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GROGHN The Good Clothes Man - GROGHN As soon as you are ready to dress better than usual, you’re ready to look at our Fine Line of Men’s Suits Overcoats and Yon Hi fiiid that yon can get snch Clotlies as yon want, such as any man will be proud to wear; per­ fect fitting, tailored by hand of the finest fabrics, ^ ready to wear for a good deal less money than specifications would indicate. We are showing a very fine line of the Celebrated HART, SCHAFFNER & MARX -- ----- ^N D _ ----- - WOODHULL, GOODALE & BULL Clothes, There are no Other Clothes in the market SO uniformly good as these—none that can be so safely GUARANTEED 'to satisfy the wearer. We make a specialty (?f these goods. You’ll find This Store the Right Place for Good Clothes. W e’re ready at any time to show you the right Suit, Overcoat, Raincoat or Elat—it’s all picked out for you. Guyer & J. B. Stetson Co. Hats. Suit or Overcoat to measure, $15 up T. M. Grogan “ The Good Clothes Masi ” ICOEAW K. F. Ii. \Vain D ubsh and T**, u . Ooe returned Monday night from a week’s, v isit in the metxo'Bolis. Mr. W arren H e rkim e r of New a ^ Mr. and Mrs. F red Ward are in lij.. New York th is week. F r o m there A t an adjourned hearing held Monday evening a t the m u n ic ipal rooms respecting the granting of a francbise to the O. O. & B. S. rail- i Y o rk was in attenadnceat the funeral w ay for a connection w ith the -'of Mrs. E liza Fox Thursday,returning Mohawk' ValDy railroad a t the borne Monday. junction of Colum b ia ' and M ain . Miss E lizabeth Hammond left, streets a proposition was presented by * Tuesday for Olean, N. Y ., wheib the hoard to Receiver Jennings pro- v isit relatives for a few posing to grant a franchise for the days. From there -she w ill so to sum of §15,000, which was considered H ighland, 111., for the w inter, prohibitive by the receiver inasmnoh * Mr. H. N . Lockwood of New York as h is receivership was liable . to | ® guest at the home of Mr. and term inate at no distant day. The Mrs. Giles Gris. vol^ in West Main meeting was adjourned u n til Friday j street, evening to further consider a ' franchise to term inate at th e expiX' ation of his receivership. they w ill take a trip South. They Mrs, J. S. BayetiJe- returned Sun- ©xpect ♦^o be absent several weeks, day from a v isit w ith friends in 'Prof. Hyer of Gold Brook was in Ooopers^o vn and Oneonta. town over Sunday. Mrs. S. N. DuBois is preparing to McOready of , Richfield move to P ierceville where Mr. Springs was in town Monday. Dubois has .a position. They expect* j Miss C a rrie Sm ith entertained to make their home in th a t village I Thursday evening in honor of Mrs. dnriog the winter. ; j Smith of Richfield Springe. Mrs. Smith of Richfield Springs Mrs. Charles Brown,^ Mrs. V. was eut'^irtaiued at the home of Mrs. ; Mrs. E. L. Rrince spent I. W. Steele several days last week.' • Monday at Richfield Snrings. A dime social will be given by i Mr. Edward Doolittle has been the Ladies’ Guild of Grace church at ^^siting his mother, Mrs. J,ena the home of Mrs. B. G. Quackenbush Doolittle in Richfield street and his on Wednesday eveniag, October 5th. > brother in Utica. He left for his A cordial invitation is extended to j ^1©“ © Texas, Tuesday, every one and a good time promised. Miss Kitty Fields or Syracuse is The -Ladies Guild of Grace church | spending the week with Miss Franny will meet ^ith Mrs. L, D. Browne Scball in East Main street, on Thursday evening. Mrs. George Smith and Mrs. Poole Mr. Wm. Sterling, who is employ- j visited Mrs. Emily tSlasg and ed in Sheehan’s drug store, Utica, I Miss Merrill Sunday. visited his parents in Mohawk over Sunday. Miss Maud M iller of M arshall avenue and Mr. W alter'O. W allace were m arried at the -B a p tist parsonage, H erkim er, Monday m orn­ ing by the Rev. T. E. Jepson. The couple w ill reside in Mohawk. Mrs, Edgar Turner of M arshall ave. and W illard Sm ith of OoXumbia street took a trip over th e new electric line to Oneouta and return. H a rry Brooks has returned to New York after spending a few days in town. Miss L ina P o tter spent Sunday at her home in Hartwiok. G e o r |e H ronstrater w e n t to Utica Sunday’ to accept a position w ith M aher Bros., clothiers. H e went on du ty Monday morning. ~ Mrs. Charles F o r t P lain w a s a guest of Graham B e llinger Tuesday. B. D. Manning, who*^ w a s called liom e by the death o f M rs, E liza F o x , has returned to Albany. The Rev. -W illiam S tirling of Mt. Morris, who oflaoiated at the funeral of Mrs. E liza Pox returned to his home Saturday. Mr. Oharles McGuire spent Sun­ day a t Jorandville and ^Richfield Springs. Louis T. Stone returned Monday to New York. He had been vilitin g his'parents here for several days. Remember the Standard W asher took first prem ium a t th e county fair. F o r sale by O. B. Enm s,’ 172 South Street, Utica. Trial free. 9- .28-2t. 814.00 Buffalo to 8t. Louis and Be«^ tu r n Y ia The N ickel P l a te Boad. Tickets on sale ever day e x c ept F r i ­ days and Saturdays, u n t il November .24th. Good Seven days. See local agents, or w r ite R. E. P a y n ^ G o n e r a l agent, 291 M ain S i , Buffalo, N. Y. S e p i 28 t f . Subscribe for the BEMOOBAT. FARM AHD aRASRE. Shells Bush Grange. A fter a vacation through the sum ­ m er m o n ths Shells Bush Grangd No. 563 once more resumed its duties last Wednesday evening w ith officers and. members more enthusiastic i f possible than evor.