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The Elmira gazette. (Elmira, Tioga County, N.Y.) 1828-185?, May 03, 1907, Image 2

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; or' •, y c' ' 'I. . . ! .. i ' . FR~D~1 EVE:StMi~ ·- foaJjn Baki_ng is the .. BEST -~tire Grapel Cream of ~ ·T~!tar -~bwder at t*e LOWEST- 1 ·:'·~~!;;~J~t~~::! 6 i~::v:~!~; f ~ke . atid Jliscui~ !·and alsO< to ' redqce. i~ur hous~b~old expen~es . ' I . \· Will you a~ccept· it '?- • 1 , I i j .• ' ' ;! ' ' . ·.;' ~ \ i~~:a/ ttM·:·:_·- -~~~~--~~~--~--- 'IH· PLANS -.: .. i:. ·. RE\rr:A.'UA-~'t'E • ~~· • • _!. ~ t; itt., , I _. ~ , . !01 J j···· Om . a··:n:···a··ea·· ·k; s· - ~ - ~~:'i . ~:- ~- ' ~ 8~t .. ,.ltting .. Record ,_.~---..-~:-.i-i.-...;.~;.,.;r ~...,.;.~ .. · ~--~~'And:th't winner,_Mrs. Jane Edwards ' . . •, • ' . , : Vaudeville · Mal]a~er · Will•~ft:. · · · · . . · Th~~i:rical· Eield_~o· ~ l. . Fight· the NeqJ. 'frast ARE PREPARING .HOLD CARNIVAL IN JUNE • Rank or the Knights oktur•s and thP band con<\ert by thE! JY!a.cc.>l:l<>es'O! thls city will b.old, MOl'l'UbBeM· ijuna. · Every momllor Ill! the- l.,.nitormed Rank will be co.mpelled 1 the- CA!dno Rln~ ;:Im•lng to offer a baby In ~omoetltlon. 110 mat· to. and tile njlef!!bers ter whHMr It Is bil! own baby or not. one or the largest car· I Ttl~ ronowlng 8Ub·l'ommitteea lla.-e iY~f Jr;<.~ he~?- he-~o!-- b..-en appo\rttPd: l>e to ra!,.. suffielent I Hoot\-Wll1 Y. Ellett. A.. B. James ~~rJ~~e~~t uur.llh~t!le untfol'ml!·ru~d oUu!r o.na c. fullney. e_j - re'C!ently o.-gunizea DeTora.tJon:r-Ha.rry Oi.-;kerman. which will .later go to .JI.d.-ertlslng-F. Searles. 1. Dll.\'19. head o! the Uniform- • Muelc-F. L. Foster. CT MAY PURCHASE . ' CORNING ~IVER COTTAGE l ::. \.J .• , . . ., _ R.oot. \vito is 13 years. old. whose PiC• ·'· i. ·~·j.u~e appeiu;s t~':fhe Jllu.st~atton, won , ' ·'· t ' l • the .race ~y -w~tldn~ 21 miles in 26 ·m~n\tes.; . . r • . J • --· - · . . : Tjiis p,1:ov1~twba~ DUPPV'.S PU~a MAL. T WHier~EY, the great ·renewer .of·youth, will do if taken its prescribed. In an interview, Mrs. Root said: \ I ·seldom take medicine, but last Winter at my home in Cleveland I felt not very strong, so bought one quan bottle of DUF:w¥'& :PURE MALT WHISKEY I was benefited by. it.' I nm 78 years old, and won·th~ d;.a>npfonsh:p :.,. tH<'! gi'..U W.J~jl'l'~ eq11.~gt lor aged peo- Dle in Cleveland. I came out winner of za cont!U!lnta 11vcr 7ij 'Yiiill'li of ogv (1i wornm· ~mJ li men), I beat the ·worlq';~ rcocqr~ i!