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Ringing Noises In the ear3 (how disagreeable they arel) become chronic and cause much uh- are droppings m Bounds of the Toi( lice, impaired taste, smell and hearing. Catarrh is a constitutional diseasf matingting in ii ' origina in impure blood, and re­ quires a constitutional remedy. “ T snffprpii fr.-im pstnrTfi in fhp. T ip tliin and I felt bad all over most oi time. I dec.ia< -.l to try Hood’s Sarsapa and now have no symptoms of catarrh, have a good appctife, and sleep well. I heartily recommend Hood’s Sarsaparilla to all my Mends.” R. Losro, California Junc­ tion, Iowa. H o o d 's Sarsaparilla Cures catarrh- of the nose, throat, bowels &c^, removes all its effects, and builds up the whole sx’stem. LOCAL BREVITY. Hews Items Briefly and Tersely Para­ graphed. John Wilson has returned from a trip in the west. The Prescott, Club of the -Univer- salist church will give a leap year - party in Pos Hall this evening. Miss Ida Kiley has accepted a position in . the millinery house of Khueling and Enright of Utica. The free library will remain open every evening during the fall and winter from 7 to 8 p. m. A meeting of the E. 0. T. M., at which a full attendance is desired, is to be held this evening. Dr, and Mrs. M. G, Burgess have returned from two weefes’ stay at Camp Cuba on Eourth Labe. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Davis have . returned from a visit with relafives in Oneida county. Mrs. George Barber Sunday enter­ tained Mrs. Koobwell and Mrs. KabertS of Dolgeville, Albert K. Osgood left Monday ter enter Oomell > for a four years'* electrical course. Mr. and Mrs. G* 51. Helmer are visiting Bev. O. E. Fisher of Lowell, Mass. Mr. €K S-. Ingraham and daughter of Prospect street have returned from a few days* visit in Salisbury. G. S. Ingraham has had as his* gnest W. H. Elwell, jr., of Dos Angeles, Oal. Mr. and Mfs. Pr^dT H^omerighOtise are . receiving cpngraibuiationB over a little daughter bornrThursday-night- •M , r f; i/.. i‘ The Ladies AidSociety . qf' the Baptist church will bold ft: babe and,^ rant Saturday of this week. ' Mr. Levi A, Lawton left Tuesday moaming for a western trip for, H. M. Quacbenbush* * He - goes as far as Oinaiia.' - ^ Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Joslyn and daughter, . Irene, returned Monday night from a visit with Mr. Joslyns’ parents at Boonville. S. J. Pellenz is compelled to desist from work on account of an injury. He is suffering from a bad foot which he injured by stepping on a naih , Attorney and Mrs. F. W. Oristman and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Quackenbush are spending two weeks at Attorney Oristman* s camp at Lake Bondaxe. W. A. Douque as seoretafy of the Order of the Golden Seal has paid to A. E, Miller a disability check for |80 ; to Joseph T. Mitchel, a check for |30. Mrs. Nelson Murphy leaves today for Bennington, V t, where she will spend several weeks with friends. Treasurer B. Manion and Secre­ tary I. P. Rashaoh of the Her­ kimer. County Agricultural Society will be at the Allman House Friday morning at 10 o’clock to nay premiums awarded at the annual fair held in this village September 12 to 15. / The Democrafs of Camden will -raise on Main street during the early part of this week the largest political banner ever seen in that vicinity. Their banner has an urea of 1,200 square feet, and some difficulty is being experienced in finding a means to swing it high enough not to inter­ fere with street traffic. At a recent -nieeting' of the Sun­ s’ shine Club held at the home of the President, Mrs. Nelson' Murphy) the following officers were elected. Presi- • dent, Mrs.Nelson Murphy; vice presi­ dent, Mrs. A. F, . Flnmmerfelt; secretary, Mrs. 1. W. Oristman; treasurer, Mrs. Edward Q. Davis. Merton S. Harter has poured the contract for wiring the ¥an Kirk, Dr. Hemstreets’ new apartment block, corner of Main and Mary streets. County Clerk I. T. Burney has been notified by the State Comptroller that the Board of Equalization of Taxes have fixed the aggregate valuation of property in Herximer county at the sum of §35,170,144, ^ upon which a state tax of |3,273.1'2 must be levied for the fiscal year commencing October 1st, 1904, being thirteen one-hundredths mills on the