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, CBBABVIHiB. Mias Mable Smith ia aseiBfciBg Mra. Henry Klippel with her work. Ray Shoies of Ilion visited friends in Litchfield last week. Earl Palmer has the best field of corn in town. I. K. Biah of Winfield was a t his farm here last week. Jacob Mesgar lost a horse last week w ith lockjaw by its stepping on a rusty nail. 2 Frank Richards of Frankfort was the guest of his brother, John Richards last week. Mrs. Charles Ball and ^on, Prowse, Who have been spending a couple of weeks with Mr. and Mrs. A. J . Kay, have retnrned to their home in Her­ kimer. Mr. and Mrs; J .‘ O’Brien visited realtives in Spinnerville Sunday. Miss Edith Holcomb is spending this week with friends in Middle- ville. ^ , Isaac Oasler of Ooliunbia was at Farmstead Farm last week looking over the stock with a view to purchase. Floyd Rider closed his*semi-month­ ly dances last Friday evening ‘ and had a large attendance. FBANKFOET. Mrs. Eliza “ Grandma” Harris celebrated her 90th birthday Friday and was pleasantly surprised by her many friends. Unests called during the entBre afternoon and refreshments were served. \ Bridget McGrath died Friday aged 76 years. She was born in Ireland and had lived in this village 40 years. The funeral was held from Sts. Peter and Paul’s ohuroh Monday. Vanard, youngest son o f . Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Garvey, died Snuday after an illness of two weeks. The child was nearly three years of age and is survived by several brothers and sisters. Mrs. George Lennan and children of Union Hill, N. J., are guests of h er ftaher, William Tobin. Miss Mabel Clarke and friend, Mrs. Grace Bird of Oneonta, are enjoying a several weeks’ stay at Saoandag a Park. GRANT. From our Regular Correspondent. Mrs. George Garlock and friend, Miss Vermileya,. of Syracnse are here to spend the summer. ■ The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Seth Fenner is unite seriously ill. The boys are organizing a martial band preparato:^ for the fall campaign. ’ ‘ - Mrs. Sullivan and family of New Xork City axe stopping at the Harvey Hotel fqr a month. Miss Ella Seaber of Syracuse is the guest of Miss Mande Jones. Mrs Frank Heidel of Los Angeles, Cal, has come to spend the summer wi^th her parents, Mr. dud Mrs. Hbnry Carrutherg. Mrs. Ohas. Wilt is entertaining friends from Boston, Mass. Miss Eva Combs has closed her soboorat Old Forge and is spending her well earned vacation with her mother. MILLERS MILLS. From our Regular Correspondent •Mrs. Clarence Wheeler of Oedar- ville and two grandsons from Ilion were here rusticating last Friday. Isaac O’Brien visited his daughtfer, Laura, at Bethany Cole’s ■ in Columbia Springs last week Sunday. Parties from Utica, West Winfield, Oedarvilie, Colnbmia and Ohepachet were here last Sunday in the Park _ and enjoying boat rides. The Methodist and Baptist Sunday schools of West Winfield w ill hold their picnic in the park'here Wednes­ day, August 3rd. Aaron Chamberlain has the nicest hops and hop yard and piece of potatoes in town. Charles Miller and two gentlemen friends of Utica were here Suj^day looking after his interest. , President Charles Miller of Utica with a party of “ Lily Pickers” w ill hold a picnic a t Millers Mills Park Thursday August 4th. ^ Mr. and Mrs, Irving Hammond of Mohawk were guest of her mother Mrs. Lovica Woodard last Saturday ' and Sunday. Rev. T)r. Crosby of Ilion will hold services in the ohuroh nest Sunday Augustl 7 at eleven a. m. No snob thing as “ summer com­ plaint” where Dr. Fowler’s Extract of Wild Strawberry is kept handy, Natnxe’s remedy for ever looseness of the bowels. I.OW R o u n d T r ip R a t e T o S a n F r a n c i s c o v i a tlte N icRel P l a t e R o a d . Tickets on sale August 15th to September 9tb, at rate of 162.00 Buffalo to San Francisco and return. Liberal arrangements for stop overs, Ticktes good returning until October 23, 1904. Get full particulars from Local Agents or write R. B. Payne, General Agent, 291 MainBt., Buffalo, N. Y. Aug8—5t W E 'R E A N D T H E R E J iwould h o n o r h o r s e c h ie f . Syracuse’s < new directory places th a t cities’ population at, 188.652. NoTwich is soliciting funds for a firemen’s tournament. John