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The Dansville advertiser. (Dansville, N.Y.) 1860-1866, September 14, 1865, Image 1

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OiVCB A WEEK.. A. 0. BUNNELL, Editor and Proprietor. KarTcruia o f Subscription , Ail vertlalng , •fcc, see Third Page. JT.H. JEJUNI, K.D., PHrilfrlan nnd Surgeon. Office and residence' corner «f Mnm nnd WtJIinni streets. Dnnsvllle HUBBA SO * rxtn .Kifxn. AttnmoVK anil Counsellors at luiw Ollice over Sweet * 'Uo.'n Exchange,How Bank Block) Street. Panavllto .x.i-mi THAlOltT ti MtOWltC &Ii. ' Bcotlsburgh. N. Y.,dealers In Dry f)otids,f}roeorlc!>, HooU snd Shoes, ClotliK, Rcady-Mado Clothing,' Ijrugs. ^ iinkco Notions, *<•. 169 T. X. J01TZI, Carriage Makor, Corner Main ini -i Franklin six., toansrille. Carriages inndc, ol the. best timber and latest style Cutters nnd .Sleighs in thu season ltcpairing donoun short notice 141 JAMES KEELER , Proprietor Arcade Ilarlier Simp. 'JO Arcade Oal lerv. opposite the Post Ulllce. Uoehester Shaving, Hair Culling and tfhatiipooing, in a neat ami tasty style. - JISNIIY K . SCilUCX. Fashionable Harbor and Hair Pressor, Wen slell IllOi-k, Main Street. Dawn-ilia. JUir, Wins Tiers and Moustaches Iiyeil after llio Most Ap­ proved M> le BnOW K «t ORANT, Dealers In Heavy and Shelf Hardware. Stores, Tin Wart-, sheet Iron Ware, (.'nil. ry Ac. Mnm Street, Hm-ullo , Blurts of the nnut approved patterns always t o bo found at tin* csial.li.h- mont. s-l VOL. vi: i tl 'C^^JS°N?Y .; i^PAYt MEMBER U;; 1865. r . K.'MARSHALL, Plain and Ornamental Hook Hinder and Illnnk llnok Manufacturer, Hums Dim lc, l •>nnT of Huf falo and Sia f Struct\ It.. hc«r. r \ Y. A 0 NcVxtn.. A_'i ; nt for IWllsvlllo. wi d rlctmiy O. II . VnfcSTON. X. D., Phy «|cian nnd Surgeon. iMiisville. N Y Ofllcc jn On It's JHu. k. onlraii.i' llrsi d -i „r Nurtli i>r Jones' Furniture Store, Mam Struct. Residence Corner of Suutti and Walnut streets 2iiyl scoTTsnuita nonsE. I) Havens, proprietor Tins old c-ublisho'l and popular Hotel, is located HI do- h. uinful ullage I of .Scotlaburgp, eight iiu!-» from UumviUe. fdur miles n'irth of the lo i d of finm—u» Lake.— The i».itr-in.ii»« of tho travrjiu^ pu In i- r. -pect- fllll V solicited l\ltf K. MILES, l>ei\l'-r m I 'nu* and Medicines. I'.unts. till\ and Dye \V ....is. Kr« null and Am . ma n Uluss, Wines and I.MIIIOM. Hooks, stationery, Pii|.er lliinginira. Wind..* Shades. Crd and I t — I» <'irt.unnx - turos. I',>cki-t I'utlerv.'<\l'l and steel I'ens, Inkf, Yankee \ tit>n«. IViiirei . I'lmi 'i ^inpli Allium\ DROWN & STOUT. Carriage Male r-<. t .in. r I li it 'i an I Exchange atreets |l.in«rille ( nritji-s llil.-jies. Sulkies. Democrats, t uiti rs. Luni'h r Wagouc and flri){U'. first>i Uss HU 'I ul the I •»• -I rati\ \1 kinds of Paniiiiiit, rriiiiminx. Ulai k»inilhing. Wondwork, etc., sh.irt iiotic t -^li L. O. RIPLEY. \t the \Id i -stahh-hi-l li>i' li> ^t Te i s prrpar ul l» .1 . the finest wurk in the line .i f W it' H mid Jewelry Kepuirniir in a in inn- r - tel t\ thai of no other workman 111 Hie ^lut e Kvery kind of work in tins line he warrant-, -ati -f i< lord) done No on. need now siudt o New \ ..rk for all the finer Uiifls of work. CLINTO N nOTEL . Ku. iieiur, Isaac Aslihy A t •• Th e Proprie­ tors have put iuan cntlru new front, and a«d> \1 nn..ther ii-iry to the IMIILI IH r. fltl. d an.l re lurni-hcil ihe* hou»e throiiohout I n,*w rooms are Huished in suits, l.-r I ninlie* and ar. > J.-i;iinil\ furiii-li'd Th e iMieliuii pul.hc mil find the rooms'in I a.. ..inin.\l iti'.us l.ir -npenorlowli.it ihey h n e been • I in 1^1 I'.I.I \ k \'\ |icnh\ts mine.ejsors to Ilrl'tol 4 Dahull mil Shop ird - lllock d (iv \t r th. 1'.. «l mli. . — Openilinns m either the m.ehani il or operable dupaitiii.nls. p.-i I\riu. I in a -u| • n .r manner, and the rep.i'i itiou ..I tie »1. | ..III.' J r duing Hi. host work in J lie country, w.il '•• -\- aiiiL -d MI evo rv .lepa mi ill an.l paitieular of 1». nlal Heicnee.— < itll. * II our-, flroin 7 A M t u -I\* l 'h-r • I c li ' I ue. a It i and >« acco'ii'o TUB DANSVIXLE HOUSE. i. l n s. Propm lo i 'I i. > <•• I.'.rat. il pu 1 I-. ople-t now in I'111 -.viil. h i-. lal.-. i I. _• .ma esteii- i . an I t h iiiiiul i repair- . • il ilojioll-ty lill . >1 II, 1 I Ihe e.peeial ..•Itl l Mi of the trnvetint r p.il.ho simi fo r day I. .!• hi- No pain- w I I\ -,.u .1 t\ make this a In -t • las- le.ii-. in • v. 11 i • - j- . t uid L\ II crul tivonto Th e pittr.oii.ee i.l' il.o put.he Is ^,.^pc t'i ||'y«nlieitei| Cor Main an.l Milton Sis.. liiu« t .il ' CONSTITUTION Ijlf© Syrup! H \S pro.hlee.l a remhltioll III lie rlieiu.t. What iti -i y — • in in. re.hi-h i- ti..ii m my .!»-. a-. - liulierto'ci.nsiitlereil hopelessly in* iirnljlo are tic .pit-ally . ilt»-I in a (> w -lt\ - 'i tti-t., aula, cheerfully ,ni.te the inve-uoati m- .f the lih.nl iiiiiule.l in*l i* ill ill. to i nr. - w lie h hu\, n-ipir ullcl nt Hie prewi m ,hiv Dlirlli^ the pa-l tile Vf.tr- lie have eolitell.leil null ol.-: i. '• - 1 in. r- in- ; '• -it ..ii a- ht-li'il N OTICE TO CHKUITOnS .-li ) piir.suanro of unorder of Solomon Hubbard, County Judge oft¥e County of Mvingi>ipn l .nnd of Upi ^tat,; ute in mien en.sfc iinfi/rtiplsprprMli!<K'*ir|4rii>iili linvnie rlilhim riRninsT Ihe ostnte-of Wells litint, Into of the Town of West Spuria, In rtibl Cotinly, deceaiieil are rerjuired to axhlhlt iho siinto Hiiu the vouchers in support tner *of, to John Wilkinson, at bis olllcc in the Town nf .North D.inavlllc, ill said County, on or boforo the \lb i\ny of i Ictpber, 1805. OKOlllJK I1U .N r, Kxecutor. West Sparta, April 0.1S05. JJrtiliiJ^^iKDlTOlU .i -f-n'i-iualii to nil order of W. Hatch. Suri'o L tale nf_ Allcpiuy nly nonce is hereby t-ivvti tu all persons bav- ItlH cliiiins against the e-tnlu of .liiitii n T. Jtines, late of ihe town o! Hum-, in said County, deceas­ ed that lljey are retpnr. .1 to prc-cnt the sumo, with the vouchers thereof, to (he suhserihers, tlie exet'iitor** t>f the late will and testament of deceas­ ed at the lion*..' oft! W Joiie-i. out- of the exec­ utors, in the town of Hurt>>*, Alleuauy Copnty, pu or heforu the Jat h dav of Novtiuibei'uyXt i 'I'nffiJ'^ Iialcl May !Hd, WA _ N OTICE TO CREOITOKS .