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THORSDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1866. Stag* *mdl Krpr*** Oaa** CM* t>*or forth of M« Bonk of DannUlt, u. Hixsr, raonixTO*. Stages leave Dansville M followi: For Wat/land.— Every day, At 7:30 A. X, 11:09 l . V. and 0 r K M connecting with All passenger trams •n the Buffalo, N. Y. and Erio RR. Kir Utnuen.— Mondays, Wednesday* and Friday*, at 8 A. ».. returning same day. Ptr Cantueragn.— Dully, a t i. *. r eerinactiag with ears at Cnnaseraga. For .Rojcm-iH*,—Tuesdays and Saturday*. Express and liffht freight will be carried on nil thoaboro lines. Railroad Tlokets for sale for alt the Western States, OTOT tho Great Western an<l th* Lako Shoro * Michigan Southern Roadt. Erie Railway Tim* Table. WAYLAND STATION. ooi*a XAST. corxo WIST. Etpreis, • - 8:1-4 A.JJ. I Express, - - 0:53 A. K. Mail. --- - 1:12 r. x. I Mull, • - - - «:20 T. X. Express, - • 9:10 r.v. I Express, - - 8:45 T.x. Freight, - - 12:10 P. X. I Freight; - - -12:26 r. x. •toclc, - - - 7:33 r. v . | Freight, - • 7:02 r. M. Dans-rllle Post-OHlc*. Mai'a arrive and close as follows, Post-OfBce time: New York Mail arrives at li;30 A. U_ and closes at 5:30 r M. Rochester. Buffalo, Albany and Way Mails arrive at S P it.; close at 0 A. V. Rums Mail arrives at 0:30 r w., and closes a t S A.M Gene«en Mail departs at 3 A M.. nnd arrives at 0 p x., on Momlavs. Wednesdays and Fridays. South Dansvillo Mnil arrives Tuesdays and Sat­ urdays at 12 it., nnd departs at 1 p. «. TOPIGAL TOPICS. Saw AdrertUementi. P J Obordorf—Xew term of Miulc School, S. S. Brayton t Co.— $20,003 worth of Dry Goods at Auction. A rare chance for all who wishlto get first-class goods cheap. Terms for Advertising-. Our pr-sent terms for advertising can be found on the firjt column third page. Wo have had them romodsled for tho times. We have beon at con­ siderable p.uns to put our terms as low as possible and lo arrango tho tahlo In such n manner an to give every advorliser an equal chance. We have also done away with the '•squaro\ business, which never WAS '-on the square,\and give the space in simple inches, quarter, half nnd whojo columns, which any ono can understand Uy this table much of the dissatisfaction incident to misunder­ standing between publisher and patron is done away with. At a glance almost any on* can esti­ mate what a given amount of advertising will cost him for any length of time. Our terms for advertising are low—Indeed much lower than those of n majori'y of the exchanges which com? to our table, but we are determined thit every pitron shall gst the worth *f his money , and to malco apparent to all the real valuo of ad­ vertising. Every successful business man in this country will testify to the prominent part taken by ndver- tisins In tho accumulation of his wealth and th* popularity of his business House Even old Ste­ phen fiiranl, whose prudence, economy and al­ most miserly closeness in business matters, mado him positively unsocial, ofton said. \ I have always considered advertising, liberally and long, to be th« great medium of success io business, and prc- ludo to wealth And I have mid* it an invariable rule, too, to advertise in the dullest times, as w^ll as tho busiest, long experience having taught mo that money thus spent was well Ui«l out; as by keeping my business continually before tho pub- I -, it has secured mo many sales that I would oth­ erwise hnvo lost.\ Wo would ndviso every business man lo paste these words in his hat, read them frequently, and hoed them Our Joliblnj; Department. Wc have just recoived from the celebrated Typ* Foundry of I. Johnson £ Co., Philadelphia, al.irge additional slock of Jobbing Type, ornate, f.incv and plain fonts, and alsi new fonts of '-body let­ ter,\ to replace that which lias been worn by the excessive use to winch it ha3 been snhjected in our jobbing rum for tho past five'years. Wo may safely »iy that no office in Dansvillo lias ever av­ eraged so largo an amount of miscellaneous job work an I som* winch was never before nttemptod In a cn :mtrv establishment,as tho Dinsville Ad­ vertiser rnntlns IIo:i«f , nnd wo may further say that none has over commanded so universal com­ mon! vi m Rti'wo do not design to stop here.