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The Dansville advertiser. (Dansville, N.Y.) 1860-1866, March 29, 1866, Image 4

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CASH iS t'. :iC Wiwrt WOOD 4 PUFFER £ -TTrAVB »ow on wl* astne • aUek.**•••*) aa4 ,*JX Shoes as wera ever brought to DeasviUe, oa* ..•aajtiBg bts « if fji:J-.. r ^fc}-f!f^ w f «?•>;.>:. v-* '3 * VW.t I!--- MWiw , Everything forlthe Feet r 30 ,»V41< •ljI»V Our Custom \Work X««tfaiaTStak«U the Iesd.inthU jTilJa^aaJfwe ' shall u»e oar utmost endeavor to give setteeWtloa Neairy done en short nottoa. Are-employed In every department •foiirVo»l- ness, and we are certain we can please' a* ta style quality and price ef.oor manufacture. '..J , i -eHsa been entered upon from which DO ! deflation will be made. We are thereby enabled;**, j., .•«»•/•> MATERIALO! REDUCE. QUR PaidlM. •'°C»11 sffd see as. Main street, directly Opposite Canaaersge Hall. ' : • . 1 WOOD * FJUfFER. Dansyllle, Jan.lef,l»65. , ; ••nil*-, io i mm ma--zastfo inn Ho :£oo*aspiralA Mood Y^id ^o&fil ofqaiS H-V^'^M t^ifit Auction Sale of Fall laud Winter Good*, -w • -i 1 ••: i. .-•> i A 1 V 1 J. art-it.K} Ta'JTT j 5 '»ac#ij Grreater IiJLdiacements : fiOOTe TO3J38ai /iA30flAj' *®JM**V* JCX-€L f «siiooO aonhl n ever €4-. SC. »I€£1. A OKJfT for Wheeler and Wilson and Singer •* Co'a. celebrated •S&WINQ.MCHRTES! Machines of any olher manufactures furnished vhen Paired. , All machines delivered in running.order, and In­ structions aitron to'operate them, la. RICE can bo f •»mKJ oil flfrfiarff i VT Ma. RICE can \bo found at the Clotliiu^ Em­ porium of M. Curtis, Main-at, Pansrllle.^ f ' GROWER I BAKER'S CELEBRATEt) FIRST PREMIUM FAMILY SEWING MACHINES!! O FFICE of Grorer 4^BnlterSowing Mapbine Co., at, \V,'J. LarHO k Co.'H JewoUy lloaae, Main Street, one door north of tho Bank of DiansTille Dansvillc. 1 The Tubl.ic'iire invited to call and examine Ma- cbinee.-. \. •*,, 262 W. J. LA RUE * CO., Aients. - ' FINKIiE «fc IiTOlV jsjwiNa MAOHILVE GO, Offico 581 Broadway, Ne-wTork. /ItOAIUNTBE.—After n fair trial„if any porcha- \jT scr does not regard the FISKU: & LTOM SIWWO MACIIIMB tts nupcrioV to any in market, he ,c*n re­ turn it and hnro his money. It lias, taken niany of the hichest'prizes,—is Jess complicated than any other first class machine,—does « wider range of work without chanfring,—requires no taking apart to clean or oil. and no- \lessons\ to set noedle, racnlnte tension, or operate machine. N. B. AnyClergyraaa sendinK us two o/dcrs for Machinos, sliallTCCeiTC one f«r nimsolf as a pres- oat—The same pjopoeitlon Is extf n?red te- Pro- ftssors and Teachers. . V?e have now comploted ouf Now Manufactory nt a cost of flomo $200,000, including hew Patents aud important Improvements; and tho object of (JI 0 above proposition isto seouro tho Immediate IsttfJdtfStldnof our improved macblno',,'ihto,aTery tfcwWVn the \United Btatcs without incurriag the oxponso of a traveling anent. Tins proposition cannot avnil In towns ooenpied by-our own agents. PieAHO send for descriptive Catalogue, with sam­ ples of sowing. 