-ln ptir*iiiiiuiii ofan order ul Solomon Hubbard. Cotinly .Indue 01 Ihe ('utility of I.ivinjr-tnii, and of the utiitule il) such cn-emiide mid provided, nil nersniis liar ill it i'ln|inia\jjiPi[ tli*ea,tato o | .John llundursmi, lain nre required lo exhibit the shine with vouchers In Mipl \.rl Iheieof to .laities Scant, one of (he ailmiii- Wtrators of the e«tate of saul doc cased, nt his resi- tl. nee m ihe town of Oa.-ian, on or' before the 'JUil of Iieeemher ISM -ST mO Daled ii--mn, June 22tl, 1SIIS. J\Mi: ^ SCI)IT, \.|minislrntor, .in. UK IsY ;il K.NDBIt.Si i.N^Adiiihiislralnx OTH'K TO ctivUlVOHi nb-r of Solomon J| •iunityunity off l,n int'-lon.. tile in -ueli ease iiiiidn nntl provided, nil per-iuis .f .i n -..fib, drf piiMUiUjl.* r.b-r of Solomon Jtulilmrd. County o I.n int'-lon and ofllie slat- haiin\ t I inn-. aL 'iiin-t Hie .-tat o of lii-nrKe Hilt' int.- ot the tuivnof Sparta.in -aid county. tl 'ascdi are reiiinred to o.xhlbtl the saitlc vtilh vouchers in Kiiiiport thereof, to Philip K Hills, adiiiiiuslratur of the estate qfsnid decca.seil. at bis resilience in Hie town of spuria otior before the fiih day o ( January, lSiitl. Iiale.l Sparta Julv n. lit '-V I'HII.U ' V IIII.TS. Ailmintstrator Ti ^itkRirr a (irru-x.— A Keiienil eleelioii is in bo Jutld III tbe Cotinly uf I.iviuusion on'Iho ^uesdny iiileyecduie Uiti tirst .Nionday^uf ^luviiinbqr next, i*t wljlctv titan ivllt tu) julioaiitf Ufc orHcgrn men- tiont'd Hi lliii notien fruin tho Keeretary of Ktito, all.I the ole. tors li ill also Is- n .puled lo vote on tiro npproprlation made by the Legislation for -till! itnyiiii nt of ll.uinty t o voluiiu-ers A list of (In) tflll efs t o be uleeled t-iuelber with tbe npiirn- piiallt.il to be volett un it 'll I bo found attached to tlusiie tee as furnished by the Secretary of Slale i lMted, Ui'livseo. Atmnit- l sf ''*. SI'ATK (iF.NK W YORK. ) OFFim or TUB sr .ritcr .iuv or S T.\T«, R - Albiny. July \9 18(15. J 7b tile Sherijr of the (\jii\tii uf l.uuujtton. Klrt—Noliee Is hereuy >{iien that a* tlio lieiieral I -:|i -e|lull t o be hi Id i n this State oil the Tuoidt y mecoediii^ the llr-t Monday of November next, the ftilh.winj; olllc. r- ar e lo 'l.e elceto-i, vix: A f-fccrcbiry uf ^itatii in Ihe pluee of Ciiaiiucey M. ; -. • • ' A,ui>niptfmler Initio place of Lucius Itobitison A Trenail I er in the place oKicoreai W Schuy­ ler Au Attorney (ieneial In Ihe place of John Coch­ rane. A State ICniMiippr nnd Surveyor in the placo of iVilliliiii It, Ta> lor A (-anil Coinniissiontr In tho pjuca of William l .*Uir.ucr, / An ln-licctor of Stale Prisons tti the plico of day 101 <l J. I Inrke A Jildite of the Court of \|>peals in the placo of Hiram I euio A (Jlerk ol 'the Court of Appeals in tlio place of Frederick A Talmndce All'« ho 's.e terms o l o |l|ce Wil l expire on tlio last day of December next •\Aim. 4 Jndgtipf ihnlf.iirtt of Ap»«jils In (he pla -o of -r^inSK .'liurJ^r. wllP ii|sf(ipj )iIW (.-.l (o nil the vacancy oeeasioncd\bv the resienation of Henry R Seliienru'l'ose It nil . lot- u ha h h. was ctecieili ex­ pires mi the thirty lii-l ilav of Deceinher ls\l . Also a .lii -lieeo f the Mipri in n Court for the Seventh .bidii nil lii -lnet, i n the j,'aee ol Thomas AoJunnsnii. whose tertn of ollleu Wil l I '-xjuro on till- liisl day O l lleeeillhur next AI SAI . a S-'iiaior for the 3mh St nale iMstri.-t, com pnxluK tho oounlics of Wyonilux, l>iyuie;stoti and .Vllegiit.y < i E 7-STATE OF JOti.nr TITJIWORTII'.-Thil lip.- i-l. of tin-^111(0 nlNdtyYo 'rk 'tiy'the ^ract) ,„ I ....I fiee and iilflepentleilf To all 'pt'rsotis lb- len-ictl in the estate of John Titsnortli lale of llie loutu f lirovclatld 111 tbe cmiuly of LiviQ ^tou, cluccaseil, creeling. \ on ure hereby cited ami required (o nppenr he- f..re our siurt .eate of our County o f ] ivuur -ton in our-urr. e it.. I i.iirt, on the -is.I <t •> ul ileloher. l-.-'.atl l-.ck m the foiiiiuioii of l b it day, at ti c Snrri>i»aiH s ..fllee in i.em -e.« then Olid there to all. lid tlwi 14ml nultluini-ul ol tin. )n in- ul .(.din I. H . h U (J a ^MUd^trut'.r, wuhtlic .H ill anuux- ed of John Tit-worth said decease,1 fn lc-tiiuohy ul f we hue ea sed the'seal of oMuc of our -aid Surrey lit lo be hereunto atllxed \\ iint s Hnl.hard F.s.j . Surroc; He of the -aid ( oiinty at ttencseo, (he 17th day of Ju'v. in the jfirit' f our Lord, 0110 thousand vi^ ' l hundred and -ixli live • t S. IIUnUARO. •jr,.'i ijiirrntntp'. OKTOAOK SALE.— AVhereason tho liili tl'iy of Mafch, ls..4 Sitenas |!..vnobls nnd M ,rv Re\ ii\ltl hi. r.-d I rj d-iv afore-ai.l ti | all. r de«. ril.-d nf liit.-t 11 huti.lij.-tl 'dollars and\ Interest thereon, wb • h s ii.i in Tt | attaine d M a ol 1,11 mj-toti I . at 11 n 1 I... k. 1 ls :t \n.l n h . r. t-.tll 'liti 'ill \ f -a l S li e e.Kit.line. I I th- 11 t- e l utile. I tin- lime o l tl ns wlf. . duly exiciitt-d ami th- Collar a iu<iit >.'iii !c dutcil oil Ihe irulie lands and premises beteiti- sieciin'tlip pium'-nt of tho su m l!£i With tilt power of wile tll.T.- luly r ul. -I in the Cleik f ullli't- .IIIII V on il.c Ulh 'bti of July lsiil. 111 I b. r II 1 iillt h.i f III. - hi. llClloe- at pai:e 11 made in Ihe cub i- be .1 If ir-t publ.. lean a- w - r. . It ipidiiy of\ <jlli- k ' » hil. 1 l e ml. r- 'le tlolilt tb-i' dl -.a-. .-up. rativ e pro I.l ,1 Your ' I' \ 1. |.-rue r- 11 n-s am r- I I 1 1 the --lotv. iv, -in I specilie 1 1 m an itn:.iir e I.I .. \ 1 1 1 -« 1-. s S-.ine sav - d.-ol I II • I, • III \till I - . I .s «,f n tltti1 - r..n.tili|i|..li I ife *-i ro|. 1- a ;.»- rem.-It l'-r ol .i.--- 1-. s . t , i, st f tie >.|..o-l uid 1,0 .,11 I. . trioi-iniiied fr-im p-iu-nt t., ehod 1'aralt-.- |l 1- -•< iin.\.i-,'l t 1 I .1 ih-it Con-tltiltti'ti left --t 1 up 1- tie < <ily . 11. tu tl in. ins of re-t.ii-iti\U in tlieviri.il - f-ruis ..f l'iralt*-i- th it we need ii.-t n it rii. that it i- 1 uiphiitieally j tin- ijre.il life (ji\ .in; p >,i. r ]l)-pepsl | in lljle-llou Mt'lL'h ' at - I lenec btereiimi'faint waul ol appi tit constipation hilioii-ne«- Seroful.l. Slrtlln.l, Uillo s el d u\ 1. in^s, erysipelas, ulceration sail ilnun whereby tho potter o f 1.. .-..me opcrnnvfe. and U'.on -aid mortira«J at :iii\|i of Un- Hole f llie sum of on-- hundred and ninety 1 ^ht tin.I twt nty- ftnir one hundredths dollar.