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The Dansville advertiser. (Dansville, N.Y.) 1860-1866, March 01, 1866, Image 4

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L. Gk RIPLEYi Formerly oUhe lima of RlpfeVa ^si &nian aad Rip- le> * Leach, haa recently purehaeed a large and splendid stock of 4 M« 111 YANKEE NCTWtt FMCT MTIttE. Ete. At low prices, which will enable hlra to offer bar­ gains never before given in-Eansrllr*. HI, long experience in IT, Ik :tion In every; In Enables him to warrant sabs L ._ ._ stance. He will be found at hla new place of biui- acse, In the Opposite the First National Bank of Dansville where he will be happy to welcome all th,ose with CALL ANt> TBT HIM. PROF. J. W. NARES H AD become firmly established in hie pew plai of business 1 1 JETTS'BLOCK.., MVfLi MWUTE.tTE?Mi«* ; KOFI ' MMeV- WARE STORE, Stock o^ \CTofhs Cassimeres, Testings, FurBtek- — ta^G^tsf^c: — ^^^ptio^id-to the la which ho defies competitions 9 * OVERCOATS, UNDER CQAT8. VEST \ AST? '•AfcTS?** Got up in the latest fashionable style, well made and warranted to fit. 49- CUTTING do no on short notice. , r»*4wr N. S(feuMtTEHL, sr.:P. &t*xnOftnx*xt*S6- i • 'u. Collet^ Brock, Nearly opposite Bench'* Storo, where he'will keep all kinds of CIGARS, TOBACCO & SNUFF. JkwT Everything-sold at tlio Lowest .Kates, and Warranted ns represented. 144' ' AGENTS WA3IT3ED! p • To sell>Prlie Certificates fop - • - GOLD & SILVER WAtCfiES! -Ladies'Jewelry, Diamond Ring*, Pint, lev Only $S Back, For Any article drawn. RetaiJ prlco from 10 to$250. (• U«\ tuSdk wvrsiits' e^aawav. : •' ' Pricoof C'crtillcntes li cents ouch. Libornl Pre­ miums and ComrriisHipn allowed to Agents. SAMPLE CERTIFICATES SENT FREE. For Circular!) and Terms address. Messrs IIAYWAUD 4 CO., SS&mS 229 Broadway, New York. WM. KNABE& COS Celebrated' Gold Medal PIANOFORTES. J. BAUER &.CO., A GEIVTS. ©9 <Mtf£{£ } nd &oiby'i Optra House, Washington 8t, Chicago, niinoii. ; Raad tha following comnModatory lattara from rilitlngTvlihacI Artiata. Wm. Kaaac fc C*.— OtniUmtn: -t nave (res* aleaaare Jiyeertirytng that I hart Wed your Square Pianos and Sod them equal, If not supe­ rior, te any In this eoneAry. • imef,the great seaslilii mwm§°m>w. •aLooO \j} al A 510 DRUGS & MEDICINES, Wenirt B«weBka^alM*4>«i..*|i.., ^, •>li f'.~4 1 300T3 T03J33 CMA B^flAJ Oils, Varnishes & Dye Woods, FRENCH AND AMERICAN OLAM, _ .goiJsojcaou For Window and Picture Frame*. ,p.h(>oD aoa'ul Imported Md-.ifiiim Wines * Liquors, a 0 flh ;} M,. For m«dl«ln»l use. which dlstbcnbh them, W the eresness tt *m*, ike eeay and agreeable touch and volume of tone. Waiktagryea.' Ilarlog had lately an opportunity to try and testftwr new,>cali) Grand as well as Bqaare FUwos, I cannot refr(ln,'peelde>jrflt«ratla( »«t 1M oceieU* i» say at a former