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iesve'me here » little, g* to chicken and Moselle! Uar* nM a***,an* 5 «1 M 8 y^irVanit-^ J*£'th*ro ring the luncheon bell, •fie** pl»«*;amj in the greensward as of old tb*» t\; %hooips are,'ehiek,' '* \ ,a **\•» jjjaare'Lftrat met Amy Thornton, and I voted her •••\duck.\ •Any Thornton! I caa.. see aer; with? asr laeMei raised te strike, •And her ItltUfoot plsced deftly la th* attitude I 1 -like. \Many a morning when the'.dew-fooVe'rtfd , , , been chased ,away by daw*,, , • ... DidHookenA»rTboc«U>n nsoriag slowly o'er the !»»\•' , . Many a mora, Iaaw.her tr*«*es fcirly fluting on t the wind, ,,, r And I blesied her for her <rWf**\«» U lightly hung behind. Then about the lawn I wandered, with my Amy ^~\4Mt>t»poont r u \- — ' • And I made * k**p of jonneta, full of ''loves\ and \stars'* and \moon*.* ' la the spring the lawa wai shaven clone as any fttne spring rhy youthful fancy lightly turned to Amy T. And I said, \Bewitching Amy, tell me'mid thia croquet play, Bhtllwe go through life together, aa we went thro' hoops to-day I\ Then ih«,lfc£k|#wUh lyeijwhoi} splspdor>eemnd io »hoot onertirough and through, \If I find no richer auitor, why then I'll put u p with you.\ Many a morn wo played together, while my friends did nought but scoff, Di\ ihe played \looso croquet\ with me, and began to \take two off.\ <f tipAm^, 'r*ptl|e;henrted, no to put rislna tl^, dtlfe,horrid hpops^and malleUI 0 the' wrelcheii balls and sticks I Falser than the falsest partner in tho middle of a gsmo\ Musing two hoopi|ia succession, andlnsansed at ' bearing blttme. It li well to wish thee happy, croquet games with me were sweet, Ca*^^i».jlpyej avinanji wh«o TnaJIft only hit* his clumsy feet I Vet It shall be. You will lower to the lovol of his piny, And the df.ilsp***fy#uf e^qucti will be lessened day.byday'.l ' ' - 7 * ' > With my mlellectual optics I look scorn upon your game, OfjjfM tb-irjy.feeble\durerVT-iwell h>- rnejits such a name. Hirk.mv laughing cousiqs call mo, and I leave the fatal place, While from lawn and garden slowly fades tho faith- lesn Amy's face. '• Tho Mirror of tho Times. , ^y.Tro»junaoi lorip great rocl boon' smitten, and 'runnlne nr SOMETHING_FQll A HOT DAY. THK following wn think one of tho most beautiful sketches of tho f»nninl and talent- ad writer—tho. prlnco of word-pnintora—• B F. TAYXOR? •/There is.pretty good authority for say­ ing that Ufo i» ft fitful fovcr; tvnd so it is. perhaps, thnt among tbo sweetest recollec­ tions is that of tho placo whoro wo used to get water. Thoso cool shady spots in tho far summer days, with theirrgreen mossy; brinks, ev*r^ brimming, or lh» p'uro'element gushing k tlialhud ig nmong tho ledges and over tho grasses, with a tinkling sound of jny t and a quiet murmur of con­ tent—such arc tho places that however wo may drink from marblo fountains now, tin- apul goes back to all along tin ough Ufa's jouflity—goes back and alia-*down-«hd*r the shadow, nnd dips up tho water in the hollow of tlio hand, and ii made ycunger and stronger again. Perhaps tho first placo you remember, Is sees, the old,jKMncBlo«d wn« » cabin, and you went for wn^cr,to a. spring down in th« meadow, and closo in tho edge of tho corn. Htricklod outbetwee'n the fingcr-Uko roots of a great Maple, and a little bnsin had been hollowed out for i t in the earth, and grtvol as whito HS pearls had been gtrown in it, and a littlo border of sand bad been (irawn around it, and there it made a small music by iuolfthrbngh thenummer hours, ^^^ifce.m^ofjpu as.iT tbc rooU.wcr.e Ihe ftngars of a groat hand,that had lot go their grasp upon the treasure they W J>]£ holding, and there it trickled away between etery two of them, and ran down into the bowl that tho earth was patiently holding. And what a nic.c, noiseless path it was, ti«t wandir'ed: io' gracefully clown to it, between the tall grass; for it was not straight and angular, but so easy and nat­ ural to walk in, and a model for evory- \body's motion in lifo. ficsido it you ro- wamber the Dandelions grow in their sea- i son, when God coined them out of tho now gold of tho Spring, and strewed them lav- •Uhly along, as though a purso had »ome- bow become undone, at a fairy went down to a Maple. What clusters of curls you made o y ut of the stems, and how nicely tho itongfo ran through the HlMo cylinder of *ttt«rnessl And as the season went oh, t'twv the old gray.,baads,, ana away thoy i each fibro with a lifo in it, for even did not fal\,tp t .tb^e«jtb ; without His lotica, who sot\'them oeiido tho meudow \lends they\were anctvery^ humble with- »li—but, thea. how caa we tpajre tbcm out '^\^aS^rbU'hd'theSpring'lhilt'the cbll- •^fen u?ed,to,gnther to tell stories, of turn- MtrWenlngs, when the air wns full of the titter of swallow?, and tho tinkling herds C9«e>home to thq milking. Tht'ro Cinderella, and Jack the Giant Killer and •tbe 'Mfcwi-Story,\ and tales Of Ohoata were •recounted o'e, ^ 4 0 . er) 0V(?r and Rnon !n . terrupua.by.samMi*ttle. fellow in*, rifled •draas, .wbo^ad treasured up the adventur/a ^+ro©ma-, r '«ro Ur> a. l ), <> ^ <>u|e and roundel tttUus^'^witkva ..let j,» toll on* nowjf th»n doiing off to sleep, at fulllongtb upon' b »»k grass, bis round red cheek preasad clow •i, j ,1, I til. t Jl>k ill. N OT1CJE Ti> fclljM>ITOR».