dollar for the canal debt sinking Edwin Pelton is >*iowIy recovering from a severe attack of typhoid fever. - Samuel Golden of Philadelphia is the guest of Mr. and , Mrs. M. A. •Deiimel. ‘ ^ Miss Daisy Jordan left Saturday for Bolivar where she has accepted a position. Hoyt’s “ A Bunch of Keys,” will be the attraction at the Grand Opera House tomonow evening. M. P. Stringer of the Stringer Medicine Co., is home from Vermont for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Stearns have returned from a visit in the northern part of the state. Schuyler Hilts was called to Niles Sunday to; attend the funeral of John B. Champany, nis foster father. Prof. Howard of Ilion will organize a dancing class for beginners in this village Tuesday evening Oct, 4th. ‘ Mrs. William F. Fagan ofProspect street is entertaining Miss Mary Burne of Oneida. Richard Devendorf, who has been seriously ill with pneumonia is im­ proving and an early “recovery is hoped for. Mr. and Mrs, ‘Walter Moy and family, John E. Smith, Miss Hattie Taylor and Gordon Taylor left Tues­ day to visit friends and relatives at Piotbn and Belleville, Can. At the morning service in the Baptist church, Sunday Miss^ M. V. Fox, teacher of music in the High School, rendered a solo. Miss Florence Brooks acted as accom­ panist. The foundation for the new plant of the Horrooks Desk Oo. was com­ pleted Saturday. The, contract re­ quired the completion of the work iui 35 days and the men finished in the rain. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Pierce of Ohnreh street had as /their guests \Sunday Mrs. Willard Platt and Mrs. M. Mercer of Rome and the Misses Delia and Georgia Seeger of Chad­ wicks. The Fort Dayton Band left Monday for Oooperstown. They took part at the firemen’s convention and are furnishing music for the Otsego county fair. Tomqripw evening at the First M. B, church is promised a treat to all lovers of fine music and elocution. The Itlmca Concert Co. of the Oon- s^atory-of Music of Ithaca 'give ,qn entertainment on that evening which none should fail- to attend. Sunday last waff ■ Obsetved as * ‘ Quite Day ” at Christ - church when special services fQT meffifetiOn held. Therer were large congre­ gations 'at each service—, Oanon- Blodgett of Albany conducted the services whipkwelie of an impressive and interesting nature. The'following hate been elected to honorary membtr^ip in the Fort Dayton Band: George W. Mack, Willard A. Stoddard, Charles Oa^, Clark A. . Miller, Hon. W. O. Prescott and County Judge I. R. Devendorf. Miss Edna Walby of Smith avenue entertained a number of lier little friends Wednesday afternoon in honor of her fifth birthday. The guests were Tarrift Gillette, Vincent Green, Marion Delaney, James Delaney, Ruth Nevinger, Florence Thompson, Bella Woolever, Roy Clarke, Gladys Rahn, Gertrude Van Hennik,, Neil Van Hennik, > Gladys Clarke, Robert Smith, Willie Dunlea, Mary Nitz, Pauline Nitz. The twilight service at the M. E. ohuroh Sunday evening under the direction of Ool. John W, Vxoomani was the most interesting of any yet held. The attendance has increased and the interest Is growing and good! will be the result. Mrs. Wilkinson’s remarka were very practical, which is so characteristic of all her , ad­ dresses, and her remarks always stir her hearers to a higher and Mobbr life. Mr. Ripple with his cornet was a great assistance to the choir. Ool. Vroqman will have charge nest Sunday evening. Comes H ighly Recommended. F. W. Huff, pastor of the M. . B. church, at MoGraw, N. Y., in writ­ ing to the Ithaca Conservatory of Music, regarding the entertainment of their concert company, has the following to say: ‘‘You need have no fear of the success of the Concert Company. As I have told yon before; it was quite a venture for us here, as the Con­ servatory of Music at Cortland is so near us; and the people have been accustomed to going to the city for their entertainmenfis. I am pleased to say, that they seem to appreciate good work; and were more than pleased with the concert Company. We had a good house, and think we shall want them again, so do not give any other qhurdh or society here the perferenoe over us. - 1 think ic has been an excellent add for the ones who are to follow with enter­ tainments from your place, and I am looking now for