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Herkimer Democrat. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1877-1904, November 16, 1904, Image 8

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?0H4W K. T &0 Ladies O u ild w ill m eet w ith Mrs. E» O. Qaackenbush a t her home in MaTsball avenue, Thursday. Mr. S o ward Warren ot Syracuse was a gnest of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Rafter in East Main street over Snn- day. There were about 35 young people iu attendance at the party given a t Geo. T u ttle’s house in Center s treet Friday evening. It has been reported by a ll as a veiy enjoy­ able affair. The mdm committee of the M. E. Church w ill be entertained by Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Wright 'Sn M arshall avenue Wednesday evening. Messrs. Geo. H. Tuttle andOharles Johnson will leave Thursday' for a few days’ visit to the metropolis. A m eeting of the Teachers* As­ sociation w ill he held a t the Mohawb High School Saturday. Mr. Anderson of Little Falls was in attendance at the Tuttle party F r i ­ day evening. He was the guest o£ OharlaS Prinoe In Orchard street while in town. Mifig Susan Mayiender of Fort P lain was a guest of her aunt, Mrs. Oraham Bellinger Friday and Satur­ day. Geo. H . T u ttle was in Schuyler Labe over Sunday. Mrs. J. S. JBayette spent Sunday ■with friends in Richfield Spa. Mrs. U riah Bentley of Schuyler Lake was the guest of Mrs. Balph Bliss over Sunday. Snowed Spedding and family have moved into the Brooks house in Washington street. Miss L u e lia Yule e n te rtained a few lady friends Tuesday evening at her home in West Main street. Miss Tillie Sharp of Little Falls was a guest of Mrs. J. 0. Ranney several days last week. Mr. and Mrs. M- A rthur Hehard of New York are eApeoted in town this week; They will he Ignegts of Mrs. Hehard’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Stone in Columbia street over Thanks- giving. Mrs. Lynn Prescott of Borne is the guest of her parents, M r. and Mrs. Geo. Sumner in Miehigau street. The Citizen Drum Corps, formerly occupying rooms in the old Armory building, have moved to rooms in th e Meyers 'bloefe, Charles Goodale w ill open a m eat market in the store formerly occupied by H. E. Smith. ‘ F r a n k G rant has accepted a position in Syracuse. Miss Fanny Shanl spent Monday in Riofafield Springs. M iss B e rtha Stone visited friends a t Clinton several days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Sm ith Ostrander left Thursday for an extended visit w ith relatives in Canada. , ^ Mrs. Mary, Davis and Mias Dey spent Sunday w ith friends in R ich ­ field Springs. Mrs. John Jones of Paines Hollow was a guest of Mrs. John M o rrill in Orchard street Saturday. Mr. and Mrs John Steel and Miss Graves of Richfield Springs visited reiatievs in town F riday. ■^CHTTYIES. ' ■-tila.r 2 Corresuoudent.) The many firends of Aunt M a rtha Sheaf are pleased to see her again a f t e r her r e turn from N iagara Falls, and we hear th a t she expects to spend the w inter w ith her son G. M. Sheaf at H e rkim e r.— T h e condensaxy a t Frankfort is out looking for m ilk after the cheese factories have closed. — Bert Smith has moved to the Horace Johnson house.—Ed. M organ has moYed from West Sohnyler in the Yalentine house owned by S. P. Lints, jr.— Bast Schuyler grange w o rted the third and fourth degrees on a class of six last Tuesday even­ ing.— S. P. .Johnson and Aaron Baton have put iu hot water p lants in th e ir houses. . JACR:SONBimG. iFrom Our Jttejjalar Correspondent.) Mr. Arthur Miner of Little^ F a lls visited Tuesday, w ith his friend, Al'vdn Po'wers, a t the m ilk station. — Miss Maud Stoddard of Herkimer was a guest of her aunt Mrs. Richard ' easier Wednesday.— Miss Grace Thalen of Little Falls visited her sister, Mrs. Samuel Gasler Tuesday aud:Wedne6day.—^Miss Julia Keefe was a guest of her sister, Mrs. Ohas. Waterman, Wednesday,—^Mra. Samuel Casler and daughter, Ada, made a bhsinesa trip to Herkimer Tuesday.— Mr. and Mrs.Emory Snell of Mohawk visited his mother, Mrs. Mary Staur- ing, Tuesday.