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OXCE A WEEK. * - m » A. 0. BUNNELL, Editor and Proprietor. Tho oharminj Mvi3to o f Lan;uage. \ No Sect in Heaven.\ Tolklnj of Stfit till late one « T», Of the various doctrines snlnts believe, That night I stood in a troubled dream By the side of a darkly flowing stream. And «.\ Churchman\ down to tho river came, When I heard n Strang* voice call his name. \Good Father, atop; when yon cross this tide You must loavo your robes on tho other side.\ Itut the aged father did not mind, - A.i. I I.in long gown floated out behind, A* down tho stream his way he took. His palo hands clasped a jr: It-edged book. '• I'm bound for Heaven, and when I'm there i bhall want my took of common prayer. And though I put on a starry crown, •I shall feel qnito lost without my {own \ 'Thon he flxod his oye* on the shining track, 'Hut his jown was heavy and held him bade; And the poor old father triod in vain •A (Ingle stop in the flood to g»ln. It sair him again on the other side, Hut hie silk jrown floated on tho tide, Who one asked. In that blissful spot, Whoth* r ' 10 bo'ongod to the \Ch arch\ or not. Then down to the 'irer* Quaker strayed, JIu dress of n soher hue was made '• Jfy coat and i.nl rou<t be all of gray, I cannot go In any other way.\ Then he buttoned.his coat straight up to his chin, And staidly—solemnly waded in; And his broad brimmed hat h e polled dowu tight pver his forehead coM and white. Hut a strong wind earned away his hat— A moment ho silently sighed over that. And then a* ho gazod to the farther shore Hi.icoat slipped off, ami was seen no more. As ho entered Heaven In* suit of j;i»y Went quietly wiling away—away— And nono of tlio angels questioned him About tho width of his benrer bi im. Next came Dr Watts, with a bundle of psalms, Tied nicely up in his ajjed arm*. And hymns as many—a very n f f th.ng. That the people in Heaven nil round might sing IJut I thonght that ho heaved an anxious *iyh, As he saw that tho nvor ran broad and high, And looked rather MI . prised ns one by one, of the psalms and hymn* in its waves wont down And after him , with his manuscripts, C.ime WVs'oy, the patiern of godliness. Hut he cried. •• dear me. what shall [ do. The w»ier has soaked them thro\ and thro' \ And then on'lhe rirer fir a n 1 wide. Away they went dowri the swollen tide. And the saint, astonished, pa*.se,l through alone, Without his manii-enpfs, up to the thrune Thon gravely walked two saint\ by name, Duwn to tho etreani together fame; Hut as they jloppjil at tho river brink, I saw on* saint from the other shrink \sprinkled or plunyed ' mty I ask ynu friend, How you att unod to lifa 's t'reat end \\ •• Thus, with r. few drops on my brow\— '• But I have been dipped a* you ?ce me now, \ And I renhy thu k .t wi'l hardly do, As I'm close eommiM, >n, to TUK with you You an 'i >iin 1, [ know, to tho rcu'ni* of bliss, H'lt JOM ninst no th it w.iy, an 1 C 1 go (Ins \ Then straightway plunged with \II lus might Away to the lolt. I i* I'I icml to the ru;lit, Apart they w»\t fr -in t'n« world ol sin, But at i..si toycih. r t'i»j entered m ^nd now wlion the river was rollinc on, A Presbyterian ( l .i :n 'i went dovrn : Of wonvn ibere scftn -d an innuii-raMo throne Bat the men I e..iiKl ooum as they pusse -t <;.>ns An 1 eonesr-iin^ ih^ roil they eoiu I not ngreo. Tho old or the new, winch way should it l-c I Nor evor a moment paused to think That both would lead to the mer brink An I a sound of m irmnrin^ I »:>, ;.n 1 Ion !, Came surjjlnj; up fru :n the m.».m; erow-1. \ You nre in ih\ o 1 w.iv 1 am in ihe new,\ \ T*mt is the false and this M t .ie tr:ii» ' But the brothrcn only seemed to speak. Modest the SUIT * ivalkfd and meek, Andlfevor one of them cliance-l to say What trouble she m- t wn'i on the way, How she longed to pass to the other side. -Vor feared toeross over the swelling tide, A voice aro c from the brethren then, •• Let n« one ipoaU lei: the Wy liU'-i, For have you n>\. Heard the words of Pi .u', Oh,lot tho w .im -n keep/.i'onco all \ I watched them u I in my curious dream. Till all stood by the bon|ors of the stream Then just as I thought t.io two way* m»t. But all tho brethren wiro talking yet, And would talk on t.il the henv y tido Carried tlicm over side by side, Side by sido, for the way was one, Tho troublosouie journey of hfo wa« done. And nil who in Christ the Savior died, Camo out nhko on the other side No forms, nor crosses, or hook* had they. No gowns ot silk, or suits of Kray. No creeds to guide, or manuscripts,\\ For all put on Christian nghtcoiisnoss Tho Mirror of tho Times. •f - ..-ti -r .'s} -ts«rf t»j .-;K ».:('f«s ?»J ''St *»;i »w tin I'M -A / F ' L VOL. VII. DANSVILLE, N. Y, THl'RSDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1866; -y'-r q >» if mm- How the Crickets Brought Good Fortune. Mjr fnond J*cques went into n baknr's shop ono tiny to buy a little caku which ho had funded in pnssing. Ho intended it for » child whoso uppctiM wuvg.>ne, »nd who could bo noaxed to cat only by amusing him. Uo thought thut such a pretty louf mi^ht ta.np: ovon tlu> <iok Whilo ho waited for tho chungn, n litllo boy six o r eightycarj old, in poor b;it pcrfoctly clo:in clotliC3, entered tho buUor's shop \Mad- urn,\ snid ho to the baker's wife, \my mother sent mn for n lonf of bread \ Tho woman climbed upon tho c unter (this happoned in n couutr3- town), took from the ihclf of four-pound louvcs tho best one iho could find, und put into tho arms of .the littlo boy. My friend J UCIJCS thon first observed tho thin nnd thod^hlful fiioJ of tho littlo f.'lli>w It contrnsted strongly with tho round, open countenance, of the grcul loaf, of which ho wns taking th« greatest caro \II BTO you nny monoy V said th« bak­ er'* wifo. The little boy's eyes grew rod. \No mn'iim,\ said lie hugging the lonf closer to his thin blouse; ''butmother told rat to siw that she would come end speak to you •ibout it to morrow.