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\mn\lt Mnxtim. 'Astvaaee Tenia* at •wfcMsiptlam. To M»fl Subscribers, - - - (lu pehvnred by Currier. - - - 2 00 piftyCenls added whoa payment I* not »»»de In {jingle Copies, 5 Conts. Advertising; Term*, [tss una 0» 11X3 KUt A SgtUatQ jii«MWt.~~Ti~i» i i^** i »•« r»<* 1» Squarp. | ») 7 5 Ut i»| »•! 00 | «» 00 | tt> 00 | $100 jSoiiares. I 3 »ll •»! ««0Qi jSq.mrfO 1 7A Tit 60 |\Tno | 7 00|1000p6 3 00 | A IK) | C 00 | 800112 00 00 00 •JO 00 | j square* i^fCnlumn, y< Column. I K»| 71H1| U UU 1 12 00 | 20 00 | 3*08 l ^umn, |-aoo|»ooo|l2oo|»oo|8Ao6l8«o8 Business Cards nntcxreedlngClinen.inserted for ft per annum: over 8 lines, 50 emits por lino extra. Yearly Advertisers, discontiitningtheiradvortisie- ments Wnro Ihn expiration of th* year, will be charged nt full rate* ns above. Extra chargo will al- *> be mad* for Dissolution nnd other notices not onnoct»d with their regular business. Advertltementsof iVinectts. Exhibitions, etc., 50 per cent, in addition tothtsabovo riUes Trnnsient Advertising must be paid for in ad- ,y»nre. Hills of Y«s,rty Advertisers payablo quar­ terly Local Noliccs.lO«o«.ts per lino fortlio Brut inser­ tion, 5 cents per line for each subsequent Insertion. \p nolle* ilMcrted for less than $1. OHtttsry Notice.\. Resolution*. Proceeding and Notices of Rohgious. Charitable and other Societies, i cent\ per line. Hills payable by the person leav­ ing the nrdnr. The announcement of Deaths will tie made free of charge No specific rate is fixod for Marriage Notice*, hat a foe of $1 or more will be expected according to rircumslnncps Lrgnl Notiren at tho rates fixed by law. Wo do not wish to Insert cuts in our advertise­ ments, hut where it is instated upon we sliall charge 40 per cent, extra for all such advertising. We at nil times reserve the right to reject nny advertising whk-h we may deem (insulted to our columns. AdetrtUtmenli not under contract to«lt be plaint/} marked the length of time detlred, or tkey u>U be contin­ ued and charged far lillonlerei out. Jaa Filiating. Of every description dono with neatness and dis­ patch and a< reasonable prices. We have one of ins raoit complete Jobbing establishments in the -State, beinit furnished with the nowest. neatest and •most fashionable stylos of Type, fast Prnswa, Inks I'rom the bust innniifacturorx, superior Stock, and -experiencedWorkraeu who know how to use i-hemall. NEWS OF A WEEK. A dispatch from tho Hon. Mr. Kiwion, from Julesburg, on tho Plains, says tho Indiana appe.tr to be driven from tho road as far as Donvof and Lk'rnmle, bvkt fear* ibnt the authorities at Washinijton art too confident, and will nol keep k tuflcient force In tho Sold to koop tho Indian* In check. Tho Augusta (Ga.t Constitutionalist says that a party is springing into exis- tenco favoring a general repudiation of all private indebtedness. That paper donoun- ccs repudiation as unwise, dishonest and unconstitutional. Several candidates for Iho Convontion favor repudiation. Tho Commissioner of the Indian Bureau has received a communication front the Superintendent of Indian affairs in Pwco- tah Territory, In reference to the alleged massacre of a family by Indians in that re­ gion, from which it appears that one ptr*on was killed and threcdangerously wounded. The perpetrators of the deed eic*.ped. Tho settlers are greatly incensed, and domand the immediate punishment of the assassins.. Tho manufacture- of iron staves in thti Western states, as exhibited by tho eighth census shovru that in 18C0 there were 61 establishments with a totnl capital or %l] 698,800. Tho valuo of raw material annu­ ally consumod was $877,473 j 1,670 hands wore employed, costing, for their labor, $032,180 annually. Tho total valuo of tho product wa3 $2,368,010. Approhcnslons of the approach of the cholora wero increasing in England.' Tho epidemic had reached Marseilles. A' *> n important mooting of medical officers and others in London, resolutions wuro adopted advising tho utmost caro and all possible precautions. \ The \Stite Pri»oner».