— Mrs*. Oalvih. Harder of Newville is visiting her daughter, Mrs, Ella Seeber,— Mr, 0, E. Stratton, who has Worked on the N. Y. O. & H. R. R, since April, has secured a position with the Mo- Dermott’-Bunger Dairy Co., in a m ilk station at Walton, Delaware county, and left f^r th a t place Tues­ day.—^Mrs. _Ella Seeber attended funeral in L ittle Falla Wedneaady.—■ Mr. and Mrs H. Yan Buren were in^ Herkimer, Sunday.——Mrs. James i Van Allen of Little Falls and Mrs. Martin Jones of Indian Castle visited their sister, Mrs. Ella Seeher, Thurs­ day night and Friday.— Mrs. John Miller and daughter, Minnie,were in L ittle F a lls shopping on Friady,- Mrs. Ohas. Powers attended the Sun­ day school convention held in the B a p tist chruoh in L ittle P a lls an F r i ­ day.— Miss Leta Seeber spent Satur­ day in L ittle Palls. — Mr. Lester Rankins has purchased the Orouse farm and has movd his fam ily this ^ week.—'Mr. and Mrs. E iley of U tica sp e n t ' S aturday n ight and Sunday with her parents Mr. .and Mrs. Edward North.—Mr. Ohas. Water­ man and son, Charlie, were in Her­ kim e r Thursday.— ^Master Harold B e llinger is under the doctor’s care I this Week, suffering w ith a had throat. All hope for a speedy recovery.— ^Mrs. Marv Stanring is visiting freinds in Newville,—Bright snnny days the past week, dust in the roads flying, when we read of other near by places being covered w ith snow, we th in k the M ohawk valley is the favored one this tim e .- ^ F iv e E6W patrons at the milk station N oy . 1st. —Miss Marie Miller of HerkiiHW was a guest oC Mrs. Seaman Garline Snnday. — Mr. George Passage of the town of Oolubmia visited a t Mrs. B lla Seeber’s Sunday. Mr. Clinton Seeber returned home to work for a •while.--—Mr. Yictor Htau'ring of L ittle Falls was in town Sunday preparing tOrpaek his household- goods of which, he w ill sell some and the rest he w ill move to h is fath e r ’s home in Little F a lls—:M l J. R. Mixtef called at the station farm Sunday. CEDARVILLE. Our former m erchant, ^Geroge E lippel is having good success on his farm . Prom his fine heard . of Ayshire cattle a bull calf was sold last week to Matthew Sterling of Ilion for f25. A ll w ill rejoice at any prosperity th a t befalls George.— Mrs< W illiam Morgan of Ilion is visiting her daughter, M rs.)Bnrt Slaughter.••— Mfs, B. Oovav is spending some tim e w ith her niece, Mrs, P h ilip Spear­ m an.— DeElmo Birdseye of U tica w a s 'the guest of bis mother, Mrs. Mary BirdeSye.— Mrs. Jam e s Mc­ Gowan entertained Miss Maud M ills of Columbia last week.— Ray N e w th and wife of U tica were guests of th e ir father and brother at Grand View Farm last week.—Samnel Young built a busempri for A» J, Kay last weefe.— Mr, and Mrs. Bott were at Hew H a rtford on business last week,— Miss M a rgaret Coughlin of U tica w as the gnest of her sister, Mrs. Ray Ball. An Oxford . man- has been offered fl,00p for a p a ir of unbi-oken colts. Oanajoharie' Appropriated |86,000’ for a sewer system, T h e sjiatem is completed and paid for And there is ^still |1,806 of the appropriation left,' The ta'xpayers are more thkn satisfied ■t i feeing an unusual piece of m u n ic i­ pal W0?k to he joompleted w ithin the cost of the origihal appronriation, Before Justioe Scripture in Supreme C o u rt a t Rome last week, ThOmas Dolan Of Sangerfield and ^ John Sm ith of Whitestown were tried separately Sub^;{?r^be for the Democrat, : / XMAS The most ineijiGii&wo and sure to be appreciated present you could mate this Christmas is g. Portrait made by REURY the Photographer. It is time now to he thinking of them. OPPOSITE WHITEHEAD’S, H E R K I M E R , N , Y . Excitement liae that of the earlj days in the oil fields has followed tjhe\anhQunoement that a 40 barrel w ell been struck in t^e Ofipt, Stephen -Welch farm ,' an the Outskirts of '.^Ilegfipy. This is but three m iles from Olsan, The land surrounding the well is be^ng leased and a fcoom isexpeoted. V . . ' . Snndgy, the.Rev. John Grimes; leotor of the Cathedral of the Im- m.aculate Conception of SryacuSe, became the R ight Rev. John'G rim e s, Mqnsignor Grimes. is to hold ah ice carnival January 31st and February 1st and 2nd of next year, The reservoir furnishing w a te r to Oobleskill w a s'draw n last week t h a t it m ight be cleaned and a carload OHIO. {From Otu: Regular, CorreapoudentJ Blectibn is over, and now for winter.