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Herkimer Democrat. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1877-1904, May 02, 1877, Image 4

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..!rt MI8C1I.MHX01I3 XXXMf. vorce ss m t : wife i s 70. m t i s & m a n 8& y s a i s old , » n d t t e eipaic t h a n any Bare E n g lan d . —T h e l a te s t law i n xegard t o gam b ling i K e v a d a lie g i s k to x e s tak e s ■ s ow ing m o n - p a s s e d b y t h e N qti ______ it a rai U e m o a n o r f o r pari ey t o gam b le i t aw ay. — L S p r i n g f ie l d congregatit woman, w h o . T e n n e sseean rid e on a raiirtoad iped off wl , fellow ’s th r o u g h o u t th e ' to o k h i s first r train,ram recentlyecently, r 'h e n i t w a s g o in g fo r ty ■ ip o s in g t h a t su«di 'atally itally in|ih jw:ed, e d . H o s tep p e d m iles a n hoi th o custom , an d w a s f in —^Wm. B r ig h t, of K n o x co u n ty , T e n ­ nessee, Uezurd a noise in b i s sm o k e house. H e a r m e d him s e lf w ith a g u n an d fired a t th e thief. T h e sh r iek o f p a i n t h a t follow ed h a d a fam iliar sqim d . T h e th i e f was h is son, 1, ifh o w w B s riouSyj if n o t m o rtally w o n m —M a n y faBhionabl© w o m e u now T h a t i s to a g r e a t q u a n tity o f s o u r m ilk ita iio n o f c o ral fo r jew e lry. T h e fluid is colored, r u n into m o u lds, an d solidi­ fied b y heat. —H iv e l o b s ters a r e th e la te s t im p o r t­ ed edible fro m th e U n ited S tates to G r e a t B ritain , one steam e r hawing re ­ cen tly carried a t a n k co n tain in g 700. A con s tan t flow o f sea w a ter w a s k e p t in e t a n k b y m e a n s of a smiQl e n g ine, e p u b li c w o u ld b e ^av v e d —^The p u b l ic w o u ld b e s e d m u c h expense i n t r y in g orim inals i f a ll thiei w o u ld follow I h e exam p le of B e g is 3 len d , a M o n tr e a l d r y g o o d s clerk. H e carried stry c h n in e in hm pocket, and' swallowed it wheza. ho was caught steal- iag goods. — T h o n o tio n h a s b e e n s t a r te d th a t compressed tea, by a process wMcb re­ duces i t t o o n e - ten th o f its. o r d in a r y bulk, is econom ical. T h e th e o r y is th a t th e com p ression th o r o u g h ly b r e a k s t h e cells an d s m a ller v e s id e s o f t h e leaves, s o that b o iling w a ter acts e ffectively o n it. —^A. L o u isian a d e r g y m a n divided h is ihaU an d m y s e l f ; tm d e r th e second, th in g s w ith w h ich I alone am c o n v e r s a n t; find finally, u n d e r th e t h ird , I sh a ll d is q u s s a Bubject ab o u t w h ich no n e of u a know a n y t h i n g . ” m u rdei tw o doors t o g e t to t h e w o m a n w h o m h e killed. T h a t n ig h t a m o b show e d equal d e term ination b y b r e a k in g in to th e ja d w ith s ledges i n o r d e r to tak e him an d h a n g him . - - T h e M a s sachusetts L e g islatu r e is exam ining charges th a t, i n th e \W estboro iform , School, refracto r y b o y s are n e g ro in 'W illiam son county, w a s a n uncom m o n ly d e term ined ch o p p e d h is w a y th r o u g h ■ to th e s t r i p p e d n a k e d an d lashed, n e a rly drow n e d w ith cold w a ter fro m a hose, box” n n t i l in it m a in tain a stan d in g p o s tu re. I t is said th a t a boy w a s d r iv e n to suioide b y such treatm e n t. —Tile State of Delaware has just pass­ e d a law m a k ing i t a peuM offence fo r any railw a y en g in e e r t o ab a n d o n h i s en ­ gine u p o n t h e tra c k i n case o f a strike.' T h e law also forb id s , u n d e r p e n ^ t y of fine an d im p r is o n m e n t, railw a y em p loy­ ees f r o m refu s in g to tra n s p o r t over t h e ir ro a d s cars received f r o m connecting “ — ^ -oereion o r b r i b e r y of o a b a n d o n th e eervice i n s ^ n h a b itu a lly en tered t h e ^iver, tma then, d-emanded moneywliion th e y alw a y s gave. H e carried o n th is audacious k in d o f ro b b e r y fo r several m o n ths. A t le n g th h i s coun tr y m a n re ­ solved t o sto p it. T h e y d id n o t go to th e police—p r o b a b ly th e y a r e n o t ac­ custom e d to g e t m u c h h e lp fro m th a t source—^but t h e y w a y laid h i m one darf n i g h t an d h a c k e d h im w ith h a to h e tt u n t i l h « d ied . —Jo c k o , a p e t m o n k e y i n th e . U n ited S tates arsenal a t S a m m e rvilla, Ga. cam e to a n un to w a rd e n d la s t w e e k Jo c k o t a d b e e n i u th e h a b i t o f w a tching th e artillerym e n . O n e m o r n in g h e e l y l j app r o a c h e d th e piece u s e d fo r firin g sd u t e s , a n d p u lled th e lan y a r d . T h o ch a r g e d id n o t explode a t once. JockO d a r t e d to th e m o n th to see w h a t th e e scatter* —T h e sto r m s on th e coast o f Scotland th i s y e a r have forced t h e o c e a n to yield m a t t e r was, w h e n su d d e n ly a r e p o r t was h e a r d , a n d Jo c k o ’s rem a in s •were \ over tlio sward* —T h e s to r m s or is y e a r hav e fore som e lo n g -h id d e n relics. A larg e can­ non, n in e feet long, a n d a n a n