Ferron aged 22 years of Utica was arrested last week upon the complaint of his 15 year old bride, Mamie Butler who charges him with bigamy. Binghamton is soon to have a linen mill. The common council of Elmira, has had to pass an ordinance pro­ hibiting the keeping of bees w ithin the city limits. Austin Van Riper of Oazenovia celebrated his 99th birthday July 5th by splitting several sticks of wood. He is a very sprightly old gentle- A Groton man has 2,000 White Leghorn chicks. William Gull of Whitehead, an old man, had a su it of clothes, a present to h im w h ich h.e w a s saving .to he buried in. Gull took to his home Wm. Phoenix to befriend him, and Phoenix stole his burial clothes. * After a special sale of lace in an Auburn store, 270 yards of the lace was unaccounted for nresjimably carried away in the shirt waists 0 ^ hand bags of supposed onstomers. Oapt. Van Sobaiok, United States Steamboat Inspector Fleming and former Inspcetor Lundheig were indicted Friday by the federal grand jury in connection with the disaster to the Gen. Slooum, June 15th, when nealy 1,000 lives were lost. The youngest grandmother in Kingston is.but 87 years old. John Wendt of Rome. while adjusting a belt upon a pulley, caught bis arm, so badly mangling the member that it was amputated. Had not the belt slipped from th e main shaft, he would have lost his life. ' - Charles Smith of Utica searched for a leak in a gas main by holding a lighted match along the pide. He found the leak, burned bis hand and set the house on fire. A stranger in Utica last week taking pity on a fellow on hearing his story of hard luck, offered him half of h is bed for the night. He, how­ ever, thought it well to leave his money with the clerk of the hotel and when he was out of the room, the hard luck fellow stole' from him a bogus foO bill. John Hoffmau of HoBmans died Saturday and the funeral was held Monday. The four year old daugh­ ter was dressed for the obsequies and while waiting alone found a bottle of carbolic acid, and thinking it perfume washed her face with the fluid; Her screams attracted at­ tention and a doctor from Amsterdam was sent for. The trolley oar was a little ahead of sohedule and he missed it. The child was taken to Schenectady on ehe trolley, held by her mother, to have the hums a t­ tended to, while the funeral of the' father and husband was taking place. The arms of the child were badly scarred, fortunately the face will escape being marked. Oamden had a lively day last Mon­ day. It started with a mad dog scare after all the people out of doors had climbed trees and those who were in doors had barricaded themselves in, the dog entered a woodshed and was killed. In the meantime a R. W. & O. train entered the town, the whistle on the engine stuck and someone believing there Was a fire called out the fire department with a general alarm, and a circus giving their street parade were caught in the excitement and stampeded. The Oanajoharie fire ‘department have added a 45 foot extension ladder to their equipment. Sautelle’s oirous exhibits at Low- ville the 15th inst. Oxford feared a water famine and could not account for the short sup­ ply until a leak was found in a main under the Chenango river. In a collision on the Pennsylvania B. R., a fireman met death in a peculiar manner. He was putting coal in the fire box and tne impact threw him into the fire box andt he was burned to a crisp.\ I s S i Mrs. James H. Aldrich, whofhas spent several seasons at Richfield Sorings, has given S500 for a band stand to he erected in Spring Park. Oamden has a new policeman who is furnishing much exoifeement^lby his strict enforcement of the law. |;^ Nearly 90,000 cans of peas were put up at an Oneida factory this season. An old lady was takenj from in front of a train at R o m e .S h e said she wanted to end her troubles. Eczem a , scald bead, bives, itehiness of the skin |jof any sort instantly relieved, | permanently cured. Doan’s Ointment. At any drug store. FIRE INSURANCE! C m B. ROOTp Agent, Real Estate Bought or Sold. 210 S. W a shlnston St., PHONE 381. - . HSEKIMIS. N. Y ;/Visaonsin Educiit>.r r’.