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LOCAL BREVITY. ?few» Items BrlefiT aad Tersely Tara ^ g^xaph.ed. M a rtin M alley has goa© to Sarope- to fcpeua the 'ffinteri The Kemikxeh Olab heia a regualr m eeting Thursday e rening. Zinah H are of Plainfield, N. 3., is viaiting friends in town, Mrs. Pred Main of ITortli Ilion wa» o preated upon a t the Sm ergenpy H o s p ital in th is vilalge Monday. Bo not f a l l to liear Prof. B. P. SL John at the Pitat M. B> ohuroh this (Friday) evening. A moon party and danoe w ill ' be held a t Pox Opera House \ | i i s (F r i ­ day) evening. Mr. ai^d Mra. Fred Withertsine have as th e i r guests Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Small of Moravia, The Theta Phi Fraternity enjoyed one of th e i r onstomay pleasant ban- qnets Wednesday evening, “ Romeo a n d J u l i e t . ” Shakegpear’s gtfiat play will be presented at the Grand nssut Taesday evening. Mrs. £L E . P o rter who subm itted to an operation for appendicitis con­ tinues to improve. A meeting of the Sunshine Club was held w tih Mrs. Wobster Rasbauh in Harter street Thursday afternoon* Hon. A. B, Steele attended a banquet of the Republican Olub of F r a n k fort Tuesday evening and responded to a toast. Mr. and Mrs. N. F. W illoughby of Prospect street are entertaining M r. and Mrs. Louis Mauroe of Cape Vincent. ' A ll persons w illing to take lodgers during the dairymans convention' ehould give t h e i r names to W. E. Mrs. Y, E, Uummiuge has pur­ chased through T. O. Murray a house and lot of Mrs. H a r r iett H ilts on B e llinger street. M aster Leonard Boyle was s u rpris ^ efl h y a nnmher of his friends at h is home in W ashintgon street ’ Wed - nesday’evening. Miss Batcher of Folts Institute, ad dressed a Sunday School convention a t I lion, F r id a y afternoon, her sub­ ject being “ The Home Deparment.” OhaHeg T, Gloo, the clothier and furnisher'iff painting and papering h i s store and is preparing for a large tfade for the holiday seasoni ^ f It is understood that the contract fior the electrical equiptbent of the West Shore R. R. between U tica and\ Syraonse^has been signed. \The prorgam for the Q u S ernatorial ipaugration w h ich occurs a t Albany, January 2nd calls for the 31St. ^epaiate Oo. to participate in the parade. An incipient blaze i i t the residence Of Dr. Wi G. Murray oansed an alarm to he rung in from ,hox 2-8. The fire was out before the department arrived. local bowling team composBfl of M*esrBS Hughes, Shepherd, Spohn, Johnson, and Kruger defeated a Fort Plain team in that city Tneaday night. Edw ard P , St. John, Superintend­ e n t of the State Snnday School As­ sociation lectures th is (Friday) evening at the parlors of the F ir s t M. E. Ohuxch. Bethel Lodge I. O. 0. F. has ac- depted an invitation to ,attend a session of the St. Johnsville lodee th i s (F r id a y ) evenin g and exem p lify the work of theflret degree. A legnlar meeting of the Oonnty Historical Society^will be held in the Library bnilding this afternoon. The feature w ill be a paper by John K o e tteritz of L i tt le Falls. The F o r t Dayton Grange holds its annnal m eeting and election of ofiScers in Grange Temple Saturday evening. An attendance of all mem­ bers is desired. The Qitizens’ League of Rome is investigating the feasibiltiy of a trolley from t h a t city to Boonville. They have been assisted by C ivil E n g ineer A. M. Evans of t h is village. The F e w York C e n tral om cials are to establish a better Pullman service a t U tica. This w ill be appreciated by the m any from here w h o make t h a t city the starting point of long journeys. A t a regular business m eeting of the Epw o rth League Wednesday night, the follow ing officers were elected: President, A. F. Flum m e r- felt; vice presidents. Miss Mable D u d leston ; M iss B e r t h a -, Stringer, Mrs. Clyde Longshora, Miss Sadie Blood; secretary, Miss Flossie String­ er; Treasnrer, Merton Gay; organist, Miss Bertha Wright. ^ Among the decisions handed down by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court a t Rochester Wednes­ day W8S that in the case of