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The Dansville advertiser. (Dansville, N.Y.) 1860-1866, September 07, 1865, Image 4

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Gardening; and Homewifery to together. \ >. T • i. • „,'.;. JRecxirr yoa, T«» Opjaor J M THK^-T- Tako garlic two ouncoi, ,br.ajn w «U, iird add vineg»f ^.(i pint; put [on the Are $111 ittkfcil*? *nd thwn slmtner f«ntly fpr.j twenty minute*, by which time it should have waaled one third, then add. to the liquor, after straining, honey, tlx ounce*, ptir till well mixed ; beat U again, and'Jet It tfmraer very gently /or about Jive minutei, withoiit itl'rrlng. A icum will rlio which ii then to be' removed ! put the else* liquor lato a.Jarpr, a Wlde-«wu(ihi ed bottl.e,|«oTef it with paner with holei pricked in it.; let ititand four.day* id, a warm cupboard, it will-ilowly ferment? then take a deuert ipoonf .41, fatting, every rooming till it it all gone; then make half the quantity at aboire, and take a detiertjpoonful, facing, one* a week till it it all gone, add the cure will be per­ manent, ' a. (Entrance on Ottiah Street, rear of the Fint Na tlonal Bank.; :i i. LOZIER HOUSE, , F° KTUCTU Ki,mo * OF * TheWatchmakerofDansvill'e Zi. G. iUi »r.E\5r. Forn &lroft ^e!/(r*Q^RllO«y J ^Ait 'aad Rip­ ley k Leach, tin* recently purchased alargo and splendid clock of ,. j i Watches, Kich Jewel rr, *. h th* best. S«eyl AMERICAN HOTEL, Kata Street, - - Dans-rill*, H. Y. Centrally Located. ! Ti IHnHchkhkHT O IL f»o*r MA.»ii,a< —It'ii difficult to remove \lamp oil from wblte-.tnarble after- it ha* become dry. ijtrpng ioap-»udj and alcohol will remove tome of it from the surface; but if the oil has been colored the itain it liable to remain. Another method it tomelitnet effectual, viz: take tome toapttone du»t and place it on tbo top of the oil italn, then lay a tbeet of blotting paper over it, and on the top of thif a warm flat iron— not too hot. Allow the iron to remain until it it cool ; heat it again and do the i tamo two or throe times, when the biat j will penotrato to the marble and warm the oil, which will tbon . bo abtorbed by the dust. The tubicriber would announce to the public that ha ha* taken possession of ihlt FIRST CLASS BjOUSE, and will endeavor to mak* It popular with th* res­ ident and (raveling pUblio. . THE TABLE. Will be well supplied and tcrrcd at alt (fmei. Seat and Commodloua Rooms • FurnUlied to OnetU. ' *XaT\ Charges will be very moderate. 6. D. CORAY, Proprietor. Silver *s4 W»t -*4 War* YAIXEE MTIOMi^lCT ARTICLES ETC. Atlow price*.whleh wl tenable him to offer bar­ gains never before gi v in in DaruuUle. Hit long I experience In imiusfl IIJI ikjamnm, intuitu. Enable* him Irt warrant, satisfaction In every Irt I stance. Ho will be found at hla new place of bust- ne**, lu tb» ( , [ * '' f'l . } i McOARTNEY BLOCK, Opposite, tho First-J.*«|len»l-DflAk of Dansvlllo where he' will lw happy In welcome all th'ote wiah injj his goods or hit services, CALL AND TRY HIM. 240 GROWER^ BAKER'S FAMILY SEWINSMeMiNES'N O F*IOE.of drover * Baker Hewing Machine Col *VLTOUM> KE8PE0TFULLY INFORM the Fob at W.J. Larue A Co.'a Jewoliy House, Main TV (Street, one door north of the Uanko f Dansville, —\'\ Dantvitle, N.'Y-. ' • The Public are Invited to call and examine Mn chfnoa. TUK «LI> mrxmLtuHKO. Cabinet Warerooms OF fcANSVJLLK J F. AtTMBYER * CO. lf ,W./.JiA ItUF,..A CO. f Ageat«. a-. JHC. »I€X, AOKNT TOR liriieeiei 'ti^iiion'i^ ;» rv Singer it Co't SEWING MACHINES! MACHINES O F Any other Manufacturers futnlihed when dairml. H EADQ,UAUTKI18 At Geueiea. H OWTO D MTROT O AKDBN 'I SSXCTB*- A decoction of tbo leave* of common camomile wilj dettroy all tpecics of intcctt, and nothing contributor to much to the health of a garden at a number of cam- omilo plants ditported through it. No groenhoute or hothouse thould over bo | without it, in a green, or dried ttate ; either tbettalktor the flowers will am- wcr. It is a singular fact that, if a plant j is drooping, and apparently dying, in nino catet out of ton it will recover if you plahl | camomile near it. GEN. G. G TAYLOR, Known all over creation, has taken charge of EAGLE HbTEL, AT GENESEO which he hn* refitted and refuralohcd, and will keep in'hi* Jiaual ' JFIRST CLASS STYLE! Charges nlwaya rentonablo. Tho experience of Ron. Tnylor a* n host Is (oo Well known to need pulling. At his new plnrc of business, ho will do his best to muko Inn friends eomfortnble and thinks he enn aucccod *S- ltcmeniber. Uoti. Tnylor can Us found from Unto nt thoKni;lo Hotol, denoseo. Ciencsoo, Jutm 11.1804. 