— Th* age ii progressive, and the artist or workman w'n '•and-' »t\!l or who is confnt in doing no bet­ ter this year thin ho drl last.it iu danger of being left balnnd. Wo intend ni t only to maintain the lending position which we have hold ever since we opened this eMablisliment/\\liut to press on to grea er pcrlectioi iu our-sliil f.»r from perfect lyp- ognp'ir Wc shall therefore bo miking frequent additions to our facilities and thin ron'mun to ex­ tend the territory of our patronage, which already embraces the country for many ml'es around.— Since the largo increase of our business, we a-e enabled to do our work much cheaper than form­ erly and notwithstanding tiro t normous enhance­ ment of the prtco of stock, which is still held nt a n un-en=onnbly high figure wo have modified onr terms Tor a'l < lasses of plain nn l decorative Job printing. Deeply thankful for 'he liberal patronage of the past, wo re«pcctfu'ly a«fe f*r tho continuance and increase of the same in tho futuro wuh the assur­ ance on our part that no pains shall bo spared to gratify the public, an la confidence that we can do Local Jumble. Tho members of the Zfttophranian Socie­ ty can so this week how they nppear in tho eyes of the «« Green \ We arc indebted lo lion. S. D. Faulkner for a copy of tbo Annual P.cport of tho Pay­ master General of tho State of Now York. Tho evening religious meetings cro con­ tinued in this place and nro ovidently do­ ing much good. Mr. P J. Obcrdorf announce! a second term of his music school, to commence on Monday evening noit. Tho success achiev­ ed by tho first lorm of tho school, will no doubt give him a largo nttondanco. We had a great assortment of weather last week—warm and rainy, then showr, and followed on Thursday and Friday by a freczo which sent tho mercury down to 13° below icrol Wo repretto learn that Mr. Kolsoy San­ ders, brother of the editor of tho Nunda. News, and assistant in the office, died at Nunda, on Friday last. Wo bare no par­ ticulars. Wo are glad to learn that Capt. Lewis, lato of tsl N Y. Dragoons is reading law in Mumford & Strong'! office in Rochester. Succcii to him. May the law never make him a \piisoner\ as the war did. We notice by the Livingston Republic­ an tbat our old friend Stephen 0. Cope- land, A. M-, delivor! the oration to -mor­ row at the annual feitital of tre Qtne*e« Lyceum, ot Lima. The appointment of the Canal Collector at Mt Mount Morris has stirred up tome muddy waters, as evidenced by correspond­ ence in the Lmng»ton Republican. The appointment here ef Mr. Stilwell, a oae- armed soldier, gir«« universal satisfaction, waboVevo. We are indebted to Mr. A. J. MeN«ir, Sec. pro iem, for the repett of thet re­ cent meeting of the West SparU Sabbath School Association. We are oWiged to give it in condenied form. We bate been furnished with a copy of the may oa \Influence.\ mentioned therein, whieh we filed for Insertion next week. X. W. fentjta at UM Xataptiramlaai ••tfta D»UR KKADKK:—I am a person who hai trareltd ovor a considerable portion of this world, and I thouf ht that I had teen all that was worth seeing. But when I came to Dansville, I found there was one thing tbat I had notlioeo, and that was, the 7A- tophranian Society. *1 had nerer teen or beard of any such thing before, and hear­ ing much said aboit it in this place, it is not to be wondered at tbat I should feol quito a curiosity t* see it. I was anxious to know what it looked liko, nnd whether It was of the masculine, fomlninoor notilor gender, and I was particularly anxious to know if it coM sing. As I approachod the Seminary I beard music, and was told tbat It was the Zatopbranian Society singing, I therefore concluded tbat wbatovcr it look­ ed like, it could sing. I entered the ball, and took a scat in the remotest part, in or­ der to be at a respectful distance if tho thing should chanco to bo ugly, and pa­ tently waited for events. I did not wail long, howoror, for suddenly there appeared upon the stage as If by magic, a boing in tho form of a boauliful, and soomingly ac­ complished lady. 1 was considerably struck with her uppearaoco, ns sho tripped lightly ncrojs tho tta»e, and soatod bcrsolf nt a small stand. I asked the gentleman on my right if that was tho Zatopbranian