— In pumuancn of *n, orter^W-^loifon^Mubbara^CoaMit/, Judae of ,h« Co««ty •( XiiT|*«*4oi», and aha.aeatMUi ia »uoh CMa.mad. aad.proTklyd, all p «T «oa< h«r- voL.,m ra- I But you grow overall • — - \ \ ~ w ivn^aw vav member^—tha^used -to qome t,he the nfilghbSP^Jfter water,**^rj«rfc, to the cold earth thltfwVftln, and tho Spri'ng'came other memories. Who wm» it—do you re- ero from w did it happen that you were almost alwaya there when she camot t^b.|T/*£ und«r tbo moon­ light, besido tho Spring that kept on with its murmuring, as though it hoard never a word you talked with long pauses between, of yesterday, but chiefly of to-morrow.—• But there- was danger in tho pauses, and danger in tho moonlight, but greater tlian all, in tho light of her eyes. Tho dreams by the Maple are sweet to remember, but then there's something missing every­ where. You have grown old, and como to be a grandfather, but then the gjrlyou loved to meet at tho Spring—wouldn't you llkoto meet her, though you hardly duro own it? Better not, for *Ae is old too, and for nil tho glad carol shn 'hud, whon she tripped down tho path with her pail< her voice has a quaver in it ,}npd iho $.toppa as sho walks and in fact hifg boeif'youWger by many a year; for \Grandma\ has taken tbo place of tho- \Ellen\ you used to breatho »o toftW by'lWr^'r-le; 1 ™V~ ' i *JK A beautiful place it is to mako lovo—by an old fashioned Spring, and--we never blamed Jacob'-Milei* hij r aimple heart!— for marying Rachel, though she was his fjrnt cousin, since it all camo^about at the Old well at Haran. Bui 16 thlnk-he would kiss her, and then weep out loud I Time went on, .and the new houso that everybody is going to build, was completed, and tho new well sunk near tho house, and tho old spring' ysfsfaoldota' visited. The leaves of tho maple'floated upon its surface undisturbed, a frog sat upon its broken margin unmolested, and tho voiceless water trickled away over the green. A squirrel who lodged in tho tree, sat for hours upon tho projecting root, and rattled tho shells of beechnuts down into the water. The path was grown over with grass and even tho maplo showed signs of dying at tho top. But the new well had n curb and a sweep nivl an iron bound bucket, nnd they in turn grew old, nnd tho sweep turned gray, and tho bonrds were covorcd with moss, and the now like tho old becamo a universal re­ sort. The bjeket wns a very willing one, nnd cn'me up brimming nnd trembling with ita cool sparkling trensuro to the smallest hnnd of us all; biit tho poising It on tho curb wns nn art tox>o lenrned. Did you evor wonder thut Woodworth found in­ spiration in an \old oaken bucket,\ when in a glowing sumn-er's day, all nntnrolny panting and silent in the sun, and the dusty yellow road scorned to quiver with heat, ns far ns you could sco! Thoy may talk as they wilt nbout goblets ,of crystal and silver, but the sweetest of draughts aro thoso that were taken from tho curbbal • nnccd bucket of old. All day long some- thing ali,Tf -,wj »«^end,}n* thitbor; the-men from trio fic'ldVtrfo horses frhmHhe plon'gh. the chickens from tho co'ps, the birds from heavpn, tho chlldjejn /rom tba noigljboring school. ' Tho round young faces wo used to sec when wo loaned over the curb' puzzled us some, nnd tbo queer-sounding voices we hpardfWhep .we^allt^ out .tn^the jShu4pwy faces will puzzle nobody again, for tbo face in tho well grows old liko tbo rest of tho world. Lean over tho curb for it moment and look ; a patch of blue heaven has fal­ len therein, and the bows of a cloud just border its edge, and thcro in tho midst, a strnngo wrinkled face looks nt you again, nnd a strange wrinkled hnnd is extended to yours. Truth always lay in the bottom of a well, they any, and Time has gone down to bear it company. liim i, DANSyiLLE, N. Y., THURgDAY, JUNE 23 t 1866. NO.310. MORE SQUIBOB8. —What kind of braces do ladiea prefer t ;T iWhenU a-man thinnor tb*n a, lathe! W ,hon bo'a a shaving. • •,^ .. . '.—How doe* tho hmir-drMaer and his days? Ho curls^up^nd dyes. t T 'lifWhy are-the nrTOwV' : of'- Cujiid like'a man in an ague \fit T< ^Because tbjey are all in a jMitw. . .... • — \Pa what is meant by r»# recruiti ?'•' \It meant soldiors who have not stood fire, 1 my »on.\ y # v - , V j — ( \I go through ray wbrk,\ ai tho neodlo said'to the Idle boy. \But not until you , arohurd pusbod,\ as the idle boy'said to tba necelleiH .- A.'mn'n'otit west says h'o'rtioVod io often during one year, thnt whenever a covered wagon stopped at tho gate, his chickens would fa^l-jQn their backs »nd hold.up their feet in order to 1 bo'tlcd and throwh in. —A purlizan paper tnyf: ••It is a mis- tiike-thait the (opposite) party playrupori a harp of a thousand strings. Tho orgun of that party is a lyre.\ —\What flower of beauty shall I marry,\ asked a young spendthrift of his governor; grim 8 HOW TO SAVE YOUR TEETH. MR. BKECUKR , who is something of a physiciac us well as theologitt, farmer, ed­ itor, author, lecturer and reformer gener­ ally, snys:— \Our teeth decay, hence bad breath, un­ seemly mouths, imperfect mastication.— Everybody regrets it. What is the cause? It is a want of cleanliness. A clean tooth never decays. The mouth is a warm placo —ninety eight degrees. Particles of meat between tho teeth decompose Gums and toethv P>.u .8t '•iirffeji.tj Cj ^anUneo* wiM pro> servo the teeth to an old ago. 