c h o r w e igh­ in g s ixteen h u n d r e d w e iglit, h a v e been w a s h e d ashore a t U rjea, one of th e Whet- lan d[_Tslands. Islan d s . T h e y w e re p res e se e n ted to th e Q u e e n , an d W iindsor ■ \ Th. T h e y w e re p r n te d placed i n th e je t iiave belo e longed t o i th e S p a n ish A rm ada. . m d p l \W C astle, n e a r t h e K e lson S6 in terestin g jetsaim a r m o r y of itin g je ts a s are supposed lave b n g e d t o one o f t h e sh ip s of — A t th e g r e a t m ilk p r o d u c t s h o w h e l d a t H a m b u r g t h e b e s t collection of cheese ------ ■ ■ th e j ally d e term ines ^ t s g r a d e an d q u S o m e fine specim e s cam e f r o m th e d a ir y s chools, s e a r Moscow, a lity, . ^ . __ G a iry — A h e n w as re c e n tl y fo u n d in th e m iddle o f a hay-m o w in a b a r n in T e n ­ nessee, w h ich h a d been t h e r e s ix m o n ths w ith o u t w a ter o r an y th in g to e a t eiC( w h a t t h e h a y afforded. B e in g cov«3 u p w h e n t h e h a y w a s p u t in th e barn, lonld n o t g e t o u t. H e r toenails ow n h a lf a n i n c h durini tim e , an d h e r s ize w a s g r e a tl y leduc. W h e n t a k e n o u t a n d placed in th a op e n a i r th o h e n tu m b led over, w ith svery s y m p tom of a f it, h u t sh e sh o rtly recovered, a n d i s now d o ing well. — ^There i s to b e soon p u b lish e d a l G e n e v a a b lin d m a n ’s new s p a p e r, to b e called t h e J o u r n a l D e A v e n g les. I t s e d ito r and h is assistants will l i t e r ^ y b e “ blin d , leaders o f th e b lin d ,” th o u g h not, le t u s h o p e , in an in v idious sense. I t b e p r in t e d o n ty p e in v e n ted b y a intlem a n n a m e d E e c o rdon, w h ich is i t o b e a v e r y g r e a t im p rovem e n t, b o t h i n p o i n t o f sim p licity a n d. cheap ness, on prev io u s m e thods. A p r i r ' fe a tu r e is t h a t e a c h l e t t e r h a s s m a ll h dh chea p r in c ip a l a U h ’ in i t , to w h ich th e fin g e r s quickly com e s e n s itive, an d t h e positio n o f th e holes d e term in e s th e setters. — I t w o u ld b e difficult to im a g in e « m e a n e r s w indle t h a t t h a t p e r p e t r a te d b y th t e e B a ltim o re m e n w h o co n s p ired to d e f r a u d p o o r p e r s o n s i n search o f w o rk. \While tw o o f th e m m a n a g e d a so-called em p loym e n t a g e n c y , th e th i r d p r e te n d ­ e d to run a store, th e shelves o f which w e re f u l l o f em p ty boxes. T h e em p loy­ m e n t agency received th e p o o r ap p li­ can t’s dollar, an d se n t h i m to th e sto re to g e t w o rk. T h e s w indler i n t h e sto re d e m a n d e d $100 a s s e c u rity , w h ich su m th e needy u n f o r tu n a te s w e re unable, o f course, to p r o d u c e , ^ O n ly ab o u t $70 t a d b e e n m a d e h i th i s way when* th e th r e e f r a u d s f o u n d ibem s e lves iu a p o ­ lice s tatio n , an d th e y w ill, doubtless, be pro v id e d w ith stead y b u t unrem u n e r a - tiv e em p loym e n t i n t h e S t a t e p e n i t e n ^ - A cobomee ’ s ju r y lately addefd to » v e r d i c t in t h e case o f a n o t o v e r-b rig h t indiiridual w h o ■was f o u n d d r o w n e d , t h e < ^ i c a l rem a r k th a t “ h e n e v e r show e d any p e n e tr a tio n till h e m a d e a hole in th e w a ter.” YmETWTEi. YEQsnfm hiw n®ver,t»n«4 to effisot a cure, giving tone and Streagtn to the ayatom debilitat­ ed by disease. SHE RESTS WELL. S outh P oland . M b .. Oct. 11.1876. MK,n.B.STXVRNa: . , MILS, i W itnessof the above, M r.^eo. M. \VauKhan. Medford. Mass. I T B a B T I I f E . Xhonsaads will bear teatimoay (and do i t r o b antarily) that Vegretmeis the best naeCical com- Doand y et placed nefore the public for lenovat- iag and p a r i ^ n g the blood, eradicating; all humors, impurities or ppisonous secretions ftom ibe syateBi. inTigoratinsatid BtrenB:theaiAs th.d ^atein debilitated by disease; m fact* i t Is, as many haya eilie^ Q ttU Health Be^ SME AMD SURL* M b . H. R. S tsvb NS : Xu X8T2 yottt* Vcgetifie waa xecemiaended to ^e* a nd yielding to the persuaslona ot* a friend. I consented to try it. A t the time. 1 was gutiofing from gonoral debiUty and hervous prostrations, superindaMd by overwork;and irregular habits. Its vronderiui stiengthoning and yuiative prop­ erties seemed to atfeot my debilitated system from the first dose, and under its porsistenc use 'JL xanidly recovered, saining; more than usual Uealth and eoed leelina. Since then X havo n o t hcaitatod to give Vegetine my most ummalifiod indorsement as being; a safe, sure and powerful agent in promoting health and reatoring tho wasted system to new life and.energy. \Vegetine is the only medicine I use, and os long as X live ^ 1 never expsot to find a b e t t e r ^ ■?oura truly, 1/7. H. CLABK. 