period, from congrituliUng yon on the Im­ portant taproreraeoU-you have latrodaeed la the miDufacture of Planes. Tear htatramtnta lues***\ all the qualities which an required to nak* a Piano aS per­ fect as >4rfMev k *aa tally deaertp the fres* jsewahvrlty they hare rained all orer the country. * . _ ,4 Yours truly, kHifttTIMUU. Was, KJiajk k i^—GeMemeni _ .... _ on, rant iwHtt very Vest la tie oomntrr. ,* M. ITS A IMCI. Wu. KaaHieX C#»-(?,otJffln<»j„. •» r Our 0pei4>Tr«w»> sxs^priieot lasts* **» of 7 00R Justly otletwated Planes, and as the exponent,©/.tat views and opinions of the various artists, penah taa te- HT I consider them as muwpwutd t» briUimntg mnd erc<^nt<. sae^e-eSllneat.Vfchowtastrnstnthis eoun- try or In Europe. Their superior quality of tone, com­ bining (re* depth and powerful volasee, with a.'rich and peculiarly clear and even treUe, toefttber with nsglc elasticity of touch and action','reader theta .supe­ rior to the other Instruments, which rarely ,K ever, com­ bine those most essential -reqntsHea. Profoundly Im­ pressed with, the many valuable, qusllUei of these \linos 1 most cheerfully endorse the: high and jnjrUo- pioiiowiievd vponusrss* • > E. MDZIO, ir «K «J DkvtMr tf liu Italian Optrm. Hiw York. Dtc. IB**, . Youi\ Aierit,'MV.-Dan'er, , asked Vie to give him my opinion as to the merits of your Piano— Grand and Square. My opinion ijoaji. JfHtP\ Is thai they are aUgrua^. -^<Mustaaly|>- ^irjffllltL • Mm York. Dec. 13M, 1S44. Square Piano fortes, and I must say that they please To«r», wesV »ar .T ^. jam; W. «0B£AK, Of*** I m/ Grmc* OtartA. f Una Ttrk; DM. llxA, 1144. r and nnlsh, Tt affords me greet pleasure U testify to the areat cellence of your.Piano Tortes, . As regards ve/mM i quality of tone, Mlcaer;**; taesthj dars^ny and »n . I beUeve they will compare favorably with those »f our most eelebraMd mskeri; trtehhtf yea aeowrnasstceef the success which yon *o tasJawtlyVifsIre, I»m : Very truly, ye««, j ^fTyl* IlKrOM. J^PismofaUyQtu^W«atRT«T^ •Ws asa ale* Agent* 1ST [iiM-nmiiitn MEUKONt a^tiMdrlOWHMS, An4»M»l*a«n»ctuttrsaa>|ika^« ' Musical Irrstruments & ^usrcal^er* chindlte'ln genfrtl, J, BAUER & CO., Ho. 544 Bnm&w%\j t 1M«w York, • AJ»O; :' 99 Clark Bt uA Croi^iOpm Emm, WaflMngton,^ Chicago, Illlaok »-S»XD TOt, A OllCTJLA*. Hilpellapeous Books and Stationery, Paper. Haaa- *cim§p}VI\m%6m aria*^10ait]anij«Maane4a7M Cartals Plxuires, POOKET KNIVES, ,4 S5'!?£S 1?4 J^orj^W^f{s^ojrlJrM\»l«Pi GOLD AMD STEEL PkMHJ, '/ YAOT3ENQTiQ#S! The best JKeJoaena, is*d-L»brrc *lk»« Oils sad Caudles AT LOW PKIOBS. 