- ami hereafier to be- colU' 'irte tbe -IHO ol I -lirl ell l.llti II, -1 d-'llarri nn-1 iniere-t tie re..n fr.-m l-'ef.'i-inry 1-t tsia. nnd no -it or pro- e---bui: a' lati liii-b- en ul^t>tll:l-tl ;t> r. r tbe moo. v - < tired to t-e jitod by f;|itl ni'ii^i,'!' niO. any p irt tie re. f Now. Ihdefor e li..11. t l- hctt I y ill\< II Ul tl 1) l .ri'ie ••( tie poller- of -ale tt .nt lined ill sil l tn irtj. aje. and of t(ie j si mile in siii-h case m nlo and nrovided said niort- i:i_'-- will be foreelo-ed and in. pri-tili -t - ttierein d • iibe.l as follows, 11/ \ll Hi >t tract or puie-l of Inn I -it II ue in tin low n ol , t awater. eon nt y nf l.it.ii.otun iin.l Milt\ |.f New \..rfc ami holnu lii I-. it II-lup un nib. r sei • ii, in th. illib i atwc of town slop- in --iid town af\l--u d i » e J..t niimbt-i one hundred imt| aei-e(uv seven (177) contaitlliiu' one hnndri d and ihi-ee|jieres anil t|.iioiv--ix hun­ dredth- ..f an acre, ox'-iip'our -iji. 1 r. -.-rvuti.' 1 here fr-.m tin ut\-. ijlita.r. sun.I nnieiv -ix bundre.lths t .f to er< tilth, -.end-fa-' .-.irn. - ,-f the s-,i I | , r her- i.-f-.r. i-oiitr-ii-it-.i to Khpdj \\ clmore, It avin-^ set- n't tin- a- res In rebv iiitiindcd tp-be eonyt))'- ptl\ will be ...Id at publ,.- ailt-tioii to'the hi_'b(lsl ladder, at tin Aimiricuu II- C--I ill I'uiisville \illige ot - o-l .- -intv oil Sjmir.tai Iho lf-th-tla)' ofSepte|il- ber, l-ii... .ii eleven o.'lo k i »t. • iKilU'il-' ' ' 'I.I.Ml. Jtortna};eo. 11 W N-ivrs. \.ty . H.n-ull-, N , Y . Il.lted Illll. I Mb 1M ..I. WM. HALL & SON, £>-!:{ Iti-oadivny, - - IS'ow \Voi-lti Ai.l.M's K\U THE I I I l-'UATl I ' DriKsrs New Palonl Piano, Fortes, I.., h II • I br. hi! ir swell- bl.tri Hid e • 1 1 1 1 r- I )s *t.y all 11-11 .1 111. This taint . I Will i uni. I I mi-.-ry do - oi. iirable. Itl.euin iii-ni I Vrth iti- 1 bun' seiitira u'.'ilt tie doloreaiix If Hi.-r- i- any di -t i ul. Lift Mrrup is li'lni^ life ilical rome- \\ he h ir> • r.-atinj : tji e M II-,. a l \ \ •.i I .l ami ll.i v tiiiioiii .tls lioin al l thu . I Irt aoe.ll^ Wbolll atO - ni \ i in- i;t; i. M I.I 1 1 r-< ii \ i.K, \\ M 111 NR N 1'UY, M --'l II \Kti ~i II. II Kit M \N A II it tin.' pil l ell l«fl ureab-si seiiaatlr-D in tl)') • let . iled tie blfc'h. -t ll-s a tui{; ttrlisi- in (he ei .|)ii- i uralg I.I, , b tin I n-tltilt on i sot. r,-iirn. it it. in rlieiinli.ll-jn an I its kindred nft'ecti .n- Th e m -si inlortse oaltn are alm.-si in-tiiuth alien in.l • ic i in ni« -uill- IIIIJS are reduee.I i 'nsi s ehrone . rn. in. in - \f ^vi.-ii'y or fony years' standing. I. iv» I.e. n . urcd M. Hi sy-tctn cn- reuVl reliu.v- .-ak |oliils itn.l -limn. I Is \III e °Constitution Life <irup porn tircly from all th. . til e/r.-ei. of Inir llli- bad br. -lib and . uroie tie- rht'tioiil,' pain- til e li tie ti-, >•( to pro-lice. l on-tilnt.on lif e Sirup eradicate* root bran, ll .ill erupute tli -i a -t - \ f tbe -km like n.- eers pimples b|..t. h, - . and all oil,, r dilueulti.-s of the li,ii-l ti hit Ii - o nun h di-V'itc do .-utu ird • f I...Hi malt - mi l f. in.lbs often mak and ohjt-i I to lh. nisi Ives and uher nf Ihe • r *ealp, no ib­ id f te e 'lep. ndlllR r tr . tory un itf -i It. r A ft w vt.ll i 'rrc I Un­ it be h i- dire i t- l. nppcaraue .nil} them a tli-KU-Unn their fro lid- l'..r all forms of nicer tii v no -e throat. I I.IIJ .II- -I-IIII l.'t.t i renietly ha- . v .-i |.roved its e.|u il M 'lb pit. he- ll |..-n the f.-m-lli' llnon a disen-ed in ii--it • f to - b- ItletlStInt to t|| „ Voilii. ' »j[e Hill bottles of t onsiiiiiii .'ii I it >t rup secretion and letnoie lb. d. po-it jy tinder the s|<m Diseases of the liver, enuii^ ri-« lo lan.-nor. di*- unless, in.b^e-tion weak stomat h n HI uli 'i ta (i -d or eaneeroiie eomlition of that or^an, aeoonipanie<l -wot/,' hiiriim^ ..r other unplea-ant -ytitptoins w J| )>o rebel I 'd Ll the ii-e i,' t un-I'tut i. oi Lib- -<y nip ' Asa upnornl Illood-Pui If} nip V'( n'. tbe j ife Syrup htatids tiiiut alcil lit a m |-r> partition in the world '1'he rich and the p....r nre liable to the a.tine dis­ eases Nature and -cient -e have made Iht-Consti- 'tll 'l. II Life «l tup (or the '.e Ill-fit of all Pure bl.i,i-| pr t .ht e -betith . tni-n unil women nil-1 i f the c..ll -ti (l|l 'oll I- tieejei te, | in yonlh. ill s ea -e an-1 carlv .lealhlsib e r. -til l |t, , nut delay ttte 'ii l be ill. -an- at •' -oioara t h uid and within fhe reaih of all \\II.LI\M II i.II K.i.' 1 M P, Sole Proprietor \.-w York Price $1 per bottle six Lottl. s f,, r J , 0f Sent ny express lo all parts ..f ilje countrv * MtiRU \N A \I.I.I'.N '-'nCmd Wliolos-tle linu-iji-ts \jrents. 4«l lill -'H -.-I New York For «nle bv KI'NNKY * M-'I. III \ D oi-viile WM Mtsri V riuM i^ ii HIIIIWN llll-.ii I l-.FI F.I.|i MIX M UH-TZKK, U.il. l KMI VI IT _ . . tie- \e .ne y of (Jrow ,\- Prince &,<tia.'j( vlodnonSi AntWniittlc and Schoo l Oi-^'aiis, from tie ir l.d- \ir> nt. Mr i b irt. - K tt .ieoii. we will h\ pl.-a-t-tl to receive ..r.b-r-f-r tie—i ceb-br.ited 1 n-truuii-tit- and tyill alti iv s eli 'bato r to kct p a stiHb len t siipl .l v till band lo till all ord> rs a l -i^hl I'll.' Iilo -t Iibernl tb-i ..lint- en\ 11 to lb ' Trad' . t hill, hi - . I lerev- iii-ii and -. lump) All lustrumenn WAttniMen run rit'E ti .tn- ^l.ltltlractllrers and Importers of Flutes , Itniilos, Violins, (iultnra , V ioll n KtrliiK*, Arconleotia , mi. I all kinds of llrus s and other JM |talu>il th­ at riimriit a -.p. . I.. I -itt.-ntioi i paul (o fiuuishipe Ittlnaa In- atriuiienta t..r U MIH I M. rt 'BI^UKKS OF SIIKKT MlfSU* ,lu -l pllbl -hed. \The Vclllle,\ » tli'tl tollt'C. tn.n of i hunt- for lb\ Kpi-eopal Service, for open 1114 and closing \ iiliinlarn-. Musical Hociuln-s. 1 la -si - un.I tor the S HI ul I .ri le, t|V Yu'fldt 'iVy lot Price - Hoard- i,;, < i « . c loth SI («' In pie- - und will sunn be i --ue.|, It VSSJNps tivenlv Melodic Kxerei-es. foe the 1 study o f the pr -.pt r an >•{ sin-iti^ by t ailo lla-smi, author ot lta -«iiii 's \rt of Suu»ttii» tli -i PIANO I'OUTF, CAL1STHEN.ICS. V .'..lb- 11 ..f I-'l\ K-KINi.l-'U ClItiltDandsl VI.K |'i\-ii\ . - for -peedily d.