120 Monterey Street, Allegheny,; V E G k T I N E . Y boetine thoroughiy eradicates every kind of humor, and restores the entire system to a healthy condition. The following lett« . —taib as a. tho blood i M H E. s M ass .. fBE, 15.1876. Dear’Sir^About teu ■yoaiB ago my hoalth fail­ ed through tho depleting effects of dyspepsia: nearly a year later I was attacked by typhoid fever in its worst form, i t settled in my back and took the form'of ' ' . • . which was iifieeu *^1f°<fommiraoed°takiag it soon after, but felt worse from its effects; still I persevered and soon felt it was benefiting mo in other respects. l e t I did not see thb results I desired, till I ’ taken i t faithfully tor a little more than a y when the diffiOulty in the back was c u red, ___ for nine months 1 have enjoyed the best of heal th. , I havein that time gained twenty-five pounds of fiesh, being heavier than ever before in my life, and I was never more-able to perform labor than now. During the past few weeks I had a Scrofulous swelling as large as my fist gather on another part of my body. I took Vcgetinn/aUhfttUy and i t removed it ^ ” B» mo&tb. I tbink X Qf my main trouble - ---------- -- - ------------- doses, after having become accustomed to its effects. Let your patrons troubled with scrofula or kidney disease understand that it takes time to cure ohronio diseases, and if they will patiently take Yegetine, it will, in my judgment, cure tnem. With g reat obligations I am. Pastor of 1 PEEPARED BY H. E. STEVENS, . Boston, Mass. VEQETINE i s SOLD BY ALL DHSBSISTS. . - aplllw i B'ACTS P o n HOBSEMfiM, H e a v e s h a v e b e e n a n d C a n b e C d b e d . Distemper,'Epizootic and Cough shorn of their terrors. Millions saved to ownebs of HOBSES by thetim ely use o f” SANfOBb’s L iquio H eave and DiaTEHVBB R emkdt .” The follow- ingnertificates speak lor themselves, and a ll. oiia THonaiUD BOLtxBa paid if anything untrue is stated in the iollow- V an H ob N¥3VJI.PE, N. X. I have used Hanford’s Liuiuid Heave and Dis­ temper Remedy in oases o f seated Heaves. Hav- A w a r d e d t h e H i g h e s t IViDdai ?lt V i e n n a . I. &H. ' TTmilY & CO,. 0 9 1 B r o a d w a y , N e w Y o r k . (0pp. MeboboUtan Holel.i Mannractujrefisj and D e alers in SnpaYK Giinos is F h s . STEREOSCOPES AND VfEWS, Albums, Graphoscopes, Photographs, Aud kindred, goods—Celebrities. Actresses, etc. PKOTODRATBIC ~ MATBBIAIiS, We are HeadquarterB for everything in the way STEREOPTICOiY^ AND HAG1€ LiNTERNg, Being Manufacturers ef the M ICRO-SClENTmC LANTERN.' STEREO-PANOPTIGON. UNIVERSITY STEREOPirCON. ADVEBTISER’& STBREOPTICON. ABTOPIICON, SCHOOL LANTERN. FAMILY LANTERN. PEOPLE’S LANTERN. Each style being tho best o f its class in tho market. Beautiful Photographic Transparencies of Statuary and Engravings for the window. * Catalogues of Ijabterna and Slides, with direc­ tions for using, sent on application. Any euferprising man can make money with a Magie Lantern. 46»“ A f a ir stock o f 'Wews of tho Exposition Buildings and their contents. ASP-Cut out this advertisement for reference. feb7m6 THE «REAT CJ l VSE H U M A N ' m i s e r y . Just PiihUaheS,, i n a S e a l ^ Snvelope. Price aix A Xiecture on the N a ture, T reatm e n t, a n d Radical cure o f Semihat Weakness, orSperma- torrheea, induced by Self-Abuse, Involuntary Emissions. Impotenoy. Nervous Debility, and Xmpe^ment^o Marriage generally; Consump­ tion, Epilepsy and Fite; Mental anff Physical foc^acily, Ac.—By ROBERT J . CULVEB- W ELL,M.D., a uthor Of the \Green Book,\ &o. The world-renowned author, in this admirable ijcctup, clearly proves from his OTTO •xperienoe that the awful consequences of Self-AbuSo may be effeotuaUy removed without medicine, a n d without dangerous surgical operations, bougies, instrumente, rings, or cordials; pointing out a mode of cure a t onoe c ertain and effectual, by ~hi6fa every sufferer, no m atter what his condi- lon may be, may cure himself cheaply, privately nd radically. 4W lliia Lecture m il prove a boon to tiousaada and thowaanda. Sent, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any address, on receipt o f six cents, or two postage stamps. Address the Publishers. THE CPLVERWELI. MEDICAL Co., New York ; p . 0 . Box, NERVOUS DEBILITY. Y ^ T A L W E A K N E ^ o i r D E P K E S - Y filON, a weak exhausted feelingr no energy or courage; the result of M knxai . OvgB-woRX, I ndisobetiok or Exagasss, o r some d rain upon the system is always oured, by “flilirey’s iieaiiatiri; S p l N o , I t tones up andinvigerateg the Sylteiiit dispels tbe gloom and desnondenby. imparts strength and energy--stops the drain and rejuvenates the eatireman. Beenwsed twenty yeiws with perfect silcoess by tnbusands. Sold by dealers. Price, $1,0Q p e r single v ial; ot $5.0Q per package o f five vials and $2.00'vial of powder. Sent by mail on reoelptof priee. Address Humphreys’ Homeo- j^aiMo Medioino Company* 552 Broadway, McKown & C o . DEALERS IS, l u Q O K m a C L A S S E S PQRTBAlT^pHOlO&RAPBt AND PICTURE FRAMES, G ILT AND ROSE WOOD MOULD13SM3. BACK S T U F F , Aro. JIV». C S i m e » a • c r a ? i o - A . , 3xr_ s r . M A M M O T H S T O R E ! P U T U P O N L Y IN B L U E B O X E S . SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. N. OEITIBNTON. 