270 mS LUCIUS LYOiSVSec'y. New, Pension and Claim Agency* '\ 1' •' ) > . • . -i i. • O- W. WEST, Uto of th^.Js .ys '.^j-agjions, AtUmay aid OvnaialUr at Law, I s prepared to prosecute aMh&lms. held by those who have been In the military or naval sorvice of Ui«jUp|teipystatc», Jar by theitrtlaUrea. ™ , , - tXSSimi, ifiAOK.PAY, IBOIXNTIES', ETO., ETC. 0»B3dURBIJ PHOMPXIiY;' Mr. West's long oxporionco with the intricacies of red tnpo In tliu.'Army gi Tl? » l>lm J>eo«llnr facilities for success in this buslnoss,. which he will make Persons In llifs and adjoinfug Counllos will say* themselves much time and expense by putting their affairs In his hands, Instead of going to Koch- oster and other places as heretofore.. j « Ofllce with , '' : v* Alessre. Hubbard.& Fajilkner,.. Attorno>-» and Counselors, over First National Bank, Dansvillo, Llv. Co., Removal. J ACOB GILDER will removo his Barbor Shop on the 1st of April to Uowartli's Block, over An­ derson's Drug Storo, and nonrly opposite the American Hotel. Iiansville, March 10th, 1800. The Regulator Be moved. W. J..LA RUE * CO. Hoyo located their Watch and Jewelry Establishment O N the south side of Prusia's. Emporium of Fashion. Clark's.Block, aorner'storo under Cnnasernga Hall, lately occupied by S. 6. Broyton JiCo^whero they will bo happy to seo all (heir friends. Dansville, March 20,1800. Removal! Empo PRUSIA'S num of Fashion! XND FIRST PBBSlirjM MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT!, H AS been removed to Clark's Block, old stand of S. S. Bray ton * Co., corner\ store, under Cauaseraga Hall, where •; First-class Goods & First-class Work IK MIIiLTNERY, Can be obtained as heretofore,' and at the lowest prices. •' tt- W. J. JLA RTJB! *. CO'» JEWELKV EB- TABLISHMENT is located on the' south\ side of thiB storo. i' ' Dansville, March 20, l<ec. IO SALE! FRESH •mil \We are receiying dairy\\ t :»dT AND ^SIRABLK GOODS ' .5, • Jnitrtij', i } taints LLEGE rh*.* Akd Tel«frftH iMtltite I : - m th« Wataa.'. .Ut <hhs bM«:*«- 4haaaee«r»daa uaaar- ilxt njwtaal*-. fer, praeilcal and tttorooffkTjiH L .laMr«WOaU «C «i i -.t.' AffSHIP. \ Wenr pkfc»7aay?tb*t Bo':in»tl44<IoB' Hi the Himht; fr*rt the snfoet sfmple to the moet eompll MVed. .nMScao^learaded! aoaaMing of]-'— |r^^b»o^*Ueal andPracvicalDepartmenU, at Is the he OH perfect systeai <- CO Tlioraaghj insiraction is gtyen .!• .Commercial TrifhinVttJ ao4 the' kigber maihematses,'whettde- ^Fa^iltbAooitM familiar with th : . UW i f PaHatr- .'•hipsf Hf^D«^^r.^mti^*pfT, Af- & t TCIiCClllAf>HI^* '. > : L , This department is fltUd up In the most coin- r p^etaotULif not »u- rtor, to any Instuute in tne Unlted9tates. ' ;., ti Ma <'g'cHO&AR8UIP «rv.'\ - a fr 1 pleiaaty^aad Is la ifiBW perlor, to any institute in the . aeholarekljw lasted la this CaUege will be good for e»y Ungih of, time in Forty-eight Colleges, l'e«tn|>r1eingTbeChala.i«J - • Mi' ^formation address >. .