1S1 |or ^attfnuti to %t\\t . An Improved Farm for Sale ! J)LEASANTLV SITUATE D I N THE VALLEY OF NORTH ALMOND, ir milo .1 from Almond villngrx nnd Erlo Rnilwny. .Well watered, Rood fruit, and near good nchools t-t. Widely known as the late John ood build- All maohlnot delivered In.running order, and In- strttctfoii* glfeu to* operate them. ~ *»• M».' ittcE can be found nt tho Clothing Em­ porium of M, Cur,lln, Main-Hi.,, Daruiville.. GROVER & BAKER'S Celebrated 4 . , Sewing Machines . \ Were awarded tho ' HIGHEST PREMIUMS At tho State Fairs of New York, Illinois, Tenne»see, Vermont, Michigan. Alnbnmn, Nc-w Jersey, Wisconsin, Virginia. Pennsylvania, Iown, N. Carolina, Ohio, Ml.ifonri. Oregon, Indiana, Kentucky, Culirrrnla, Anil niimorous Insliluto nnd County Folr«. includ- ing all tho Fait* at which they wero exhibited the pant three yonrc Tho Orovi-r * linker 8. St. Co. manilfncluro in addition to their celebrated (.rover * Ilaker Mitch machines, the moct pcrfeetShiittle or \Inck slitch\ machine* in. the markol, and airord puroliHHerii . ^ . ^, . the opportunity of selecting, after triid'and exam- AMERICAN IIOTEL BLOCK inatlon of both, tho on e bo »t Milled to their wants. ' Other companies manufacture but one kind of ma- phlne each, and rannntoffer this opportunity of Splendid New Goods ' JUST BBOBIVSD! LEMEN BROS., 1UUU 131° Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Groceries, Ready Made Clothing, HATS AND CAPS. Ho that they keep at all time* a large and welf-eeleoted flock of Cabinet Ware o f every d»- acriptlon, tuoha* ,. Bnreaut, Wardrobea, Secretaries, Book Ca«e«, Center Tablet, ISxtekiiilon and Common JLeaf Tablea, Stand*,- ~ \ Bedtteadi, MatranrieM, Chalrf, , Jtc, Ac, •, In grenl varlely. and in every style o f floi*h or quality of material.' t ' Chamber and Bed-Room Sets of tho lx-»t mnnufaittnre. fu'rntahed to order on short notioo. Krery,article of l|OTJSEltOi,D FURNITUKK. tn our 'line of btisineas can be had here, and we wish It distinctly understood that WB WILL J%T MM vjynnmumLO In any of theahove articles, and alto uricimi In the manufacture of ' ' ' ' PICTURE FRAMES! Which wo will furnish lower than thoy have ever been bought in this market. dDOaE-JFaCIWlil^ , Rcndy-madennd mndoloorderln«lnio«tnnvstyle including LYMAN'S* PATENT. iNDKsTttUCTI. HI.B llUItlAIf C\8E3, for which wo aro t|iosole agent* for iMnt-vtlle and vicinity. Ilium AKJ> SEXVICXS when desired. , *»* A contihiiHiico of tho former liberal patron­ age of the Public l» roapectfuDy itolicited. Ware Rooms corner of Matn and Chestnut nt*. 18U Acres of Land, With po< Angoll, Almond Brown Farm. Ings. For Terms, inquire ol J. . »lllsae. or Angell A Hall Ii.ansTillo. Almond, March 13tli, 1SG0. 343 DANIVILLE, K, Y. Purchases made at Peace Prices! A pnmphlot containing samples of both the Gro- qr i Ilaker Stitch and Shuttle Stitch in various J. ANGELL. I rpilF. subscriber!! would, notlly the public that _ A they hare just received a HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE! lection to t.heiroimturnefs. A 1 vcr fabrics, with full explanation*, diagrams and illus­ trations, to enable purchasers to txamint, tat and rompare their relative merits, will be furnished, on request, from our offices throughout tho country. Those who desire machines which do tho bttt icork. should not fail to send for this pamphlet, and tost nnd compare these stitches for themselres. 2i«mS GItOVP.ll * HAKEIt 8 M. CO.. 405 Broadwar, Now York. For sale In Dansville at the Jewelry Store of I W.J. LaRuo t Co. NEW FIRM. M C Cartney &hamsher f 4 MAXCrACTCXEM Or A<i*& TtZAlttS IX BOOTS AND SHOES OF' Every Description, M C C ARTNEY BLOCK, MAIN ST., Opposite the First National Rank, DANSVILLE, uV. Y. . &t\\% gum Dansville & G.V. Railroad FIRST TRADT THROUGH I Oreat ReJ«lclja*r t CAR LOAD OF GOODS \ i • FOR FRITZ PUTS DOWN PRICES! He ii detennined to Sell Good* .Cheaper than \ANY OTHER MAN I\ JJCBRAHr HDBEAHf t Loo^c Out for Bargains! Ctmfar* Prlcta auad tav« BUmay P KKSKVATIOX or Fuaa.—The largeat emporium for fun in tho world, is, doubt­ less, Moscow; and, apropos of that city, we «ee it stated by ono. who was present at the World'* Pair in London, in 1851, when the furs from Moscow for tho ex- ( , hibition wero being unrolled, he observed j Phl8 Pi &IlO ftt ReQUCeQ PllCe! that each fur contained a swan'* quill, ortc T HE suWrll>cr IntendinB to remove from Pans- villeolfers for sale h^ House and Lot silunted o.n Liberty Streot. The house is well located; epmroandinK a fine view of the Water Cuio aeif Seminary. A beautiful pla6o for a family re«iuetice. The. lot contains hnlf an acre of superior land lor gardening purposes, having all kiinN o| fruit B W.WOOUKLKF. Lnnivillo, Aug 22 1806. 