7 SixM A venge . ■ w ■« j-mi; al 1 for 10 c. and stamp. Novelty Co., Middleboro, Mass. api25w4 . ’O H © © B ® E B ^ » ™ D 6 n r iestic and Imported. CHOICE JAPAN, GREEN AND OOLGNC TEAS! NEW ORLBISS ASD PORTO RICO MOLASSES, STKUPS, SUGARS, SPICES, CANNED AND BOTTLED GOODS, in every variety. MOCHA, JAVA, MARIC/VIBO AND BIO COFFEE, RAW AND BOASTED; ____________ ________ GRANULATED BREAKFAST COFFEE, only 25 cents per pound. ■|\[pil'd%l’.l®fs5UffefeADAWg “ B R O W N ’S, P A T E N T F L O U R ,” M l H t e l e r . I l H M S S l S f e White, Amber and, Spring WheatlFlour, in Bb’ls, Bags and Sacks. • S A L T , W A T E R L I M E , B A L O M O U N T A f N R L A S T E R P A R I S A N D I V I A R B I . E ' D U S T . a f f i e f o f f h r e ® D E D Q S 'A W D l .M i E D I C I N E S . ■ ^ W S S —T/S!’ apl25w4 New Advertiseinents. dleboro. Mass. . apl2oi74 TRIFLINC C.D1S ALWAYS Di WELLS^ CAI b o A c TABLEm TAKE riO lff ICE T H A T lOie U n d e r e ig R e d a practical Optician from Ger- maiiy, who has been in the United S tates for the last ten years,keeps constantly on hand and for • — luable assortment o f Bratilian' Pe bble- -r, , - “’t© best s m aysolicithisassistanoe. Hisoffl M a i n JStreei, J A U le F a l k , wherehomay beconoolted on Monday o f each F U N i Middleboro. I F O curious love letter, ^pk. oomio HSBj PEESORIPTIONS OAREPfLLT PBEPARED. 30E A . 3EiL ao^; j BL 3ES ©g\ TABLE CUTLEBY, SHELF AUB HEAVY HApWABE, IN BS0 HZE AND JAPAN. __ ____ . _______ . 3p A .. I / . A : iS \ I > O l l L . ‘. i S . . Japan, Coach and Fi^ni-^ure'VaTnisli; ( 5 rlassandf*ntt 3 r; P r e p a r e d P a in t s , Canned &foborSftef^ P a in t s ; P a int, Vam isH jK sXsornineand W HitewasH B r n s lies. cavno.«o«pnc Carpenters and Builders’ Tools; Carriage Makers and Blacksmiths’ Goods; Iron and Steel; Springs, Axles, Nails, &c., &c. ^ A l l G o o d s s o l d a t BOTTOjSjJk P R I C E S , a n d G u a r a n t e e d a s r e p r e s e n t e d , - w . J r . Main Street, Herkimer, H\. Y. Canal Superintendent’. Office, 1 Having been entirely cucecssfal in'curing Dis­ temper in my stables by tho use of “ Sanford’s Liquid Heave and Distemjper Remedy,” I cheer­ fully recommend it. OHAS. ZIBLLY, Supt. among horses, w ith perfeetrsnooessin my stables. I advose any horse owner to got i t immediately. The Eooner ife is admiaisteried tbe quioker the cure. Too much cannot be said in its praise. ALFRED J . WAONER. Bx. Sheriff Mont. Co. N. Y. We can furnish-hundreds more of oerUficates tustiffiog to the iiiiparailieled excellence o f the 'Remedy. Xherehava btfenmauy valuable horses ittred by this m«dieiw. whdse ownew. feifm- ions wntoiTway vaiaSJffiK'borseXd' sell liU UQderltssd. do not wish i t known that this remedy was uff’ed. Prepared only by B.S. GREGORY. F o rt Plaint H. Y. - JSSr-ffor sale a t W ithkbstinx ’ s Confec­ tionery Stor^, Herkimer, N. Y., a n d by Drug­ gists generally. * mohliyl DESIRABLE VILLAQE LOTS, riginally forty-twQ in number,) carved out of a TUloable plat of Ignd^ which they purchased in IS74 a tgteat expense.in order to afford additional building facilities in the village of Herkimer. L o c a t i o n o f L o t s . Tbo western terminus of \EM tern Avenue,” so oallad. upon-which, the lots are located, is «bo«t ten rods southerly of the New York Cen­ tral and Hudson River Rail Road, and about «!ght Tods easterly of tho Herkimer Hydraulic C p a l, and distant but a few rods from the Her- kuner Depot, The lots are sufficiently far from the H ail B ead to avoid tho noise and bustle of theeani. S I Z E O E L O T S . were nearly or q uite completed and made ready for occupation, and tho undersigned expect to see. before tbe close of tbe season o f 1877, eight mere dwellings finished,. x > o t t : b x . d b X s O T S - O . H . P E B B T ’ A .T S J > IR A WEEKS Having legied the BtAGKSMITH SHOP 9HN H . WXTBBRSTINE. t a t f formed-a ftrtnarshiPe « nd wiU-here&fter o&rry on the _.wwk0mtt|iiac and Honwhoeini: h u u n e seatthe old fltaadik O h “lYashiHgtOH S treet, early ‘opposite the hriok school house, and for~ lerly oceUDlfid by GAYLORD STEELS. . . Or.r reputation for Hf jrseslioeiiig and Carnage lidfikf 8,aneauBl6d,andwe % 0 - n a .x * a x i . t : e € » O x m r ■Hoping to seenre thapafionage of Mends, and all those who desire first-class work, we are Herkimer. Juno 2S. 1876. juueZStf I R O I A p S T E E L , Springs, feEoes, finlig,Spokes, & 0 i J U S T A H U E H T O M Y S T O C K , AND SO W AT fidttdm P rices U ioneiemS ' (k. W , TALMBR J r . VALUABLE m i i H u o i ' s FO R SA L E ! A T H E R K IM E R , K. T . ■‘l O S S M . ' W .H .P R b W S E H E R K IM E R , N. Y., DEALER IN DRUGS AND MEDICINES, Taints, Oils and Brushes PURE WINES AND LIOUORS, CROOKEEX, GLASS WARE, . WINDOW GLASS, WPODEH WABE, SfOHB WABE, n ^ g inlarighU ine it?entiro llngTh s^or in othei •words, “ as straight as a g un barrel.” ExteHsion of “Eastern Averae,” ^ ^ / ‘Eastern ATenue” has been,extended by or- ■ B B B M . tter of tho Dresidcnt and Trustees oftoe-village w f f w W ot Herkimer and opened through to Washington I I I I ' I r street. thuiAl6fdi»g an gdditiMaladvanta^^^ • • • A . A A: the desirableness of the lots. When thm exten­ sion ill graded afid the By dranlio Canal bridged T a V T U f i T i n r f