-,\t \ ' BRTANT k VTliATTOitS ''.v<i>- /;.. »»<Mo. if-X». •»«yl n-.i T. K.JOlfKa,' •WoW<fannouiic» r to his old frlsnds ahd'the fitb- lle generally, that he has taken the Ne #Q& ,: Gommodioiw, Shop! CORKER MAIN k FRANKLIN 8TREBT8, Opposlto the Pansrllle House, where he is pre­ pared to make of the Best .Stock, all kinds of .1 \/ A' Whicli will be sold at th« iL^^EST oEEEING PROFITS ( .ViO i:C^URIAGES; BUGGIES, 1 Sulkies, Cutters, II, Is also' pMpared to do all kinds of Jobbing, REPAIl^'NG, PAINTING, >• wry* ftr .,<i> AsAeap\nsaay-'£Riopin\tnedUl«. Call and see for yourselves, for he will at all timO\ be *'*;}. t0 showhls work and stock. He has eve.T ntc.'Jily for doing ; P1RST CLASS WORK. • •i\. 1 Remember the place. -t life Jlrtt 'l'/OpfMile lk» Kuiiill* Inw, Biinille,\j.T. . -^ rir , r T, B.JO-NES. 71 s ;.iL .i; . )r\.-.-. .% -IV l.flA •Hit- ' 1A A. '7' JX 'AT' 4-^ fflSiT; .7. .'I 1 - '.-i.'iW,. • J' . m^A mm. :|v*<>.^,.;.<j'i..-*- 1 7*\ fit-.'.'- Bought tinoc the Ute dedlno in the Htw Tork Harket, and for §»le at Low Prioeg. ' « ii . .'•;< r ^ •• . Our a«w arrivals consist. In part of •'. Brbwn'Bhirtings', fine, '4-4,>8,\&4 64; < • 'j J,,,,, < r(: BrQ!wn'8h f >eting8/ heavy,'T48;4-4{ J 'k '.i-- 1 A very noe asaortment.of new Spring Style's, cheap. \ * * Ginehama prettyfor* dresse*,\\\ i iJDeLainea new Spring patterns,.. NEW DRESS GOODS! Cloths ind Ca *S8imere«, very''desirable'; -Black Broadcloths,' Black.I)Qeskin8j'TailoM^Tiimniirtgg, <• j •. - J t CABPET WARPJ a>«rr ««p<erlor article of itae soft thread. •' -'C«TTOW--TARir,'l^«t\ftaul»il<^ , \ Black and Wlii^e Plaid 'Flannels', Ladies' Gloth double width, Table Linens, fine bleached, damnRlc. i ... Table Linens, fine bleached damask, • one-half bleached ScotcU.Loom, „ n ,^ urp^n,Union, Bleached Jacquard.i>iaper, for cotton table cloths, White Maraelllt*, Zepbrri WaMvtedr Tclvet KlfctMsavifalli ifa «v> ^ •«ll|B«r«a:e«. •, /• <S«ata 'i Ma««ata ca>larc« illk'pocket'Ha^ Prlacesa KaamUagvCaveatrrayeatrr Trlmntlair.rlmntlnr \! ; Attention ! T Everjjfi JOHN. BLTJI^ jKsaafiutan, , BOOTS AND SHO^ - .'ITEM »E8CEIPTI#|( •ron- Men, Women and OhildiJ M^'eart^thls' b^a^/wTidiTIe ^ti manuftvrtnre and sell BooWe ^da**,^ ^ than, any one «!»• la toe eeaaty. r H« wl openedafla* ; »«oekatbfs\' •> v , New Place \of BueineR,- BRpWN ; VKHWHNm r Bl4 where he eaa COTI vines ati toveiW ales wHii, that he can give them jooi beigsias. r :l ; *' ^^iiBg^ij^iw |5^ neatly done)* on short |»oti''e , ant st' tew AIX womi'y #AK »Ajrr»i ALSO LEATHER AND^FIS&l .Va »»k fc. ' -'-j '•< / Csuh fetHMM, .. »«.The petronano of thepnMicJsraeiwa solicited. 2«yl JOISfcti NEW FIRE LEACH ft PEBBil lag-,. C T Preach Dlmltr, I^dles^naaakerchlesV, Also some of- thoscEmpressiTrail 1 Skirts\\three and a,half/yds ocourid,: Grid**. Fall • vtMW u <fcf5 W )0\ .irc..-I33 Will bo sold at a Great 'Sacrifice,- «S.« -.1.' , )!'(<• ' 1 !>«// / SUCH GOODS AS French Merinoes, French \Reps Ottoman^loths,,P«ia .-Plai4a, Kny press Cloths, Alpacas, Mttsnris^LynW ^lrawlsy 17 Cloaks, Cloths, Caasimcres, Flannels, he. 