\ Carefully Compiled from Leading Dailies, Vp f the Times. Martlti Curtis, of the old established and popular , DnnivlUo Clothing Emporium, has the Jlnest |ot of Cloths of nil varlelie* thnl woroover brought hero, a fact which tho public sei 'tn to appreciate, judging from the; rush at the store. Palmos never scorned in better spirits (if we except the timo he made us a nice proeont.) *nd ttleu unweariedly handles tho huge shears, which chases the line'of beauty, nbout tho big pile* of .faro goods before him. Pri­ ces at th>* house am always reasonable. \V« speak from experience wuon we say that after baying tried all the prinolpal sewing ^nachfotis, we must accord to that of Grower t ^aker tho pro-eminonco. Thoao indisr ,Ansabje features of sewing, strength, uniformity, and olasticity—all of which are brought. out in this incomparable in- invention—tnako it tho first machino in tho country. Others have their good points, but'this combines all, and pos­ sesses every characteristic necessary and mdU desirable. Wo know one lady whoso appreciation of this machine, after a trial of ytjarj, Is such thftt sho would part with ajmosi every olhor articjo of houso- hold fiirrilturn bofor'e shn would allow it to bo taken, Sho understands tho different varleti .os ofSowintr machines, and has test­ ed tho merits of all ; but Orover & Baker's noiseless machine, with its Arm uniform stitch, surpasses, in hor eetimati«n, all 'othors. In that lad v 's opinion we have tho most unlimited confidence, her taste and judgment hrinc excelled by nono. Nor has hbr jurlttnient been formed hastily.— Sho has. with n. view of thoroughly tostino; tho merits of the ditTornntsowiit2 machines, eivon tho mo 't of them n fnir trial, and tho result is as above slated.— New York CAris- tian Advocate* Nevr Pension anr Claim Agencj. l-ate otthe 1st tf. T. Dra^ooas, I s pro par od to prosooute all olalms held by those who have been In the military ornavjil service of the United Statos, or by their rulativeui. ' ' PENSIONS, BACK PAY, BOUNTIES., ETC, ETC. SBJOU 'rtBJO PROMPTLY, Mr. Weat'<< Jon« axperionoo with tliolnKlcaelcs of red upe in the Army gives him' peculiar rullltles forsiicuesslnthls business, which he iWill make A. Sip eplality. Porsiinsln this and id/olnlnE Counltos'wfll save thornselros munli t mo I and expense Iiy putting thoir affairs In his h< nds,insto.td ifgolilx loltooh- ester and other plaoes as horetuforu. Office with j, Messrs. Hubbard &- Faulkner,' Atlorneys and Counselors, ovor Tint National Ifcink. Dnnivllle, Llv. Co., N. Y. August 180i. , rpi« OLD EITABnfKKD NEWS CONDENSED. Orders havo been issued at Washington for disbanding 30 more rogimoits of infant- try, cavalry and artillery. I Only six deaths occurred at Nowbern, N C among tho wliito population, du­ ring the month of August. , The lust mail from England brings a re­ port, on good authority, that the Great Eastern will bo dispatched from Sliccrncss to Newfoundland. The object of this trip is to tish up, on tho wny, the fragment* of tho dissevered cubic, which, it is hoped, will bo recovered by menns of grapnels and buoys Tho promoters of tho enterprise, in England, nro detormincd to lay another cable, next yonr, milking uso of the recov­ ered portion! of tho old onu. Tho oQkiul st i lemont of tho public debt on tlio 1st inst, ha* boon issued from tho Tronsury Dopurtmont. Tho total is $2,- 737,080.571, on which tho yearly interest is $138 ,(131 ,020 Tho debt hm been in- croisud only by $^03 ,000 »incu thu 31st of July lust. - Tna Epi<co|ial Convention which mot in lndiiin<ip'iiM »n Thursday iilrtctml tho lit Jiir J m«ph CJ. Tallb'itt. D D , Assistant Uishiiji of India u, which has becomo nec- cHiiry t 'i tho Church, in consequenco of thu' 1111,1.ured hc.tlth und great ugo of Bishop Upfold. Tne-bu^^u^o car of tho paiien^er truin fro n tho westward on tho Now-York O-iitrul Rulro :iJ, dui in Albuny at 7 o'- 11 jcic p:\ S.iturdny ovonin^, tr.u thrown .frtnu tho truck by the breaking of iin uxlc, killing oiio person insUnlly nnd injuring threu or four others. A largo meeting was ln-1 . in Detroit on the 31st ult., to inuuguritto u monument to Michigan soldioM fullou in tho war. Speeches weto made by ex-Oov Blair, Gen .Morrow, nnd others Tho raonu- otont will bo located ut Dotroit, and cost $10,000 The colorod pcoplo of St. Louis con- tomplato holding a Convontion soon fir tho purpjso of considering their now rela­ tions to socioty and tho Government. .Among othur rights which they will do- rnand is that of riding on tho street ruil- iroad cars. Tho question of sutfrago will »lso bo dUcussod Wo nro plensej to lctirn that tho lion Frodorick W Sowurd, Ass;stunl Secretary of Stuto, has so fur recovored his health ilhat ho is ablo to attend to business of a private character, and intands to resume .thu duties of his ulllee a few days honco Up to lust Sunday night a woek ugo 27 dead bodies hud been recovered from where thoy wero imbedded in the mud and water by tho cnt.istropho of thu -oth ult. at