I t A t K B p h i I B ; I IIZI>P^ i Road or byEastemAvenne Extension. ^ » “Eagiern Avenue^*'and Boildingg. JOHN M. METZGEE Is still the Proprietor o f the « HEBgriBEB Spy£ DEPOT' And keeps constantliy on b and Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper-Ware, Lead Pipe, Cietern Pumps, Hollowware, And everything in Tinner’s line. H e is ready T I N R O O F I N C r r Put yon in a FURKAOEj do your PLUMBING, sell yon any and every kind of a S i r X ? ‘ 0 ' ^ 3B I * Barter NEW GOODS for Rags, Old Iron, Lead, Pewter. Copper or Brass. He is iURt now sellinet & great many G r a p h i c R a n g r ^ s , €!rapMc P a r lor Stoyesj And is the ONLY MAN in H erkim er who sells THE HEW EMPIRE ^COOK STOVE. au«25tf Main S treet. Herkimer. IT. T . p o n CHOICE ERTJlT! pOR BEST FRUIT! - j p O R O H E A F B I S T U’R U I T I y O R A L U K I N D S F R U I T ! j O R A L L K I N D S N U T S ! i ^ O R B E S T b r e a d , C A K E S , J - PIES. CRACKERS. OYSTERS. &a., &e., GOTO D A . \ r i s ^ FRUIT STORE AND CANDY WORKS. M a i n S t r e e t . H e r k i m e r , N . Y . mohl4tf ied f^t^on the “ ^^enUo.” ' ^ AS AN INVESTMENT, \While Lite Insurance Companies a n d Savings Banks a re tottering and tumbling down and go­ ing into bankrupt;^, and While the stability of a great m iny monied institutions is inquestion, nothing now-offered p n the market in this vicin­ ity can afford so stable and reliable an invest­ ment. on a small scale,as the purchase of one or more o f these lots, as they are sure to doable in value, a t Epst, in a very few years, o . W I S S T E B i r B L A S T S . . lese lots arc entirely protected from that ter- jiui© West Wind whicb,at times, plays sad havoc -nrithcliisiney tops, windows and stoops of dwell­ ings located on tbe westerly side of. the village of HerkizrieP; arid a t times penetrates with grreat -everity the very sides of the dwellings there. O T j : E t O K i s r i o i s r - We cdnildentl7 assert that these lots areeom-' laratively dry and well adapted to building pur- loses, and a re potauhiect to spring and foil in- andations, barring m few lots a t the extreme east­ erly terminus fif the '* Avenue.” and that tbe soil is of the finest duality, both for gardening and fouit raising, in the Mohawk valley. PRICES OF LOTS AND TERMS OF SALE, We win offer these lots a t prices running from ninety dollars to two hundred and seventy-five doilare each, according to location. Our terms of safo will be. one-quarter of purchase price down, and balance payable in three equal parts, in one. two and three years, with interest annu­ ally, secured either by approved notes or mort­ gage UPSn lot Of lots gold. MAP AND GENERAL IN- SPCEOTION. ion Yhieh to build, ^ Dated H orkimor, Eeh. SI, 1877- 0. 0. WITHBRSTINE, JACOB H . WEBER. - G. MALLERY, i P B A C T I O A L S L A T E E . AND DEALER IN W e U h a n ! ^ A m e r i c a n jSlat$ o f a l l Colors. Q U A T E fa r n i s L e d a n d L a i d a t B e - duced Brices, d o o d anality^of ' Vermont Slate ’ . fumisbed. and lidd as cheap ae Shingles. BIST or be V xbxxob orvBX nr BgqmBgs, Herkimer, N.Y.‘ OLDEN TIMES. l O e s t ^ O e x x -fc O i j g - a i ? i n - t l i e Y F o r i a i KEEPS THEM. 4= DOORS NORTH OE THE POST OFFICE, I M a f n S t . r H e r k i m e r , N . Y . * m c h lltf M o r t g a ^ i p e S a l e . W H E R E A S , , d e f a u l t h a s b e e n m a d e *•* in the payment of the money secured by a Catharine Van Court, his wifd. pf the town of WilmuTt, County of Herkimer, and Stateof Yoyk, to BavfeUa Winchell of the City of Utica S u j p r ^ m e O o t i r t . J ohn H ofkinson ) a^ain9t I RldHABU SCHOOLKT, * and Others, > , J T N pu r s u a n c e arid b y v irtu e o f a L judgment of foreclosure aud sale iirauted in 'thu AbOYe entitled aotiou at Cjaca, JST.-r., on th© day of April, 1877, and duly enteredin Herki- sr County Olerk\^ offidooh the 25th day of April, I, th ^ eulys^jrihor, win sell public auction, luxuries.^ ^lancha & apUlw4 Pett, and mentioned in a deed from. Daniel Loomis ‘and wife 'to- William O. Crain.- dated March 31,1834. , Dated April 56.1877. ^ JAMBS H. IVES. Sherift Herkimer County. fijAMT, Plaintiff’s Attorneys. in^from _6. Mnokley’s ^mUls^to Nobfoborough, and seventy seven links to the West Canada Creek, and up the same north 5S deg, east nine chains and fifty links? tberice n0rlb, 52 d e i, oast three chains and ^ links: thence north 23 de^. It two Chains and thirty links; thonc© nortk Id D avbkpokt A i T enkamt , Plaintil S u p r e m e C o t i r t —Herkimer County. CdaNELiirs R. SNEtt.. 