Society, and ha said that it was part of it. I concluded from this remark that it was dividod into several parts, and I asked him if ho could tell me et how many parts it consisted, and if it could be takon apart, and put together again. He roplied that he could not toll me. At this juncture there appeared upon tho stagosoreral other parts, drossod in various costumes. Somo of thorn liiftl been running through tho bushes, which had frizzled their hair in tho most bewitching manner, whilo ono, more oddly dressed than tho rest, brought up tho roar. Sho wore no hoop*, not evon a waterfull; and I could not help but re­ mark, that this one must bo the last run of shad, or nt least Ibe hist rose of summer. Tho first part now commenced lecturing to them about politeness, and directed sev­ eral of them to bow. I thought at first tboy wore bowing, to mo, and I aro3o nnd commenced bowing with all tho grace I could command. I soon observed, how- oTer, that thoy paid not >^ 0 } ca ,t attcntioo \ to my bowing, and I again rosumed my sent, and concluded that they might bow and bow, and then do somo moro bowing, it should not disturb mo ngnin. Tho first pnrt now directed them to rope.it after her somo words which sho would dictnto ; among which wcro tho following : potn- toos, tobacco, pig's feet, cowhair, and Anal­ ly ended with the word sqtinsh, which I thought wns tbo most nppropriato word that could havo been dictated. Tho sec­ ond pnrt now announced that wo wero to rccoive music by tho quart ; accordingly tho music began, and continued until I thought wo had recoived ne-rly a gallon Tho socond.part now 'announcod that tho next thinjj would bo\ domathing olso. I wondered what that could bo, but my cu- rioiity was soon satisllod by tho appear­ ance of a young laly froih from the semi­ nary, who appeared to bo educated m ichly. She talked of Theology, Philosophy, of tho rieavenly bodies, and of bodies that wero not Heavenly. 'The second pnrt now an­ nounced another quart of music, which, like tho first, wn.s nearly a gallon. Another part now camo forward nnd commenced reading something nbout blue stockings. 1 do not know what kind of stockings sho wore, but sho woro a bluo dress, and was ono of tho number which had been running through tho bushes.— Aftor sho hud Qiijlied rending thoy nil snid it wns a big thing. I know it was something, und 1 thought it might as well bo a big thing as anything else, so I snid it was a big thing. Tho next thing on lbo programmo wns a solo. I asked tho gen­ tleman on my right what a io\o wns, and ho roplied that it was thrco pints of music, which v.o accordingly received An invi­ tation was now ofl'ored to any number of genlicmen who wished to get married. I should have b^en hnppy if I could hnvo accepted Iho invitation, but under the cir­ cumstances I proferrcd being oxcused — Tho second pnrt now came forwnrd nnd an­ nounced Hint in conscqucneo of tho want of something olso, tho programmo wns end­ ed. I could not bolp but remark for tbo Zntophraninn Society, which I found t o bo principally of tho fominino gonder, O! long may she wave. Written by R. W. GREEN required (o diminish the number of occu­ pants and enforce attention U clean 11 new of both promisee and their UremenU anil; laborers, nnd secure facilitiee Tor free Ten-\ Illation, ..dfainage, Ao, Frequent and thorough Ventilation of all apartmenU'fro'm cellars to'atttes, • is feoommended' among, all classe*. ' . 8th. Weill anrl cisterns which contain filthy sediment* must bVthoroughly clean­ ed. The Health Inspector* are Instructed to enjoin a faithful obserranco of the forego­ ing measures throughout the city, and to report all delinquencies to, the Board of Health, •--If, the-*; foregoing reeommendationi are generally' observed, our citizens may fool comparatively safo against any opidomic disease, and if, on tho return of summor the malady to much droaded should mako its appearance elsewhero in our country, or bero, it is. recommended that all pursue, without fear, tholr usual occupations, be­ ing careful to avoid excessive labor and encroachments on tho usual hours devoted to rest and sleep; to bo circumspect In ro- gard to their food j to obsorvo great regu­ larity In the time of taking tboir moals, and to abstain from onting gross food nnd articles af diet difficult of digestion, nt sup­ pers; to avoid alcoholic liquors a3 bovoru- £03, nnd to dhcounlcnanco the pernicious notion that thoy aro in any manner pro- vonlivos of cholora ; to live well, using a mixod diet of wholosome food ; to adapt tho clothing night and day to tbo condi­ tion of the woathor, and to avoid crowds in illy ventilnted rooms, particularly at night. 