11 PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS I Just received, very appropriate for fine gifts. CHOICE PICTURES! Photographs of the works of distinguished Seal* tors and Painters, original designs en steal, »e. Ac, a .select stock. ALBUM PHOTOGRAPHS Of -aietiaf aieaad - men-aad eaWreete by vhe-tetew sand, • • Tlic^ pftScfiptton department Iain charge of Or C, W SHsraiaa and oempe- trnl assistants, who will give it their special atten­ tion •3\ Th© well established reputation ofthls store cloe« awny with tlio necessity of any puffing; we would merely announce Unit no exertion will be nparod tp rostain the charaotrT give* Jkle eslab- lishinontby the lale Edward I\ile«. ' Our endeavor shall always be to keep none bat tho boot Oonds, and to sell tlio same at the loweet cash prices $ttnrbU. DAZVSVILLK WOftUWENT' I TOMBSTONE EMPOK1UMI S. C. CKASp, DESIGNER & EXECUTOR t.f Prmcticml worker in all hdnaU »f Faraign and American Marble! Would announce to, ^lie qlftteng of ,IJariSTllle and «urroui)d|h((.douatry|thf«,hf has openod a MARBLE SHOP ON MAIN ST., Two doors south of Angcll A Hall's Dry Goods Store, where he will keen tho larcct assortment Monnmcnts, IIend-Stonfs, Jl«r»/. rakfels. Taaak T»k/*s. JKmrhlttt, CmU»,t Maks, Mat^JPftal afawfet '-f Ctmittry Fmttt mn* Ptxturt; Hi., Also GRANITE AND THE CELEBRATED PORTLAND BRp\JpT FREE STONE! For Monuments, when ordered, an article that cannot be surpassed for durability My long experienco in the Praetical Tarl of the Business, and my superior facilities for obtaining JJarblo^rorp tha,^ ' >l CeSrateS' Rutland (VL) Quarries. Enable mo to sell work at least twenty por cent cheaper than any establishment in tho country.— not only in cheapness, but in neatnoss, dispatch and artistic oxecution. Plain and Ornamental Csrvics! Kxeeuted in a AH work delivered and net In Cemeteries free of ahanraT M<wtKlri da of^-Country Produce taken in exchange Mr work.' * 8. C. CHASE. Center jlfes^^t; SHELLY & McCABTHEY W OVLD announce to tl\o public that we have purchased tho K»stanraftt in the Harwoed Block, Main street, and intcud to make it a institution in every respect. They are old experi­ enced hands nt the busluoKs, and are confident thai they can meet the wants of the oommunily. They will be In constant receipt of Fresh -Baltimore Oysters I Direct fro ..t fiewqunrtert, which tney will serve np In the most approj*d\«tjle for sale by the can, keg or gallon. , i. i. . tfl . £ t at * ni >inl^ * » REFRESHMENTS in great variety 'served up on short notloe. Dilit rJfiai 'M -ij !uJrj\.« ,•!\>!-.<•-' Iett!:«ft f •il.'Of'Tf 07^ * f!; r. T h;-i -V!.»;'i/5 ^ , , . U, .. (' ^ «; t i ' /t ,7 n»i i--.^^^\t>i '••».?>' Pi\ f>i|''' \\•! tWiit'- ill ' . ..t < I tl'if ^t .* n in , n Vf«.(f •! l ! * a •f. , ift-i(J '>• !! 'ill ^- I >•) !:. n.- .«• «»b i> ' \ .c v I >1' -i \' \o yen-/ ' • ..J ee-i o- J . 'j -. 1£ * J.!'\ i ' -t , -'.fr. •-'J, ni\i a *< , .» s* u . i/ «\ ,tj,i/ ft.j' UOJ -M/i i.J kid ! «3 « 1 in I. .v. ! *» '<i I tria H i\ » rij\ .