-pu.e* Erec­ tion of Wonument to Bulf. Madison, Wis., Aug. 2. —^Professor Rasmus B. Anderson, a wellknown Norse scholar and author, has started a movement to bring about a generta celebration in America, England and Scandinavia in commemoration of the founding of Normandy by the Norse chieftain, RoHo, or Rolf, in 891. Professor Anderson believes that If the matter is properly presented to the public steps will he taken to honor, the memory of Rolf by erecting monu­ ments to him In some of the principal cities of America, England and Scan­ dinavia. Professor Anderson proposes July 4 1912, as the date for the jubilee. Ho suggests particularly that the ilorwe- gians of America erect a monument to Rolf somewhere between St. Paul and Minneapolis, that being approximately the center of the Norwegian population la this country. Professor Anderson Is the founder of the Scandina-vian department of the xhilversity of ■Wisconsin and Is a for­ mer United States minister to Den- ------ --------------- ^ Two Deaths From Trolley CoUlsfon. Westboro, Mass., Aug, 2.— head-on collision between electric cars on the Boston and W orc^ter street railway, near this town, resulted in serious in­ jury to 14 persons, one of whom since has died, while the death of a second is expected. Mrs. Caroline Stewart was injured internally and died a few hours after the accident- Lightning struck a tree on the farm of Joshua Semel near Easton, Washintgon county, recently and k ill­ ed thkt;^»on 0 black snakes which were in a nest in a hollow at the roots. When the tree was rent asunder by the lightning the snakes were revealed, A ll were dpad. Ihe Finest Lake and River Trip on the American Continent to the far-famed Says She Founded the D. A. R. Washington, Aug,, 2. — Mrs, Flora Adams barling of this city has v(rit- ten an open letter making claim \ to founding the Daughters of the Ameri­ can Revolution. Her letter was splred by credit which has been given Mrs. Walworth, a member of the D. A. R., as its founder. • MARKET REPORT; New York Provision Market. New York, Aug. 1. WHEAT — No. 2 red, fl.OO f. o. h. afloat; No. 1 northern Duluth, $1.18%. CORN — No. 2 com, 56%c f. o. h. afloat; No, 2 yellow, 56%a OATS—Mixed oats. 26 to 32 lbs. 41@43c; clipped white, 36 to 40 lbs., 45@51c. PORK—Mess, $14.25@14.75; family. $15.00. ' HAY—Shipping. 67%c; gOod to choice. 95c. BUTTER—Creamery, extras, 17% @ 17%c; factory, ll@13%.c; western imitation creamery, 13 @3 5c, CHEBSEf—State, full cream, small choice, 8c. e 9 g S — State and Pennsylvania, fancy, 24c, POTATOES—^Jersey prime, per hhL, $1.50@1.75. Buffalo Provision Market. Buffalo, Aug. 1. WHEAT—^No. 1 northern, car loads, $1.09; winter wheat, 99%c. ' CORN — No. 2 white, 57c f. o. h. afloat; No. 2 yellow, 57c. OATS — No. 2 white, 44%c f, o. b. afloat; No. 3 white, 43%c. FLOUR — Fancy blended patent per hbl., $5.75@6.50; low grades, $3.75 @4.50. BUTTER — Creamery western? ex­ tra tubs, 17%@18c; state and Penn­ sylvania creamery, 17%@18c; dairy, fair to good, 15@15%c. 4JHBESE — Fancy full cream, 9c.; good to choice, 7%@8%c.; com­ mon to fair, 4@6c. EGGS—State, fancy fresh, 22a POTATOES—Per hbl.; $150@2.25. Hast Buffalo Live Stock Market. CATTLE—^Best steers on sale, 15.75 @6.00; fair to good butcher steers, $4.40@4.60; medium half fat steers, $3.60@4.25; common to fair heifers, $3.00@3.25: choice to extra fat heifers, $4.50@4.90; good' butcher hulls, $3.26 @3.60; choice to extra veals, $6.75@ 7.00; fair to good veals, $6.00@6.50. SHEEP AND LAMBS — Choice lambs, $6.7o@7.00; culls to common, $4.00@4.76; yearlings, handy weight, $4.75@5.50; wether sheep, $4.50@5.00. HOGS — Mixed packers’ gr.idea $5.80@5.85; medium hOgs, $5.75@ 5.80; pigs, light, $5.85@5.90. Buffalo Hay Market. HAY—Timothy, per tons, looM^ $1S.00@14.00: hay, prime on trade, $14.00; No. 1 do do, $12.00@13.00; No. 2 do do, $10.00 @11.00. Little Falls'Dairy Market. Utica, N. Y-, Aug. 1. Sales of cheose at Little Pajls dairy market tqday were; Largo colored, 2 lots of 186 boxes at 7%o| large colored, 3 lots of 210 boxes at 7%c; large colored, 1 lot of 85 boxes, private trade; small white. 20 lots of 1,340 boxes at 7%c; small white, 2 lots of 90 “boxes 7%e; small colored, 22 lota of 1,660 boxes a t 7%e; small colored, 1 lot of 60 boxes at T U a small colored, twins, fl lots' of 860 boxes at 7%c; small white, 28 lots of 1,870 boxes a t 7%c. Utica Dairy Market. Utica, N. Y., Aug. 1. Sales of cheese on the dairy market hero today were: Jjarg 9 white. 