John Best, respondent, against the Centra). Bailroad Company, appellant, in w h ich th e judgm e n t and order is affirmed w ith costs. A ll concur. The verdict fo r $13,000, obtained by M r. Best upon th e tria l of his osse iQBapemoGonitihoxe Ajear stands^ Dr. W. H. Jordan diiector.of the state experiment station at Genera, delivers an address at the opening of the State dairyman’s convend^ in th e eouxt house next Tuesday even- ing. * ! Next Tuesday oonvbnes he^e the annual convention of the s tate D a iry­ mens Association. The sessions are both interesting and instructive and a ll possible should m ake it a poink to attend and help make the con­ vention a success. Charles T, Gloo will have charge of the mueio of the oonvention of th e State Dairym e n ’s Association held here next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The best talent w ill assist in the mnsio, A diS e rent program me w i l l he rendered at each session a n d u n d e r Mr. Qloo’s direction the mnsio w ill add mnoh to the pleasantness of the sessions. The change of D. G r a n t’s large advertisem ent reached na tqo late for our today’s issu^. I t w i l l appear on,Wednesday and we advise a l l our readers to bfe on the lookout for it. It certainly contains some interest­ ing news for prospective buyers for the h o liday season. There a re bargains ahead. Frank Spohn, whose store and Stock were badly damaged by fire in th e early f a l l , has m ade th e necessay repairs to the bnilding and expects to open his store early next week. He had honed to have his opening. Saturday (today) but as mnoh of his stock has not arrived he has been hindered in so doing. The store­ room newly renovated and equipped w ith a complete' line of goods w i l l be w o rthy of inspcetion. In onr W ed­ nesday’s issue he w ill have an an­ nouncement for the Democrat’s readers, ______ _ _______ _ A tB letic A s s o c iation . A m eeitng was held a t the north side school building Thnrsdav even­ ing by those ifltefasted in the fofm- ing of an athletic association. Bari K. Twombly presided and discussed the m a tter saying th a t w h ile there was no such organization here there ; were many young men residing here to whom it would be a benefit and who would be glad to support i t. He suggested the hiring of the old Oaf'holig qhnrQh in Washington street and rem o d eling the sam e' and pro­ curing a physical instructor. fi?ho estimate cost of a prdpiely mainbin- ed club was placed at flOO per month.' Mr. T w o m b ly said several prominent people had promised support i f it were properly regulated. The plan Of having' ah advisory • hoard , of representative men who w o u ld lend their support in making snob, an association a suecess seemed' to 'ineet with approval but it was not thought advisable to oragnize at prseent. A committee ot James Fagan, Oarl Witherstiine, Garry Folts. Harry T a b ^ and F r a n k B arry 'Vere a p ­ pointed to seoure the names of those interested in becom ing members. i L i q i . ’ , A young man giving the name of Fr$hk Wilson and his home- as thin village is held by the SyracfUse an tb o r lties on a charge o f burglary. ----Josephs N n n n o f th i s v illa g e , m a n u facturer of the N nun pump, bad an unpleasant experience iustalliug a pum p recently. A plank which lay across the well broke allow ing Mr. Hunn to drop 39 feet into 11 feet- of water. He sustained nothing more serious than a cold bath.— ^The local chapter, D. A. R,, held a meeting w ith Mrs. John Olinton yesterday afternoon.— The banquet tendered W. 1 . Jenne hy the eiiiaens of this vill­ age at the Osgood Tuesday evening, proved a pleasing event, 0. B, Rudd,’ George E. Dnnham, A. H. Russell, A. H. Snmner, J. M. McOlain. John Oalder, Thomas Ringwood and James Opnklin delivered appropriate re­ m ark. Mr. Conklin in behalf of the vy,lage, presented Mr. Jenne w ith a handsome fob. , Hoge Oo. No. 1 has elected officers with J. li. Cone president. — An­ nouncement is made of the engage meuc o f M iss Jen n ie H e ila n d to Thaddeus B. Oorbin. Breaklnsr th e JRecord.