1 ct it be remembered that under prompt and judicious trontmont tho disoaso hns been found controllable In a largo ma­ jority of cases. Those who adopt skillful troatmcnt in the very dawn of tho disea«e, instead of temporizing and procrastinating, and whoso habits havo boon temperato nnd regular, nonrly all rocovor. TUB SMALL Pox.—To prevent tho spread of this disonse in tho future, it is re­ quested that all persons who linvd not been vaccinated should have the matter attend­ ed to without dolay. Thoso unable lo meot the expense mny apply to tho city physi­ cians nnd the health officer. Prevent the Cholera. Wo find in tho Rochestor Union of Mon­ day, tho following advico and require­ ments ndopted by tbo Board of Health of Hint city : That many of the moro fruitful sources of disoaso which aro common in our city may bo removed, both to sccuro c.nfldonco and safety against the apprehendoi prova- lence'of cholera, and also to promote the general health and comfort of our citizens, tho Mayor nnd Board of Health deem it expedient to issue tho following instruc­ tions and recommendations, and to requiro from each and all of the householders and occupant* of dwellings, a strict obscrvanco of the same. 1st. As it is so fully demonstantcd that tho propagation of, not only cholera, but many other diseases, is greatly promoted, and their mnlignancy undoubtedly aggra­ vated, by tho presonce of filth, it is requir­ ed that everything in yards, alleys, streets, cellars, outhouses, drains and sinks which may t on tbo return of warm wealhor, con- laminate either the atmosphere or the wa­ ter uwd in houses, must be removed. 2d. All yards must be cleaned of gar­ bage, and whero low and wet must bo properly drained. Imperfect and foul drains and cess­ pools must be cleansed and romodolcd in a way to prevent the generation and escape of gases. All fixtures of the kind should be provided with stench traps. 4th. Cellars and basements must be cleaned *ad drained, and arranged, to ad­ mit a free circulation of air. All decaying fioori and other decaying wood and vege­ table* must be removed. 6th. Privies, stables and other out hous­ es, must be cleaned and kept free from foul rases by the frequent use of lime, eopperas (sulphate ef iron,) chloride of lime, *%c. Otb. Alleys and vacant lets must be cleaned of rubbish and stagnant water. 7th. In tenements, workshops and facto- nee which are overcrowded and poorly ventilated, landlords and proprietor* are Rot;er*vlll« Union Seminary. Wo find tho following communication in rcferonco to th* Roff»r«riU; Union Sem­ inary, in the, Northern Christian Advo­ cate of last week, and cheerfully copy the same. It wns written by Mr. Edward O Hall, and gives an encouraging view of this valunblo institution; Permit mo again, through tho columns of tho Northern, to call tho attention of your readers to tho Rogersvillo Seminary, located at Rogersvillo, Steuben County, New York. Tho Spring term of this Institution opens March 22d, und embraces n period of thir­ teen weeks. Tho tuition bills, incl.iding incidentals, rnngn from $3,50 »,o $7,50 per term Music, instrumental, including charge for inurnment, $10,00. Drawing. S3.00. Rortrd in Hull, per term of thir­ teen weeks, $32,50. Wbolo expense to students, per term, for board, room rent, tuition nnd fuel, from $10 to $15. This Seminary is conducted by Rev. E F. Bliven. Ho hns tho entire charge of its manngemcnt under tho trustees. Ho is both n gentlemnn and a Christian, nnd highly qiiHlilled for tho rnsponsiblo posi­ tion. Ilnh n local minister in tho M. E. Church, and well known to many rollers of tho Advocato in Western Now York. Tho Institution is well served by nn cfii- cient corps of able 1 tcnclicrs. Prof Daw­ son,'the rc'incipnl, nnd Miss OJivcr, tho Preceptress, nro well known nmong tho \ approved and able