs\ | standing, no failure haj* come to onr knowledge •• where the use has corresponded with the accora- . pnnyin^. directions. Very many ca>es hate been L cured bygone or two bottles Dj'speplic- are imps- $yt Ucnt, arid Jly from ono remedy to another; all we auk is persistence in tt*cuse»f two bmiles, snd a { proper resard to exercise and regimen, whea (' either csential relief or radimd cri'e is euranterd. ' 1 -Tsrr.rsiA. —From Ihe Hon Rol>ert Morris, of Kentucky, to extensively known to the Masonic Fraternity oflho United slates: Nxw Voax. Jtilv 13.1S«t, A | DtA»Rut:I |iavo lived in the Sonthern States— f much of tho time in Missls-ippi—for more thtn , twenty years, and have hnd mv share of those eon- plaintdthatairectthOjlircraiid produce Dyspepn*. This has rendered a rcculnr u»e ol tomes a medi­ cal neoes'ity to me. and I am familiar mth these- tion of all theslandtirif \bitters\ of the day la my opinion non-i of them i-* so effieaeions in the - Oonjie-.tio-i of th& Liver nn.l [>y spepsia a« TrimeaS bitters. I say thi« nft.i_r a fair trial np«n myowa system and upon other* to whom 1 Imre rrcornr mended them. I believe ifthey were freelr u«ei by persons whose systems are enertatei). they would relieve and eventually core a large propor­ tion of such cases. • * «;« « c » t Hon. J A. McDougalj C.S. Senator of Californis, says: \Your Cnroc.-in Bitters arc excellent for di/re»- tion. corrccling diarrhea, nausea, irritatici of tfte stomach and thecrealipn of awho!e«o»Karp«tiU. They pleasantly exhiliarate. but are followeoliy no.» stupefyina reaction^ -Ther are the bert Ixtlfrs I have ever n«ed.\ * The above are written records, and thoasaodi »t verbal statements echo them from other source* FEVER AND AGUF-. FEVER, AND AGUE. Crimean Bitters have proved the most prompt and thorough remedy, known—successful whea quinine has failed. as'Jlelcrmined bv trials in lb* United States Hospitals at Newark N J Fort Hamilton N. Y„- and Beaufort. S. 0., nnd numeral | Cases everywhere Tlie Biltcra are warranted ie-j arrest the chills the first day. and in brief nroi t expel the disease from the svstcm so thoroajtMj t that no renewal follows, if the directions for use - are strictly adhered to. f We have nlimerous.r-ertificates of cures of the ; above malady, but want of room prevents the is- t sertion of only the fe-ljowinc from a 1*. S Army Surgeon. We refer to circular around bntllenfar many others. Dr. Whitehead, burgeon U.S.a. dated U S Hospital.Newark. N J-says: •• I cured several so'dier*- under -my charge ef obstinate Fever and Atue. which have\defled for weeks the usual remedy of qninine. and, would without hesitation u.se Itm similar cases. RHEUMATISM AND NEURALGIA. RHEUMATISM AND NEURALGIA. RHEUMATISM. G. W Plait. E«q> Assistant Assessor Inters*) Revenue. Four!! District, New York.says \ I am from the nature of ray duties expo«ed to all tho different phases of weather, often saturaktsl to tho person, wet feci- etc.. and have, as a «IIM> quence. been afflicted with colds, etc , and fsra long time with Rheumatism; hull «ince takingtll* Crimean Bitters. I have felt nonp of the effects ot bad weather, and my Rheumatism kw e»tire/« disappeared. , ^ •* My son. who is in the army of fteaefil C*»»A, writes to mc »« follows ^ • Fatfier. whea an eff 0 '- tunity offers, do not f.dl to send n>e some Cnasesa Bitters foryou canno* Imagine what a readvrvHet they aro after exposure. I am .never alarne* ahoiit sleeping on the ground, or getting wetjtf \ use them' \ I wilt here state, (pat, this son came hemes*, sick leave, almost a skeleton. A single liollle nh stored bis appetite aad strength, so that in t«a. weeka he was pronounced able to join his batterj.*' NEURALGIA. .ItiisxT Cirr. Jaa. 3k. lfti, 5 GXXT« : I have l>een for two .years past mu«s | nfllictrit at intervals with neuralgia in the back ot $ my neck nnd bend, and had, used aH the asual rrtn- ^ odiea for khal disease, as prescribed by my phyil- J clan, hut wlihrmtpermanent relief. Iamhappvt» \ slate that Ihe use ofn bottle of yoar Crimean Kb \ ters has completely subdued Ihe complaint sod I • hare not experienced any attack sin\c. 1 CHAS, WILLIAMS, No. 71 Mercer st. ENDORSED nY THE SURGEON GEN. V S. A Dr Janew-ay. Surgeon U 8. A., dated at rte.iiiforl 8 ('., Sept. 10, l.soa. ssvs he cave a case of Hie Cri­ mean Hitters io Dr W'uru. the' Medieal Director, who commended the article, at once, and it w»» indorsed by the Surgeon General. «hn arrived fli« next day. antl wns miiire of its meiitid mceessls tho Northern It. H. Ilnepitnli It is iinannnartsly declared by all the Surgeons here that it Isjuiklsl thing in this mnlarimis climnte.\ CRIMEAN BITTERS aro especialli sniira » rcllovo iho INFIRMITIES. OF AGE. THK DEBILITATED & CONVALESCE^ *3D- Sold bv Drncgiste everywhere. MILLEll & CO . P*r ..|irleWl4- Defot 110 Liherty-sU V« Yolk M4t»3i •old bv «oencei k Bi'il)'\ 1 •' na \alo V T

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