'Use a quill pick, and rinse the mouth after eating; brush and whito castile 6onp every' morn- i.ng; the brush with pure water .on retir­ ing. Bestow this trifling qaro upon your precious teeth, and you -will keep them and ruin tho dentists. Neglect jt, and you will bo sorry nil your lives. Children forget. Watch them. The Aral teeth determine tho ohurnctor of tho gcoond set. Givo them equal caro. , \Sugar acids, hot drinks, saloratus, are nothing compared with food deooinposihg betweeh\'thVteeth.'i: Mercury may loosen the teeth, use may wear tbem out? but ke «p them clean, and they will never decay.*— This ndvice is worth more than a thousand dollars to every boy and girl. Books have been written on tho subject. This brief article contains all that is essential.\ IT is said that in New South Wales an old maid is a much rarer animal toan a, black swan. It is assertod that the fair emigrants from England roceivo offers of marriage .though spMkUffJru^peU. be­ fore they ln'na'frorrfw shtpr(''rrJd ir the accepts tho proposal, *ho signifies by hold­ ing up tho finger on whioh she expects the wedding ring to bo placed. IT has beon stated by Prof. Faraday that the total quantity of oxygen dally in­ quired fo*-l^''w^l^w*^lf«A 000,000 lb*., or 7,142,857 tons. Co wjjichjthe govor/ior replied, .with t\ gr! HmfiV»'Mari-goldt ,,r • \ i' V J * —'A correspondent of tho Syracuse Jour­ nal suggests taxing thieves and pickpock­ ets ten per cent, on all property taken. —Mr. A. J. Davis, tho voluminous wri­ tor on Spiritualism, snyj thnt \tho spiritual world ismadefrorn life-points sent outfrom tho chemical coalition of tho planots.\ —Talking with tho editor of an evoning journal, Quilp inquired : \What is tho use of your .second.edition, coining..a$ it does ao *6on. aftor;Hhoireguliir Issue'!.\ \Use.!\ replied tho candid editor, \Why to con­ tradict tho telegraphic dispatches in tho flrst edition !\ Quilp caved incontinently, and con fussed* thnt ho saw it. —A loafer' called at one *f tho olngant residences at tho South End, in Boston, a day or two ngo. and nsked for money.— \Wo hnvn't a cent,\ he was told. \Ah ! is that so?\ said he, putting his hand in his pocket, \oblige mo by accepting this three cent bit.\ —\Now my littlo boys and girls,\ said n teacher, \I want you to bo very still—so still that you can henr u pin drop.\ For n minulo all was still, when a littlo boy shrieked, \Let her drop!\ —Never look nt tho girls. Thoy can't bear it; thoy regard it ns nn insult. They Wt'nr their feathers, furbelows nnd frills merely.to gratify their mammas, that's alh — An analyzing dumo reports that she has heard of but ono old woman who kissed her cow, but she knows of mijny thousands of young ones who havo kissed vory great cn1 ves. —\I'm afraid you'll como to want,\ said an old lady to a young gentloman. \I 'hnvo come to want already,\ was the re­ ply, \I want your daughter.\ —A pert little girl bonsled to one of her young friends thnt hor \futhor kept u car. riago.\ \Ah but,\ wns tho triurrtphunt reply, \my father drives nn omnibus.\ J -r'M\ Yori Grumpach, ti Eurbpoun savant hits broached a now theory relative to tho ah ape of tho enrth. Uo belioves that it has not tho figure of nn ornngi>, but of n lemon. Well, mo.it people find it m'oro sour than sweet. ''— Ono of Gough's stories is * neat hit a t thoso dilatory people who aro always be­ hind timo. Somo one SHld to a person of this class, \I sco you belong to the throc- handed people,.\ \Threo handed ! thnt's rather uncommon.\ \Oh no, common onough—two hands likoolhor people—and a little behind hand I\ —A person in public company accusing tho Irish nation with being the most un­ polished in tho world, was mildly answered by an Irish gcntl man, that \it ought to be-otherwise, for tho Irish met with bard nibs enough to polish any nation upon enrth.\ —A' poor tailor, dunning for an old debt tho other day, wrote as folows: \Dear Jim—This littlo account has beon standing sovon yearr, and,! think it is high time it was paid.\ To which Jim replied on tho same jheot of papor, while Ship's boy- was waiting: \Dear Sam—I don't; and mHj* a littlo difference of opinion novor niter friendship.\ .What n splendid diplomatist Snm would havo mnde. • GAUSK or Tire BLUB COLOH or rjit SKY. —It is goncrally supposed that tho blue color«pf.tho sky is due .to . moisture in - our n^tnios\j;hcrc and the idea seems to bo corj- flrlrfcdjby theintensity of tl\e color during tho moist w.euthqftof .summor, when com­ pared with tbeskyor thomoredry weather of winter. It has recently been shown by Professor Cook, of Cambridge, in a paper r,ead to tho American Academy of Arts and Sciences, that this view is correct.— J^ba* foundby'pieans of tho.spectfoscope,' a-;very delicate instrument of analysis, by w.hi.ch . the - r^o«,t rr rajnilto substanoes, 'even when at a dUtanbe, 1 o'm bo detected, thnt tho Hqueons vapor of the'jR^ittoaphere. ab- so.rb^irioft {^wcrlTullJ thiyel'Iow^ •hd.jTod rayj cmKnuting from the sunv leaving,the' bluo rnysfo^bo transmitted,-nnd thus ac-. ociuhUiig'foriiho color of tho sky. The in­ strument als .0' proves that the oolor is due to airnpla abanrp^ion of these . rayaVby tho wator, and not to_ repoated reflection! jfrom; the surface of an infinity of 'drops, at has been*supposed.. • *' • ' +«->--i' ! •'Oca \devil*? wanting to kisa his sweet­ heart .the .othor d'ay, asked berHherfollow-' J$C« '^^j?