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The Dansville advertiser. (Dansville, N.Y.) 1860-1866, March 29, 1866, Image 3

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Tortus of Si Col\ 1 mrf. rodf tool hoo|'3oao| aoooj *s RT. mn jlio | IS W I 20 00 I 3i 001 t0 00| go bscriptlsM. - • - $lgt) - 200 'A*v»»» r„ll.iil Subscribers, - - • n.w«rtJ by Carrier, single Copies. 5 Cents.. K'.'i* - ' ' Advertising; Term* 3m I 6m »l 60 | til 18 fa f h n I a ; aa | a to | soo |~Ta oo \ ~\ 2 50| 3 at | * 00 I »oo| »00| 80 |jggjE »n J' oo oo U40QQ170 QQ.I lqpw IUp jxcee'dingollnes.lnsc: lime*;toe»'»t* veMitf this per line for the t as, (en cent* per line, no rted for ies* than HM. &iiuarr Notices, Resolutions, Proceedings and E, ,f Religious, ChanUble and other Societies, Notice\ at the rates Axed by .law^ fnety-nve per cent, additional will be oharged r iitra displayed advertisements and outs, [orlr Advertisers, discontinuing theiradvertfse- M I I oefoce .the 'expiration of tn* year, will be ^iged nt full /ates as aboro. Extra charge will al Wjtiade for Dissolution and other notices not *ct<>d witli their regular business, mtusiont Adrertjslog must be paid form ad- If, .it nil times reserve tho right to reject any Ittrtisiog which we may deem unsuited to our Joans. r WurSiemen^t pit under oontrwet mutt be plainly fid the Uxgtk of lime Attired, or they teUl be eontbC ^,M 1 (Xarfid/or tilt ordered out. He was a printer by trade, and for 20year* editor ot the Cuyahoga County Patriot. At tbe time of bit death h« was ajcU.lien^ofJ^;.^ NEWS OF A WEEK. The centennial anniversary of the first , ^nage ever cctebrated'in St. Louis, Mo., rtrrsd'On the 20th inst. jj« Homo Judiciary Commltte have to report theScnato bill to prevent iimppiog- I grind wolf hunt came off on Saturday Lxiriball County, 111. The sportsmen inladcd within their circlo tho township! i/Raberls, Hop.ewull, Richland and La- 13. * Ihe'Govornmont duos not seem to bo np- Irthensivo that the Fenians will attempt itnvssion of the Brjtish Provinces, nor the British Mini»tor seriously alarmed ilh«subject. Nothing is known now to stjfjttb* belief that th« Fenians have as il gone boyond \holding meetings and uiing collections of monoy in aid of their sue. Certainly, nothing has been done !t belligerent character to au thorizo di- itt Govcrnmon tal interference. Bishop Grace of St. Paul, Alinn., de- lafnced the Fonitns in the must bitter (nns in his uddrcss on St. Patrick's Day. elold them Ihey wore tho laughing-stock >!tho world It h<u caused great dissatis- Action among the Catholics of Minnesota. Lieut.-Qen. Orant is shortly to sail for urope, and tho Navy Department are Jilt looking up a vessel for his accommo- itlon. dipt Ammen, an old ichoolmas- toftho Oonernl's, and now of tho iron- jd Jliantonoma, is to bo transferred to Jiemsn of-wur that convoys tbo,miiitary biefuin across the ocean. Tho llianto- am* is ordered off for a sb rt but import- |ulcruise in adjacent waters. It is now so certain that no action will itliken by Congress amending tbo incomo hi in season to ufleet tho next nss'-ssmunt §ht the Commissioner of Internal Rovo- u# htt commenced tbo preparation of Winks and instructions under the oxistfng far. Assessors and Assistant Assessors frill bo instructed to prepare immediately I K tbe assessment. At Kenosha, Wisconsin, there is a Mo nominee squaw, by tho name of Wha- Notto-etecoaot, who, it is Slid, was for HversUyears tbe Indinn wifo of Jeff Da­ rk 1 8he it about 55 years of ago, and in tier youthful days was reported good look­ ing. She commenced to live with Jeff, in the year 1829, while that hero was station­ ed