iiichliind Crook, on tho Tennesson and Alabama ltailruad, and it was supposed that a considerable additional number wero still umong tho ruins. Mr. Mason lias uddroused to The Lon ion Timos a loiter oncoming lliu S io uindoah, in whioU ho status that tho Confederate authorities in Europe, on learning that tho war in tho United S tatos was ended by tho surrender of the Confederate forces, Itook iininudialo measures to arrest tho course of that ship. .Cupt. R B Witidor, son of tho do- ,ccased Rebel Gen. Winder, whoso namo is among thoso indicted with Wtrz for in­ human treatment of imprisoned National jioldiers, was arrosted at Drumtnoudtown, Virginia,* on Thursday lmt, and sont to Washington under guard to awuit tho idisp usiliun of thu milii :irv authorities. 'Tho internal receipts amount to two psillions nduy. At this rate we shall not ho in want of now loans until <Coogrn«s meets. Tho cholera continuos to sproad in Italy, but in Spain it is on tho decrease Tho. Govornmant is making arrango- monts to publish an exceedingly interes­ ting history of tho secret Eorvico of the various Union armies, which will embraco tho espionagit on nil tho military and civil acts of thu Coiifodo r.ito officials. Tho followii g is tho latest intelligence from Davis, Clay and Mitchol, being a dispatch to tho Philadelphia Inquirer, dated August 80 : • Jeff Davis has boon unable td tako hi< out door cxerciso for sev.eral days past, on account of a carbunclo on ono of his legs. Davis has for years been subject to these painful eruptions, and asserts that they nro not occasioned by his confinement. Jeff has become quito cheerful and com-' municative. Ho fully appreciates the mild regimo to which ho is now subjnetod. Several volumes of tho English classics aro now allowed him, an occasional daily paper, and pon, ink and paper. Ho writes letters, of course inclosed to tho Secre­ tary of War. Whom Jeff favors, with epistolary communications is known only to Mr Stanton nnd his confidential clerks. Letters to Jeff, aro of frequent occur­ rence. Those who send them may as well snvo their stationery and stamps, to say nothing'ot tho labor of writing. No let­ ters aro allowed J. D. Gon. Miles bo- comes thoir custodian. Their contonts aro perused by tho reticent young Gonornl, and thon packod away, a id ho to whom they aro nddrossud is not oven awnro of their oxistonciB. Clny and Mitchol promen­ ade tho ramparts every day, though ' never nt tho samo hours. Mitchel has just re­ ceived a small bale of Lynchburg smoking tobacco, from his son nt Richmond, Tho fragrant Lynchburg weed wns allowed to pnss tho flittering cordon of guards, and placed at John's disposal Mitchel recoiv- cd Ihcsoolhins; weed gladly, nny, thankful­ ly : ho who, scarce throb months ago,reject­ ed in advance tho pardon of tho President of the United States. rotu-neJ thanks for the privilego of being nil owed to rcceivo flvo pounds of smoking tobacco. The Trial of Wirtz. TlIK U. S. RXKDKZYOU* XT RoCHF.ST J£R. —The Rochester Union of Monday 'evo 'ng says, /'It i« expected that tho 14th Hoary Artillery will bo paid off to morrow, and as Booh thereafter as possible tho U. S ren­ dezvous in this city will bo closod. Major Loo bus an,Order U> closo tho concern im­ mediately ana turn tho properly over to the proper officors. No moro regiments or companies will be sent boro for muster and puy.\ Hythe extonsivo fire at St. Louis on tho 29ih ult., which consumed thrco hundred thousand dollars worth of hump, Eastern insurance companies suffer a loss of $120, 000. Tho-fir.o. occurred in two large ware­ houses, and is supposed to havo boon tho work of uri incendiary. TIIK GiiuVKn & BAKRIC SWWI.VO MA.- CHINES —'Among tho many sewing ma­ chines now before tho public for approvul, nonu.huve sustained so enviable a reputn- tion ns tho \Grovor & Baker.\ Its sim­ plicity places it within thu uso of oven children, and its capacity excels all 'others Tho untiring onurgy of the Grovcr & Baker Sowing Machine Company bus bcun pro­ ductive of'many und rapid improvements, and there is now no brunch or stylo of sowing machine i.nown to the business— oither practical or ornam ntal—to which tho Grovcr & Baker tnuchinu nnd its im­ provements cannot bo applied. In this opinion we nro su-tained by tho verdict of the best jndgea .throughout the country, wlio.lmvo awarded this inucllitio thu tirsl premium ut all thu stuto fairs at which it has been exhibited tho past year. This company havo recently introduced a new and (grently improved machine, making the shuttle stilch or stitch ulikn on both side*, which will comment! itseir to till who prefer n stitch of this kind To those unacquainted with tho merits of citlwr tho Grower & Baker or tho shuttlo-stilch, they offer special Inducements in tho fact that the purchaser is afforded an opportunity for comparing and testing both stitches, and judging fur themselves as to their respective merits.