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000,000 square miles, yet its coast line, BTcn including that of the Indian T h e C oast l i l a e o f th e P a e ifle. Although the Pacific covei's more than half the surface of the globe and has an area estimated roughly at 90,- ocean, is hut 47,000 miles, or about 8,000 miles less than that of the At­ lantic. The shores of the Atlantic are yery deeply indented by large seas, of •which the Baltic and Mediterranean are the most remarkable. Besides these, the greatest lateral seas and gulfs in the Atlantic are the gulf of Mexico, Caribbean sea, Hudson bay and the bay ot Biscay. If we take from the Pacific the Red sea, Arabian sea and hay of Bengal, which are part of the Indian ocean, we leave it with a remarkably straight coast line, with the exception of a few deep indenta­ tions on the coast of Asia. It is owing to a free impenetration of land and water and consequent ease of communication between one country and another that the most civilized na­ tions of the world, with few excep­ tions, have lived and now live on the shores of the north Atlantic and its lateral seas. h . Bo1> Toomljs’ W ay. General Robert Toombs was as ifla- pulsiTe as he was courageous. Once, in the midst of a hot political campaign, a stump orator said something about the general’s arrest by Robert E. Bee for Insubordination, frightfully distorting the Incident. Toombs w^ote one of the hottest letters of his life and was about to seal it when a friend entered his of­ fice and,, seeing, him much agitated, in­ quired the cause. The letter was hand­ ed to him to read, and when he had finished it he remarked, “You don’t in­ tend to send that to him?” “I do,” said Toombs, “Better wait till tomorrow and think it over, general.” “Never, sir! I have known him to be a liar, a blackguard and a thief all his life, but never before had cause to tell him so. The opportunity is now offered, and I wouldn’t miss it for the senatorship. Walt till tomorrow? Think it over? That is to throw away the chance of a lifetime. Strike -while the iron is hot, sir! Bob Toombs is the iron! Bob Toombs is hot! Toombs will strike!”— New York Press. H a v e an Aim In liifc. Have you no aim in life? Then get one. Study over what it shall be­ think, and think deeply. Pray that you may have an understanding of your work In the world, that you may see your beckoning star and tbat a knowledge may come to you of how to build a highway to i t The materi­ als and tools for, the building of this highway lie right at hand. . They are not to your liking perhaps—you may call them trouble and bad luck—but just shut your teeth together, shut your eyes, too, if necessary, and hold yonr breath. Then get a good grip on the situation, and then work with it. And the wonders that will grow out of doing little things well and the under­ standing of many things that will come to you will make you “stand amazed” indeed.—Maxwell’s Talisman. A Singrolar Creatnre. One of the most singular looking crea­ tures tbat ever walked the earth or “swam the waters under the earth” is the world famous man faced crab of Japan. Its body is hardly an inch In length, yet the head is fitted with a face which is the exact counterpart of a Chinese cooly—a veritable missing link, with eyes, nose and mouth all clearly defined. This curious and un­ canny creature, besides the great like­ ness it bears to a human being in the face, is provided with two legs, which seem to grow from the top of its head and hang down over the side of its,^ Brides \Wlio Percli In Trees. Among the Lolos of western China it Is customary for the bride on the wed­ ding morning to perch herself on .the highest branch of a large tree while the elder female ’ members of her family cluster on the lower limbs armed with sticks. When all are duly stationed the bridegroom clambers up tbe tree, assailed on all sides by blows, pushes and pinches from the dowagers, and it Is not until he has broken through their fence and captured the bride tbat he is allowed to carry her off. H e r Soi-ro-vr. One of the closest friends of Princess Mathilda was Count Benedettl, the French ambassador whom the king of Prussia was said to have insulted at Ems. Her words on hearing of his death, after he had been her intimate counselor for moi-e than forty years, are worth recalling. “Alas,” she said, “now there is no one left who will dare to contradict me.” site UndLerstood. Mr. Misfit—It’s no use trying to ex­ plain things to a woman. She can’t understand scientific terms. No, there Is— Mrs. Misfit—Oh, yes, I can, Charles! Heredity is what a man blames his father and mother for, and environment is w h a t he blames his wife and children for!