-velopipe tbe muscles of lb. tinei-r- and ac.piirin^ tluit de>»re(. of llexibdi tv in b p. ndeiice and toliil .iuiy, it hicb arc - o tn- di -p . tis'ibl n 10 a t'ood performaiico on] the PI \ Jill- Ft 1 R l I-:. b\ Frnni m II.Kritwii. Music sent by mail post-paid, on receipt of the marked prie.ii WILLI VM HALL * SON. 2.1-lmO 513 llroadway. New York Valuable Recipes. ErttTin or AetviiTHEn /i.-.f - l\ .t h your per mission, I wish to -at t-iih --r i -b r* ••! t '..ir paper that I ivtll send I y return ma I If ill wn • wi-h t (free) n r . ,|... H ,ii, |,re. 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TH 1 »•* F (UAPMVN rv l»rn »t and f>» 'jrrioi, V o <11 [< • i d» „ v N Y .' 1 1* ItniiiiK- nt th pay no more than t inept, nnd-von have tint ndvaiijano of receiving a valuable present null each book thai im i buy.#' ,v uruwiii tt« on e 'rial will convince book-liuycrs that mr.i mail M <l>o place t- make their I ,uro,we ' E ,s a Q ^ B 0()KS. V thoMeiropol.tanGlft Rook Store Pul'ilo M„ P\ •hepter J. raos .\ Bennett expire on the County OlTlccis to b e Elcctctl , Titii) rlflinb.-rs pf Assembly. J A Distrfi -'t .\Ui »rbe\, jp'th o tlaoi' of door-u luile, ' - •\ ! > ' fun Justices ofSesooiis 111 the place o f I'llcy Spcnpi r mid J dm I' Van .Nc-s Two CoWmers In tho place of Ji and Y> ir di 11. Itlake. All wbo-e teritlt o f ilflb-O Wll last day uf liec-mh. r nex 'the tittetiie.u o f luspe.iors o f I.lccli'.n ami iiiult Cuiita--. r- is .hp el. .I to Chapler .T-'.'i of LnWBof 1»04. a i-opjuif ulml i Is pi uile-i Jjerett dh, nntiflcd 'An A»-.t to riroUlf UfUieaiV/ 7 I.i piiiiu; I nil 11 ft f- (1 lit 1 /.1 1 1 I ,v law. and o f retiiihnr-ini; lUliiiicipabllis fir boiiiilics pud by ihcm 111 | ur- Stllllll -C of I III' b\ e |-ii-|till!> 'I Slate debt for I hat pur po-ut and lo|-uhm.t to the p .i. phi the i |l|.'-ll'.|i of c.reatiui; sue ( <h la and to r. |n- il ct-riatti sei -toms of chaplef (Iveiit time o f the I atvs of etuhtt-eti hundred nnd ,<-iNit Inc. ' for itt-iructions 111 re- jjard tothiir dntii-a 1111 |er -aid iu.t 1 II VI' .1-'.'.. VN\ ACT (D provltle (he mentis of paving hound\- iiiKbnr r.ed 1-y law. and of r. iiilbiir-iu^ intitii. 1- pahlit - fot l-einiie- paid Li th- 111 111 pur-ii'ii of la\' l|y eieiiniiL ' a state ilcbl for that purpose, and to submit to the |K-oiiU Uu- -un;*lion ..I 1 rc.iiin» htieli, debti.uitl l>.,rQ\enl yi)f|iiiiisfOii. 11\ of 1 imp- II r litt lil y nun- of tlx Laws of tljbieen huntlicl nut (i.xty /Ivc, l'is ..-l VJ -.I 7 H',', tir . 'if i.h 111 ^ present The People o| die Slate ol Neil \ irk, represent­ ed .u'-eii ito in I A-st ui'ily do i-iuict as ft lion- Siftios} . T'l pi 01 ol\ the ni • uis of piyuitf nil hoUi|tuy« illtlhorire.l by Ian I., he paid by ihi- ,-tatclo Volulil '-i I-, tll'allr 1 III' II or >l|!-llllll< s, and Li pr-.i ul the ineaus of re niborsuii; 1 Hies, counties and towns, for bontiUus pai I by them to lunte i- 0 1 tit,--I to 11 or -nl.-1 mo-. -..far as 1. I / 1 .1 • NO.: 269; Ever Iho falthfiil Champion of iito Oood; the' Beautiful ariri th< TVno-; Odo to My Naw Bonntt. Soft 'pane,' 0 of alravr audlacV ' 1 U'hat curves around my blusblo j frico Wllh^iieh a coy. bewltolunu jjr iuo; No mortal man could dream yo ^r placo Was on my head. Your airy touch can loarcely pr.eaa The almpufrom curl'or flowing itruiis, Sollghl, ao noxt (0 itothlnKitutitti You surely could not well be lc|i» And bo a bonnet. I A bit of etn w adorned.wRhlentjier, A ynrd of la JO a npray pf heat]iur, 8omu bugle < and a lo.-.-inx fenthyr, Thosu (riilc < BhakonaliOHCthprj— Tin s wore you mado. No-cape with starchy nettings lined, No biiekram crown project* behind; Rut streamers flutter in tho wind, Thcro tlotvs. In mlkcii inosli confined, My watRr-lall. Yet most your dainty form I prjio, A H sweeping back abovo my oy('ji H Ida H10 dnultb'd hillock rwo, Wlicre ituderneaili in ambush lies My pair of rnico. Hut when rough Autumn windi'iwteprpaat, An-lull your laeun shako ughu>t, Then can you shield 1110 Iron) tl|u blaat, And around my neck a shelter bast Tokoopmo Warmf Aliu, a suininor friond arayoti, And only kind,while skies arch|tie; I lonj; have known tho saying-true— Old mends are belter thah the liow When trouble eomea. So ero tho dog-diiy liuala bo flqd Let mo your flimsy glorlo* sprciul; For soou u,s Winter wiiistle.s,dr('ud I'll tic onoo more about my head My old scoop boiiuct. 2l? Tho Spfco o f Itlfo—the Salt of the Earth . v tilt b '.lllif . s s . pnid I. i Hi,-i n tir lll |tl .-'l I7.--I bv 11 Litt (.-I tin 's -t til. ri on ai -• 1 • 1 I- Hindi .1 lo tliilij a debt of tin--1 ue 1- 1. r '•> en u. .| :m,| Jtiltliajti isttil I • be 1 \ l 11. ol ' I \bull b 'bi .1,1111 I,,. fill - llii -luel ..I!- 1 1 ..I p.itnv I. iiiiliiir-ing nud refntidin* ihe stud boualic- } Tht-debi hcitby en iled imd author ictl to I illtri ted slilld 11 .1 . X I the .11111 of ihntt nlldiclis t -f .I.\ ir- Hid there -hall he impo -e .l, lel'lt Cl a-i (1 ll--i ---ed U )ioll lie I ileal I • propt ny i.t turn stntcj a .tti-. t aim.1 d 1 tx. to p iv ti.e iin.-i. .1 oil the \Hid lb l -t. a- «ii i >i mien -I fill- .In-. . « I - 1, II Idlin g I,mil l lax -hill be -illll.-I - lit t o |., l iieh ititert't 'l as it lulls du- Viol t o eri -'le a siiikuu: fund lo r the pay 1 1 t f MI ,,| dt I .t, th rt hal l al-.1 l a un po.-eil . | . 11, ,1 .111.1 as -c-Si-d up.ti) the t -lXalje piepeltl of 11| ' s st ate a direct nllDUll t i x inpty -tti -1 snill ,1 111 t ' l pat i n ihe -paec o t tiielve y ear- ll ..III tb. time of Un p.l-s .iiitn ill this n't ttt't ifliolo of Jhe •!.\ 1 e 1 ii.d and i-oiiirnctc d un lej- nnd Ly tin. proi is. n- ..' tin- a. I § 1. To oi- i ti n tbe nio,i.- ) ti -s.uy fo r ti n p'trpo-os'-e. .ii (etiiplnie.l by this act. lite coniptroll •risatiil -bi /-• 1 to i--ti. t Ii. 1.otid-of the sain in till h .Illll-e. i b a-- bad-. . Ill no f t lo hlltl with •ollpoll- lie le i • all.-l' le d f -1 Il. c p 11 IIP lit o f Ihe mti re-st oh - i. h b.m 1- a i a rat. not 1 xeee.h ,14 -1 t. n per 1 • tit 11 m pel ,iiiio in hilfvctrly \n the lirsl tlays.of .luij an-1 .laii 'i.trv in . a . ll yea- mud the principal then i .f b pay -i 'de at such p'acii In tlio city of S 11 ^ ork'.1-s|i ill set in tmel |o him and thi whole principal shall b« pay nil. In such place ui >t tt V 01 k ciiy a.'ih e .impiroib-r -nail deem rue 1 In twelve I 'eitrs from 111 • pas-ace of this o t T m bon I- lob. i -sii. .1 bv the eornptrolt er 1111 I. r'lho pr ..t is.on. ..