206 end of which was tightly corked. Op inquiring of the Russian gontlcman who had tho furs in charge, he wa* informed that the quills contained liquid quicksilver, and were a certain proventitive of tbfe attacks of moths. ' - To Err ACE G REASE S POT S TKOK S ILK. —Hold tho part firmly, to prevent tho silk from being creased; thon, with a clean, soft white cloth, (an old oambrio pocket handkerchief is tho best material,) rup A RARE CHANCE! \pROF. T. J. COOK Has one extra fine T octave Piano at S. Jones' Fur. nlttiro Rooms in this village, which he will sell $60 Below Price! Any person wanting a good instrument cheap rill do Hell to call at once and secure it. Dansville. Fob. 1st. ISfiS. REAL ESTATE For Sale. LARGE AND SELECT STOCK Of goods in each department, which having bought at LOW PRICES! They can sell on most fnvorabU terms to their I patron* tall and see 219 LEMEN IIRV3. Pansville. June W, 1SCS. The Hoi^ o is In p.iod condition and within two minutes' walk of Jliuu «treot. U \s Well lighted «itlv gas. i'onara siAU given Immediotcly. Also the Tavern stand known as the \California House,\ • one mile south of this village. Ala*, FIFTY ACRES OF LAXD I.yJnR In Tompkins Cminrv The land Is under good cultivation and w.-ll wat«»r.d, frame hon*o, good wi-II, anil vai l(nis knuls of fruit Ii lays n.-sr the stago road between Wnikin\ and lih.u-a. ivio anil one half miles I rum Meckhnburg, and nine miles fi out Itllaca. The nhore will nil be s.,M at a bargain. »Fur fur- th»r information inu ••'<• ••( 11 HENRV. Uansvillo, Liv.C'o . N V Fated, AUfUst6,188S. 2Mw8 P I rrtirK subscriber oir«rs lor sale his HOUSE AND the spot very briskly, but not with suffl- I 1 !>0' r on Kxcimnae street. cient violence to fray tho silk ; change tho I portions of tho handkerchief frequently; the silk may-bo held to tho flro to assist the operation, but this is not needful. In the course of A minuto or two tho spot wil\ have entiroly disappenrcd. — '— Fntirtdsron B EER .—Takoa quarter of a pound of isinglass, and disolvo it in two qusfts\ of stale beer ; simmer it over the flro till it becomes about tho thickness of n svrup, put into it a handful of salt, and half a pint of pulvorated oyster shells; mix thorn together with one gallo/i of strong beer or ale, stir it well t^p till it ferments, ttfrtwcoTei *H Up- close. This quantity, will bo sufficient for a butt of beer. S AND F OR . H ORSU .—jSJr. Small, of Dundalk, a veterinary surgeon of conHfl- erabjo experience, states that (and is not only an exccllont substitute for straw for horsca'beds, but superior to straw, as the tand docs not heat, and saves tho hoofs of tho_bort«». Ho states that sand Is exclu­ sively used for horses' beds in his repos­ itory. Now ttint straw is so scarce and dear, Mr. Small's suggesting merits notice. F PRXITOBK 1V\8 T *— Scrape two ounce* ofiieswVx into a pot or basin : then add as much spirits of turpentine as will mois­ ten it through ; at the seme timo powder an eighth part of ouncejof rosin, and odd o j HORACE WATERS' GREA T Musical Establxshment, NO. 4SI BROADWAY, IV. Y. PIANOS. M F.I.I iLFONS, CABINET OKCANS. SIIFET .Ml SIC. MVHIC UuuKS, A soall kinds of Musical Instrument s an d Mus . 'iCftl MercUnmtl ^e u\ U»v lo »i '-l r :\tes. whole- sjilrand retail imJ haiwl pt >\m>* nnd nieli.d,-- otis at«ro«t.bar«nins . Priees. Sou. S75. Iloir, flVS, tl60,*17S.»'J(Wnnd» - -'2S. Ne w 7 octave Piano s f.. r $'iS0and upward s Pianos and Melodeon s to let and rent allowe d if purchased , Monthl y payment s received for the supie Th« Horac e Waters ' Piano s and Melodeon s ar e as fine an d d'unbln instrument s as are innde.— Warrante d for five ) ears Prices greatly reduce d for cash TESTIMONIALS. The Horac e Wa ers' Pianos arc know n as amon \ the v^-ry best—N . V . k\angclist . We enn »penl< o f tho merit s Of the Horac e Wa- ters Pianos from personal knowledge , as being tlie WM, KNABE & COS •. Celebrated Gold Medal. PIANOFORTES. J. BAUER & €0., A GEKTS. WAREROOMS, 544 BROADWAY, SEW YORK, 99 Clark St amd Crpaby'i Opera H OUM, Waahington 8t, Chicago; Illinoii. BMd the following commatv^atory latUra from diaUs<uiah«d ArtiaU. Wat. Kaaae A Co.— Gentlemen: I have great plranre In ccrtlfrint that I aav« tried your Squire I'Unos and find them equal. If But aape- nor, to arjy In tliii coSnt'jr. Among tlic great qoalltle* which dlstinguUh them, Ii the evrnness of tone, the easy and agreeable touch and volume of tone, Wishing you all the, fuccuM which you. so highly dcterve, I am, arrs, j Y«tua,TerV truly, ktaiUIM. Wat. Kiake A C«.— Gentlemen: Ilavtng had lately an opportunity to try and teatyoor new reals Grand as well as Square PUnos, I e an not refrain, besldei reiterating all I had occ.alon to ray at a former period, from congratulating you on the Im­ portant approvement* you have Introdnced In the manufacture of Pianos. Yoaf Instruments combine all the qualities which are required to make a Piano as per­ fect •• poa«lble, and fully dcseVre the great popularity they bar* rained all ever the oounlry. Yours truly, L. M. COTTBCIAXI. TF B. KaaaeA C#.— GentUnun: I cannot but congratulate you upon the Immense pro* great aud Improvement* which ynu continually malts at. R1AA0K1 en your Plaooa, which, lu my »pfulon, rsnk among th« very beat la the. ceuotry. I\ ~ \ Warn. KaaaeA Ct.