'TOM'^ s . BOOT8 u & SHOES! !8O00B gggflS AiSpleudid Stock,, and, wjill ber sold very Cheap. Heavy Double ~A~A —A n^4. a f^i a* nn ftfi f)0 Good Cone-rasa Gaiters Soled Tapped Boots for $5,00 worth $6,00. for $2,00, $2,25 and $2,50. Good Congress Gaiters VP (arpets ami Floor Oil Cloths! i\ 11 HENllY % SCBXICK, • FASHlbNABLE Barber and Hair IJresser 1 'WENDELL BLOCX' 1 1 ' MAIN RTRKBT, I>AHSVlX,L«;. Hall-, Whiskers and Moustaches, DTED AFTER THE MOST UPPlOlf OrSTTLI f A Splendid Stock, and WILL BE SOLD CHEAPER .0.\- 4 HAT STORE ! Of Hie c «)«br»4 «d JBRADLE J'S make. I • TJiese Are*now - aeknowtedfged to'be*' •flpejrjer to all ether* for <>w.. Dealers in CLOCRS; WATCHES ••I - 1 ?•: TOYS; Fllict 6000S; id EfiEOANCE; CONVEIflENCE- - --i . amt'EOONOMY. • . > • *- 5 x>- x - -i In coming before my frteads-aa surrh'or ofjlhe 11 rut cf C.S. * cohtin ' »— F.IGLT)ER, I rcype<ftfollr ask a cohtinunnce of (ho fnvurablQ a'stccm and patronage exteudad totaet Srro fer yfsrs pasu - ' . .. < \ ' \ 1 shall endeavor to infritthvirregsrd byconsistcnt.fAifnc»,«4hde»vetJusttccln my dealings, nnd %y ,act>lng goixlsnta fx\t utia*. . \-,, , , ' A I \•<'•- \\! : * \ , \ %. ' V!,-,,- ^ity-tflELBERl*»• TJ .NTIL March brf, wo »hJ4ll*cU *t tail our Sit jierb Stofk'of' s5» Consisting of 0E0AKS, MANTILLAS, half and,quarter 0APES, VICTORINES, COLLARS and'MuTFS 1 , Sable,^ ErnnBe, .HU Mink,. t Fitch, Squirrel, Water Mink, Chinchilla, and Coney. Fur-trifflffled Hoods. GAUNTLETS, CLOVE*, AND \ SKATING CAPS. CHILDBENS ti ..CAPS, & FURS, >1 'OF ALL-KIMD8. J./ AO :1 M.R. < ^RjD.iJUI r , % -'•1 r.ayt BOOTS AND SHOES2 H AS OPENED A 8H0>' fa'tha bl&lc aetfrlr poslt»;MaJ, Beaob,'* w«ll ^npwtl stand; lerir part of X»l0 street, where he respeotly,solioiU the pitronage;of:theyublio. Mr.'Mareellisah'eiMri: enoe4 worVnHan, and ,tnanut»cUires all kinds of men, women and children's wear, ina style second tATCRKSr ' ' ' *-—• . WTSOHeT ^MWAa*lll«*: ?oti «rL «4atl(>w> i^l' 1 Than any other House DARE sell them. M>{< 1 »••« I. II . .-(1 li-'TllI \5* f1-| ICO •tlil.VJ'! ^.•t»l <<j,%^' »i. \ •• \ is* - *' \ - •• fl> ••:;*• •• - •» ii % *) \ '• atethankfal %.^e^reryHbertiltradewehave wceived frbm.oar: '*W^W^M »W ^\^ih \and\ every\' effort .«w*U*fce m ^,^ n rk^^^ ^W^«|ai»4aa«W ^t >.lu ipatfOAage made on oar, part that we,nut -in-tbe-fatnrer ' ~* »f - -* 1 i.»tk » HS: 5. f ^I,Hr*t' srt *fi .\».cb0' HATS, CAPS,, BKAVER and NU , TRIACOLLARS, GLOVES I \ ' Nutria, ' HI ix!Seal ? ,ian 'd iFiir- \ 1; trimmed Kid. CANES 1 UMBRELLAS! AND. ;\BITEFALO Ml BEAR U.W,.k,CE.pKlKU^ ^-iVk 33 8tate 8t, Rochester, N. T. ::PW>?»'<*.Bxebaa«reI>U<ie...-.i f .iJ.Ki A? I tr:< r 'Att'J I N roUs ready to 00 sailed dowa, adapted to Hoas­ es, Factories »nd BullJinns of all kinds; con- iruiited of materials that have stood the test \Waaaywsrs.aad-mannnictnredonsn-enttrtlydif- free by mail., —JToyl- - • •eat ^KEADT ROOWNOCbl *' \. _ No.« Maiden Lane.N. T. jvar /aV NEW FIRM. D, M. STUART & BROTHER •fTrAVJNOreeeh^ypnrchasedtha' XL - : - - HARDWARE NEW SKIRT .FOR '1066. .