— Frank Leslie's Mag azine. New Harness Shop! I. W. DRAKE &' CO. W OULD announce to the public t halt they have opened a now Harness Shop ON EXCHANGE STREET, Nearly opposite Brown A Stint's Wagoa Shop, and will keep on hand and manufacture to order Light' and Heavy Harnesses Of every variety and style: thoy will A|j»o'keep a tine stnelc of Saddles. Bridies ami Haltors, Whips, Currycombs, brushes, In, • REPAIRING Done on short nolieo and in go id styl*. None but tho best workmen < mi.loyed, and all work warranted. I. W. DRAKE* CO. Unnsvillc, Aug. 1805. tMTinS Clothing Emporium, MARTIN^URTIS W OULD respectfully ahnoune* to tha publio that his pr«Mnt stock ot , CLOTHS, \ ' ' CASSIMEBEST- • T ANTJ^STINGS, was nover mora choice and eompleU than at tha present lime, aad thu same car* and attention ,ls glvontohl\ CUSTOM DEPARTMENT whloh for many years has oauaad this housa to Lead of all Others ! Now. as herstofore, all'workjWilli bi proriptly and carefully performed by n,on« but , Ezjierienced Ijforkxneii. Oa'rments always made up in thi latest sty Is In the department of 'I * | < READY-MADE CLOTHING; Can be found a carefully afcleeted and superior stock of everything in the line.j > To suit everybody, from a .paper .Collar to a flne ShirL ' f •• • HATS AND CAPS In great variety, ki suit every else, every whim and all kinds of weather, . i *'l : 'i ' What he has not gdl in the Clothinx and Fur­ nish lug line ho can manufacturo, and what he can't manufacture isn't worth haying. Try him. E. S. PILXU, Salosman. 0. II. KICK, Cutter. MR. L. PERHAM H AS returned to Dansnlllo and .establ himself ut Ms former businois of WATCH REPAIRIN In tho Woiiilburn l'loek. nearly opposito th Office, where ho will nltend tho wants, of all who favor him with their pntronngo. An Experience or Twenty Ycjirs Enables him to wurriMit nil work d«oo as [well and Ht moro reasonable prions than auy other, es­ tablishment In this suction »j)u Also Clock and Jewelry Repairing of ovory kind dono in short notieo uud warranted. The followinp; isasiimmnry of tho charg­ es made against the fiend WMr., who had charge of tho horrid Andcrsonville prison pens : First. He. is charged with having starv­ ed 10,000 prisoners to death. Second. Of having tortured to death' 100 Union prisoners by tho slow agonies of the bull and the chain. Third. Of having tcrtured to death thirty Union prisoners by tho cruel torture of the stocks Fourth. Of having murdurtd three hundred Union prisoners, f r approaching or touching tho so-called \dead line.\ . Fifth. Of having murdered fifty Union prisoners by means of tho foroctous blood­ hounds. Sixth. On tho 8th day of July, 1864, ho shot to denth with his own pistol, without cnusc, according to tho rules of war, ono Union prisoner. Seventh. Ho stamped upon and kicked a Union soldier to death On the 20th day of Soptembor, 1864. Eighth. By willfully inoculating the l£nion prisoners with corrupt vaccinou al­ ter, ono hundred prisoners lost their arms, and 230 died from the effects thereof. Ninth. On tho 13th day .of Juno. 1864, ho murdered a union prisoner in cold blood by applying his revolver to tho body of said prisoner. Tenth. By his brutal treatment of the prisoners, ho tortured many of them into tho condition of maniacs and idiots. The trial is now slowly progressing in Washington. Tho testimony, moro than reveals the truth of tho horrid statements of tho condition of tho Andcrsonvlllo pris­ on mndo from time-to time in this paper. Tho routing, freezing, starving and shoot­ ing of prisenors was done by wholesale, and Wirtz acknowledged at the timo that ho was killing moro mon than Gen. L«e at Richmond. Thirty-throe witnesses 'haro beon secured for tho dofence. If Wirtz is proven guilty of one half tho abovo hor- riblo charges, his doom should bo as speedy and certain as that of the President's mur­ derers. gohu glum. Tho HuntsviUo Advocato statos that tho crops in North JtVUbamu, from ull accounts. io iiuntsviMo Ad m i North JrVUba had bcun cut short by tho sovuro drouth which has prevailed gonerully during tha Summer (Jnrn will bo senrco, and in many localities high. Qold was strong on Saturday, ononing at closing ut 141J, bid. Govotn- msnt bonds w«ro strong and In demanJ THIS BOOTS OF HISTORT .