at\?ort Winnebago. The Ireasury Department is still apply­ ing itself to tho suppression of frauds in tbo llection of cotton in the Southern States. ,aj of tho agents have been roliovod, ind thero aro to bo seizures or detentions if cotton, or othor proporty, as captured iriWndoned, unless by special written di­ lutions in each case from tho several •gents, -or direct from tho Treasury Do- fptitment. It is known tbnt Confederate Government cotton has been removod and llilof privato parties substituted, thus rjtpetrs^tipg u. doublo fruud on this Gov- «Beiit, and on innoccni individuals. Ths great Arc at Minneapolis on Friday 'ijst, March 10, destroyed all the build- im on tho south sido of Bridgost., from fintto Second sts., and several on adjoin- iJJUrcets. Thero wero 40 buildings do- 1f°yed; all framo. Tho flro originated itCpuchman's dry goods store, and caught fco«'the chimnoy Tho ontiro loss is esti- wt«d at from $100,000 to $20Q,j000. Ono '\\'tlx of the business part of tbo town is m uhes. Tha span of the now Suspension Bridge j't Cincinnati between tbo piers is 1,0Ul ,'kt, and In totat length 2,000 feet. Tbe «lire cost will reach by tho d»y of com­ pletion (January, 1807.) $1,600,000. The tythest chargo for foot-passengers will not ^moro than ono cout each way. Foot- |wiengoJs will probably pass or or by No jjitnibor or December, 1866, and care by •jJinuary or Fobruary r 18G7. Tho disbursements of tbe Treasury Du- ptrtraent last wook on tho account of tho War Department wero $7,789,702, of the Jijy $1,033 ,773, and of tho Intorlor $1,- Wi«03. ,Q«v. Crawford of Kansas.hu telegraph- riQen, Pope that Missouri bushwhackers ft gathoring and arming in the West, \tasking cavalry protection for Kansas, fin. Pope sent a lettor to Goy. Fletcher, *lthe Governor has ad op tod tbe neccssa- 7 precautionary measures. TsaJlaekfeet Indians continued, at last •^Ipai frqm Montana, to murder citiiens •»*t«h an extont that tho Territorial au- had been obliged 'to call out 600 flutetr* and send thom down to the 'wt,ln which yicinity tho Indiana wore **witt!as; many dopredations. These In- Wre been hostilo over sinco last fwl 'j. treaty was signed, artd are killing I wmlet in rovenga for sovernl members «f their ttlb» Who were formerly killod by t •\FlUr* art W u pr8 . The flfon. FJIygj^ p. Doubleday, father Wtyr -Gtn. Abner D..ubleday,- dUd at Ill . on the 10th instant. M\r\ J- • .V far tjiany years a resident JAutmrn, New York, and' wprosenloji '\tdistriain Congress «crcral tcrms.r- Bloomington, III. \ f $ ,? S]' 4 -^- Mi« Spaffor4 of Bwikford^IU^wW-iwif- trethed to tho lamented! ZoMvc .rc ^n\. i- . mander, Col. Ellsworth, one of t^a- : Irst victims of the Rebellion, VN'Mlrrkii Ia«t' week at that place te Mr. Breit^ a |r*ntie- man of wealth and position ia^lWtoa. ' ^ Carton./ —-y . From now until Nerember, the busl- ness men of the United Statae will have to manage their business with much discreet­ ness../The indications are that we shall have a time of Ureas and anxiety, but, we venture to hope, notjrf paaieK? M*f fever of the war, a relapee J w»*«ldM strange, and an escape thus far is mainly owing to the wise course of the Secretary of the Treasury, and the strength given our commercial system by the national loans. We can now tee the wisdom of the men who in the crisis of our Republic's existence never doubted for an instant tbe integrity of its credit. Without the national loan as a basis of circulation, an Investment for superfluous currency, it res­ ervoir into which the resource* of tb« country abb and flow, never rising to an unmanageable inflation nor sinking to the depth of a panic, we shouldibave, had ser­ ious trouble with our finances. The safety which, the national loan has given us, however. Is the conservative safety/ of a constant refugo against panic, and must not bo trifled with. Tbe business men of America will take counsel by the wise men of Britain who are now shivering in a storm that may at any time splinter their timbers. The caution that prevails in London should bo imitated in \New-York. Then we can pass as easily into specie pay­ ments as the cold days of this bleak March ripen int > Spring.