— Gentltmen. Oor Opera Troupe are at present using four or yoor JUxly celebrated Pianoa, and as the exponent of th, rlewi and opinion! of the varkkua ar*titi, permit BM to a»y I contldf r them as anuarJMasM d tn btittianey mnd excellent*, anil pre-eminent, without a rival lo this coun- It is entirely noiseless. A patented device prevents it being turned back­ ward. The needle cannot lie'sct wrong .Itreceived the Gold Medal of the American In­ stitute in 1S63... . Send for n circular containing full Information, notices from tho press, testimonials from those using tho mnchine, Ac JVM ES WILLCOX. ' Manufacturer. 60S Broadway, N . Y. , pnixciru orncts: Sr« Yor,g—50& Hrnadway linsro^—282 Wnsh- mct.in Street. PntL»Bttrni*—\IS Chestnut Street. I iuc\r.o— 133 Lake Street. l'|irn ,Yin- 70 Wcsttth street Lovno.v—135 llegent Street. HANncRO— 41 Hermann Street. I' IRIS—S 'J Boulevard de Sabas. topol S T pCTrpsDUaoH— 15 Oorocliovay Vtrs.v^— 0 Wildpretmarliet. llltusscu—12 Huo Urolsade. StDXtV, At 'btRAU .t—292 Pilt Street. \ilSvl WEED'S HIGHEST PREMIUM SHUTTLE SEWING MACHINE] Has only tobs sun rvn'.l opsrated to be Appraclatod. C I ILL and see for yourself before pnrehaslnc. j J I'lensc brln;{ sample of various klnrfs of thread : i^ueli is ii tixllv found ut stores ) and various I kind-of fabric .eldon yi»u know t!io foin-»r m-ist |ioj>nl irSuivnu M.ieliines either cvmol wvrk at all, or, nt best, very imperfectly SL'PKRIORITY over any other in Market will bu seen at a K'*\ C ' > - 1st It runs easily and rapidly and is so con- *trnete.l as to endure all kind* <»f u-itge. 2 1 No breiiktnii »f tlire.id in crnn^ over senn*s 3r| No uneven notion of the feed al ee« in tin- work 4ih The Weed-stitch c&tofms of il«elf. and will i sen fiom tlio lighten laee to the heaviest leather and from J00 cotton to coarse linen thread. 5ili 'I'lie Weed Maelune will do Ih^uitiful qullt- iuu <>u thetv.\re wnddins. wiilioiit using inner lln I ine, thus leaving it soli As if dono by hand wli '1 he variety nffancv work that can bo dune on the Weed Miclunn. with»o httle.trouble makes it equal. If not superior, to sjx maebmes eombin ed . for iii8t«nv«.il ttiii'ls. Hems. Titelts nnd sews | Gent's Calf, Kip and Stoga Boots Gent's Fine Shoes and Gaiters, LADIES ' AN D MISSES' (LUTEKS, ctoin, rav.vixiA I>D xoaocco. SHOES, 8LIPPEH3 . AND YOUTHS' WEAK OF ALL KINDS. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE, On short notice, by workmen of experience, and warranted to suit. Leather nnd Finding for Sale DAXSVILLE MONUMENT & TOMBST01L KMPOniUM! S. ('. CHASE, DESIGNER & EXECUTOR Monumental Art! * the °. n ''\\did the same tim.|. and in fact the Weed !H. ^\ - ^'lehlne. us bnfnre stated, is equivalent lo n try or In Europe. Their aupetlor quality of Une, corn- depth and powerful volume, with, a rich and peculiarly clear and evefc treble, together whh magic elasticity of touch and actios, render them aupe- rlor to the other lnatrumcnta, wluch rarely, If ever. e «»a- bin« 'thoae IMat •aarallal resuWtM. Profwtuidly lm- preaaed with th« many valuable qualltlea of thea* ?Unoa, I moat cheerfully endorse the high and merlie- nous cncotnluma everywhere pronounced upon them m maw... * E. MCZI0, it, vrhen- dissolve d t o tfte consistenco or Te J-? hr,\ l\\ 1 ' 1 )'--ti>ri»ii»nliiteUi)reneer 4 _ . ^ ,j i he Horac e \\.iter** Pianos ure built ol the vcr 1 bift and most tr voente * .lourna tlueicmi Director*/ tin If limn Ojurm. _ ^ v A''\ Irer*, DK. Vbt\, lMt. Win. Kaaae A to.-—Gentlemen: paste, as much Indian red a* will bring it | to a deep mahogany color: *ttr it up, and it will bo fit for use. j tie Horac e water** I lunos ur e hun t ol th e ver y ».„, .„„, M . .,.„„ ... _. _ . , ., C **AM.— Tho Waters' Pianos and Mejo.leons ohnllenee com­ parison with the fin st made anywhere m the country —Home Journal. Horace Waters Piano Fortes are of full, rich and , , - - . --- Grand and aare. My opinion \ on M« ay ware\ 11 that Uiey ar* frusH*. fours truly, BOB EST HELLEB Bquare mil quantity of cream on evdn tone, and poweiful.—New York MuMrnl He milk may bo greatly increased by the. T 'ourfr i following process :—Havo two pan* ready in boiling hot wator ( and when the new- milk is brought in, put St into one of tbeae hot pant and cover Uwith the other. The-i quality a* well as tbo thickness of tho cream, | is improved. •lends «ii; find at Mr Waters' store the veiy best n-sorlment of Music nnd Pianos to | )0 found in the t'nited States.—Ornhani s Mnpiulne. The Horace \ \ ater** Pianos nre »»l superior tone andelegant finish.—N Y.Christian Kurpiirer &'hedule of price o f Instruments ami rntidoguc* nf8heet music and any Music published in the U ti„ Mailed free. Sheot.Muslc, a little soilqd nt \\i cent* por pace Ha)*all)8cho6I, and other Books, published by Horace Wators. T HX I NK or TUX A NCIENTS .