\ \Run nlone;,'' snid tho pood wornnn ; \carry ynur brcud homo, child.\ \Thank you, ma'am,\ mid the poor lit- . /]» fellow: r My friend Jacques enme forward for hii 'tonoy. H B had put his ptirchitso into his p»cket, and was about to go, when ha found the child with the big loaf, whom he had supposed to be hulf-way home, lUnding stock still behind him. \What an you doing there ?\ \id the M«r'« wife to the child, whom she bad thought to bo fnirly off. \Don't you like tho bread?\ \Oh yes, ma'am !\ said tho child. \H'eJI thon, cn'rry it to your mother,' my litllo friend. If you wait any longer, she will think that you aro plnyjnf by the way, mid you will get a scolding.\ Tho child did not seam to hear. Some­ thing else ubsurbud his attention;. The ba­ ker'* wife wont up t^ him; and jrave'hiin a friendly tap on the ihpuldar. 1' What are you thinking about?\ *aid tho. \ \.Ma'am said the little boy,' \what it it that sings?\ \There is n o singing,\ *ald she. \YesI\ cried the littlo follow. \Hear ill QueiiR, queak, quenk !\ My fnO\d «nd tho woman both listened, bittbeycoul u hour nothing, ualeis it was tho song of tho crickoiJ, frequent gueit* in baker's bouses. \It is M littlo bird,\ laid the dear little fellow, \or per.'\ l P* the brcud sings when it bukei, as tho uppli:* da.\ \No indeed little goosey .'\ »*id tho ba­ ker's v/ifo; \th 'iso iiro crickets. They sing in tho bakehouse becauso w o «ra lighting the oven and they like to see lirr\ \Crickots'.\ said tho child, l 'are they really crickets \Yes to be sure,\ said sho, gopd humor- edly. The child 's faco lighted up. \.Ma'am said he blushing ut ths bold­ ness of the requuit, \I would like it. very much if you would givo«mo a cricket.\ \A cricket:\ cried the baker's wife, »miling; wlmt in tho world do you want with a cricket, my littl* friend t I would gladly give you all thero ar« in ,tho house, to got rid of thorn, thu/ run about *o.\ \Oh ma'am, gtvu mo ono, only dne, if you please!\ said thu child clasping his littlo.thin hands under the big iomf, \they say thut crickets bring go. d luck in hous­ es, and perhaps if wu Hud one' lit home, mother, who has 10 much trouble,) would not cry any more.\ \Why does your poor mother cry ? ' said my friend, who could no longer help join­ ing in tho conversation. ••On account of hisr bills, si r»\ -said tho littlo fellow. \••I'athef is dead, and rhotljcr wurks very hard, but sho cannot pay them nil \ My f -iotnl took the child, and with him the great loaf, into his arms, ttrtd 1 really believe he kissed tlier.l both Moanwhile, tho baker'* wifr. who did not dare to touch 4 cricket herself, had gono into the bake lii >u *e-. 5 Siio made her hujbaiid'catuh four, aiil put them into a box with holes in the cover, $•} that they might bronthe. She gave tho box to tho child, who went away perfectly happy When ho had gono the baker 's wife und my friend gave each oth­ er a squcr-zo of tho bund. \Poor littlo fcnow,\ snid thoy both together. Then she took down her account-book, and lind- ing the pages where tho mo'.t .or's charges Wrre written, niado a great dash nil down the piyo, and wrote at the bottom, \paid.\ Meanwhilo my friend, to lose no time, had put up in paper ull the monoy he had in bis pockets, whero fortunately ho had quite a sum that day, had begged the good wife Li send it at onco to the mother of tho li llo cripkot boy with her bill receiptud, and a. note, in whic'.i he told hor the had a sun who would one d.iy bo her joy .and pTido. They gave it to it baker's boy with long legs, and told him to inako hnslc^— Iho child, with his big loaf, his four crick­ ets ami Ins little short lags, could not run very fast, so that, when he redched home, ho found bis mother for tho Crst timo in many wcoks with her eyos raised from her work, and a smile of pnacs and h -ippiness upon her lips. Ho bcli<.-v«d that il was the arrival of his four litllo black things which had worked this miracle, nnd I do not think he was mistaken. Without tho crickets, nnd his^pud little heart, would this happy change have taken jilaco in bis mothers fortune!— Our 1'ouny Polka. HOW GENUINE BANK MADE. NOTES ARE Ills estimated that uliJut $750,00 coun­ terfeit hundred dollar legal lender treasu­ ry note* aro in circulation Ninoty-Dvo percent, of tho business public uro entire- ly ignorant of tho only true art of judging ; tho greater part ju Jgo it noto by Us gancral expression ; some look for pin hobs,to tee j if they havo ofton passed through 'tho'j banks, and oth.Qr equally errono'uus. (Some I sny that it is an \instinct while' many of ] our bankurs bsliovc it is only acquired by handling tho notes for year* ; other* do- pend much upon a b ink noto reporter, nnd after taking somu fuw counterfeit? by con- sulting'that, throw them away in disgust, when in fact tho reporter is not at fault. Udpor,ers urj gui iW all tlu-y pro­ tend, ^iz: to warn yo.i of thu failure of the banks, and also to warn you of coun­ terfeit* nftor they uro in circulation ; they cannot before,- unrl if they Are a good imi­ tation, they cay,' bet'.er rul 'iuo all on that plate. A counterfeit noto is n fne *i»iite of tho genuino, having tho *amn vig'nettOj lilt sauiu dies, and .ovary dovico liku tho ienuino ns near us they can got them, and yet, an expert judge will lull ihcm ut u glnrcc. A spurious, raised or altered note differs entirely from the genuine, and re porters giving a description of genuine*, Willi ofetect them tho counterfeiter en­ graves his bank plate by hand, on wood, pewter,, copper and steel; ho is not an Hr- list,' for no bank-note artist could counter­ feit, oven if ho was so disposed. genuine' bank plates are ongraved most­ ly by machinery, not upon the bank.plato, but upon *m»Ii plates