educators of tho Stnto. Great pains nrn taken bv the agent to em­ ploy, ns instructors in this school such per- sms only ns nro well qualified nnd npt to tench. Of the department of Mu*ic^ p r- mit us to sny, it has rcccntjy been fiirni-sli- cd with a now pinno forte, nnd tho loicher is nn accomplished instructress in that branch of cducntion. Tho trustees hnvo expended rccontly nbout $100 in repairs upon tho Seminary building They havo repaired it on the outside, nnd hnvo nindo important repnirs within it. Tho edifice i? now in first rate condition They havo also lntely expend ed $163 for ndditions to their Chemical and Philosophical apparatus. They bnvo now a eomplcto and pe -loct set. It U con­ fidently boliovod tlmt they havo now n moro perfect and oxtnnsivo school appora- t is than most ot' or institutions of nn Academic grndo in Ill's section of tho Stale. Rogor-ivillo Seminary is easily ncccssiblo by public ci'nvoynnco. Stages run from Waylnnd by Dansville to R.gersvillo, on Tuesdays nnd Saturdays of cvory week — And from Hornellsvil'lo to Ungorsville, on Mondays nnd Fridays. This institution is locutcdin tho north-west part of Stouben cnuuty, N Y , nmong the romnntic hills. Tho scenery round nbout it is mostdelight- ful. Tho location of this instiulion is very healthy, nnd nt present thero is no sick ness or disenso of nny kind in tho village or town. Having been for somo time now a residontof this quiet nnd rurnl village, nnd made myself well acquainted with tho chnrnctcrof this Academic school, its meth­ ods of instruction, \tho Text books used, nnd its thorough drill in tho courso of sl':- dy prescribed, I am prepared most fully to ro-aflirm what was said in a former no­ tice, that for solid educational advantages, good moral influences, nnd moderato ex­ pense. Rogersvillo cannot bo easily excell­ ed. Wo earnestly commend it to nil who seek such facilities, and bespeak for this institution n liberal fshnro of patronngo from an otilightencd public. The American Cooking- Stove. Nothing conduces moro to tho comfort, convenience nnd happiness of n family than a good Sooking Stovo, nnd thoso in pursuit of nn nrticlo in this lino should not fail to select tho best tbo market affords. Among tho great Varioty to select from and tho great efforts mado to sell, many aro liable to be .deceived. Tho Improved American Hot Air Cooking Stovo manufactured by Shear, Packard & Co., of Albany, N. Y., seems to fully n cet the requirements of the people throughout tho country, for both coal and wood. This stove has been prominontly boforo the pcoplo for the pnst four years, and hns gained n world-wide reputation, and during tho past year tho manufacturers havo made some importnnt additions and improvements In It, which are secured by>lctters patont. As now constructed, wo do not seo how i t can be 'ixcelled In convenience, economy and utility, and all who consult their own best interests or convenience, will not fail to place the American In thoir dwellings.— Baiavia Advocate. For sale by Brown 3c Grant. The Difference. We are agiin under obligations to.'Hon. D. Morris, M. 0 , for public dopumenU. Thanks. —XMnstttk Expren. Hon. D. Morris, M. O., doet not send ns any public documents. T;bank». Tna MhhMith Bel,*.! AMoetatlom ffWnt . Sparta, ' Met at Woedsville JTeb. lQth, according to appointment. Meeting called to order by the Preslde-nt, Jn T. . Vanl wi*es,.-:J ( |»q., and in abionce of the Secretary H. j T. Me- Nalr, Esq., Mr. A.j J'.' McNair was tp pointed Secretary. ;i>ro ' Prayer by, Mr. Obnrlcs tirewer, singing by the Asso ciatlon, reading ot the 5th chapter Ecclesl- astes by Mr. David McNair, tinging; af­ ter which Miss Frances Mann read an es­ say on tbo \Power of Influonco,\ which made a good impression. Then Mr. Chas. Brewer^ according to provlous arrange­ ment conducted the exorcises of a Model Biblo Class. ' ) After the oxorcises of tho Bible Class, which occupied about throe quarters of an hour wcro finished, tho convention pro­ ceeded to the discussion of the following question which bad been given out at a former mooting: \How can tbo Sunday School teacher bo excited to a deeper in­ terest in tho Immortal,wolfuro of the Sun­ day School soJiolar?