^Mrs. fhilllp' Btonstratter,; who has been spending gome tlifl% with her daughter in Mohawk,. hsgi returned home.— Willis Gibson, who has been employed a t Cold Brook for sdlho time, is home.-^Mr. and Mrs. Byron B row n apontvSt couple of; days with Mrs. J . ' L. Perkins last week.— Mre-^ F h i l t p FJansburg and Mrs. E. Ives of Norway visited Ohio grange Saturday afternoon. The next grange m eeting- is Nov. 26. There w ill be a grange sermon preaqh ed by our worthy chaplain. Rev.. J. Lewis at the church . a t two o’^clock p. m ., Nov.‘ ^7 We hope the grangers w ill all be present— A vary pleasant evening was spent at Gharles F ish e r ’s Thursday evening, the occasion b e ing a birthday surprise for th e ir daughter, Jennie, w hich was her eighteenth birthday. Games and dancing were enjoyed and refresh^ ments were served A ll report a fi^ne time:—E> Hem street and wife enter,- tained a few of their intimate friends Saturday evening. A phonograph wbs played and refreshments served — Tbeifi is to ha a danoing partv held at Armory Hall, Gray, Nov. IVtb. Turners’ Orchestra w ill furni&h music and and oyster supper w ill he served at the hotel. A ll are cordial­ ly invited.— Grace De Long is in town for a few days.— H. Q riffths 1 — —— ----- -- — ---------- o j . spent a few days With his parents in two companions for partridge, near \\ith a ^ strauger Snnday Lo wville,received two charges of shot was held up bv bis by accident w h ic h kept a doctor busy fiompamon, an d , an overcoat, $8, a ll day removing them ■ from his rings taken from him . He vv WXI VYOXD UAXCSU DOJ^m.CtUCA jr ) ' ^ , for selling adulterated m ilk. The .^ The PontiAo Club o f Saranac Lake jury in the Dolan action after an 'hours deliberation returned a verdict of n o cause of action. A t the close of the'action in the Sm ith case the court directed the jury to find a verdict of S50 in favor of the state. of an I talian being charged w ith sell- j ^^h, mostly carp, was removed from ing bob veal was not sustained, the i reservor. defense being th a t the veal had not | Beginning, J a n u a ry first, the price been exposed for sale. The jury i gas hi Utic.a w ill be redu(| 0 d as returned a verdict of no cause of U lnniinating gas frOm $1.50 action. * tcv$1.30; fuel gas from $1.25 to $1. The common council of U tica' is Edw ard D. M atthews, the well already considering means of fem ov- 1 attorney of Utica was last ing snow from the city’s streets the ! S aturday adjudged insane and. has coming winter. >- i oeeh ,confined in the state hospital in Lon-Dillion smasM the worM’g ■ nnpaoed trotting rceord at Memphis, t Alexander Tenn., last Friday going a m ile in Dbwie of Zion C ity.is oriticallv 2:01 flat, as against the previous ' treatm e n t is record of 2:01)^ made by herself and prayers of every resident of Zion M ajor Delmar. - C ity. A man from Syracuse hunting with Albert Wilson of Bast Utica, while U tica last week.— We- are sorry to hear F rank Henry does not improve in health as rapid as his m any friends wish him to. HERE AND THERE. /Joseph Chappie of New Yorik after resening five persons from hie burn­ ing hotel, last Snnday, lost'hig life. He got his ased m o ther and father and three children from the hnilding and finding his wife was s ti ll in the building returned to rescue her when \ the building f e l l in. C h a p p ie and his wifa m n fatmd in the building hnrned beyond ^ recognition. Los Angeles. Oal., has 3,000 aores of brush land called Griffith Park, which i t intends to convert into a commercial forest. T h is, w ill he the first instance of a city in the U n ited States creating a f^orest. The Ragel tavern 5 u Homer, made famous in the book, “ David Harum, ” was partly destroyed by fire last week. Lake Shore railroad officials have }|laced an order for 7,000 gieel ties, to be used as an experiment probably near the eastern term inus of the road at Buffalo. Part of th e order w ill be given to the New York C e n tral for use on th a t road and^if the results are satisfactory i t is expected th a t a jmore_^general use of steel tifis* -will * be made nibng the entire system ot th e Y a n d e rhilt roads. body. Nicholas Sutton aged 92 years, who lived in a shanty in Rome for 52 years was buried in a coffin built by him ­ self which he had kept in his shanty many years. The Oanasfeofcft pickling factory paid $1,7Q0 for cucumbers this season. One hop grower near Waterville has received |18,000 for his bops on thirty fine acres, realizing $12,000 profit. The International Jarv at ,the Lfittislatia Purchase Exposition .has awardsd a grand prize to Ohautanqna Institution, located at Ohautauqua, K.