*rBs tu- I.' <' ti i>\ T» kite I t/e.u »v? e\C -» I >. IM'I fi •! » . J 'J T ' . '» • it • • ' x. tr> ) ' ; , • - • .' t, * '' Canalwayapa/onndharaligc^dooerdiUna.- ' tl W 'Restaurant open all ressanabM hours. Ckar- ges low. Pr' Dsnsrille,\ Valuable Documents. <« T HERE hav«baen Te^ sA-Uit* eJSlea/of saJaaaaa- pMe sad ? fthe ' * . . i iVC »Uly Wt*tdliii th* great rebel).**, w*»n aUj-the, snbeeorntnt leaders of the rabelhoa wera;lr*ffoe»- iagthair helUa* aehejrree against this g*varn»»a»». S. B. BRAYTON & CO- If ill sell at Auction from their Immense Stock OF DRY GOODS, BOOTS & SHOES, At their Store in Dansville, Commencing Tuesday, February 20, 1866. Tho greatest inducement ever offered to huy good Goods at Auc­ tion, Our stock comprises everything kept in a first-class Dry Goods Hpuse. Tremendous Stock of Dry Goods, consisting in part of Rich Irish Poplins, French Merinos, French Reps, Ottoman Cloths, Paris Plaids, Paris Checks, Alpaccas, Paramottes, \Wool DeLaines, Muslin DeLaines, Baratheas, 'Canton Cloths, Pol DeChcvres, 4c. • Cloth's and Cassirncrcs; Cloakings, Shawls, Cloaks and Mantillas, Hoon Skirts, Balmoral 8kirts, Hosiery and Gloves', Linen Damask JTapkins, good Irish Linen, Yankco Notions of all kinds. THE SALE IS BONA FIDE IN EVERY RESPECT. Goods will jje Sold to tho HIGHEST BIDDERS WITHOUT RESERVE. The Ladiba arc particularly invited to atteud tho sale. . Call, in the morning and during the hours intervening the sales, and examine the Goods.' • •> . Great Iiiducements WL , be ( Offered ,at ietail'. •«'••' .. •,., . ,. p . AUCTION SALE TO COMMENCE .DAILY AT 1 P. Mi;' * P III . • ] ' *• ' I 1 \ * y . t *_ , K .it h J, •Jl?'.|t/t ^Jyr\rf'.i*:l'V <>'< I'th J»)f>J l,v ' •/ LElCflAPKIBAI • Iwja f-'Uf- »«~t'/ i\/>-t'l 'S ' ') ,itr», i !>*•• .'• s, if tj h - -id ' . !j _2 _ I** •11 p- IQOK8, WATCHES, tt> i. -..{>*v I>'\>' ' «) \••'->! «' i-> i low. -[ ... •• '•!'/!••; ' • > FANCY 600DS, AC. .1 ri -.11. • < ' I . 1.', i • If H AY/MO y«rehaaa4 the esiaaUshraea't aif L. Kaaa. yeara aowpreparad U^aa* -tee are). Mtaaia ear line and also,da •• -t ; i, t *. i\ • 1 '• \\ •• • ALL .KINDS OF REPAIELXG Of CsMas, IfaisAM and Jmttry en short no41ca, |a the aaataet naaaaeraad at the law eat prieee: • Call and see ear stack. • . , , LIACH 4 PKKHAX. N. B^-AII Ooods and Work warranted. M. R. MARCELL, . MinerAcnrua er BOOTS ANP SHOES, H AS OPENED A SHOP in tha block nearly op- posita KaJ. Baaeh's well knewn stand, Iawer part af Main street, where ba rcspaetly sotleila tha patrukagt of the public. Mr. Xercell is an experit eaead work man. and neanaiac Hires all kinds of men, won- en and childrao's wear, in a sty.lt second to iVrfie* WUCTA IRISfO of every deacriptien en short notice an<: at low prices. Daasvlljs.July ST, IMS. 98t gobtt glum. Attention! Everybody! .JOHN BLUM, r Xajsarfactarar af BOOTS AND SHOES! OF EVERY DESCRIPTION! FOR Men, Women and Children! 