—By mak - SABBATH SCHOOL BELL, NO 1 SABBATH SClloOL BELL NO 2, CHORAL HARP, THE DIADEM Prices. Taper Covers, |3 por don j iloardi3.60; Cloth Em bo«sed Hilt. U.W. Belt's Nos.a and 2. m one volume, JO/o perdoien. Cloth Kmhosaed Rllt. $7.'J0 perdoteii. Hoy School Wall for Pul-lieSchools and Seminaries. Paper Covers,<3.<S0 l >er dor .en : Hoard Covers $1.2if. Cloth, *t.«0. TIIECHUISTIX N M ELODIST, A new Itovtvul. Hymn and Tune Hook.\ Price $3 per do;.. Board $3.«i. MANUFACTORY & WAREROOMS, »» 481 BROADWAY. N.T. Av CARD. IX view oraW extensTvcly expressed suspicion, and t o a considerable extent, belief and declara­ tion, that I am poinjto loave Dsnsvlllc. (ocoaslnn . ed by the sale of my house.) and espeolally in con- will firmly unit e broke n gl*»SIO as t o ren- : 1 slderation nrthe anxious and often expressed fears [ lng a tolution of shellac with borax, in 'water, and adding a suitable) portion of pure lampblack, an ink is producible which is indestructible by tl mo or by chemical agents, and which, on drying, will present a polished surface, a* with the ink found on tho Egyptian pnpyro. How TO Cunx Rijfo W O$MS .—A. Pit­ man i.ayi, take a woolen cloth, wot it with vinegar, and then sprinkle it with gun­ powder, and bind It on to tho part affected, removing the,application every night bofora going to bed till a cure ia effected, lKViaiBt ,x C EMXNT .—O. 11. inform* us J that uinglaj* bpilod in spirit^ of wino will produce a flno 'transparent cement which der the fracture almoat imperceptible. To C LXAM T APXXXD W ALLS —Tbo be»t method 1* to rub thorn with stale bread.' Cut ta>« avuat oft* very thi'uk, ond wipe ttrofght down from tbo top, then go to the' top hga|r|, and io on Tho staler the bread, the butter. G UARDS ' B OUQUET —Spirit of roso, two ploUx moroli. half pint; extract of vanilla amt-Trrrig; twb ounce* eaclf; extract of of n\y friends and patrons that they arejjolng to be deprived of my professional services, I feol called 'upon to announce to the ptiblio that I have no idea ot leavingfDansville, and that roy .presc,r.t ilesl^n -Vndjcttled ^nrpoa* Is to remain hcreT*rmaftently My friends will' please accept my thanks for their numerous expressions of regard and confi­ dence In my professional skill, and 1 hereby as- aura them that I shall continue to aerve all who may desire m y profesalonal services with prompt­ ness and fidelity to their interest. J. M. BLAKESLY. Dansville, May 15th, 15C4. A'aie For*, Dec. lttk, 1S44. Wa*. Kaafce A k.—GendaHen; I have carefully examined your new scale Grind and Square Piano Fortes, and I must aay that tliey please me atetdintiy, both with regard to touch and tone, and I caa conBdently recormend them as being equal to aay In thla country or Europe, afid y«« have permlasloa V» smake use of my aaaMlf of aervleava you. ^ Tours, reapeelfully, CEO. W . NOBOAIf, Og«s|ij( of Qrmtx CkweX. Ifew tork. Dee. 12<«, 1SS1. Was. KaaVe A C«.— Gentlemen: It afforda me great pteaaura la testify to the great ex­ cellence •( your Plaao Parte*. Aa rrgarila v*tmmi and quality of tone, delicacy of touch, durability sad flnhh, 1 Mier e they will compare favorably with thoataf our moat celebrated makers; wlahln|g you a eeaUnuaaoa ot U M succesa which you so cmln «at)y_ Snire. 1 am Very truly, youra, W. A. I1HNII. Every Fiaao folly Guuanteed for Fire Yean. IV* art also Agiala tor • mm. IEEB1AM Ii III CILEBRA T ED MELODEONS & HARMONIUMS, A ad art afatnhotartrt aad IsitMriev* of Musical Instruments dt Musical Mer- chandiie<ln genenl, J. BAUER & CO., Vo. 644 BrwUIw»7, Jew York, Alao, 99 CUrk Bt %ni CroaWi Opera Houe, Waahington Bt, (Huiritfo, Illinol*, J^TKW aud Deautlfnl Tatrlotles or COAL STOVES Of the latest patterns, can b e found at Brown v Grant's Hardware Store, Dansvillle. at all limes anJ at the lowest prases;. Call and Sec them. 202 t*om>iiiation , ofuny six onlin-iry ma'-hine*. Orders for mnchicets may Is* sent through th*- American A'lvcrtishlj; Aiteney a- 0 Uro:id«iiy, N. » llelow wc give a ffW pners :— • No. '•' Oil ll'mk Wnlniit, Ornamented with irnmmcr $00 00 No. 2 Oil lllack Walnut, lhi't Case, Dm imcuied Willi Ucnimcr. •> - CS 00 .\.< 2 Txtra <> I Poll»hed Ulai-lt Wal- nn'. Half Ciso, Large TaH-. beau, tifiilly Ornniiient.*il .... '5 00 WEED PKWING M\rUIVE CO., 2M»2n SOit Hroadwny, N. Y AUSTIN, HURDX CO.