- Y., in recognition of the advanc­ ed worh which it is doing in the field of education. ' A hotel for working girls and women is to be erected in New, York, Miss Katherine McOahe, employ­ ed in Leahy’s laundry at Utica, Monday caught her hair in the shaft­ ing of the machinery and her hoaln was tom from her bead. A whale measuring 80 feet in length was blown ashore on ^ th e coast of U a ine by the storm Sunday and was- ehot by a huntes. The trial of the eleotrio locomotive at Schenectady by the dentral R. R. officiaiB pxoTed aucoesstul in every managed to hide a w e ll filled purse under his vest a n d saved it. The Qreig Muslin ..Underwear Oo. has- been incorporated with ^ the secretary of state, to' manufacture m uslin underw e a r at Potsdam, St. Lawrence county. The capital stook is $8,000. The increase in popnlationin India in tii 6 ton ysais hss boon 40 , 000 ,- 000 . ' ILIO N . A gas stove in the Kitchen of Ralph Sloan exploded Sunday wrecking the kitchen and its contents.— The “ dergee of m y stery” w ill he confer­ red on fifty candidates by the Lady Rgbekahs of New York state at I. O. O. F-^ H a ll, on M ain street,\ Thursday evening, November 17 . A bangnet w ill he held after the session. - ' W o m a n S h o o t s D e e r . Mr. and'M rs. O. J. Dempster who are well known here are staying at Onekio Lodge in the AdirondaokS while Mr. Dempster is engaged in surveying a high-way hetween Pulton Ohain and McEeeven which is to be improved under the Higbie-Arm­ strong law . La4t Saturday w h ile out hunjiiiig, Mrs. Dem p ster shot a fine bnok and is now envied of all her lady friends. New Jewelry Cut Glass AND Sterling Silver and Silver Novelties, .TLGS in Je-TO-elry s. . My stock is in all the sta- i , A very ferge Stock of Cut Glass i and Sterling Silver made by the leading manufacturers of this coun­ try. J. L. , Jeweler, ; Silver made by 1 ufacturers of this conn— ® Himes,! Mohawk, N. Y 8 T h p Y o u t h ’s C o m p a jaio R a s a G i f t . W hat other 6h|cistm a s present can you choose t h a t ' w i l l g i v e so m'uch pleasure for so little m oney as a years’ subscription fo r T h e Y o u th’s Companion? T h e H o l id a y N u m b e r s and th0 OalcndaF, joyously welcomed bn Christmas morning, making a good gift in themselves, are but the fore- taste of a whole year’s feast to come. The m ind is entertained w ith the numbers, in hand, and the im a g ination revels m the pleasure t h a t each new week will bring until Ohristmas com es If you desire to m ake a C h ristm a s- present of The Y o u th’s Companion, ' send the publishers the name and address of the person to whom you wish to give The Oompanion, w ith ^ .7 6 , the annual subscription price, dtating t h a t i t is to be a gift. The * publishers -will send, to the addxeSS named, m a parcel to he opened Christmas mornnig, all the remain­ in g issues for 1904, published after the subscription ife received, including the Double Holiday Numbers, The Companion’s “ Carnations” Calendar for 1905, lithographed in twelve colors and gold, und suhsoriptiou certificate for fifty-two issues of 1905. Full Illustrated Announcement, fu lly deserihing the principal features' of The Companion’s new volgnae for 1905, w ill be sent to any address free. TH E Y O C T H S ’ COM PANION, 144 Berkeley Street, Boston, Mass. . RELIEF IN Sl)i ilOL'RS. male or femai©. Relieves retention of w«;ter almost^^i^diatGly. ^If^vou smoves'all Hard, \ le^ s k ^ s from Co ghs. etc. Save lay 'use of <mi$ laotti©. Warranted the most woMerf ul Biem sh Cure ever known. Sold lay W. H, 'W hixehe .4.»» drflfigist fierkimer.N. Y. deeg-lyr

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