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE. M R. BI .UV hashed an szperienee of aver ii yaara in this bu .inaaa, which einahlaa hlra ta manufacture and sell Boots and Shoes, Better and Cheaper than any one else in the county; Ha has jntt opened a fine stock at hi. New Place of Business, IK « BROWN 4 KERSHNER'S BLOCK, Opposite the Post-Offlcc, where he ean convince all favoring him with a call that he can giva them good bargains. RCPAIRIXG •aally done, on short notice and at Low rrioes. ALL WORK W AaUtAltTCB! ALSO LEATHER AND FINDING* FOR SALE. Cash staid rar IIi«aa. . , «a_ The patronage of the public Is resprctfolly sollcitad: *43yl JOHN BLUM'. INSURANCE AGENCY DAKSVILH. Hotoe, of Kev> Haven, Ct. Oa^tstl, - - .BO* • Norwich,'of JfoneitA, Ct Caasiial, - - flM ••• 4 MorrU, of Jftv Y*rk. \ CayltaJ, - - •>«• ••)• Corn Exchange, of AW Vtrk, Caprftai, - - 4 «oo aaa Insurances elTected in the above first-claii and reHabte CompanHw, attire lowest raies. i Tar Losses promptly adjusted. ' ' B. W. FREXCH, Agent. LOZIER HOUSE, CORNER MAIN AND OSSUX 8TS, DAKBYiXLat, X. Y. (• Intiante on Oaslsn Street, rear of the First 5a tioaal Bank,) , . H. WIBTO, PraariaUr. W ARM Meals at' an hours. Ice Cream at all' time* during tha aaaaon. »Oaod staWlna; for horses. Prices low. and accomodations equal to •ha best ' laoyt ,nl Meat Market Changed Hanas I 'MR. GEORGE V00RHEE8 rwarlv occupied, bv Mr. Guntffer. onadooraorlh ALL KINDS OF MEAT •nirn4Ulyka|>(lnaWarket,of tha bast aoalltyrand \\['• b *-W Ted oustom.r» r at th. fiwasfcaah prices. Coma and try me. ' *T«f^'. DaniTlllIe, X OT . 16, ls64. JjT« Wi ait* Beaartiftal Variatlee *r' \~: .:'] v cbAfc STQYES, V'«, 'nL ^w 4 *^ ^H£ r n%ffi»«V» found at Browa,* at the lowest prlcos. Call and see them. iSOJ, „>: MM W • • -. I. . I l-.f I • - ' 1 I, •«v I # U' J - -. - > f • 7 .-i\.'i % J^i'r ments wijl ^o^el.Jo^piarchaaers. • . # ' • \ S. S. BRAYTON k CO. quantity of /' ' ipWRAFH AMTJW,' l«to IDoPictures each\ and' rani In-ane* fsom-ko eaaas to $li,«0, atNlras' X Store. . •i, > piIYE'g AMBIOSIA for the IAII. rPHE Origiaal aM;0«aalna : ABibroela la.aeapsir.-. A ad bjr T. A UJ » Kssvsa aad is the, oe«thap,draV, ha£.MIr»gon^ceuses.ltU ire* thlek.a^hMK and' pearenss 7 It from t^nihu • prarhatur7lf grwr- It:>r^taa .daadru^. eT«»Q k^ ilea and renders th* hair soft; glossy and early— •T**• <»-Tinc?«! Don't ba ^t 5f •tjand,like no othar. For Sale by, Druggists and DaWara H Faney Goods arerywhafa.' ~ • ? u df *^iJ« \JKKP 8, i^ROSTA DEPOT. *lm« \ Fulten Street, Xew Twkary.. PfilCES I ^ f •),• . !v,.,j t>,b '=v<, u- ..I • r - •••:» .<• ; !:J-<-ii'r '••(' r-\i f- i-,. 1 B. W FRKNOH'8 • .: v< t» ; ...' ,^ o. i\k\t^'.')if .ff ,'!«•>* .• i ;J! 1 .OJI r -V ',.-'l - W ' 'I'^Hf; >~| li ( .1, \ I It', !