of softened polished steel. This small plate U put into a fur­ nace, which is hermetically scalod, and is heated, nnd with llid tue'of animal carbon, hardened ns hnrd as razor stool. Thon ti soft steel plate is laid on tho top of this hardened engraved plate, and then placed into a powerful transfer press, whero a steel cylinder rolls over it, back nndforth, wi.h thirty or forty tons weight upon thu cylinder, and by this opcrnlinn the oppo- *iti? of the engraving is ^transferred to tho soft plate. Tuts (lute it h.irk'iiod and trarufcrreJ to a si'ftcricJ st<vl oy!iiidiT, the cylind-r is hnrd-'Ji-'l atij tr.niifurs the do vico to tho bank ji 'itto. '1 hi-, is called a single transfer. Milt h of llio ougraving is d»ubly transferred, nnd whilst nil genuine engrnvinga nre tritnsl'iTrcd, th e cuiinttrffit is riot; it U ppgrnved directly upou th e batilriilate l.y liandt < •*''' , An arti<.l cunnot cunlcrfoit f.»r I'm* rea­ son : Eao'i arti«Uhas liis peculiar forte, which is this: One outrun'* wiih the geo- mztric latlic, ono with tho medallion en ginc, one with tho ruling untitle, one en­ graves liken» : se.«, one uioimluins undji 11.-, another lreo» atid «lirubbery, another ani­ mal?, another U tman leltor*, uimlhcr fen- cy loiters, an illicr th e le - .Ur« ••will p - iy on demand,\ Then e.ich dot ico is en­ graved strictly in ncco'danco witli tertaiu toij) Column; Fortlxa fraa exntossioa ot'Batter ThomhW. Ppcms Unwritten, imij. »oo». There are poems iiuirriltcu and song* uniting,. Sw*«Uir;hau any tluUercr were heard— Toems that wait foritn nngcl touglt*, Songs that but loug for a paradise bird. Poama that nppU through lowliest lire*— Poems unnotoJ and hidden away Down in tho sotll'wfiere tho beautiful thrires, Sweetly us llowem in the air* of May. Po«m> that only tho angels above'us, Looking down duep into our heart* may behold. Felt .though u»»een by tho being* that loro us, Written on lives in lottara.of gold. Sing to my snul tha sweet song Hint thou lirtatl Head in* tho poem that never was penned— The wonderfil idol uf life that thoti gir st, Fresh from tha spirit, oh, beautiful friend; ABOVE HIS BUSINESS.' I T is n. soriout evil ihat many a- young man has fallen into, to bo ttb.)vo his btui ness.' A persi)ii learns a trade, nnd thfii ho niusl go to sliji'p-keopiiig, or slrect-loutlng, <if turn polltlclaii. Fool !i If be cannot miiko H livingat his trade, we are sure he can not nny other way. And then young men brought tip to shop keeping must buy farms, or hoi.'scs, or soma other foolish thing* they know nothing about, nnd what is tho result ? Head > over heo's in debt and crtntn failure. Multitudes bare loan ruined by being above their'busineis and branching out into What they know nothing about. ' , There is no tronblo about' young men who.<I<> not fool their importance, and who are willing.to work at their trades.or pro- feisiong till they get a little beforehand. With n smalJ capital to fall back upon, thuy .can fee! llko venturing into other huslnr-S\—nr.d by this timo will have formed habits that are likely to keep them straight. Thbse who succeed best in life nro men who stick to business; nnd make money before they buy farms nr.d houses Cordis. 1 \ r \\ T, if. FERINE,\M/D. 1 , Phjrsleinn nnd'Surg'ooh. Oftlce and residence, corner of Tllnln and William ttreots, Dan»rll)*.- ' ' 'HUBBARD & rXTTLKNER, Attorneys and Connwillors at L*w.'''Orflc« over Sweet 4 Co.'* Exchange, New.Hank Block, ifain. Strettr flnnsvflli;. , , , ., ,.. r . SUk.lf>HT is BROWNXLX,. ~ Seottsburgh. N. V^dcnlora inDry Goods,Grooories, Hoi.U nnd Sho «H, Cloth*, ltcady-Mado Clothlngi Urugs, Yankco Notions, te. 104 ' J , T. E. J0XE3, . Carrla^o Maker, Cornor Main and Franltlln st*., Dnntirille, Currlngos innde of thu bust timber and latest style. Cutters and Sleighs'in the te **UH: Itcpulrlnjr (lone on slmrt notice. Ill ; •~ HE Nmr N,~ SCHLICK, <•• ' . rnshionnblp Ilnrbor and Hair I>ro**<r, Wen­ dell .lilock, Main Street, Uannvillo. Usir, Whis­ ker* and Moustache* Dyed after the Most Ap proved Stylo. Denier* In lfcavy mid Shelf Ilardwaro, Store:, Tin Ware, Shoot tron Ware, Cutlery,- *c, Main Street, rwnnvllle. .StorOa of the most approved pattern* always to be found at- thi* caUtbliih- inent. St F. H. MARSHALL, Haiti ..and Ornamental book-Hinder and Manic I!o6k Manufacturer, liurns' Illoclc, Corner of Huf- fnlo and State Strvels, ltiahoMor, X. V. A. 0. Bcx.vsn. Agent for DunsVillo and vicinity. - 3. H. PRESTON, K. £>., Physician and. Sur^on. D.tnsville, N. Y. OBlee ih Uick*' Block. entr.int:« fir»i d»»r North of Bonos' Kiuhlturo Store, .Main Stro«t. Uej'denco Corner of South and Walnut Streets. Wyl SCOTTdBURGH HOUSE. IJ. HarriM, Proprietor. Thl* old esUtblished and popular Ilotr',, i». located In tho beautiful villain of Scnttslinr);li. eight miles from Dun*vilt«l aud four miles north ofthohoad of C'oneM'.s Ijike. 1 — Tlia piitroiuiff* uf the travolina public Is it?poct- fuliy Holicitt-d. 104tf ~~' N1LE3. Dealer in Tiru^s and Mudiclnes, Paints, Oil\ And Dye Woods, Frfnfli nnil AuiJiionn Gloss, Wtnf* «nd Liquors. Bonks,Stationery, J'appr Hanging*. WindowShades. Curd and Tassels, Curtain J-ix- tures. Pocket Cutlery, Ciold and Steel Pens, Inks, Yankee Notion*, pictures, Photograph Albums.ie. BROWN It STOUT, Carriage Makers, corner Church and Exch.tngo i streets, Dan-oillo Cirria»cs, Buggies, Sulkies, und cuinmcnco speculating. Look nt our , p^oj^/r-uturs. Lumber Wagons and SleiRhs. successful men, iiiid you will sec where lies the Eucrei of succt-ts You will find that they never were above their business, and never, paid for the doing-of n job which they cenld just as well do th<!iiu-slves. Of this wo nro ftjre : if all men will hn prompt and punctual, stit k to thi-ir bii»innj«, nnd not hi too proud, thoy will eventually succocd, :.nd becttino independent S« I,I:I: T OV C K.VUTV —Tiio women of Poland are ivlobriitud (or their beauty, and the secret of it is, tlmt thnl their girls d<> not, ns with tu. jump from infancy to young lady hood Thoy nro not sent from the cradi* directly t j the parlor, to dress, sit still, and look protty. No; th»y ;irc trnated ns cliiKlruti sl.'iuid be. During childhood, whioh extends in rough (t period of several years, thoy are pmitily nnd loose flrM-olass nnn 'ho lowei-t rate*. A'l kind! of I'aimmjt. Triimiunj, Blacksmithins, Woodwork, rte^ on »liort notice. 