^ ^ Breakiu;; a l l city xe<|Ords iu - ' aalee of latest improved records and Phonographs at The Busiest Dry Goods Establishm e n t in U tica. D a ily concerts, Ooipe and hear them- 'R o b e rt Fraser, 177-179-181 Genesee St. F r a c t u r e d Leg:. Bzra Lewis of Prospect street Thursday afternoon bad the m is­ fortune to fraotrue his leg. The injury was sustained. when stepping from a coal car to a' wagon. Dr. ^ 0. H. Deck reduced the fracture. R e s t a u r a n t S o l d . Mrs. Julia Olapsaddlo has sold the White Star restaurant oonduoted by her in N o rth M ain street to Grocerym an F. D. Flanders, F. W. P a rkhnrst, form e rly chef at the F alm er Hoase, w i l l have ebaxge. Boole BepasrXxn.en't. Buyers of books for Christmas presents find what they waift, and lowest prices a t The Bndiest Dry Goods Establishm e n t in U tica. Robert Fraser, 177 179-181 Genesee St. Its Time Ton Sawi E. W. OOREY about that Christmas piano or organ you have thought about so long. You know there is no piano sold about here as popular, durable and beantifnl as -the grand Vose & Sons of which MR. OOREY has sold m ost SCO and every one perfect. Also the great 7 and one-third octave brass band Estey piano organ, both to be seen daily at bis H e r­ kim e r m u sic room from 9 till 5 p. m. If you can’t pay cash, no m a tter; you never hear of his koing wrong or taking advantage of his w o rld of buyers i f sickness or slack work came to th e m ; h e tries to do w h a t’s rig h t by everybody and h a s but fe w kickers. H e .s e lla oth e r eood, durable pianos besides the Vose at le'sa. prices, but you can’t buy a sboddy made piano of him at any prioe. Many pianos are sold at double tbeir cost to good, clever people who prefer to pay $75 to $150 more to a stranger, than the abo-ve am o u n t less to .some one they have always known by reputation for fair, honorble dealing. Lucky agent, unfortunate buyer. Out this o u t and bring it w i t h r you to COBEY. I t w i u help you in a deal. Souvenirs on call. Have you lead that very interesting magasdne, Thi Swarf S iif MOHAWK, The store form erly occonpied by D. E. Sm ith, grocery, in the K ir ley block. Main street! is being renovated, decorated and arranged fo r a w a iting room for the patrons of the two trolley roads. It is opposite Columbia Street, on Main and very near the junction o f th e roads. Passengers w i l l anpreoiate th is im p rovem ent. Bryon S. W o lcott and M iss Mande E. Yordant both of St. Johnsville were married by Rev. A. D. Minor Monday evening at the home of, W. H. Hempstead on Churgh street. Those 796s, The fifteen and • • tw e n ty dollar values in Cloaks now being, sold a t T h e B u s iest D r y Goods E s tab lish m e n t in Utica on gpeoial table for I7.P8 are attracting many buyers. Rare bargains all, Robert F raser, 177- 179.181 Genesee St. ' ' '. Joseph Nunn. Ilion, d e li vers a c h a in Pump for $5. W rite for oironlar. 9-21-tf. LiryU E FALI.S. P'rom our ReKttlar Correspondent. The Bell telephone people Tues­ day evening conferred with ^tbe city anthorities w ith reference to a sub­ way for wires. A n illustration of a neat building th e company 'desires to erect here w a s Shown. The repres­ entative Of the company seated that where possible local material and labor w o u ld be em p loyed. Mayor Douglas promised to appoint a com­ mittee fit five to investigate and report.— Miss Mae Van Allen and Mrs. D. G. Maxwell entertained at their respeotive home Tuesday even­ ing.—Earl Levee and James Denmark were operated upon for appendicitis Wednesday.—Irving Eaton is serious­ ly ill.