^?.* , eH ^ I bat* tba pleasure of fixing myjlmpnrit'on your 'bill !' \U ^To' wbtci' she mod'aitfy r*pliad.; r »YjM. { y<>u can, if no one wll) see H.\ For the freeex^retiilon^ o^HWttlsT ThiurhUis at iaur Maatow. . Wa'ta I hear trie waWa tif (Hag,\ ' When I see the chestnut leltinc All her lorel^ blo»»om« ( falterdown^I think, • , ' '»Ala», the day!\ \ Once, with magical sweet sihiilnf,' Blackbirds set the woodlanil ringinf, That awakes no-more while April keura waar them- aelvei away. - , In our hearts fair hope lay tmlllaf,. Sweet at air, and all beguiling; ' And there hung a rrilst of Mue-bells on the ilepe and down the'detl;' Ant! we talked of joy and splendor,' That the years Wborn would render— . And the blackbird* helped ui with the story, for they knej» it.well. , ( ',' Piping,fluting,\Qee»«ra humming, April's here and «ummot*a coming ; Don't forg«t us wliea: you walk, a man with men, in pr.do and joy i Think on us in alley* shady ' When you step a graceful lady; • For no fairer days hare we to hop* fori HtUa girl and'boy.\ \Laugh and play, O lisping waters, Lull our downy sons and daughters; Come, O wind, and rook''their leafy cradle In thy wanderings coy. When they wake 1 we'll end the measure With i wild, jjweet cry of pleasure/ v And a *Hey down derry, let's b« merry, 1 little girl and boy I' \ , HOME CONVERSATION; \ CIIILDKKN hunger pprpotually for .ideas, and the must pleasant way of reception is by tho,voice and ear, not the printed pago. The ono mode is natural, tbo other is arti­ ficial. Who would not,ratber listen than road ? An audienco will.liiton plosely I rom the- beginning to the end of an address which not one in twenty of those present would read with the same attention. This is emphatically true of children. They will learn with pleasure from the lips of parents what they deem drudgery to study in the book; and even if they have the misfor­ tune to bo deprived of the educational ad­ vantages which thoy destro, they cannot fail to grow up intelligent If thoy enjoy in childhood and youth the privileges of listening dnily to tho conversation of in­ telligent people. Lot paronts, t|ien, talk well at home. PANSIKS 1 ritoM TUB ARABIA* DESERT. —I should liko to bo her white,robe, to protect hor from tho cold ; I should like to bo her red slippers, to save her from the thorns nnd brambles; or, belter still, tho oarlh itself, to feci her treading on ray chunks. Yen, sho is. a woman sont from Paradiso. If you, sei) her you aro mad for her; if sho leaves you, you dfeof tho part­ ing. Old man, never marry a young girl, even wero her teeth pearls, and her cheeks bo- quels of roses. Sho would spend all your property, and bury you in a rush mat. Exactly as you judge of tho condition of a vossol from its sound, so you may form an estimate of a man from his language. A sugo has said: Whenever I find'myself in a man's protonce, ho inspires me with a certain degree of respect until be hasopeood his mouth. If I find him oloquent and wiso, my rospect increases ; but if I can diseovor in him noithor judgment nor in­ telligence, he lo»es,Hll consideration in my oyes. SKLV-LOTB .—-Tlie motives of tho best ac­ tions will not bear too strict an inquiry.— It is allowed that the cause of most actions good or bad, may be resolved into the love of ourselves, but tho solf-lovo of somo men inclines thorn to plcnse others; and tho solf-lovo of others is wholly employed in pleasing! themselves. This makes the great distinction between virtue and vice. LIT a mnn live as long as be will, the flrst thirty years of his lifo ,will always seem tho longest, and the daily routine of after years pass liko tho sounds of a clock, whilo tho hands on tho outside and the. movements within mark the passago of timo to others, till tho weights have run down and tho pendulum stands still.. •I II AVE now disposoi of all myproporty to my family; there is one thing,more I wish- I cou'.d give them, and that is the Christian religion. If they had this, and I had not given them one shilling, they would be rich ; and if they bad not that, and I had given them'all tho world, they- would be poor.— From Patrick Henry's WUL \ , • r w j ,i - -A ITAMH10N8 K'OR lSMM, > Bradley's : Duplex Elliptio • ' • W m'0vmtm tfMMjrm imimTi [ W ILL ! «ot Bi >nd; or; Break; like the sini I spring*. - They are b*th Durable, Eeonori.. cal, aad Stylish, and,will preserve their perfect and beautiful shape where other skirt* are thrown aside aauselert. - 7 • 1 WESTS, BRADLJ5T* CART.' ,r ' S7 ChambersaU.,N.T.I ' AOEWTS \WAMTXD TOR 4 \, The Camp; twe Battle Field & the Hospital, 01 UfilTUIl UIHWIM TU 81UT1IIILUM S PLENDIDLY llluatratsd with over 100 fine Por, trait* and beautiful engraving*. Th e Valiant and, Hrave Hearted, the P.ktureeqe and Dramatic, the'Witty and Marrelous, the Tender and Pathet­ ic, the Roll of Kerne and Story, Camp. PiekeU 8py, Scout; Birouad, and Siege; SUrtling. Surprise*. Wonderfal Eacspes, Famous Words aad Deed* of Woman, and the whole Panorama, of the; War are thrillWtly portrayed In a maiterly manner, at once llistoricsl and Romantic, rendering It ihe most ample, brilliant and readable book that the War HAS called forth.