1 D aeius Kii,!,. L cceetix K ili ,, H enet a , i D eiu e p . W itniAit &.TAVPOE and EuaEsB I H abthan . j F A R M S S . S ' J r K , ? a ? o l L £ E ‘S l - o . t T N p u r s u a n c e o f a j t t 3 g m e n t a o d do- churches. H. R. nav.. and salt water luxuries, L creo of foreoloauro and sale rendered by the \ - -------------^ —i... a. QoprvoftheState ofNew York, in the above entitled action, on the 19th day of April, 1877, .and duly died, entered and docketed in tho Clerk's office of the County of Herkimer, on the l^fch day of April, l8Y7^ the subscriber, Sherift of the county of Herkimer, as I^Bferee appointed for that purpose, will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, a t the front door of theCourt House in the village of Herkimer, in said coun­ ty. on the 7th day of June, 1877. a t 10 o’clock in the forenoon of that day, thp real estate and mortgaged premises in and by said judgment d i­ rected to be gold, and described therein as fol- lovTs: All that tract or parcel of land situate in the town and county of Herkimer, being a part of the hojpestead farm formerly occupied by John Hilts, and being one-iOurthof ah acre of ] and, more og less, bounded and described as fol- a% AGHTSWAHESFOlIHlSTOBy a g C entenanil EXHiemoil I t contains nearly 4 0 0 fine engravings of build­ ings and scenes in the Great Exhibition and is the only authentic and complete history pub­ lished. I t treats ot thegrand buildings, wonder­ ful exhibits, cariosities, groat events, etc. Very cheap and sails a t sight. One Agentsold48 copies in one day. Send for our extra terms to Agenta and a fall description of the work. Address N a - TlONAi. P ublishing C o ., Philadelphia. Pa. O A i l T I f l l J I Unreliable and worthless books U r i U i iU r lron tbe Exhibition are being eir- ’W A feet front and rear, and 1§1 feet in depth, and ate tbe same premises conveyed to Darius Kill by Cornflius R. Snell by deed dated March 11,1875, and recorded in tbe Herkimer County Clerk's Office, in Book 99 of Deeds, on page 310, to which deed reference may be hadfor a more particular description of said premises. Dated April 23.1877. pOUND! FOllMQI SPECIAL BARSAINS IN CLOTHING! - A T - : K i i s r o s x . : E i - 3 r = ’3 G reat W ardrobe. PLEASE NOTICE THE PRICES. STOUT WORKING SUITS. 64.66.68. SlOv GOOD BUSINESS SUITS feom SIO to 615. FINE DRESS S uits from 615 to 820. BOYS’ SUITS from Four Dollars upwards. S u p r e m e C o u r t . —MerkImeP County. H enuv P. EvsiMxp. ^ G eorge R. BnoKriff, E lizabeth B pcelw . GEoaoB W. B uckm n . E sahk a . A i.niii,and H obace \VV. A lpin , HENEy M .W oodfoed , AIPKE d D. ALtEN. JOHH E. JoNES, WlLLIAM J. B pckun and Ar W ateehohse . T N p u r s u a n c e a n d b y v i r t u e o f a ju d g - ment and de.cree of foreelosjire and gale made in the above entitled action by tho Supreme Court of tho State of New York, on tho 21st day -of A pril. 1877.1. the subscriber, w ill s e ll a t pdblic auction, to the highest bidder, at the dweUing gg house on the premises hereinafter deaoribed, in hi the town of liittle-EaPs, Herkmer county, N . ^ , a, llNG COATS only Three Dollars. SPRING OVERCOATS from 56 to 515. JiUBTffTgWTTVTffl iXa03XS--.-°.T.--0he“^-.— ------ - W HITE SHIRTS 75 cents to 51.50. OVERALLS only Plfty Cents. ■ C H A R L . e s C . K I N C S 1 .E Y . apl4tf 110 and 112 Genesee S t., U tica. J . D . Attorney & Counsellor at Law, OBVFICE^ Sam e H a ll w ith D e m o c rat Ss G a z e tte Office JEXTstjxA. S 4 ;.« X a teirfaiM J e * * - Heflier Co. Isnraice iiencj, AT MOHAWK, N. Y. C o m p a n i e s R e p e s ee s n t e d H a v i n e S i O O ^ O O O . O G O .dETNA,' .............. 16,827,127 INS. OOiJOf NORTH AMUR:, F l N N S T i v i N I A - ■B-iBE: S H i S S SPRINGFIELD KIRE A ND M AEIK B ......... .. .................. I,ff^0,96S S l « , » G L E N S P A L L S ............ .. 747.063 L I V E E P O O L , L O N D O N and G l o b e . . .......... .. ................. 24,325,934 R O Y A L .......... .. ...................... 17,426,811 EQUITABLE .................... 29,039.089 TEAYELBRB.......................... 3,701,301 Cash Assets Feb. 1st. 1873. of $20,000,000. 3/he tra v e ller’a L ife a n d Accident Inaurance, of. Hartford. Cash Assets S2.260.00Q. For Insurance in any ^ t l ^ a b g g . ^ p p l y to i s r . T T . *^97,805,248 For reliability and strength, promptness and fair d ealingin adjusting Losses, the above ocenpy the first rank amon^oompaniee doing business in tiiis country, the .^ tn a alone paying the cnor-. mous amoant of $9,000,000 in losses within 16 months, and that without a law suit or serious ThorouaWy Cures Diseases of the Skin, Beautifles the Com- ' \ * . ...... - - - plexioHi Prevents andRem- edies Rheumatism and Goxif, Heals Sores and Abrasionsofthe Cu­ ticle and Counter­ acts Contagion. JL his Standard External Remedy for E raptioi Sores and Injuries of the Skin, not only Rv- moves from the Complexion aU Blemiahea arising from local imparities of the blood and obgtrnction of the pores, b u t also those produced by tbe sun and wind, suchi as tan and frcokles, I t ” o Cttriole nmirvelonsly clear, smooth irpreferabi _ _ A ll the Bemedial Advontoses o f Sulphnr ’ o f G l e n n 'S \ i t i o n t o ^ p u - __ also disinfects clothiraff » a d lijaen and p re- vents dteeaBeii commimicatedi b y contact with theperson. . - I t dissolves dandrnffy prevent# bat'daess, and r'etards grayness of the h a ir. Physicians, speak o f itiu h ig h terms. Prices- 25 and 50 cents per Gahe S Box (3 Calces), 60& and ??i,2(J, N, Bi—The 50 oent.cakes are triple the gfZ6 Of those a t 25 cents. 