23J £. G. RIPLEY, * ',: !!':<• old o*l;ibli*hpd J««relry Store, l* prepar­ ed to do tho finest work in the line of Watch and Jewelry Hepiirim; in n manner second to that or no other wnrltiuin in the State. Kvery kind of work in thin line he warrants sniiafieionly done. No one need now send t» New York for Ml the liner kinds of work ~Ll;JTON HCTJEL. Koeltcstcr, Iraar. \«liley i Co. Th e Proprie­ tors have pnl In an entire now front, nnd added another *lory to tho building, ro-fittod and rc- lurntshed the lioii-e tliroujthejit. Tho new rooms ure fmiahed In suits, for families, and are elegantly furnished. The traveling public will find the rooms and ai -coinniodntions far superior to what hey havo been. fc-v;' *' OBKTfOT'Wheeler and Wll'on and Sinjer t t J\. CoV.'cotebrated\ LN W.tlSFa '^.AI.!HII\H .^faclilneaof any.other mahufactufes: furnlthtd wAen d«lr«d.^, , x .1' \ •.; '• ' ^.- .. Al| muchineVdelirertd in riinninx,oi'der, nnd in- strueiioiis siren t'n opctnte Ih'cin, :«-M K , HICK ena tx found.nftln Cloihins Era- p'orium of M'. Curtla, Miin^t., l>a'u«ril|u.t GROWERS BAKERS CELEBRATED FHiST\ PREMIUM • SEWING MACHINES!! Q FFICE'df fJrovcr.t Bnk«r8ewlrig Marhint- Co., «t W..J. l.uruo.i* C6'.'s Jevreliy llnii-f. Main f-irect.nne iloor north of tho Bunk of pansville. Diitisrllle. N.'Y. The Piiblicare Jnrilcd to calj and cxamino M».' Mi W.J.LA RUF. t CO.,:AKcnt*. SEWING :MjOHI 6. E CO, < Offioe-681 Broadway, Ne-wYork. • G UAItANTEE^-Aftornfiilr trial Tf nny purciin- '•serdoes.not regiird:the F ISXIE iLroxSKWixo M.tctusr ns superior to any I H market, ho can re­ turn itahdhavu his inoney. Itlin« tnkeh many of the Inchest jprizc*,-ri» le *s complicatoil jh:in any other flr *t clu»,*'maehtne,— does o wider range of work without chan«ins,—requires no tnk\iu« apart to prc,-in or. nil. nnd no \lesffina'-.' to apt needle, rcirulnic tension, or opefnte'mnchine. N. It, Any Clergyman sending u i two orders for Machines, shall roceiVo in( f„r hltnseff ijs -a pres­ ent. Tlie'snmo propontioii, is extended to Pro- feasors nnd Teacliem We havn.ndw cornptetf-d our New Manufactory nta cost of ijpnic $2ot',0(«), including; new Patvnt's and Important TrnproT«tll«nts.; f,nd the.'object of tne ao5*\ propoi-ltipn Is to secure the immediate introduction (<'. oilr improved tnnchine Into erery ^owii in'the United States without incurring the expense ofn Ir.ircling nK* , 't. TI HK |>r»posi'tiori cannot:-vallin towns occupied by our own agents. Please send for ilesciiptir* Cntilogue, N OTICE JTO CKKX>XXOHK, —In pur»u*>«« .of .nil order, of Holoiron Hubbard. County >J udge of the Cotiiityief LMn 'gHton, aBd'oMlii'stAt' iiUeilil, *uc .h .ciiafl. Ji)ailj9..afl .d .pro.rldcd lA all ,£*rion». •hnrlng claims against the cstato of Jacob II.-'Mil' ler, late of thetbwh oi*-'W\c«t Spfcrta.-to siid County, deceased,-aro required .to exhibit tho sxrap, with vouchers in^upport,(hereof, to Otis Miller, 'c'xeou- torof tho estate of said deceased, at his residence in tho said town of Wtst Sparta, on or before; th« 10th day of April, JSCS. , i. > < -'..:,,„-.'..-, OTIS MILLED, Executor, r Dated West Bpsrta, Oct 12,I£6S. . ^ N OTICK TO CUBDITOR8.—In ',pur »nanee? •ofan ordor of Hon. SJIubbard, County Judie of Llvingj'lon County, nndof the alatulo in *uci case roiideand provided, all persons Imrlng claim,* ajnlnst Iho estate of Mcrritt If. Brown,. deceased, liiteof the ;T6wn9f ;N. Daiisrllle, In -aid County, 'are required (o'cxhlblt thto MWC , Willi the voiicli- .crs Initio Mipport thoreof, to tho undersigned An- .drew J.-tlrown. atiho store of ITrown It Grant, In' X. DansrUle Aforesaid, oil «r. before th«;20ih day of- Jtlne, im. .2Sim0 ; . ,A. J .BftOWV. Dated Dec. 0:1KC6. W: tY. PEKINE, Administrators of Morritl II. Brown, deceased. N OTICIS TO\ CREDITORS.—Pttmunnt to mi order of Solomon Htibbard, COuhty Judje of'tho County of Dvlncslbn. Notice :s hereby git' en \to all persons having claims against Henry 3levcr a late ol Iho Town of Wq »t Spatja, Liring»- lon County, Stotebf Swt. York',, deceased, to pre­ sent the mmo'wltli tlie'voueher* thereof to tl.ettn. ilerslgneii ht hi* residence in the town of ML Mor- ils'ln nnld County, or to John V^ilkinson. alius of- fieoln the villnuo nfDausyillo In said County, On or before tho first day of August, ISM. -D'utad.Jan,20,J8UO. ' SAMUEL E.STEVENS, •) • - • •- Administrator. N OTICE TO OnBDITOHS.-In pursuance of an order or Solomon Hubbard, Judge of tb* Oimnty of I^»ing»ton,»nd of tlio -atatuto in such ram inndy. ani|_provldejl. .all, person* haying claims ngalns't.thejo'stnto of. BarnaiJ. Chapln, late of the town of North JJansrillc. in said.County, de­ ceased, nre'reqnlroil to' exhibit the same with Ihe. vouohersin support-ihnreo'f,'to .John A. Van DerlipvOnn'of ti(o ndmintHratom of Hie said. e»- tote, on orhefore the Win day of August, 160C. Dattd Fob..Sth', 1800. r ' \• • 'IfARKIKTJ. CIIAPIN, CO.MtAD WELCH. JNO.A. VANDKBLIP. • .. Administrators.. - pies of sewing. itli sam- LCCJCS LYON.See'y. flxed artistic law*, whicli, b_\ un.ler.-L.nd [ ly dressed, and are allowid to run. romp Thoy take in C OSXCRIA .1. AvFEcriox.— In a town in Connncticut, not loti^ at;n, livod' Aunt Keziuh. an indii>tri.>usiirldthrivint;widow Sho hud not only kept good hor estate, but had incrca=oJ it much i n value, and she loved to rofer to it as \ tho litllo homo that poor Daniel left her.