>•> . ' r,i I 4;-.; 'lO 't ;*fl»i' '•It f'i'l - «>r* !\•))(' r /^Tf.f> /f j^.w ' i i\|ptr 'fi GtOCESY. STORE ti t' - OasMer rfOTthofthaItmWatlbtialBank,' oiiiWix'i.ic, W'.\Tl\ : '' r \' 1 4 I have thia dayrsdaead car prkee^oa _ •UCARS, - TEAS, ' COFFEES, ,#YRUP* , AND MOLAMEI, Sugars from 12 ct*. to 20 ct«. i Good SjTnpJo'r $100., Be?t $125, •OUUSU FOR SO CENTS, 75 CfJfTS AND $1 00- f Fine Family Groceries OfeverydeatripUan, a full stack always ta selsat FlRST.JRAI^.T|lioTJQn ) \.i^» Csreat Rej«lcliaa; J ..'if ' . • - \«. CAU LOAD OF f GOODS' • yon * . ,. 7BXTZ DUEEl '# FRITZ PUTSDOWK WICBf He if detoWneti/io Sell Qfefa QTmitA &l >umatxH^i; - (< ^ V/ Look Onii orjlar|alail, Call at rrlU 9anr*t , b -r^. -•M And examine the extasuire <, '-^ t - '-*' f-ikfi'II BlAOT-aUSl ' CLOTBnra,' ^ Gents'Furnishlng Goods, etc- e^c, thai hsUj* eelvingby Exprcs* ev.eiy week 'and then taiasns (he a mount of youf cash. Our simli toplessi, and if we relieve your rocxrrs of a Ihltc no, )w hare the satisfaction that you have not been TMJ* in. To enumerate»rtkk;»fn unnecessary,.hot est and bo convinced that we have\ the' largest sai best selected STOCK *r CVOTMVH , averbroujakclats tlansrille. ^ CUST03I DBPABTMENT! '' KEROSENE LAMPS In grral variety and at law prices—a very fine as­ sortment. v ' i Also Kerosene Lanterns, KEROSENE OIL. STONE & WOODEN WARE rrerolhebestmsnufaeto .ru. , Ha eeJsrt will ba spared to suit my easterners. .„ , B.\W. FRENCH. Dansville, Jan. Sid, 18««. ; Oriel'*. HAT STORE ! TTJfTIL Marc)i 1st, we shall sell at eost our Su- KJ -perb Stock of 11 f Ladies Furs! Consisting of ' CLOAKS, MANTILLAS, half>n4.quarter OAPES;,;: flCTOEINES, COLLASS k andfiUFFS, : Ilanng had a loneer expMienc'e in theiboiisasV than any other'Tailor'in' DaosvUle.,! tatter aw; p self that 1 cannot oe beat on a At, I wish tossy. t« f the Farmers, Mechanics, Lumherraen, Pe^srW * Lawyers, Clergymen and all other .eM^es af aws and boys of Dansville and rlcinity, that theyvil find tha bestassortmenvofSoadsatsayAtors ;{W. BUSINESS ORDBE^SSIJITSJ Ever broiiRht into this wisest; sueh ssFrsasi, German and EnfiUtty,Cloths, _ j Black am* Faacy n —riirn, Doisxixt, 8ATjxm ,;Tirx»>», Kxxfocxr ViiJtJ, aad a fresh supply of the fir-famed DRYDOX CLOTHS!\ Which cannot be ioivod at aay father. SVata. la Dan I vllle; together with a great variety of Consisting of the'foliowrog vsriefles:-Marse'lllee, 7 Black and Fancy Silks. Valencia*, Grenadisaa and rich Velvets. Jt is well Kkowri' that tbk House has *« •* \ ' DONE THE LARGEST UO aOST FJstvrWiNlE ' Custom Trndo for* long time,'and In ooraei Store V .*•••-( \WITH IXCRJEASED FACILITTM,.' Xntlifn^ shall bo wanting on our part to rsWaj the Reputation so honorably earned. t HATS AND CAPS '! Aro kept In Large V»rlcly, and .always of tatl*. tost Styles, ^ ' ' Glvo us a call before purchasing claewhere.'