[ ibi s H 1. .ball be .lis . p .i-.-d n by tb • iiiiiplr -.il a- f .bow. l -'n-t . bo shall a- .1 .011 a- mat b, apt r tbe approval of this act by thOj\ \|-l e 1 — ll a t lia r t o the holders o f any of tho ri ti inn-bon Is • fib s >taie which uto dei *lie pro. e ..f .mt lev of tin- --nl . shal l ban hong lie ret ' f--!o |..l|< d I 'V hlll i l o raise III. n eys for'Ip- p 11 mi 'lll of lie linllliln - specified 111 the llrsi spciu.ii of mis nei or l o reimburse or re­ fund b> eiiies. eonniies or t -twiis^, ||io bounties paid hi tin m a- -p - --th-il in the tii-t 1.1 t of lips ai l-SJi lllllel l ol Ihe bonds au.bnri /.ed bv this act a- -hat! t quai 111 att)>>t |iit the retenne bond- of this '.t ite wht ti shall h.iv . her-tofore h.-eti rs .utitl by bun af iri sii i| St ennd lb-sha'I then, HI II) the rcrharndor of the bonds, aiithnrtze.l to he is • ileifby this net. before .lispooiutt <if tin 111 or anv • ftbcm adierli/.. for prop..-als fo r the s'inie. and thall oiH .il the proposnls and aw ird the sum,, lo the lushest ladder »l ii rale no t less lhal) par it hieh adt'erti-iut; and • h -p -.-itmn sh-d l be acenrd- un; I- , the pr -.t 1-0. n - o f aw now exi -tin -.i ^ -t. This net Spall be stit -nittte<I to the people al litrxt gifuerat eieetioii t o be hol -l in tin- stale.— Th& insperlors oft b-i Hon m Ihe dilb-rt n t election • li-trii i s in this si ite shall provide a l em h poll , 011 said eleetiou d tv. a box 111 the iistinl firm, for the riit-eption ol (ho ludlot .s Itereivi prtivitlnd; and each nn .iiirery eltititor of this stnto may prosciil a bulbil which snail bn a paper ticket, oil w ieh shall i-e printed rn- written or p.irtiv w r tten anil partly printi d o'l .'-ifiln folioivnic Virtus 11.un. -Iv *-Kor t he net tti 'cre.tU. a stato tb bl to p v Ii-Ullltles\ i-r \ Vitam-' the -let to create ,1 state debt 'o pay hntin- lies \ Tile slid billots skill be so fi bled as to conceal tbqciUlt' III- of tin lal .ot and shall be ill dorsed. •JArtm P IIIIIOI I (•• bouniies \ J .'1 Vfler finally cl' -mi; lh-polls of sm - h elec- tifiit the ln \|t '-elors (In rti-ifsh.ill, imnp-iliiilely ami without ird)ournnienl. proeecd (o count and can­ vas s the blilb -ls mil n i n 1-. lalioti t o tin proposed act in Ihe sa ne manner 10. they are by law- reipiir. d t o ennvass th\ bull..!- i;iieii\ I , r iioiertior. nntl Ihereupo.n shall set down m writing and 111 words at full length, the wholn number of votes mven -For th 'onet to create a state debt \ an 1 tbe whole number ihfvotasuiveii --Auninai the act In create a slnto debt.\ and ceriifv an -1 subneribe tho same arid eausO the copies tie r. of lo be made, eertilietl and dell^X-rcd. a-pi.-serih. | I.) law 111 respect lo tho canvass ol von -s L 'lvi -n ai an .-lection for gov- oifnor. A ( ntlall tho provisions of law tu relation to oleo'lonsj other tbnn for in litarv ami town t .lll .er- shnll aplily to the 311I11111--1011 t o die people herein provided. I (1. Th e secretary of stale shall with \II con Vcnitht dj -spnteli, nfli-rlhis act shall iceeive the apprbvitl .nf thcgnveitior. cause the sftinp 10 be s (ri |ek .itl'aml printed upon sbl .s m -m -h iiumhers a* Hball lit. -iltlWmult lu supply Ihe dill 't n-ut olllcers ofthis slate cone.-rucd In nottfyit)\. or in hnhlinif eloalionii, or In cnnviuisinK th votes, ami shall transirnlUho same to such tinir)cr«. 2* trills lU 'tsball bi -t -onittalaw when it is rati- lle.d by tjlo pcojilc in |iiir-nanc« of Iho constitu­ tion ami the provisions thereof } x. Heeliou* eight, nine, ten, oleren, twolye am! IlilrlViou of eliapter ttvctiiv-nlne nf (he laws of eighteeniiitndrod and slxly-ilvc, arn heroby .rc- penletl. CH VI'NCKY M DF.PKW. 2IJ5 Secretary of stato. Given Away I OW Co raise Whiskers nnd tnnke Hair Orow on _ Hidfl lleada, Hyw t.i \Vm at Cards, Cnro FiuilkhlA; l»iinj)lca ft |»inl Hv .|)u )y olhcr sccrela of H ureal vnliie to a'll miirried of single persons, sent free to nliv address, for ope rod slump lo iwy pout- iigo AdiCress II II WILLIS, iiiSinS R4 Nassau St.. N..X- V WO^&lLAX WHEELS, ltKICLH. KTC, Manufactured nnd for salo by AAROX UROWX, Seoond door North of tho Stone Mill, Main -81, ' DANSVILLE, N. Y. June 18, IM.s J.16m3 THE WIRTZ TRIAL f Wo giv o below llio tcjtimo|iy of ono day ns a samplo of ihe deep nnd diimninp; evi­ dence of Wlrtz's rospon.s'ibility in the hor­ rible Irngi 'dy of Anderaonvilli):] J. JNulsoii Clark lo«.tiGu<l tti|it ho was ta­ ken as a prisoner lo Andcrsonvillo about tho 2Rth or May, 1801, and coin lined. Tho |.rcvi<>ii4 cvidcnco us to tho Crowded and filthy condition o f iho stookudo, tho suffur- ing of iho prisoner*, tho coafoli, dirty and insufficient fnod, &c , was rupcutcd. O n ono da y of labt your ho eonutied 151 dimd men in tlio sitockndo. Tho wilneiJ men­ tioned tlio ciiBo of an in.-uno soldier who wandered up and dnwn by tlid..\triiiitn rc- fuuino; to wear clothes, and ^rho hud not scnt >e enough to know that ho muJt cook his ratiuna; ho ended his life! by fuiuido. Another prisoner destroyed, his lifo by hiiiioino;, uftcr duLluring thul ho would rather din than rouiain in tlio *toeka lu ; wlien tho witness was taken to Anderaon- viile tliero wero -Jl men in conipanv vVilh him and twenty-two uf them had died principally al tlinl prisop ; ho said six men wero shot at dill'urent tiilios, two of whom liokrowdied , ono of tjliom extended his arm too fur out over thu Jiuiii lino wliilo dipping water tit of the slruiiui, when tho sentinel liruil; another happened to ge l slightly beyond tlio lines; the sentinel 11 rod, missed him und hil a m(in who was lyiiie in a It nl ; the witness mentioned tlio circumstances attending the shooting of tho other four men for crosaiing tho dead line; ho did not, however, see or hear dipt . WirU giv o tho orders fijr tho shoot- in s. Vincent llarry of tho 72d No w Yor k Kegiineiil, who was a prisoner at Andor- sonvillii, having beun convoyed thithai* about March 1, 18C4, testified that while al Cupl. Wul/.' s headquarters ho heard YVirtz giv e orders to havo m<in put in tho chain gang and havo irons placed around their feet, and also order tho guard to shoot tho first ma n who should cross