— 9ri&un*. of the Hamp.. ,., _ , l** l « r S*** 1, 4 to our XmbaatadM 1 In Xfesiluid, CTharles V. Ad- sun'*, givins; an 5 onlolal history of the Hampton Roetds pe«ce conference, during the'winter 18sV4—5,' between President Lin­ coln and Secretary Seward, on our aide, A .,H {8tepnent, R. X. T. Troops In Service. The Socretary of .War has communicated a documont to tbe Houso of Representa­ tive! in reply to a resolution; showing among other things that on the 0th of Jan­ uary of the troops in service, 10,890 were, employed in Missouri, 4 ,e >41 in Virginia, 3,106 in North Carolina, 4 ,708 in South Carolina, 1,068 in Georgia, 10,193 in Mis sissippi, 10,623 in Alabama, 10,684 in Ten nessee, 8,567 in Arkansas, 10,168 in Lou isiana, and 22.248 in Texas. Orders have been issued for tbe further reduction of 18,654 whites and 28 ,090 colored, or in all 41 ,744 mon. The troops comprising the regular army number 20,626. The regi raents, excepting tbe 17th infantry, have beon assigned to Military Departments, and as fast as recruits are obtained the un­ organized companies are formed andOjiut en route for the departments where their regiments aro serving. Recruits are also being sent to fill up other companies al ready organized. About 3,000 recruits per month arc now being enlisted. The Sev­ enteenth Regimentis reorganizing at Hart's Island, New York, where it compose* tern porarily the garrison tor a depot, at which volunteers are paid and discharged. The number of general, staff and retired offi­ cers of tho regular army is 669, and of generals and staff officers in tbe volunteer sorviee. 1,018. Twonty-on* Maj-Generals and 101 Brig.-Generals, ordered to be mus­ tered out by general orders are net includ­ ed. Tbe exhibit shows that three regular oflloers and 659 voluntoer officers ire re­ ceiving pay, but are unemployed. The latter consist mostly of those ordered to their residence* for muster-out. It further appears from the document that five regu­ lar officers and 662 volunteer officers are without commands. Of tbese, 621 belong' ing to tho Veteran Reserve Corp* are re­ tained under resolution of Congress to await further action In their cases. The and M***rs Hunter and J. A. Campbell, on the other, is published. Tbe Secretary says on the morning of the «d of February, 1845, the President, attended by the Socretary, received Messrs. Stephens, Hunter and Campbell on board the IT. S. steam transport River Queen, In HMptontXosssla.^ Tbe conference was ?*lt*yM**^i^or|igal. ^'jThere wa* no attend­ ance of secretary, jelerks, or other witness­ es. Nothing was written or read. The conversation,, though earnest and free, was oalsn, cautious, and kind .oniVoth' 1 side*. s ; . The Richmond party approached the discussion 'rather Indirectly and at no time did they either make categorical de­ mands or tender formal stipulations or ab­ solute refusals.. Nevertheless, during tbe conf rence which.' lasted four hours, the several point* at issue' between the Govern roent and the Insurgents were distinctly raised and discussed fully, intelligently and in an amicable spirit. What the in­ surgent party