-nd o9W llold the championship fot th~; United States an<l Europe. l wall.;ed 2U miles in 26 . minut!!S> llnd - not at All tlred : ~ould have walked it : right ;Over again. ,One paper -tave the account as two : Mil<!t in. 26 minut~ ! llli the other PllPI!T!I wert!! right Whl!il I rMt!lu~d thl! l!nd. nor ~otbill' w!!lll:l!r W!l!l ttw~ ~ where f!Car me, anq the Cjnthuslasm was great. I have , bad !Ill unmemc mail ever sinco· frem professors ln col• leges and prominent men all over,' wishin~ to know how J lived, what my .diet 'tv..,., what #caused this wonderful $trengili =d. .. ndur:mce At 78 years of age. I t:tl<e good. · care ol my -ltealth, have camped out eveey summer Ecr the ~~t 2Sye!U'~, live well. and uge A£ my only medidtu! Dl!fur's Pure Malt Whjskey.\-MRS •. JANE ED· WARDS ROOT, 16~ 38th St., North East tOld JIU. Utiiii!WAlDI Wuon fit,) 1 ~l6TGliml 1 o,, l'Jvulimti~ ~ • . ~m. DUffy'S' Pu,re Malt Whl$1cey' iJ diAtilll!d wholly from IMit!d grlim oy • mogt M:peniivl! ml!thod which h!l§ ·nl!ver been maae public and thiJ private process insures quality and flavor. Its age, softness, palatability and freedom rrom. those injurious subo nanca lound ln other whlsldcs make lt acceptable to the most sensitive stom,;-t:h. · H Ia an aboluidr pura! i~i\tl6 Afid iiWi~aPAfilt~ .!fiMU1Aftt and Mni~. H am M !!ii !intitoiiq whi~ll umron ana anws oui IU _!li!Oilsc gmnB. ~tt nvw- nliiTt Ilnug, tunc~ Jnll ouonpniino ~:t~u ll_liiin, &ll'ot powcr to tnt: IJillll 11111 t'IIJUIJI{J to tnu mUJGl~i tiUTIIJh(jjj thti IJIOIJII liiii . soothl!i md belli! the mucous membranes. It ·brings into action alll the vit11l iorcco:;. It m.ilk~:S digc;:;tion pertect, and enable:~ f0\1 to get from the food you er~t the nourishment it CQntllins. It is invaluable for overworked men, delicate women and sickly children. It streftgthens the system is a pr-omotor of health and longevity, makes the old young and Jd::c:ps they~ung strong. Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey is a form of food already digested and is recognized as ll medicine everywhere. ~ . ' 'AUTIQN-stl~ tty an frllr&lltt, tr~r• tnf (l~alora or !llrocft In )ffl!l~ <oqnl- <;>nil j nev<OI' lu bulk. pra.,., ••· tn:>l5t o;on ~no jFDlllnc amjl ·. see~ tJse uOtd C!.e ... t..t\' b-4de-.....-k lA .. ,. tJse label. n..-...-e.of refllled . bottle• and spurious malt whiskey sub.rtltutu offered for· ate by unrelia Drllke-H 4 ~ve:nor $20 000 Father Mather Young Men able llcalen. They are positively harmful and will not cure •. mustr 011 te0 • medical booklet aad doctor's advice fisc. Duf~T Malt Wbiakey Co Jl,llliaire A~tutn Unable to Agree Negotiate for S~er Home Near . Roclauter. N. v. ·- ~ · -· ·• is Diteharged , Dohemit•on•the~Chemuu& • PLANKS FALL l ELMIRANS TO ASSIST I The new lodge of Elks in Corning PAINTER H URT! will be !nsUtuted ne~t ThUI's~ay. even· Jlng. The Ioeal lodge wj)l ass1st In tM exercises. Iron Sox • ' . COST OF LAZENBY CASE A bill of the co~ts in lhP La:r.enby.- Boa.~d of Civil SerVie£> C\<ltni1\J.i~sion ~ . .