•, DUUR'S IS THF/ PLACE I •.» Herald Ttiuldincs, st^is jTxir.T. Store, iormsriv,*!. cnpifilbva. Welch.\' ' Carriagr^' 3* -l E. JONES,\ T. Would announce to his old friends and the psV lie generally, thai h'e has taken the New & Commodious. ShbpJ'\ CORNER M .\T1M A FRANKLIN STRKSTeV ' Opposite tha r -sntrilU *Honse. where W.» f<*- pared to mako of tha BestStock,allklads .at CARiRTAOES, . BIJGGTES. Sulkies, Cutters, , Lumber Wagons & Sleighs. IK • { ! Sable,. . - ; ! Enniiio, Mink, Fitch, . . Sqiiirtel, , \ WatorMink, Chinchilla, r •and Coney; Fir- Hoods. GAUNTLETS, • CLOVES, AND SKATING CAfrS. CHILDE£jrS HATS,CiPS,'& -. i-'r / OF ALL XI.KDf. HAT8,'Clf8i r BEAVER and Klj;- fl>t?f-' <\*1 \ 1 Beaver r t *i.>... \ n-.»>» v« s.-^. NutriC'' • - Seal', 5 and'!^!!*\. 1 ' „ ... ., .tzkmedjKid)- CAHES! ;UWBRElUS! WOLF, FOX, - • n -f .-fJHlki^Q^JKBJIHsSJI'X -\ , ' H,F.ACE. ORIEL,. ? ' r ' « A U'Atala St, RoiVes'tef; N. Y, Of paaMa Kxthaage Waa*, ' ., Halt also'prepared ta da all kinds afJaVbiag such a, ^ REPAIRING, PAiNTINQt ' TllIMMTNG, WOOD' WORK, '' • • 1 -6 » 1 • BLACKMMITHlNw, AC.\ As cheap aa any Shop in t.ne Statel Call and?ta»' for yourselves, for he will\ at all times berladt*. show his work and stock. He has etrery AtHHtt fordoing ., ^ . - <> . » s2 FIRST CLASS WORK. 1 1 ..: , «. ' • -V Remember the place. , i,. Itii Street, OjfuiU IU )inu]k I MM , luniHt, II.- I T. E, , HENRY IV: S0HLICK,', * FASHIONABLE '' Barber aridHairiDiesser'' i •Vl WENDELL iBLOCK,- t JLI '•IM I ' Hair, Whiskers and Monstache^ : B«DikFTEIT-EaM$T /mWEDISTYl^ ' -i- r>it. Mox'rs- OELEBR X TED 1 • iEC.alr!' Oreasiiai; •11HI8 extraordinary rensedy has longbrx-nusexH 'i; Ar .privato practic^.inthccjty of .New ,Yojk, was rever\ beforb presented to' the poblic. Thej, proprletorhas now permission to o*er it /or s*l«t. and will'xuarantee it superior ;tai*ny/praparat(ea. ' for thp halr.nowin .u »e. - It is a, purely p^erarosb: prepardon.'and'Is prepared by one of the- most »c>- • entiflo chemists in thq,country; It contains\a'o-oil ,orpc^»^noti*.I«gr *aianU . «•-.' • '•' It rfatort* Mw -Hsrr to th Nat .rat Cwlt* liy giving life to the roota and health W'tKe^sl?? So other arUcle. haa been or oaa be Wocnree, 7 Which soaOcc,tual|y . 'I^IEIT.. THE HAIR FN* ,riU|M' WT K- dr,frotn turnlugxrey.cr ao thoroughly, .restojafH» to it« ortginal'coloi'. Soilness And UrllhWy. Forsnla by Druggists In Dnn.tTlHo:* MOfUntoma, Waylandi ,by Dwo.x, Cutxw ' **J ucTT.VWCIutmborssUN.Y.; and,at tho oflee.* tho Goncrnl.Vgont, Jon.v I' XSKX. SMnvt •TUIEJkT^e>saa^dHamUsxCa>I *«tPfrf |fn A .forty dlrloront'styk's, adapted to onlhr mnsic, for «*) to t#M feach. ' F ANCTBASJCRTg, a complcto stoc^l \ great ifancty, n\thc> I'rugandOr-x'en i

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