\ Ono day tho \(income man \ came along, carried off some of ihut littlo hoarde'd treas­ ure, and she wept a« »he counted out.tlia ' bills on which liar partner's finger* had once rested —so sacredly 1J003 the heart cling to memories of tho departed. A few hours afterward she was at t.ho table kneading bread, and evidently think­ ing of the lost one, when hor niuco said: \Aunty now you're prosperous und \yell ) to do, lei's gataom-i pretty to;»b -Jtonos for good uncle Daniel, you know ha has nonj at his «ravo.\ Aunt Kuzifth lifted up her dougby hands and emphasized this touching exprossion: \ Jano, if th»y want anything of Daniel at the judgment, they can Qnd him without H guideboard. I tell you he'll b« there in time:\ And nothing mora was said. A H I NTRODUCTION —A friend relates the following Occurence, which, hesuggests is worth printing: Tne other day a town boy was showing the \sights'^ of Nepolcon to a tall friend from i tho rural districts. Tho two stepping into a slore, encountered a nice young lady, an acquaintance of our townsman, ivhotn ho naturally folt proud in introducing to bis rural friend. 1 -\-.Mr. Smith,\ snid ho,, \this it Miss Jono*.\ Smith looked alternately nt tho pretty crea­ ture and at tho door behind him for a min­ ute, as i f calculating his chances of escapo, and finally f?up»*l, Is it t \ • Tho bystan­ der* went out than, aud jo ,w« didn't Uart any furtbw particular.' ing what those laws are, too student will become an expert jud ^e of b^nlj notos a t sight, unless he is a very dull <cliolur. It require-; over SiO.Oyj worth of ma­ chinery and from fifteen m twenty five nr tists to proiltico gunutiiu bink jdatw—each artist, stun Jing nt iho head of Ins [ rofe-,- sion, must excel U M t'Ountorloitcr, who is oft\ii l.tlc from tlio Stittc prison Kvery intelligent business person in-iy become; nn expert, and tho timo is coming and now is when busincsi in-n mu&t luarn iho trui url of.doleclii'n, or j<:iy tlie penally ihut thou- sands aro now pa\ing for their eniKcitnl wisdom of judging notes. The country is flooded 'villi millions of dangerous lives twenties, lifiies and hundred* le^nl lender 1 riui'ss, also with uw h.iudrcd and fifties comptiinul intT-.'.-l notc j , so well executd a' to defy detooimti by iini-ty 11 vo per cent of the business public, bunkers not excepted. Tnis warning :t given by one who knows The subject is worthy of the most brilliant business mind, and yet mill­ ions are lost by tho-e incompetent to judge, and too wiso to learn. FltANKLtN AND it is Oto —It Is now mort /thnn a century since Benjamin Frank­ lin, Postmii-ler General of tho American Colonies,,by appointment of tbo ( Crown, set biit in hii old gig 'to nukd. ,un olllcial inspection of'the p-incip&l routes. It is about ninoty yoar? .«'tnt\> hn held tho samo offic* tit.der tho authority of C ingress, and when n sm ill fjlio fstill prjjorvel in tlio Dnpartmerit at Waslniigto i) . containing but three quires of paper, lasted a> his ac­ count boolt for two your* If a Postmustor. Genoral now wero to tindcrtuko to pa?s over nil tho established routes, it would take six years of incessant railroad travel at the rato of ono hundred and ttVonty fivo niiles dally; while if he woro to undortake tnojobin an '\'old gig.\ he would require a lifotimn for its performance Instead of a smali folio, with its three quires of pnpor, the po3t offico accounts consumo every two years thrco thousand of tho largest legors, keeping upwards of a hundrod clerks con­ stantly employed inrepording tr tnsactions, with more than thirty'thousand contractors and other persons. and piny in the open nir sunshine n* does Iho flower They ore nut loaded down, girded iilio-.it, nnd oppressed every way with countless frills tmd supera­ bundant ttotincui. so ns lo bo admired fur iheir much clot ng.' Nor uro they ren­ dered delicate nnd dyspeptic by continual stuffing witli candioi it ml swoclcaltci. w aro tho majority of American oiiildren. Plain, 1 simph- foo.l, fc-co and various exe.rcisa, and abundance of sunshine, during ihe whole p«riod ol elnldhood, nroihu secruts of bcuu- ly in after - lifo. lienli^lj, hepiifdV llluijic, directlv ovprtlm Po>t Oiliec— Operations in cither the meehanieal or operative ilepaMmcnls. performed -In a superior manner, and the reputation of the ohi office for iloinj ihe best work in the country, will be nuslained in eve­ ry department and particular of Hentnll .scie.ncu.— timer Hour* from7 A M . loSr.x. -18 W INTBU ij beautiful n tho country, if you wilt only g«t closei enough toil to bo- come ucq'iuinted Meet it in n friendly way, defend your c elf with Warm flannels, and wool -ns and f.ir< lo tho best of your ability: then welcome it bravely, and it will show us much of beauty and almost as mifiy attraction! as its more gorgeous sis ter, summer. Put on stout shoes or rub­ bers, unJ walk over ^.ho cri.-.p, sparkling snow lo the V'lluge, instead of waiting for tho horse to be put to the Sleigh ; go out i-iiti tho j nrtJ, jud nuilce a snow-tnun for tho children, or play snow-balls, till the red color comcs^ to y Jtir cheek and tho bright ncjs to your eyes. A \WRITE R in tha'Medical Gazette give* thu following lucid'explanation of the phe­ nomenon of a blush: \The mind com­ municates with the centre ganglion ; tha lattnr, by inflex action through tho brain and facial nerre. with, tha organic norm in the faco, with which its branches in os­ culate.\ Isn'.t^bat \mo rantict\. Iff sandy 1 toils, ih* greatest'foVce of a pile ongine will not drira a pile dMp <X than 16ft. to \Y OUR S ISTKUS.