\ AT THE W ATER CURE, D tNSVII.I.B. N Y.. will pay the very highest cash market price for EGGS, Dried Apples and Green Apples. BEST QUALITY WASTED I Pnnaville. March KU't. 244 IV ^Ol'^VAXT*T *0 KNOW A LfrTLK OK EVERYTHING relalm!.' to the human system mile and female; the causes ami treatment of diseases; marrtann customs of tlie world. how to hinrrv well, and a lhoii*nnd llunss never pulili tiled before, read the i -evi«ed and enlnrj-ed edition nf \Me Ileal Common f*en»n \ n curious book for curious people, and a pood liook for every one. -Ion panes, 100 tllit'.trattim* I'neo (KAn (iinfcnts table sent fr»e to any nddrcss. Hooks may bo had at the Hook stoics, or will be 17jcactical -sjv«rk «r4st all kititl* of PorciBU and American. Marble! WutiKI announce to the oltijens nf Dansville and, surrounding country, that he has opeucd a MARBLE SHOP ON MAUST ST.J Two doors south of.\ncell.t: Hall's Dry Goods' *?lnre win-re he will keep the lurec ! assortment] of Marble Work fiat cut bo found tn the comvlryj consisting of Monnmcnts.'Hcad-Stoiies,: Mmrmte Tmhtelo. Tomb Tmmlet, Mnrhtett Cuklntt Hlmbi, S/mk', fmixt Slns'i, Vemuttrg JTmolo ami J-lxturtm, m~c. Also GRANITE AND THE CELEBRATED PORTLAND BROWN FREE STONE! For Monuments, when ordered, nn article that cannot I K * nirpasscd for dtiralnlity My long experience in the I'rne'ucal I'nrt of tlie.' Hlisincss and niy .superior facilities for obtaining Marble, from tho Celebrated Kutland (VI.) Quarries. I'nnble me to sell irork at least tuetity per cent cheaper than any establishment in tho'country.— not only in cheapness, but in noatnesi, dispatch and artistic execution T*lnln anil Ornnmenlnl CnTrrirsi! Kxecuted in n style that will defv competition.— All work delivered ami set ill Cemeteries free Of ehnrce Must kinds of Country Produce taken in- exchange for work. S. C CHASE. sent by mad post paid, on receipt of tho price. K B. KOtiTE. M II, Address 2l0mU 113U Hroiulwny, X<w York. rjlO OOSrSOMFTItTSg—SiifTerera with fton- X sumption, Asthms. Hronelntis. or nitV disease in the 'lliroat or Lutiits will he cheerfully furnish- ed. witlioilt Phnrcn. w|tli the. remedy by the use of win. b the R.'v Kdwnrd A WiUnn. of Williams, btiruli. ,N.-w York, wis enmpletclv restored to health, after* havin« suirernd soveril vears with that dread disease Cniisitmptioti Tn eonsiimt>tivd° surTerer„, this remed>; Is worthy of an imniediate trial U will eon nolllinK. ipid \may he Ihe mciAi of their perfect restoration Those dcsirinit Ilio samo «lll please address l;» v EIiWAIl D A.WII-- • So \ tl ' rteoond atroot, Wllllam«hitr«h, KinKs County Nevriorlc 2tBw8 CHEAPER THAN EVER! B ETTS * PJRVSIA, of the First Premium An (iiiliery, would (tunntinco that on and after this date they willtaku 'their SVrEKIOR PICTURES Of everv deiorl'pllon lower Ihnn Ihev can bo had a( any \thor ostatdjslunent tn thlsvieiiilry. liemomber tho nlaco, first ontrancc north of the Boston ClotliltiR House. Dansville. June lst.lS«5. mu,k «iaarUr'pI„t-o lt o of clove,, half A^S^Soffl drachm 1 ^5^-/^J|^ «.<>««»I **> D ^RJfSLMS & FATiASOL'S 1 REPAIRED By D. Bnamoli, DasuviUo, K. T. •»««r ,« r A e .Sh ft J t , th ' *<l»»r<l»«r OtsW. will U promptly atlondod ,o . 117. RUBBER JEWELRY! R ICH, ^ewnn d HealitifulStylea.juat received at my Jewelry Store in McCartney's Hloek. be­ sides a larjte stock ofthe latent and most fashiona­ ble styles or other jewelry Price* low for tho times Call and see my stock. •B»'f L o. niPLKY. Whisker*.! WhlHkers! IVo-\\ 1 w * nt w bl»l-«ra or Moustaches r Our LS Grecian Componnd will force them to grow on the smoothest face or chin, or hair on bald heads, in Six W #ak». price $1.00. 8ent by mail any- wbare, cloaely aaaled. on raoalot «f pnne. AsteVrxa •vTARJCE.R ^CO, Box 1M. SMyl Brooklyn M.X NEW SKIRT FOR 1865-6. Groat Invention of tho Age in Hoop sasj.x*~t». J W. IIRADLEY'S New Patent Duplex Elliptic . („ r double) ciprini: Skirt This invention con­ sists of I\ipiex (6r two? Elliptic pino refined steel sprinit\. Inuenlously braided tiiibtly and firmly t.>j;etner edj -e to eiiuo. maliinu the lou^hcsl. and flex blc ebistionnd most durable spring overused. They sehlnm l<cn*l or break, liko the BIIIB I O spilnns. and ••.•nsequently preserve thl'ir perleut and b •auii'ul shnpo more, thnn twice ns l<mr» «» nnv sinyle spruifj skirt that ever has or can bo made. The wonderful flexibility and great comfort and plcisttro to any li.tr wearing th « Duplex Elllp |.i Skirt wilt be experii'ticcd particularly in all crowd- ed assemblies, operas, carrlagen, railroad ears, church pews, nrm chair*. I»r proim-nado and honso dross, as tho skirt can bo folded when In use l o occupy a small place as easily nnd conveu... ientty ns ft suit or muslin dress. A l.uly- ImvInK enjoyed thople«siire, comfort and great eotivehlenrc of Wenrlnu tho Duplex Elliptic Steel Spring Skirt for a single day never nflerwards willinjily dispense with their use. For Children, Missi -simd young Ladies they am superior to all other*. Tho.hoonS are covered with 2 ply double*twjsteTl thread slid will wear t«lee 'in long aif th*' single viirn covering which is uaed on nil alngle steel; hoop skirts, 'pun Ihreo bottom rods on cveryji skirt nre also double steol, and twice or double covcrod to prevent the covering from