- Send for circulars ano* see our term*.- Addre**, NATIONAL PUULISHINO CO., 607 Minor 8t.; Philadelphia, Pa. L UMBEKean be.aeasoned in from two to four dayn.by Bulkley'* Patent; at an average coat •I #1 per N. from the green'. . For.circular or in­ formation address C. H, BULKLEY, No. 2 Case Building,Cleveland,Ohio; •' • - '.n A WENTS Wanted everywhere, local and travel- Ing, mate and female. Steady employment HIB year round. No capital required ; business entirely new. light and d««lrahl«. . far, particulars addrexs COMKUH A Co., Brooklyn, N. EMPLOYMENT. 2 .000 A YKARandall expanses. I want Agent* male and frmale. in every County in the uired State*, to introduce a New .Invention, one or the'greateat Achievement* or American Science. For furtnerparticuUra addre** with stamp; W.O. WILSON, Cleveland, Ohio. . , THE SECRET OUT I. ,i f - Over 2000 Things Worth Knowing. I NFORMATION orPricele** Value to Everybody. 8ent poalpald for 60 cent*.—Three copie* $t^- Addrejs '•UNJON BOOK ASSOCIATION,\ Syra- ouse, N. Y. \Perry Davis' Vegetable Pain Killes. TI1E GREAT FAMILY MEDICINE OF THE AGE. P AIN KILLER, taken internally, should be adulterated with milk or water.and sweetened with sugar if desired, or made Into a'ayr.up with molasses. For a Cough, af«w drapa on sugar eat­ en will be more effective than anything el»o, For Sore Throat, gargle the throat with a mixture of Pain Killer and water, and relief I* immediate and the cure positive. It should not be forgotten that.the Pain Killer,I* equally as good to take internally, as to use ex­ ternally. Each bottle is wrapped with full direc­ tion* for its use. PLEASE READ THE PRINTED DIRECTIONS 3 rjMEonly X. CHOLERA, 'LIABLE Medicine for curing IjYSENTERY, , and - DIARRHOEA, Both recent and chronic, in all ease*, from Inlan. cy to Old Age, ;i» Foagate'n Anodyne Cordial. In leKtimony ofthis-SUtement, »ee Certificates of Physicians, and ether\Patrons' accompanying each Bottle. Sold hy Drtigitista generally, and by TUTTLE A CO., 1S2Fulton 8t„ Ncw-York. A RE yeu Lame, Crippled or Deformed, or have you or your nclghbera boy or girl lame with contracted limbx or curved spine, or crooked feet or wenk or pnralyxed limbs nr.ankle*, who- are en­ tirely hcl plea* or are obliaedto eraepror vvwalk' with crutches.or whom limbs are ahortcnedtor crooked, or drawn up, or w|io walk on the toe*,'or whono,ankles roll overor turn inward,or whehave crooked knees from white dwelling or norolula or injury, or whodirrtp from,hip.dlfncultyT- To aavo such' frorrj a life of misery will you not write a let­ ter giving thn promlnrnt points of the case, and receive in return a circular, free ef charge, whloh may be the mean* orsavine them! If so, addre** Dr J. P. MANN, No. 23 West Forty-first atroet, Nuw York. \Or. TannerV' German Ointment. HISS \celebratedd dfintment\-.Jan the- best remedy T HI \celebrate ofi in ihe world fot^infls body aliould try it. thn grave. TUTTL Fulto-n street, NVw gl»t* generally. Dr. and manufacturer,* ammatorydisease*.' Every- Jt ha* cared thOUfnad* ffom K A CO.. General Agents, 192 |V\ork and for »nlo by Drug- Joa.f K. TAXMsa, the'- inveetur ill re*idVs at Jordan, N. Y. W h would call the attention of all sufferer* from Sick Headache, 8our Stomach. Dyspopsia. Dixxinesa, UillouS Headache. Indigestion, ('ostive- ness, ActoTarrainS'a KSr*rreae«Mt geltxer AsMrUstt aa the best Remedy known~fbrthe above and slsalhtr complaints. Bold by all Drug gists. , a. M.TBIOVI/'•'*.V*:.. T HE old and popular agent for flrst-clasa Bew' Ing Machines, ba»ju»t introduced the.; ,^ , ~. SIKSSKaX KAMrACTCIIKO CO'i NEW STYLE SEWING MACHINE TIsC Best Machine eyer IHTcnted, And peculiarly adapted for all klnda of family work.; \•- - ' I -:• \ ; ! \ tOr; Call and see it at the Clothing Emporium of April M, ISM. G. B. RICE. 901. GROVER t BAKER'S CILIBRATED FIRST PRXUIUK' ,fl, '. f '' r - '. ' F4MIEIT ' *'{ '' '''\ : ' ' SEWING MACHINES!! O FFICE or Grover k Baker 8ewlng Mschltie Co., ; .*t W.7. Larue * Co.'s Jewel.)y, House, Main Street, one door north of the Bank of Danxville Dansvillf. N. Y. . , I . The Public are invited to call and examine Ma­ chines, j ^ ,-2B*| W. J.LA RUEi* CO.. Acent*. G. H. RICE,' AGENT FOR i VHEELEE:& WILSON'S, tl NCER 4V CO'8, And other First Class Sewing Machines, I - DANSVrLLK,N;Y. M ACniNES'eold a» Manufacturer*^, price*, de­ livered in complete-running.order, and In- ktrucilons given to operate them. »a_ Headouarter* nt the Clothing'Emporium, where machines can be seen in operation. , 303 t The Old and Responsible 13. LE'AR Kteaan Famey DYING AND; SCOURING KSTABLI9HMKBIT, T-so Hundred Yards Kor\hbf tkt Ntie^-Fork Ctnlrtil fiailroad^Dtpol, -t- O N MILL STREET, COft. OF PLATT 8TREKT.- (Brown's.Race.) Rochester, N. Yi Tha repu-. lation of thi'fl Dye house since 1828 hns induced other* to counterfeit our signs, checks, 'and busi­ ness curds, and even the cut of- our.' building, to mislead lii'tt\puMic ' ' \ «-NO (CONNECTION WITH ANY SIMILAR EST.A ULISH M ENT.\Ca crape. Urochc.Cahlimere and Plaid.Shawls, and all bright colorfcd .Silks and Merinocs. scoured without Injury to the color*. Also. LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S GARMENTS SCOURED or COL= OREL) without ripping, nnd pressed nicely.. Silk. Wool or Cotton'Gnoda ofeviry description, dyrd nil colors, nnd Hnishqd with neatneaa and dis> patch orr very rcn^onnhlo terms, . Goods dved Black'uvcry.Tlinraday. *»- Gf>6DS RECEIVED AND RETURNED BY EXPRESS.