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Herkimer Democrat. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1877-1904, June 01, 1904, Image 4

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fiejlpmes Democrat A. F. Ft,UMMERFELT. SSOiioy, Sntered a t the PosfojgHee a t Setrkim&Tj, ft Y,, 08 seend <^9ss matter. Terms—^1,60 a.yearf or $i.OQ i f paid irietly in acLvanee. er * Wlten yoo pay for the D w q O bax the 4ate e% the little prlntea slip with your name » cha»Ked»ejtd is yonr receipt for payment temeiober tlxe d®t« j «Mok Ton have pam. ray^ shown the time to WEDNESDAY, JD N E l , i m BEMOeRATIG NATIOSTAE VENTION. CON- day Of July, a ^ t W r ^ n K S ^ W Louis as the place for holding the Democratic National Convention. Bach State Is entitled to repreiientatu * ' ■ double the number o f Sea the United Indian h'erj bla shall h£ CoryV; Alai 5t of Cob igress^Of All Democratic citt^ns of the United States Who can unite with us in the effort for a cure and economical constitutional government are cordially invited to loin us in sending delegates to the convention. JAMES CjONES, OhairmaA C. A. WAnsH, Secretary. State Apprepriatlons. .v S S S .......... 15,713,678 .’^as.oAi.aoo ♦Aftervetoing f8,350,0(». £ ^ A C K . ^'ranjc S. BlacM in m interyiety in the New Yorfe^ ‘;CimeS';'«ayS^of - people of New “ If there could he a secret, hallo.t taken in the cilgr of New York to determine whether or .not these ihstitotions jdow ^J^ercelY .hijnted: should \ to exist, there' might possihly he one vote cast tor their total suppression, the vote of D r. Parkhurst,. and \ even that is doubtful, always provided there: could he no way of telling how many man voted. Thiftjs ^ same B i^ k ^ h d was. Republican governer o f' thW ’ ‘kate,** and the same Republican who when governor took tW starch nut*^ hf civil service retorm, add alaffthe same Republican governor 'under whose administration the nine ruiliions' appropriated provement oLthe canals^wp^S ^ n a n ^ - ered. The people generally win _-&^w th is s ‘ man' expect just snob the wondet4s thapjfeosident-~^Roeae- velfe would^ select , spch, a , deliver: the \ speech >at the next Republican National Gonvention. Black is - a. Bourbon, and if given rope enoti^b w ill soon have himseif and therpreBi- dent ou4he political gihhet; E D j t o i t l A I ^ COaiiHLENT, President Roosevelt Wapts General Horace Porter, our ambassador to France, to run for Goreror of New York. Governor Odell -seems. to second the motiott and has gone to Paris to^ see him. Horace may not' think th is is a good year, The Republican family quarrel in Wisconsin fomented by Spooner, causes consternation in administration’ circles, ' ^ j ^ s s eompiopdsed im­ mediately it d A likely .to give the Democrats the governor and som? Oongeess men. There.,are $0,0G0 anti-imperialists ^in Massachusetts who demand that the Democratic platform shall offer independence to the Filipinos at some near and specified time. General Miles alleges that the Phillipines under our protection can equip themselves with a stable republican government “ within two hundred days^ This ought to satisfy even Gevernof Boutwell. Representative Cowherd, Chair, man of the Democratic Congressional campaign . committee, has opened hea^dquarters in- Washington. Being interviewed he says, ^“^Newspapers tell us that Republican primaries in West Virginia were so harmonious that only seventeen men were killed; that the Dick and Foraker factions ' in Ohio have abandoned balloting and are relying for success on the thick­ ness of their skulls and the weight of their clubs. Illinois is in the throes of the bitterest convention fight the Republican party ever experienced in that state. There is’ p robahili^ of a riot a t the state convention in Wis- conisn and noted prize fighters and ^ athletes are ih demand for aergeants- at»arms. Senator Spooner says “ the condition is . deplorable. There M s no worse condition anywhere!’’ . Is not this a pathetic state of things. Colonel Bryan says Trusts are to be the paramount issue.’’ A good idea; fa&ners have discovered that: the steel truts has added |1 to the price of every plow, that the Wire trnst has pnt the price so high that he can hardly afford to fence h i t fields, that the lumber trusts has increased by fifty per cent the cost of the bam he builds, that the twine trust ia taking robber toll firom ,his wheat crop, and th a t the ' labor trust has made help a .rare and ruinous delicacy and so. on thfqpgh ' a ll the articles he has to hay. Eut then didn’t Mr. Roosevelt in a speech at the.NeW York Wool Exchange ^ in October, 1886. say, “ Mr. Bryan and his adherents have appealed to the basest set in the,land, the farmers.’’ . \* * * . The atidaoity. and protentiotisaeBS of Rev. Dr, DymaB Abbott ate wOrth noting. He insisted that his -nam<H be retained as one of. the Vice* Presidents of the Peace Society, when he has been in favor of every war .fought by the United States- or its“ ally- during the last five yearffs. \I-- - J •- * * ^ - \■ ■; If Oongrefei^ .ehbuld remove; fthe tariff from cattle imported fronn Canada, Mexico,' Brazil and Argen­ tina, Seoreatary Oortelyou might ask ,in amazement _what on ^ earth .had happen^ to th e beef trust. - c J JU D D E B m E E . \5 Rev. S. D. Butler delivered an eloquent andable memorial address in the Dniversalint church last Sunday, Special music was well rendered. Rev. Enrst also delivered an address to the solders of the Uivil War, a number of whom were present and enjoyed the remarks very much. Flans have been made tor the repair of the windows in the ISfeth* dist ohnroh. Mr. and Mis. Oasler and Mr. Francis were in Utica Decortion Day to attend the funeral of the highly respected and aged GriffithRoherts. A large delegation from town at­ tended a meeting of Pomona Grange held in Herkimer last Saturday. They report a fine^ program rendered. Several from Middleviile contem­ plate attending the Baptist association to be held id Newport next week. The local grange worked first and second degree last Saturday night at the regular meeting. At a special meeting Monday night third and fourth degrees were Wokred. The Middleviile Literary Union held their final session a t the home of -Mr. \H. T. Case Tuesday night. Richardson, Gibbon-and Home were studied. The annual bamlnet w ill 06 held Tuesday n ight June 7 at .the'' home of Mm. Dillenlt^k, Last Sfttruday afternoon the toWn was shocked fay the\sad‘nOWs of tub sudden death of Mr; Orville Stoddard, fie ; had retuimed from a week s recreation in the VToods only a few mir^tes before Lis'^demise.*’^ He was r JFa^gaxioMcilialion Nuptials. ^ At Oneida yesterday occurred the i wedding of William .’3?. Fagan, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Fagan of Prospect street this village to M s s Julia McMahon, a highly respected young lady of that place. The mem* hers of the groom’s family attended the wedding. Mr, and Mrs. Fagan w ill reside on Prospect street this Villaga and will take up their jsb U dence some time next Week. .Ajttothier Record BroAen. Short stories including .-nature stnides, historical spots, personal sketches of notables and clean and wholesorn'e items of a varied char­ acter, has made a place for The Four- Track News in the home which is distinctly its own. I t is now excell-^ ing its own record, which is ' the m o ^ exacting standard that can he applied to it. The June issue is on a ll news stands a t 5c per ' copy. Yearly subscription 50c to Geo. H. . Daniels, Publisnher, New York City, i 00 Buffalo to St. Louis and turn Via the Hiekel Plate Road. Tickets good 7 -dsys.^ On sale each Tuesday and Thursday during June. For particulars see local Agents, or w rite R. B. . Payne, General Agent. =291 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. May 28—6t. - tired from tb& long ride and it ’is :.t^dght. that- the neXertioh j-over pjitCited his heart which - was nnable liear the strains Mr.'j StdddaM; ^was- kixty ‘ -seven years dtief* The amiable amd inoffensive king of b urnt cork, Le-W Dookstader, has ^ e n guilty of le^e majeste., ^ . He went through a pantomine last week representing the President m the act of lifting toileE'';«^gto^e hie f e | » d tor PortW iflg =. atft ’of mercy and kindpess he was chased to New York by a ffefBcfiv^e^1qAhompe|L -ed 'to surrender ‘fiis * p h o togr^hio ‘‘ptShttj*','whidh wasffftstroyed. If the dead ^pictures had become living jpiotore|,.WOTHdit have helped lui - luau expecc jusu sucni Uow do Republicans expec^^ ^tl|eir slanderous utter^oeu hSo. a^Vancd ^ ih'\the .highwaynfmatiqtolpro^^ w ith RoMeveft on 3 i s - hack -and to d ^ . t ; ^ h g to lead hash,' one of ~€ia 5 and three-children have the^nipath;|^ ;of a hestof friends ‘in town; '#he funeral w as held yesterday'-'from' 'thb‘ late home a t ^ d’plock. \ : C h o c o l a t e S o d a . O ir Ohodate Soda Syrup ia w ith Huylef’» Delicious Ghocoiaiei- Whifiehead the D ruggist... . . . The Foolish Han 'legs is firmly tied to the pat^’ boss? >.