8 lots of 639 boxes at 7c; Ifirge colored, 27 lots of 2,049 boxes at 7c; small whit^ 5 lots of 461 boxes at 7%c; small colored, 20 lots of 3,632 boxee a t 7%o; small colored, 5 lots of 800 bore® a t 7%c. BUTTER — Creamery, 38 padofWI •old a t I7%o and 30 paekagos at Ho. 100 O ISL A N D S By Daylight. The Fast Iron Steamer ARUNDELL BUSINESS AND SHORTHAND COURSES. Young people fitted and placed In Business Positions* More positions to nil than candidates to recomme . New 1dQ4>’05^ Catalogue ready. ROCHESTER, N. Y. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Leave Rochester (N. Y. 0.) 8:20 A. M. Charlotte, 8:50 a . m ., Sodus Point. 11:45 A M,, North Fair Haven. 1;15 p, m ., Os­ w ego. 3:00 p, M-, c a lling a t .--ii t h e princi­ pal 10( 0 Maud rofiorts. arriving at All idria Bay at 9;0(i rP8( ): mg at Alex- meeting with the Saguenay, and steamers for Brook- ville and Ogdenshurg. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays Leave Alexandria Bay 6:30 a . m ., ar rive Oswego 12:45 P. M., North Fair Hav­ en, 2:15 p. M„ Sodus Point, 3:45 P. M., Charlotte, 6:4.0 P. M. For folder, rates and information apply to ROBERT AUXWELL,'^“Si“'**7?. THE GLEVELAHO & BUFFALI TRANSIT GOMPAHT eONNECTiNa ( I I I I 2 I ) CLEVELAND BUFFALO “WHILE YOU SLEEP*' VHPAiALLELEO NIGHT SERYiCE. NEWSTIAMERS *‘CITY OF BUFFALO” \CITY OF ERIE” IE CARO SaiLT INOI.UOIM* SUNDAT LKAVB ASNIVS timiul 8 P.H. Bgffafi 6:30 H.U. Baffilo I “ CMind 8:30 \ eSKTRAL STAN d ANS TIMS •RSNSSTRA Aee«MPAMiaS KAOH « T l A i m CMBaedaai mi A. irt BaStiA with ttiiac for sit Baafon and Ctaadiaa eolafo, at Clerclaod for Toledo, Uatiaft and all pointt Wett and Soathweit riekela raadlnfover Ls.aM.S.Ry. will be ae«apt«d M this CemiHmy's StMmers without extra eharfa. Spedail Z,ew lUitea Cleralaad to BuffAlo and Niagara Falla crexy Saturday Night, alao BuSalct to Clrcaland. Aak Ticket Agenta for ticketa via C. dt B. ZAaai Send four cenU tor iUuatrat ' \ * ) LADIES’ OXFORD TIES Styles of Lasts Kinds of Leathers Grades and Prices w B O Y ’S A N D L I T T L E G E N T ’S I Patent Leather Shoes. Made on Nobby, Up-to-Date Lasts All sizes from 9 to 5J ; : :' : : CHARLES T. QLOO’S 119 Main Street, HERKIMER, N. Y. itedpamphi W.F.HEBMAN.6. P ,L . C M ud.Obit. $ 50 , 000.00 CASH GIVEN AWAY to Users of LION COFFEE In Addition to the Regular Free Premiums C b , TO SE ^ ^ K A T tO N A L BANK, TOLEDC^ OHIO, how Vouldj You Like A Check Like This ^ We Have Awardad $20,000.00 Presidential Vote Contest What will be the total popular vote cast for President (votes for ail can? didates combined) at the election November 8,1904 ? In 1900 election, 13,959,653 people-voted for President. For nearest cop-ect esti­ mates received in Woolson Spiefe Com­ pany’s office, Toledo, O., on or before November 5, 1904, we will give first •rize for the nearest correct estimate, :ond' prize to\ the next nearest, etc., follows: Five LionyHeads cu t from Lion Coffee Packages and a a=>cent stam p entitle you (in addition to - the regular free premitims) to one vote. The a.cent stam p cov» ers our acknowledgment to you th a t your estim ate is recorded. Yon can send a s m any esti m ates as desired. Erand First Prize of $5,000,00 will t>e awarded to the one who Is nearest correct on fjoth our World's Fair and Presi­ dential Vote Contests. We also offer 55,000.00 Special Cash Prizes to Grocers’ Clerks. - IPartlctaars in each case o f X,ion Coffee.) ______ ____________ _ _____________ , ___________ How Would Your Name Look on One of These Checks ? Everybody uses coffee. If you wiU use EION COWFME long enough to get acquainted with it. yon will be suited convinced there is no other such value for the money. Then you will take no other—and that s why we a d v e rtis^ And we are using our advertising money so that both of lis—-you as well as we—will get a benefit. Hence for your Jjiott Hettas W E GIVE BOTH FR E E FREM IUIHS AND CASH PR IZES ^ Complete Detaifed Particulars In Every Pfickage of LION COFFEE .iSBE « :: = = « 2139 FRIZS8. TOTAL. $20,000.00 WOOLSON SPICE 0 0 ., (CONTEST DEP’T.) TOLEDO, OHIOs

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