- ' • Ilillsi collected b;' Expross Company. Address D. LI CAR V, Mlll-st., cor.of Plntl-Rt., 301 \ - Rochester, N. Y. Ur, lata of .the town of. North D»wiv)ll*7f« *aU •unty, daceaaed, are required to•xliWlJh* •«•>• with the, voimher* in support thereof; 'to the un­ designed, administrator with > will; annexed!. •( said deeeAsed at the re» ,d vne«.»f the.undeMlgrisal la thstowJjofNc/lh..DansrlII*,.ln said County.,**! or;.before th* 2Uh day of D«cemb«r,,lBe*.~rjU(S4 K\m« ' Administrator with Will fo'neg,^ ] XTOTICK TO C*KDITOH*.4Parsuant l U ll- an order of Solomon HubUrd, County Judga of the County of Llylngslon. Notice ts hereby •iV' en to all. persons having claims against Kenry 3t«y*nsIaUof tha Towfc of v We»t Sparta, LlvlBg*- toa County,State ofifew York, deceased, to'i'*s- sent theaame wjth.the vouchers thereof to the ttrP deralgnedat hi*resld*nce Inlhetown of MU jtor- ri« ln'sald County, or to John.Wllklnaoh, at hi*: of­ fice in the vlllig* or Dan* vllle. In said County,' or before tha.first day'or August, 1806. DaUd^ariiao^gCtf. ':....,: '. . - gAMllELE.8TEVEN8, ' * ,' ' Administrator. N OTIOB TO CRKDITORI.-ln pnrinanos or an order of Solomon Hubbard, Judxe of tha County of Livingston, and or the statute In : such eaae made and provided, all persons having claim* again*t the estate 1 or Barna J. Chap'ln,- lau of the town or North Dansvilie, In said County, de- ceaaed,are required 10 exhibit the same with th* vouchers in support thereof, to John A. Van Deri I p, one.of tne admlnlflrators of the said es­ tate, on or before the 10th day of August, ISM. f \ DaUd F*b.Hh,l«*e.' \ • • - '1 HARRIET J. CHAPTN, ' 1 CONRAD WELCH; JNO.A.VANJ>ERLIP, ' \• ;• • \Administrators N OTICK TO CRKDlTORSJ .^Pursuant i* an order of Solomon Hubbard, County Judg* of th* County «f Llvlngxton.iand of the atatut* 7a such caa* made and provided,.all persons having claims against the «sute. of Owen Kldd, dec«a**o, late of the town or North Danaville in said ••unty, are required,to exhibit th* same with, th* voucn- er» in support thereof, to Mrs, Mary K(dd, at her residence ln>sld town,,on or before th* tth'day ofOotober.lsM. , Dated March 27,18M. 297m« MARYKIDD, Adrolnlstratlx. A T A •CKROGATJC'S COURT held In snd for th'e County of LlvingMon, nt tlie Surro- gHte'a office In the ylllago'or Norttl Dansvilie. on theioth day of May, 18C8—present] Hon.8.Hub­ bard, Surrogate. w In the matter-of tha applleatton sf Jostn' Ki|», Administrator, Ac, of: ASIOAL KOSLS, deceased. Intestate, for anthotlty to mort­ gage, lease or fell the real estate of said in­ testate, for the payment of her debts. I On' reading and filinjt the petition of Joseph Kldd. administrator of all and singular the goods, chattel* and 'credits' ol Abigat \Fogle.-late of th* town of North Dansvilie, Coiiniy of Livingston, deceased, intestnle, tor authority to mortgsve, lease or sell the real estate of the said int«stfi|efor the payment of her, debts, l]t. Is ordered that all persons interested H'the estnte of the said, Abigat Fogle, deceased, appear- before the Surrogate of the Conn'tvof Livingston, at his'office in the village orNorth' Dapsvllle aforesaid, on the 14fh day of July, 180S, at 10 o'clock in tho forenoon of that day; then and thero loshow'cau'se why authority shoufd not be given to tho said admloistratorto mortgage, lease or sell so much of the real eslaU of th* said' Abigal Focle.1 deceased, as shall be necessary t* pay lier doVta. 8. UUBI3ARD, t -. 305wfl Countv Judge. S CPRKMK COURT.— LIVINGSTON COVH> TY. -. . . - . IsM; scribe' west lands (and* Green Mount Cemetery. MARBLE WORKS Z \Vl/'E. the undersigned, having entered Into part: TT ' neryhti) ID th* Marble business, and having MAN^,YEARS .EXPERIENCE as practical workmen, would announce to the in hi peri two doorw south of Angoll A HallVDry Good* store hftiiitantkof Dansvilie and surrounding country, thai we h,ave opened a MarblnShopon-Maln street, D O you want Luxuriant Whisker* or Mous tachofsf We will send tax* by mall a r*eelpi tor making* compound which will foroe them to grow on the smoothest race.or.hair on bald head*. Address REKVE8 A CO., 78 Nassau SU, New-York RUPTURE CURRD! W HITE'.S PATENT LEVER TRUSS I* war ranted to cure Rupture radically The Pow­ er 1* made Stronger or Weaker at pleasure, b clmply turning'a screw. N* pressure on tha.BacI or Chord. Enquire of the principal Druggist* ev cry wh«re, or at Hi* office of ,1 1 1 \WHITEJS PATENT LEVER TRUSS CO.,\ 909 Broadway, New York* PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEW ,OF IN the depths of the sea tho waters are still; tho heaviest itriof is' that borne in silence; tho deepest love flows th rough'tb'e J eye and touch ; tho \purest joy <s unspeak­ able; the most impres'sivo prayer is si lent, and tho most solemn projacher at aj funeral is tho silent ono whose ljps are cold. u»- , I • .-• Ix a man deceive-thee, trust him not again; if he insults thee, go away from him; if ho strikes.,thee, then thrash him, like all smoke. If. you have lost .your credit, bo industrious and you wiJI regain IT it lw) perilous to disappoint friends in thuir just demands; It is- ten times more dangerous to encou'raga enemies by\ en­ deavoring to conciliate thsra by any sac­ rifice of principle, ii ' • * MAINTAIK dighltjr-.witbout tha appear- anoe of prido; man.per is.'aoiirlethinf with everybody, and evorythin'g 1 wtih; i'omei-— Biikcm MiddUton. .1 I PROMISE never! to publish a single ^pa-^ p>ir which\is^not^writtenj-ln : tae sp4rlt o*?