-ase has been .filed by the plaintiff in the. cou.lly clerk's ofllce. The totHl iS $102.83. Cravinet~ D~rby $3.()()-rahiproof and l only by Harris~ the sunproof: ~old Hatman, • 119 w. 'LAWN SEED 'i ... . . ' __.: Banr~h~ Will ·., :~:;ta.t $~turd~ · .cep~iol}~..;. ~ :~~:~ ~t=· ~ .• I ,, _ 1 ~ \' / ~~~orrow .afternp the ;M;a.llie Avenue bQ~ w!U rneet the · ... .u~ High ·school or .. g<!if!lt' wlll give '·t_ne o:r•.t:fl?rtunih'. to w1t_n ·ba~l. earlY m th~. ~ i\Ae. AcademY, boy ~Qi in- -con~i.entioru ~e.ek: ·. a.'.o.d ':!:.h--e- t'€'-a:l\\! JltWit' lftlit nig_ln QY ~~~'g.TQa.y ~~en Ro · Scllool ' waS' \\'-\!J . ·• .. •!ffing\ ,J)iVillY in, !I ·. .\' we ve .... 'f:Iig .staff •. upete\~ * .. th~ box ~d some n111 ·· p~cted df :lili\:1- mY - \0¥ rtgb.ti{eJ.d in .or-de tb<» -.=e w!fh 1\.l!lt · ,.: The- other po-sl.tio; '. we :llJl,m.'< ,m,n· '<''00 · · aa:~~:· Roe. Will play set:ond, Smith shm · tl1'1TI1; B1a.Jr, J;J:owe -~i,n. thf'!' out:f1e-1d. '$;q·acuse has M<'l · Tl!f'iV lune oa<i th< iUg-~ith the Syr.ac1 · ..._ a:Drl this· .ha.s stren ' sll:i.(;',tably. . \ h \ • : , ...,.Hug e~- ?\'nntn aging. Detl!'Oit in : nlanner, iS doing .LearY, th<; man t'«'k ing honor to the j.i . - _:,_ _ J-Iarvani' won a J. d~f¥tud An1hC'<lrYt. ::E'\-e.==\-\l.l. <..·va<~h i '\'S' ..,. l The W~lM'hUl'.\' ~ t-e-am is winning n1u \Bob\ ,,.a!sh' of Soelety swiinmi'\g. record for re-tnainin;. than unv ot lll'r .m\' a recent~ conteo;t in 'Mr. Walsh l't'!ll<l illf< two nl'inut'E'\!$. Th!-.~ lir than run; ollwr 1 conltl do, :~a Llir r11. sued a. ij\YtT.ttJlJ~ \ i1 mers who hJ1\,t' J.w. long distnn'\' didn: match. · ~ ''Do~'' Hh-mln~h: one of the 'rPn I. f~.; laud tenm. . . II Bu~henh(&rg-Pt: m~ Pr~Yidene<• t·nll•lfl't: ' leased:· · 1 Tile ~,.,-,wu-.- 1 ,;, \ Yersity .te~m \~ ~iln IJC'ore bPin~ t _t ~1 ~­ Was ~Sf\1l h.y 1 Hd 1\:I.ack.:-\ ··.Jimmit•'\ 1 gnn1e at •hort<l up. ' De'fi1unrt. ·I he i;'4c ·not ntn1dng :;-n;>(j t 1 <1 'fhe f:\TO,CU:--o~• • · teru.n. at'('t.mr:p'lHit•d bas gon~ ~a--t. Th r ttrday and '.\ill n · ~fternopn. .Tnmnrr .trip llY a ·gam\ \it ·· .. -, . - IH!l gauiPtlP. t hit llini!i ~il;nei1 an n;.m a~,. thE' v..-inn-t~r hi :8ght. The vJa(·(· b . 11robably il~ a 1 1 '8 c~sco. BurnR snd lf Los Agel<;~- · ' : Earl 'Jioward J. Earl, ~' ..J. & G. if\8.ll't ..-s:v through as h< litlviJJ ihmlllU i.!W WEre being dt?featt the l.ttiea U,•ralr1 anger wns not th< ! d not mind tlw alary limit that anager angry 'm o ·J5e just. ;viana! ~ake thingf '\·arn to raise the sa Ian: ; It seems' thc~t o ~e salacy· lin'l-it ; 'arl was th<- l>lfe 1masum: Ho didn· 'ina :tlnally _gav<\ i o! the othi'r n1a.gr lt. 'When tl!<\ Jim -I!IIGUed• his !Ni.m •tatement that ~

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