seemed chiefly to favor was a postponement of the question of Restore tion upon whichjlhe war la waged, -and I mutual direction of the efforts of the Government as well a* those of the insurg­ ents, to some extrinsic polioy or scheme for a season, during which pajsion might be expected to subside and the armies to be reduced and trade and intercourse between the people, of both sections resumed. It wa* suggested by them that through such postponement wa might now have immed­ iate peace'with some not vorycertain pros­ pect of an ultimato satisfactory adjust­ ment of political relations betweor. this Government and the States, section or people now engaged in conflict with it. This lugcosUpo, though deliboratelv considered,' was nevertheless regarded by the President as on* of armistice .or truce, and be'announced that \we can agree to no cessation or suspension of hostilities, exoept on the basis of tbe disbandment of the insurgent forces and tbo restoration of the national authority throughout all the State* in the Union.\ Collaterally and in subordination to the proposition that was thus announced, tbe anti-slavery policy of tt)« United States was roviov.ed in all its bearings, and tbe President announoed that he must not be expected to depart frem the positions be had heretofore as- si>med in his Proclamation of Emancipa­ tion and other documents,as thcio positions were reiterated in his last annual message. It was further declared by the President that, tbe complete' restoration of tho nation­ al authority was an indispensable condition of any assent on our part to wbatovor form of peace might be proposed. The President assured tbe other party that while he mutt adhere to those posit­ ions he would be prepared, so far as power is lodged with tbe Executive, to exercise liberality. His power is limited by the constitution, arid when peaca should be made, Congress must necessarily act in re gard to the appropriation of monoy aaM to the admission of representatives from the insurrectionary states. The Richmond party were then informed that Congress had, on the 81st tilt., adopt­ ed by a constitutional majority, a joint resolution, submitting to the several state* the proposition to abolish slavery through­ out the Union, and that tbero is every rea son to expect it will soon be accepted by three-fourths of the state*, so as to become a part of the national organic law. Tbe conference camo to an end by mutu- ^foV^.Uon ,! in' 7 S^^^t*»«it shows that the entire rebel strMgti east of Miasisei'pp-! r or|ih \e ^ithfof -Jf^itUy^imti; wt »ap ^ooo,;*j ^w*st of-tjM. MWsfioi Jfv 600 JX^'itJ^ 8 «a «U «YvJU «v oei Jan. 24U, '•», tssld eeafl- '' till midsummer.:. ! 'ByfiWng''a«d^nriail»g^ i the negmW tb'ey ; might wry o«, U* war a year longer. The army, was ;al»o *t\unan- ; imous for;pe*«*.^ He was willing to take any position that might be .sM^*i ^kins,> but no power oould save the eauee. '*•*-- The h**t solution of their difflcultWwa* on Stephens', plan. ?I . , „. f| -' , A MIEJCAK P OMOLOOICAL S QCIBTT The President of this t organisation, the, Hon. Marshall- p.' Wilson of Misaeehtt- setts, give* notice of the eleventh annual session of that body\ in St. Louis, begin­ ning Tuesday Sept. 4, 18*6, in MerennUle Library Hall. • Delegation's from all Hor­ ticultural, Pomological and Agricultural Societios in the United 8tates and tbe British Provinces are to be welcomed te tbe meeting, during which highly inter eeting business will unquestionably he brought up. 1 • ' ' Vsnlue.. •KIM11KILT AM tilBBMLT BXOOStlKO a. a. nxwii, T. O. WMITK. out a command of soldiers corresponding to their rank, are either employed