- J. W^slirAOLKTtriraw PstsatDspla <••-, muip*u r <mr4«kiui*r*tm* l ! nitoi .:j STORE AND o upring aver used., ,They seldoai.i>ead or lllco the Mingle \springs and jcoriseo/usatly /.icirirethoirpfrleot anil beautiful) shape.;niore than twice as long as any;Sihgle 8pring Skirt ,that over hs* or cart Hi mnde. •<<• ae.y-;h a .;iJ: .,- .The.*;onderfulril<ixjbilttr,an4 graat cotnfort and pleasiirb to any Ijidy weftririg |he Duplex Elliptic Skirt wiH bo'aspfricaaed'parttcalarlv'Jn sll'erowd- ed /tssemblles Operas, Carriages, Kallroad Cars. H A\I>G purchased the cstablfshmest Knlm. we ere now prepartd toI/araM (Aim/In our line aud also do *~ ALL KINDS OF REPAIRS Of CtveU. irafcAuond Jttcclru on short aetm, the neatest manner and st the lowest prjcti. C«U aud see our stock. , -LEAOH & PBKIlAX K. B>-AU Goorf»,ajKl Work warrant.}' ' INSURANCE A6ENCI'. DAN8VILLK. 'ron fold CARPET ROOMS OP C G. WOOD, .beoriTtftlemrV i0 J MalM Street^ Da »BTllla, IT. Y., At a very reasonable, price, aad having marked down! the entire Slock o( Goods Ift botli Depart­ ments, would announce thai they i are now ready- for business. The establishment will be conduol- ed by! a gentleman'^of * ' / 1,1 - ••' Thirty Years Experience , In tlib trade, f.ml our facilities \for biiylng will''be 1 equal to those of any similar trotablishmont In. tke country. A FINE STOCK OF GOODS! Cnn now be soen.'at ouf Store, and we are snre the\ Atwhlchwooirer them.-wlll .commend us te the. public. 'With thfasimple statement the natronsge of the people of PiM8Villeand.surroundingCountry.is re­ spectfully solicited. ,' . D. Jt. STUART k BBO.. Dansville, Feb. Utht 18 *6. ,, 2»lyl B . i o • D , ,• . *«*rlnr«'»» Dnplek Eniatio Stro SprmitSkirifor aslngle4ay will novtr .after- , .wards willlngly'dlspense with' their-use.' For I children, misses,'youagladiaa they,are superior • to all other*. , - . r \i*.\;e hoops are eoxeved Wlth« piy doubla twI.fcMi UircaJ and will wear twice) as long as Uiiu'slngl*. T«rn covering which is used on all Singlo Steel H6op -8kir l .*.,\?Tbe threej bottom rods oir every, skirt are nlsd dpuble.steel'and twice or double cov-' ered to prev'enf the eeverlng trom wearing ©(Tithe rods when draggf*og,down|suira,»toae steps, etc., etc. which they are'constantly subject to when in. use-.<i' d TV.-i . ''• <• •/. r -T All are msUojof-tlie new and elegimt corded Unc^.nndare'th'e bestq(i^HtyiB«v*ry parU'givjag to th* wearer tlia most,grac*fnland|p4:rfeet,»hape poMblc. aqd nre unqucstloriaWy thejlghtest, most desirable; most comfortable and economical skirt ever made. > ' .. ' WESTS' BRADI/ET 1 * CART; Proprietors of the invention.nnd'Sola Maaufaclurers.>,V7 Chambers, ahd *»'nnd 81 Kendo Sts., New York.'\ i/owt«, of Jtcto Hicen, Qt x Capital and tnrplan, fi.TM.fff .Vorurt'cA, of iVorttncA, Of, Capital aad Vnnrlas, ^'•MtjaH Pu(nam,',ofJIariford, C &!i». > • Cask Capital, SQHtJBBOlHIi, , Maanfaetsirer af 4 , Collet's Block, ; . ^, Nearly opposite IJcach'sStorc, where' he will keew • '\ all kinds of •'- - CIGARS, TOBACCO & SNUFF I'll)' i - t .;;,o ,. X-.'il !