—It is a very curious fact that tho thrco men in Ame­ rica who form tho triumvirato of apostacy und trenson wero all detected by means of their boots Benedict Arnold's treason wits hid in Andro'| boots. Aaron Burr, escaping In a disguiso which would havo probably proved successful, was betrayed by tho elegant cut of his boot, which w.as out of keeping with the rough homespun suit in which hn was making his flight. Jeff. Davis fulls into tho sama trap,-and active | discovers himself to his cuptors bV neglect­ ing this ordinary precaution. Attention! Everybody! JOHN BLUM, Manufacturer of BOOTS AND SHOES \\ OP EVERY DESCRIPTION! , FOIt Men, Women and Children! 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE. M U. PJ.UH has had an oxperlonco of over 2i years' in this business, which enables him to manufacture and sell lioots and Shoes, Better and Cheaper than any one 'else in tho eounty. Ho has Just opeh'od a Mno stock at his New Place of Business, IX BROWN & KERSHNER'S BLOCK, Opposite the Post-Office, 4 whr.ro ht> can convince all favoring lilm with a call tha^ he can give them good bargains. REPAIRING neatly dohe, <in short notice and at Low Prices. , ALL WORK WARRANTED ! AI>SO LEATHER ANU FINDINGS FUJt SALE. , Cash paid for Hides. *»„ The piitronnuo of the public is resnrrtfiilly sollnted. 2«yl JOHN I1LUM. Up Town Boot & Shoe Store I BOOTS 6L SHOES roa Men, Women and Children. Dick.'* Block, - - - Msilm Street, BANSVILLB, N. T. M R. DICK, thankful for the liberal patronage which ho ha* received for years paa'U would ri't-pi'cifnllj announco that ho has HtW'd up his en­ tire rstnljli'diment for his business, and that ho has now a largo and splendid stock of Custom-Made Work Whloh he is confident cnunot be equated in this section. FOR GENTS. CALF, KIP AND COARSE BOOTS. CAXT,» CLOTH AND PATENT LEATHER GAITERS, &co. FOR WOMEN. CONGRESS AND LACE GAITjERS AND SHOES OP ALL THE FASHIONA­ BLE STYLES. FOR MISSES & BOYS. EVERYTHING- FOR THE 1 FEET OF THE NEATEST FASHIONL In fact as good w (ir |< unit ns tlnv an assortment as run lx> found uny where. And all of ttioso articles ho will .Sell Lower Than most estahllshnients can afford them. CUSTOM WORK Dono to order on short notii'o «nd fit* warranted REPAIRING Will rciriro spnnnl attention, and satisfaction giv­ en in »vnry instance. *T)_ Sole Leather nnd Shoemakers' Findings as cheap as ever. PLEASE CAl L AND TltY ME. C. DICK Dansvillc Juno 1st, 1805. STEPHAN & BEEBE, Model Cash Hardware Store, Nearly Opposite tlte Advertiser OsScc, SANSTXLLE, N. Tt. 1 \EALEitSlnShelfnnd Heavy Hardware,Stoves, X/ Sheet Iron, Copper, Iron, tftciil. Nails, Vices, Screw Plates. Springs, Glass, Sash and Doors, Agricultural Implements, Si*.. Ate. C1KL STirilA OCO. W SEEKS. 8TEPHAN * BEEI1E. M. R. MARCELL, 'jOKUriCTURita nr BOOTS AND SHOES, H AS OPENED A Slinp in the hlrjck ncar'y op­ posite MaJ. Jleach's well known ndinil, lower part of Main street, where ho rcspedtly solicits tho patronage of tho puhhe Mr. Marcoll is nn nxperl' enced workman, and ninnufiw'ttu-cH all kinds oi men. women nnd children's wear, in a style second to linne.\ REPAIRING of every description on short noticonnd at low prices. Dan»vlllo,Jli|y 27,18B5. 'JM (Clothing. Useful and important Invention. OATLIN mt FRBESE'S mraovEO Fire Water-Proof Cement! f|U[,E best Cement ever Invented for repairing Jl Jirokxn arlicle.s. surh as glass chlun, crockery, furniture, marble. Ipather, *c. Dealrrssnpplied by EowtasNiLrs.Parisvllle, and sold at ro&nil by druggists generally. !M7m3» Keep Oool! ICI}! ICE II ICEIII iEND IN YOCIt OIIDERS for Ico by Iho sea- ) (inn, by tho pound or hundred. Onlers left at ie Express Office will bo promptly nttendnrf to. Dansvil4o,4uno 1st, 1805.' Ht HENRY. T O' CTjllK COLIC OTSKNTKRT.—Tako two tablesnonnfiils ofDr T. II. Talbot's Medl- oitoil Pineapple'Jidcreverv ten minuttls: also add ten drop* io a quart of cold water and Inject tiall a pint eyery ten minutes. You will soon be all right. For sale eyerywnere. 