tho deadline ; \Virl z also throatuiied to shoot any ma n who would not proiJiptly full in­ to lino; wilness had seen marks on tho bodies of mon bitten by dogs, and describ­ ed tho sulforings of 130 men who had been vaccinated wllli poisonous nintter. Un cross-examination tho witness \did soino of the men In tho cluin-giing had previously attempted to escape Kdwnrd L . Kellog g of tho 20th N. Y. Cft airy saw fi ur men shot for crossing tho dead lino; shooting was quitjo a common occurroncn; wituoea wu bucked six time* because ho failed to report a (nan who had escaped : nnother prisoner vvae bucked at tho samo time; bucking consists of first tying tho wrists together, then fastening the arms over tho knoos. Oross-cxitmincd by tho dofonco—Ho nev crsaw a man bucked iri tho United States Army , although ho ljad hoard of such things being done ; tho reasoin why he was bucked was that ho did not comply with the rule for roporting thoso who attempt­ ed lo oscayio. Josoph 11. Achuirof tho i-llh Ohio, i prisonor at Andurennvillo, itestided thai having gono out with a rcljol guard ho jumped on tho robot's back, wliilo he two prisoners who accompanied him took away his gun; hearing tho dogs in chaso ho and his two companions scatlorcd; tho: witness ran into a swamp and soon saw fivo' ijounds and seven Kobols on horseback; tho hounds wore not taken off of bini for Df- toon nilnutou, during which time ho had to light thorn witlrhis fists; ho bad nothing upon him but a pair of pantalooiu mado of two rebel meal aaoks ; ho still carried tho marks of iho biling on'hi s logs; tho horn was blown as a signal to toar tho hounds off; ho was takon boforo Captain Wlrt z who ordered him to be put in. tb ,o stocks; ho was exposed to tho sun ; he was thus punished fur SO liours, and during thut timo had only two'Jrinks out of'th o muddy crook; w,tieii no spoko to VTirlz about tho treat muni ho was told to dry upi t > - 1 or ho would havo his brains blown out; tho witness after being (ikon out of thd stockado was ironed: tho rings paising round his ankles and legs were separated by on Iron bar 18 inches long ; tho legs-'of tho witness woro soro, arid scurvy Wll into them; ho was kopt 32 days'in irons by 'or­ der of Citpt. Wirlz; it was pretended that tho irons woro remorod by direction 'Of a Rebel surgeon, whon^'tho 1 fact was thoy wero afraid of Ubcrman—having 'a white flag hanging out all'thQ'timo; this Was in July ; wbnn a squad of 'Sherman's men wero brought in th'cy woro'ntripped uf ev ­ ery thing except pantaloons and shirts; oven tjieir buttons wero split open, Wirtz saying ho had heard of monoy sometimes being stowed away In button's ; tho men woro sont into tho stockade; \Wirt/ said thoy'ro raiders and ought tb bo shot; thoy bolongod to Stonetrian's cavalry ; WirU struck a Michigan boy over tho head with his rovolvcr, tho result of'Mrhich was that tho boy died of fits. Th o witness said ho saw llio man colic! \Chicamauga\ killed; tho men had named him a \Jluttonhcnd;\ ho bolongod to Illinois and was silly, and hod lost a leg ; tho hoys having plagued him, ho appcalod to Capt, Wirlz to g o 'on parole; Wirlz curscdMiirn, and threatened to -blow his brains out; the man was' at tho time within tho dead lino; Wirt z or­ dered tho guard to blow his br 'oins out; tho guard fired, tho shq't striking tho man in tho left sldo ; tho victim wa s carried out and died; tho witness sow Wlrt z lay out tho dead lino in Apri l 180-1, he givin g orders at that time, if any man crossed tho lino, to shoot him ; tho first night ho went into llio stockado, on tho 28th of March 1804, ho saw Wirt z kicking a poor skele­ ton around thero, and heard Wirtz curs* him; hn named four officers who also wit­ nessed tho samo cruol occurronce; tho squad of 90 mon to which llio witness was attached, being in tolerably good condi­ tion, could stand u p in lino pretty well, but others could not; Wirlz said ho would not givo tho latter anything lo eat for 48 houra, ond ho kept his word ; on tho 3d, •4th and ulh of July rations wero cut off tiroii(jhout tho stockado, V-i'Cniuo 6omo had c«caped ; tho numbor of prisonors at that timo was 35,000; on tho 16th ol July thero was a groat crowd, at tho gato of mon try­ ing to got -ou t with ll;o Bick; only ono co lid get out at a limn; there wore al that place tw o guards bolwdon llio dead line and tho stockade; Cnpt. Wirt z guvo orders if any ono stepped over tho doad-| lino to \blo w hi ax through;\ tho guurd said ho could not keep tho crowd from or> oroaching upon ll'o lino; tho sentinel a l the; timo had Iho muzzlo of llio gun at tho stomach of a lino looking l'onn -ylvaniun ;• ho was ordered to fire, and shot tho man ad; whenever a man was wounded nnd carried to t o hospital ho would nover comobuck. Goorgo Wliilo of Gurmantown l 'a , bi'longin^ to the Murine (Jorp3, uftor boing wounded was carried off to tho hos­ pital , the young ma n requested him to tell his mother, ho was not afraid to die ; sub- siquontly ho saw White' s dead body jU what wa s called tho dead houso, where Wirt z was i n company with two guards; tho wttno'< nskeil him'if he- cmiltl no t take a lock o ( Whilo 's liair; \No\ said WirU, ifyoudol'll blow your damnod brains out;\ about 150 prisoners woro down at the creek bathing; a woman on an omiji- enco wa s seen to nod and wavo her hand­ kerchief to a sentinel, who fired nnd shot ono of them in the head; tbe sominel for this received n furlough for thirty days, so ho had been informed by a Goorgia sol­ dier. Tho witness described tho character nf tho sufferings of the prisoners. H o np- plied to Wirt z to havo Iho filthy/ 1 grcaSo stopped from being Ihrmvn into a stream, as tho wuler was thus injured; Wirtz re­ plied thai tho water was good enough for Yankees, nnd that tho witness di d not do- sorvo soap. Aftor tho recess AchulT was cross-exam­ ined. Witno.