on dui ties legitimate to tbeir commissions, or are suffering from severe wounds received in battle and not yet healed ; with the excep­ tion of two, who aro on leave. Th* reca­ pitulation shows the troops in the volun­ toer service : white, 2,264 officors ; 65,820 mon ; colored, 2,393 officers, 63,873 men t in the regular service, 1,124 officers, 25,- 463 men ; general and staff officers In vol: uuteer service, 1,018; First Battalion Vet­ eran Reserve Corps, not attached to com* panies, 009 ; Signal Corps, 16 officers, 68 men. Deducting the officers of tbe regular army in tbe volunteer service, there are 7,043 officers, forming with the men a grand total army of the United Slates, 152.611. The estimate of the annual ex­ pense of the army as now organised and distributed is $120,803,878. Deduct (esti­ mate for troops ordered to be mustefedout, $32,940,118, and this leaves an aggregate of $87,862,750. al acouiesence, without procuring an a ;ree officors reported in this:last, though with-^^ ?f viewi upon lho 80voral miltteri discussed, or any of thsrn. Nevertheless, It is perhaps of somo importance that we havo been able to submit our opinions and views directly to prominent insurgents and to hear tbem answer in a courteous and not unfrlohtlly Wanner. T HE M EXICAX RrnmLic. —Tbe friends of the Mexican Republic have printed and aro circulating a statement of the aspect of tbo question based on the comparative financial condition of the country under Republican and Monarchial rules. It shows the total foreign debt, as recognized in 1802, to bo near $82,000,000, Jets than $3,000,000 of which 1% due to trench, nearly $9,600,000 to Spanish, and the re­ mainder to English subjects. While the annual expenditures of the Republic as es­ tablished by Congress in 1861, is stated at $11,003,000, these of the so-called Empire are said to be nearly $50,000,000.. It is further asserted that in addition te the $150,000,000 a* tbe amount of the public^ loans put out for Maximilian in Prance and taken by Trench subject*, and for whioh Louis Napoleon is morally respons­ ible, there have been_ expended from*the public\ revenues of France?' up'to the end of the year 1865, in this attempt to propa­ gate monarchial institution* on tbe.Amer* ican Continent; $150,000,000 more. A. terrible conflagration in Gin* cinuati last week, destroyed Pike's cele­ brated Opera! House and a' large amount of other property,-amounting in all to. about two millions of dollars. <f-K~r. ..Pike's- joes alone, it is said will amount to half that sum. Tbe flro probably originated frolt an explosion of gas. <l 1 fssjr President Johnson bas vetoed tbe Civil Right? Bill. RtTUKK TO SrictB P AY/MINT .—On Fri. day morning last, Soc'y McCuKoch accept ed the Ways and Monns Committee's amend­ ment to his Finance bill Tnis is known as ••Sherman's Senate bill,\ tbo only differ etice being that he was willing to fund $5, 000,000 por month, while ti e House bill makes it $4,000,000 aft,er tbo first six months. It was not at first intendod to have brought up the matter beforo this week; but, on finding that the Secretary was willing to accept of the bill, it was concluded to try and pass it tbe same af­ ternoon. The eloquent speech of John B Alloy, and the pertinent roraarks of Mr. Morehead, had their effect, and at a very late hour tho House passed the bill—thus guaranteeing a certain and speedy roturn to specie payment. C UKJC TOB TBX S MALL Pox.