^ About fifty were present. The death of Bro., Patrick M urphy was announced and a committee ap­ pointed to draft resolutions. A fter the routine and aconihulated business was disposed of the W orthy Lecturer announced that she had invited Bro. W. A. B lock to give, a phonograph entertainm e n t. ^ Bro. Klook respond­ ed in a m anner^that more than pleas­ ed eYeryone present. The Grange w ill now hold regular m eetings on the second and fourth Wednesday {evennigs of each mouth, j Resolutions of Kespect. Since the G reat M aster has called B rother P a trick M urphy fropi his j labors here to enjoy the fruits of his j labors in ithc Great Grange above, ! therefore. Resolved, T h a t|in his death Shells Bush Grange P. of H ., No. 563 ,has lost a member who was always a good citizen ^ d kind neighbor, honest and upright in his daily w alks and One whose sterling character is w o rthy-of im itation. Besloved, th a t as^a tribute of respect our charter he. draped for tbi,ity days, t h a t these resolutions be spread upon the records of the Grange, published in the H e rkim e r papers and a copy transm itted to the bereaved fam ily. I. P. Rasbacb, W. U. Smith, M is . W. a . Block, ^ Ooromittee. East Schuyler Grange, A regular communication occurs Tuesday evening when it is expect­ ed a class w ill be instructed in the first and second degrees. The first frost of the season occur­ red Sept. 217~which is ju s t a month earlier than last y e a r. Our field corn was not out u n t il the secohd week in October last year. Our road oommiasionei^ A lvin, Bobbins, says “ th a tthose who do not work theiir road tax w ill have an opportunity to pay the same w ith th e i r general tax next spring. ’ ’ The high wind of the past tw o days has blown off nearly all the -apples in tow n besides doing m u c h other damage to farm ers. T h e highw a y from M illers oom er to the Oneida county line has recently been surveyed by the state. If we live long enough there w ill come a tim e when we can traverse the M ohawk T a lley on a road in keeping w ith a civilized country. J. H. J., W atkins, county deputy, has had numerous engagements during the past two m o nths speaking to agricultural societies in different p a rts of the state. We have heard several com p laints ^ from exhibitors to the county fa i r w h o had articles stolen the last day. The managem ent of the f a ir ought to m ake an example and send “ over the road” those who are so ready to appropriate articles on exhibition. L. F . Bichards has grown some of the largest onions in town this year. Many w e ighing one and a half pounds. The B. F . D. carriers have recent­ ly had or'dres not to carry any pass­ engers w h ile delivering m a il on th e ir routes. Since th e i r increase of pay Ju ly 1, the departm e n t de­ mands th a t they do nothing th a t m ight interfere w ith the work on th e ir trips. KEEFE, THE REPAIRER B n e c ialow B i te s to St. Lout filie N ickel P l a te Road. P e rm itting stop off a t Ohicago w ithout additional cos7. F o r . full particulars see local agents or w r ite R. B. Payne, G eneral Agent, 291 M ain St„B u ffalo, N . Y. ,8tf. New Jewelry Cut Glass AND Sterling Silver I am receiving d aily all the lat­ est FALL NOVELTIES in Jewelry and Silver Novelties, My stock is Jewelry Store. A very large Stock of Cut Glass' and Sterling Silver made by tbe leading manufacturers of this conn- I I, HASTISGS, Jeweler, Motawk, K. Y DR. W. Q. MURRAY, ra... no D E I T T I S T Artificial Plates made to fit i^rfeetlv. Also Crown and Brld^ Work* Orwto:*—Lona^horeBlook, Herkimer, N.Y. We have moved from our old to our new quarters in the Kay Block recently vacated by the post office. Enlarged quarters and better facilities will enable us to do your work better and prompter than ever before. -OUR SPEClALTiESi . BICYCLES, CICARS, SPORTING GOODS, „ GUNS, AMMUNITION,' PHONOGRAPH RECORDS, PHOTO-SUPPMES, FISHING TACKLE, CAMERAS, TOBACCOS, BICYCLE REPAIRING, SEWING MACHINES, SEWING MACHINE S U P ’LIES POCKET CUTTLERY, NOYELTIES. BARGAINS IN SHOES We have a fi^ne lot SHOES for Men, Women and Children at Prices withm the reach of all. Specials for Saturday and Monday Only. _ Children’s Oxfords,\ . - - - - -50c $3.00.Ladies’ Hand Turned Shoes,^button or lace - S I . 5 0 Few pairs Ladies’ 75c House Slippers, - - 3 9 c Children’s $1.25 Kid Top l^atent Leather Shoes, - 8 9 c One Lot $1.50 Eagle School Shoes, . . . $ | . | 9 -S1.25 Hand Turned Women’s Opera Slippers- - - jG S c *^The Anita” $2.60 Shoe, - - - - SI.99 “The Queen” 50 Shoe, .... Si.99 A Few B a rgains in M e n ’s and Boy’s Shoes*^ I F R I F n R M R f ^ ..HERKIM E R , N, Y. \ * “ * * ^ ^ yrelson Block, Opposite Depot. Sanitafy Plumbing IN ALL ri ITS ^ BRANCHES Estimates Cheerfully Q iv^ 11. and Satisfaction Guaranteed. PELTON BROS., HERKIMER, K Y. (Snccessots to Prowse A Pfltoo.)

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