\ This question was ably discussod by Mosirs. J . Applln, Chas, Browcr and David McNair. The, Prcsidont next addressed the meet­ ing very forcibly on the importanco of the position of the Superintendent. Ho also spoka very hopefully of what is being done in tho Stato and County in tho cauia of Sunday Schools. Mr. Calvin Green-being then called up.- on addressed the mooting upon the exceed­ ingly grent interoslsattached to tho young. Ho also addressed the children very happl.' ly on thoir duty to their parents and teach., ors. Mr. H. Spoar spoko of the i s portanca of tho Superintendent's bsing a person of Integrity and moral worth, and the necos' sity of his being deeply imbued with tb'e principles of tho gospel, lovo to God and lovo to man ; that ho should visit tbo-par- onts and tenchors of scholars, and converse with them on the importance of. ,the gresjt work in which they are engaged. Teach­ ers should havo faith In God as the belt meant of preparation for their work. i Tho oxorcises were conducted with <a good denl of spirit/and a deep interest wis manifested by all In a.Uendanco, consisting ofa very respectable congregation of both old and young. Tho exercises were judic­ iously interspersed with music from the Golden Censer, by nil, conducted by Prof. Pope, the children's favorite teacher. J.T. VAN\ NESS, President. I J llcXita,Soc proton English Optnlan of Oca, W*Jlvrorth. Thomns Hughes, M. P. the woll-known author of\ Tom Brown at Rugby,\ \Tom Brown at Oxford,\ and other eopular works, has contributed to Macmillan's Magazine for January a very interesting nrticlo on our Into civil war. His allusion to tho lamented Wadsworlh will ba road wilh peculiar interest: Tho namo of Wadsworlh is better known her<t than most American names in conse­ quence nf i u Cnglish connection. The head jf n family was a countr}* gontteman, living on bis estato in Genesoo, in New* York Statf, up to 1Sr,0. with i\ family of tlireo sons niul ihrco daughters. At tho news of tho nttnek on iho Union troops in Baltimore he instantly chartered a steamer, loaded hor with provision* and sent her up tho Potomac—a most timely aid to th* Cap­ ital. He acted as Aid do Camp to M'Dow- ell, nnd was his righthand man in the Bull Run campaign, his \youngest us well at his eldest aid,\ was mndo-n General toon afterwards: nnd, nflcr several enmpnigns, was placed in command at Washington. His reputation as nn officer had now become, such thnt nt the beginning of the Inst cam­ paign ovory corps commander of tho Army of tho Potorrnc applied to tho Wnr Depart­ ment to havo him with them as Brigadier. Ho wns killed in tho Wilderness in tho Inst advance on UtchmtJnd. His three sons hnvo HII served, tho youngest Unving enlit- tud nt slxteon. „Tlui3 every man in tho family served; and tho only married 'laugh­ ter is tho widow of Colonel Montgomery Ritchie, ono of two brothers, both of whom served with distinction, ono to tho sacrifice of his lifo Ilev, Mr. Wood's Donation thl* E-ren­ in jr—n Ntiv Idea anil a Gotxl one. Our readers will not forgot tho Donation to bo given to Rov. Mr. Wood, of tho Methodist Church, this evening, nt Canas- eragn Hull. And thore is to be something in addition to tho usual entertainment of of \small talk.\ Says tbo ticket of invita­ tion, \Tho Datuvilto Musical Associa­ tion has gonorously consontod to mako its first nppearancc on that occasion, and will enliven tho festivities of tho evening with somo of its choicest Music. \It being nlso tho Anniversnry of Wash­ ington's Birth-Day, tho evening's enter­ tainment will bo varied by patriotic speech­ es. \Let all turn out and havo a good lime.\ —Wo nro also pleased lo announco that tho citizons of Woodsvillo and vicinity will givo Mr. Wood a Donation Visit at tho bouse of Mr. A. Rogers, to-morrow (Friday) evening. Prof. Charles Whitney, Tho celebrated orator and reader, who hns been bofore the American and Europe­ an public for tho past third of a century, hns boon stopping a few days at \Our Homo on tho Hillside,\ on his roturn from a successful courso of readings in St. Louis. On Saturday ovoning Inst, Prof. Whitney gave a sort of impromptu entertainment at Liberty' Hall, in which ho gave us some wonderful' impersonations of American, British and Irish orators. There Is somo talk that our citizens may have a chance to hoar him before the. L>yceum at Oanat- eraga Hall. The He»nlt in Daaavllle, StenWen C**a- tr. The following ticket, (Democratic,) waa elected by an average majority of 81 s ForSuperrlsor—Dyer L. Klnc»ley. 