267w2 i It. T r HA BBITT, Roi.k Aos.tr. M;M, Oi, 97,5»,70, 72.and 74 W«shington-SU TJEW YORK. UflB CHEAPEST PAINT F \)R WooVJ or metal exposed to tho weather, is Liquid GutU Peroha. and It is the best, too. Only $!.» gallon For sale at the Advortiser Office. QttKAT BARGAINS IN CLOTHINQ. S. IIUBERTUS & CO., Manufacture c 3CiO at? aw:.:* OF ALL KINDS Cheaper than nny other establishment lu Daniville for llio following reasons: They do All their Own Work. They Pay tut IMtle IUnt. They Work Early and Ijate .V And they are Hound to Merit, th* Patron age of the Public. ' Call on them and they vaill Prove it. Old Clothes Cleaned, and Repaired Kcmcmbcr the location, Hedges'!Blook,Main St Dansvllle.N.Y 171 GENESECUCADEMY. the One Hundred & Sixth Term Will begin SEPTEMBER 4th, j 1866. rpHE Trustees have pleasure In sjnting that th X past year was ono one of the must prosj>erou» in the long and honored history of {this institution. They feofthntlho mention of this (not is Its high­ est commendation. - » Tho graduating class will recclte special care from the Principal. PuplU Beard (n the family of the Principal. Pres. Hblfrrfof Triuitoes, Address, Ttev 3 JONES, Prinolpal, Mflwl* Reneseo, Llv. Co./N, M7t ^IothinV^mporiuw. \DANSVIIiXK; / fiil' New Meat!^Market / < i ,i OPEN JED BY ECTUENED Spi/DIERS,.. T HE\subMrlbers would respectfully aanounce that they h«v« op«»»d » Meat Market on lower Main street, nearly opposite the Post Offloe, where they will Keep i . CHOICE MEAT/ Of sU ki»<U. aad.soil the asm* at tne.lowMt mar­ ket rates. We are determined to have the mod­ el'market of the towa, aad deserve the liberal patronage, whloh we hope to'erijo'y. The public are lospoetfully IarlUd to call and ' r ^*** T '\*' ^ 1 '*HABTMAN * SQUIRES. gttntVt. A BETTERINVESTMENT !IU TU U. S. 7-30 LOAN! GREAT BARGAINS GROCERIES! Dansville Model Grocery ! SUGARS, TEAS. COFFEES, ... '-SYRUPS • AND MOLASSES, Peace Prices! And in fact all kinds of Fine Family Groceries J Lower thsn they have Keen sold in Dan>-v!llo for the past two years. Stone and Wooden Ware! Lamps, Lanterns and KemseneOll! As Low as the Lowest (and Lower, toot) DOWN! DOWN!! DOWN!!! BTBRTTHINO MARKED SOWN I Call and sec me, Ono Door North of the First National BauJc, VA K IVILLK, N. Y. 440 h.W. FRENCH Ayer^ Ague Cure, F OR TUB SPEKDY tiUKK of Intermittent r<-' ver. or Keyor and Anuo.lKelmtte.nt Kever, Chill Kuver.JDumb Ague, Perlndlenl Headache or Dil­ lons Headache, and HlliousiPeverH, Indeed for the wholo class of diseases origltintinu in biliary de­ rangement, railscd by tho 1 Mnlarla of' miasmatic countries. Fever and Ague' is not the bnly\ eon- sequonco'of therBiasmatio poison. A great variety of disorders arise trmn its Irritation, in inalnrions districts, among whlch.inre Neurslgla, lthenmA' tism, Gout, Hcnuachc, IlllndnL>ss,,'roothnchc, Kur- ache,Catarrh; Asthma, Palpitation, Painful Affe.C' tinu of iboBploen. Hysleriea, Paii^'lir the'Rowels Colip. Paralysis;and IMrangement of IheBtomsrh all of wljiqh, when orleilwtllag in this'uaaast pal on the Intermittent type, qr become periodleal. This \Cure\ oxpels the poison from tho blood, and thut> cures them all .alike.. U is not bnly the mast effcotualirnmedy over^dutcovereii'.for thisclsssef complaints,-hut it'ls -thecheapest and morever IK perfectly, safe., No harm, can arise from its use. and the patient when cured Is left as healthy as If h e had.a«Vcr had,,the,' tUseaAx. Can this-lx> sald'Of any other'eurt'for Clllflrfand FqVcVr ft is true or this, and its importane* to.Hhoee afltated with the eomplaint cannot he orer-o'stlmati-d. go sure is it to cure the Fever and A ami,tlint 11 )nny truthfully ' „lna, one and sold •bv7B,NrEK8,.Oi|0.'(VV l KENNEV* NELSONTl )ansvllle7 n medicines ovorvwhere. i -. .WXTMOBBj and and all dealers asom2 •Xo..Dr«»kar4ji. ,.-;i, t; « O LD \DR. BCCHAK'8 DROSKARDS' CURB permanently'eradicates the taste for strong drink, and mires (he worst cas onness In lessthan eight weeks.- - - t Thousands of reformed Inehrales now live to bloss the day they wo .ro fortunate enough to oom« | menco tlio use of this ivKluable remedv. Price' Two Dollars a package Mailed, to any addreae on reo»lptofan order, by . v JAMES 3. BUTLER, «8^Bro^dway, J». int. .5 J 'i'' Would aanoouee to his old friends and the pub lie generally, that he ha* taken the New & Commodious Shop! CORNER MAIN * FRANKLIN STREETS, Opposite the\ neasTille House, where he is are- pared to make of the Beetfitocfc, all kinds of CARRIAGES, - - BUriQIESi Sulkies, Cutters', Lumber Wagons k Sleighs.' He Is also prepared to 'do all kinds of Jobbln aueh as REPAIRING, PAINTING, TRIMMING, WOOD WORK, ULACKriMITHINCI, AC. As cheap as any Shop in tho State. Call and see for yoaraolves, for he will at all times be glad to show his work and slock. Ha has every facility for doing FIRST CLASS WORK Remember the place. Itii Strut, Of petite t h luiiilU I SM, tuitill*, R. T. ' • . • . j T. E. JOSTE3.' B OOKS AKD GIFT*. FOOD rOK TBI KIND! If you want to buy a Book, buy It of . E. 8. BROOKS At the \METRCPOLITAN GIFT BOOK ESTAB­ LISHMENT.