—Chicago Record- Herald. F o r e t l x o T i s r l i 't . He—If I were suddenly to lose all my money would you marry me just the same? She—Not quite the same, dear. We should have to invite a few hundred more to bring us presents.— Cincinnati Commercial Tribune. A H a rd Bird. Customer-What sort of a chicken do you call this? Waiter—That, sir, is, I believe, a Plymouth Rock. Customer—. Ah! I’m glad it has some historic in­ terest I thought it was just an ordi­ nary cobblestone. You will never get on the sunny side by waiting for the world to turn round. —Atlanta Constitution. The Health ‘ Builders We Will Give gSOOO In Gold ^ will give $5,000 in gold to any provements as' the expert physicians and get your money back by merely saying you V V chemist who can show by analysis chemists in the employ of the United Drug are dissatisfied, that any Rexall remedy is not particul^ly Company deemed desirable, are used in the The Rexall remedies are sold dir-?ct from adapted for the cure o f the specific ailment compounding o f Rexall remedies. factory to consumer. They are manui:Lct- for which it is sold, or who can prove that Aside from these prescriptions the com- ured in enormous quantities and so can be it is not different from all other remedies on pany’s experts, having every facility at hand put out at a low price. There are no rnid- the market intended for the cure of this and unlimited capital to pursue their inves- dlemen to add to the cost; no jobbers to disease. tigations, have made many invaluable dis- hold them until they become stale. Rexall remedies—one for each human coveries, prominent among them being W hen you buy a Rexall remedy you ill—are manufactured by the United Drug Rexall Mucu-Tone, the nowfamous catarrh know that you are getting one which has Company, in its Boston laboratories. cure; Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets and flesh been prescribed to cure the particular ail- Rexall means King o f all. Rexall rem- builders; Rexall 93 Hair-Tonic; Rexall ment for which it is sold; that it has been edies are kings pf all others—are superior Asthma Pencils—an economical asthma tested in thousands of cases and has proved to all others. cure that cures —and others. itself the best remedy for this ailment in the Hundreds of prescriptions are used in Because of the known quality and effect- world; that it is fresh and strong—that you various parts o f the country for the cure of iveness of Rexall preparations they are not get more for your money and better for the same disease. The most successful of sold as mere remedies but as positive and your money than you can get elsewhere, them—^the ones which in repeated trials permanent CURES. Remember there is a Rexall remedy for proved themselves absolutely perfect—^were If any Rexall remedy does not cure you each human ill. W hen you buy medicine chosen and, with such changes and im- of the aliment for which it is sold, you can buy Rexall. PEXALL MUCU-TONE A W o n d e r ful Lafe-Giving Elbdr T h a t M a k es T h e S ick W e ll and T h e W e a k S tron g Primarily Rexall Mucu-Tone is a cure for all catarrhal con­ ditions— In addition to this, is one of the most powerful nutritive tonics and flesh builders known to the medical world.^ “ But,” you say, “ I haven’t catarrh. Catarrh is a disease of the nose and throat.” There is where you are wrong. Catarrh is a term whicih describes a congested and inflamed condi­ tion of the mucous membranes, and while it is commonly known as a disease of the head and throat, this in fact is the least com m o n of all its phases. Every time you catch cold you have catarrh, for a cold con­ gests some portion of these membranes. You may say yon have “ a cold in the head ” or that your cold *' settled in your back” or “ on your lungs.” In reality jt is catarrh—catarrh of the lungs, stomach, liver, kidneys, bladder or whatever organ may be affected. But there is a still more com­ mon form of catarrh. Have you