—The Rich rtond Times gives tho .following recipi for the cure of small pox. The mode of treatment is as follows: When tfie pre ceding fever Is at its boigbt and just before the eruption appears, tbs chest is rubbed \with croton oil and tartaric ointment. This causes the wholo of the eruption to appear] on that part of the body, to tbe re lief of jhe rest. It also secures a full and complete eruption, and thus provonts the disease from attacking internal organs.— This is said to be tbe established mode of treatment in the English.-array in China, by general orders, and is regarded as perfect cure. • A F AKIXT< Kxtnxxx.— The most splendid gift ever presented to the Ameri­ can public is Webster's New Illustrated Unabridged Dictionary.., To this last and New Edition- ha* been, added, over 8000 fine illustratl o*of every living insect, birid, animal, creature, and thing, .with over 80,'- ,000 new words and terms. It contains pearly 2000 large royal quarto pages, with 114 ,000 words and delnitions. 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CHOICE PICTURES! Photographs of (he works of distinguished 8cut. tors and Painter*, original desigaa on steel, Ae Ac^ a select stock. . Of distiagulshed men and suejscts by tbVthoa eaad. Tke' Prmrlptloii ItepaHssieB lain charge, of Dr. 6. W. Sauasiaa and aornpe tent assisuate, who wni'gfr* It their special atten tion. eV Th* well established rcpntation ofthls store does away with the necessity of any puffing; would merely announce that ne exertion wilt — spared to rastala the character given (his estab­ lishment by the late Edward Nile*. Omr endeavor shall always be to keep none bnt the best Goods, and to sell the same at th* lowest eask prices. . 1 * ®h: m? *um It is nnn< rjr IWr na te perttenlaria* tne style and eaaHtv, eell and examine fer yenreelre*. -fJMORAVlKO deaf In the; highest style ef tne dEjert-: CstU and eaa ^M 'speeTasesWenrtiSjnnsW •MpattheJwreiry.Keelseef •sTTZ * . w.J.tAitrjiraiCf), ,V*'J GROCERIES! .mesial H OK WAd oarj GROOERIE81 We neve till* day redneed eesr prtee efSnsjar* rem ltd eent* per pennd. •eltiag at Me**; M 1 » «• « wjje Crashed •near WnlUCe«se,(A) \ (B) atMeU. \ M * * \ « IT \ Onke H neepvadf, \ II * * H \ IT \ .Beeafce,-^ I f,V.i#»t! */; jf.(j M'uft'M^; '^W^ahas'sk'sjn tsns^^jte*W'seni*•*»<<**': henewt efasty isniial dunes In She nurhsSs, we aek a —slnejanee'ef. tnetr fcrefaaod aa wasaina • FsasriQ*, Jan. MUt, l*e». Clothing. G M»f •awaaTif JM -vtkmujio. S. HUBERTUS 4 CO., Msnuracture CXiOVHCI •'i'fi''i'i-' iOt ALL KINDS Cheeper then any ot)>er establishment in Daasvill*, fcr trie followiag reaaoas: TUjf do AUtfmr Ovn Work. Tfttf P*y hnt UttU R *nL m*y Work Eurly mnd L*U. . risg tXa BimWMtril. Me Purest. CM <miktm smsf lk*y «nll iVoe* U. OMCrOliesClaDed wd Kfpaired. _ BesaemberjU^s loeaUoa. Hedges'Bleak, Msia r t iOOMVXFl'l V MSj^-Th* undersigned hariag beescreadored to health ia a few week*, by a very aimpt* remedy, after having suffered severe! years with a sever* lnaganVotlonand ( tha' dreed eTieaeM, Coasumptipn—Is anxieue to ki* relJowsurlerers the tnear, make ofenre he desire It, he will send a copy of the pveeenptioe need (freeef oharge), with the dlree- tt*sM aV 'preparlag and u*lag th* seme, which tkey will Sad. a sure care fer Consamptloa, Asth- mm, Bronchitis, Cooghs, Colda, Ae. The only ob- Wet ef the ad vertleer ia aetodiag the preeerlptfen I* t* benedt the aaBrtxI, and spread .iitfonnaUea wkVen he eeaeslvee to be iavalisaMe: and he •5oTl f .mtt ir JUH ITI wiinsastaMrgK; «V: r—i ' ~EVSsalUVI]ia eoeV* Ia the highest style «f ike Xta**, en ^emTne spiahniss W w— f nTsestsp sA^lewelry teejee ef . • . \wot - Free •'v ' StOfM rtA Wh«n ordered— an article that eannot?be ed for.durablllty.••• - ' ' - Peeoae wish leg to erect suitable- memorials ***• departed friends would consult tbeir own Inter*** by saving w»a call. »»d examine our beentinu **-.. signs,before purohaelng elsewhere.