-s was in tho stockado six months, but was novur in tho hospital; as to tho guard whom ho and his two com­ panions ovorpowerod and whoso gun thoy took away, thoy di d not hurt him, bj t on­ ly chokod him, a littlo ; iho guard run back to tho person crying murJcr: ho novor heard of or saw )n our army a soldier plao. ed in irons; half a dozen other porsons ac­ companied Capt. Wirt z when tho dead lino was laid out. By tho Court—Tho witness di d not h«or Wirt z givo ordors for taking watchos and other valuables from tho prisonors; but gnw himsolf soarchlng tho mon and appro­ priating thoir possessions; tho prisoners' woro stripped of clothing, jackets, boots] and hats, in tho presenco o( Capt. Wirtz; ho had previously been robbod by Gen. Wheeler of his pocket-book; containing ;35 conts and throo postago stamps; Major Gon. Hindman also robbed him, taking his hat and placing it on his own head. Daniol W. Hus?ihgor tostified that whon ho and his companions woro conveyed to Andcrsonvillo, thoy woro during four hours exposed to .tho burning sun, and somo of tho mon were sun-struck; Wirt z was there, and gave ordors that if any one stepped out of tho lino he should bo shot; Wlrt z also said i f any askod for. wator thoy should bo shot, accompanying tho remark with a denunciation of tbb damnod' Y'onjc oos; wliilo mon lay fainting, Wirlz said that if it was in his powor ho would tnako the victory comploto; he [saw a man shot oarly in July, forgetting water, although bo was not ovoc tbo dead line; and anoth­ er man was shot while lying In his tont, the rations oi tho sick men ,w«tr*) stopped, and.the wltjw s shared his rations; with them; throe' of/ litem died, . v)t: Hug h tynch , Willia m Kige r and .William W»- terhouse of tbe,3d Pennsylvania Cavalry ; the distress among ihe mon was-, groat ; be had mn prisoners; searching'in r tUe filth which bad.paaiod through nq n for parti- elds of undigaHod;food, and for scraps from the raider's comp'; : b.o hod soon ; vogot»blos such as potatoes,'onions and p««s, and.alio apples, poaches tind moloos Jn^tho vicinity of tho camp; two men were buried in -the stockado; tho body of ono which was top putrid to take'out', having lain four days. ' Horatio B . Jorrol l of tbo'72d 6hio\rofei- mont testifl'od that bo was takon to AndoW sonvillo JunqlOth ; Wlrtz tbroatoncd tho njon, using vilo language and calling them damned Yahkocs; a man who showed Capt. Wirti j his ration of w>rh broad, and askod* whether better couldn't bo ; furnish- oJ, met with tho rfcSponso : \Go d damn you, I'l l gfvo you bullets' for broad;\ thero woro not sinks enough for dno-twcnlloth of tho prisoners; tho svVamp was moro than a foot deop with human oxcrcmonl; this spoiled tbo wator in tho wells j on ono oc­ casion hp saw' 60 corpse.? in tho dead house, and o'n another 75 or 100; the, bodies wdro thrown into tho cartliko dead hogs, 15 o r 20 boing a load : whon tho prisoners wont thero Wirt z ca'mo forward and read Jho rulos, a'aying tho prisoners would bo shot if ihey ontercd tho doad-lino, and that any one speaking to a guurd would bo shot by tho guard without halting i Wirtz also said If any of tho Yankees traded With tho guitrtl and did not get what thoy bargained for, and then complained to him, bo would say; \Goo d for tho Yankee , and bully for tho guard;\ they wero aho informed that if any of the men wero found disturb- i ' ing things tho rations would bo cut off till tbo perpotrators wore frt1anJr-*n4 P'inishcd; about tho middlo of March, when an ex- clrai go was talked ofi some o f our men by ogxocment gave moncty to tho guard, $20 or less, for tho first C I IYIICO. •Hobert Morton, belonging to a Pennsyl­ vania regiment, testitied that ho had seen Capt. Wirtz wearing shirts sont to our pr'noners by tho Siinltary Commission ; it wns a common thing for our men to be put Into tho chliin gang, a,nd ho had never seen tho stoeks empty ; ho saw ono man reccivo seventy flvo lashes for carrying onions into thb hospital, and ho sow Wirtz kick a sick m in, and hoard the dyingstatc- .monl of a blnek man who was shot in tho back, a young man wi n shot by a guard, who said ho %v.onld shoot another if ho cofd got GO days furlough ; Wirlz remarked that ifli o could havo hU own not twenty- four men on tlio South sldo would get away cither by exchange or parolo, Frank Mattox (colored,) belonging to 30th United States, testified that after ho had recovered of his wounds in tho head nnd foot he wns put to work nt the prison ; a colored wan was whipped with 250 lash- os; ho %?a-i stripped naked and laid bn a log, and whipped all uver ; tho man was afterward ironed ; ho related tho circum­ stance of a white man who had blacked his faeo nnd mixed wilh a gang of colored men in ordor to nioko his cscapo ; tho man was discovered and whipped, Wirt z .paying as tho iintn blacked himself to bo a negro, ho would giv o him tho negro's law , namoly: 39 lashes; tho witness -had seen two men together in this chain gang for nn entire week ; ho had seen u man torn by dogs in a shocking manner; though nearly dead tbo man wns put into the stocks, and two days after tho witness buried the man; this was in Soptcinbcr, 1804 ; Wirlz, wliilo in the graveyard wilh Eevcrnl other officers,. said, \Wo havo given tho Y\ankccs tho land ihey camo to fight for,\ this was in October; Wirt z with somo of tho doctors who wero with him in tho graveyard look­ ing nl tho corpses whoso skulls bnd been sawed off and tho green appearnnco ol tho bodies which hud boon vaccinated, laugh­ ed, at tho sight exhibited and tho killing of the men ; ho had seen thirteen ot tho boxes sont by tho Sanitary Commission, and Wirt z put on ono of the shirts and a pair of pantaloons. Cross examined—\Witness hud scon four or five colored prisonors whipped with thirly-nino lashes; tho tronches woro sev­ en feet long nnd thrco deep; tho dead mon wero laid sido by sido with faijes up, and tho earth thrown in ; a Confodorato sur­ geon superintended tho burial and .gav e instructions to pack llio bodies in close, which was decontly done ; thcro woro no coffins, nor boards of which to moko thorn. By tho Court—Tho doctors in tho gra^'o- ynrd with Capt. Wirtz wero spoaking about tho effects o f tho vaccination, whon Wirt z said*. \Yes God damn them, wo gaVo them tho land thoy camo to flghtfor.\ Tho Court adjourned until to-morrow. \ Thioro's no plaoo liko Homo.