'HILL’S HAIfl AND WHISKER DYE,’ B lack o r Brown^ SO Cents* G:N. OEITTENTOJff, PW r, nov29yl > ________ y Sixth It ERESH VANILLA GHEWIMG ■ C R E A M * . . DO YOU WANT FRESH CANDIES? GO TO D A V I S ’ CONFEOIIONERISTOBB. Main S t.j Near the Post Office^ fferkim er, N ^J, mchl4tf those willing to work can easily earn a dozen dollars a day tight in their own localitiesi Haveao room to explain hersi Business pleas­ ant and honorable. Woman, and boys a n d giria do as well as men. Wo wiU furnish you a com­ plete Outfit free. Thubusiness pays b a tter thaa any thingfoise. Wo will bear expense of starting you, Pariiculars free. W riteaudsee. Farmers and meehamos. their sons and daughters, and all olasses in need of paying work a t home, should write toils and learn a ll about the work at once. Now is the time. Don’t delay. Ad­ dress T a n s Jk Co., Aagpota. Maine. janl7yl J . H . ST E W A R T & SON MANUFACTURERS OP mRi&eea and sleighs , rieur Court House, Main Street, IN '. f j n i , l E s u b s c r i b e r s a r e p r e p a r e d 1 MANUFACTURE XiigflkTfc a n d H ^ s a v y m fiO NS, &ARRIA&ES AND MiEN.all workjwill be warranted. They have als:o a large stock o f JELEADYMADE WOBK ________ ^ ____________ _______ hand, for -sale or exchange for second-hand. ahowing coBt of advertising. the turnpike tonsbush; thi minutes;— ‘ p7mnises*’therein^ public MClioh7 a t the hotel now kept by J. E, S. Wilkinson, in the town o f VyUmurt, County o f Herkimer and State of New If ork, on the 7th day of J u n e, A . D. 1877. a t one o’clock in the afternoon of that day. The said premises are described , in said , mortgage substantially as follows: All that piece or parcel of land lying and being within Mortgage Sale. W H E R E A S , default bas been m ade » * in tb© i^aymcnt of tbe money secured to be — by mortgrage dated the Rlst-day of March# execated by John Cary, of the town of Co- >ia, Herkimer qpunty* to Oscar P* Bemiss*of ther village of Herkimer. N. Y ., on the 30th day of May, 1677, at 10 o’eieefe in the forenoon of that day. The saia premises are‘described iu said mortgage as follows; \ A ll that certain piece or parcel of land lying apd being in the town of Winfield, iS tfie ooupty of Herkimer, and State sold to James Hannon, on the soath-westsrly part n e x tto the8ohoolboase,and beingthe same farm or parcel of land this dayaold and conveyed by said Bemiss to said Cary, and this mortgage is made to secure the payment of the considera­ tion money therefor.” Said mortgage was (iveq to secure the purchase money on the cr-’\ey '— ' of said premises to said Cary by said mortgage and bond a4?eomp ' lave been duly assigned to Est lerslgued. Dated March 7.1877. ESTHER BBMISS, Assignee of said Mortgai G koegb W. S juth , Attorney. conv anco PUBS, aud ^thesaw o lemiss, u n- M o r t g a ^ e S a l © , \ ^ ^ H E R E A S , d e f a u l t h a s been m a d e '» in the payment of tho money secured by a mortgage, d a t ^ the 9th day of February, 1875. executed by Charles W. WUlard and Teresa A, Willard, his wife.'of the town of Fairfield, coun­ ty o f Herkimer, N. X.. to Mary Hetman, of H*w- S u p r e m e C o u r t —Herkimer County. WlLUAH H. H abbis BBIS,, JAWsMOBnjS H a 1 Aand H bmah B. C ase .) me* Dis WAX©, tu isiurrwt uu ui a.vvut luo - : : OalU N AtFORDi Referee. ■ E dwabd a . Baowh, . ' Plaintiff’s Attorney. Herkim e r. N. Y. JfI«Ft§ras:e i^aie* WHEREAS, default has been made »» iu the payment of the money secured by a mortgaso dated tb'tti 1 st day ofA^pri. 1 . 1874 , exe­ cuted by Eeury Eclrier m i Aim EcXler* bis wife, to W ellingtou Tiunnioliff. which mortgage with the power of sale therein contained, was duly reeofded in the Clerk’s Office of tbe County ef Herkimer, iu hook Ho- A. M. of Mortgage page SOT, on the 6th day e f Mareh. 187fi, a t 12 M., and whereas the amount claimed to be due and unpaid ou said mqrigageat the time o f the first publication of this notice is the sum ef one hun­ dred and seventy-seven doUars apd forty-tWo cents, ($177.42) and whereas, 'po suit or proceed­ ing at law have been instituted to recover the debt secured by said mortEage or auj^partthere- ef, now, therefore,'notice is hereby given ^ a t by virtue of the power of sale contained, lu said mortgage aforesaid, and in pursuance of the statute in suoh case made and provided, tbe said mortgage will be foreclosed by tho sale of the premiS)W therein described a t public nuction, at the pubUo house now kept by Orange Young, in State of.New York: Commencing a t a black oak stuinp ml the north-east corner o f said lot, run- nine from thence south forty-three degrees and forty-five minutes, east six chains; thence south fifty-five degrees. westfoaTohains a n d ten links t thenoe north twenty-two degrees, west six chains^:-thence north fifty^hree degrees, -east two chains and five UnKs, to the, place ot begin­ ning. containing one acre and one'hnndred and ® e S a S ^ % ’l877: ' WJILtiNGTON TUNNICLIFF, ' JoHK A. P itcher , Mortgagee, Attorney, Van Hornesville, N. Y. jCoDtgff giG Sale. WHEREAS, default has beeu made “ I in the p aym eni o f the money secured by a m ortgage dated October 2dtl871.iexeeuted by Horace Graves, o f Bnssia, N . X ., to Deter Jeffers. of gJiBO place, and recorded in the Herln’mer county Clerk’s o£S.oe ^uuntury I2tb.