'ForTown Clerk—William C.Kingnlev. For Justice of the r *ave—Joshua llealjr. For Hlghtvar Commissioner— Warren 'Wallace. For Assessor—Alexander Lieb. \ For Overseers of the Poor—Robert Beach, L. K. Jones. For Collector—Charles It- IJolhdav. For Inspectors of Eleelion—Ittao Lyon, Henry L. Jones. . For Constables—Charle* Tt. HollUar, Oamo* n«TT»»», Devi 'Webb, Joan H»l*;nW ' '1 ii . . 1 . {•?>.. J:.-)t !',-<* '-. •' -. AUCTION S AXrE i OF S. S. BRAYTON & CO. \Will sell at Auction from their Immense ©took OF DRY GOODS, BOOTS & SHOES, AND At their Storo inSDansville, Oommenoing Tuesday, February 20, 1866. The greatest inducement ever offered to l,uj' good Goods at Auc­ tion. Our stock comprises everything kept in a first-class Dry Goods House. Tremendous Stcck of Dry Goods, consisting in part of Rich Irish Poplins, French Merinos, French Reps, Ottoman Cloths, Paris Plaids, Paris Checks, Alps paccas, Paramettcs, \Wool DeLaines, Muslin DcLaines, Baratheas, Canton Cloths, Pol DeChevres, &c. Cloths and Cassimcres, Cloakings, Shawls, Cloaks and Mantillas, Hoop Skirts, Balmorat Skirts, Hosiery and : Gloves, Linen Damask Napkins, good Irish Linen, Yankee Notions of all kinds. THE SALE IS BONA FIDE IN EVERY RESPECT. Goods will ho Sold to the HIGHEST BIDDER WITHOUT RESERVE. The Ladies are particularly invited to attend the sale. Call in tho morning and during the hours intervening the sales, and examine the Goods. Great Inducements will be Offered at Retail. TH* IH»J. 4t <«r *«r Change, ; ;> •We unnoiince'd' i*»t week th* l'Mijftifiqj;' of District Attorney D.tvii and lh» %y potntmont, J. B. Ad/imi, Esq., to flit tfc f .vacancy. The Gcueteo ItepublicarrbMrlU. following \JI rolntlon thereto J _ < \VVe learn that DUtrict Attornny DatU ibai resigned bit office, and that J. I}. Ad. .»mi, of thl* vlllago Jut been appdinttd Jo 'hit place. !Mr. D»Vu Intend* toon to r». ,moY« to St. lioqit. Wo cungralulato Mr. Adamt on bU appo'mlmont. We hope tbtt he may bo rtblo to live, having:' a trnnllef •famtty, .on the l&rgo talary (?) which he it paid, , We doybl not but that lie will make a 'jjood officer, and ono who will »pare no ef. ! fort.lodo hit duty lin the most contcien- tt'otti .manner. £h« removal of.Mr.-Dnvit from thit Vi­ cinity it one which will be severely felt fcj both county nnd town. He bai ilwtn* been » hard worker for tho benefit, ef otb- on, hn cntorpriaing go-ahead ba»int»i mnn, nnd A great help to hi* county. W* hope that in hi* new home he may mtt't with that iucco** which hit many good v qualitic« entitle him to. The X«w Coamty Agitation ii said to be progressing favor­ ably. In South Dansville lait weelc, the' citizen* camo within nine of nuking tb« rot* for annexation lo thi* County UBM I- mous. Public meeting* hate bten held la lOisinn in favor of the projoct ana'tetaoa- jitraling against being re annexed to AUe- gnny County. The petitions to tbo Leg. Ulaturo for .a now County or HaH-Shir* •rebein^ largely tinned In all the territo­ ry contemplated in lhi» movement. To Frltnda ot th* Samlay School. AJr. Kcelcr, Sunday School Mitsiontrj Agent fry Monroe and Livingston Coun. tics, i» to hold n meeting with those inter­ ested in the wclfaro of Sunday Schools, at •the Methodift Church in West Sparta, oa Wednesday next, the 28th ln»L Discus- sion* of importanco will take place, probt- bly much to the interest and instruction of tboso present To I«t« Army Offlcer*. „ From two to five dollars per month for each servant employed while in tho ter. vice is due ns. extra pay to all -officers by virtue of an explanatory act of Congress passed last March. Those who hare been officer* ir. the late rebellion should call up- on 0. W. West, Attorney and Counsellor, abore First National Bank, who is collect­ ing these claims. NEW TERM or • . Mr. Oberdorrs 3f aS fc School/ The pre;.«ent t*rra of my Mu«ic School will do*, on Saturday Eremop. F*b.Mth. B, ^nlcllli xV- qu«t I shall sommence mother term in MONDAY EVENING. Feb. 2Cth Will commence with a coun* of El.