wearing off the rods when dragging [down atnlrs, atono steps; Ao„ *c- which they aro constantly subject to when In use, , ~ « All are made olrthe -new and elegant corded tnpes, anrl tho best quality in every port giving to the'wenrerthe most graceful arid nerfeot Hhape possible, and unquestionably tho lightest, most desirable,eomfortnble and economical Skirt over made. VVK8TS' BRADLEY « CARY, Proprietors ofthe 1 1 inveptlon. and sole manufacturers, 97 Chambers, and 7n and SI Kendt* Street*. Wnw York. For <nle in nil first-class stores In this city, and throughout the United Slates and .Canada. Havana tie Culm,'Mexico,'South America and'tho We'at Indies. . sxvinquire for tlie Duplex, ElllpUo (or doublet) Spring 8kirt, aotJuia A. * C. 1 , Lu Q, Rl|tl*>y Fme Vatgh,^ Jewelry Stock ' IMCART^sBTl BLOCK. . . Kra/ly opposite the Firat National Bank and a few doors above tho Poet Office. ' Call at Fritz Dnrr'i, Aud examine the extensive Stock of Fashiona­ ble READY-MADB CLOTHING, Clcnls'Furnishing Goods, etc., etc that he Is re- reiving by Express evcryaeck and then invest to then mount of.your.caah. .O UT nimis to please, nnd if we relieve your rocKtva' of e. ttttlo tin, you have the satisfaction that you have, not boon v*x«*< in- Toenumcrnte articles Is unnecessary, but call and lie convinced Uintwn haye the largext and best selected STOCI ov CLOIUIMO ever brought into Dansville.' CUSTOM DJEPAETJIENT-! (luring had a longer experience in the business than any other Tailor In Dansvillo, I flatter my self that I cannot be beat on a fit. I wish to say to the Farmers. Mechanics, Lumbermen, Doctors, Lawyer*, Clergymen and all other daises of men and hoys of Dan«villo and vicinity, that they wil| find the ocst assortment of Goods at my Store, fo r BUSINESS OR DRESS SUITS! Ever brought into this NAXII.T ; such as French, Gei man nnd English Cloths, Black mnd Fancy CaMimeri, Docsxt.'.s. S.ijnsr .TS. Twiens, K*! ITVC*KT J UJI , and a fresh supply of tlie far-famed DRTDON CLOTHS! Which cannot he found at any other Store in Dansville; together with a great variety o f VESTINGS! Consisting ofthe following varieties:—Marseilles, Black nnd Fancy Silks, Valencia*, G'renndfnes and rich Velvets. It i* well Knnwn that this House has DONE THE LARGEST AND HOST'f AShlOMABLE , Custom Trade, for a lbng time, nnd in our new | Store \WITH INCREASED FACULTIES, Nothing shall bo wanting on our part to retain the Heputntion so honorably earned. HATS AND CAPS Are kept In Largo Variety, and always ofthe La' test Styles. \ Give us n cnllbcforcpurchasing elsewhere. * DUHII'S IS THE PLACE I Herald llulldings. M us jiattT. Store tormcrlVc ellple.ll.TS. M^Weleh ' CONSTlfli ?roir^| luiiterto w.u»|d«r«4 hopelessly |»<nir*ijut>» quenthr cured In * fetf day. or wrJi, . ^ Oheerfull/ <nvit«|he In^esl/gations of ll-v^S mln,l«,l sort B/.l»*Jr fl*. u t.,. , . '\\Itsaw allel at the presevVt dsy> thr \ iol< lean «s were ercrencounter^d hr any rafc, ~ \ \ \ Your n ' During the with obstacle* •piltt'five years wa have eoate^dfi. ajtl overcome opposition,,^!*- ••nt. , , ... .vr,, B n,i.,| H oi >fl*r »W minded and scleminc toleorex which h'»v«»J J wa have cos •>ppoattlon si . - J by any r«f, Raptdityof our*). Some »ay,\yotir corrair !f ; quick,\ while other* doubt their perman<i»e* w think that diseases can only bectired by Uit»gJ reenperativ* prop- ?s of nature \ 'i Constittitliin !.{<«'8/rtip Is a positive and ipfdj,' remedy for ell'dlii**#!« originating from »nl«w (tateof the blood, snd for «lt(hereditary!<1 IM Z transmitted from parent to child. ^ Paralysi*. It i* »o onlverra'ly »dm!Uei i u Constitution Lire Syrup I* the only elfec/ml ' of restoration In tin? various forms of/ P*rj|f3? s tliat w* need not reiterate that It is emp!i»r,i2 j the great life-Kirfng power. ~i Dy»p«psU. indigestion, weight at stomach, 5 lence. liver complaint,want of *p>etlfe, bad (rrW. t constipation, biliousness. Scrofula. Struma, king'* evlj, gfirctf»Iar numi lnas.eryslpelaa, ulceration, salt rhcltiYi, Thla taint, (hereditary and acquired,) <ftUnj( ),tfi with untold misery,-i» by all usual medical retto* dies. Incurable. ; Rheumatism. [Arth-itls.l lambago, n»ur»l|k: •Ciatica, gout, tic doloreaux. *^ I If there i* any disease In wbk b hie ConillUiU». ! Lift, Hyrap I* a sovereign, it I* in rhpum .iiso, mi • It* kindred affocilon*. Th e most intense p«ls»j • are almoat.Instantly alleviated—crtormous »«&•! ing* are reduced.' cases, chronic o r vicarious, «fK twenty or fony »•«*»'ataa-jmn,have been cuiuS; by us. ii Constllutlon Life 8yrup pnrgea the »v»t*m e*v lircly from all the evil effects of Mtrcorv.remoai' lng the b» d breath nnd curing- thewts.li Mn\ ltm i[ rheumatic pain* which the use of calomel Ut *J, V to produce. !