-,.,. vi ,; Ontsussemtal Osurrissc •MMted In a style that will defy joaapeOtloe. r We keep on hand .none but the best nseSectali and are delerniaed to;wcirk.H in Ik* ; > MMt Aiiistlc MaUMr, 8o«thsA'our'eas*ow*ra will be'Mttafied.*^' All work delivered and set In Cemetery. Fnan ef Cauaax. •M. C. CHASS, , ,.-;./' W.' F KTIKTH KDITIOX OF > . TheWatchmakerofDuiSYille •; --• • ^ . >•• .-j L. G.H1PLKV, Fornieriyoflh* firms ofJlipley A atednsaa'ana *BlW- Icv * Leach; ha* recently purchased a large sad splendid stock of Witches. Bleb Jewelry* teirer M*i TUUi War*' w mm.tniiou] FABCY AKTKUU ETC him At low prices, w gains never,-be. experience ia-^ rhlcb will enable him U for* given in.paasrille. Hlsleag A' '•' t''.\^ , r ' Tl.\ mi wiKiB-ciocp; smM,*t? Enables him to warrant satisfaction in *r*ry !in* stenee. He will b* found at hi* new place ef W»f- ne**,tst.tbe i --> » - ' » 1 ^kcOiimEY ELOCK, - v' '• • • - - • Opposite ,-the.*.Fir»t NaUonal Bank of Daasvill* wherei be will be happy to welcome all those wlals. Ing hlagoods or his services. , CALL AND TRY HIM. Dahsville & G.V. Railroad FIRST TRAINT THROUGH I Great Rejolclas;! .Ji sf. -'\FOR -.'\?' JT PBITZ DTJRR! FRITZ PUTS DOWN PRICES) ...—j He ia determined to Sell Gooda .'' ^< Cheaper than, ^ -'ANY OTHER MAN'I!\ PRUAH I HURRAH t I Look- Out for Bargaina! e> • • ^CeaMsure^PrUe^s as4 anwe rAUaer^... Calt ant-Frits Dorr's, And examine the ble • 1. extensive Stock of Fa*W*Ba- RmaVDT-arAsa. CT^THTJTQ. GentsTurnishlugGobdii etc, etc,'that h* h> rc- celvinghy»ExpreM every.week and then.invest U the a mount of your cash. Our aim Is to please, and if we rcliov* your rocxrrs of a little tin, 'yon have the .satisfaction thatrsuhave net been fSKea In'.' Toenumernte ariiclesTsiunneccssaryt'bat cell and be convinced that we hare the largest and best selected STOCK or ci*rai»e ever brought inte Dansville.. CUSTOM DEPARTMENT? -• ' Having had a longer t>s'penence inth*-ba*ines» than any oth«>r Tailor in Dansville, I natter ray self that 1 cannot. bo.beat on a:««. I wish tesay to the Farmer*, Mechanic^ Lumbermen, DoSotm, . BUSINESS ORWESSrSUITSl, Ever brought into this n «gaTr*uch'ai' FrenelL. German and'English Cloths, ' • Si, >|; Blsck amsi T»Mvr '0 ^hmir*r''' : DewiciM,, SATW ^Twaese, .Kawrvoki 'jainaj aeid a fresh supply of the fcr^famed . • DRYDON,] CLOTHS I., X-Wfli,, 6 *\?? 4 .5\-.«?S ['<».ai.anv. other Store In Dans vjll*; together wtth'a greM variety \of - Coasisilag of th* foilowifig varieMis^Marseiilefc Y'l>ney -fflrir *'Yal*nei**i--GrenaoHnee Btaek aaJd and rloh i Velvets. Hoeeehas ,It•'i»,welt K»*>wn that thl* DONE TNEJJMEST M0 MST TlUlUlULt Cnstem Trad* for a long • time, auct in ear new 8tor « „, i •VVITH INCREASED FACILITIES,. Kothlpfsh*!!' be .wsmilig' pit. por part; to rseala. the Repntatien so honorably earned: - * HATS.AND CAPS Are kept In Large Variety, and- alway*>ofVth *x !e> testStylei.\' Giv* ns a call before purchasing elsewhere. •tjj v:i|..jpjr|Ut *a ISTHB;?tXCfclf \'„ Herald Baildings, «* IK J ST*S«T . Ssoretormerfv s«- eup %.hx.fcK .^el «hVJ(i,- ! \ J\ ' CcJ i M ! CAW) FHOTOGRArHS •OTthestaglecard'etby the Thousand. ,J >..atNI»*s°Drug Store. Oalalogttee teat free. TERRORS Or TOVJTH.i T A Gentleman wne AjauOVred for some years from Nervoo* Debflitr, Frswisetvre Decay, aad allrthe sflscts. of ^TeejnifsJ ladtoeteUon; wilCfor the aak* of iuf.risit-SjSu. Ke. 1» .Otarcb ^at., H*w Jerk.', . TT. weJekert, a ale* mseesteka,, — -\ijsaSjT f-siotarr l»*Jr, will' sSsWri^ .»»• *S<\i ITU Afc ra *»Mr »7r fmt 4tfa7jrt*? r heedef.

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