—Buys whether largo .or small, ought to bo very kind to thoir sis terri, especially if tho sister is younger than you aru. Girls aro nol so strong boys, and ihey huvu moro gentlo disposit ions, and so thev should bo treated tender ly- If a boy nnd his sister are coming into tbo room together, U it right for tho boy run forward nnd get tho best «o:it !Ko, no. llo should go forward und offer it to hi* sister. If u new picture book comes into tho house, is it for the boy to siezo it first, becuuso ho is the lurgcitund strongest, und mulco his sister wail until he has teen it a* much as ho wishes to beforo ho gives it to her t Surety no ! If his sister is out in tho yard playing with him, and she's afraid of the dog, is it right for him tu mnko believe set tho dog on her on purposo to teaso her! No, no, Such conduct is vory thoughtless and cruel. IIo should tako.hor by tho.band and sllow her how pleased Rover is to be putted on tha head. Boys should always be very considerate of their little listers. Tbey should wail for them and holp them\ and speak kindly to thorn, arid •remember that God has made thorn stronger in ordor to be their protect o'rs. • i * ItKourxi—A .loring friend's rebuke links into the heart, and convince! the [judgment;,an enemy'ioritraDgtr'iUii n recti re and ir/itatei, not e*»»«fU. ' ' Grover & Baker'aJ ' Celebrated SEWING MACHINES! Were awarded tlio HIGHEST ; PRJEMIUM8 j • At tho Slate Falr*of New York, Illinois, Tennessee, Vermont, Michigan, Alabama, N *w Jersey. Wisconsin, Virginia. Pennsylvania. Iowa, N. Carolina, Ohio, Missouri. Oregon. Indiana, Kentucky, Cnhfc rnta. And numerous In«limto and Coimty K«lr». includ- i:; t 'ii'l tl |0 r'airs at which they were exhibited the past three years. Tlje.Urover & finUer S. M. Co. mnniif.icturc in addition'to their eolebrniod Orover * linker stiteh m.ichin<!s. tlie mout perfect Shuttle or \loek Mitclv' inauhiniJK in the laurlte*. rtnd nlford purchii-er* the opportunity of .seleettim.after trial nrtd exam- iii..t'0'.i of both.' tho \lie best Milted to their wants. fUhcr companies )hnnnfiietiir«'l»ut out Utul of mn- elune each, and tauimlrtfer thin opp.min.ily of &e- leotion to theireit-ilomers. A pamphlet eontuining samples of both tho Gro­ ver * linker Hliteh and .Shuttle Slitcli'in »i)rwm fabric!',with full explanntion.s.'illiieramH anil illtle- tr.m .iin-i, to oiiulili-- nurelf-sern'io «<w»(ilr. ff«{ nnd roHi)»\tc Ihelr relative merit*, will he fiifni>lied. <m request,from our office.* throughout tile eountry. Tliosu who desire ninehines which do tho Ir'M troet, should not full lonend for Una |»tinphlet, nnd le.st and ooinparo these stitches fi, r tlie.m-elve.i. iWm.S GltOVl-'U* HAKKUR. M.CO-. 4U5 BroadrtaV, New York. t.^. l'or fn'isin Dansvitlent tile Je^t-Irv Store pf \V..T. I„-I;H«. k Co, QUJGL3-Y i s DABOLLIT. , auceeofor* to Ilristol t Daboll, Offiee in gcercy tV (!>o. GOLD AND^SU.VER! Awful Sacrifice! r.rr BANKRUPTCY AVOIDED! Ixtraordinarv Announcement! S TJPRE9CE COCKT.-LIVISG9TO.S COUS- TV. i Ca*att* SnrriKD •) ; . i AO'T , 5- TniDxi 'STn .iJcSExi.t.iaT and other3.J 'My virtpii of n'Judgment entored In thl* action, in pursuance ofnn order made ata Special Term of this Court lield nt theCoirri House i h Gentaeo - op thoi-d 'day ot January, 1800,1 ^h.•l^^ acllntPub-- lie Auelion, at tho Anieriejn Hotel in th e village of I)ansyilie,'ln tho. County of Livingston, on ihel'lh day of March. 1E08, nt lo o'clock-' A . »_ tlio lolloir- injr deae.ribed.prerniies, vizi \All that tract or 'parcel of land situnled in the town of J.\ortb Dans- villeafofesald.anrr bounded ns follow*: On ihe north hv Inndu of tho «atd Bhepnrd: east by land* ofS. W. Smith and said Slie,p:ird ; south by land* of the said Smith, and wejit by. a, public highway known as rfemmai y street, containing fire acres of Jand and bolr.R tlio same premise* conveyed to tho party' of the.flr»t part.by Samuel W. Smith nnd wife nnd Charles Shcpard nnd wife, in the year ISLS; excepting llierefrom tho following de­ scribed portion thereof, viz:• bounded on th e west by Seminary street; north und *a«l by land's of thes-nl Sliepnrd. and on the south by land-* ol tho said Tho Dtnsrille Semlnnry, being two rod* in width and twenty-six rods .In length, l*in^ the rtortherl.Vfparlorthe premise* hereinbe­ fore described, containing' filly.lwo rods ot land, excepting • nnd reserving n nsht of way to tho' saiii The Dnnsvillq Seminary, across tho last de­ scribed parcel ol lnnd to the ndjoimng.lindii of toe *aid\fho IJansvlllo HetnlIVlr3•. IJated,'Jnnunry C3d, 166fi. T .C. Cn ,tSE,Shenfr, »y I>.ilu.t», l;ep't. Y AX D LTJJ* &. Sunn, Altys. for 1*111. Jr. ^tt'iclilnnrt. ^OU^gh mi STRICKLAND'S .NO M.OI1E. MKLLIFLOt 'S j Cough Balsam I * warranted to ba the on'y prepnrnlion known to <;urO Couah\. Coldl., llo:ir!>inejiF, : Aslhni;i, \» hOoplua Couiilii l lironie Coi^hs. ronsiunption. llronehiti\ and Cnoip. lJcinsprepu-ed from Hon­ ey mid Herbs it is heiilinj;. softeiima mid •'S|K , e- toratin^, n'ul particularly Mutable for nil nllrction- of tho Tliro.it and I.unjjs. For side bv Prowr:* crcry where. ' isTyl CURE' FOR Dr. Stricr.,!and'.s f PILE REMEDY ! PILES. TT- W Cl,ri \ | l tlionsiniU of ' XI the worst e;lS.esr,f rtlmd aud Illeedina Piles it gives immedinto relief, and etfects a peimnnent cure, 'liy.it duvi'ily. 11 is wdrranfrt to cure, n't tl'o per hotl-e. l-'ci' i-alo by all DrinKtu-i* 2S;yl 2 01W.0OO Pnllarslrnrth ofOoMaml Silver Wnteh . e*.\Splendid Jewelry. Fi-eneh Cloelc*. Diamond toons. 