a better attendance at the whole -course, than I had expected.” ^ Ayers For coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma, weak throats, weak lungs, consum p tion, take A y e r ’s Cherry Pectoral. C h e r r y P e c t o r a l Always keep a bottle of it in the house. We have been saying this for 60 years, and so have the doctors. \Ihave used Ayer’s CherryPectorallnmy femily for 40 years. It Is the best medicine in the world, I Know, for all throat and inng tronhles.” J. K. N oeobo SS, Waltham, Mass. 25c*, 50c., 01.00. All-druggists. • J.O.ATBECO., Lowell, Mass. T h e L u n g s Da^y acHon Tho K. G. O. club give the first of their series of winter parties on Thanksgiving night. Miss Augusta Warner Miller is spending the week at Racquette Lake, the guest of Governor and Mrs. Lons- Superintendent of schools, J. B. Massee has rented the Kellogg house on Church street and takes possession the first of the month. * Druggist W. H. Whitehead Satur­ day should have a large trade at his soda fountain as he gives 20 per cent of the sales to the library fund. H. G. Hunger & Co. announce tbeir millinery opening for Friday and Saturday of this week. A be­ wildering display is promised. Mrs. G. D. Longshore has Just presented to the Old. Ladies’ Home and to the Emergency 'Hospital, ten glasses of Jelly each. Miss Rena Western, a former teacher in the south side school, was married at her home in Poland yesterday afternoon to Curtis Irwin of that village. Kappa Epsilon of’the High School will present ^veral pieces of statuary to the Board of Education Friday evening. All friends of the school are invited to Be present. When doctors fail, try Bnrdook Blood Bitters. Cures dyspepsia, ..constipation; invigorates the whole ' system. ‘ Bakery Sold. The Albany street bakery in West Alliany fetreet has been purchased - by John Karasek. His friends will irflsih him success in his venture. • ; New Pastor Here. The new pastor of the Free Meth- odsit chaioh here assigned by tbeir conference at Sryaonse is'Rev. J. fe[‘' Gramps, Rev, 0. S. Baker pastor here for three years has been assigned to GloversYille. It’s folly to suffer from that hor­ rible plague of the night, itching- piles. Doan’s Ointment cures, quickly and permanently. At any drug stote 5(>-cents.. A Few &ood Olever Feepla in some parts of the county have been for soma time wasting tbeir hard earned^ money (andjsome not yet earned) by agreeing to pav’ frona 315 to 350 dollars for cheap '^gradO pianos that they could get. ’of B. W. COREY for 175 dollars. Qne clever shrewd old gentleman caine to Herki­ mer to see COREY and get posted on all makes of pianos, so ’ he got his piano for about half what the others paid and they were *all alike fro.m one factory. He saw the grand darling \Vose & Sons at COREYS*' but ’ they cost too much as he wanted to give ■ the piano away as a present. When they come to Corey they know Just what to do and not get beat out of their money. Be Neat«-Get Rick. In connaotion with my fine tailor­ ing department I have secured an expert cleaner and presser of clothing. All repairing, cleaning, etc., will be neatly done and» receive prompt attention. Lowest prices. Rich The Tailor. Aug 81-—4t. Joseph Nuun. Ilion, delivers a chain pump for §5. Write for oironlar. 9-21-tf. _ New York State Day at the W o rld’s F a ir. For Greater New York Day, celebrated on October 3rd, and New York State day, celberated on October 4th, the New York Central will sell the special low rate coach excursion ti 9 kets to St. Louis (which are ordinarily sold only on Wednes­ days) on Saturday, October 1st and Sunday, October 2nd. This is the lowest rate ticket to the World'’s Fair in effect and you can seonre full in­ formation by applying to New' York Central ticket agents. The same rates and conditions advertised in the dodger for coach excursions apply on these special dates. Fifteen day, sixty day and sbason tickets are on sale at stations eveiy day in the week. Mohawk Democrats. CoEttoued -from Blrst Page, edpui and atljiough professing not to be'a speaker, he made a very good speech. He spoke more particularly upon state issues, criticized the ad­ ministration of Gov*. Odell, saying it was the most disgraceful in the his­ tory of the State, permeated with corruption, honeycomhed with rot­ tenness and a stench in the nostrils of decent oitizehs. He showed how commissions had needlessly multiplied and offices created whose incumbents bad little to do except to draw their salaries; that the expenses of govern­ ing the state had increased from 8b%- 000,000 under Gov. Hill to $26,000,000 under G<?v Odell; that Gov. Odell in bis desire to pose as an apostle of economy had'’ cut down, throuah his minions in^the State legislature, the appropriation for the maintenance of the insane, thereby depriving them of the necessary nutriment wheieby they might be restored to health, that Higgins was a mere puppet of Odell who danced when the latter fiddled and sneezed when he took snuff and that if elected it would be only a continuation of the Odell adminis­ tration. He closed by predicting a victory for the State and National ticket in November. He then called for the enrollment of members and a large number signed the roll. The local Drum Oorps gave some excellent music. There was a good deal of red fire and firing of cannon and the campaign may be considered fully opened in Mohawk. We shall hear from Mohawk on election day. Demo­ crats get to work. $14.00 Buffalo to St. Louis and Be- turn Via The Nickel Plate Eoad.' Tickets on sale ever day except F ri­ days and Saturdays, until November 24th. Good Seven days. See local agents, or write R. E. Payne, General agent, 391 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. Sept. (38 tf. W A N T S AdveniaementB under this head one cent » word for ea«h insertion. WANTED—Two apprentices in dressmaking. Apply to the Misses Stringer, 331 Ohuroh St. 9-28-3t. FOR SALE or will trade for a horse, large phonograph, and horp and 6, 4o?en records; P. G,. Klem, Xake^ sti^t.. ' ' . . . ROLL TOP DESK, second hand, . .gpqdi condition, with disk chair, for'sale, Inquire 230 Dewey ave.' BUFF ROOK dockrells and pullets ' for'sale.or Guaranteeduaranteed thorough-;orough­ f ■ sale. G th bred. Will lay this winter. Ohas. ± '^Atklhs.^Herkimer. , FMtf.l POES^ALE Second hand office Stove, good condition. C. W. Edgerton, .230 Dewey ave. \ Special Mid-Summer Sale ...OF... FURNITURE You Want our Furniture You Want one of our Celebrat- : ed Pianos You Want one of our Sewing Machines^ and . . We Want Your Money. Why not Gome and see the in- ducementa we offer you. To make this change with us we will also give you a chance to draw a $ 3 0 0 PIANO, with every $ S p OO spent at our TRY US ONCE- J . H. HOUSE, Furniture and Piano Store, 232 So. Washington St, Next to South Side School House. PARLOR STOVES Ion First Premlui — AT THE — COUNTY F A I R Be Sure and SEE the EXHIBIT at OUR STORE. WflliafflJ. Metzger, 114 ■’5^. Albany St., H e b k im e b , N- Y. Agent for the celebrated Gleawood Ranges. Were Ready for Business H ickey & F reem an C o . M AKERS ROCHESTER. N . Y. W e’re now ready for business in our re-modeled store and cor­ dially invite you to call. Yes, they are saying all- over .town that our stock of FaH and Winter _ Clothing, Haberdashery and Hats is the finest display of the kind ever made in Herkimer. Our Swagger Suits in all Cuts, Elegant Overcoats in the Different Styles, Smart Furnishings and our Correct Hats Cannot he excelled in any way. , Our store is fairly abloom with Fall newness. Everything ,you’ll like to wear is here, . and every price we qnote will he a satisfactory one to you. You are always welcome to look and if we don’t satisfy yon at every point come back and get your money. ---------- ^— / Pinneen & O’Hara ClotMerSi Hatters, Furnisliers. / Monroe Block, 4 doors above K. Y. C. R. R., Herkimer. A S T O R Y OP To Succeed in life you must make a right start Open an account with the HERKIMER NATIONAL BANK Then you ■will be in a po­ sition to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. R EMEMBER that there is biit one factory—^the LAMBERTYILLE RUBBER CO., of Hew Jersey—manufacturing the ‘^Snag Proof” Rubber Boots Only the genuine bears the trade mark ‘ ‘SH A G P R O O F ’ ’ stamped on the top of every pair. Look for it. Don’t be deceived. All others, so call­ ed are imitations. Sold In Herkimer, only by CHAND O P g R A HOUSE BLOCK, H e rkim e r, N .Y . P h o n e 4 0 . ALL THE NEWS— UP-TO-DATE In The Semi-Weekly Democrat

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