- benevolence and wiCb alaya of mankind. DoCTMifi-li' noi&jijjr; b^t ^°Wtli •of''! youth set op and staffed,—J—cAsr, MARRIAGE confining nearly JOO pages, and 130 flnnptate engravings ortlie Anatomy-of. th* Human Organa in a state or Health and Dis*aae, with aTreati^on Early Errors, It* Deplorable ConHequeaocsiipon th* Mind and Body, with the Author* Plan of Treatment—the only rational and successful mode of Cure, as shown by the report of cases treatad.- A truthful adviser to the married, and thos* con tnmplattng marriage, who entertain doubts of their physical condition. Ht-nt fre* of postage to any nddrcsfc on receipt of 25 cents, in stamp* or postal currency, by addressing Dr. LA CROpC, No.91 Maiden Lane, Albany, NVY. The author may b* consulted npon anv of th* disease* upon which, his hook tj-cata. Medicine *ent t*_any part|Of the world. 90& D RVITKARD STOP I—DR; BEERS, No. 61 ChaUiicySt., Boston, cures, every case of in*, toinperarif 0 iryou will follow directions. Thou- sands ara blessing him. Inveatigate arid you will be satisrled. Call or send stamp for a circul.ir, ,lt i* harmless, and can bo given without the knowl­ edge of the pHtieat. F 808_ A. S. SANDS Ac CO., WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS, NBW TORS. , . COVELLE '8 SILVER-PLATE P O I. IS HI N C P O W D E R ! js«r i/tsafSf-MS rMt*r(»|- IA< '•Wg -toa/ \ 'V\ •r IS< trfria J>*>/<*Jt (• Um44JHtm*r, W*4**l aVe^J*, nr, Mnrmitht* Jtttmli, m imt* *Vfa**, *#.,'aT «.r '\< : JT**»*lr c JPi R ECOMMENDED by TISSANT A-Co., of New York, as being superior to~any poHshlrlgpow­ der -th*y : ever used. Their - recommendation -is endorh«.d by all the flr't Jeweler* of the country,—. by all the Sewing Machine Companies, and by ev­ erybody who has used.it., Samples will be sent to any address on receipt *f athree'eent Stamp Tor roturn postag*. T.riders should send .feriprie* list. Address I Covxus PLAT * Powsxa Co^ No. 40 Studio BnlWirig, Be*to*ii Ma**;- •]'•-' emm rjtimm't\11rm jri rmm W ILt RewtofiOrmJl Hair to lta> *rl|tnal' eolor; Strengthen and prornot*:th* growth of, the weak**t hair: stop 1U fallingout; keep'th* head clean,oo*tand healthy; can-,b* «*edf;eely.5 con- tain* noti-.ingInjurious.; is unparalleled.** a.Hair Dresslhg'; and is r««wnmend*d and, used »y ou>' b«st Physicians. I assure you LadUs and 0 «s**S-. .rheh. it is' alt you require 'for th*1 Hair. 8e« by all Drugglsss.and at my pmce. No JlfflBs^way, New York. fARAH A. CHEyALlEJat M/D^',, B USINESS men wishing to /idrertiae ia uaj part of the country eaui' eend their orders to Mtmnh&XO., P.J-.RO'VVIL '^ *t OD.,\Kt>f 28 Ckmcrew Street, Boetoa, or 58 Cedar Street, Ke-w ToTir, who; are anthor- Usad to ao*\tra«t at Publish era' peioaei; Jbr all Rsmapapera issraed ia the twtt4 Btuiip 0? 9ri1*Mt yroriaoee. where we. will keep tlic Largest and Choicest Assortment •, : \ i : or Marble that can b * round In the country, con­ sisting *f \ MONUjtlENTS, IIEADSTOIVES, Karble Tablets, Tomb-Tables,, Cabinet , Slabs, Sinks, Paint Stones, Cemetery Post*,' ' Fixtures, tco Portland ' Also Brown • rot Free Stone When ordered—an artlcU.that cannot b* surpass ed for durability. < ' - • •'•*<) Pesons wishing to ercct.sultable memorial* for departed friends would consult their own interest by giving us a call, and examine our beautiful,d*-.. signs\ before purchasing elsewhere. j Plaia aad Ornameatal Carvins; executed In a style that will defy competition. Wo keep on hnnd none but th* -best material' and are determined to work it in th* > ,'M«Mt Artistic MRBaaer, So' that our customers will bfi'satlsfled. 5 \' 1 ' All work delivered and set ia Cemetery Fan of Casaos. s: O. CHASE, W. BRADLEY. B OOKS AMD GIFTai. . ; ' -, T J -i - t rOOD rOI THI MIND! \ If you want to buy a Boofc;, buy It o f ' E:' S. BROOKS '' At th* \METROPOLITAN; GIFT , BOOK ESTAB­ LISHMENT.\ No. 26 Buffalo St., Rochester, Where you can get any book that you may want. Book* in every department, or Literature. And f ou have the advantage orrocelyipg a. handsom* resent, worth .fromcents to $tOS,.which la gir r en with eaeh book. • :V ~'r'\ •3. All Books v *r* sold at : th*.publishers',pri- \i. And you cao *el*ct fri^m the largest stock ev- ofteredin thls-city,' including all the standard works, all description* of Album*, all the varie­ ties of Girt Book*, all'the styles of Bibles and Prayer Books, all th* -Hyma Books now,in use,iall the late publications, all kiad* or stationery. BOOKS for all classes-^ipbri all subjects—in * T- «ry style of binding, anal in endless wiety. , Remember, that-in purchasing book* ol E.'S. Baooxs, at the u Metrop«>ilt*>n Gift B*ok Store,\ yon -pay no more than you would at any other establish­ ment, aad yo* have the advantage or receiving a valuable ptesent with each book that you buy. agL'Oaei.'trial'will convince book-buyers thsl the pkiaete mak* their purchase, Is of, - - , nTV H ' j , E.8. BROOK8. ^At'th* MeVropelltan Gift B6ok : Store, ces er '.U M Buffalo st« Rochester.. LOZIER HOUSE, • , n CORNEfct MAIN ANP^OSSIAN ST^, fEatrance on Ossian 8tre*t, rear\ of th* -First Na tlonalBankf.) t ;!.