\ No. 26 Baflfclo sU, Boekester, Where you can get any book that you may want, nooks, in every department of Literature, And you have the advantage of receiving a handsome Present, worth from Ml cents to $100, which Is giv­ en with each book. wJL All Books are sold at the publishers prl cei, And you can select from the largest stock ev­ er ottered In this city, including all the standard works, all descriptions of Albums, all the varie­ ties of Gift Books, all tho styles of Bibles and Prayer Hooks, all the Hymn Books now In use, all the late publications, all kinds of. stationery. BOOKS for all classes—upon all subjects—In ev­ ery style of binding, nnd in endless variety. Remember, that in purchasing books oi E.S. Itauoxs. at tho \Metropolitan Gift Book. Store,\ you pay no mora than yon would at any otherestabllsh- ment.nndyou have the adrnntage of receiving a vnluablo present with eaeh book thai you buy, •«_One trial will convince book-buyers that Jhe place to make their purchase. Is of E.B.BR00K8. ' At the Metropolitan 01ft Book Store, 20 Buffalo at,, Rochester. New Spring Goods FOR 1865, AT S. S. BRAYTON & 00'S. We are now receiving a Splendid Stock of OilCloths, Window Shades, Cords and Tas sets. Picture Tassels, *c Also a nice assortment of Staple and Fancy DEY GOODS! Which will be sold at tho Lowest Market Value, by S. S. BRAYTON & CO PROF. J. W. INTAKES H ACbeeo'msfftsnly «»UMUX«« l In Ms aew Of business it BETTS'BLOCK. DIRECTLY orrOSJTE STETMN & KCK't • W «E' iTtsr,' ' • •*» Where he woula like to have: hW oli'Marta' **4 tha people genersUy call and ezamtae his la* Stock of \\ c Particular attention paid tatW 1 Custom Deportment, • In which he deiei competition. ' OVERCOATS, UNDER COATS, VEST A.ND PANTS,' Got up in the latest fashtdnablo style, well made and warranted Io fit. -. .. ., 4»-CUTTINp dons on short notice. . PINEAPPLE CIDER! Dr. T M U M I' V Co«ce»ira<ed MEDICAL PINEAPPLE CIDEI t la.a Vrarentir* of Stokneae. loths, Casslmerts/Testftlsf TxKti&V' WHE ezporienco that Dr. Talbot has had for the J. lasts* years, convinoes him that It is Urn* the publio had an article offered that will prevent siek- net*. .The article offered Is Dr. Talbofs Medicated Pineapple Cidor, designed.fer all olasses, . , OU BM4'T*«ar. It li'not n,cw to the Doctor, bat entirely new to the public. One quart bottle will last awsllaersoa. a year. This is rathor a new mode of doctoring,;'' nevertheless it will S«T« MUlUag from being stele Is it not better to pay three dot,\ Urs a year to keep from being siek, than to paytea or twenty dollars in doctor's bills, and aa much - more for the loss of timo and inconvenience of being sick I To prevent sickness use a s follows: Add one teaspoonful of Medicated Pineapple Ci­ dor to a tumbler of cold water, and drink the flist thing after yon risefn the morning, and the same before you retire at night. It will increase the strength, and give Yiffar sat Artian to the system. A celebrated Mew York merchant who has made a thorough trial of the PJncapple Ci­ der, assures- Dr.Talbot that he has gaiaea ten lbs. of flesh in one month, at the first trial. He contin­ ues Its use a s above directed,and findsitrery ben­ eficial ; says it has proved an entire Pr*T«ativ« ta Sickaaasi in his case. Also, another well-known gentleman In New York- ba* used the Medicated Cider COB- stantly ior ten years, and has not been sick one day during that timo. Tola Wvaaarfal Fraparatia* Will Increase tlio strength, give vigor and action la the system, and regulate digestion. When takea internally, for pains of all kinds—Bilious Colic, Di­ arrhea, Diseases of the Throat, Pains in the ChesH Hoarseness, Colds, Neuralgia, Rheumatic Pains', Dyspepsia, Acidity of the Stomach, etc, etc, its soothing and quieting effect on the system is most astonishing. Dr. Wilcox, an eminent physician, employed it with crest success In tho treatment of Fevers. Dys­ pepsia. Neryoua Affections, Loss of Appetite, Weak­ ness, Palpitation or the Heart, Chronic Diarrhea. Colic Dysentery and diseases of the stomach aad bowels. It is also particularly recommen'dod by physicians to delicate females, and a s ai. excellent remedy.for Enfctbled DigesUon, Want of Appetita, Scrofula, Nephritic Affections, Rheumatism. «to. It nerer fails to relieve Nervon* Tremor, Wake* fulness, Disturbed Sleep, etc. .American LadJea have used this article with great success to height­ en their color and beauty. It imparts cheerfulness to the