-*^A picture of the late Titus Sbeaxd is to be presented to th e M. E . church by Mrs. Sheard. ---- Some of the tinemifchs of this city are out qn a strike. L a rgest in Central New York. The Handkerchief Department at The Busiest Diy Ooods Establish­ ment in XXtioa Iff conceded th e largest in Oentfal New York: ~ Everything desirable for a Ohrietmaa preaent ia here. See them. Robert Fraser, 177-179-181 Genesee St. Gifts Useful and Beaufifal - ^H O SE who desirefto piurcjiase Articles for Gift pUrposeeJoomhming utiliiy with. beauty—the uiefui with the ornamental —and whieh will be a constant reminder of the giver, will find selection an easy task at our Establishment from among .the following lines, wMcb. excel in botk assortments and values. Christmas Gifts for Men. Stoin-Bloeh Suits Seal Skin Caps Beaver Cloves Fur Lined Gloves Mufflers Fancy Sweaters Eain Coats Fancy Suspenders H oliday Fleekwear Wool Underwear Fancy Waist Coats H ight Robes Cardigan Jackets M en’s Duck Goats Japanese Handfeereliiefs Sdk Initial Handkerchiefs . Warp M-ufflers B lue and \Gray Flannel Shirts Boys’ Reefers Ladies’ Umbrellas B o y ’s Rubber Coats Biiy’s Mackantoshia v Short White Coats' , Stein-Bloch Overcoats Fownes’ Gloves fenox Hats Umbrelias Walking Sticks Men^s Bath Rohes Suit Cases Trunks Bags* Telescopes Fine JBCosiery Smoking Jackets B o y ’s W aists Pajamas j - B o y ’s Snits ^ Link Cull Buttons Fancy To bogans Auyora Tams Elersey Caps OSord Shii’tsi', Madras, Shirts Special Linfe Jewelry '' M en’s R eef erf 1 Buteker’s Ookts Bar Aprons ^ Other Artic^s to numerous to mention, ^ At the BIG CLOTHING House. O W E N S JI^ERICfMER, N. Y. MILLERS MILLS. From oor Kegnlar Correspondent Frank O’Rourke is attending court' at Herkimer this week.—-There is talk of running the D. L. & W. railroad by- electricity.— Nicholas Oosco has a new Edison grapbophone. — Mrs. George Davis is spending sometime w ith her step-bon W ill D a g g e r ,— T h e r e w i l l be a C h ristm a s tfee at the church Xmas eve December 24.—John Bimonte and bride *\vi 3 it 8 fi relatives and friends here last Friday and S a turday.— Mrs. Eformau D a v is o f Cbepaohet''is spending th e -winter w ith Mrs. Israel Y o u n g.-—We wish to correct a m istake in our last items. Mr. M u lligan’s w ife has been dead for four years.-—Mrs. O. Stpry spent last F riday and Saturday w ith Mrs. Jam e s G im b y .— We extend our sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Williams in the sad deatb of their son Qeorge.-\A party from Ohepaoliet were here fishing through the ice la s t F r id a y , b u t w e r e unsuccessful.- — There w ill be a social at the home of Thomas CSole Friday evening, December 16 for the benefit of the Sabbath eobool. All are invited. Wfw T p js , A ll Toys, Games, etc., shown a t The Busiest* Dry Goods E s tablish­ m ent in U tica a re new a nd a ttract! , . We Show no oanjQVersi Seethei Robert Fraser, 177-17S-181 Genesee ki. INSURANCE! OLD AND RELIABLE AGENCY. 3 0 Y E A R S 1M B U S I N E S S H E N D E R S O N ! & D U B O I & , ' OF HERKIMER, N. Y, Are agents for fifteen o f tibe very best companiesjdoing business inJAmerica You have your choice fat the lowest KATES. All Policies Carefully and Cor­ rectly W ritteru AJETN.A., CONTN., fiL’ENS PALLS, NEW YORE, . PHOENIX, BROOKLYN, L. L. & G. OF ENGLAND, HOME, OF NEW YORK, SDN. ENGLAND, RElilAXiCiliFiRB AeSQCIATtON, O v e r $ 1 5 0 , 0 0 0 O O O l A s s e t s ! WE PAY IF WE LOOSE. , All LoEses promptly Adjusted. J ohn D. H enderson , L. T. D u B ois , AGENTS. WANTS Advertisements under this head one cent i word for each insertion. FOR S a l e Second hand office stove, good condition. Q. W. Edgerton, [) Dewevave. ‘ FOR SALE-Several Springers cows from 4 to 6 years old Zoller Bro thers. Deck, N. Y. 32 Attend the SHO/tTHANO&TELEmPHt an j secure the benefit of instrue- tio^ from twoniy-fiYO superior teachers: Oiiginal methods of teaching and superior advantages in nil departmenis. Send for catalogue. Address C A R T E L -I t AlbMy, N.¥. oci S-25t To Keep You WARM OVERCOATS to keep you warm while you walk, rid& or travel. The ACTIV E man’s- medium weights The 'W ALK IH O m an’s Short Coats ’ The CONSERVATIVE man’s medium lengths The FASHIOHABLE man’s Long. Coats, The good friepd on cold nights and stormy days— ULSTERS. All SORTS OP ROOD OYEECOATS Its easy to match our JPRlOES; but you can’t match our OV EROOATS and PRICES at the same time-^ TRY IT, D in n e e n & O’H a r a , C loth iers-F u r r tish e r s -H a tters HERKIMER, N. Y. • ) eiUiwDl The Be^t Line of (w !l^elt Boots and ^ Overslioes Woonsocket Candee Hood White Label The Best Line of * * KUBDBR BOOTS 1

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