* ementarr In«truet;on nj before. O-Th* tfaered Lute, used in the Sehool, can b* fo uml at .Nile;,' Drag Store. Danovillc Feb. 20,1SCC. vr2 WAJJTED. A SXtTC IfOUSE, with modern coriTerSlenee* and untill lou within four or fire minute* walk ol tiii (in,T )c«. iltm be in good condition Ant\r • Ann (/* *• ' 251 A. 0 . BUNNELL. Farm for Sale Cheap! T HE subscriber' offers for stile his Farm it Scott-Wirph. consisting of COijicres, snd well known a* the W'm Scott Knrm It Is a good farm and will t v *oUI very cheap. For pnri.cu'ars apply at this otBc*. or to I. I.. IUKNES. Scottsburyh. N. T. FABM FOR SALE! Oi~k A fit Kb of excellent farminc land lrln«- oa OVj th» town line ro^id bctw\en Nunda and West bpnrta. 1' . mile* soirfh of Cnion Corners. Hu comfortahleUwelling, excellent Uirns,choice fruit, pood water. nt|d i* under nn excellent Mate of cn!- ttTnlion U ill b e w,ld cheap and on e»»r term*. For parieiilars inquire of I C.Lcsi.nt'DAnsTill*, or of J \ *M r>l.icai .uwosTa on tho premises. ' Jan ^th.lSOC. Desirable Village Property FOR SALE! . A FIRST CLASS HOUSE in th* best condition, IlftrinR been bu: n short time, sine* re-palnted anil papered throushotit, nnd put In the rcrr best repair Oat Fixtures in every roanu A good well am) cistern of east nccss upon the premise* Al­ so a substantial frame Ram lit good repair. There is an elegant Stone Walk upon th* Mreet in front of the premise.', the inside walks are of th* tamo mnteria! ; Tho aNjve mentioned premises will be t*ld cheap nnd upon easy terms. iS6tf J. F. BRAYTON, Boston Clothing H*use. Dnnsrille', Jnn II.ISCG. AUCTION SALE TO COMMENCE DAILY AT 2 P. M., And Continue' Afternoon and' Evening. The Store is open aa usual for private sales, when the great induce­ ments will be offered, to purchasers. , • • S* a BTUYTON & CO.- Valuable Village Property for Sa^cl TIIE OAXASERA G T H ALL BLOCK AND CLARK HOMESTEAD ! T FIE above well known property in this TI'IISJ* is offered for nale. It consists of the Caaai- eratra Hall Block, n well built 'Ihre* iterr brick, fniiy done offfor Store* and Offices on tb* first and second floors, and iho largest Vobhe H«U in D.in«Tiilt> it. the third story. I t is in good ; r»- pair, nnd comparntivelynew. THE. CLARK HOMESTEAD is immedi­ ately in the rear the house a larceframe butldiai frontlncon Elitnbeth Street, and we'll arranged for a large family Good well and cistern V>n tb* pr«- rr-ises. Also, House and Lot on iho ea<-( s'lda of Etr£ abeth street, at present occupied by C. W.LeoniH- Also.a arcMMl Garden Lot on th* east sidaof Elisabeth street, well supplied with fln* Fru\ t with npood barn on the rcarof th* lot. Clear Title; to all the abore Property. Pt>«*cs*loit giron on the Tst of April a*xt. For Term* apply tp th* subscriber, or to Mr. C. Q. Wetmorc, Dansrillc. . D. .MITCHELL. 110St»te-st_ ItocheSter, X. T. Dansville, Jan. 1.1SC6. Si i FORSALE! M T. IIOMESTEUt, l'.< mile* from Oonesns, oa the Buffalo, New York and Eri* Hallway, t*K? turning 15G 3-4 ACRES, In high cultivation, alroc-t all seeded to grass. ' ALL KIKDS OF FRUIT. Tlenty of BARNS, 9HEDS, 3TA0LES, SHOPS AND noUSB ENOUGH FOR TWO FAMILIES, Without nslncw common. No waste land. Aboul Thirty Acres In Timber t W*ll watered t is geftlng somewhat out of repair. PRICE, $8,000. Will take J7,S3T 6Q nnd nolo*. Terms to »uit pur­ chaser, if *ecu'riiT is good enough. Th* improve­ ments could not W put on to-day for $10,000. Any nercon desiring to Purchase find a deairabl* farm most deliahtrully located. Possession of f iart of house riven imfnrdintelv. of farm on April st. Apply to B. 1 \ Ft'LLE'R. Gene»eo. \\ « • JON EH. Conrstls Centra, or B. F . HITCHCOCK. South Livonia. SAML. L. FULLER. M0w3 2S1 South Tth St., Jersey City. I S hetcby given that nn application will bo to the Lotrislaturo ot Its pre-*nnt a*ssion, fo»#/ act to annex tho towns of iMnsville and Wajhuf* in Steuben County, to the County of UrinpffTf also for nn net of the Legislature, at us Pf*t *,i; session, to form a now County,from parts of ur-. Ingston, AllecftDy and Steuben Counties, with to* soat of Justice a t Dansville. Livingston Co<}n>J> Now York. iMtod Dansville, Ja.n. -tth, UCO, C HOICE C05FF.CTI0XERY ra n »v fonnd »t A M A.NDEK50K i CO-

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