1'iniuis, MebHli-iin.s. Sewinu MiicliineW, S'l- ver Ware Ice to Ic disposed of a t T WJ ,1 'Ollar?, eneh iirt'iele. witho'-.t repird lo Value! , GP.W 'ri IS'TF.ItN'.V lONAt. MEF.riVO OF MAN I'FAlTI'r.Klt.S OF WATt.'ll E-i A JF.WKU'.Y. The followiiiK has Iwn resolved, that ui con«C' ntieuee uf tlio Kieiit ftifjit itiou ill Trndo, nlol in order to relieve fmm peeuniary onil>nrra«MncaU occasioned bv a di-tr -ssim* War, and to avoid BANKRUPTCY, 0 (K ).000 wor(U ot fioo 1*» from thoir Stock, must be Hold in thepfour^e of .Six Month**, nt A\¥ SACRIFICE. and for that pnrpoic, their have unanimously elect cd DE TREY & Co., 3» I.ibeily Slreet, AS TI1EIII EXCLUSIVE AOEN'TTS. Ada preliminary they wo'ild remark thill they mnniifiicinrcnnd sell no brass watche* or imitation of Jewelry. All are Warrated Gold OF TIIK Finest Workmanship! The nrtiele« lo sell nt Two tiollar« each, no mtt- ter how eoJtly it mav he, consists of Splendid Iliilitinjr cases Gild nnd Silver Watche*, French Cloelcs. Itlngs *et with Ulamonils. Itnbic.s. JL'onrlsi and qiher pre.iinus Stonos. (S ilitaire and in eins- tefs,) Ladles' Sets of Jewelry eompriMnx I'liis and Fjir-riiiL'.i of tho mo-t f.ioliinnnble, nnd reclierelie Myln. Gold nnd ei nmeled bracelets, SmiU and Knhmrleil llr.iieli-is. Studs mid Sleeve llinion.s, Chain* ot nil deseriptionn Ac.. *c . Sliver Ware, (extra plated )ennipri*lu< C»si 0 r.«, nutter Pislieu. li'oiiuliiully ehosed and •etiitniTcd. Table hud T«a Spnndii. Gohlels Ac.. I'iiuios, Meloileon* and ficw- nits Mncliine.s oftlio h\»t miikern. ' ' r Tlie nrioe ol eneh nrtieto varying from 5t X to EIGHT HUNDRED dollar*. HOW WE SHALL PROCEED. We have adopted the plan of a.tle now so popu­ lar oi'clinruinirit uniform, price and this prico will invariably be tl for each article rosnrdle.su- ol val­ ue. .Tho .expense- of conducting our A/tcrfcv 'aro paid hy the sale of certificate.\ .or coupons, feprt;- Renting Dm various nrticUs. Tficie certificate* are »»ld «' FIFTY CBNTsJ e*ch or,5. for $-.00. nnd each certjficute. will *hnw the holder'the patllculur nrttole lie 1 or *lie is entitled to on payment of a n nildltlonnl*2.00. THR KXPENSES OF TRFJOnT AND PACKING -PIANOd Oil SKWl.Vli MACHINES WILL HE PAID IJY THKI'AHTIES WHO A HE EX- ' TU 'IiED 'TO THIJM., . . AGENTS AKE WANTED. In every, part of tlie United State* nnd Province*, ,»nd toallauoh very. IllxJral IndiieemnnU will b s offered, and on nhplica'tion-a circular-«f term* will l>e forwarded, \V« prefer.money sent in Post: Of- flco order* where they'can he obtained orhy Bintc Drafts'to out- order. .Pleate. write youtKWame, Town. County and State plainly, and addrcji all ortfor* to \ •• \ l »- t . ,I>ETIIEY * CO-/ •, > 7 . . '*' AoMTt rea HA^mcroiinis, MOma '\ J tU Liberty Street, N t Y. W iUSKEItSU I— Thoce 'wiping a hne.'act of whiskers, a nloe mou»»*elie, or a beautiful headofi»;loi«sV hair, will plea**'read the'canl of TII03. F .CHAPM A N, In «nnther,j«rt of tin* paper I'r. SttirllitJi DYSPEPSIA. 'i TfTNTTf i T ^n.s.iiioKi.AjNnsTONic | 1 Ull J.Ui i 1 ' I .i houeemrnteil prepa- — , • •' of ltoots nnd Herbs, with miii- acids and carminative*,' to strengilij-n ihe *t,>m- neh aiiil fieiYOtis .sj-slem. It is a eertain rem­ edy i]nt I)y.-pepsin or Indigestion, Nervnusuess. Ln** of Appetite, Acidity ol ilie S'l'mianh. Flaliil -.ii. ey nnd Dtonlity. li is not alcoholic, therefore par­ ticularly suited for weak, ncrvnus and dy«p »ji (ie persons. For wlo livnll lirugsist* everywhere nt tl per bottle. £b*yl Jewelry, Watclies, Diamonds &c. FOR THE)HOLIDAYS! T HE homo of JJOSASQUET. GdftAUD A Co , l'Ar.is. havo tho pleasure of nnuouneing tha»\ tnev hnveopened an Agency in thu city of »w Yoi'k. for the 5.ile of their widely known Jewelry. W.itchcs, &e..and for tho.,pnrpo*o of in.ikinx iheir. goods ns extensively J;nt>u;i ,antl apprt-eistcd in the I'nitcd Slates its they nre.'h 'r .il have been for over i» year* iti Europe; they havo determined' on a 1/) whieh poor nnd Tich nhko may have, the iidraut:i£i; of thoir tiplendid style?. Aa a pre- timin.ary, th^y would remark that they manufac­ ture aij'dsvH'no imitation Jewelry or Watche*, bm All art JfarruItJ Cv'lD cf .las Hacit Wtrksuuii;. Our eustomer.\ will also have t.ho great advan­ tage of a constant succci^nu.of new nnd nditreff stylet, and pnttcrria with which we shrill keep our New York Atit-ttoy nipplicil. Wo havo adopted the plan of «nle, now so popu- h\r of eh ir ^in? ii uniform price, and this pnee • will inv.-iriahly ha ?2 for cich nriicie. no matter how oostly it may bv.. Tlie expeosett of conduct- ourNi-.v \tirU Agency are paidby tho sale, of Certificates or Coupons icpreicntinj; the varlou* nrticles. These Certificates .ire -i^old at 60 cent* each, or flvd for ?J.nnd oivch Ortificat\ vrll! fjiovr the holder tlio particular article he c; 'e is * u v.- tlrd to. on psyment of nu widjfona V J . If i'i» .iriii-ier.amc-u bn the Certificate \-:wt desireJ,th» lnddef will ebli«c nss when ho roc.irn.i iho Cejrtift- ca'.o,!')' fctniiuB \vhnt other\ article, of the tamo value li\ or she mav pre.fijr. nnd it will be sent with pleasure. OUK AIM IS T',) PLEASE, and ev^ cry nieansr to that end will Jiocx^r.'cd. AVc toJicit a trial from ono who rends xliis notice as wo are confident of pivinj: (he utmost satisfaction. THE STOCI£ COMPRISES Amon^t olht-rarticles,Splendid Clocks, Gold and Silver Watche*. Km;: set with Diamonds. Rubies, I'earlF.Gurnet and other Stonc.s, (solijsrio nnd in elu->trrs\ UiditV sets of Jewelry romp 'rismp Pin* anri Eiir.-riim\ of the ir.oit fashionable styles', »et In Precious Stones of every vnriW.JEoeefher with •» li .rco assortment of Gold and Enamelled and Pearl Set*, t.'old r-md.s aud Sleeve Huttons of the mo>i beautiful pattern?. Gents\ Bojoin and Scarf Puis, und.nti endies* vario'V of lirhctjlets. Champ, '•liisieal Iioxc?, llen.l Pro.ssc.s, ,-Coniljj, Charms, Ac In rt.i-eany <>f rarr pntrons nfo not in wantof Articles of .lewel-y, nnd would u'refet- Silverware, we will send, forauy tVrtiriratereturned to u.s, a richly cnanived ?et of Castors o.f Untttr Dish, beau­ tifully clin-ei^nnd plated. 'AGENTS AKE RANTED In every part of Ihe United Suites and Provinces, and to nil t-uch very liberal Inducements will bo offered, and. on npplieaiiop', a circular of tcrtfis h>rwnrJed. Wc profer.tnoncy sen; in Pon Of­ fice, oiilor* whero thev can be oblnined. or b y Hank Draft to ou r order; Add re.