ever thought how this life of all -work and no play was breaking you down ? Do you not realize that even now you are paying the penalty of starved nature? Remember that for years you have lived a confined life. You have been^ denied the crisp, life-giving air\ of the country and the outdoor exercise which Nature intended. Instead of this you have bent over your desk, you have strug­ gled with your house work, you have breathed foul, vitiated air. And because of this, the ma­ chinery of life has grown rusty and the arteries thirst for new blood. The membranes of your body are clogged and para­ lyzed. They have lost the functional pow’er which your wellbeing demands. * And so you are weak ahd tired, and nervous and worn out. You have no strength, no­ energy, no life. You have no interest, no ambition, no desire to get out of the rut. You can­ not concentrate your thoughts without great effort. Whatever you do exhausts you. You go to bed feeling like an old, old man—or woman—^and get up unrested. You have no appe­ tite and what you do eat fails to give you strength. If you are a woman you suffer the weakness peculiar to your sex; your face is wan and haggard and' sometimes you feel as if your back would break. This is catarrh—^the same dis­ ease which in an acute form affects the nose and throat; the same disease which as a woman’s disorder of the pelvic organism is known by half a dozen dif- rerent names. This iswhyne;‘rly everybody in the world will be the better and stronger, and healthier and happier for the discovery of Rexall Mucu-Tone—a remedy which is not a mere medicine in the ordinarily accepted sense but a life-giving elixir which lifts Nature out of the quagmire in which your mode of life has plunged her and sets her sol­ idly upon her feet. Three weeks of Mucu-Tone will do more for you than three months of fresh air and country fare. W o rking through t h e starved bloodvessels, it drives out the catarrhal poison, stim u lates the muco-cells into th e active ex­ ercise of their functions, fills the arteries with rich, red blood, tones up the stomach, restores the appetite and builds up the body. There is no slow, uphill work about its largy and pain will slip away and in their place will come the fresh, buoyant vigor and povrer of application of the long ago. Don’t be skeptical; don’t cheat yourself. But give Rexall Mucu-Tone a trial ■ —just one trial. If you don't feel j better immediately you can stop taking it and we will give you back you? money. Price 89 cents per large bottle. Rexall Dyspepsia^ Tablets Few people escape indigestion and dyspepsia. Thousands and hi dreds of thousands of mei nen have their lives almost ruined by it. In fact most casi of sickness and death are traced 1 the stomach. A disordered stomach f food nourish]ihment—the principle of life, and disease accomplishes this shuts off food other disease quickly or s( pepsia. Does your food distress you? Does a bitter fluid rise in your throat ? Are you weak and dizzy ? Does everything appear dark when you suddenly straighten up from a bent position ? Is there a bad taste in your mouth an^ is your breath foul ? Do you experience a sense of impending calamity? Are you becoming thin and hagjgard ig Then you have dyspepsia! Many think these symptoms will wm cures itself -—even tl people think these symptoms away of their own accord. nil not! Dyspepsia never the best scientists often fail to cure it. Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets is the one remedy tbat will positively cure this disease. These tablets furnish the one ele­ ment necessary to enable the stom­ ach to digest food and take up the work of supplying nourishment to the famished body. We have seen them effect many marvelous cures. We do not know of a single instance where they failed to greatly benefit the sufferer. We want you to try Rexall Dys­ pepsia Tablets, and agree to returr your ^ money if you are not more money if you are not more satisfied with the result. Price 25 cents per full size pack- Rexail 93 Hair Tonic This is a new and scientific prep­ aration for the hair and scalp. Very recent discoveries are to the effect that baldness, falling hair, dandruff and itching scalp are caused by microbes. Rexall 93 Hair Tonic cures these troubles by killing the microbes, by repairing the damage they have done the roots