• Constitution Life fSynip erodlcates, rc/t *j branch, all eruptive diseases of tlie akfa.lllta,, » cars, pimple*, blotches, and all other dlffieafcL I of the kip'l which so much disfigure the oor»»t appearance of-both males and females, of tern ai^. Ing them a disgusting object to themstlvesaai their fri« nds. For all forms of ulcerative diseases, cither »f nose, throat, tongue, aplne* forehead or soup,a* remedy has ever proved its equal. Moth patches upon the female face. rlfcpftH;,. upon a diseaaed action of toe liver are very 2, pleasant to the young wife and mother A fwvS bottles of Constitution Llf» Syrup will correct Urjj socretlon and remot e the deposit, which ise'ire* | ly under the skin. .' ' r Diseases of the liver, glvinrnae to lan)rti«r.*»t ziness.jnaligcstion.wcak stomach, or an ulearsjaff or oaneertHis eonditi«nnf that-ovgan.a>eepmp *»m % with burning orotber unpleasant frmptoms .iia he relieved bj'tlie lis\ o f Constitution. Llf« Bvrap. As a general Blood-Piirifyjng Agent, the Ira Syrun stands unrivaled bv any preparation In 0* world. The rich and the poor are liable to the sams^hj. eases. Nature and science have made the CeaatL tuttcn Life Svxup for l.he \*n( lU^cf all. Pure blood produces health/ men and jroms,. and if the constitution is neglected In youth, in. f case and early death Is the result Do not debt j when the meanv are so near at hand and withii T the reach of all. WILLIAM IL QPECO.M D, '- i Sole Proprietor New T OI I R . Price, $1 per bottle, six bottles.for ti. « Sent by express to all parts t\l the country. . MORGAN * Al.LEN. T S62m8 Wholesale Dnli-'gists, AgenU, •eClilTfilreet New York; For sale by KENN'EY * NEI-SON. Dan'nile. > i. KENNEY & NELSON, SPRING Millinery Goods 1863, For AT PEACE PRICES! MISS FLORA JONES, t>J SHMOJWMMI.M PURE DRUGS! » Medicines, Paints, Oils, . j FINE FAMILY GROCERIES, I CROCKERY, \ ' BOOKS AND x STATI0imtY, \ Yankee Notions nnd 1 1 lIlOOCS IlLOCX, D.1.15VILLI. MISS JUNES lm«ntiuc stock ol Millinery Goods In great variety, Ineluiling Flowers, Ribbons, Silks, &c, And having no old sh)ek l o sell out. her customers mny rely upon vetting something 1VEW AXO F.4SIIlO\AI»I>K ! Mt«s Jones' experience as n pnictienl Milliner Is well known in Dunsville, and the fact that she is olreudy enjoying the FIRST-CLASS PATRONAGE of the town. Is sufficient recognition o f her artistic accomplishments. Kverj thing in the line of the business promptly nnd rtcntly dispatched, nod At Vtyry liOW PrlccK. nr Liitrwncc totne rooms, ono door north of the llostont lotlung House. iastf FLOH A J0M». Niles* Drug Store! E. NIL. Eg lias now on hand a fine stock of DRUGS AUD MEDICINES, PAINTS, OILS AKJ) 'DYE WOODS, FRENCH AND AMERICAN GLASS, For \Windows and Picture Frames) Wines and Lienors, For medicinal u»o; ' So lnoltlnoks, Miscellaneous BookssndStationery. Pnner Hnnglnas, Window 8had«», Corda.and Tassels, Curtain Fixture*. Pooket Khlvea, Scissors aitd lUiors, Wallet*, Port Monnitlos, Ciold and Steel Pcrra, a very complete stock, e f YANKKE NOTIONS 1 'The best Kerosene, Lam p Oils and Candles, Corr mon and Non-Kxploslve Burning Fluid -ana Cur phone •AT X.OVPRICBS. A large stock and great variety of the most elr- Rantstjrle* of PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS ! Just received: ve.ryapproprialo for fine gift*. CHOICE PICTURES! Photogrnpbs of tbo works of dlstlngnishnit sculp* tors nnd painters, original design* co> steol, *c <o., a select stock. • Album Photograph.! Of distinguished men and subjects, by the thou-\ sand. Th» well faUbltabed repatatvo-a e,t tnts store, d««a away wHh the necessity of any pnJBnn t Mr. •J*is»* Vroixld merely annbvfnee that ha will en daevvov aa haratofore to giv* satlalaotlon to hi* cut. tamer*. Sheet Music* H AVING bought out Mr. W. II. Llbby, and re­ ceived a Large Stock of Goods From New York Purchased since the GREAT FALL IN PRICES! We arc prepared to sell our Good* at Price* i VS~ Our Sugars, Teas and Groceries, beiai P\^ chased ut Low Figures, wo can sell t * * Loner tkstn aiij\ other M« BMV In Town. ,*S. 8t*»re 1st CliriS BI«-rk. formerly occu- pie.lby W.Jl.Jjbby. t'i»H,in ttud price our good*, before going elsewhere, lor •WE ARK BOUND TO SSLL s 222tf ^ KEXN'F.Y * NELSON . N. * 3CELUBMEHL, Mamiafaetsirc r mt |* , CIGh^RS! Collet's Block, Nearly opposite Beoeh's Store, where he will keep all kinds of CIGARS, TOBACCO & SNUFF, *S-J^rorythini! sold nt the Lowwt Rates, and Wart anted as, reprnvsutod. 1 * t \TXrillSKKRSM !-Tho«e wishing a fine set of . »V whisker* a nice -nionstnehe. or a l.caiitifiil 1 HQS, y . rHAPAIaX.ln another pi\rl o f this paper T\nKSl'|CKS mav\ he a very fast young man, nut he cant begin to keep pace with 6nr lightning jo»her ' U9 O ILS well that flows welt.\ and advertisingfe. the uansvillo Advertiser will give von a n ?, or « \\re *»d steady dowfof business) thsa any- oil well in Pennsylvania. Try It

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