•.»•:. .•jT^Eyerything sold at the Lowekt Rates, and Warrantcdas represented.' •\' 'i-i * 144'''^ ihOsrapaay of Eutope and ara.su. d, having .engraved. pallet«;'fcnby i adjustingVefulatbr, line' dial' and • i •-' Uaicana. Watch }r * j f'^ 1 ! AK ilia «IT , ''x'o 'Ti*«:TT W .*?*«••»>'•'' w T HE oases or this watih art a'new-iavehtion] composed bf several different metals comb)n- •d, rotlexl' together and; planished,: producing - an exact! imitaUon of IS.oarat gold, called Arcana,— They itrt'as beautiful at Isblld gold, and are aflbrd- edaiobe-etghth'tbe -ooei. ..The ea«ai;»r« ibeautf- fully designed aad are aagravad la the exact style of the celebrated Gold Hunting Levers, ahd so ex­ act aii Imitation .of. gold as to de jy deleetlon^ • The 'movements ara-meanfaetured by t*e: wsU-kaown BfcJtsner, Watch 0»m: \~ perbty finished carved bridges,'i skelaton hands. •• >;•:. .i. ~ >\<;^<i- • v.- u t ;»;> ; These.watches are atl Huatlng Caaes snd,ol three slaee, the iniallestbeing for Ladles.\ A oa*e of »lx!willbe sent by malloy express for »!».- 'A single, oiia sent la a hanisosne case for. aK-uThey jrllf readily sell *er three times >n*tr .eoai. ,,W* al­ so import a vary; superior, finished .and elegant watch which we can sell for »»• each,' or |lt(t per ease of siiA-Theae are aWo huatiog caeesandfor Ladle* .'and OenU.:, We are sole, agent* for this Wetchlu the UflUd Stages aad none are genuine which do not bear our Trade Mark. 'Persons order'- *iag watches;O.'O D., will please remit».per oent of th« amount with their order. Orders for any •kind,ff.watche» promptlr and faithfully fulhlled.— 'Address?ARCAPfA WATCH\CO^ No:* FULTON V ST^ Mew York Gity r Impbrt«r| a Dealers InWatoh- iaapf every4»»eripUeni.,,.i \i. »v • ' vt . n j ma 3«ce «8jorst .o01rs^r i d^ i peTang)| kCf u ,' IKo'r snlein all flrst-classrssores In this city, throutthont tho United States apd Canada, Ha' and . arana de Cuba, Mejcico.'Souta America, and the West In­ dies.;., -f ... .. «3-Jnqulro for'the Duplex Elliptic (or double) Spring Skirt. S $8m3: A..* c; tgrsf..'3girt*,. PROF. \JrWr^AREf; H AS become'flrmly established Inihls new* pJac* of business!) • rBEnsmocR.^ :\ DIRECTLY OPPOSITE STEPHHK I ICEIE'S HAHD- ••• i • lit-.,,/ n.'r aj.ii.wi-j. ' r-\ ... . ^WE, STORE, ' k . Wheje ho would like to.,have his.old frwiids and tho people generally call and examine' his Nne Stcck of. f; _ .'; , .;•* . t j... r. ' , Cloths, Cassin>er«s, Vesting, Fflmisi- P-^ttlaY»«ttmtlwpitti ttfthe' ^ ,Cpitom,Apartment, : . Ia whletj lje,deae(i :cprapetltloj». . V j , .v njoVERCOATSv- UNDKR 6oAT8, ! VEST ' ••- i.j '.J-' 1 :J\/CI.A >1>. PA ^TS,; 'S.J .' f,.- > QotuplnthaUtesi fashionable style,\well.rhade and,warranted tout. '' \ \ \' \ *• -liaav-CUTTINO -.daaeoBs ^oH notice. - . • sfC.\^* *aaell:Pri»e,Oert4fleat«Brbr, - '„ GptOfSIWER WITCHES! ' Ladles' JcWelnr, Diamond Rings, Pins, *c«. ' Fwinya'rHele'drawhi*R«lail prioS'ffomlO totJJOi . '. .JU-«a^t/s^rriaf*4 ;0 «'a«w«s. Price of Certificates 45 cents each. Libornl Prc- • mlums and Oomrai'ssloh allowed to A_genls. '* SaawlE'ftSTjnCATEl'tEliT'FREE.