of the hair, by supplying ■ition r for the starving hair and by follicles into new li] stimulating the fi Rexall 93 Hair Tonic makes hair ;rowonrow aUu baldald headseads wherehere thehe g on a b h w t least spark of life remains in theroots. Rexall 93 Hair Tonic cures dan­ druff by banishing the cause—^the microbes. Dandruff is nothing but the trail left by these germs—^the tiny flakes of skin loosened by them as they work away a t the roots of the hair. Rexall 93 H air Tonic restores gray or faded hair to its natural color. It is in no sense a dye. It brings back triginal color by bringing back ;inal conditions—by making the well and healthy. strong and At the same timi id positr '^Itl its action [ improve- after the 2 W applications. As the hair IS life and strer~*-'' ’*• ’ ----- ment v/ill regains ■shness and ragj sngth it loses i1 ;ged brittlene£ prompt and positive, and ill be noted even Jged 1 and becomes soft, silky and lux- tonics,” Rex- )lly free from It positively the hair, is not b off and cannot or bed linen. It is Unlike other hair all 93 Hair Tonic is who! all grease or sediment. It positively will not gum up the hair, ill not rub off and sticky, soil the clothii is clear as crystal, is pleasant to use, ind leaves the hair with just suffi­ cient of the natural oil to make it manageable. Rexall 93 Hair Tonic derived its name from the fact that of one hundred men and women who were asked to test its merits, ninety-three reported favorably, writing us en­ thusiastic letters in which they pro­ nounced it the greatest discovery of the age. The name is commemo­ rative of this great test. We guarantee that Rexall 93 Hair Tonic will do all we have claimed for it. Give it a trial. Then if not more than satisfied bring back the empty bottle and we will refund your money. Price 50 cents per large bottle. Rexall Asthma^ Pencils This is the most convenient,.eco­ nomical and effective asthma rem­ edy ever made. Rexall Asthma Pencils embody a wholly new principle in the treat­ ment of this disease. But they are in no sense an experimental remedy. On the contrary, they have demon­ strated their worth in many of the most severe cases and have effected many wonderful cures. Beyond a doubt they will revolutionize the treatment of asthma. This Rexall asthma corapor in the form of slender pencils put up i: about tl )ound is the size of a knitting needle. They burn like punk, giving off light, pleasant smelling fumes, and' beingeing heldeld inn thehe fingersingers of the suf- b h i t f ferer, there is no troublesome and expensive apparatus—nothing that requires preparation before use. The sufferer simply lights the asthma pencil with a match and inhales the fumes. Relief is immediate, and before the pencil is consumed all pain ai pWe^ matics nmitly chronic cases. pain and distress will have vanished. te( greatly _ it they loUl pen cure all but the most sev !ss will have vanishe We guarantee that Rexall Asthi sncils will gr•eatly be matics and that tin Pencils will < \efit all t ™i- Price 50 cents per box. Does The Gtsar&xatee ©f 1000 Prominent ■ Dnig^asts Mean Anything To Yon? j Give any Rexall remedy a trial. If it fails I to cure the ailment for wiuch it is prescribed or I in any way fails to give entire satisfaction, ws I hereby agree to refund the full purchase price I without question or formality. A guarantee is horth as much as the people behind it. One thousand prominent, prosperous, and financially solid' druggists stand behind ebery 'Rexall remedy ; behind the guarantee that they MU cure the ailments jor Iphieh they^ are sold; behind the promise to refund the purchase piice to a ll hho are dissatisfied: Such men as these—men hhose business aggregates $70,000,000.00 cnnually and loho are rated in Ihm and Bradstreefs a t $20.000,000.00—could net afford to sell or endorse any remedy they did not hitok> to be perfect, and tnese men ao endorse Rexall remedies to the fullest extent—they knok> that they are far them ; they knoh? that each o f them MU cure the disease j o r hmien ttis prescribed. r e x a l l r e m e d i e s a r e s o l d o n l y a t o u r s t o r e . MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED. WHITEHEAD, THE DRUGGIST Fine Prescription Work Our Specialty All Kinds of Fancy Candies Always on Hand.

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