-, 5 'all orders to our Agency, whieh will be conducted by Mcssits. JAQUET. STEHIilK 'n & CO.. :SCm3 ISO Droadwuv, New Yorlc. s NEW SKIRT FOR 1866. TUB GUKAt INVENTION OF THE AGE IN Hoop Sltiirts. \V. BRADLEY'S X<w Patent Duplex Elliptic (or donble) Spring Skirt. X HISihveiilion consists of'Duplcx (Hr Iwo) Elli tic Pure Kefincd Steel Snrinttt InReniouslj braided tfahllynnd firmlv together, odgo to edge. nntkinR Iho totisheat n\o»t fle .T .il)le, 'eljstle nnd durable •rprlnaever Used. They seldom bond or brealt.-Uke. thefdni^ln sprincs nnd fcohscquently preserve their ported and benutiful>har)o'mriro Fy Arcana Watch! l]t EiCO \XT joVl'ltt WATCHES. T HE cases of th& watch are n new lavcntion, comt * • od. rolled JL composed of s.eveml ditlerent uietnls combin- •J toRCtlier .inji plniu&hed, p exact imitation tif IS enrnt gold, united Arcana.— E H«mATlKO raiWaoM at LEAOH'a PER- HAM'9.,D0lwithiUAdist th* My It, can't 1 * iouaiaDaaiiVllle- tbnn ;wie <i as long as nny Single Spring ever hn ,s or can he mnde. The wonderful flexibility ami sreat comfort and plenspre. to auy lady wearins the Duplex Elliptic Skirt 'will be experienced partlculnrlviln nll 'ernwd- ed Assemblies. OperAs. Carriages, -llailinad Car.s. Chnrcli .Pews.' Itrm Chairr'. for Promenade lint! II OIIPO Dre*s. ** the Stcirt catt bo folded vrhon, in use to nceupv a .small plnep.n* cosily ; ond conven 'i- entlv 'aoAaiik ofmushn drei»?. i A Udyhaviiiit'.cnjovcd the plcastira. comfort nnd V.rent:eonveriicheeiif'.weiirina'tli< > Diiplox Elliptic, Steel Sprmc Skirt for.in-iigl^'day will never afler- wnrd*, iWillitiRlv-<lisperj*e ; with their use. ) '|For' children. mi «»e*, young ladies < they,nro superior toall other*. *„,\ . - \ ' • Thehoopanre covered wltli2 plydouMe'twisted tbrvad andwill wear twice ns lonx a* tho single vnrn'coverim; WJuoh il* nseil, on all Single Steel, llnnp- Sk,ir v *. 'The three .bottom roil* on' every', •skirl.are al*o dotthlo hteel and twicebrdouble oov-' .ered.to. prevent tho eoTcrlnjr trom wearing off. the rods when dragging down *tnirs, stone steps, olcf. etc. wlileh'lhpy arccorisUntly stihj'ect .to when in u*e; I , •\ - > . \ •• , ',(.._. j Alljlara - made' of the new and elegant corded tapes, and are the best quality in every part. String to tho wearer the. most /graceful and'perfect ahnp'o possible, nnd *rn iinmiestlonnbly the tlahust, most derlr*b]e,.mo8t comfortable nnd economical ,'ikirt ,erer made, i ,' ' 'WESTS' BRADI.KY* CARY. Proprietora fit the, Inventlomnnd Sole Manafscturers. ;0T OhaniboTS, and 70 mid St Rendn St*,, New York; . For sale in all flr«t^ola»* *tore* in thl* cUv. an d throuahout the United State* and Canada. Havana ds Cuba. Jtexloo, South Anxrioa, and thcfWest In- .die*. V\ i - *i ' -.. ,j. ')K' i i' ' • . •' , »r»-Inonir<) for the Duplex Elltptic (or.double) Sjlrlntt Skirt.' ' < -..SWrnS\ £•'* C. They arc as Jiejiutirntns solid cold, and nro i,fford. ettatoiie-eiphlhjthc ro?t. Th e ens,,* nre benuti- fullv designed .tnd nre enjjmveil ju the cxnet Htyle of the celebrated Gold \Hunting Lever?, nnd so ex­ act an itnitntioli of gnid n;t to defy detection. The movements uro manufactured by the well -known St. .Timer Wat eh Company ofKuropo and Are su­ perbly finished, havim: engraved pallets, fancy carved bridges, adjusting regulator, lino dial and skeleton bund*. These wateliei\ nro all Hnntine; Cases and of three siw*; tlie f-mnllcsl being for Ladle*. A case of. «ix will.be sent by iiinll or express, for $U!5. A single one pent in n linnd'somc case for SM. They wilirofulUy sell for llirce times ;tnoir cost. • We nl- Impbrt n Ven- 'superior flmshed and cjeaant iro^o . irt -that,^ wate.li which we can sell for $30 each, or $10t> pe r case of^jiix. Theso nro also hunting cases Und for Larilea.'nnd Gent*. AVonro solo agents for this Wntcllln the Unitod.States nnd nOno are genuine which do not hear our Trado Mnrk. Person* order- in* whtches. C, 0 D., will please remjt \5 per oent of tlio amount with their order. Orders for any kind of watches 'promptly Slid faithfully fulfilled.— AddresX AKCiXNA WA'fCH CO.. Kb. 02 Fl 'LTON ST^ NqwYork Cili'j Importers ^Dealers Iri Wuteh- es.of every'doscriptipti. ; .SubqcsSors to Gira'rd W. Devaueh k Co. •27«m0, ,'TN rolls ready to b e nailed down, adapted toHou*- X CJ «. Factories and Buildimta of nil kinds; con- aruetcd of matcrlnls tbot, have stood tho test of Rfteenifeor*, and manufactured'on an entirely difs ferent£nd bettor plan than nnv other coinpoai- tionroofirijeintw. Sccnrcdhy patent. Vory du- rabln and nt low price. Circular* and rampies sant free by mail. ' ' ' ' . ' . READY ROOFING CO. 270yl Ko. \3 Maidim Lane, N. T. . ,^t. M«rOAKTfmT[ BLOCK, Nearly opposite tha Wr*l >'»tion*ir»ank kad a few, t ,- ' ? door* above the Pq«t Of^g^. v , | t v ' E .stiltAvlRO^done In ihlirixliMlTstjifTof the art,- Call and e^amin* »peel'rh«n*' of work' maaahip at the J «<r «lry .Iloaia of •t,, «* .' .? RUBBER JEWELRY! R ic !fl,'lv'etv 'and\' Rcautimt Stvles. just received at rny'Jewelry Storo in McCartney'* Block, be­ sides a lnrse stock of thedntest nnd most fashiona­ ble styles of other \jewelry. Prices loir for tha times. Cnlland sec my utoek: -., SMtf G. RLPLEY. \* * - • ' • . . I 7IRROIIS <JF TOTJTII.—A Gontlernan,who- li sull'ered for*ome yenrs from Norrfcus Debility, premature Dtciy,-«nd all the, cflccls ,nf youthful •lhdi «eTPti »n, will, for the iafce of aufTerlnjr human­ ity, »end free 'to nil irho. teetl- it, the recipe' and directions for mnklng tlie simple remedy by whloK ho wd* ettred. Bnfe>teri> wishing to profit byj tha i «dverll»cr!a experlenco^can.Uo so, by addrc*s|nt; = • - ' - *\ JOnNli. OGDEN. -,; -SWjlj • Ktf,l3Chamb«r8t.,N«wypTk. »M «IOU8 SKRTldES' ''' ,| '\ J iw .fit*\? .J ./ififi' *M F.raua^lba Hall, XverrTJHniJlty, nUOU o'clock A. Maunder »'i»* »le«* ofti* \Chrlituh Advent\Char«h.\ ' -

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