«HU ; v.' -<.I. !'?••.. Hi.Wnfa, l^varlersar. - . W ARMAteal* at-all hours. le e Cream at all times during the season.. Good stabling for horse*.:'Prices lew, swd.aooonodations'.equai te' hebest. ' .) »*eyl G ENERA!,, AGENT, for all kind* of: Mnsieal MerehXn'd is*'. • Piano*, S)» .lodeoaV^and Cab!^ ,nwt OTfaasl fx»tBi»h*<i **!•** t^M rnan«u>*ur*r*' pries*. Orders or eeamuleaisoas by assil will reeelvearea*pisMerttsef. ' .vRTTS aA*f«Uit. i wk X. t- OM60D. CXAKtSS SaxrAKs * • •' \ AO 't v Tax DiKsmut SXMISAST and others., Uy ttrtne of a Judgment entered in this scti*e, n pursuxneo of an order made ata Special Term of this Court-held.'at the'Courtl Houseln Genesee on the Wd day of January, 186S, I shall sell at Pub­ lic Auction at the American JHotel in the village of Dentivillo, in the County of Livingston, on. the l 'th day of March. J8W, at 10 o'clock A.M .. the lollow- ing,described premises, vis: .\All that-tract or parcel or land situated 1tf the town orNorth Dana, villeaforesaid,and. bounded as follow*: On the north by lands of the said Shepard: cast by land* of S. W. Smith and said Shepnrd ; south by lnnd* of.the said 8mith, and west by a public highway known as Hemlnai y street, containing Ave acres of land'and being the same premises conveyed to the parly of the flrst part by Samuel W; Smith and wif« ana Charles 8h«pard and wife, in th* year ^ excepting therefrom the following d*- d portion thereof, vix: bounded on th* by. Seminary-street,--ndrlli and east \by or the s-'id-Bfiepard, and on tlie souih by ol the ssid Tho.- Dansvilie Seminary, being two rods in width and twcntv-Bix ,rods in length, being the n'orthcriv pnrt oHIie premises hereJnbe- fore described, containing, filty.t'wo rods el land, excepting and reserving a rlg)it ol way to.lh* said Tho IMnsville Seminary, across tho Inst'd*; scribed parcel ol land to the adjoining land* ol th* •aid.Tho Dansvilie Seminary. • , • . ' Dated. January 23d, 18W. - d '• j'..? ' - ••- ' V. a ClJASE, Sheriff.' ' ; - - Hy'D. Mtijtx, Dep't. VA » Dxaur A SaitB, Ally*, for Pill. >•.#.»• . The above sale is postponed till the Slst day. «f M nrch, 1805, at tne same plaoe and time or day. Dated;'March H, lWfl. ; -• • -•T,ClCHASE,.8herin\ ' - ! . by D. Muww. Uep'ty. '.,Theaboye sal* is postponed. till the'28th day ef April, lSee, St th* same placo and Urn* of day. Wed, March 2flth, life.' V ,. :-\ :\'•---••.' -..T .a CHASEV sheriff,.;';. - - '• ? ».'. by.D. %.-»k. Dep'ty; . Th* above sal* is postponed till tl<* 2etu day ( * f -May, 1*68, at th* sam* place and time of day.. L' •/ T. C. CHASE.Sheriff. by D. HVXM, Deputy. Dated, AprirsSd.lSeO:\ ^\ The above sal* is postponed till the 30th day ef June, 1866, at the aam* place and time oi day. ; 7.; , T .O .CHASE, 8h*riff, by D. Mv.tH, Deputy. Dated. May mh .jllM. . , The abovb sale Is postponed till the lith day ef Jmy, ISM, at the ssme'place and time cf day. ,\ • \ TTO ;CHASE. 8hertff, '' 1 by D. MOMS , Deputy. 1 - Dated Jane 28d,186«, \'. MEtgpEON$|FQR SALE\! | I irAVE.en,exhiblUen and ,for;ssle- at my°Art Gallery scv'«f»l fine. Molodeou* from th* cele­ brated manufactories <if ..; C ARH AST T NEEDHAM & CO; •1 1 .•1 TREAT eV LINDSLEY; Which I offer for sale, at a bargain. Persons wish­ ing to purchase aa Instrument will find it greavty t* their advantage^ to call and examine for tbecn» solves. . ' '1 . ', .*. 1 I am also'dally putting up those ' ^ , ^BEAUTIFUL AND UFE r UKE 4 ,* Ambrotype8, ; ' •-r 5 Photographt, / •'•-•« •\'.5' And'-^ ^ :Wu ;; r<PorceUin Pictures, Whloh ar 4 e the Pride of ovcry household, at price* which cannot fait to please. A large variety ot •' ,, - .. ConsUntly-on hand. A,word to the wis* is sufficient. Call and e jv amlne for yourselves.', - : --'' \ « •• )., • oN. It.—Remember the. place,' Reynala's Blocs:*,- 'over Lemon Bros'. Store. April 25. 1806, 301 * H: L.,OSGOOD..i E. REMINGTON & SONSJ %;MANyFAC3TTJRErJ3 OF// REVOLVERS, RITLES^ .. ...-.-,0 v-.- ' . i,j'.' • - ._ MUSKETS. au»«-CA*»fB |«t Si ,Tor,the U.-S-ServlceVyAlsp!.; , , rOCMT *\ BSLT RRVOLTBRS r ' . r ^ 1 REPEATING PI8TOLS, V ' : ' .•„-. Kltt* Caxte*, R*VolVl»xa; a\l«*»i , 1 ;Rifleland .Shot Gun Barrels, and., GuniMaterialsv .Sold by Gnn Dealers'and the Trade generally. , ! Ix.taisi SAT * er, Houix, BajuKuro AND ROSBCXT IVXXT Hocsx, 8*o*x,Bisx AS > Orricx isoDLSXATa- feint'e» '' . - \\\ i ' ! \ i \ * * ' t,- - ' (.REMINGTON'S JtEVOLVEUSi '- Circulars nontainlng eiits aad disoriprlon'of oar\ Arma.wlli be furnishedl tspoa application. - ' -.•.) i E. REM INGTO-N A 80NS, lll6n, N. t- MOORE 1 * N*)HOLfl. ' »ems, MOORE 1 * 'VKHOLB, Agents\ \'\ 1 i> ,y t V,y?-^i G ?. urtl »\ > ,8t.> N«iw York. Th^l supersUrions efaritlqulty^are only'^'o*d'ibr J lastsjhteri*'at th* present day,' and yet this Is an MceWpllsHed with the aid ef aei 'eaee. Fer'axairii' pie: grey, sandy,-or red halr.VsuH .'\ -i. \. -• ^ j 1 „ ,-;(f***ig-«*1 ; f»«,.JB J te the. richest cono*ivabl* black or brown, by a . ,.t I 'V'-H -.11, ft Sv .l <<Jf •> - , • T .>i-| alraple application of : CWSTIOOliO'S mW DTE. ' ''' K*Bna»e4**red by'J.-CRI8TADORO» e A*t*r,»fa*a*W) New York. Sold by Xrmfr*n..Ar$fikAll<fll<t i galr.Dr—sers., .,) aO*V*: . tt IT. rvr I— A. at • AUT 'tWalJat. h.Lejl > 1

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