disposition! »JV% brilUancy-tothecompleiion. * To travelers, especially; itis of inestimable value, and should be provided as a medicine for every ourney in which the water is likely to vary In qual­ ity and tendency. Persons residing In any \nrl ot the country mar adopt It with tho utmost confidence al a timely, ef­ ficacious restorative. Prices t Three Dollars per Bottle, (full quart.) Two Dollars f (full pint.) One Dollar « (full half-pint) One quart-bottle, two.pint bottles,or four half pint bottles sent free by express on receipt of price For gale Everywhere. - B. T . BABBIT, Sole Agent, M. 68,68,67j 68, TO, 12 k 74 W r asblngton St, . »7yl i , Sew York. WILLIAM THOMAS, auizaix WARE Of every \description •aaltk'i Black, Malm Mreat, • DANSVILLE, N.Y. T HE subscriber returns his thanks for the lib­ eral patronage. whi£K has already been be­ stowed upon bim at his new Cabinet 8hop, anil promises to merit the same In future by keeping A First (lass Stock of everything properly'ip his line of business, and by selling the same at the LOWEST RATES ! Particular attention will be given to BBPAIIUNO;' Ac JOBBINO! of all kinds.- As h e doea his own work, hiring aa' journeymen, he is confident that be can furnish work cheaper than it can be'.found elsewhere. The patronage of tho public is solicited. 2I» WM. THOMAS. Ladies' Dress Goods Csa ho bought ut Reduced Prioes after this dale of , S. S. BRAYTON & CO. Shawls & Cloaks At Reduced Prices after 'this dnto by S, S. BRAYTON k CO. Boots & Shoes , Cheap as Ever by. S. S. BRAYTON & CO. Balmoral Skirts I It you want a Nice One, go to S. S. BRAYTON & CO. 264wS 8°Je.Ajjent for, the United States. B KLIGIOVS SERVJCKS •« At Pra.ltllst Hall, ! Every 8ur.dav, at IOUO'OIOOVAIH, nnder the an*. ptceg of the J'ChHaQaftAdie.a^fikjtrelr.^ 2. t.u * TpHEbe*tae'»x>rt»»nt6fIars^Vnd:beaj}1|ral3i(yle«: A of type of .nr country printing- offle* In the State, enables ns to beat them all on Poster Work, Handbills, *c Hoop'Siirtsl' ' l You can find the-Bsst and DUspeeTaV, - * S. S. BRAYTON & CO. GREAT SALE OF WATCHES AND JEWELRY, BY A. H. R0WEN k C0 M (Agents for the' SCanufaclnr«s«0> Wo. 86 Beeknaa St., T«rlu *l,000,0C!0~WORTB To be disponed of at ONE DOLLAR each, wifchM* regard to value, not Io bo paid for until you know what yon aro to receive: lWOotd Hnntiag-Oaa* Watehes, eaoafMe 100 Gold Watches, various s&Us, eack, V *» IJKIICB' OOW Watohe* each, W WO Silver Watches ^ ea»h.»M«Jlr 1,000Gold Pensand Gold Holders, \ ]&to» 10,000 Gold Pens and Silver Cases, - (to I and a largo assortment of Jewelry of every dsscrip- - tioa, for Ladies and Gent's wear, varying in value' from tS.to.fcB each. v The method of disposing of these goods at One * Dol'.ar esoais as follow*: Certificates, naming-each article and its Valua* t are placed in scaled envelopes and well mixed. On* of theso envelopes- will be sent by mail to aay sddrees oaK-ceiptofiMoe'eia, On Tccei^t.of tho Certifioate you will sea what, yon ara to haaa, aadHien-lt is atyonrroption' to uko la* ariicW or act. Purchasers'may taus^ obtain a Gold Watoh> Diamond Ring, or any act or Jewelry oa osarlist'Jbr One Dollar, ami In We- case ean they getkss tt\an One Dollsr'a worth, as there, are'no blanks. The price of Certificates IS as fol­ lows:— Ooe for/2S,oen»S; fire for*1; eleven'fors#tj• thirty, vriih a premium gold pen. for 15; sixly-five, with a premium g^old ohaii', for >10i oaahttttdrad. The distribution is cqndupted fairly, a»id all haver- an equal ohanco of obtaining the valuably pritas- by purohasing the oertiflcates. We guarantee entire satlsrHcHoaJa a)i cases; Agents wanted, to whom .we offer speoial tertns and premium*. Send 24 cents forv one OCrtlncaV*- aad our circular, with terms. Address, i A.M. ROWEN A O0„ MS\»« P. O. Box 4270, New York. f Coal for_Dansville, T HE subseriber haa made ample arrangements for supplying the oltUons 0 f Dahsvfll* with their stook of ooal for the easulng seaaOW.- Or4»rs should bo loft Immediately, either at tho Hardware Store of Brown A Orxiii* SUph- an * Beobo; and tho Coal will bo doirve're~dTt\ regu­ lar suooession as the ordors appear on th*Vook. ,rre^ent Prices—Deliver**. CHKSKUT S MALL XQQ, .... •TOVX, i #' f ft Blacksmith's Coal also supplied: TERMS.—Cash an delivery. - 7 A.P.SfOOkK, * Offlooat Brown A Grant's. DensvllK August.4*th, 386S, - »Itf 'MBIlELltAS & PARAS 0 r L8 1 UEPAIIIED ' r i -- By D. Bunnell, DaMsvtlU, X. Y. M»- Orders left at th« Advertiser Office will be promptly attended to. 187 u

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