\ Twilight . Oh tho happy twilight hour. When tho adl'i) la Io>t In dreaming. And wo fool» myslta power Over all our sensos stealing, When the sOfiJy'tdttlnjr, Sun In glided glory pajn'fs fhe went; When tho long day's work is dt no, Then thotlrod heart necks It est. Then I Sit, nnd mnse, and pom ur On tlio loved ooo far away, And In silent droamlngn wondei •• If'there'll bo a brighter dayj t Ot, If the hopba of lifo will fndo Like the crimson hues of even, And tho sorrowing liourt be mado' '' Toscok a firmer rest Inheavou. Oh I whon tlio sotting sunvof Ilftr •'K*ll» Upon each woary hqart, Jiuy'wo moot beyond the strife, Never, nqvermoro to port. ' DOING AND BEING. You speak o f doing and being, and tho' vanity, real or apparent, of much doing. Tb o suckers—I think it is thqy—make nests' in our rivor, in the spring, o f moro than » cart-load of small stonos, amid which to deposit their ova. Tb e other day I open- ed a muakrat's .house. It was mado of weeds, fivo feet broad at baso and three feet high, and far and low within i t was a Hlllo diiVity, only a foot in Unmctcr, whoro tho rat dwelt. It may scorn trivial, this piling up oi weeds, but so tbo raco of muskrats i i preserved. Wo must heap up a groat deal tiCdoing, for a small diomctor of boing.— . Is it not imperative on usjthat wo efo some­ thing, if wo only work in a trcad-mlll ? Aild , indoed, somo sort of rovolving is no- cessary, to produce a centre and nucleus o f boing? 'Whatoxcrcls o is to tho body, em­ ployment is to the mind and morals. Con­ sider what an amount of drudgery must bo performed—how mu«;h humdrum and pro­ saic labor gobs to any wor k of tho least value. Thcro oro so many layers o f moro whilo lime in every shell to that thin inner one so beautifully tinted. Le t not tho sholl-fish think to build his houso o f that alone; and pray, what aro its tints to him ? Is. i t not his smooth, closo-fitting shirt merely, wboso tints are not to him, being in tho dark, but only whon ho is gono or dead, and his shell is heaved up to ligh t a wreck upon tho beach, do they appear. Wit h him, too, it isason g of tho shirt— \Work—work—work! \ And tho work \t not merely a police in tho gross senso, but, in tho higher sonso, n discipline. If it is surely the means to tho highest end w o know, can any work bo butnblo or disgust­ ing T Will it not rnthcr bo elevating, as a ladder, tho means by which wo aro trans­ lated !— Thortau. How TO T AKE TUB W[ QIUD .—If you toko this lifo to be what old religious folks pretend, (I mean tho effcle, gono to seed in a drought, moro human gollsslung by tho dovil once,) then all your jo y and serenity is-rcduced to*grinning and bearing it.— Tho fuel is, you have got t o tako tho world on you r shoulders liko Atlas, and put along with it. Yo u will do this for an idea's sake, and your success will bo in proportion to your devotion to ideas. It may mako your back ocho occasionally, but you will havo tho satisfaction o f hang­ ing it or twirling i t to suit yourself. Cow ­ ards suffer, heroes onjoy. Afte r a long day's walk with it, pitch it into a hollow place, sit down and bat your luncheon.— Juoxpcctcdly, by somo immortal thoughts, ou will bo \compensated. Th o bank /hcroon you sit will bo 'a fragrant nnd (lowory ono, and your world in tho hallow sleek and 1 ght gnzollo. DiSTMissiNo. A CCIDENT .—Lust ovoning, with joyous spirits, and gorgeously ar- rayod, I sallied forth with Clara, for a dashing promenade. Ah , what strains youthful prldo, as ono treads tho wal.ks of fashion with a beauty by his side. Clara, iwith a-graco bowitching, suomed to trip on fairy fout, and each passor turned to v'iow us saillnggrondly up the busy stroot; thrill­ ed my Uuart with udorulion fur m y fond affection's quoon, healing to tho mystio rus­ tling of hor crinoline Suddenly my char mor faltered, as i f shocked by somo great ill, whilo tho anguish of hor fcaturos scorn od my inmost soul to chill ; lightly on my arms sho languished, nud I criod in anx lotas foar, \Spook to mo, my darling Clara—toll mo what's tho mutter, doar. Mothougut horgontlo form grow lessor by tho collapso of hor grown , as sho sighed In trembling acconts, \Lovo m y skeleton Is down \' T UK W OUST OK I T .—\Do you want any berries, mo'am? \ said a littlo boy to a la­ dy ono day. The lady told him sho would liko somo and taking tho pail from him, sho stepped into tho bouse. H o did not follow, but ro- moincd behind, whistling to somo canaries hanging in their cages on tho porch. \Why do you not como and BCO howl measure your berries?\ said tho lady ; \ho.wdo-you know but what I may cheat you !\ \I am not nfraid,\ said ho ; you wtdd get the tcorat of it, ma'am. \ \Got tho worst of it! \ said she, \wha t do you mean ?\ •\Why ma'am, I should only I OEO my borrics, and you would bo stealing; don't you think y.ou would ge l tho worst of it! \ A T RUE L IFK .—It is worth tho whilo to live respectably unto oursolves. Wo can- possibly got along with a neighbor, even- with a bedfellow, whom wo respect but ve ­ ry littlo ; but as iisjsoon as it comes to that, that wo dp notrospoctoursolvcs, tlion wo do not got along at all, no matter how much money wo aro paid for halting. Thcro aro old hoads in tbo world wb o cannot help me, by their cxamplo or ad­ vice, to livo worthily ond satisfactorily to myself; but I boliovo that it is in my pow­ or to olpvalo myself, this vory hour, abovo tho common luvol of my lifo. It is hotter to havo your head in tho clouds, and know whoro you are, il, indeed, you can got it abovo thorn, than to brcalho tho clearer at- mosphoro bolow thorn, and think that you aro in paradtso. SwEA-niNO.—It is related by Dr . Scud- dor, that on his return from his mission in' India, aftor a long absenco, ho was stand- on tho deck of a steamer wilh his son, a youth, whon ho hoard a gontloman using loud andprofano lnnguago. \Soo friond,\ said tho doctor accosting tho swearor, \this boy is my son, ho was born and brought up in a heathen country, and n land ol pa­ gan idolatry ; but in all his lifo ho novor hoard n roan blasphomo his Makor until ndw.\ Th o roan colored, blustored out nn apology, and looked not a littlo asbamod of himsolf. I T is astonishing, us woll as sad, ho w many trivial affairs ovon tho wisest man thinks ho must altond to in a day ; how singular an affair ho thinks ho must omit. L ET our moannoss boour footstool, not/ our oufhion.

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