\^ VF«tCirc»W8ao*.T(f.rwia'.addrcs«/ '.»;! »>i:,5 V' .-- .... ,, „, Messrs HAT WARD * CO., J\? .- *-\*<¥. ...jj, Broadway; New York. 1 RUBBER JEWELRY! ;«'it ''i» k -r o- u-.fi, i,',v i',«i ,., ; i t t ATylPB,,Ktw aa«VBeautiful 8tyles,jnstreceivedat XV, my Jewelry Storo in McCartney's'Blook',' be­ sides a largo stock'oftho latest and stoat fashiona­ ble styles of other Jewelry.. Prices low for the Jnsarnncea enVcted in the above (IrsKUets ^rcllsblc Qompapiew, st the lowest rales. •V\ Los.'es promptly sdjosterf. * ' * TRAVELLEHI' INSURANCE CQMPAITJ . OF PROVIDENCE, R. I. • , Capital, . - - ftaaMaitb DELAYS ARE DASGCaOCIf S I >> TEN DOLLARS PER YXAS, Will secure a Policy of , •. ii c TWO THOUSAND DOLLAewf , In iho.event of death by \ . ANY DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT,.\v WITH Tax DOLUM Paa W«x Coarissavs* i 8 \ B. W. FRENCH, A|»»£ | i 1 TMC «U» ESTABUSMEB j 0, Cabinet Warcroois r. ALTSTEYBR' W OULD announce that the Cabinet bssiseai continued by him st tho old esubhskae* of Altmever * Co n nnd that Cabtne Wars sf a .kjnd* will.b« sold byhim as i„ • f ,'. aOotr as, the Lnweit I \ EJCTCXXS FaiMio In any desired style.;. • Coffins aad Hearse on tho shors>st aeries, and always at reasonable prici-s. •' }'• Warerooms corner.Main and Chestnttisis:_|__ : LOZIER- IIOTJSK: CORNER MAIN AND OS6IAN STS,. .-<!t ,. f DAJfgVIJULK, A. T. \ X (Entrance on Qssian 8treet, rear of the Jfirst ' tional Bank:>' ,:j ' \ * \• • > WZlfO. rraariaUr. ' •TT7*ARHMeals at nil hours., fee Cream ill* Tf times during the season. GoodsUbliH\ horses. Prices low, and accomodations eqaa!* the best. . , ' , iWyi |^aW aaV4.,Bea«iUrsil Varieties of - t' COAL STOVES' \\ Of tho latest patterns, can be found at Broirt Grant's Hardware Store,'Dansville, at all times,** 1 at the lowest prices. Call and sec thcpi. X »t_ I I C » t X ti o p Ij S U «i \ ol a A T * i 1 . i ' i A: NY quaatlfy pf;. J| \ PHOTOttKAPB AU«»Vf Holding from.1«to MO Pictures. cseh, ;i aijd. i*a^t\J In\ price from 40. cents to $15,00, at' .Ni1es *5t *I KEEYE's AMBROSIA n>r Ihf HAIIv T TIZ brlrinnVan 'd Oenttine Ambrosia 3*' pi*P\2 •edbrJ,V ' ... ....- At^sx lmvisand u) the best hsirdrtj r /esqrvatlvo now In use. It s>op\\! hairr fallingt ouf, cstisosuv,„m it to grow thick; snd'l*«« edb: sing nn hai falliuf » ^,v.« —. . and prevents' it from turning premstHKg grty. It oradicstos daridruff, .cleanses. pes and renders Buy St, try it, an with a spurious i tho hair soft, glossy and cur d be convinced. Don't be p\™ _.,.„.,„,.„article. Ask for Reeves'.A»wj slaandtako noothtr. KorSnloby DrnjsiiU Dealers irf Knnoy Goods everywhere. • , Prico 85 cents per bott)o-*flJK> nor •* ^ dress REEVES' AMBROSIA DBWT, . f T'«'S74mO . 62 Fulton Street, New .Vf»> w T' E KORAVIKO can be done at bEAP\ *, HAM'S,notwithstanding tAfy wi',\* 1 \ done in Dansville. r ILET ARTICLES csn alwaysUfro^ ' • • A. M- AND£RS0S A CO?

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