-7-1:;:-. \ It is understood that the Presi- Seiife: wants a brieef platform to r the •coming campaign. ,TbO : folloing^ is offered with the belief that, i t is both brief and comprehensive It has the ; additional advantage of being ea$ily converted into a campaign song; Don’t run amuck. Fry out the fat. Just trust to luck And all stand pat» — (Sringfieid Republican.) the ever .kuovm. i .drugeist, Htrkimer.j Advertising pays In the Democrat, Throats, oiie bottle. >iem sh Cure mTBHBA.D, dec 2-lyr Suxidas or ffiaultattaiis. * ^ A lt the newest fancies ' in Ice Gtoam. Snndas at Whitehead’s fountain “ on the corner.” $3€|,0(l to' Colof'add and Return •Yia^Ohicagd; Union Pabific.&Ndrth- Was; hixty ^even years old, a'gobd Western Line. Chicago to Denver, nei^ffmr and tespeoted mtizen/' 09 l<hwdo Sprto^ Pueblo, \daily wns’a Invai husband and kind*ftiffihr: ’ was'a lo y ^ husband and k lad'i^fife^ Ihlphghont the We rwill miss- his familiar'' ' ------- upon out streets. \ The surviving ilifo ThW ilu^tations .given below ^ a te comilUediof the benefit of the D t o - OBA'ns readers andrib is •our ^ndeaV' or to have thera.eorreofclShonld ^thiy '1 racefelbT^lite^oianfi f S v . IM T M lS ffli ib c past four months wo have been steadily increasing our stack of clothing ' . and furnishings, pay­ ing especial atten­ tion to secure the best and most ser­ viceable Union Made . clothing on the mar­ ket We are pleased ; to announce that we ' have on exhibition - B Q Q of the Celebrat­ ed W .S. Peck 8 t Co, SU ITS in all styles and patterns, from $12.50 to $40. We • invite thi^ public to : calk examine these ; goods, regardless Of of any mtention of buying. W e are the - agents for the famous Howard Hat. F. A PINNEEN, Doors from N. V. C. Depot. HERKIMER. N. Y - summer. ’ Oorres- pohdingly low rates from aU points, east. Only one bight to Denyer 'f r ^ Gbioago. Two fa»t traius daily. Tbufist-sleeping bars to Denver daily. ^Mi^2840t.- \ New York-Lake Placid Sleeping Car; Beginning' Monday, May 33rd, tber& w ill be a throngh sleeping. c^l^- daily between New. York and Lake Placid via the New York Oentral’s Adirondsok express.. May 25-r-8t — -pubBCribe for the D b M ocbat ; ..A eLBAN SW E E R . , : The ^ b l ic is aware-tbat w e have for time been located iu the ; Block., ,mow NEISON BLOCK, and as. ' ; impruyenmnmaKeso«mtobe.mi^ t o U m b t u ld & g 'itisn e c ^ ^ us taciosebutQurSTOCBLat; • i; . ' » d)NE-HALF R EG U L A R PR IC E . ' .,r t o r tl i o n e x t 10 ,.d A iS f S w wifi plaee these' gobds oh bur counters, conaistihg'of . ; BOOTS SH 0 E& ■ diA RUfiffElS \ and sell them oi^ to the fast Gomere at One-Half Original Price Spot Cash. DON’T FORGET % Q ^ FORGET ‘ COJRffE EA^RI^Y A N P B £ S T B A R G A I N S : M B m :-- Y a K K : : B T O H K ^ ? ' • ' I ^ - V 4.- — t , ’ ■ ' * -i- . - * ■ | T I* > ! » .v-,.-vw-•xoi.i i\. -■.r. a-.\; 'il.sjr.-.* ^ di: M I#N dER ,& ^ ^ N. Y.' P H E N p m U ^ B J k l M . O ff^pY GOODS ’‘■5 i _; BOOOfHYrfi'OR • 3 POT:’'O^Stt' OF Sietsef, hffliiili Co,, The people of Herkimer and Vicinity have no doubt' noticed in the newspapers /the announcement that the large.and well known firm of Jobbers 'and Importers of Dry Goods, SWEETSER, PEMBROOK & CO., O F N E W Y O R K c i t y / Having gone into liquidation,'after a very long and successful business career of v nearly half a century. Very-naturally this event afforded us an unusual opportun- . ity to purchase a portion of this very large stock of over one million dollars and - . 'place it before our patrons at prices- that would create a furore, THe Sale of This Stock at Auction Oommenoed MOS'D AY, May 'S 3 d,. Mr. Hunger was in attendance when the sale opened and secured some of the choicest offerings before they had been picked over and while the stocks • iwere, yet complete - ’ ' At About Half the Wholesale Price. The Citizens of Herkimer and surrounding towns will now have an Opportunity of securing These Goods at Prices that will make this the ihost important and inost talked-of ^ SPECIAL SALE OF; SLAPLE Ai FANG! EVER HELD IN CENTRAL NEW VORK. This Sale Begins Wednesday, June 1st. In addition to our Auction Purchases, we shall add Many Items bought at Sacrifice Prices from Manufacturers who had to have the CASH . , - Huudreds of Pieces of Wajsh Goods Including, Lawns. Ginghams, Madras and Fine Mercerized Fabrics. Hundreds of Pieces of White Goods In Lace Stripes, Gords,' Brocades, etc. Just ai the Right Time and at a Fractiou of ttelr Value, ARE YOU BILIOUS? r S . D l 2 $ & y * i i e a d e d » C o x x s t i p a t e d a x k d f a l l o f d t x l l a c H e s a n d p a i n s ? Take JAYNE’iS SANATIVE PILLS

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