« lB72e in Sook. A* C*otmortgages> mige dZ9; and yrherecr said mortgage has been duly assigned to Patric MeVoy, o f Russia aforesaid, and is now own. by bimi and whereas, the whole amoustclaimi to be due and unpaid on said mortgage at tl time of the first pnbUoationof this notice is oi hundred and thirty-five dollars and fifty cenL. NdW. therefore, notice is hereby given that by virtue of the power of sale eontained in B»id mortgage, and duly recorded as aforesaid, the Said mortgage will bo foreolosed by a sale o f the premises therein described a t pnblio auction, a t the hotel kept by Frederick Webster, in Russia, N. Y.. on the 6th day of June. 1877. a t two o’clock iatheaftem o o n . Said premises are desoribea in said mortgage as followsr ?* A U that certain piece or parcel o f land known as part o f sub-division No.4, in the imrth half o f Great Lot No. 17 in Jerspsfield P atent, comtnenoing in the center of the road from Grant to Ohio, a t the point Where the east line of said sub-division intersects said road; thence along said e ^ t lme_tq.a stc*- *\ MttTos How®, Attorfiey. LUWU.VL:cbUUOlUtUUUUI j 0 r ML JJ.CraUUm>bUU i follows: JBeginuiug in the middle^ o f the high­ way a t tbe south-west corner of said Lot N o .l6; thence on the south line thereof 88° 26' west 38 chains to the south-east corner of the land here­ tofore owned by George Bnell; thence on tbe i i r a f e W r i g ^ t t ^ g ^ h i highway. 18 obaifts, 79 links, to the south-east corner of a lot'of 5X'acres of land heretofore owned by David F o rd; thence on the line thereof ’ north l-S® 45' east 4 chains. 32 links to tho end of a Stone wall; thence along said wail south 87°30: east 15 chains. 84 links, to a take and stones; thence soUffl we?t 2 phafns; §2 links, to \tlif^ middle-of the highway; thence'South 70° west one chain to the Center of the road running north and south OH said lot; thenoe along^ th^ niiddl^ of said road south 1° 15' west 23 chains, 21 links, to. the pjaeo of beeinning, bontamine 102 imres and 144 rods of land, always excepting and re- s rving about one aota of land h retofore sold by. mortgage sa le. X P ^ H E R E A S , d e f a u l t L a s beep m a d e U in the payment of the money fiecared by a mortgage dated the 6th day.of January, 3873.. executed by'W illiam S. Burt, of the town of Ohio, Herkimer county, to Jane W. Bullock, of the same place, and which mortgagewasrecord- ed in the Clerk’s Office of Herkimer county, in Book No. A. D. of Mortgages, at page 527. oq. FARr7ifl.Yxr. ■nt tuun n*n]nf»lr. fore, notice is hereby given that by virtue of the ----- er ofSalebontained in said mortgage, and du- eorda'' a s aforesaid, the said mortgage w ill bo eloseffbya sale of theprcp^ises therein d e , led. at publio anotion, at the hotel kept bP isroJerick Webster, in the town o f Russn^ coun­ ty Of Herkimer, oh the 26th day o f June, 1877, a t two o’clock in the afternoon. The said prem­ ises are deseribed in said mortgage as follows ; “ All that oertain piece or parcel of landatuate, lying and being in the town of Norway. County of Herkimer, and State of New York, being p art of let No. 58 in the Sd allotment of the Royal Grant, bounded and described as follows;, viz; Beginning in the center of the highway run­ ning from Grayvilloto Norway a t the northeast corner of lands now owned by Goorgo Snyder, rttunihg thOnee along the center of said read two chains andsixtOcn links, thenOo north e i ^ t y * four degrees, west three chains and ninety links to a stake on tfee east line oflandsnow owned by\ Thomas E. Proctor; thence south four and a half degrees west two -bains and sixty- six links to a Stake; thenoe north 89 degrees, east three chains and eighty-seven links to tho place of beginning, containing three roods and twenty- five perches of land, be the same mors or less.” Dated Match 28.1877. , JOHN HEMSTRBBT, Assignee. . M ilton Hnwh. Attorney. ____ rpHE PEOPLE OE THE STATE A OF hTB W YORK, by the Grace o f God F ree and Independent. To all persons interested in tbe estate of Bavid Bolts, late of the town of Herkimer, in tbe county of Herkimer, and State of Now York, deceased, ag creditors, legatees, next of kin, or otherwise. Send Greelvas. Yon and each of you are hereby cited and re- cnired nersonally to be and appear before our Surposateaf thfi County of Herlsimerj at his of­ fice in the rillage of Herkimer, iu said eonnts. on the ninth day o f July, 1877, a t ten o clcok in the forenoon of that day, then and there to a t ­ tend the final se’ttement of tho accounts o f Su- sau FoHs as the Exeontris of tho soods, chattels and credits of tho said David Folts. deceased. In Testimony Whereof, *- ---------------- seal of off \ hereunto __ _ _____ March, in the year^ono’thousand eight hundred and eeventy-eeven. _ AMOS H . ^ RESCOTT. Surrogate. N o t i c e \TO d r e d i t o r s . T>y order of Amoa H. Prescott, Sur- j LF rogate. notice is hereby given acotmding to law. to all persons having claims or demiMids against Nancy Smilh. teto of tho village ot Mo-

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